Sintonia (2019) s03e03 Episode Script

He Who Protects Me Never Sleeps

[dramatic music playing]
[Messinho] First job away from home.
[chuckles] We never forget, you know?
Ever thought you'd come this far, Nando?
[Nando] Not even the sky
is the limit for us.
Let's go.
[police sirens wailing]
[uneasy music playing]
- [police siren wailing]
- Shit. Shit. Shit. The cops.
- Where?
- Behind us. [grunts]
Fuck, are they gonna pull us over?
[sirens continue wailing]
Pull over?
[Messinho] Pull over.
[tense music playing]
[siren chiming]
[indistinct chatter over radio]
[door shuts]
[chatter continues over radio]
- [Messinho in Spanish] Hey there.
- What's the rush?
Ah! [chuckles]
I have pressing business.
If you know what I mean.
[cop 1] ID, please.
[Messinho] Of course.
[Messinho sniffles, clears throat]
[cop 1] All good.
All good
Shall we? We're going to escort you.
But we'll go slower.
Yeah, sure. Of course.
Yeah. As you say. Slower. [chuckles]
We don't want any attention.
[Messinho] Of course. Sure.
[tense music building]
[rhythmic drums beating]
[theme music playing]
- [Rita in Portuguese] Peace be with you.
- Gathering the flock?
- [Rita] I'm trying.
- The sermon today suited you well.
- You think?
- Yeah.
I don't know.
I don't think God spoke to me.
But David and Goliath?
That's totally you.
- God bless you.
- Amen.
[Levi] Ready to fight the giant?
I haven't written my campaign speech yet.
So much going on.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Levi] Yeah, I know.
But you should focus on yourself now.
[indistinct chatter]
- It's nice, isn't it?
- [Rita] One step at a time.
Hey, kid! Kid!
Help, he's stealing the bike!
Let me go!
- No need for violence.
- [clamoring]
- [Rita] For God's sake!
- [boy] Let me go!
[security] Hold him!
You're not from around here, are you?
So you're the one
who's been taking the bikes here?
- Don't you fear God?
- I'm not stealing. I borrowed it.
Really? From whom?
G Gilherme.
I don't know any Guilherme here.
[Rita] Calm down.
Let's handle this peacefully.
Daniel, this is my bike.
Maybe I got the wrong one. I borrowed it.
This isn't the first time
you've come to steal. Admit it.
Daniel, you don't know that.
You have the bike, let the brother go.
Thank you, Rita!
Do you know me?
I follow you on Instagram. You rock.
- Let him go.
- Let him go.
You'll promise not to steal
from anyone else here at the church.
What happened? Cat got your tongue?
Promise, you junkie piece of shit!
[boy] Fuck you!
- [Rita] Stop it!
- [clamoring]
- You jerk!
- Take him outside, now!
[boy] You don't slap a man
in the face, damn it!
You shouldn't have slapped him.
I just did what his father should've done.
You don't even know him. He's just a kid!
He's not a kid, Rita.
He's a thief! And I just won't have it.
All right, then.
What was that, man?
[upbeat music plays]
[Marcão] We're almost there.
We'll check the dancers, pick an outfit,
and then hit the stage at 6:00 p.m.
The last one rocked, bro.
This one will be even better,
on a bigger stage.
Especially in São Paulo,
where people love you.
- [Doni chuckles] Tell me about it.
- The client's calling.
If he starts complaining,
I'll give him the runaround.
- [video game guns firing]
- Talk to me, my man.
[music swells]
What's that?
Are you sure about this?
Luan's aware?
[game pauses]
Okay, then. Thanks.
- The show was canceled.
- What do you mean, canceled, Marcão?
Luan's going to explain it to you.
No, you explain it.
You heard what the guy said.
He says it was a flop.
Tickets didn't sell.
These things happen, don't worry.
- No way.
- [phone line ringing]
Luan, who fucked my gig?
No, Doni, calm down. These things happen.
Okay, but whose fault is it? Tell me.
You've become a star.
The pay goes along with it. You know it.
It didn't sell enough to pay you.
What about my career now?
Your career is fine. Relax.
We have plans for you.
Now we'll notify the fans
and post it on Bang Loko's Instagram.
That's bullshit. We're posting it?
So embarrassing. Peace out.
[line ends]
["Hoy" by Nino & Esco playing]
[Messinho in Spanish] What's up, babe?
[in Portuguese] You like to party?
And you don't?
Why else would we cross the border?
Right. No rules across the border.
[Messinho chuckles]
Check it out. There's Augustinho.
This is all ours now, you know?
The guy is a senator's nephew.
[Augustinho in Spanish]
Messinho, how are you?
- Hey, Augustinho. How's it going?
- [Augustinho] What's up?
- [Messinho] This guy here
- Nando.
Nando is my new business partner.
Sturdy guy.
Want a drink?
Yes, sure.
- Please.
- A glass of whiskey.
- [chuckles] Always.
- [Augustinho] Of course.
[both chuckle]
["Hoy" continues playing]
Three million dollars overall.
It's a set amount, but the money's good.
- [cell phone chimes]
- Yes. [chuckles] It's gotta be good.
Buying in dollars sucks,
but earning in dollars
[in Portuguese] Guys,
I need to take care of something.
[in Spanish] Bro, fetch us two glasses
of whiskey on the rocks.
From my own, please.
[in Portuguese] I'll be right back.
[man] It's Nando, right?
[Nando] Right.
The clock is your boss here.
You gotta be quick and agile,
and do a good job so they'll come back.
Some people come twice a month.
See that car?
Let's start with it.
- [upbeat music playing]
- First, you use the hose.
Don't use too much water, it's expensive.
Time for the soap.
Again, don't waste it, it's not cheap.
- Now, vacuum every corner of it.
- [vacuum whirring]
Time for the tire cleaner.
Careful, this shit is expensive.
Finally, put up the air freshener.
Place the trash bag with our logo face up,
and you're done.
I'll pay you 15 reais a day.
You can make 400 reais a month.
Hey, thanks for the opportunity.
Uh, would it be okay
if I got paid one real per car?
That's it, kid! You're gonna go places.
[car horn honks]
Heads up. Your first client.
- [Augustinho in Spanish] What's up, man?
- How's it going?
[Augustinho] Have a seat.
- [Messinho] How are you?
- All good.
Nando's my business partner.
[Nando sniffles, clears throat]
[dramatic music swells]
[dramatic sting]
[Messinho clears throat]
Anything wrong?
He's one of ours.
A friend.
[Messinho] Yes, of course. [laughs]
[in Portuguese] He says
the man's one of us. Huh?
What's the matter, Nando?
This isn't Vila Áurea.
Is this guy gonna be around?
I don't know.
This guy sits with people he can trust.
He's with us.
I'm sure he's here to cover our backs.
- [Augustinho] Huh?
- [chuckles]
[in Spanish] Augustinho,
a lot of those chicks here
are from Brazil, huh? Right?
- You like them, right?
- [Messinho] Very much.
So, we have a deal?
We do.
Now my partner is gonna have
his guys check on the product.
[Augustinho] Deal.
Right on! Right on!
[in Portuguese] What's up, guys?
This is MC Doni, how's everyone doing?
I'm good. Here is the thing,
our gig is canceled,
but there's new stuff coming up,
so don't worry, it's all good.
That's it, see you around.
[Tally] See? You did great.
But don't give me that look.
[sighs] I think my audience
is bored of me.
Am I boring you too?
Don't be dramatic. I love you.
The campaign staff made
our hashtag official.
Are you ready?
- Mmm.
- It's #Dolly.
Doni and Tally. Get it? [chuckles]
[both chuckle]
- Couples bring views.
- Uh-huh.
It's one of my best campaigns.
Mine too.
I'm going karting with the guys tomorrow.
I'm worried they might bring up the show.
Don't worry,
they'll mind their own business.
[hip-hop beat playing]
I can go with you.
Don't bother.
I won't stay there long,
I have some stuff to do at Bang.
- All right? I love you.
- Okay.
- [man] Hey.
- Nice to meet you.
And you. I'm Borges.
- Nando.
- Nando.
Badá said I can trust you. So I trust you.
What is the job?
To bring one ton in from Paraguay.
One ton?
That's a lot. It'll be hard.
We'll have to use just enough fuel,
or it'll be too heavy.
- It's risky, but possible.
- [lighter clicks]
- Can you do it?
- [Borges scoffs]
[tense music playing]
I can.
Worst-case scenario,
you don't get your stuff,
and I bite the dust.
But it's possible.
- It'll cost you more, though.
- Not a problem.
My guys will come in three days
to help you with the load.
I'll give you the coordinates
when it's ready, okay?
So, that's it.
Do you work for Badá?
I work for myself.
- See ya.
- Gotcha.
[dramatic music plays]
[cell phone ringing]
[cell phone continues ringing]
[keypad clicks, chimes]
[cell phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
Hi Rita, how are you? I
I need your help. Call me when you can.
- [phone line ringing]
- [dramatic music playing]
Hi, Levi.
[keypad clicking]
[phone chimes]
What's up, man? Let's make
that race more interesting.
Loser gives up a Rolex.
So, are you in or what?
[hip-hop music playing]
Hey, bro. What's up?
I'm in. I need some time off.
Count me in. See you.
Can you believe it?
He threw a stone at the window!
- Yeah, that bike thief
- Cleber. What about him?
He did it. The deacon saw him run away.
What if my wife or my daughter were here?
God forbid, just the thought of it.
You didn't think about that
when you slapped him.
Look, Rita. He was stealing. I lost it.
Is this guy going to chase me,
threaten me, or anything like that?
Rita, I told Daniel you know some people.
You know, those people.
Sorry, Daniel. I can't help you.
I don't know the kid.
I also don't know any kind of people.
[Daniel] Forget it, Levi.
Our sister can't help us.
God bless you.
And you.
I don't want you
to stop helping Daniel because of me
or the way we broke up.
Really, Levi?
I have more important stuff to do.
- It's Cleyton, right?
- Of course it's Cleyton.
You know what I'm going through.
And you still want me
to turn to the criminal world?
You're the only one I know
who's been in both worlds.
You want me to help a guy
who slapped a kid
and thinks he's right?
Daniel is hotheaded.
His temper cost him
a job with the ministry.
But he's a good man. He's one of us.
He's just made a mistake, okay?
[breathes deeply]
I'm afraid this kid might come back
and make things worse.
That's all.
I'll think about it.
[phone line ringing]
Hey, brother.
This is Nando from Vila Áurea.
Hey, Nando. Boi speaking.
Let's make it quick.
- I've sent you my share, all right?
- [zipper unzips]
Great, bro. The scheme is on, man.
You can't make any mistakes.
Keep an eye out for snitches.
You remember that rat, right?
Relax, bro. I sleep with one eye open.
That's right. That sucker had it coming.
I'm trusting you with my cash
because you've helped us once.
I expect you to do the same for me
when I need you.
You got it, Boi. Talk to you later.
Hit me up if you need me.
Sure, I will.
- [hip-hop music playing]
- [line ends]
Good morning, guys.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [chuckling]
[Kekel] Holy shit!
Hey, Doni!
[all chuckling]
[music intensifying]
[music building]
- Go, Doni!
- [clamoring]
[engine idling]
[tires screech]
[tires screeching]
[Doni] Whoo-hoo!
Are you drifting off, Kekel?
[crowd cheering]
[tires screech]
[tires screech]
[crowd cheering]
[Doni] Let's fucking go!
[Doni yelling]
[crowd cheering]
- [tires screech]
- [crowd clamoring]
[Doni] It's over!
Let's go!
[car horns honking]
It's all over the youth group.
Check it out.
Cat got your tongue?
You junkie piece of shit!
I can't believe it. He's harassing him.
- Is he really a churchman?
- What a joke.
- The guy is nonsense, Rita.
- Sucker.
- Why are you doing this for him?
- It's not for him, bro.
I'm doing this for the whole situation.
Also, the weaker side always gets
the short end of the stick.
- [Jaspion] True.
- Yeah.
He may end up in jail.
- Or worse.
- God forbid.
How are we going to find this guy?
He thanked me on Instagram.
He's from Vila Iporã.
That's it! Let's go there.
Do you know anyone who can help?
I know someone who can hear us out.
But you know it'll involve
those friends of ours, right?
[Rita sighs]
Bro, I hit the accelerator,
but the kart wouldn't move.
[all chuckle]
I bet the issue was the driver,
who can't drive properly.
No, let's talk about real cars.
- [Kekel] What's good?
- Mommy here just got a Velar.
You rock. Nailed it!
Hey, where's my watch, man?
A bet is a bet, and I gave you my word.
- [Doni] I can get it later.
- [Kekel] No.
I've got another one in my Porsche.
- [friend 1] You're rich!
- [friend 2] We'll get there one day.
Hey, Doni.
Doni, it's getting late, let's go.
I'll stay a little longer.
I'm leaving. The car will be waiting
to take you to the meeting.
- [Kekel] Look at him!
- [clamoring]
[Kekel] He thinks he's all that.
Check this out. Kekel's show has sold out.
Full house tonight.
I'm gonna post it online.
Are you doing anything tonight?
- [friend 4] No, I'm not.
- [friend 2] Me neither.
- Are you coming?
- I have another event tonight, sorry.
- [Kekel] We're sold out! Packed!
- [friend 2] I'm coming too.
[Kekel] Packed. So cool.
- [hip-hop beat playing]
- [indistinct chatter]
Here's the toy, baby.
- Keep doing it.
- [baby toy rattles]
[baby coos]
[keypad clicking]
- [baby coos]
- [toy rattles]
Hi, babe.
Can't you tidy up this house?
"This house" is our house.
There are children playing all day here.
And babysitters.
I'm tired too, Nando.
[baby coos]
[Nando sighs]
Sorry, honey.
Sorry. It's all good.
Are you sure?
Is everything okay?
Scheyla, everything I'm doing
is for our future.
For our children.
They will have it all.
Everything they want,
everything they need.
Right, son?
Will they have a father?
[baby whines]
[dramatic music playing]
Wow, look at this car!
[car door shuts]
All right, little man. Give it your best.
The owner wants it spotless.
So get every small piece of trash
out of that car, you hear?
- Deal?
- Deal.
Don't screw this up, all right?
I always have my baseball bat with me.
I'm joking, man. Did I scare you?
- Get out.
- See you.
- See you, bro.
- [man] Nando!
The client says his glasses are gone.
Where are they?
Which glasses? I didn't take any glasses.
- You didn't?
- No.
You're dismissed after this one.
- Dismissed?
- Don't come back tomorrow.
[baby coos]
- I've got a new scheme going on.
- [baby whines]
First step into a new life.
What does that mean?
Buckle up. Are you ready
to become a businesswoman?
- [friend 4] Today?
- [friend 2] Yeah.
Guys, I'm gonna bail.
- Now?
- It's about to start.
- Let's post a story first.
- One sec. Sure.
'Sup, everyone.
Look who's here, Dani Russo.
- Yo.
- MC DR, Nathan ZK, and my man, Doni.
- Yo!
- Tainá.
- Hey!
- Everybody, say hey!
- [clamoring]
- [chuckles]
[DR] See ya.
I've really got to go. Gotta work.
- No work, no money.
- That's right.
See you.
- So, that's what I wanna do.
- Hmm?
Yeah. Hold on, I've got to take this one.
Hey, Marcão.
Doni, the writers are all here
waiting for you, dude.
Have you seen my messages?
I have, man.
But I'm here networking, okay?
- Can't we reschedule it? See you.
- [line ends]
[Marcão sighs]
Well, Doni had to attend to other matters.
He apologizes.
Ágata, let's move up
our next meeting, okay?
- [hip-hop beat playing]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Rita] Good afternoon. How is everything?
- [man] How are you?
- All good.
- Cool.
[Rita] Good afternoon.
For those who don't know me, I'm Benedito,
the community leader of the hood.
I'm here because my friend,
Ms. Rose, has asked.
And Rita is also fighting
for kids from the hood
to have better lives.
And we're here
to work things out peacefully.
Let's talk this over.
What's the story, Cleber?
Tell us what happened, please.
Well, Pastor here isn't able
to talk anything over.
Had his men hold me back
so he could slap me.
Now he comes here to have it out with me?
This isn't how things work here.
- [Pulga] Easy, man.
- [Benedito] Hey, man.
Are you kidding us?
The information we have
is that you threw stones
at this churchman's car.
We are here to sort this out
and reach an agreement. Right?
This kid tried to hurt me.
I'm a working citizen, a family man.
I just wanted justice.
He's been stealing bikes
from servants of Christ.
Look, man. I let you go.
I could've called the cops.
The cops? What are you talking about?
Are you kidding us, old man?
You talk about calling the cops
in our crime zone?
You think we are screwing around?
[Benedito] No agreement here.
- He is such a douche.
- Lame.
We don't slap another man in the face
around here. It's about their honor.
Wait a moment, a slap in the face?
Did you slap him?
I did.
[Benedito] Did he slap you back?
Did you learn that at the church?
Is that one of the commandments?
Benedito, this quarrel
is bad for the hood and the church.
It does no good.
Sometimes right and wrong
can be misleading.
Is it right to steal? We know it's not.
To take the law into your own hands?
We stick together here.
No one's ever there for us.
We're on our own.
Except he didn't steal a bike.
- He stole several of them.
- Wait a moment.
- Let's make it clear.
- Can you prove it?
- [Benedito] Can you prove it?
- He's lying. You are in my hood, bro.
- We'll do this our way.
- Stop it!
- [Rose] Please. Calm down.
- [Pulga] Did you hear what I said?
We're not screwing around here.
It's up to us to decide
if he deserves punishment
or if you should be punished as well.
So keep your head down and leave it to us.
- Calm down, guys.
- Yeah, easy there.
You're gonna listen to me
before making any decisions,
or we'll do this another way.
Rita is here
to help us find the best solution.
She's the boss.
But we can take this to a higher court.
Is that what you want?
If you do, I can easily arrange it.
Everyone wants to talk, right?
So everyone's gonna listen.
What's up, Daniel?
Do you have any proof
that Cleber stole the church's bicycles?
No, I don't.
So that's that.
And you, Cleber.
Why did you take the bike?
Cleber, the bike's owner was there.
I was there, I saw it.
I guarantee you'll be respected now.
[Benedito] Peace.
So, can I trust you?
It was just once, ma'am.
I just wanted to take my girl for a ride.
I wanted to surprise her.
I was going to return it, I promise.
[indistinct chatter]
I wasn't even able to take it
because his pals got me first.
How about that slap?
Haven't you paid it back
with the stone at Daniel's car?
You could've hurt his family,
his daughter.
The hood claims for peace,
and we preach peace.
Cleber has stolen. He was wrong.
Daniel was wrong too.
But he's regretted it,
and wants to be forgiven.
Right, Daniel?
That's right, sister.
I ask you to forgive me,
in the name of Jesus.
I ask you to forgive me, my friend.
[Rita] So, can we just move on?
Can we put an end to this peacefully?
Can we get to an agreement now?
[dramatic music playing]
That's nice.
- Well done.
- [Rose] Nice.
[Benedito] That's what I'm talking about.
- Bro, good to see you.
- See you around.
- Thanks, Benedito.
- [indistinct chatter]
- All good, Auntie?
- Thank God it all turned out fine.
You good, Rita?
- You know we're always here for you.
- Thanks.
- Anytime.
- See what you did, Rita?
- I can't even believe it.
- [Rose chuckles]
- I have to go. See you.
- [Rose] Okay. Bye.
- [Pulga] Bye. See you.
- Thank you.
[hip-hop beat playing]
Tomorrow, we'll face off
for the church's support
for our candidacy.
And yet you stood up for me.
You are a brother before anything else.
Who am I to throw you into the lions' den?
As the Bible says,
"My God sent an angel
that shut the lions' mouths."
But I want to put this all behind me.
As the sister says, "Let's move on."
- God bless us.
- God bless us.
- Are you coming with me, Levi?
- I am.
I just wanted to say that
what you did here today was really cool.
I didn't do it to get praise, Levi.
I just can't stand injustice anymore.
But you were there too.
You saw him lose control,
but didn't stop him.
I think you could speak up more.
[hip-hop beat playing]
See you later.
[Doni] Hey, Luan. What's up?
- Good morning.
- Hey, Doni.
Did someone die?
All right, I'll do the talking.
We know the song flopped.
No one lifted a finger
to promote the concert.
We can't afford
to have this at this point.
Your song has risen since yesterday.
You ask for some new material,
but don't show up.
Help me help you, Doni.
I wasn't just screwing around,
I was setting up some collabs.
And now that I'm rising,
you can reschedule my gig.
It was just one gig.
Look at this whole team
in the room for you, man.
A team that sits around all day.
Don't say that, Doni.
You're still in the Top 20.
Wanna be on top? Talent's nothing
without dedication and responsibility.
Are you saying I'm not responsible?
The other MCs are no better.
Things are not always in your favor,
so we've got to work hard.
Trust me, I'm doing the best
for your career.
Are you?
It's all going very well.
Your attitude will end up
fucking up your dream.
- You're your own worst enemy.
- I'm my own worst enemy?
You gotta be kidding me.
Go fuck yourself.
[hip-hop music playing]
[speaking Spanish] The money's all good.
Once you got the load, it's on you.
Of course, Augustinho.
Relax, we know how this stuff works.
From now on, leave it to us.
Great. Always a pleasure
doing business with you.
["Ritmo Tumbao" by Mic Drop playing]
[in Portuguese] Drink with me, Marcão?
Thanks, I'm good.
I thought you'd want to talk
about what happened at Bang. You cool?
I don't wanna talk about that.
Luan messed up.
It's water under the bridge.
Check this out.
- One million
- Careful with that.
[chuckles] Sorry. One million likes
and girls flooding my DMs.
- You're the shit.
- Ah.
Check this out.
She is so hot.
- I'm telling you.
- Do you know her?
I don't. [chuckles]
I have no idea.
You remember the rules, right?
Gotta check her background first.
She says she's single.
Background's your duty.
Will you do that for me? Thanks.
- Here, look.
- Yeah.
To share with your wife.
Thanks for your work today.
I've got some things to do now.
All right? Look her up.
[scoffs] Fuck.
[chill hip-hop beat playing]
- [Viviane] Hey there, handsome.
- [Doni] How you doing?
- I'm good. You?
- Pretty good.
- You're high already? [chuckles]
- Of course.
Nice apartment.
- Do you like it?
- I do.
Especially with this smell.
I rolled it for you.
And will you give me some?
Do you want a drink?
- Anything with an energy drink in it.
- Yeah?
Can I play another song?
[drink pouring]
[upbeat music playing]
- You dig this one?
- Yes.
We can have more fun with it.
- Shall we cheer up more?
- Let's go.
- I got something for us.
- Yeah?
- I like to get high for sex.
- Really?
[Viviane] Mmm.
- [sniffs]
- [exhales]
[both breathing heavily]
[Viviane breathing heavily]
[Viviane moans, exhales]
[Viviane breathing heavily]
[cell phone chimes]
[cell phone chimes]
[cell phone chimes]
[cell phone chimes]
[upbeat music continues playing]
[music fades out]
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