Sintonia (2019) s03e04 Episode Script

God and Ideas

What are you so worried about?
This Messinho job, man.
It could go to shit in so many ways.
Hell no, brother.
Those guys are all our homies.
Take it easy, okay?
Listen, bro. You're in heaven.
Free as a bird.
Your worst day around here
is better than the best day there.
That place is hell.
Nice ride.
You know what I'll never forget?
That day when you pulled up in the hood
in that sick Chevy Captiva.
The whole hood stopped to watch.
The kids couldn't look away.
That car was no big deal.
- It was.
- This one right here, however
Now I know
who's gonna give me my first BMW.
Nando from Vila Áurea.
I want in next time, all right?
Hit me up.
Bro, once I make my last killing,
I wanna wind down with my family.
My eldest taking care
of her little brother.
I want to be alive
to see him taking care of her.
This is priceless.
Having a family, to us slum-dwellers,
is a real gift.
But walking away from this life
isn't as easy as getting in.
Gold doesn't come off easily
from the veins.
You feel me?
Remember when you were a boy
growing up in Vila Áurea?
Yeah, man.
Every day jumping over
a different corpse on the sidewalk.
That's the world we know.
But we fight on, right?
- Good talk.
- Right on.
See ya!
Yo, you could have just
walked around them, you know?
You jumped over them
'cause you thought you were the shit.
Because you were alive
and they weren't.
Don't forget that.
That's great. Great, Doni.
You guys are killing it.
Great. Very good.
Yes, that's it, Doni.
Lower your chin, Tally. That's it.
Let's touch up Doni's makeup.
Fantastic. That's it.
You look beautiful, babe.
Shit, Doni. Today was our day.
You look like you haven't slept.
I'd never done such a big campaign before.
I was so anxious I couldn't sleep.
Just say it's because
you slept without me.
See? You know it's your fault.
I'm here,
so the photos will turn out fine.
Ah! Feeling confident, are you?
- I got this.
- Good job, Doni.
Hey, Doni. Doni.
Luzi's calling you nonstop.
Fuck, man! I need your help with Luan.
He thinks I'm up for anything
just because I'm a girl.
Fuck no!
Calm down, Luzi.
What's wrong? We'll figure things out.
That's because they treat you differently.
I thought I was here to perform,
not to get a pie in the face.
They want me to go on the stage,
wear earplugs to play charades,
and get pie-faced if I guess it wrong.
You gotta put your face out there
to become known.
Known by a face full of pie?
- Sorry, but that's not what I'm after.
- Fine, I'm on my way.
Are we about done here?
If Jesus were walking
this Earth today,
I am absolutely sure
that He'd be fighting for our community,
for people to have a chance
at a better life.
A chance to live, and not just to survive.
Wow, heavens above!
What a wonderful speech, Rita.
It'll be such an influential audience.
Do you think I'm ready?
Your candidacy
is God's plan for your life.
Okay. Just gotta let it flow, right?
That's it. Breathe and let it flow.
I never know if God's using me,
or if I'm just being myself.
Doubt is a rock that sinks you.
It takes away your faith.
It prevents you from seeing the path,
from seeing the miracles.
Throw it away and keep going.
It's hard.
Since Cleyton was charged,
that's all I think about.
I understand you. But have faith.
Focus on the path ahead of you.
Potential franchisees go through
a background check.
But it's very simple.
It's for us to get to know you
and make sure
you don't have any pending legal issues.
- It's Janaína, right?
- Yes.
Do you research market demand
to get to each region's asking price?
Everything's factored in.
You don't have to worry.
Is the franchise for the two of you?
Yes, but I'm running it.
Great. If you're really interested,
we can start filing the papers.
Do you have any other options?
- Keep checking it, honey.
- We have this
What is it, Borges?
Intense storm at the border with Paraná.
I was forced to retreat.
The fuel I had wouldn't cut it.
What are you gonna do?
The deadline will be met, don't worry.
If I kept flying,
I'd go down with your load.
You know the risks.
I'm counting on you, bro.
Will you get the van ready?
Thanks a lot.
Yo, Luzi, I tried my best
to save face with the producer.
Keep this up
and you won't have space on TV.
Don't blow your chances.
When did you become such a sheep?
That's not it, Luzi.
You gotta take the opportunities you have.
You won't make it far with that attitude.
I'm not willing
to do anything to be on TV.
I don't need this bullshit.
Luan didn't tell me
what the show was about.
I know you want the best for me,
but pie in the face?
Come on, man!
Get used to it. It's normal for TV.
- Normal?
- Yeah.
I quit.
You're such a big shot, huh?
"Do you research market demand?"
Wifey's a businesswoman now. Watch out.
Stop playing. This is our future.
Now, this background check she mentioned.
We're fine, right?
My name's clean, isn't it?
It'll be all right, babe.
Trust me.
Have you made up your mind?
I really like this one.
What do you think, babe?
I like it.
I love coffee.
It sounds perfect.
Wow, this franchise is great.
It's a bit more expensive,
but it's very profitable.
You won't regret it.
Babe, I just saw the photos.
We killed it. Did you get some rest?
I did, babe.
Hey, babe. Yeah, I did.
The photos are dope.
So lit.
What do you say
we dine out somewhere fancy
to celebrate the badass,
advertising couple we are?
You down, babe?
I'd rather order some food
and snuggle with my man. You in?
Hello? Cleyton?
Rita, the lawyer called me.
My trial is gonna be scheduled.
How come? Do you know when?
Not yet.
I can appeal to stall for time,
but I can go straight to trial.
Let's appeal against it then.
What did the lawyer say?
They just want to buy time.
The thing is,
I trust God's justice over men's.
What do you mean, Cleyton?
If you don't do your part,
God won't be able to help you.
I made my mistakes,
but I didn't kill anyone.
I just want to go to trial
and open my heart.
You can't be this naive.
You've been charged
with homicide, Cleyton.
Let His will be done.
For the love of God, Cleyton.
There are too many people
involved in this.
Think about your life.
Think about your future.
You know what the outcome could be.
Only God can judge me.
I love you. I gotta go.
Food's gonna get cold.
So eat it. We gotta post a video
thanking the restaurant.
I'm hungry!
Did you choose your favorite photos?
- I starred one.
- Let me see.
I like this one.
Really? I look like your sidekick.
- The cutest sidekick.
- Mmm.
- Can we do it? I'm starving.
- Okay.
What? Is everything okay?
- Babe?
- One sec
Is it some hater giving you shit?
No. I'll go open the wine.
Babe, we look beautiful in these photos.
Look at this one.
What is it, Doni?
I gotta take care of some shit.
Doni, answer me, please.
What do I do?
Should I call your mom? Or Marcão?
Sorry for ruining our dinner.
It's not you, it's me. You're perfect.
What are you talking about?
Breathe, please.
- I'll call your mom.
- Don't!
Don't call my mom. Calm down.
- It's all good.
- What happened?
Is it Rita?
Your heart is thumping.
I gotta go. Marcão is coming.
I love you. Sorry.
What do you mean? Where are you going?
Ready, darling?
What is it?
I know this face.
Cleyton decided to tell the truth.
But others are tangled up in it.
God controls his life.
Now you have a mission here.
For Cleyton. For you.
Let's go in.
Where's that sparkle in your eyes?
Peace be with you.
- Peace be with you.
- Peace be with you.
Ready to dominate?
- Well
- Peace.
Hi, Daniel. How are you?
The stars of our party have arrived.
Ready, my dears?
We're here.
- Drink some water.
- I don't want water, bro.
I didn't even talk to my mom.
I'm fucking innocent.
I've already said
I didn't know the girl had a man.
Here's the thing, yo.
You know exactly how this works.
This is not the place to show weakness.
Just tell the truth.
Let's go.
They're like dogs.
They can smell fear.
Good evening, brothers and sisters.
What's up, y'all.
Yo, how's it going?
- Peace.
- That's it.
- Good shit, homie.
- Peace be with us.
Dear leaders, I now present you Rita.
I've known her for a long time,
since she was in her mother's womb,
who's already made the transition
into glory and now sits alongside God.
- Amen.
- Hallelujah.
And even without family support
and from a young age,
she always knew where she belonged.
In the house of God.
And now, a woman, Rita,
is a far-reaching arm
to the youth of the community.
Through God's word,
she preaches peace and hope
to the forgotten,
to the marginalized, to the brutalized.
And that's why I,
one of the pastors of this Ministry,
plead that Rita deserves our support
for her candidacy for the city council.
God bless you all.
I'll give the floor to Pastor Leopoldo.
- Thank you, Pastor Sueli.
- Thank you, Pastor.
Josué, it's your turn now, brother.
Thank you, Pastor.
Before we get this trial rolling,
I'll ask you all to respect
each other's turn to speak, okay?
- All right.
- Right on, bro.
Here's the thing, yo.
Per our long-established rules,
you date a taken woman, you die.
This MC hooked up with Fantasma's girl
and we all know it, right?
Correct, brother. Good evening, family.
This is Fantasma speaking.
What's up.
'Sup, homies.
I'm Nando from Vila Áurea, all right?
Let's conduct this trial fairly
and listen to both parties
to decide who's right.
Yo, with all due respect,
we're conducting this bitch.
Today, more than ever, it is war.
War against the forces of evil
that want to destroy God's people.
Rita, I met you last year,
a promising young woman
and a believer in God.
But Brother Daniel, the winner of souls,
is the candidate
who will uphold Christian values.
He is a man of God.
That's why, we, family men and women,
must support him.
Glory be to God!
Thank you, Josué.
Now, let's hear
each candidate individually.
- Rita, will you please wait outside?
- Of course, Pastor.
Thank you.
Daniel, the floor is yours.
Thank you, Pastor.
Dear brothers and sisters,
I want to ensure each one of you
that I'm the headquarters'
preferential candidate.
In this place alone, we are 4,000.
It will be a blessing,
and I believe in victory.
- Amen.
- Pastor Sueli talked about youth.
And I agree that our youth
have been straying from God,
including ours here at church,
seeking pleasure in funk parties,
in drugs,
wallowing in the mud of sin.
And, come Sunday,
they come to the service to worship God.
That's unacceptable.
Open your eyes, my brethren,
for Satan's agents are among us.
They seem well-intentioned,
but deep down they just want to confuse us
and bring the world into the house of God.
Wolves in sheep's clothing.
Open your eyes, brethren.
People with ties to the crime
are using our church's name
to come across as nice.
Remember the Parable
of the Wheat and the Tares.
I, as your candidate, am ready and willing
to weed out the darnel
from the Kingdom of God.
- Amen?
- Amen!
I'll take it from here, okay?
Because I'm fuming over here.
This scum must pay with his life.
We're talking about honor.
Here's the crime, man!
We ain't here to pat nobody on the head.
I want this motherfucker gone.
Excuse me, y'all. The thing is,
I didn't know she was his girl.
It's Viviane!
She has a name.
Calm down, man.
Let the guy have his turn, okay?
Speak up, yo. Tell it how it is.
- Speak up, bud.
- What's the story?
Peace be with you.
Peace be with you.
I'm Rita, from Vila Áurea,
as you already know.
I'm a young Christian from the hood.
I had few opportunities,
although I always seized those I did have.
And I must confess I hesitated a little
when God tilted me towards politics.
But I always end up
with the same conclusion.
God does not make mistakes.
He brought me here.
And as I've learned with Pastor Sueli,
the church isn't a place
of strict rules and guilt.
Quite the opposite.
The church is a home
to which you feel you belong.
Jesus wasn't a general,
he was first and foremost a rebel.
He was persecuted by the mighty ones
of his time and challenged them all.
I leave a question for you to ponder.
Isn't that what the hood faces every day?
She texted me.
She said she was single.
I'm not saying this because he's a homie.
I wouldn't do this to any man.
I'm well-off now,
but we all come from the same place.
I know the hood has rules.
I would never fuck up like that.
Also, if you look her up on social media,
you'll see she acts like she's single.
- Go ahead and check.
- Is it true?
Is he being straight up?
I've been using my social media to fight
with these people and for such causes.
We're an ever-growing community,
and we're reaching destitute souls
in a way I had never thought possible.
And my exchange with the low-income youth,
be it the religious kids or those who are
yet to commit their lives to Jesus,
goes so much beyond Daniel's 4,000.
I rely on Christ's example
to fight for dignity
and the well-being of the hood's youth.
Because I'm one of them, brethren.
But, at the same time,
I'm also one of you.
Thank you.
'Sup, Fantasma?
Here's the thing, bro.
She really acts like she's single.
There's not much a brother can do.
Yo, excuse me.
What the fuck are you saying?
Just 'cause she doesn't post pictures
with me?
She's been through hell
for associating with a guy like me.
Got chased by the pigs and all.
What the fuck, yo?
Yo, MC. Here's the deal.
To put all this behind us,
show us the text messages
you two exchanged.
Straight up. Where are the texts?
What do you got?
Show us.
Spill it, buddy.
Think we're messing around?
- I deleted the texts.
- Shit.
Are you fucking with us, bro?
Any last words
before we come to a decision?
My brethren,
I want to remind you
that I was born in an evangelical cradle.
Therefore, I have
no connection with crime,
with criminals, with prisoners,
funk singers,
and much less to the things of the world.
Honor and glory to Christ.
And I want to remind you, brethren,
that the church is a hospital.
It heals and welcomes the wounded.
I have ties with people of the world.
But I work every day
to bring them to Jesus.
Or does anyone believe there's good
in taking justice into one's own hands?
Or in assaulting a kid
that tried to steal a bike at the church?
Brother, do you see Christ in your act?
- Kid's fucking with us.
- That's some bullshit.
Why did you delete it?
You fuck a homie's girl
and can't prove she said she was single?
Why delete it?
I have a girlfriend.
Who wouldn't delete it?
Tone it down!
- Let's calm down.
- Why are you nervous?
Calm down. My man has a girlfriend, okay?
We all fool around with side chicks.
That's beside the point.
Yo, in my opinion,
the girl should be here
to take part in the conversation.
With all due respect, bro,
we ain't here to judge Viviane.
We're here to deal with the MC.
I'll take care of her myself.
It's in your hands, Lord.
Here's what's up, yo.
We off one guy, we have to off them all.
We're organized like this
to avoid killing each other.
And so we don't kill
a man and a woman unfairly.
What if
it was your wife, my guy?
Same story, bro.
My goal is for my family in crime
to protect my blood family.
All done. Shall we?
Yo, here's the thing.
Let me tell you something.
We can't let this shit slide.
It's a hard decision for us to make.
Who is our church supporting
this election cycle?
There's no evidence.
Two people were anointed by God.
Two fearless, dedicated servants of God.
Yo, Nando. Come here.
Daniel, an advocate of the family
and of the church's values.
Rita, an advocate of the youth
and of the hood.
Our sister is a symbol of renovation,
of youth power. Rita is our tomorrow.
Daniel is a dear child of this church,
beloved by God.
Rita unites the church
to the community, to the people,
and brings up new demands,
showing us she has a lot to teach us.
We talked and asked for God's guidance.
And He has chosen.
We are supporting the candidacy of
sister Rita.
- Thank you, Pastor.
- Congratulations.
I thank the Ministry for trusting me.
Well done, dear.
Yo, Binho is gonna sum things up, okay?
We all have the same weight.
No one's better than anyone else, okay?
Right on.
Doni was born in the hood.
He knows what our rules are
and how we take shit seriously.
And my man Fantasma is only trying
to defend his family's dignity.
So, what have we decided?
There's no hard evidence
the kid knew the girl was married.
She sure didn't behave as such,
so we are letting Doni go.
You gotta be fucking with me.
- Is this what crime has turned into?
- Yo, Fantasma.
Nando put it very well.
We ain't here to destroy each other, bro.
All right? Our decision is final.
And one more thing, Fantasma.
If Doni had done it on purpose,
I'd be the first to hold him accountable.
Would you?
Good to know that that's your decision.
Yo, motherfucker!
- You're off the hook, but
- Yo, it's over, Fantasma.
Let's put this behind us.
- Fine, bro.
- Later.
- Get your act together, MC.
- Later, bro.
No hard feelings.
You proved you were born for politics.
It's in your blood.
Not sure you were born for the church.
If you need advice
from an experienced brother, let me know.
Child, you really have
the gift of the gab.
Thank you, Josué.
- Peace be with you.
- Peace.
Sueli, may I have a word with her?
- Sure.
- If you'll excuse us.
- Nice speech, Rita.
- Thank you, Pastor.
You were born for this.
And I will do my best
to put all my words into practice.
Excellent. Just don't forget
you represent the church.
I want to see that same grit
to defend the purposes of the church.
This is the mission you were chosen for.
You understand, right, Rita?
The storm is over.
The trip will resume shortly.
I'm leaving Paraná in a bit.
Finally some good news.
All right, Borges. Safe travels.
I'll be there to unload the plane.
Thanks a lot.
You saved my life.
Bro, straight talk.
I have a thousand problems to worry about.
You got off the hook this time,
but you won't have another chance, okay?
Thank you, Lord.
I'm not gonna fuck up anymore. Thank you.
I swear I won't.
Hi, Doni. What's up?
Hi, baby. I missed your voice.
You were gone for the whole night.
I was after you like crazy.
You didn't say a word.
Now you miss my voice?
Sorry, I was just trying to be kind.
Do you wanna come to my place
and sleep together?
Not today. I don't feel like it.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Okay. I love you.
'Sup, bro?
Do you have anything to take the edge off?
All right. That will do.
Bring it over. Thanks.
in the name of our feelings
for each other,
think twice about what you're going to do.
The world isn't fair, Cleyton.
I love you so much.
And that's the only truth.
That's how we roll, okay?
You're summoned, you show up.
You can't back off.
Straight up.
You take it from here, Nando.
That's right, bro. Write down
my registration number. 273-2-882.
I'm gonna be the kid's godfather
along with Messinho.
- That's what's up.
- That's it.
By reading this statute,
you confirm your membership.
Read it out loud.
Good evening, y'all.
"One. All members owe loyalty
to the organization."
"Loyalty, respect,
and solidarity towards the organization."
"Fighting for freedom,
justice, and peace."
"The contribution of those who are
at liberty with their brother in prison."
Walking away
ain't as easy as getting in.
Gold doesn't come off easily
from the veins.
Our motto is
freedom, justice,
peace, equality, union.
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