Sintonia (2019) s03e05 Episode Script

Escape Route

Stars have a frenetic life.
People are all over you.
To make things worse,
both of you are famous.
Are you jealous of each other?
We know how to deal with it.
It's not easy, okay?
You need a lot of self-confidence
to begin with.
And you gotta always
be honest with each other.
No one's perfect, but we all can improve.
It's about understanding
we want what's best for each other.
I learn something new
from Tally every day.
I always do my best to make her happy.
That's lovely.
How about when you're not doing so great
and have to look perfectly happy
on the outside? How do you do it?
- [drumsticks rattling]
- [flute playing]
[upbeat music playing]
- Look at this, you guys.
- Damn.
It came out just like we pictured it.
- Dope!
- [Rita] "Straight outta Vila Áurea."
- It's beautiful, brother.
- [Jaspion] For real, Ritinha.
Our Lord's flock is gonna look fire
in our first service during the campaign.
[cell phone chimes]
What's up, Rita?
It's Cleyton.
I don't get him.
I think he's going to confess.
[dramatic music playing]
He told me he's gonna tell the truth.
[theme music playing]
[fog horn blows in the distance]
[Nando] I'm putting you in charge
because I know you can handle it.
The load has to make it to the port today,
one way or another.
Word. I got you.
I'm here to help.
You can count on me, bro.
I'm not talking small-time trap house.
This shit is big.
I need you to go first
and scout out the way.
If you see anything fishy,
tell the truck to leave the road.
You gotta be invisible
all the way to the port.
However big this truck may be,
I'll take care of it. I'm ready.
Right on.
We can't afford to fuck up.
I hear you. Peace out, bro.
We can do this.
[line ends]
[upbeat music playing]
[upbeat music continues]
[recorder chimes]
[cell phone bubbling, chiming]
[all singing along]
See? I'm glad I took that woman's advice
and hired this contractor.
Everything's on schedule.
Isn't it turning out nice?
That's an understatement.
It's freaking beautiful. Look at this.
Good thing you kept tabs on it.
Supervising people is a lot of work.
We have to nail down the last details.
I'm buying top-quality stuff.
We can afford it, right?
Now that you're gonna
Don't worry about anything.
It's cool. Our café will look great.
It already does.
Can we go home and get some rest?
- We deserve it.
- [cell phone vibrating]
I miss my little brats.
[dramatic music playing]
Hold on. I'm on my way.
- [upbeat music playing through phone]
- Holy shit.
Whindersson just shared it.
I'm gonna top the charts again
if everyone keeps sharing it.
It's blown up.
- Babe. Look at this.
- What?
I work hard as fuck
Come here.
and this piece of shit steals my song?
It's gotta be a joke.
MC Doni, I'm coming for you.
Respect Batidinha.
Who is this guy?
Some freak.
I didn't buy the song from him.
Damn, he's hella famous.
[suspenseful music plays]
[brakes screech]
- [Nando] What happened?
- [man] Everything was fine.
Then they suddenly popped out of nowhere.
I did as you said.
I drove out onto a side road,
and they chased us.
So the main road was free
for the loaded truck to go on.
But then they started shooting.
Pulga fired back at them.
You know he's fierce.
Whatever. Was it the police?
No one was in uniform.
It all happened so fast.
They came guns blazing.
Pulga leaned out the window
and took some shots too.
He blew their tires,
and they spun off the road.
But then I noticed
Pulga had taken a bullet.
I drove to the hospital,
but he didn't want to go in.
He didn't want to jeopardize the job.
The nurses came and took him in.
Loyalty, respect, and solidarity
towards the organization.
- Welcome.
- Thanks.
We're in this together.
[man] I don't know how he's doing.
Fine. Thanks.
[hip-hop beat playing]
[cell phone unlocks]
[keypad clicking]
[cell phone chimes]
[suspenseful music plays]
[indistinct yelling]
[whispers] Oh Father
May You guide Cleyton's steps.
[upbeat music playing through phone]
Doni, you didn't buy
the rights from the actual composer.
I didn't know. I didn't steal from anyone.
The guy who sold it to me is to blame.
We know this. Our legal team is on it
and PR is going to release a statement.
- Let's focus on the present.
- Fine, but he's destroying me online.
We'll sort it out.
Don't say a word.
Keep on the down-low for a while.
Copyright compliance
should have cleared it beforehand.
We were being pressured.
We said we needed more time.
You're gonna throw blame around
like a bunch of schoolboys?
I wanna know who fucked up.
[children clamoring]
Are you Pulga's mother?
Excuse me.
[door shuts]
Please, tell me where he is.
[whimpers, exhales]
He's still alive.
He is?
My son
But we don't know if he's gonna make it.
He's not doing great.
Ms. Maria, your son is
a very responsible and brave guy.
I just came by
to give you what he deserves.
[zipper unzips]
You can take it.
What he deserves?
Do you think this
changes anything?
One day, you'll get what you deserve.
I'll let you know if I hear anything.
God bless you.
[dramatic music playing]
[door shuts]
It's important to understand that God has
a purpose in you and your kids' lives.
No, it's a purpose
"for" you and your kids' lives.
[Rita] A purpose for you
and your kids' lives.
That's it.
Narrow is the path to Heaven.
Young people today are lost
in parties, drugs
crime, immorality
In crime, immorality
[Sueli] Go on.
I have a commitment to our values,
to defend life,
and to strive for a fairer community.
We're getting there. One more time?
Uh, it feels a bit strange
when I'm not the one who wrote it.
Don't worry, dear. That's how it works.
Okay. Let's try again.
[recorder chimes]
[Rita] It's important
to understand God has a purpose
for you and your kids' lives.
Narrow is the path to Heaven.
Young people today are lost
[Leopoldo] Is it good?
- [Rita] in parties
- [phone chimes]
Dear, it still needs some adjustments,
but we will work it out.
Like what? Just so I know
when I practice it at home.
You speak from the heart,
which is a great start.
- But look
- [phone chimes]
Your mind was somewhere else.
You can always feel it when someone
doesn't mean what they're saying.
But don't worry.
You'll represent our church just great.
A toast to you, Nando.
Brother, you did great.
[Nando] You bet.
Let's go, brother.
Yo, four-eyes.
Grab your uncle some whiskey.
The good stuff?
- The best. [grunts]
- You got it.
Are we getting wild tonight or what?
The cathouse is ready for us.
Nah, bro. Enjoy it,
but I'm celebrating with my family.
Yo, there's this one thing
I'll have to ask you to help with.
Just got word of some fucked-up shit
that went down with our boy Pulga.
Now that he's been shot,
we need to fill his shoes.
A bank heist
to strengthen our cash reserves.
Are you in?
[dramatic music playing]
[music swells]
Let's do this.
Fuck yes.
[dramatic music continues]
Stay calm, Rita.
What if I say something wrong?
You won't, dear. Take it easy.
[Rita sighs]
What if I incriminate him somehow?
Trust your heart.
Your heart is in the right place.
[door opens]
[sentimental music playing]
[door shuts]
[Rita sighs]
[Rita exhales]
How are you?
I'm fine.
Trust me.
Everything is gonna be all right.
I know.
I talked to God yesterday
and He told me the truth will set me free.
And we'll be together.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
[guard] Let's go.
[Cleyton inhales deeply]
[Rita sighs]
Come sit.
[Sueli sighs]
[judge] São Paulo's state attorney
brings charges
against Cleyton Reis dos Santos
for the following criminal offenses.
Two counts of aggravated homicide
and conspiracy to commit crimes.
Please, bring the first witness.
[man] Rita de Freitas.
[dramatic music playing]
What is the nature
of your relationship with the defendant?
He's my boyfriend.
But we're planning to solidify our union
before God and before our church as well.
On the 13th of June, it was a Sunday.
Where were you?
I was at the inauguration
of our neighborhood's new church.
I was helping the pastor.
Was Cleyton present that day?
He was.
Cleyton was among the attendees.
[all clapping, singing along]
I remember he was
very emotional down the nave
with the service.
How long did the service last?
It was a special Sunday service,
so it started in the afternoon
and lasted through the evening.
Everyone who was present
knows Cleyton was there.
Was Cleyton acting strange
throughout that day,
during or after the service?
[clapping, singing continues]
- [dramatic music building]
- [Rita breathing shakily]
Thank you.
[drum beating swelling]
You're the man who gave me
my first shot at crime, bro.
- [Badá] Yeah.
- Who initiated me.
It's time for me to return the favor.
I want to sell you my shops.
What? Are you crazy?
Selling your spots?
That's right, brother.
I haven't had a good night's sleep
ever since my boy was born.
[sucks teeth] Chill, bro.
That's just how it is.
Back when I was just an unknown kid
and no one depended on me,
things were easier.
Now I feel like a liability
to the organization.
A liability to my own family.
I'm dropping out,
and I won't change my mind.
I'm bringing you this offer
so we can negotiate it.
You know our spot is hot.
I'll take the deal.
Here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna pay part of it
in cash right away
and put the rest on the cuff.
You bet, brother.
There's one more thing.
We have a new mission as an organization.
Remember when
you went around robbing banks?
Same shit.
Thanks for thinking of me.
It's all cool, brother.
Cleyton, do you have an education?
- Just up to 7th grade.
- Why didn't you finish it?
My dad had an accident,
injured his leg
and could no longer pay for our expenses.
So I started working as a delivery boy.
What about that nickname of yours,
which means ant-boy?
The neighbors called me that
because I was always on the move.
I ran up and down all day
delivering stuff.
Tell me,
is that your only source of income?
[dramatic music building]
Yes, ma'am.
[lawyer 1] Thank you.
[dramatic music plays]
[lawyer 2] Mr. Cleyton,
word around town is
you're more than a delivery guy.
They say you're one of the right-hand men
of Vila Áurea's drug kingpin, known as ND.
Is that correct?
No, sir.
Formiga, you were born and raised
in Vila Áurea, is that right?
Do you know ND?
I do.
[man coughs]
Can you tell us how
you know each other?
I used to play
for our neighborhood soccer team.
This one time, we needed donations
of sports equipment.
Can you imagine this scene?
ND arriving at the dressing room
bringing uniforms?
Despite being that close to him,
you had no idea what he did for a living?
He just made a donation.
He liked to watch us play.
He seemed like a kind family guy.
"A family guy"?
A family guy!
I brought you a picture.
I ask for a minute
of our jury's attention.
This car was spotted
in the area of the murder
two to three minutes before it happened.
It was spotted
going 60 MPH, at high speed.
We also have eyewitnesses that have stated
they saw this car at the crime scene.
I'll zoom into the image.
It's clear as day that this is ND,
the head of the gang.
A very dangerous man.
And by his side
[dramatic music swells]
[Sueli exhales]
it's you, isn't it, Mr. Cleyton?
[dramatic music building]
It's not me, sir.
[ominous music plays]
[Rita inhales]
[Doni] "Shitty plagiarist."
"Rich kid who acts like a thug."
"Your music is trash."
"Cultural appropriator." "Cancel Doni."
The PR statement did nothing.
I'm still being bashed.
Babe, they're just haters.
Soon they'll find someone else
and forget about you. You should too.
Stop reading these things.
Take a few days off.
We could go to the beach.
- [phone chimes]
- Hey, Luan. Any news?
I have an idea.
Let's read my haters' messages.
"Your lip filler looks like shit,
- too many filters"
- [scoffs]
There are people calling me fat,
others calling me anorexic.
"A disgrace to all women."
Listen to this,
"How much to go out with you, baby?"
That's fucked up.
Look at this.
My song has gone up three more spots.
I just don't get it.
You're talented as fuck
and deserve your success.
- [cell phone vibrates]
- Hold up.
- Hey. Did you sort things out?
- [Tally sighs]
Fine. So that's it?
[sighs deeply]
- All right. Thanks.
- [line ends]
So, is Batidinha ready to chat?
That's not it.
Luan told me
he talked with the telephone company
we did that photo shoot for.
The next stage of their campaign
was confirmed,
but they won't renew our contracts.
What do you mean?
[suspenseful music playing]
[lawyer 1] Ladies and gentlemen
of the jury,
the prosecution failed
to present enough evidence
to establish that Cleyton
did participate in the murders,
let alone that he's part
of any sort of criminal organization.
Dear jury, you must not declare
a human being guilty
based on a grainy photo,
much less on the fact that
he was born
in the same area as a criminal,
a criminal who should
be seated there instead of him.
If Cleyton were to be found guilty,
he'd be nothing but a scapegoat.
And if the state's attorney is waging war
on this state's organized crime,
then he should go after the bosses.
Cleyton is just a delivery guy.
One of the many we see
crisscrossing the city all day.
He grew up in the hood,
a place where opportunities are scarce.
However, he chose to work.
To work an honest job.
He attends church.
He has a girlfriend.
He has a future ahead of him.
A future which, right now,
is in your hands, ladies and gentlemen.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
- [judge] Thank you, Counselor.
[chair creaks]
I want to call this jury's attention
to something the defense has said.
"To use as a scapegoat."
Over a hundred rifle rounds.
One hundred!
I'm sure none of you
wants to go through this.
No one wants to lose a father, a mother,
a loved one.
And then have to stare at a closed coffin.
One that prevents you
from saying a proper goodbye.
But to solve this,
we gotta be brave enough
to cut the evil by the root.
And that happens here, today.
[man] Hey, the homies are here.
[upbeat music playing]
- My man Badá!
- [Badá] What's up?
- [man] What's up, bro?
- [Nando] What's up, folks?
Hey, brother.
- [Badá] How are you?
- Good.
- [Nando] What's up?
- Yo, ND.
Yo, let me give you the rundown.
We're here to plan out that heist
we've been discussing for some time.
[all together] Right.
So we gathered guys that have a rapport
to form a team and go on this mission.
I'd like to thank ND from Vila Áurea
for coming through to help us.
And welcome our brother Badá
back into the family.
- Thanks.
- [man] All right?
Brothers, it's an honor
to help support the organization.
We're filling in for our boy Pulga,
who's fighting for his life.
That's how the carriage goes.
Some fall, others rise up.
I wanna thank my brothers
for the chance of being in this again.
And let's not forget we're doing this
for our brothers in the system.
[man] I already have
an explosives supplier.
He wants 80 grand.
I know someone who'll do it for cheaper.
- I'll call him.
- Yeah, let's do that.
What about weapons?
If you don't have your own piece,
you'll be provided one.
- Logistics?
- Don't worry, homie.
I've robbed banks for over ten years.
Okay, you got it, then.
- All right?
- [Badá] Let's talk it through.
Gather round.
We're gonna come through here,
passing these apartment buildings.
Both cars are gonna park
in front of the bank.
Meanwhile, some homies
will be stealing cars
and wreaking havoc elsewhere
to draw the cops' attention.
That's right.
Once we draw their attention here,
you can do your thing.
We're gonna pry the door open
and use dynamite on the ATMs.
Money's gonna fly all over the place.
We get the cash bags and head out.
It's a five-minute job.
Get in, fill the bags, and get out.
We can escape
through a bunch of different highways.
It's gonna be a piece of cake.
We can park a couple of trucks
to block any cops chasing us.
If worse comes to worst,
we just light them right up.
That's what's up.
[indistinct chatter]
The majority of the jury agreed
that the defendant conspired
to commit the murders of Lindomar Freitas
and Captain Ricardo Paiva,
therefore finding
Cleyton Reis dos Santos guilty.
[Rita breathes shakily]
[somber music playing]
Hence, I sentence the defendant
to a prison term of 25 years.
Court is adjourned.
[inhales sharply]
[exhales shakily]
- [handcuffs clicking]
- [Cleyton breathing shakily]
[somber music continues]
- [door shuts]
- [Rita whimpers]
[Sueli] Be strong.
[music swells]
They're unlikely to reconsider.
Everything was lined up,
but that fucking Batidinha guy
It's over.
Signing deals as a couple sucks, I swear.
One slip-up and you're done.
Can you think of a solution?
Just protect your other contracts
by letting the dust settle, Tally.
And don't associate
your image with his for a while.
[dramatic music playing]
I gotta use the restroom. Be right back.
- [footsteps tapping away]
- [door opens]
What's up?
[dramatic music building]
[boy 1] Isn't that the fool
who plagiarized that guy's song?
[boy 2] It's him. He's a clown.
[boy 3] What a jackass.
- I'm telling you, he's done.
- [boy 2] His career is over.
[indistinct chatter]
[muffled, indistinct chatter]
[echoing] Guys,
I don't feel well. I'm sick.
[echoing] Doni, what's going on?
Babe, talk to me!
Doni! Doni!
Someone help! Doni!
It's pretty.
Very pretty.
But I'd rather wear
the T-shirt my staff designed.
Speaking of which,
when can I bring them here?
We're gonna have a meeting
to discuss staff.
Today demands a more somber look.
Remember we're addressing
the entire community. Right, Pastor?
- I can hold it as I take the stage.
- [inhales]
A T-shirt stamped
with this kind of language
is not gonna sit well.
It would be nice if she could hold it.
Vila Áurea's people
are gonna feel represented.
The church wants to see our candidate
dressed as a true servant of God.
- The service is about to start.
- Shall we?
It's pretty, dear.
Shall we?
- Yes.
- Okay.
[church music playing]
He created the sky and the Earth ♪
Created the Sun ♪
And the stars ♪
He did everything ♪
He created everything ♪
Shaped everything ♪
Thine be the glory ♪
Thine be the glory ♪
Thine be the glory ♪
Thine be the glory ♪
Thine be ♪
Thine be ♪
Thine be ♪
Thine be the glory ♪
Lord bless us.
[all applauding]
Glory be to God. Amen!
Peace be with you, brethren.
[all together] Amen.
[Leopoldo] My dear beloved,
my brothers and sisters,
let's welcome with an open heart
the words of our sister Rita.
We shall pray
that she's able to defend
our principles before the city council.
God willing. Can I get an amen?
[all together] Amen!
Peace be with you, brethren.
[all together] Amen.
God has a purpose for our lives. Amen?
[Rita] Well
Today I wanna talk to you
about the future.
Do you know what the future holds?
For your kids
for your loved ones?
Narrow is the path to Heaven, brethren.
And young people today are lost
in this life of
[dramatic music swells]
- [Leopoldo] Glory be to God, sister.
- [all] Amen.
It's such an emotional moment, brethren.
What a beautiful sight
it is to see the energy
and the strength of this young lady.
- Can I get an amen?
- [all together] Amen.
- Let us sing.
- [instrumental music playing]
Thine be the glory ♪
Thine be the glory ♪
Thine be ♪
Thine be ♪
Thine be the glory ♪
[music fades out]
[drink pouring]
[Tally sighs]
What happened to you was serious.
It was strange.
It felt sort of like
an out-of-body experience.
Have you considered therapy?
You lost your father, then Rivaldinho.
There's your career
I'm not crazy, babe.
I'll stop by the doctor
and do some tests. It's fine.
When things are not working out,
why not investigate the root cause?
I already told you, I'm just tired.
I'm literally living out my dreams.
Are you happy, though?
[gentle music playing]
[keypad clicking]
[gentle music continues]
- [brakes screech]
- [air hisses]
[ominous music playing]
[gun cocks]
Yo, bad boy.
Wear this. Those tats are a huge giveaway.
Not all superheroes wear capes.
[chuckles] I hear you.
All right.
- [sniffs, exhales]
- [guns cocking]
- [gun thuds on table]
- Let's do this, kid.
You're going out with a bang.
Hear me?
[guns cocking]
[dramatic music building]
[ominous music continues]
[engine turns over]
[Doni singing on phone]
[Tally sighs]
Doni, it's super late. Let's sleep.
- [Doni] Mm-hmm.
- [phone chimes]
I love you. [sighs]
- [phone chimes]
- [keypad clicking]
Who's Viviane?
This chick.
- Do you think I'm an idiot?
- [phone chimes]
"Fucking wife stealer."
It seems I'm not the only cuck.
It's not what you think. Let me explain.
Will you look at me?
Don't touch me.
- Let me explain. Stay.
- I don't want to hear it.
Calm down. Let's talk. Hold on.
Hey, listen!
I don't wanna talk.
I want you to go fuck yourself.
Get out of my life.
They set me up.
Listen, they set me up!
Oh, did they? Poor you, Doni.
How could you?
- I was always by your side.
- I know.
- I don't deserve this.
- I know. Please. I love you.
You don't love me. Stop saying that.
If you did, you wouldn't lie to my face.
You wouldn't be able
to sleep with me, touch me, kiss me.
You know why you can lie to my face?
Do you?
Because you lie to yourself.
You're living a lie.
It's over.
[door shuts]
[horns honking]
[brakes screech]
[tense music playing]
[door thuds]
[alarm ringing]
[crowbars banging]
[man 4] Keep going, don't stop!
[banging continues]
[Badá] We're just taking back
what's rightfully ours.
The fucking dynamite, homie!
[Nando] This is enough.
[Badá] That's how you do it, bro.
[tense music continues]
[man 4] Move, homie!
[crowbar clanks]
[glass shatters]
[upbeat music playing]
[music swells]
[Nando] Go on! Hurry up! Hurry up!
Go! Go! Go!
Speed it up!
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
- [zipper zips]
- We gotta go!
[sirens wailing in the distance]
Let's go, Badá.
Come on, fuck!
[tires screech]
We gotta go! Fuck!
Let's go, Badá!
Yo, we gotta go!
- I'm leaving this fool behind.
- [gun cocks]
We ain't leaving Badá behind.
Chill the fuck out.
If we get caught, you're a dead man.
[sirens continue wailing]
- [Nando] Go!
- [Badá] Let's go!
[tires screech]
[sirens approaching]
- [Nando] Fucking drive!
- [Badá] Hurry the fuck up!
- Holy shit!
- Hurry up, dude.
- That's it!
- That's what's up.
We got this.
- Follow the crime.
- Hurry up, my man. Step on it.
[Badá] Don't stop.
We're the fucking crime.
I fucking missed this.
[upbeat music continues]
[music fades out]
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