Sintonia (2019) s03e06 Episode Script

The Beginning of the End

I come before Thee
to ask for Thy guidance once again.
Light my way, O Lord.
My heart is drenched in doubt and angst.
Please, guide me, Father.
I don't know which way to go.
Please, Lord, help me. Enlighten me.
Here I am, Father.
Cover me with Thy mantle of knowledge.
Show me the way, O Lord.
Your daughter is lost.
I bow before You, Lord,
and I'm not going anywhere
until You speak to me.
Until You point me the way.
- Hi, son.
- Hi, Mom? How are you?
I am great, how about you?
Could you make me beef stroganoff?
I miss it.
Of course, son. Whenever you want.
Okay. Maybe tonight?
Oh dear. I'm busy tonight.
Busy with what?
He's a friend of mine from church.
What friend, Mom?
It's a guy from church.
Okay, then.
I'll introduce you to him.
You'll like him.
Okay. We'll talk tomorrow, then.
- Bye.
- Bye, honey.
Press the button on the left.
Now you tamp it.
- Is this right?
- Yeah, perfect.
Left to right.
- Just extract it now. Perfect.
- Nice. Thanks.
Ethiopian coffee coming right up.
For my love.
Well done, Mr. Barista.
Now let's taste it.
It's gonna be the best espresso
of your life. Take my word for it.
Listen, the second installment
of the franchise fee is due tomorrow.
- I was hoping we could pay it on time.
- Relax, honey. Stop worrying.
Drink it. Drink it.
- Do you like it?
- It's delicious.
Of course it is, I made it!
Let's go.
Let's do four.
Two jabs.
Great. Go straight. Two jabs.
Give me four.
One-two, one-two. Excellent. Focus.
Another four. Just four.
Doni, calm down.
Focus. Take a deep breath.
You know why
you can lie to my face?
Because you lie to yourself.
- You're living a lie.
- Jab, straight.
Straight. Straight.
Give me four, go.
There! Straight. Another one!
Speed up!
Breathe and focus. Let's go.
Now two.
One, two. Now four.
- Rita! What happened?
- I need to talk.
And to rest.
Come in, dear.
I knew this genre was gonna blow up
ever since I first heard it.
What's the offer?
You feature in a song of mine
and we're square.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- Why, man?
We both win. Especially you.
Your reach is great,
but not in the South and Southwest.
Partnering with us will allow you
to burst out of your bubble.
My man
I know I can't sue you,
but I won't sit down
and listen to that bunch of crap.
That's enough.
I don't need you for shit.
We're topping all the charts.
And especially not to win the Southwest.
I'll tell you, brother.
I've been where you are.
I could've acted on impulse
when Dondoka ripped off my song.
But I was well-advised
and remained open to negotiating.
Don't be stubborn. Open a new door.
You guys amaze me.
You think you own the world.
You're in the center of it all.
But that doesn't fly with me.
I want money.
News breaks tomorrow, you get uncanceled.
- Deal?
- Deal.
You're still gonna open up for me on tour.
- Let's go?
- Yeah.
Fuck you. São Paulo is my turf.
You got away with it, huh?
Actually, you've been getting away
with plenty of bullshit.
Don't give me that look.
Didn't you mention MC Dondoka?
Remember those times.
Where you came from.
Be humble, my guy.
Even you, Marcão?
Here's the thing.
I want everyone on high alert.
Anything goes down, you open fire.
Use the rifles.
That's what's up.
Everything okay, babe?
All good.
- Everything okay with the suppliers?
- All paid off.
This is the beginning of our dream.
It's all working out.
- Did you rest, dear?
- Did I sleep a lot?
A little bit.
I climbed up a mountain.
I'm so lost, Sueli.
What the church's board
tells me to do and say
is often not what I believe
is the right thing.
I asked God for guidance.
To show me the way, you know?
- And what did He say to you?
- Nothing.
No answer.
- Is He still with me?
- It's not on your time, Rita.
He'll answer you on His time.
Well, I just know that when I left,
this is the only place I wanted to be.
It's the house of God.
You're very much loved here.
By Him and by me.
What would I do without you?
You know you can always count on me.
What did they want?
They patrol the area.
Scheyla, I'm serious.
They offered to protect the shop.
I gave them two coffees and a sandwich.
Calm down.
It's okay.
This situation is about to end.
I missed you so much.
Me too.
- I brought us a lot of food.
- I saw it. Nice job.
I was in doubt, so I brought everything.
Chin up.
I wanna see you strong.
How are you doing?
How has this time you spent here been?
I wanna ask you something.
You are too young,
You have your whole life ahead of you.
You gotta move on.
I don't want you to be stuck with me.
I don't want you to pay for my sins.
They're not your sins.
It's much bigger than that.
We both know it.
I don't deserve this.
You gotta move on with your life.
You said you didn't want
to be a criminal's wife.
Look around you.
I made a choice for my life.
You are part of that choice.
I'll never let you go again.
I'm with you.
Don't ever say that again.
Ever again.
I don't want you to go through stuff
you don't deserve.
I truly love you.
I love you so much.
I love you so much.
- What the fuck is this?
- It's a gift.
You didn't have to.
Get used to it.
This life ain't for me.
You know I wasn't born for this life.
Brother, God spoke to me.
I felt it in my heart, bro.
If this isn't my cue to quit,
what will be?
That is if I can get out alive.
I know it feels like a long time,
but he's gonna be out soon.
He's a good kid.
Soon he's gonna be on parole.
You'll have your whole lives ahead of you.
But eventually,
we're gonna have to talk about it.
I wanted to say sorry, Nando.
I know I was harsh. I blamed you
I was so lost that I became blind.
I'm still feeling awful
about Cleyton's arrest.
But I don't want to lose you either.
Remember your mishap with Cacau?
Shit got out of hand.
Do you really think I wanted this?
No, of course not.
Life has never been easy, brother.
And it never will be, Rita.
To think about everything I've done
to get where I'm at.
Who would have thought
I'd become a café owner?
An actual boss!
God's with us, bro.
Mark my words.
I'm gonna fight hard
for people to have a better chance in life
without going down your route.
- Amen.
- Amen.
I climbed up a mountain.
- Did you? Mmm.
- Yeah.
I was seeking a divine answer.
Got nothin'.
But I think I figured it out.
He wants me to make a choice.
You always made the right choices.
What is this?
This doesn't even look like me!
You posed for these photos.
Didn't you approve them?
I did, but not these.
They edited them for sure.
That's how it works, Rita.
This picture represents
the ideas you promote.
I'm gonna get stuff from the car.
It came out just like we pictured it.
- Dope!
- "Straight outta Vila Áurea."
It's beautiful.
Is Nando skipping class again?
If we stop by, we'll be late.
Come on, Rita. Let's go real fast.
Here, Grandma.
- Hey, Nando!
- Nando!
Hurry up, bro.
We're gonna be late!
- Go.
- Don't worry.
Take your medicine.
He's probably not home. Let's go.
Looks great, Rita!
Nando had it done.
I have nothing against Nando,
but you know where his money
comes from, right?
I know. I know, Auntie.
But if I don't give him
that vote of confidence, who will?
- Yeah.
- Right?
Here comes my campaign car.
Rita is coming ♪
Straight outta our community
She's our candidate ♪
Rita is coming ♪
- Hey.
- What's up? How are you?
You good?
From the hood to your home.
Rita de Freitas.
- Don't forget the hood, girl.
- Who do you take me for, sis?
Rita for councilwoman!
I hereby protest to kids
being prevented from living their youth,
selling candies at traffic lights
and polishing shoes at public parks.
They waste their childhood
because you
white-collar soldiers of Babylon
are the robbers of childhood.
You don't move a finger to help them.
Get out of ignorance.
Yes, you, white-collar soldiers
of the Senate of Babylon.
You are robbers of childhood.
And we're the brain of the hood,
where every kid's
being raised to be a revolutionary,
to learn how to vote right
and to not be taken for a fool.
Keep smiling because you are kids.
Our erês and curumins.
Resist until the end.
What's up, everyone?
Well, let me interrupt this
for no more than five minutes.
Spaces like this,
where young people can promote culture,
make art, and have conversations
are very important and special to me.
I want there to be places like this
all over São Paulo's communities.
I forgot to introduce myself.
I'm Rita from Vila Áurea,
a community just like this one.
And I'm running for a city council seat
for the Evangelical Mobilization Party.
I come to ask for your support
so I can fight for you.
So we can fight together.
I believe in education and culture,
and I also believe the hood's youth
need more opportunities.
That's my fight. Thanks.
You talk about the hood's youth,
but your flyer is all about the church.
Not every kid from the hood is like you.
Who are you gonna fight for?
For all of you. You rest assured.
Sorry, but here's the deal.
Who chose you to represent us?
It sucks to hurt who we love ♪
I feel like ♪
I'm the biggest idiot in town ♪
Those were the words she told me ♪
"You done broke my heart today" ♪
It's in the dead of night
When it hurts the most ♪
Regret engulfs my heart ♪
I'm so sorry, I'm really embarrassed ♪
I know I made a mistake ♪
It sucks to hurt who we love ♪
I feel like
I'm the biggest idiot in town ♪
Those were the words she told me ♪
"You done broke my heart today" ♪
The worst part
Was feeling your disgust ♪
I don't know why I acted like that ♪
But a tear rolled down your face ♪
Thanks to me and my lack of respect ♪
I apologize
From the bottom of my heart ♪
But I can't ask you to forgive me ♪
I regret acting like an asshole ♪
And this song is my turning point ♪
Yo, your speech was fire, Rita.
- Did you like it? I'm happy to hear.
- Yeah. We've got your back.
Rita, hear me out.
Since you're about giving opportunities,
I wanted to sing a song of mine.
I wanna be big one day.
You're friends with Doni.
Could you record me and show him?
Of course I can.
Yo, I'm MC Gê. Hear this out.
I tried to have a relationship ♪
I tried dating ♪
But all you want is to go partying ♪
But all you want is to go to the club ♪
So baby, you better forget me ♪
Because tonight I'm gonna go wild ♪
I really don't give a damn ♪
And don't try to call me
I'll block you straightaway ♪
It's my turn to enjoy the night ♪
I tried ♪
That's it. I'm MC Gê.
- Cool.
- That's it.
Thanks for the love.
Will you show it to Doni?
My guy is talented.
I will.
- Thanks.
- You got it.
- We're gonna play soccer.
- Thanks. Peace out.
God bless you.
- We're gonna blow up, bro!
- She's gonna show it to Doni.
- Oh my God.
- Funny, isn't it?
Oh Rita.
You were children,
but remember how much we fought
to get the main street paved?
I do. Kids loved that dirt road.
It was fine, except the bus
wouldn't come when it rained.
- Yeah.
- And before that, we fought for sewerage,
for electricity.
We take it for granted now,
but we've done so much for that place.
How is your mom doing?
She's fine.
Even has a new "special friend."
"Special friend"?
Don't make that face.
She deserves to be happy.
Life goes on, brother.
I need some of that myself.
You'll meet someone new any day.
- Move on. Don't look back.
- Yeah.
Yeah. Not sure I want to move on.
I've been distancing myself from everyone.
We're here, aren't we?
How about you? It must be hard times.
Yeah. It has been tough.
It sucks.
What about the campaign?
Is it going well?
It is.
Except for them making me
look like a nun in the official photo.
This politics thing,
let me tell you. It's hard.
I can't be myself.
- It's the same in the music industry.
- It's the same for me too.
I never thought
we'd get to where we are now.
I have something I wanted to tell you.
I'm quitting crime.
I can't thank you enough, Pastor.
To think I was completely lost
two years ago.
But now I'm stronger.
My faith is stronger than ever.
And as hard as it is
to tell you this,
I've got to conform to God's wishes.
I'm dropping out of the race.
sometimes we think
God's sending us a message.
But, in fact, we're just hearing
what we want to hear.
I know, Pastor.
But my future is elsewhere.
Your future?
Your future is here.
We bet on you. I bet on you.
God showed us you were the one.
It's funny.
He didn't choose for me to date your son.
Yet, I'm fit to be your candidate.
Listen, kid.
Did He talk to you or to me?
I hope you understand
how much you quitting this late
crimps our plans.
Rita, you have a foot in the church
and a foot in the world.
You serve two Gods.
Only by speaking my truth am I going
to be able to bring more souls to Jesus.
Proverbs 14:12.
"There is a way that appears to be right,
but in the end
it leads to death."
Let there be no doubt.
If you step out that door,
you're never,
ever going to be accepted
by either our church
or by God.
I apologize
From the bottom of my heart ♪
But I can't ask you to forgive me ♪
I regret acting like an asshole ♪
And this song is my turning point ♪
You screw up
and then write songs to make up for it.
Your gift is very confusing to me.
I often feel confused as well.
It's hard to deal with success.
It's still not easy for me either.
To know what to make public
and what to keep private.
My therapist knows my struggle.
We chase after big things
and forget to take care of what's simple.
- That's what we fail to notice.
- Like you failed to notice me.
I know, but I learned my lesson.
In the worst way possible.
Give me another chance, Tally.
You hurt me so much.
Not the social media Tally.
The real Tally.
But I never saw you as the artist.
You were always Doni to me.
I had lost myself.
But I've come to my senses.
If you forgive me, I'll show you
how much I've learned from this.
When's the song coming out?
- Which song?
- This one.
I'm not releasing it. It's just for you.
Your mother would be very proud
of the woman you've become.
Even if this woman told you
she's gonna follow a new path?
I heard you withdrew your candidacy.
But I'm with you.
This will always be your home.
You've been my rock.
But, Pastor, I
I can't keep trying
to be something I'm not.
I've spent so long
trying to deceive myself,
trying to convince myself and others
that I don't serve two worlds.
But what if I do?
If just one thing doesn't do it for me?
Dear, we've been through this.
Don't throw the baby out
with the bathwater.
I know. That's not what it's about.
This place here has been my home
- It is your home.
- And it will always be.
The point is, kids grow up.
And I've been more
than the kid from the church to you.
I will never abandon you.
I will not abandon my ideals.
In the end, nothing has changed.
You understand?
You've changed, Rita.
You are being your best self.
- Hey, hand this bag to his guy.
- Gotcha.
'Sup, Nando from VA!
My man Messinho.
- What's good?
- How are you, bro?
All good, man. There it is.
What's up, Nando?
- Good to see you.
- The last part of your cut.
We're stacking it.
For sure, bro.
Don't spend all your money on diapers.
Fuck no, man.
I have other plans.
Cool, Nando.
I've already come up with an idea
for another huge hit.
We're only going bigger.
Bro, straight talk.
This has been my swan song.
I wanna live off my business now.
- Say what, Nando?
- That's right, bro.
I'm quitting this life.
Now that we hit the jackpot?
Listen up, Nando.
I understand you wanting out.
But you're in too deep, brother.
You can't just go back
to being a normal person.
Not to mention crime is addictive.
It's hard to quit adrenaline.
And even if you do want to step out,
no one's willing to let you, you know?
Did you think the police
are gonna forget about you?
You think the system
is gonna accept that a nigga from the hood
owns a bougie coffee shop?
Don't forget you built your family
with our family's money.
Be smart, Nando.
- All right, man. See you later.
- Peace out.
I'm so happy to celebrate
the 30th anniversary of this place.
We fought so hard to achieve it,
and we love it dearly.
Thank you all for being here.
Today is a very special day
for two reasons.
Ms. Rose
You're wonderful ♪
Ms. Rose
You're wonderful ♪
Ms. Rose
You're wonderful ♪
That's enough.
You love to embarrass me.
I'll get you, boy.
Today we're accepting applications
from candidates to become
Vila Áurea's next community leader.
This old lady here
has already served for many years.
And did really well!
I believe I helped
make this a better place.
But it's time to pass the baton.
I want to know who will be
Vila Áurea's new community leader.
Come on, guys. Stand up, please.
Whoo! Go, Rita!
Rita! Rita!
- How's it going?
- I'm good.
Welcome. Make yourself comfortable.
"Cappuccino, mochaccino, latte."
Is that how you say it?
It's just coffee with ice cream,
caramel, and milk.
Fancy! I want this "mapuccino" thing.
This is a gourmet café, baby.
High-class gourmet café, bro.
I've heard Ms. Rita is gonna be
the new community leader.
- Attagirl!
- We'll see. We'll see.
I'm so happy you got back with Tally.
She's a nice chick.
- Don't screw up this time.
- Right.
I've suffered before,
but being without her was the worst.
I'm glad we made up.
And your song went viral, huh?
What song?
- Didn't you see it?
- No.
No, I didn't.
Let me show you.
Look at this.
- No way she posted it.
- Yeah, this morning.
- Millions of likes.
- Wow! Very good.
Excuse me.
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
- Thank you.
- Thanks, Rafa.
- Now is the time to taste it.
- Mmm!
- Let's have a toast first.
- A toast. A toast.
A toast to success!
I want you to write me a song too.
Only if you order one more of these,
because it's fucking good.
- It's the coffee.
- Delicious.
I want a song too.
This is getting out of hand.
Is everything all right?
Is your order correct?
Let me know if you need anything.
- Yo, how's it going, bro?
- Hey, bro.
- Pretty good.
- What's up?
- Nice to meet you.
- Hey, bro.
His music is great.
Congrats on the place. It's lit.
- Thanks, bro.
- Of course.
- The decor is nice, isn't it?
- So dope.
Beautiful. Scheyla has very good taste.
Shit just got real for you.
Look who's here.
I didn't know he'd been released.
Prison will suck the life out of you.
The guy looks 30 years older.
What's up, homie?
- Hey, kid.
- Pleasure to have you here.
Nice place.
I like it.
It looks fantastic.
I couldn't miss the grand opening.
Thank you for coming.
Congratulations, even if I wasn't invited.
We're open to the public, you know.
I see your buddies over there.
Look at Doni.
I used to listen to his music in jail.
Cool kid.
And there's that Rita girl.
She's gonna represent the community.
That's right, man.
So what are you drinking?
Fucking whiskey, of course.
We don't have it. All we have is coffee.
Shit, that's lame, homie.
Don't forget we have to settle
that deal on the shops.
No worries. We'll figure out the details.
- I'll be waiting.
- Okay.
Congrats, man.
Making big bucks, huh?
Let's go.
You should go spend the weekend
with the kids sometime.
Enzo will be all grown up
before you know it.
- We owe him a visit.
- We'll go, we will.
Babe, should we trust
a pastor and a funk singer?
- Hey, show some respect!
- We'll go.
Hands where I can see them!
Police! Get down on the ground!
Police! Police!
I surrender! I surrender!
On your knees!
I surrender! I surrender!
Game over.
Surrender! Surrender!
Game over! You're under arrest.
If anything goes down, you open fire.
Use the rifles.
O Lord ♪
I usually ask for protection ♪
But today I'll ask for deliverance ♪
I lost control of things ♪
O Lord ♪
So no one will get hurt ♪
My family and friends are here ♪
If someone has to die
Let it be me ♪
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