Sintonia (2019) s04e01 Episode Script

Salva meu irmão

[tense music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Nando] 'Sup, fam.
Listen up, yo.
Netflix has tipped us off
that some clowns are planning
to watch the next season of Sintonia
without watching the recap.
- What's the deal with that?
- [woman] That ain't cool.
Is it you, bro?
You gonna go behind our back
and skip the recap, homie?
Nah, Nando. That shit ain't right.
I say we act on it.
Damn straight. Let's get this recap going.
- Tell 'em, bro.
- You bet.
Y'all know Doni.
He's the best in the game.
Even went on a tour abroad.
[Doni] 'Sup, everyone!
Don't ever stop dreaming.
Hard work is the key to success,
all right?
Peace out.
[man 1] But fame is fickle.
One day you're on top,
the next, you're out.
MC Doni, I'm coming after you.
Yo, let's not forget
he messed with someone's girl.
[man 1] Sure, but that's in the past.
[woman] Meanwhile, Rita's church chose her
to run for city council.
Thanks, Pastor.
She has a bunch of backstabbers.
But God is watching and shall not forgive.
Who chose you to represent us?
In or out of the church,
she always looks out for the hood.
Damn straight.
She's in a hell of a rough spot
with her man incarcerated.
[woman] But that shit ain't right.
The cops only took him
'cause they couldn't catch Nando.
That's my problem to solve, okay?
And make no mistake, I'll take care of it.
Even Badáis back out again.
My OG!
[Badá] Good to see you, bro.
Damn straight.
But what about Nando?
Life is a roller coaster.
[bomb explodes]
- [man 2] Go, go, go.
- [alarm blaring]
For real. ND is on fire.
Juggling all parts of this life is tough.
Especially with a newborn, right, Nando?
[Nando] I was ready to quit.
But in came the pigs to crush my dreams.
- Put your hands up!
- Police!
I'll handle this shit on Season 4, fam.
What are you looking at, fool?
Get the hell out.
- Damn straight.
- Scram!
Hit the road!
[music ends]
[tense music playing]
- [man 1] Drop your weapon, asshole!
- [man 2] Drop the fucking weapons!
- [man 1] You heard them. Drop them!
- [man 3] Drop the weapons.
[woman screaming]
[men grunting]
[Nando screams]
[Rita] Doni!
Look at me, brother! No!
Brother. Don't you dare give up!
Someone help!
[Rita crying]
Come on, Doni!
[labored breathing]
[Nando grunting]
[Scheyla] Luiz Fernando, don't!
Luiz Fernando, don't!
Luiz Fernando, don't!
Luiz Fernando!
Lord have mercy!
Oh my God! [sobs]
[man 1] Let's bounce, boss!
- Let's go!
- Get off me!
- [man 1] The pigs are coming.
- Get off me! Scheyla!
[whimpering] What's going on?
- [man 1] Let's go!
- Come with me, bro!
- Doni!
- [Nando] Get off me!
[Rita] Somebody call an ambulance!
- [sobbing]
- [yelling]
- [Nando] Get off me!
- [man 1] We gotta go!
- The cops are coming!
- [man 2] Come on!
[Nando] Get off me!
[sirens wailing]
Gunshot victim in critical condition
with a bullet lodged in the left hip.
Doni, I know you can hear me.
[Rita sobs]
You've never been one to give up.
Press down harder.
I promise everything's gonna be okay.
You hear me?
- [machine beeping]
- [siren wails]
[Nando breathes rapidly]
[doctor] Calm down!
I gotta go back!
You have to calm down.
[gasping] Don't let me die.
I'm the crew's medic.
You're home here.
Extraction tools.
Hand me the tweezers.
[tense music playing]
[doctor] Monitor sedation.
[machine beeping]
[siren wailing]
[machine beeping rapidly]
- We're losing him. Excuse me.
- What do you mean?
No! Stay with me.
Stay with me, for Christ's sake.
Doni, please don't give up on life!
Don't, brother. You never give up,
and you're not giving up now!
I'll make a promise before Thee, O Lord.
[gasps] May the injustices of this world
not fall upon my friend.
Help me, Lord Jesus Christ,
for I vow to offer my life
so that no innocent suffers
for the sins of others.
I promise, O Lord!
[machine beeps monotonously]
[Rita breathing rapidly]
[rhythmic beeping resumes]
- [woman] Sit down.
- Is he back with us?
[Rita sobbing]
- Sit.
- Praise the Lord!
[inhales sharply] Thank you, Lord.
- [woman] Keep calm.
- Thank you, Father.
[sirens wailing]
This way.
Come on!
[helicopter blades whirring]
[man] We're almost there. Come on!
[Nando panting]
[tense music playing]
[Nando grunts]
Keep it cool up there.
[man] Let's go. Take the route to Bolivia.
[theme music playing]
[man] Yo. What's good, Messinho?
Yeah, he's here. I'll put him on the line.
[Messinho] Yo, ND.
You're in Bolivia, homie.
The organization sent you there
following the shootout.
It's over for me, huh?
You're safe there, homie.
Should've kept your head on a swivel.
Keep it together now.
You're safe there. We got it all sorted.
I'm worried about my wife, man.
She was arrested, bro.
[tense music playing]
My wife?
Yeah. And they're grilling her hard.
It's your head they're after.
What about my kids, man? My friends?
Your kids are with their grandma.
Everything's fine.
Don't know about your friends, though.
You stay cool, Nando, please.
You can't help them
without healing up first.
Just keep hiding for a while. Lie low.
All right.
You're going back to Brazil.
I need you to keep me in the loop.
[man] You got it, boss.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Drug dealer Luiz Fernando's wife,
who owned the café
actively supported her husband
in his criminal enterprise.
The Crime Couple. They worked in tandem.
And the singer,
who was at the height of his career,
remains battling for his life
after undergoing multiple surgeries.
His career will never be the same
given the weight of evidence
pointing to his ties
to São Paulo's organized crime.
[doorbell rings]
- Yay! Look who's back!
- [Jaspion beatboxing]
- [Luzi] Hey!
- How are you, brother?
I can push him, Auntie.
Where's your smile, man?
- Let's celebrate life today.
- Welcome home.
- And your new ride, bro. [laughs]
- [Doni laughs]
I saw your new car, by the way.
Way nicer than mine.
And I'm not even at my peak yet.
[Lucrécia] Doni,
let me introduce you to Paulo.
I've told you about him in the past.
He's a friend from church.
I'm so happy to see you so well.
Nice to meet you, Donizete.
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
Hey! Chrome rims, bro?
- Going to the party in style.
- I'll have a good time.
[Luzi] Hair's so long
It flows past my buns ♪
[Jaspion and Luzi imitating funk beats]
- [both laughing]
- [Luzi] Like this.
I get up there. And four, and five.
Hair's so long it flows past my buns ♪
[Jaspion and Luzi imitating funk beats]
Heck, we're gonna kill it.
[Rita sighs] Thank you so much, my Lord.
You don't know how happy I am.
Thank you for saving my bro's life.
I'm so grateful.
I'm going to honor my promise, Lord.
And I know you'll guide me.
Enlighten me, Father.
What am I to do right now?
Guide my steps, O Father.
Excuse me. Is Pastor Sueli around?
No, I'm afraid she's not.
Oh. Could you give her this letter?
Mom insisted that I deliver it myself,
but I can't be late for school.
- Of course.
- Thanks.
- Look at you! All groomed and perfumed.
- Hey!
- What is this for?
- Want to buy some, too?
Only new, top-notch stuff.
I don't have money.
Come and help me offload this stuff.
I'll give you a cut.
I'm late for school. Sorry.
It's all good. See you, Ritinha.
Hey, Lucete. I'll come with you.
- [Lucete] Come on, Ritinha.
- But only today!
[Lucete chuckles] Fine.
Today we have discounted prices.
It's just $15.
Give me your phone.
[gentle music playing]
- [Sueli] Rita!
- Sueli!
[Sueli] Honey!
I heard Doni is doing better.
I'm actually here to thank Him.
- But ended up getting an answer from God.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah, for that promise I made.
- What's the answer?
Tell me, honey.
- I want to go back to school.
- What a blessing!
- You think? [laughs]
- Of course!
And I trust
that this is the right path for you.
Those were such tough times.
- Quitting school and all.
- I know.
But I'm going back.
I want to study
so I can fight for our people.
Stay committed to your purpose.
- Wanna have a coffee?
- Sure!
- You have such a healthy glow.
- I'm just excited! [laughs]
It's so strange
to be back at this hospital.
I wouldn't know.
I was sleeping most of the time.
- Let's not think about it.
- About what, Mom?
That you got shot,
underwent many surgeries, were in a
In a coma, Mom.
We gotta deal with that.
I know, son.
What pisses me off
is paying through the nose
for these doctors to keep us waiting.
You're recovering really well, Doni.
The surgery was successful.
Now it's time
to keep up with physical therapy.
That's it?
Doc, I need you to be more precise.
Can we speed up the process?
I've been doing PT for over a month.
Doni, you were incredibly lucky.
Basically Look.
Just one centimeter to the side,
and you'd be permanently in a wheelchair.
You received care
from the finest medical professionals,
had access to cutting-edge equipment.
We did everything in our reach.
I'm sure that, with time,
someone as young and healthy as you
can achieve a level of movement
very similar to before.
What do you mean by "similar"?
On stage, I am moving the whole time.
Similar won't cut it.
Hence the physical therapy twice a week.
Doni, the pain you're feeling
will pass with time.
It's par for the course.
I'm sure that
with patience and commitment,
everything will be fine.
[funk music playing]
[Rita] Yo, hold up!
- Mr. Driver!
- Hey, sir, stop the bus.
Can't you hear me?
Yo, my friend!
Now I have to tell you
that someone is coming?
Can't you see she's trying to get in?
I'm the one who has to help you?
We struggle to study, to catch the bus.
- Thanks, Jussara.
- Sure.
That one's on sale.
[tense music playing]
[tense music ends]
They're trying to pressure you,
Luiz Fernando.
It's a very clear message.
The newly-instated Security Secretary
is setting up the case.
He's a senior police officer
specifically appointed
to frame your wife Scheyla for everything.
Drug trafficking, money laundering,
racketeering. Everything.
The media jumped on it.
They labeled her
as the queenpin of the organization.
- [tense music playing]
- [inhales deeply] Where is she?
We have no contact with her.
She's being kept at arm's length.
They want to destabilize you.
They're keeping her in custody
to get a reaction from you.
They'll make your life a nightmare.
She's going to trial.
Listen up. You get her out of there.
I'll buy off judge, lawyer, prosecutor.
Whatever asshole I have to.
She has to get out
before it gets ugly. Got it?
I want you to look into
Cleyton's case too.
With Scheyla in custody,
it might be easier to negotiate.
Buy his freedom.
[door closes]
[indistinct chatter]
[banging at door]
[woman] Excuse me.
What's up?
I'm Marlei.
I'm in charge in this block.
I'm rolling with ND.
Whatever you need, sis,
holler at me.
All right?
We're tight.
Hear me?
[door closes]
[Cacau] Mom, will you put that phone down?
I'll throw this at you
like you used to do to me.
Before sending any texts,
you gotta have this in mind.
Every sentence has a beginning,
middle, and end. Got it?
Of course not. See, Rita?
- I start from the end.
- [laughs]
Then I write the middle. Come on, Cacau!
The subject expresses
and performs the action.
Slow down, Cacau.
I'm going to make a clause, okay?
- Pray for our souls, Rita.
- That I can do.
[Cacau] There's no clause for concern.
I passed!
[keypad clicking]
- Stop, Jussara!
- I made it in!
That's wonderful! Oh my God!
I can't believe it.
- I made it!
- You deserve it!
Oh my God!
- Cacau will be so proud!
- She will.
- She's probably outside.
- Wanna celebrate?
- Yeah!
- Let's drink to it.
- Let's celebrate. We deserve it!
- Let's go!
- [Rita] Cheers!
- [all cheering]
- To the future.
- To the future.
With such a gorgeous, smart teacher,
it's no wonder you passed.
- So full of herself.
- Totally.
[all laugh]
All jokes aside,
I think you have real potential.
She's a natural.
You should really pursue it.
- Becoming a teacher, right?
- Yeah.
Wouldn't it be awesome, baby?
Imagine her teaching
with these flashy pink nails.
Rita, I used to send voice messages only.
They'd make fun of me for sending
seven-minute-long voice messages.
Now brace for my huge walls of text.
You're getting one later, hey?
[Rita] She can't be stopped now!
As if she ever could!
Let me get us another appetizer,
this one gets hangry.
[Jussara laughing]
- [inhales sharply] Hey, Rita.
- Mm.
I've been meaning to touch base with you.
- What's up?
- It's all good between us, right?
Of course, Jussara.
You're a mother. You were desperate.
It's okay. We're over it.
Now I know what it feels like
to have someone you care about arrested.
- Some days are tough.
- Yeah, life can be hard some days.
You feel stuck in the mud,
like nothing's ever going your way.
- But eventually, the tides change.
- Right.
Things look up. Here we are.
- Have faith, okay?
- You bet.
- Yeah?
- Count on me.
[Rita] I enrolled in a prep course
for the law school entrance exam.
Maybe I can score a scholarship.
Who knows?
[groans] Cool.
Always trying something new.
[laughs] Still looking for my calling.
Right. That one will take
a lot of studying.
Yeah, I know.
But I don't lack motivation.
I know. [grunts]
I'm proud of you.
College and shit [groans]
- Wait.
- Wanna take a break?
[Doni groans]
Relax your leg.
[Rita groans]
Soon you'll be good as new
and won't feel any pain. Right?
[Doni] I sure hope so.
I gotta go back to my hustle.
I'm kind of afraid
of not being able to bounce back.
Hey, relax. One step at a time.
You'll be up and about in a jiffy.
And then there's Tally.
I ultimately understood why she dumped me.
I made her lose a bunch of stuff.
At least you still have money.
You could afford a good hospital.
You're doing physical therapy at home.
Be grateful.
It's been hard to get anything going.
No brand wants to do business with me.
Yeah But things will turn around.
[tense music playing]
[loud thud]
[loud thud]
[music intensifies]
[loud thud]
[loud thud]
[shutter banging]
[tense music continues]
[Luan] Post a quote in the afternoon,
share one of your lyrics.
At night, thank God and your fans.
We gotta generate engagement.
Tell me, boy.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I could've come to you.
No way, Doni. You need to rest.
It's what I do all day, bro.
Resting and PT.
But I like your ideas. Thanks.
Anything else?
About your next gig,
it's not anything huge.
But it's the perfect comeback.
Fancy party, tickets are 500 bucks each,
no-cancellation policy. It's gonna be lit.
Sounds nice,
but it's been a slow road to recovery.
- I'm not sure I'm ready.
- Listen, Doni.
Your views skyrocketed after the accident,
but the curve is pointing down,
and we must drive it back up.
You know how those things work.
Your fee is phenomenal.
They're paying extra
'cause it's your comeback.
And you know who's headlining the event?
Your girl, Luzi.
All right, I'll think about it.
I have a lot on my plate right now.
[Luan] I understand you're being wary.
But we can't keep the organizer waiting.
Trust me,
money is good, Doni.
[man 1 groaning]
[man 1 choking]
- [man 2] Is it done?
- [man 3] Yes.
Over there.
[suspenseful music playing]
- [man 2 yells]
- [man 3 groans]
[Nando panting]
Unless you want to end up like your buddy,
tell me who sent you.
[man 2 chuckles] I'm a dead man walking.
Whether I tell you or not.
[tense music playing]
Know what this is?
A cattle gun.
It propels a bolt
right into the animal's brain.
It's all very fast.
Go ahead and kill me.
I'm not talking about you, homie.
If you don't tell me who wanted me dead,
I'm gonna kill your whole family
and make sure you reunite in hell.
Leave my family alone.
Then tell me.
It was someone from your organization.
You work with them.
You know they'd never
let me know their names.
[music intensifies]
- [cattle gun fires]
- [body thuds]
[Nando] Pulga.
Prepare the ground. I'm coming back.
[call disconnects]
[doorbell rings]
Who is this?
[doorbell rings]
Who is this?
[doorbell rings]
Jussara, stop playing.
[gentle music playing]
What are you doing here?
- I'm here, baby.
- What are you doing here?
I can't believe it.
I must be dreaming.
The judge granted my request
for release pending trial.
I can't believe it! I'm dreaming.
My love! [laughs]
I'm so glad you're here.
- [whispers] I love you.
- [whispers] I love you.
I missed you so bad.
Come into your house.
You're so pretty.
- Not pretty, you're stunning.
- [laughs]
I love you, baby.
I looked forward to this moment.
Less than 24 hours ago, I was in hell.
But it's over now.
I'm here with you.
That's right, babe.
You're with me. [laughs]
- I love you.
- I love you more.
- Doubt it.
- No. [laughs]
[melancholic music playing]
[computer beeps]
[singing softly] I'm a hit today ♪
Envy me all you want ♪
It's tough but we're on the grind ♪
Following God's plan
It ain't easy, you'll find ♪
God's ♪
Motivation ♪
I turned my struggles into motivation ♪
Getting back on my feet was ♪
[uptempo beat playing]
[singing] It's tough
But we're on the grind ♪
Following God's plan
It ain't easy, you'll find ♪
Love keeps us going
Even when it's rough ♪
Our hood's come far
Let's show off our stuff ♪
The cops oppress and harm ♪
Shooting down hardworking folks
Causing alarm ♪
I belong to the funk
I'm no white collar ♪
No suit or tie
I'm just another blue collar ♪
Please, forgive me ♪
I'm a hit today
But I've struggled a lot before ♪
If I fall, I confess
I get up and go fight again ♪
Forgive my sins so I can survive ♪
Please, forgive me ♪
I know today's different
I'm thinking ahead ♪
I want peace in my hood ♪
Because if it weren't for us
It would've been all gone ♪
I turned my struggles into motivation ♪
Getting back on my feet
Was my inspiration ♪
A thousand tried to bring me down
But I stand tall ♪
Envy me all you want
But God gave me my all ♪
If it has to be
Let light shine over it ♪
Be the light where it's bleak ♪
Believe in yourself
To achieve what you seek ♪
I told you change was coming ♪
You only know hardship
If you've endured it ♪
You only feel the pain
If you live this reality ♪
Do you believe in the miracle
Or in the pastor? ♪
In the truth,
in life or in the Creator? ♪
You only know hardship
If you've endured it ♪
You only feel the pain
If you live this reality ♪
Do you believe in the miracle
Or in the pastor? ♪
In the truth,
In life or in the Creator? ♪
Please, forgive me ♪
I'm a hit today
But I've struggled a lot before ♪
If I fall, I confess
I get up and go fight again ♪
Forgive my sins so I can survive ♪
Please, forgive me ♪
I know today's different
I'm thinking ahead ♪
I want peace in my hood ♪
If it weren't for us
It would've been all gone ♪
You only know hardship
If you've endured it ♪
You only feel the pain
If you live this reality ♪
Do you believe in the miracle
Or in the pastor? ♪
In the truth,
In life or in the Creator? ♪
You only know hardship
If you've endured it ♪
You only feel the pain
If you live this reality ♪
Do you believe in the miracle
Or in the pastor? ♪
In the truth,
In life or in the Creator? ♪
[song ends]
[tense music playing]
Glad to see you back on your feet, Pulga.
I need you, brother.
[Pulga] Bet, Nando. We're tight, brother.
So, what happened that day in the café?
[Nando] Someone obviously wanted
to fuck me over.
If we catch him, we dust him right off.
Remove them from the picture.
But my family and kids are on the line.
I'll get my girl out
even if I have to blow that shit up.
[Pulga] We'll get her out, G.
- How's business?
- It's ass, homie.
The suppliers are dragging their feet
on the deliveries.
I'm worried we're gonna be dry soon.
Well, that's your job, homie.
Aren't you on top of it?
You bet I am, G.
Leave it to me. We'll be fine.
By the way,
good old Badá's living large,
ballin' out of control.
Badá's the OG.
He deserves everything he's got going on.
[Pulga] Good talk, Nando. See you.
[door closes]
Hey, Rita.
I wanted to say I'm super happy
for Formiga. I mean, Cleyton.
Thank you for everything
you've been doing.
Miss you loads, sis.
Answer me when you can.
Love you.
[tense music playing]
[woman] Let's go over the chorus
and the breakdown
so Doni can dance with us.
- Fine. Sure.
- [woman] All right?
We start up here.
Cross, uncross and wave it up.
The same goes for the other side.
That's it. Fist clenched and we go down.
- Go down. And lower, and lower.
- [Doni winces]
Are you okay?
It's okay. It hurts a bit.
Can I take a break?
Go ahead.
[woman] Let's resume from here.
After going down and down
Go down, then turn to the side.
Here. Cool.
[woman]turn around.
- You good?
- Fine.
[woman] Feeling better?
- [Doni] Yup.
- Great. Let's rehearse the breakdown.
Turn sideways. Then we cross arms
and throw the hips up.
Again. Cross
[tense music playing]
Cross your arms and throw it again.
[Nando] Doni,
I know shit got ugly.
- [woman] Sing with the crowd.
- Okay.
[Nando] But I asked God to save you
every single day.
Talk to me when you can.
I need to know how you're doing, bro.
We're tight.
[Rita] I had little time to study.
But it's a valuable experience.
- Letter R.
- [exhales sharply] Fine.
I managed to work, to study,
I took the SAT.
- Rafaela
- I'm proud of myself anyway.
- Taking it as it comes.
- Renato
Oh, my dear Lord.
Come on, Cleyton.
"Rita de Freitas."
Stop it.
- You did it!
- No way.
- No way!
- You've made it.
- I love you.
- I love you. I'm so proud of you.
I love you so much.
[romantic music playing]
[both panting]
[Scheyla] Nando, look at me.
Promise our family comes before
that other family of yours?
Nando, do you promise?
I promise.
It's all gonna be all right.
Trust me.
["Próxima Oração" by DJ Guh Mix,
DJ DUBOM, Mc Kautry playing]
[gentle guitar music playing]
[eerie music playing]
[eerie music ends]
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