Sintonia (2019) s04e02 Episode Script

A xerox

- How's it going?
- Good evening.
Thank you.
- Hello.
- Good evening.
- Hi, how's it going?
- Good evening.
Here it is.
- Just a minute.
- Okay.
- Sign here, please.
- Sure.
Here it is.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
And the proof of employment?
Right. Here it is.
Just a minute.
Remember to not leave the city
or go out of your house after 10:00 p.m.
If you're caught, you'll be off to jail.
Ubi homo, ibi societas.
Ubi societas, ibi jus.
Where there is Man, there is Society.
Where there is Society, there is
Ulpiano Corpus Juris Civilis.
- Hi, how are you?
- Hi, how's it going?
Nice to meet you, I'm Heloísa.
I'm Rita.
- Have we met?
- No, it's my first day.
- No book. That explains it.
- Yeah.
- Do you know about the assignment?
- What?
- There is an assignment.
- I didn't know.
Type your number,
I'll add you to the group chat.
Thank you! Heloísa, right?
- Yeah.
- Thank you so much!
- Here it is.
- Nice.
Where did you go to school?
I actually left school for a bit.
Then, I decided I'd study again.
Got my GED and all.
Got this scholarship too.
- Congrats, Rita! That's amazing.
- Thanks!
- What's up?
- How's it going?
Are you new here?
- Yeah. Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.
I'm Marcelo,
but people call me Marcelinho.
- I'm Rita.
- Cool. Welcome!
- Thanks.
- If you need help
Awesome, thanks!
Being on a scholarship must be hard,
but you can count on us.
Come with me.
I can show you around.
Sure, let's go.
He's the real deal.
We pay the ones inside the jail
and work out the rest.
All right, bro. How much?
No idea.
But we're gonna have to pay them all.
- Hello!
- How are you?
- What's your name?
- Edemir.
What flavors do you have?
- Chocolate and strawberry.
- What'll it be?
- Chocolate!
- Okay, hold on.
- What's your name?
- Bruna!
Here you go, Bruna. Chocolate ice cream.
Forgot your mom, Miss Scheyla?
Bless you, Miss Laura.
I texted you yesterday.
We're going home.
Listen, will I get to meet Enzo
and see Bruna?
- We'll arrange that.
- Sure. But I want you to bring them over.
I won't set foot in that guy's house.
"That guy" is my husband.
He's their father. This is my family.
Oh, your family?
You call family
someone who risks your life?
He took you all away from me.
That's not the family
I wanted you to have.
Have you thought
about what could happen to the kids?
What could happen to you?
If you want to see your grandkids,
respect my choices.
Give the go-ahead, bro.
I just wanna get my girl out of there.
Let's go, just drive!
Great. Go as far as you can.
- That's it.
- Perfect.
Now we'll go down without dropping it.
Hold your leg.
That's amazing!
- From zero to five, how painful was that?
- Six.
I think I'll make this exercise tougher.
I'm kidding, it's a three.
All right, then.
You're doing great. You can relax now.
I'll get your nutritionist
to up your protein intake.
A few more months of this
and you won't be in so much pain.
You can't rush your body, Doni.
It has to get used to your new state.
And even so,
you'll have to keep practicing.
Okay. I'm focused.
I'll do the wire transfer in a sec.
- Okay. Call me if anything comes up.
- Sure.
What's up? Doni here. I'll have you know
I'll be back on stage soon.
My comeback will be massive. Cheers!
Thanks, babe.
May God bless and always provide for us.
I liked seeing you
reading the Bible over there.
I'm not going to church anymore,
but I've still got faith.
That's right.
Day off from the mall, from college
I'm here, too.
Is anything wrong? Wanna talk about it?
I'm happy.
I'm really happy.
I found a picture of my mom
and realized she won't see me graduate.
Of course she will. She's with you.
- Amen.
- Your achievements are hers too.
She's guiding you from up there.
Got it, Dr. Rita?
You're right, love.
Thank you.
Let's eat before it gets cold.
What's the matter?
I've been through a lot in prison, Rita.
And now I'm here with you,
eating your food.
This makes me feel a lot.
But that's over now.
- I've left it all behind.
- Yeah.
We'll have our own family.
The kids and I
will see you graduate, Rita.
Hey, MC Doni.
Back on your feet and all?
Tell me a bit about your deal
with organized crime. Any words for us?
Get him out.
- Leave now.
- MC Doni, just a quick word.
Who let him in?
It's just a guy
from those gossip websites.
Did you tell him anything?
Fuck, no. I'll end up
punching these guys anytime.
Calm down, bro. Don't do that.
We need a huge comeback.
Get the right song, put me on a TV show,
so I'll tell my side and end this.
You don't need more exposure now.
We're focused on the VIP Ball gig.
It's why we're here today, right?
Exactly, people are eager
to see you again.
- Can I schedule a rehearsal?
- Of course. I'm ready.
Cool. Get that set up, Ágata.
I've got some men here.
We have eyes on everything.
Protection helps,
but it makes no miracles.
Sometimes you just gotta get a nose job,
a hair implant, change your whole face.
Just like I did.
I don't have the time.
They won't rest
until they have my head on a plate.
Gotta get them first.
Give the pigs something.
Everyone has a price, and you have money.
It'd be easy if it was just the pigs.
- What do you mean?
- Family's involved.
They knew where I was
when they shot up my café.
Damn, ND.
I mean, there are rats,
but a brother doing it is fucked up.
Take it easy, man.
We'll know sooner or later
if it was an inside job.
Make sure you keep your ears up.
Anything you know, hit us up, okay?
Sure thing.
But if I were you, I'd lie low,
at least for now, okay?
I'll rest easy
when I'm with my family, bro.
Got it.
That's it, man.
Peace out.
- From the chorus, once more.
- Sure.
Marcão, hit it up, please.
Yesterday I said I loved you
But today I've forgotten about you
I don't care, I don't care
Weren't you the one
Who liked to string guys along?
I don't care, I don't care
Yesterday I said I loved you
But today I've forgotten about you
I don't care, I don't care
Weren't you the one
Who liked to string guys along?
I don't care, I don't care
Are you okay? Doni?
You okay?
Doni? Doni, are you okay?
Want to take a break?
No. Let's go, I can do this.
All right, then. Marcão, hit it up.
Yesterday I said I loved you
But today I've forgotten about you
I don't care, I don't care
Weren't you the one
Here's the deal.
The Xerox girl will go in
and change outfits with Scheyla.
All the bribes have been paid.
It's simple. Everyone's in on it.
No mistakes, no violence, bro.
She'll go out as if nothing happened.
Walk out the front door.
- We'll get her and hit the gas.
- What about the cameras?
And the guards?
They'll handle the inside.
We're on the outside.
Here's the thing, man.
This isn't what you're used to!
It's my wife we're talking about!
This doesn't seem right!
With all due respect,
how many times have we gone over the plan?
It's for your woman and your family.
So you could get your kids, right?
What if Xerox slips up?
We got a girl
who's all fucked up in debt and all.
Someone who's got stuff to pay.
If she slips up, we'll handle it, bro.
The crime is out here and in there too.
We'll kill her if we have to.
Come on, bro. Trust me.
We'll make it happen.
Let's go.
Do you have this book?
No, not yet.
I have to buy it.
- Keep it, then.
- No way.
You can keep it, seriously.
I have another one.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I'll take you up on it, then.
- Just take it.
- Thanks!
I'm throwing a party on Saturday.
Everyone is going.
- You have to go.
- I'll see if I can make it.
I have work, and I'm stopping by
a friend's gig afterward.
Okay, then.
When you don't have a group
for your class assignments,
don't come crying to me.
Straight to the point, got it.
- My food is here.
- I have to get something too.
Shall we?
- Hey, babe.
- Hi, baby!
- How are you?
- Great!
Let me introduce you.
Heloísa, this is my boyfriend Cleyton.
- Pleasure.
- What's up?
I'm good. You?
Cleyton, I'm throwing a party
this Saturday at my place.
You should come with Rita.
- Cool, thanks!
- Great!
- Thanks, sis.
- I'm going in.
- Cool.
- See you around.
- Nice!
- Right?
Already making friends.
You're doing great!
- Baby steps.
- What's with this party?
It's for our class. She just invited me.
It's all so new, baby.
- I bet.
- I'm so happy!
And I'm happy for you.
I gotta go, I'm on the clock.
- Go.
- My time's up.
See you at home?
- Love you. Bye!
- Love you!
- Bye.
- Bye.
This one here.
Here's the thing.
Take her to a hairdresser.
She has to look just like my wife. Got it?
This can't go wrong.
Our pilot will be on call.
The bro who will pick up the kids
is already in on it.
I want everyone to focus on this.
Make sure they make it smooth,
so my mother-in-law and kids won't worry.
Take it easy, bro. Okay?
I've got our best men on the job.
It'll be fucking fine.
Hit me up if anything happens.
Baby, listen carefully to what I'll say.
I'll get you out of there, Scheyla.
Keep calm.
You have to be brave, though.
The kids can't come
and visit you right now.
What do you mean?
Someone will come in there.
She stays, and you leave.
Just trust me, please.
We'll get our family back.
I promise you.
Scheyla? Hello?
Rita, tell my mom
she doesn't need to come visit me.
You don't need to, either.
Are you sure?
Don't you wanna see the kids?
It's an inside thing that's going on.
I'm worried about you, sis.
You know you can count on me, right?
Then do as I say.
Thank you, okay?
Okay. Take care.
What's up, bro? How's it going?
I've been texting you like crazy
and you don't say anything.
I just wanna know if you're okay.
If you hear this, talk to me.
Peace out.
He must be rehearsing.
He's been doing gigs?
He sure deserves it.
Yeah. But Doni's not okay.
I don't think anyone is.
Not after everything.
Have you talked to Scheyla?
Did anything happen?
No, nothing happened.
Don't lie to me. Did something happen?
Nothing happened, take it easy.
Could you excuse us for a minute?
Of course.
I'll make things right, Rita.
I'll catch the motherfucking rat
who did this to us.
I promise you.
That's not what we want you to do
and you know it.
We want you to be alive.
That's all that matters.
I fucked up.
I hate myself every day because of it.
For everything I've done to you all.
You don't deserve this, Rita. I fucked up.
I'm sorry, sister.
Things will look up.
We'll be fine, I'm sure of it.
I know you better than anyone, Nando.
But you can't forget who you are.
I love you.
I got you.
I got you.
Look who it is.
What's up, guys?
- What's up, man? I missed you.
- Hey, there.
- How are you, bro?
- I'm chill.
- You're limping.
- Did you get shot in your ass?
No, it was on the hip, come on!
Are you really cool?
Because, when we announced you'd come,
people on Instagram
started asking how you were.
They'll ask about it.
Wanna discuss the café incident or not?
Yes, or it'll never go away.
- Really? Only if you're comfortable.
- I am.
Welcome to another Podpah episode!
This is a very special episode, right?
It is! I've been trying
to get him to come.
- True.
- Some stuff happened, but he's here today.
Our buddy, MC Doni! He's got it going on.
- Missed you, man!
- I missed you too.
- 'Sup!
- Hey, Igão.
- How are you, bro?
- I'm okay.
- Getting back on track.
- Your comeback will be a gig with MC Luzi.
- Where is it?
- We're organizing it, it'll be rad.
It's me, Luzi
It's the VIP Ball, you know?
To our followers,
we'll be posting links for the tickets.
- Can we crash?
- Of course.
Anyone who wants tickets,
links are in the description.
Y'all, go to the VIP Ball.
Go to my stories and click on the link
to get your ticket.
Dude, I think most of our viewers
are concerned,
tense, and curious about that incident.
Not sure he wants to discuss it.
- Do you wanna talk about it?
- Yes, no problem.
It's good to set it straight.
Where's my camera?
- That one has the close.
- This one?
So, everyone.
I was at the wrong place,
at the wrong time.
My career got the short end of the stick,
but I shouldn't have to suffer
for other people's business.
That's it. I've never been a criminal,
I'm all about funk.
- That's it.
- All good, then?
Yes, all good.
Let's move on.
You've got a music video coming.
- Lots of new stuff.
- New music, new projects.
- And you're looking good.
- Am I, dude?
Tell me a bit about your deal
with organized crime.
- Any words for us?
- Get him out of here.
- Buddy, get out.
- A word? MC Doni.
- Leave.
- Just a word!
Help me help you, Doni.
Stop getting bad press.
You're messing up your career.
Good morning.
She has to look just like this.
- The same color?
- Identical.
Exactly like the photo.
- Just the same.
- Your name?
So, what do you think?
Like it?
It looks the same.
It does.
When will you stop ignoring Nando?
I didn't answer
because I was handling some shit.
Doni, we need to meet up
and talk about that day.
It'll be important for everyone.
- We'll have to, eventually.
- I don't want to.
Every time I do, shit happens.
- Haters want to link me to crime.
- Your career's still standing.
It won't go away overnight.
I have a whole crew relying on me. My mom
Funk is my living. I have bills to pay.
I won't help myself
if I keep messing things up.
I was gonna say you should go to my gig.
Of course I'll go.
I even said to my classmates
I'd skip their party.
- Are you insane?
- Why?
You'll get contacts and get into
a big law firm through these girls.
They're so different.
I don't even have an outfit for it.
I'll help you out with that, okay?
Here it is.
Tally wouldn't repeat outfits.
She left all this here.
Something has to fit.
We'll see.
This is cute.
I'll never wear this.
That's nice, bro!
Guess I did strike a pose.
Let me see.
- So?
- That's too short.
- Nah, that's how it is.
- I don't think I can wear this.
- Let's keep looking.
- See what you find.
I'm here! What about this?
- I think that's the one.
- Isn't it?
I'm gorgeous! Come on, take a pic.
- I'll make a video. Come on, twirl.
- Oh God!
- Let me see.
- Here.
- I love it!
- Good?
- Really good!
- It's yours, then.
I can't play five songs in half an hour.
I've trained for so long!
I get you, I really do.
But it's what we've been given.
- What's up, y'all?
- Hey.
What's wrong?
They want to cut my set in half
and Marcão won't call the producer.
That's not how it is.
- Are they insane? Where's Luan?
- He's also in on it.
Let's go straight to the boss.
His daughter's a huge fan of mine.
You either get your whole set,
or I won't play mine.
Don't sweat it. Marcão will handle it.
Are you insane?
Remember when I thought I was performing
and it was a pie face game?
You had my back.
We're from the hood, you know?
No one messes with us.
They'll get both of us, or none of us.
Do you swear you'll send
that money to my mom?
The only thing I'll swear is that,
if you don't hold your end of the deal,
things will go sour for you.
And I'd go to hell for your head.
Got it?
Spill it.
What's up?
My mom's in the countryside
with my daughter.
Her dad wants to kill me.
I did this for the money.
I'm sorry.
You can trust me.
I won't back down.
This is for my daughter's life.
Just do your part.
We're not here to oppress you, ma'am.
We're here to tell you like it is.
Do you get it?
I won't have any surprises
with you, will I?
Do you know why Look at me, ma'am.
Look at me when I talk to you.
Do you know why I'll trust you?
Because you know how this shit goes.
I'll help you,
and you'll help me.
You'll see your kids.
You'll get ahead.
Don't mess this up, ma'am.
I'll make it through.
Damn right, ma'am.
Yesterday I said that I loved you
Today I've already forgotten about you
I don't care, I don't care
Weren't you the one
Who liked to string guys along?
I don't care, I don't care
Yesterday I said that I loved you
Today I've already forgotten about you
I don't care, I don't care
Weren't you the one
Who liked to string guys along?
I don't care, I don't care
Make some noise!
- Rita, you made it!
- I did!
I can't believe you made it!
Dude, your house is awesome!
- Thanks.
- I mean it.
Thanks. Make yourself at home.
- Thank you.
- Rita!
How are you?
- I'm good.
- Cool.
- Enzo, and everyone.
- Nice to meet you.
Good evening, everyone.
I was just telling a story about my dad
from when I was a kid.
He was the whistleblower
in the school lunch corruption scheme.
It took a toll on our family.
We even received death threats.
Shit, really?
- Remember, Heloísa?
- I do.
You missed school for a long time
because of that.
Good thing your dad did it, though.
Nothing would've changed otherwise.
Well, but nothing did.
The system stayed the same.
Well, he inspired us.
Why did you choose law school, Rita?
I've just always seen
a lot of stuff happening.
Plenty of injustice around me, you know.
But that was my daily life,
I didn't really question it.
Until I understood that I could,
and most importantly,
I should question it.
I think things will only really change
when more of us occupy these places.
Yeah, that's why we're here.
I mean "us"
as in "the people from the favela."
Yes. You're right.
- Yeah.
- That's right.
- That's true.
- Her house's beautiful, isn't it?
It is!
Now you got it bad, what will you do?
You're tasting your own poison
The tables have turned
If you're happy,
put your hands up and sing!
Yesterday I said that I loved you
Today I've already forgotten about you
I don't care, I don't care
- What is it?
- Give me the fucking medicine.
No, let's cut it short.
- Come on.
- No, keep it up.
Guys, here's the thing.
I've always wanted to be an MC.
I've been chasing music all my life.
I know I'm not here by chance.
If it wasn't for my faith and my bros,
I'd be six feet under now.
Some friends of mine
have been through the same.
The same system tried to tear them down.
It's just like Luzi said to me.
We're MCs from the hood
and we're here to stay.
If anyone here hates the system
as much as I do,
put your middle finger up. And here we go.
It's tough but we're on the grind
Following God's plan
Love keeps us going
Even when it's rough
Our hood's come far
Let's show off our stuff
The cops oppress and harm
Shooting down hardworking folks
I belong to the funk
I'm no white collar
No suit or tie
I'm just another blue collar
Please, forgive me
I'm a hit today
But I've struggled a lot before
If I fall, I confess
I get up and go fight again
- Forgive my sins so I can survive
- Please, forgive me
I know today's different
I'm thinking ahead
I want peace in my hood
Because if it weren't for us
It would've been all gone
Say you want me
And look straight into my eye
I wanna see you blush and stutter tonight
Don't strike a pose, that's right
I put my money where my mouth is
- She's gonna be the GOAT one day.
- Yeah.
Luan saw some posts about your set.
He's pissed.
Tell him I was the pissed one,
but I'm chill now.
I'm the one
I'm the one
Driving you insane
Wanting to be mine
She wants to play, wants to move
Let the girl get hooked on you
Wanna play
Oh, oh, oh, love
She wants to play, wants to move
Let the girl get hooked on you
She wants to play
Oh, oh, oh, love
Hi, babe! Everything okay?
Are you having fun?
I just made dinner for us.
Will you get home late?
I can ask my Uber driver friend
to pick you up.
Hi, babe! Sorry it took me so long.
Things are great here!
I'll tell you later.
And don't worry.
It's all good. Go to sleep,
I know you need it.
Okay? Talk to you later, babe. Love you!
- Talking to your boyfriend?
- Yes!
I like you so much.
- Seriously.
- We're in this together.
- Yup.
- Count on me.
It's been great getting to know you.
You have no idea
how badly I needed this party.
- Really? That's so great!
- Yeah!
- This is my brother's song!
- Really?
- I swear!
- Really?
- We're childhood friends!
- I love this song!
We're in this together
DJ drops the beat
MC Doni singing
We're in this together
Let's get this party going
We're in this together
The hood has won
Tell the playboys
We're in this together
- Forgive my sins so I can survive
- Please, forgive me
I know today's different
- What's up?
- What's up, bro?
I love you!
Sorry to call you so late,
but they didn't believe I knew you.
What's good?
What's up, MC Doni?
Great talking to you.
Are you free? Wanna join us?
I just got home from a gig.
I gotta rest, but thanks.
He's messing with us
just because we're not famous.
Talk to you later, okay?
Sorry for bothering you. Bye.
- Bye.
- Love you.
- Hi!
- Good morning.
Hi, babe!
Give me a kiss.
Guess the party was good.
- It was.
- You said you'd just stop by.
It was nice, with the class and all.
I missed you there, though.
I'm off to work. We'll talk later.
Be careful.
Take care.
Love you!
- Sum it up, Pulga.
- Xerox is at the door.
She's next in line.
She'll be inside in no time.
- Keep me posted.
- Got eyes on her.
Full attention.
Go ahead.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
Sandra Lopes.
Go ahead.
She's in, bro. She just got in.
It's our turn now.
She has to pass the scan.
ID, please.
Sandra Lopes.
Your belongings in one tray,
the bag in the other.
Hey! Come back here.
Wait for me to check.
Sandwiched cookies don't go in.
You can go.
Scheyla Camargo Lima!
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