Sintonia (2019) s04e03 Episode Script


Keep me posted, bro. I'm waiting.
Got it. I'm on it.
[tense music playing]
Fill me in, Pulga.
I got my eyes on it. It's all good.
Don't blink, man.
I can see her, man. I can see her.
That's more like it.
Why is she going the wrong way?
What the fuck is on, Pulga?
Go after her!
Where's my wife? Damn it!
- [Pulga] Give it gas!
- Pulga!
What the fuck is going on? Pulga?
Where is she?
Pulga? What's going on?
It all went south, bro.
She's still in there.
- I'm ready to make this bitch pay.
- Don't kill me.
[Pulga] Shut the fuck up.
- Shut up.
- [Andréia whimpering]
Let me talk to her.
Did anything happen to my wife?
I couldn't do it.
Did anything happen to my wife?
Say it!
No, we saw each other, but
I didn't change clothes.
Are you lying to me now?
[Andréia] No! No, sir!
[Nando] Vanish!
If I see you around, you'll die.
Do you understand? You'll fucking die!
Yes, sir. [sobbing]
[theme music playing]
[line ringing]
[Doni] Did you call the store
that was going to send me those clothes?
[Marcão] I did. They should be in soon.
- We got a meeting today. Don't be late.
- [intercom ringing]
Okay. I think they're here. Bye.
[ringing continues]
Hey, let them in.
Thank you.
Good afternoon.
Are you Donizete Santana da Costa?
Yes. What's this?
It's a court order for debt collection.
Here are the deadlines to present
your defense and to pay the amount owed.
This will be our last unit
before the test.
Besides the test,
we'll also have our first mock trial.
[students groaning]
My cousin said he always does that
to see who has what it takes.
Criminal Law is no
Heloísa will be the prosecutor,
and Rita will be the defense attorney.
Lord have mercy.
The case to study is in the course folder.
Oh my God.
[Luan] That's it, bro.
It'll be a big hit. You'll go far.
I trust you, boy.
Take care of him, okay?
Do you know any good lawyers?
A lawyer? Yes, I can look into that.
Is anything wrong?
No, just curious.
- Hey.
- [Luan] What's up, Doni?
How are you doing?
- Marcão.
- [Marcão] Boss.
[Luan] Fine.
[Doni] So, Marcão and I were talking
and we had an idea.
Going forward,
we'll cut the dancers off the shows.
It'll be me, Marcão, the DJ, and security.
We'll go back to smaller venues
and lower the price too.
We'll make up in volume.
Do you think you can keep up with it?
It'll be rough.
I can handle it.
We'll do bigger shows later.
But, Doni, you need to learn
to keep your mouth shut.
The owner of the venue complained a lot.
You even cursed the police on his stage.
You told the audience to flip them off.
I was venting, not cursing at the police.
I can't help it if the shoe fits.
- And people just vibed, right?
- Yes, they did.
Listen to me.
As long as you keep talking about this,
nothing will be the same again.
[Doni] Okay. I got it.
I gave you a solution for the show.
I just wanna work.
Well, let's check the fees,
how many shows per night,
so this math can work.
One thing at a time, okay?
- I won't make it easy for you, ma'am.
- Really?
You think the defense can't prove
the defendant's innocence?
You must not know me, Miss Prosecutor.
This is a highly dangerous defendant.
He's a criminal who deserves to spend
his life behind bars.
[tense music playing]
- Shall we?
- Yes.
[line ringing]
[ringing continues]
[line beeps]
[female voice]
Your call could not be compl
Your call could not
[line ringing]
[Scheyla sobbing]
Whose is it then? Whose?
Is it mine? Whose is it?
- Is it my phone?
- It's mine, ma'am.
Check everything for drugs.
- Go on!
- [Scheyla] No!
Who gave it to you?
They took everything.
- Have mercy!
- [guard] Tell me.
Check every little damn thing!
- [Scheyla sobbing] I got kids to raise
- [guard] Go on! What's this?
Who gave it to you?
I have kids to raise. Have mercy!
Off to the hole you go! Move!
To the hole now!
[prisoners clamoring]
Go faster. Let's go.
Keep going!
[music intensifies]
That's wrong, ma'am.
Want me to pay you a visit too?
Go on.
[clamoring continues]
[guard] Keep walking.
Go on! Faster.
Hopeless bitch, it's over for you.
[Scheyla] No! [sobs]
[tense music ends]
[Rita sighs]
[Cleyton snoring]
Hey, bro. I'm selling that watch I have
that you love.
We'll go after the ones who betrayed me.
We'll have it out with every single one.
Anyone in particular?
I got a list in mind.
A lot of people have reasons for it.
- But not everyone is brave enough.
- [chuckles]
Where do we start?
[exhales sharply]
[tense music playing]
What happens if you kill a brother?
Only one life pays for another.
If you go after those officers,
shit will hit the fan even for me.
I warned you.
This scum has to pay with his life.
We're talking about honor.
Yo, Fantasma. ND put it very well.
Yo, motherfucker! You're off the hook,
but I won't forget it!
- [Nando] How's it going, Fantasma?
- All good, bro.
- I'm calling to set some things straight.
- What's up?
[Nando] About MC Doni's trial.
You made it seem
like things weren't final.
Is that right, bro?
No, man. All that is over now.
Is that for real?
Because you know,
people can interpret things differently.
What's your problem, ND?
You don't believe me? I'm not following.
I don't want any trouble, bro.
I get your chick is important.
That has already been resolved.
That lowlife Viviane
did that same shit again.
And she's already walked out of my life.
Looks like you were misinformed.
You had that playboy's back that time,
and now you come
with these shitty ideas, man?
Didn't you say those things were no more?
So it's all good.
- Take it easy. Bye.
- Are you kidding, bro?
Such a shit starter, isn't he?
[Pulga chuckles]
But he said something true, man.
I was misinformed.
Many knew about the deal with the café.
I didn't see it.
Who was the last person there?
There was no one else after Badá.
But there are Lindão's folks, his aunt.
They knew all about it. Jussara was one.
So we're gonna go see her?
Your Honor,
the defendant said he was coerced
Alleges. The defendant alleges.
It feels unnatural, Rita.
- It does, doesn't it?
- [Cacau] Yes, chill out.
Relax your shoulders. I don't know.
Don't be so defensive.
All right.
- Your Honor, the defendant alleges he
- I hate when attorneys talk like that.
Because we don't understand
what you're saying.
As a juror,
you can't talk during the trial.
- [Cacau] Jurors don't talk.
- Okay.
They just listen and then vote
guilty or innocent.
- You said he was innocent.
- He is innocent.
But he pleaded guilty
to the Chief of Police.
Probably after they beat him up.
A coerced person will confess to anything.
- That's what they do.
- Exactly.
But there's no proof of that
in the fillings.
Hold your head high
and tell them like it is.
[Rita] If only it were that easy.
Let's give it a try.
I gotta go do something.
I'll be back later to help you.
- But you just got here.
- Already, Mom?
It's okay. Keep going and call me later.
- It's all good.
- Okay.
- Let's do it. Trust yourself.
- [Rita] Okay. Let's do it.
Your Honor, the defendant alleges
being coerced by the Chief of Police.
[hair clipper buzzing]
[Marcão] I spoke to their team, bro.
They can't give you
the clothes you wanted this time.
[keypad clicking]
[tense music playing]
What's this, bro?
Some hospital bills to pay off.
Just leave it there.
- Gosh.
- [Marcão] Let me see it.
[Jaspion] I've seen friends of mine
lose their house and their car
because of bills like that.
[Marcão] Damn.
You didn't tell me
this is what you needed the lawyer for.
Nor that it was this urgent.
Chill out, guys. I'm getting paid soon,
and I'll pay that off.
How long did they give you to pay?
[Doni sighs]
How much is it?
Damn, you're worse than the police.
I said I'll pay when I get paid.
[Jaspion] Fine, but I wonder
what you'll do with your wounded waist.
This is serious stuff.
- We're just trying to help.
- Don't get me wrong, Jaspion.
- But I asked for a haircut, not help.
- [Jaspion] What?
- You forgot how to talk to people?
- I said I'll take care of it.
No one bothered me
when I was paying for everything.
See you, Marcão.
Bye, Jaspion.
- [tense music playing]
- [door closes]
Don't look at me. Keep going.
All right.
[Jussara clears throat]
What's up?
I heard you wanted to talk to me.
Here I am.
Someone told on me,
and I wanna know who did it.
Do you have any tips, Jussara?
For the love of God.
Do you think I have anything
to do with that?
Your nephew.
[Jussara] Lindão?
Lindão died. He's no longer with us.
You're tripping, Nando.
- Don't lie to me.
- I'm not lying.
I wanna know who on your side
could've done it.
He wasn't even close to my family.
He was into all the wrong things.
My only relative who was close
to Lindão was my sister.
My sister, Jandira, who's incarcerated
and drowning in problems now.
She's with Scheyla now.
Tell me more.
About Jandira?
Jandira is a poor soul who lost herself
to drugs after her son died.
She owes people money in there.
I fear they'll end up killing her
in there.
She's so depressed.
And you know depressed people
don't last in there.
I really don't know anything, Nando.
If you hear anything, call me.
Definitely. You can trust me.
Can I leave now?
Take care, Nando. Bye.
Thank you.
- [Rita] Jeez.
- I got a seven.
And you?
I failed really bad.
My grade's super low.
I'll have to nail the mock trial now.
But legal terminology is so hard.
I finished my thesis for the debate.
I can help you.
- With the terms.
- Really?
When are you off?
My day off
I think it's on Sunday.
Sunday's perfect.
Come to my place in the morning.
We can study all day.
You'll do great.
That's awesome. I just don't think
I'll be able to make it.
You won't be able to graduate
doing it all by yourself.
You're right.
I'll try to cancel it.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- We got this.
- That's right.
I used to be just one more
Hustling just to get a buck for a snack ♪
It's funny how life has changed ♪
This Black boy
Is selling out these venues, no biggie ♪
It's not hard to look back
And see everything we went through ♪
My family's fine
But I do hold hatred and grudges ♪
Hey, Doni. This kid's got your vibe
from when you started out.
I see that.
♪to the beach in Barcelona ♪
Take this, Doni.
- Doni!
- Doni, take a picture with me!
Nothing can stop me ♪
I'm flying high
And ain't afraid of heights ♪
But my feet are still firm
On the ground ♪
I've been feeling different lately ♪
Things haven't been going well ♪
I cover my scars with pieces by Fendi ♪
And I've been so cold lately ♪
[women screaming]
Next time we'll wait in the van.
It's all good.
Everything was simpler before ♪
I can count only on my faith now ♪
God will guide ♪
Where my feet go ♪
He made me bigger ♪
He told me not to stop ♪
And that's why I keep on going ♪
I have so much to experience ♪
[audience cheering]
Shall we?
[audience cheering, whistling]
- You killed it, boy!
- [singer] Thanks.
What's up, fam?
It's a pleasure to be back.
Raise your hand if you like MC Doni!
Come on!
Let's get this party started.
Raise your hands, fam!
Let's go!
The way we do it!
We've been on this grind
For a long time ♪
From a distance, they don't get
How we got where we are ♪
They get impressed
With the life we lead ♪
When they see us rollin'
In our sick rides ♪
Covered in brands and cool clothes ♪
We make a scene wherever we go ♪
So many invitations
The chicks can't resist ♪
Because they know
The hood is where it's at ♪
Hands up in the air! Sing it, guys!
I belong to the funk
I'm no white collar ♪
No suit or tie
I'm just another blue collar ♪
Please, forgive me ♪
I'm a hit today
But I've struggled a lot before ♪
If I fall, I confess
I get up and go fight again ♪
- Forgive my sins so I can survive ♪
- Please, forgive me ♪
I know today's different
I'm thinking ahead ♪
I want peace in my hood ♪
Because if it weren't for us
It would've been all gone ♪
I turned my struggles into motivation ♪
Getting back on my feet
Was my inspiration ♪
A thousand try to bring me down
But I stand tall ♪
Envy me all you want
But God gave me my all ♪
If it has to be
Let the light shine over it ♪
Hey, pal!
I've got no words. Thank you for today.
I'm sorry for being rude to you
about that debt thing.
I'm fine.
But you were rude to Jaspion.
Dude was just shooting straight with you.
He's not one to take advantage of you.
- You know that.
- I do.
Mm. True friends are rare.
Friends that stand up
for you are even rarer.
Don't take them for granted.
Yeah, I'll work it out with him.
- Hop in. Let's go.
- Let's go. Thank you.
- Forgive my sins so I can survive ♪
- Please, forgive me ♪
I know today's different
I'm thinking ahead ♪
I want peace in my hood ♪
Because if it weren't for us
It would've been all gone ♪
You only know hardship
If you've endured it ♪
You only feel the pain
If you live this reality ♪
Do you believe in the miracle
Or in the pastor? ♪
In the truth,
In life or in the Creator? ♪
You only know hardship
If you've endured it ♪
You only feel the pain
If you live this reality ♪
Do you believe in the miracle
Or in the pastor? ♪
[Jussara] Rita!
- Hey.
- Come here.
- I'm meeting Cleyton.
- He just left.
Did he go out?
- Yeah.
- Why would he do that?
He's got church today. Did you forget?
I sure did.
I haven't been able to see Sueli.
- I haven't been able to do anything.
- Gosh.
But listen,
on Sunday, I'm visiting my sister.
Wanna come along?
Um, I can't this Sunday.
Make an effort, Rita, please.
Our visit is so important.
It brings them happiness in hell.
I know, Jussara.
And nobody's visiting Scheyla.
She's far from Nando and all.
Speaking of him,
have you seen or talked to him?
No. Why?
Just curious.
Uh I'm gonna go study, then.
- Okay? Talk later.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Peace.
[line beeps]
[female voice]
Your call could not be completed
[phone vibrating]
What's up, Rita?
How are you doing, brother?
Dealing with some stuff.
- But what's up?
- Ah
I'm just calling to ask about Scheyla.
I wonder if you've talked to her.
I don't know.
She's not answering my texts.
I'm getting worried.
I was supposed to be with my family today.
But if it isn't today, it'll be tomorrow.
As long as I live, I'll try to free her.
Tell her that, please.
Promise me?
I promise.
Thank you, Rita.
[motorcycle engine revving]
[woman 1] Here's breakfast.
Here's breakfast. Good morning, gals!
- Only coffee?
- [woman 2] Yes, coffee.
- [woman 1] Want bread?
- [woman 2] No.
[woman 1] Good morning, gals.
Here's breakfast.
- Good morning to us.
- [woman 3] Morning.
- Bread?
- [woman 3] Yes.
[woman 1] Coffee.
- Want bread? Coffee and milk?
- [woman 4] Yes.
[woman 1] Good morning.
- Want bread?
- [woman 5] No, just coffee.
- [woman 1] Black coffee?
- [woman 5] With milk.
- [woman 1] Okay.
- [woman 5] Thanks.
- Coffee?
- [woman 6] Yes.
- Black?
- [woman 6] Black.
Hey, sis. Come over here.
- Come over here.
- I'm coming.
I'm taking food to the hole today.
- That's all. Just leave.
- Got it.
Show up there at lunch, okay?
All good. Okay, guard. The food is gone.
Hey, Isa.
I won't be able to study today. I'm sorry.
But thank you for your help.
Talk to you later.
Thank you.
[man] The most important thing is
to tell your sister she's not alone.
She's not alone.
You're here. I'm here.
Her son will be able to go in and visit.
I promise you that.
Tell her she's well-loved.
We are here fighting for her.
- Okay?
- [woman] Thank you.
- [man] Have a good one.
- [woman] Thanks.
[Marlei] Here's the food.
The food.
C'mon, get up.
You gotta eat something.
Or you won't make it. C'mon.
C'mon, sis.
You're strong.
You can make it through this.
Eat something. Move a little.
Think of your children.
Yeah. Good morning.
Think of your family.
Think of your freedom,
everything waiting for you outside.
There you go, sis.
Don't give up.
Endure it.
Freedom, sis.
- [quavering] Freedom.
- [Marlei] Rise up.
[guard] What's going on there?
[quavering] Freedom.
[line ringing]
[Nando] Hey, sis.
[Marlei] Hey, bro.
We don't have good news.
We got into trouble here.
She's in the hole.
She was caught with a phone.
For how long?
We don't know.
But we are here for support.
Okay, sister. We got this.
Yes, we do.
[tense music playing]
[Rita] Good morning.
There are no visits for Rita de Freitas.
What do you mean?
Everyone's here. My documents are fine.
Not next. I need to know what's going on.
What's going on is
your name's not on the list. Next.
[phone vibrates]
What's up, pal?
What's on?
Do you know these guys?
These are the motherfuckers
who swarmed my café.
[man] You know there's a bunch of people
after you.
[Nando] I'm also after a bunch of people.
But all I want from you is to know
who on my side snitched on me.
So, ND, I can get you this info,
but it won't be cheap.
I'm asking for your help, bro.
But you know how it is.
We always get what we want. We take it.
They fucked with my family, man.
I'll fuck with whoever's family it is.
Get it?
[man] I'll see what I can do.
[man] No. This is the agreement we have.
There's no negotiating.
Then I'll see you in court.
It'll be my pleasure.
- Excuse me, sorry to interrupt.
- Hi.
I saw how you treated your client earlier.
I was impressed.
- William.
- Pleasure, Rita.
My pleasure. Visiting a relative?
Yes, but I'm also in law school.
- Really? About to be a lawyer?
- Yeah.
- First-year?
- Yes.
And to be honest,
I didn't think an attorney could be
so real when treating people.
- Really? I try.
- It was nice.
We get so hooked on the laws
that we forget those are real people.
Human beings.
And that's what matters most.
You, in your first year of law school,
here's your first lesson,
the law must be easy.
Easy for everyone.
Otherwise, no one gets anything,
and justice isn't served.
- Okay?
- Yes. I'm sorry, sir.
I don't wanna take too much of your time,
but I'd love to hear your take.
I'm here to see a friend.
I wasn't allowed in nor told anything.
What should I do?
Check her records, student.
- Her records.
- Yes, her records. Check them out.
Here's an institute of which I'm a member.
I think it might interest you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[light instrumental music playing]
It turned out excellent.
It does feel like
Rivaldo is looking at us.
Actually, laughing at us.
- [Jaspion] He sure is, cuz.
- No doubt.
Check him out.
- [Luzi] What's up?
- How's it going?
- [Doni] Hey, sis. You good?
- Hey, bro.
Congrats on the new place, bro.
Looks pretty cool.
New? I've had it for a while.
- [Doni] Wait. Let's talk.
- [whispers] Let's go over there?
[Doni] I'm sorry for that day.
I had a lot going on
and ended up losing my cool on you.
You know what you said was messed up.
We're honest with the ones we love.
I was worried.
I know.
But, look
- I forgive you.
- Cool.
I'll call you when I need an accountant.
You're worse than a loan shark.
I'll hold you to that promise.
Please don't. I've had enough.
I just want to move on now.
[Luzi] Mm
Now you guys are back on talking terms,
we should work together.
Just say when.
I gotta check my schedule.
[all laughing]
[light instrumental music playing]
[people panting]
[Scheyla] You know what will happen
if you are arrested?
We're screwed.
Get me out of here.
[tense music playing]
[Rita] I can't imagine Scheyla
in solitary.
[Cleyton] She'll be locked up
the whole time alone.
There are no windows.
- Max is 30 days, but I've seen longer.
- [Rita] Inhumane.
I wanted to do something.
- Report it. I don't know.
- Report it?
Babe, they diss you there.
They treat you like an animal,
bully your family.
- There's nobody there for us, only God.
- [sighs]
[Cleyton] And you, soon.
You have no idea what they say.
They start to oppress you
at the police station.
What do they say?
[Marcão] Let's go, Doni. It's time.
Okay, but I don't wanna wait by the stage.
Yeah, that sucked. [clicks tongue]
I'm sorry. I know these venues
don't have dressing rooms.
They can be late, but you know we can't.
I know. I'm just kidding. Relax.
I have a good feeling about this show.
It's already a hit.
If you're running it, I don't worry.
Let's go, Moraes.
Let's go make some money.
[audience cheering]
[Doni] Let's go!
No use telling me how you feel ♪
Romance and commitment aren't my thing ♪
I told you not to get hooked ♪
Now you got it bad, what will you do? ♪
You're tasting your own poison
The tables have turned ♪
If you're happy,
Throw your hands up in the air and sing!
Yesterday I said ♪
[audience] I loved you
But today I've forgotten about you ♪
I don't care, I don't care ♪
What is somebody who killed
their own mother capable of doing?
Based on his records,
he's capable of a lot more.
Theft, murder.
He pleaded guilty to the Chief of Police.
But he lies in front of you, Your Honor,
claiming he's innocent.
That shows his disregard
for the authorities.
I rest my case. Thank you, Your Honor.
[professor] Rita de Freitas.
The defense.
[tense music playing]
Who do you think they'll believe in?
You're screwed, man.
I got five pounds in the trunk
ready to blame on you.
And I'm in no hurry.
Let's drive around town.
Until you take on the blame.
This kind of situation
only happens to people from the hood.
What would you do
if you got home
and found your mom on the floor
dead from a gunshot wound?
You'd cry.
Or you'd at least allow yourself to cry.
But what would you do, jurors,
if you were this Black boy from the hood
who's dissed every single day
and punished just for existing?
Would you call the police?
You wouldn't.
You'd run away.
You don't even know
what you can or cannot do.
You can't even understand
what the attorneys are trying to say.
The only thing you know for sure
is that you will pay
for someone else's mistake.
Does the law,
the justice system,
the law enforced by us, attorneys,
truly apply to all?
The minute this boy AF is caught,
actually, the minute AF is kidnapped
by the Chief of Police,
he's coerced to talk.
And you know why?
Because when two people in uniform
threaten you,
we're not talking about justice anymore.
We're talking about oppression.
AF loved his mother.
He was a smart kid who got good grades.
He liked to study, respected his teachers.
He respected his friends.
It's all in here.
It's all documented here.
But on that day,
on that particular day,
he had his life trampled.
But despite the system,
the society,
the fabricated evidence against him,
he was still brave enough
to tell the judge the truth.
"I am innocent."
And based on that,
I demand the Chief of Police
to be investigated.
To check all the cases he worked on.
Thank you, Your Honor.
[class cheering]
Weren't you the one
Who liked to string guys along? ♪
I don't care, I don't care ♪
Yesterday I said I loved you ♪
But today I've forgotten about you ♪
I don't care, I don't care ♪
Weren't you the one who ♪
Now you guys!
I don't care, I don't care ♪
Make some noise!
[audience cheering]
This is DJ Moraes, our new DJ.
Make some noise for him!
And make some noise for Marcão,
the best manager in the world.
[audience applauding, cheering]
[shouting indistinctly]
Look at Doni!
- What's up, Doni?
- Hold on.
- Hey, calm down.
- Hold on, let him talk.
Hold on! I'm from Vila Áurea, bro.
- Hey.
- Hey, Doni. You good?
I'm MLK, man.
I used to freestyle in the field.
- I think I've seen you.
- I'm super proud of you.
You're taking the hood to the world.
You inspired me, but I'm doing trap.
- Cool.
- Word.
Could you do a video with me?
- Let's do it.
- Super quick.
Let's do it?
- My mom won't believe it.
- [Doni laughs]
We're MLK and MC Doni.
- The way we know, family.
- Get ready for it.
You livin' a double life ♪
If you mess with me in the field
You'll pay with your life ♪
You'd better think twice
And not offend me ♪
Because I don't take shit home
I only take the blame ♪
- Dude kills it.
- MC Doni and MLK.
- Take that.
- Peace.
- You're the man!
- Good luck.
The honor is mine, man.
- See you around.
- God bless.
Let's go.
MC Doni, man. I'll even buy you a hot dog.
- Awesome.
- I'm joking. I got no money.
You killed it, Rita.
Wow, Rita. What was that?
- I'm in shock. You nailed it!
- [Rita laughs]
- Thanks.
- You really did.
The judge didn't agree,
but I think I sent a message.
A message? You sent your whole heart.
You have so much passion.
I swear I've never seen anything like it.
Look, I really want to invite you all
to go to Vila Áurea.
There you'll find
really passionate people.
- Deal.
- [Rita] You killed it too.
[Messinho] With this many motherfuckers,
you really gotta consider everybody.
Everybody's trying
to take advantage of everybody.
You know, right?
We can't trust anybody these days.
We gotta sleep with our eyes open.
But you gotta strengthen your ties too.
You can't do all the dealing on your own.
I'm glad you called me.
Thank you for your attention, Messinho.
I also talked to Badá.
Since he got out,
he seems to be onto the same things.
Badáis soaring, bro.
What do you mean?
He turned things around. He's doing great.
I gotta take care
of some stuff here, Nando.
But you're right. Don't rule anyone out.
We got this.
Later on, we can talk about setting up
a new scheme, okay?
Just let me know.
Let me know when, and I'll be there.
All right, brother.
[Doni] Nightcap?
- Yeah.
- Wow, you said yes.
I've never seen you drink after work.
[gentle music playing]
What about MLK? Dude destroys it.
Yes, he's awesome.
These guys from battle rap are good.
Is this good?
Uh Well, man.
I was waiting for the end of the day
to tell you something.
Yeah, I know today was awesome.
I need to be real with you.
Today was really awesome.
[Doni laughs]
You've been spending
almost all of your money on me.
You know?
I know things are getting better,
you are recovering well.
But this is not right, man.
Don't worry about it, man.
I'll handle my issues,
my debt or any losses.
Stay with me.
Some things just can't wait, man.
Got it.
So, there's not much I can do.
I can't pay you less.
You're the best manager out there.
And I can't ask you to wait
for things to get better either.
So, we part ways here?
You'll make a huge comeback.
I'm sure of that.
I've been watching you do the impossible.
But the impossible is not enough.
Thank you, though.
Aren't you forgetting anything?
[melancholic music playing]
[Doni sniffles]
[door closes]
[Brazilian funk music playing]
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