Sintonia (2019) s04e04 Episode Script

Prisão feminina

Enough of this fucking shit!
Enough of it!
Mommy is gonna be right back, baby.
Mommy's gonna be right back.
It's all good.
My darling, it's Mommy.
I'm a mother!
My heart
They threw you in a pit
What are you thinking?!
Fuck you!
Do you know who I am?!
I'm gonna have you all killed!
I'm gonna have you all killed!
Time to leave. Let's go?
Let's take a shower, sis.
A nice shower.
Wash away all this dirt.
Listen, they want to break us in here.
But we're stronger.
You hear me, sis?
Do you hear me?
Spruce yourself up real good
for your family's visit.
All right?
Or do you want your kids
to see you like this?
What happened?
My daughter has just left solitary
and needs a hug from us.
But they sent us away, me and the kids.
We can't get in, baby.
They said the documents
have been tampered with or something.
- But you've never had a problem!
- I know. They're lying.
The kids are all dolled up
to see their mommy.
- Ms. Laura, I'll sort this out, okay?
- Sure.
- I promise.
- Will you do me a favor?
If you manage to get in,
tell her that we were here.
Tell her they were looking great
to see their mom.
Of course, Ms. Laura.
- Okay?
- Okay.
I'll let Mommy know, okay?
Aunt Rita, will you tell Mom
I really miss her?
Of course I will, honeybun.
Give her this letter
and tell her I miss her so, so much.
So, so much?
Oh! Of course I'll tell her!
Do as Grandma says, okay?
God willing, you'll get in.
I will, Ms. Laura.
- See you later.
- Next!
What's your name?
- I'm Rita de Freitas.
- Rita de Freitas.
I want you hot on Badá's heels.
Go to his shops, see how they're doing.
I wanna know if they're bustling.
Straight up, bro.
'Cause let me tell you,
you can't trust anyone.
Badá is my OG.
- What if I'm just tripping?
- Oh yeah?
What about this BS
our supplier Vaguinho told us?
He claims he's dry
but is still supplying to him.
Plus, what can I say?
He is acting all big and bad.
Buying gas stations and shit.
It's hella sus, Nando.
Stay on his ass, brother.
But ain't nothin' gonna come out of it.
Badá's crazy, but he's a real one.
Just gotta cross his name out.
But whoever the rat is
Once I figure out who it is,
I'll crush them with my own hands.
Your spot's all clean,
and you're getting some family love.
Been locked up for 11 years,
and this is the finest we can get.
- Live it up, sis.
- Thanks for holding down my spot.
Scheyla Camargo Lima.
- I'm gonna see my kids.
- Exactly. Keep that in mind.
Got some stuff to deal with.
Enjoy your visit.
Rita de Freitas.
- Hello, ladies.
- Hi!
Okay. You can go in.
Your arm.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
That's what I earned on my last gigs.
- Does it help pay off my debt?
- Yes, but a small part of it.
We need to sort this out.
They blocked my card and account.
Doni, they're going to seize
your apartment and your car.
Those were your debt pledges.
It's tough to come up with all that.
One point two million is a lot of money.
I thought I could do it.
I'm not going to lie to you.
They'll come for your assets.
Don't get me wrong,
but I won't give up my apartment.
I worked hard to get where I am.
I need you to find a way.
I'll see what I can do,
but it's tough.
Sit down.
I know I can't ask this from you,
but I need you to stay strong.
Your mom and kids were denied access
due to some bureaucratic issues.
- You're not lying, are you?
- No, I'm being serious.
Are my kids alive?
Yes, honey. They're alive and well.
They came all dressed up to see you.
They miss you so bad.
They just couldn't get in.
I brought you something.
They drew that for you.
There, love.
This shall pass.
Thank you.
I'll be right back. Just a minute.
- I gotta talk to her.
- Not now, Jussara.
- It's important
- Not right now.
Hey, Scheyla.
May I? I'll be quick.
Hear me out.
It's about my sister Jandira, an inmate.
There she is.
She owes drug money, okay?
But I'll pay for it.
I just need more time.
Like, another ten or fifteen days.
They already beat her up.
Look at her, all beat up.
I'm here to humbly ask you
to use your first-lady influence here.
What influence?
Scheyla, people respect you here.
Talk with the girls
and get me some more time.
In ten, fifteen days, I'll square this up.
Come on now, Scheyla.
My sister became an addict
after they killed her son.
Remember Lindão?
He used to hang out in Vila Áurea.
You know how he died, don't you?
Look at me.
Do what you gotta do,
but come back.
My sister is like that
'cause she lost her son.
- You understand that
- Enough, Jussara.
- I'm begging you, Scheyla.
- Enough, Jussara!
Sorry to bother you.
I want that fire from last time.
That shit was bomb.
- You'll like it.
- We'll see.
Take a whiff. This stuff's the best.
Take your change.
- Let me get a bump.
- Give him one.
Thanks. Peace, bro.
Weed? Get some over there.
- Two for five.
- Stay sharp, bro.
Stay sharp. No slacking off.
Yo, Badá's crushing it.
This place is hopping.
Homie's shop is on fire.
I spotted clients here
that used to buy from us.
Users gonna use, man.
But still, why'd they switch up on us?
Back when I was out slinging at our spot,
these fools were always there.
They just stopped showing up.
Sketchy, huh?
They probably moved on after we ran dry.
It ain't ever been the same, yo.
What about those boys
trapping for Badá? You know them?
None of them. They're all new faces.
Yo, check out that black car.
Straight up. Peep that car.
What the fuck? Something's off, yo.
Better radio the big dogs.
I don't usually come
around this way in the hood.
Here's what you're gonna do.
Go to Badá's joints,
grab some snow and weed.
I need to know
if he's charging the agreed price.
You bet, bro.
I'll slide by there low-key
and get to the bottom of this.
'Sup, fam. All good?
- What's up?
- Is everything okay?
- 'Sup, homie.
- Yo.
A couple of buds and some snow.
Is this the green one?
Yeah. As pure as it gets.
- Take it easy, y'all.
- Peace.
- Good morning.
- Rita!
I'm sorry.
I know visiting hours are sacred.
I didn't mean to bother,
but I had to talk to her.
I understand, Jussara.
I'm sorry for your sister
and all you're going through.
But you saw Scheyla.
That was not the right time or approach.
What was I supposed to do, girl?
I came and saw my sister all beaten up.
Well, let me know
if I can help in any way.
Scheyla can. Let's see if she will.
- Bye. I gotta scram.
- See you later.
- You're cleared.
- Thanks.
Sorry to bother you, sir.
- No problem.
- All good?
I'm glad you're still here.
- Do you have a minute?
- Sure.
Look, I know of a lot of stuff
that's going on in the prison,
but I don't know how to help.
But I looked up your institute,
I saw the work you do here,
and I wanted to ask you.
Would you give me a pointer?
What do you need?
My friend has just left solitary
after one month,
and they didn't let her see her family.
Her kids were crazy to see her.
They claimed issues with their paperwork
or something.
That's been happening.
Some prisons are coming down
on the gang-affiliated inmates.
Is she one of them?
- She's not. No.
- No? Well
We're filing a class action against this.
There have been similar complaints
of abuse and persecution.
- Do you want to take part in it?
- I do, absolutely.
Great. You're Rita, aren't you?
The law student.
- That's right.
- Right?
People in general don't care, but you do.
That's halfway to becoming a great lawyer.
- You have my card? Call me.
- Yes. Okay.
There's an internship opportunity
for law students at my firm.
Why don't you apply?
- Thanks a lot, sir. I'll give it a try.
- Great.
- Thanks. Sorry to bother.
- It's okay. Bye.
It's fixed price, bro.
Not a penny more or less.
It's the organization's rate.
So how did he blow up that fast?
I can't shake off the feeling
that this clown screwed us over.
It's fucked up, yo.
Badá was the first
to give me a chance, you know?
How the hell did he show up
at my café uninvited?
And next thing you know,
the cops are there. Out of nowhere.
Plus, when he got out of jail,
he was broke.
Now that we're fucked,
he's living the high life?
Something about it is off, I guarantee.
If he's the one double-crossing us,
you know what we gotta do, right?
You know how it goes with snitches, homie.
We gotta be smart.
Can't act on impulse.
The worst part is already done, bro.
Now we just have to prove it.
What do you want to do?
We're gonna make a move.
I'mma get to the bottom of this.
You hungry?
Go grab us some grub.
Since we got this weed,
might as well work up an appetite.
I'm good, bro.
Doni, I attempted to negotiate
to prevent the seizure.
You must pay at least more than half
of the debt to suspend the proceedings.
If you can raise the funds,
we'll file an appeal
and you won't lose these assets.
That's it. ASAP.
Let me know if you can comply.
'Sup, Jaspion.
Do you still have that online store?
I'm trying to get rid of some stuff.
Do you think we can sell it?
That's rad, bro.
People will buy your stuff instantly.
It's gonna sell like hotcakes.
That's the thing.
I don't want my name on it.
Let's just take it easy.
I don't want to draw attention.
Too expensive. Hard to sell
without your name. Sure about that?
Never mind, man.
I don't want people to know.
Thanks anyway. Bye.
We're standing out too much. Let's jet.
- Chill, bro.
- It's risky to hang around here, man.
If they catch us, we're fucked.
If you want to leave, then leave.
I'm staying.
Man, you're the hottest MC right now
and you're gonna be
the festival's main act.
- The headliner.
- Great!
- And we got the fee you asked for.
- Awesome!
- Ágata will call you later. Bye.
- Okay. See ya.
Have a sec? If you'll excuse us.
Excuse us, guys.
- Hey.
- What's up?
- I'll be quick.
- Sure.
So, any chance you could
advance me some cash?
I've got some stuff to invest in,
but you can just deduct it
from future gigs and ads.
I'll step up my Instagram game
and my stage outfits with it.
It's in your interest too.
I'm a manager. I can't be lending money.
It's not a loan, it's an advance.
Now that things have settled down,
it'll be easier to get the money.
Doni, go home and we'll talk later.
I'm really swamped, man.
Can you just check
if an advance is possible?
Okay. How much do you need?
Here. Thanks and come back anytime!
Well, let's see.
Holy shit,
look at this motherfucker's car.
Damn, bro.
Dude's dripping in gold.
We've scoped out
all we needed to see, bro.
Your husband wants to talk to you.
Look, this is for you. Take it.
Talk to him.
It'll be good for you.
- No.
- Take it. Just take it.
If you don't talk to him,
it's gonna go sour for me. All right?
Are you okay? Did they do anything to you?
- You know.
- Tell me what happened.
I have to know.
One month.
Locked up.
All alone.
I'll come for each of the motherfuckers
who're doing you dirty.
I'll take you out.
I don't want you to do anything,
Luiz Fernando. You hear me?
Leave me alone.
I'll manage on my own here.
It's fine.
But I wanna ask you something.
Jussara's nephew.
Lindão. Did you have anything to do
with what happened to him?
What do you mean?
Did you kill him?
I'm in the middle of some shit.
Call you later.
He's taking off. Let's go.
- Sir, how are you?
- Hi, Rita. How are you?
- I'm sorry for showing up like this.
- It's okay.
- I emailed you my resume.
- Great.
I just wanted to tell you something.
Some things don't belong
in a resume, right?
Well, years ago, my father
was accused of theft and disappeared.
My mother got really sick
and ended up dying.
So, I've fended for myself
since I was a kid.
And then there's Scheyla, who's an inmate
and the wife of a good friend of mine
who also has issues with the law.
And, for what it's worth,
I'm from Vila Áurea,
I used to be a peddler,
I'm a sales manager,
I'm disillusioned with politics
and I ran for city council once.
What I mean by all that
is I understand
the people your institute helps.
Well, then why do you want
to work here, Rita?
Here you're going to deal
with stuff that's painful to you.
- On a daily basis.
- Yeah.
I know that.
But every time I'm in a prison,
I realize how wrong everything is.
How crime can be
the only way out for some.
And I leave feeling powerless.
And I believe that, working with you,
I'll be able to make a difference.
To truly help people,
which is what I want the most.
Do you want to help people
or do you want to help your friends?
I think we should call it a day, guys.
Not you.
We still have some numbers to crunch.
- Sure, but can you check
- Just a sec.
Sorry, Doni.
You chose the worst possible day.
- Let's just wrap up this convo.
- I'll make it quick.
Let me show you. Check this out.
We're racking up numbers.
The favela is going
to make us blow up again.
Doni, come on.
Is this the kind of content
you're putting out?
Kid's not even an aspiring artist,
let alone a pro.
- Do you realize that?
- Luan, this is the future.
It's the next big thing. Trust me.
Hey, if you say so
Look, Doni, I'm not a bank,
but I'll give you the advance.
- I'll help you out, okay?
- Okay.
Since your contract is almost up,
we'll just factor it into the renewal.
Instead of 50%, now Bang will take 70.
Fucking hell.
Look, bro.
That's Dias he's with.
I know. He used to be on our payroll too.
He's all chummy with the cop.
Badá introduced me to this pig
in the first place. It means shit.
Look at how cozy they are.
First time in my whole life
I see him crack a smile.
I was talking with this piece of shit
the other day.
Now he's spilling it all out to Badá.
He's coming towards us, bro.
I'll light up his bitch ass.
'Sup, Jandira.
- What's it gonna be?
- What do you mean?
"What do you mean" my ass.
- Are you paying now or what?
- I've got nothing.
- That's not what I asked. Junkie ass cunt.
- I'd pay if I could.
Shut the fuck up!
- Are you gonna pay or what?
- No, I'm flat broke.
So get ready,
'cause we're taking this up the chain.
Get ready.
Fucking smack-addled whore.
"Article 593."
"An appeal shall be admissible
within a period of five days
against final sentences of conviction"
Come back.
- Sorry, I zoned out.
- Okay.
- "Sentences of"
- One sec.
Mr. William?
Hi, Rita.
I told our director how you got to us,
and she
I got a bit carried away, right?
Shouldn't have talked so much.
Apparently, they like it.
You got the internship.
I did?
Yes. It's six hours per day Rita?
Yes, sir. I'm listening.
It's six hours per day,
and the compensation 1,200 a month,
plus health insurance and food benefits.
Hi, sweetie. Are you okay?
What's up?
Sorry I couldn't come earlier,
but Paulo is still not 100%.
Oh, stop it, Lu.
I'm almost as good as new.
You didn't have to come, Mom.
I wouldn't let you deal with this alone.
We got your back, Doni.
We'll get through this together, buddy.
Buddy? This is a family matter.
Mind your own.
Donizete, why would you talk like that?
- Wait in the car, please, Paulo.
- Sure.
What the heck, Doni?
What? He got it coming
for meddling where he wasn't invited.
He's the one who insisted
we came to help you!
It wasn't my mother, then? Nice.
Son, everything I do
is for your happiness.
But I deserve to be happy too, don't I?
Your dad and I gave you everything.
We never let you go without.
As much as we could, anyway.
You really can't complain.
I can't complain?
I got shot, Mom.
I'm losing my apartment.
My whole career is up in the air.
- What do I have left?
- Your health, a family!
And you're gonna have a career
as long as you believe in it!
How many times do you think
your father fell and got back up?
And me? What about me?!
We're trying to help you.
But in the end, it's your life, Donizete.
Think about it.
See you at home.
It was someone from your organization.
Excuse me.
Jandira, right?
Jussara told me
you'll request protective custody.
You have a debt.
I told her not to do anything.
But she wants to help you.
You have kids, don't you?
Can you imagine burying them?
I'm so sorry.
But listen.
Do you really want to give up?
To die?
I know he wouldn't like
to see you like this.
So be strong.
Fight back.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Shouldn't have skipped class for this.
Don't sweat it. I wasn't feeling up to it.
Are you okay?
No. Do you want some water? Have a seat.
Listen, bro.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Sometimes we must learn to face reality.
To deal with it differently.
This is not defeat,
and you shouldn't be ashamed of it.
Quite the opposite.
You went through a lot.
And you've been so brave,
facing everything head-on.
You've grown up so much, bro.
I'm proud of you.
The bad part is
you'll have me as a neighbor again.
That's the best part.
I ended up getting the internship.
Well done! What's with the face?
I'm turning it down.
It's way less
than what I make at the store.
Well, chasing your dream is never easy.
Remember how broke I was
when I first started?
But I rolled with it
in the name of the dream,
and I'd do it all over again.
Even now that I'm screwed.
Have you been talking to Nando?
No, nor will I.
I'm holding my own.
Besides, he's trouble.
It's best to keep my distance.
The Federal Police carries out
a fresh round of raids
Game over!
Game over, you son of a bitch!
It's over!
Don't move.
You piece of shit.
- Get her out of here.
- Shut up.
- Come with me.
- No!
- Fucking move. I'm gonna kill you.
- Don't hurt him, I beg you!
- I'm going.
- Sit down, ma'am.
Hands behind your back.
- Open your mouth, ma'am.
- No.
Let's settle our score.
But let her go.
There, ma'am.
I like you much better muffled.
Do you like music?
Let's play something.
You took my wife from me, motherfucker.
- It's payback time.
- Calm down.
- She's gonna die, did you hear me?
- Calm down.
The plan was to catch you, ND.
She wasn't a target.
No one knew your family was there.
We were just following orders.
We were coming after you.
What do you want from me?
I wanna know
who tipped you off about my café.
You're a man of your word, right?
Spare my wife,
and I'll tell you everything I know.
I know who ratted out on you.
You have my word.
Spill it.
Now, goddamnit!
It's the tall, bald guy.
A cop's word is worth nothing.
I'm telling you.
Guy was a dead man walking.
Why would he lie?
But Badá?
My OG.
Shit's crazy, Nando.
- Tell me about it.
- It's a dirty world we live in.
Speak of the devil
Yo, OG!
What's up?
'Sup, ND?
Come meet me tomorrow at that joint I dig.
I go there every day. You should come too.
You bet.
I could use some distraction too.
We have some shit to talk about.
Cool. Peace out.
Peace out.
We don't have any proof.
But I'm gonna make him talk.
Did the alarm go off?
No, honey. You can go back to sleep.
What's up?
Did something happen?
I got that internship I wanted.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Why aren't you happy?
- Congratulations, baby.
- Thank you, hon.
I am happy.
But I can't accept it now.
They pay a lot less. It won't cut it.
We'll find a way.
I won't take it.
I'll let them know today.
I'll make more deliveries,
I'll do something on the side.
It's not fair for you
to pay all the bills.
Rita, you gotta take it.
No, I won't.
You don't need to do this.
You'll accept it, and we'll make it work.
Are we in this together or what?
- For real?
- Of course.
- Honey
- Stop it.
Don't give me that look.
One day you'll be a big shot
and spoil me silly.
No doubt about it.
- You're too good to be true.
- Come here.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- Oh no.
- I can't believe it.
- Let's go, we gotta work.
- Yeah.
That's it. It's the last box.
I'll be waiting downstairs.
Whenever you're ready.
How are you?
- It's my first day
- Rita!
- Rita, come here!
- He's calling me.
- How are you, Mr. William?
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- This is the new intern.
- This is Fernando, Luiza.
- Good morning.
- I'll introduce you properly later.
- Sure.
We just overturned a conviction
of an innocent client.
What a blessing!
- Wanna see your desk?
- I do.
Excuse me, everyone.
Please. This one.
Wow, I'll have my own desk!
Please, be my guest.
It's awesome! I'm speechless.
But the job is hard.
I already have a task for you.
Pick that folder up.
Open it up.
That's it. A class action
against the female penitentiary.
- I'll call the warden right now.
- Okay.
- Write it all down.
- Got it.
Hello, hello, people!
Vila Áurea's wonderkid's back in town!
That's enough, man.
It's so crazy to be back here.
Nothing has changed.
This place is your home, bro. Very cool.
Let's unload the stuff.
So, what's it gonna be?
We're done talking.
We gave her more than enough time.
This lowlife here got all messed up,
and we helped her.
- Then she got into crazy debt
- That's crazy!
And she refused to pay us.
It's time to collect.
Got it.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
With all due respect, may I speak?
- We'll take care of it, Scheyla.
- Who's that?
You've been a great friend,
but will you hear me out?
Who's interrupting over there?
I'm Scheyla, Nando's wife.
Vila Áurea's Nando? Go ahead, sis.
We'll take care of it, sis.
That dirty junkie over there
knows full well how this goes.
Can we please call her by her name?
She's Jandira.
Go on, sis.
Jandira lost a son,
got addicted and ended up here.
Now she's in debt, in deep shit,
and being oppressed.
With all due respect, sis,
aren't we all in deep shit here?
I know her story, her family.
We gave her a shot,
now it's her time to pay.
Think this is Happyville?
Easy there.
Hold on. Marlei, you took me in,
and I couldn't be more grateful.
But you knew she was a junkie,
so why did you sling her drugs?
Is that the code we live by?
Yeah, that ain't right.
- What now, sis?
- You know the rules.
So you knew she was a junkie
and kept selling her drugs?
- She used it without paying!
- Chill!
- It's time to pay the price. Period.
- We got this.
We are not a charity.
Can't we all agree
that it's better if she pays up?
She just needs time to do it.
- Time?
- Time.
You hearing this shit?
Yo, let's hear her out first.
Marlei, we're all here to solve this.
Tell me, how long does she need?
It's pointless. She's useless.
Come on. I'm asking you personally.
How long?
Please, sis.
Since I'm the one
in charge of this bullshit,
I'll give her three days.
- Oh, please
- You gotta be joking.
Are you crazy?
- Three days?
- We decide.
She didn't pay in three months,
let alone in three days.
- The sticks are waiting for her.
- Fifteen days.
- Fifteen days?
- Fifteen days.
- Fifteen days it is.
- Deal?
- Fine, sister. Fifteen days.
- It's a deal.
- If she doesn't pay, I'll cover for her.
- Gotta commit!
But then, Jandira,
you'll be owing me. Got it?
That's right!
So it's all squared. We got this.
Nice talking with you,
Scheyla from Vila Áurea.
It's just Scheyla.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Peace out, bro.
- Peace out.
Peace out, girls.
Thanks a million.
Good to see ya.
What's up?
Know why I asked you to come?
You're acting sketchy.
- This world is a sketchy place.
- So I've heard.
What do you mean, brother?
Yo, your kid
was peeping on us with binoculars.
What the fuck was that about?
- Don't get me wrong, homie.
- Right.
It's been hard to trust anyone
since the café bust.
I'm just trying to find out
who ratted me out.
Are you calling your OG a traitor? A rat?
I'm the one
who brought you into this life,
and you have the nerve to come up to me
and accuse me, you fool?
I ain't accusing no one, bro.
Well, you can bet on one thing.
I'm sticking this out 'til the end.
I'mma take you up the chain!
That's right.
Fucking snitch.
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