Sintonia (2019) s04e05 Episode Script

As ideias finais

[tense music playing]
[sirens wailing]
What's going on?
You have to tell me
what goes on over there.
I'm the one you should talk to.
Rita's handling the kids' papers.
And that other thing has been dealt with.
I'm managing on my own.
- I'm on my own.
- Don't say that.
You're not on your own
and you'll never be, okay?
Whatever happens.
What's going on, Nando?
Whoever did this to us will pay, Scheyla.
[theme music playing]
Keep moving forward, Doni.
You'll get everything back.
I'm sure of it. [chuckles]
I try to move forward but look at me now.
It's like I went backward.
At least you're with your family.
In your home.
Surrounded by loved ones.
I know that when we talk about dreams,
money and success are what come to mind.
But that's not enough.
- Yeah.
- You know that very well.
And who said you can't dream
about a nice breakfast and a mother's hug?
Yeah, you're right.
I think if I keep doing gigs,
in two months my debt will be paid.
It will.
You keep being everyone's rock, huh?
You're amazing.
[cell phone buzzing]
Come on, Doni.
Are you gonna keep ignoring him?
He's in deep shit.
You think I don't miss my brother?
If I take this, what will I say?
That I almost lost my career
and my life because of him?
[cell phone buzzing]
[signal fails]
[melancholic music playing]
[tense music playing]
[cell phone buzzing]
[Final] 'Sup, bro!
'Sup, bro.
[Final] Brother Badáhas called a meeting
to discuss your situation.
All right, homie.
Count on me to be there
and clear things up.
All right. Peace out.
[dogs barking]
Hey, Luan. Is today's meeting still on?
I'm at Vila Áurea.
It will take me a while to get there.
So, Ms. Lucrécia, how's work?
After they opened
that big market down the street,
things have taken a turn for the worse.
I remember when you used to play tag here.
You'd knock everything down
and I'd get so mad. Remember?
Yeah. Rita would go to church,
so Nando and I had to stay and clean up.
Luiz Fernando has always been
a great kid and a great friend.
I pray for him every day.
[melancholic music playing]
I think I spent most of my life here.
Me too, son. Me too.
I'm sorry about your son, Ms. Vanda.
He didn't steal anything.
He didn't steal no car.
Well, I'll attach all of this
to your file, okay?
He's a hard-working man.
I was with him. He's innocent.
[cell phone buzzing]
Ms. Vanda, I have to take this.
I'll be right back, okay?
[Rita] Excuse me.
What's up, bro?
They're not letting anyone see her?
No, the children can see her now.
It's all good.
[Nando] The new administration
has been very strict.
Thank you for handling this, Rita.
[Nando] Of course.
If something happens to me,
Pulga has a package for you.
[tense music playing]
What do you mean?
Use it to take care
of Scheyla and the kids, okay?
Oh God, think about your family
before you do anything stupid.
I love you.
[phone ringing]
[cell phone buzzing]
[Rita] Where are you?
Calm down, Rita. Slowly.
Something's going down.
You need to talk to him.
Relax, he'll work it out.
Doni, you don't understand. I'm serious.
If you don't talk to him now,
it might be too late.
I have to go. Talk to you later.
- Can we talk after lunch?
- Of course.
Sorry for the delay, Ms. Vanda.
[indistinct chatter]
'Sup, bro!
- Thanks, bro.
- [Pulga] No problem.
[Doni] Hey.
What's up?
How are you, bro?
I'm fine. You?
I'm getting by.
I heard about your situation.
- If there's anything I can do
- I can handle it.
Don't worry.
And you?
What are you gonna do?
Rita called me. We're worried.
I gotta disappear for a bit, Doni.
[tense music playing]
[Nando sighs]
I wish none of this
had happened to you, bro.
I'm really sorry. I didn't want this.
Sorry I didn't go to see you, bro.
I'm the one who's sorry.
You've always had my back.
[melancholic music playing]
Bro, I know we can't change the past
but I promise you this.
I'll find out who did this to us.
I'll avenge us,
they won't get away with this.
You don't need to avenge me.
Let it go.
I just wanna see you and your family
together and happy.
It's too late, bro.
I'm gonna finish this.
I just wanted to apologize to you, man.
Never mind that, bro.
Just be careful.
Think about your safety.
Your family's safety.
[cell phone chiming]
Babe, the PDO just called me
to say my trial has been scheduled.
My lawyer wants to speak to me.
That's great, honey. I'll go with you.
Talk to you later, okay?
- [William] What happened today?
- [Rita] I had a personal problem.
But it won't happen again.
I apologize.
Rita, imagine yourself in five years
as a defense attorney in a trial.
Suppose the defendant
reminds you of someone you love.
A friend, or a brother.
All your rage
and all the injustice you've witnessed
and suffered your whole life
will want to come out.
That's when your emotions will take over.
But when emotion takes over,
we make mistakes.
And we can't make mistakes.
You told me about your personal issues
when I hired you.
Things that are important to you.
And I remember those stories well.
[Rita sighs]
[William sighs]
Look, there's something very simple
but also very important
that you must understand.
You can never mix your personal life
with your professional life.
Because to people coming from
where we came,
it will always be personal.
Thank you.
Not at all. Thank you.
Your mother is happy
that you're back, you know.
How much
did the grocery store repairs cost?
We have to check with the electrician.
I think it'll cost around two grand.
There are still a few other things
that need fixing.
I think I'll make that
by the end of the month.
You know sales have been low
since the new market opened up, right?
It could be a good idea
to sell the store or rent it out.
I was telling Lucrécia
she'd be able to rest and take care
We're not selling Dad's store.
Now I'm off to meet with my label.
[tense music playing]
[funk music playing]
'Sup, everyone! I'm at my record label.
I'll have some news
for you soon, okay? Peace!
Thank you, all right.
[funk music continues]
[Doni sighs]
[woman] Gabriel!
[Gabriel] Hey. Excuse me.
[cell phone buzzing]
- Hello?
- Hey, what's up?
Did you talk to our friend?
Did he say anything?
I'll tell you later at the barbershop.
Okay? Will you be there?
Yeah. Of course I will.
See you later, then.
Hey, Doni. So much legal bullshit,
I don't know when I'll be free.
You've had me sitting here for ages, Luan.
My bad. I'm so sorry, Doni.
Wait for me just a bit longer.
Order some food, I'll be with you soon.
No deal. I have somewhere to be.
We'll talk later, then.
Can someone drive me to Vila Áurea?
Sure, front desk can call you a cab.
[funk music playing]
- Hey, homie.
- 'Sup, bro?
- Doni's here, man. Introduce us!
- Sure thing, follow me.
- Yo, Doni!
- [Doni] Hey, man.
Meet MC Jonatan!
- Yo, Doni, I'm a big fan.
- He gets his hair cut here.
We should do something together,
like what you did with MLK! That was dope!
- Sure.
- Can I sing you one of mine?
- Go for it.
- Check this out.
Three shots announce our presence ♪
All this urban flow
Is a nightmare for small minds ♪
The .40 is fired in the battle ♪
Our flow is a knife
That rips without fail ♪
The fighters fall, respect ♪
We are the streets
The rap, the trap, the legend ♪
The punchline for the perfect track ♪
Did ya say we're a reference? ♪
- Damn, I forgot how it goes!
- [laughs]
- But that's sick, man.
- Damn cool, right?
- Good job, man.
- Thanks.
- Dope.
- Did you like it?
- [Doni] You've got a good pen game.
- Thanks, bro.
Yo, man, what's wrong?
You seem kinda bummed.
Just some shit with the label.
Living at my mom's again
ain't easy either.
But don't worry, okay?
Tonight's all about you.
Hey, homie, you know what I really want?
To see the children of Vila Áurea,
tiny Black kids just like me,
and have them look at me and say,
"I wanna be like you one day."
Like those who inspired us.
And you'll inspire many people.
You already inspire me.
A handsome guy like you,
with a barbershop
I'm serious, bro.
You'll be good for a lot of our people.
Think about it.
[Jaspion] Where are we going after this?
[girls] Funk ball!
He said he'd disappear.
I texted him, but he hasn't texted back.
He said that if things go south,
Pulga will bring something
to help me take care of Scheyla
and the kids.
And I can't even share this with Cleyton.
They just scheduled his trial.
[Doni] I got you, okay?
Hey, what's up?
- Hey.
- Hey.
It's getting late. We should go.
- Shall we?
- Yes.
- See ya, man.
- Peace, bro.
- All right.
- Bye.
- [Doni] Love you.
- Me too.
Back there,
what were you and Doni talking about?
You stopped talking when I got close.
It was nothing.
He's going through some stuff.
- Money problems.
- Money?
The man's got it all.
A family, a house, respect.
Yeah, but sometimes we're broken inside
and nobody notices.
Have you talked to Nando?
Tell me. I know you're friends.
Did he reach out to you?
No, okay? Not now, please.
You don't share anything with me.
You're always whispering with your friend,
texting him. I don't get it.
What do you want?
I'm always working.
I'm always here for you.
I'm always there for everyone, Cleyton.
What about me?
I'm always struggling on my own.
- On your own?
- Yeah, alone.
You ain't alone.
I work my ass off to provide for us.
You ain't alone.
- Way to show some appreciation.
- We're together.
- I don't wanna fight.
- Answer me.
- I'm exhausted.
- Have you talked to Nando?
Answer me, Rita.
I've been talking to him.
Because I don't give up on people.
And you know me, you know how I am!
I'm tired
of waking up every day with the weight
of the world on my shoulders.
I can't do this! I'm tired!
[Cleyton sighs]
[melancholic music playing]
[Jussara] Hey!
What's wrong?
Boyfriend kicked you out?
Nothing like that.
Then what happened?
Having problems?
There's so much going on,
I don't even know where to start.
Oh, Ritinha, don't be sad.
Let me tell you something.
In life, as long as we're alive
and breathing,
we keep fighting.
That's how it goes.
And you're a strong woman.
You're strong in here
and also in here, okay?
That's half the battle.
And hey, I know what I'm talking about.
One lioness recognizes another.
Want some soda?
If it's free.
[Jussara ri]
Smart ass.
Here, to lift your spirits.
- Thank you, Ju.
- Now I'm off to work.
Go on.
[Jussara] Take care. [laughs]
- Have a good one!
- Thanks!
[funk music playing]
[funk music continues]
- Thanks!
- Thanks!
Luzi, you're blowing up!
I love seeing you at the top.
Always a visionary.
Man, our work is the real deal.
We are the real deal.
My label's trying to screw me over
with a shitty contract.
They won't even listen to me.
Do these people think we're stupid?
You don't have to sign with them.
And do what without an agent and a label?
When we were starting,
did we need an agent or a label?
We did it all ourselves.
In my case, you're the one who helped me.
Think about it.
[funk music playing]
This shit only happens in the hood, right?
Bro, you should write a song about that.
No, I'm keeping this memory in my heart.
I've missed this so fucking much.
[funk music fading]
[Cleyton sighs]
[door opens]
[whispers] I'm sorry.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
It's good to go over the case again,
but rest assured,
everything is under control.
Do you still intend to plead not guilty?
We're currently reviewing the case
to determine that,
but based on the defendant's account,
it's a strong argument.
- Cleyton. Apologies.
- It's okay.
Well, he has this boss
from when he started doing deliveries.
He could be a good character witness.
He's up for it, right, honey?
Yes, he says he wants to help.
Great. Then just give me his number
and I'll see what I can do.
You just keep following the rules
and in a few days, we'll meet the judge.
- Goodbye.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Thank you very much.
Next in line, please.
Hand me the case.
Please, sit down.
Sooner or later
we'd have to have this talk.
I wanted to thank you for everything
you've done for me and my career.
But I'll follow my own path from now on.
Think about the last few years.
We're your partners, Doni.
Yeah, but it's not a good partnership
if one of us is frustrated.
This is a business.
You can't just up and leave like that.
We're the biggest label around.
What will you gain from leaving us?
My career will go on, Luan.
PR, marketing, digital, legal,
lawyers, production, distribution.
You're just gonna hire everyone?
Doni, your songs alone
won't get you anywhere.
Your career was built by us,
by a team that's been around
long before you.
And we'll still be around after you go.
I hear you, and I agree.
Without your company,
I'll work twice as hard.
But it's cool, I can handle it.
Now, without artists, you have no company.
Who's gonna carry the weight
of writing songs and performing live?
No one, man.
Out there, I'll still be an MC.
I'm all about funk,
even when I'm by myself.
That's all.
This is very common.
Instead of going for the big fish like ND,
they make an example out of the small fry
to trick citizens into feeling safe.
But tell me.
Why do you believe we should work on
Cleyton's case?
I don't know how this will come across,
but Cleyton is my partner.
I heard what you said about not mixing
my personal and professional lives.
But I really trust your work.
And I truly believe
he might have a chance with us.
Are you sure about this, Rita?
I'm all he's got.
[tense music playing]
[tense music intensifies]
[Final] Hey, my brothers.
[all] Hey.
We're meeting here because Brother Badá
has some stuff to say about Brother ND.
Right, Badá?
Tell us what's on your mind, homie.
[Badá] First, I wanna offer
my respect to ND and our sister.
May she find freedom soon.
- [Final] That's right. Be strong, ND.
- Thank you.
We've all been through that hell.
[Final] Damn right.
Here's the thing, though.
He thinks someone ratted him out.
Accusing someone
of being a rat is damn serious.
- [Badá] Yeah.
- Is this true, ND?
Spit it out, ND.
[Nando] Well, brothers, as you all know,
my café's been raided.
First I thought it was the police.
We're always at war with them,
fighting for our lives.
I had to run
and leave my wife and kids behind.
When I thought the dust had settled,
they tried to kill me!
And after all that,
my OG didn't even come to check on me.
Few stand by us in times like these.
I ain't watching TV all day long.
So there's no way I can know everything.
But we made a blood pact.
And in your registration,
you'll find my name.
If you bleed, I bleed.
And that's the only thing I know.
Then tell me this, bro.
Our supplier is the same.
Last week, my stores were empty.
But yours was packed.
What's up with that?
Why did they supply to you and not to me?
I introduced you to that supplier.
I helped you when you had nothing.
I brought you in to join us.
[Final] Hey, brothers.
If what ND says is true,
he should hash this out with his supplier.
- Right?
- That's it. We go to our supplier.
We talk it out with them,
have ND say his piece.
But that's not the issue, brothers.
- I can find another supplier, homie.
- [Badá] Oh.
The real issue here
is all the bullshit that I've been facing.
Someone wants my head.
I'm broke and he's thriving.
Sorry, but that's the crime life.
I had to fight for my stores
and for the cash I make today.
Before I made it,
I saw many brothers thriving too.
That's how it goes.
Does a brother have to fall
so another can rise? Is that your motto?
So according to what you're saying,
you're the one who set me up.
'Cause once I was inside,
you bought my stores.
You think you're being clever
with all these accusations.
Can you prove it, homie?
You think I set you up, man?
You forget that when you were inside,
I was the one who kept the ship afloat!
You might've helped me,
but I helped you too, bro!
So you want people to do fine,
but you gotta do even better, huh?
I've been watching your greed, bro!
Your money-grabbing eyes!
We ain't going easy on you anymore,
smart ass!
That's right, brothers.
Badákeeps going on about
progress and money.
But this meeting isn't about that.
We're here to talk about family.
The family you've abandoned
to raise your children, boy?
Every homie has kids to raise.
But we all took a vow.
The faction comes first.
Things ain't gonna go your way!
I came to my OG for some support,
but he can't help me.
It's cool, bro.
Thanks anyway.
My wife dreamed of owning a café.
And God helped me give one to her.
But, bro,
why did you show up
at her establishment uninvited?
Oh, so you're saying I shouldn't go
to my recruit's opening day?
Messinho told me about it.
But I'll never go
to your fucking shit again.
You know, this meeting's full of bullshit.
You're the one
who called this meeting, bro.
Someone ratted me out.
Yo, this meeting is going in circles.
Time to stop beating around the bush.
Just say what you mean, boy!
[Final] Calm down, Badá!
You say I'm a rat, man? Then prove it!
[Nando] Here's the deal, brothers.
Y'all know about that pig
who showed up dead, right?
I'm the one who iced him.
He survived the café raid.
Before he died,
the motherfucker spilled the beans.
He told me there was a snitch
in the organization.
A bald man. Tall.
Sound familiar, Badá?
Yo, I ain't never been a snitch.
And I ain't about to become one.
I don't have to listen to this,
you have no proof.
[Badá] Turning your back on me, bro?
You turned your back on us!
You said you were leaving the family.
There are consequences!
We ain't taking the rap for your shit.
How come I turned my back on you?
I'm here asking for your help
to find out who's the rat.
Y'all know how it is.
Once a rat, always a rat.
You calling me a rat? Go to hell!
[man 1] Yo, Badá. Are you crazy?
- Put that gun down, man!
- [man 2] You lost your mind, man.
Put that gun down. It's over for you.
[Final] Have you lost your mind?
Raising your gun during a meeting?
[man 2] You know that ain't allowed.
[Final] It's over for you, bro.
You lost your cool.
[tense music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music ends]
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