Sintonia (2019) s04e06 Episode Script

Cachorro louco

Long night, brother?
I've heard everything went well.
We've got a dead rat
and you, brother, more alive than ever.
That's right, bro.
We never know who's on our side, right?
But I'm back, Messinho.
Back with a bang.
Damn right. That's what I'm talking about.
In our business,
big dreamers are the big winners.
I've told you, Nando.
Our next move should be
to branch out our investments.
- Bitcoin, cattle. You know?
- I wanna be a big shot, bro.
It's time to make a lot of fucking money.
That's right.
I'll send you the address of our meeting.
Then we'll figure out our new plan.
All right?
I'll be waiting.
Peace out, brother.
Keep dancin', keep doin' it
I mean, hate to say it
But you're not good at rhyming
As a rapper, you're a great dancer
This is how it goes
It's culture and improv
Gotta break for sure
But with my mic in hand
Now I'm gonna show ya
What my real deal is
I can either win by rapping
Or by twerking 'til you're done
Goddamn, y'all!
What an insane battle!
Y'all, time to vote based on their rhymes.
I love the energy around here.
Hip-hop is awesome.
See all these dudes and chicks?
They spend their day
freestyling in the subway.
They're ready for these battles.
Rhymes are their livelihoods.
Damn right.
Must be a lot of scouts around here too.
That's not it, bro.
They do rap battles all week long.
If they don't rap,
no one will tell their story.
Now it's time for a heated battle!
Get on stage, MC Nuevo!
Against him, Barreto!
Check out MC Nuevo.
He's been on people's radar.
I've seen him before.
He kicks ass, man.
Shit's going down
Shit's going down
- Everyone says he'll be a hit.
- Let's see.
Excuse me, all right? Excuse me.
Gotta tell ya, you're a big liar
Barreto is the truth
That's why I'm here, to teach y'all
That honesty can take you anywhere
That's right, that's what I've learned
I've learned from my mother
Not from phony MCs
Do you get what I'm saying?
This ain't no test
Itaquá is in the house
Representing the east
I represent the extreme
My rhymes, sublime
That's why I'm the star player on my team
I'm here making rhymes
I ain't doing crimes
What is true and what is false?
You ain't one to define
Do you get me, bro?
Time for you to go down
I came here to off ya
This is what's true
This is fatality
Satan is the father of lies
And I'm the son of the truth
Bro, if we add a beat to your rhymes,
it will be a huge hit. Trust me.
I think about that all the time.
But I'm still just starting.
You know how things are, bro.
Producing gets more expensive every day.
You should get together
with kids like you.
Go to a studio, mix a song.
All businessmen have is money.
We're the ones with the vision.
Tell me about it, man.
And I ain't about to give them more cash.
I wanna make money for us, for the hood.
What if I could produce
here in Vila Áurea?
Don't play with me.
I'm for real.
Bro, there are so many awesome artists.
We should bring money to this place.
To Vila Áurea, our hood. You know?
MLK versus Magrão!
That's right, bro!
Let's get closer.
Coming through!
It's wartime!
It's time! It's wartime!
All right, put your hands up in the air!
Wega, wega, wega, well, huh!
Are you kidding me?
If you're excited, put your hands up
See all those hands up?
That's how many rhymes I got
Think you're a top dog?
You got no chance against me
Your time's runnin' out
Show me what you've got, sucker
Yo, yo
Oh yeah, oh yeah
If you like rhymes, show me
Put your hands up, all right
Everyone has their hands up
See, Magrão? Time to go
Hear me out, 'cause it's about time
You got kicked outta here
If you wanna freestyle at this party
You gotta be thorough
And increase your IQ
I thought you'd say bye-bye just now
You say, "Magrão, time to go"
No, I'mma be the champion
You go home on your own
Yo, hear me out!
You're from Vila Áurea
I'm from Pirajussara
You ain't never gonna make it
'Cuz from east to south
I'mma drag your face
Down on the pavement
I gotta warn ya
I'm a monster out of a cage
I'mma show you what I've seen
In this road called life
You say I'mma go home alone?
My rhymes are gonna swallow you, brother
Damned are the men who trust one another
Then you'd better be very suspicious
I don't even trust my own shadow
It hinges on light
So it can be capricious
Now chill down, homie
We all can see that you're just a phony
You can't even show your worth
I'm kickin' yo ass
Go ask for some help from Doni
- You're not taking your lunch box?
- Nowhere to heat it up.
Huh. What about your friend,
the manager of that restaurant?
I'm going to a busier area.
I don't know anyone there.
So you're not going to eat?
Rita, I'm gonna make some real money.
I can handle the rest, don't worry.
- Auntie Rita!
- Hi, sweetie!
Oh, what a good hug!
So warm!
- You look so pretty!
- Thanks.
Happy Mother's Day, Ms. Laura.
Thank you for cooking, Rita.
Of course, Ms. Laura.
You're busy taking care of the kids.
The children don't give me any trouble.
Unlike their mother, they're angels.
I have to get this, okay? One second.
- Hello?
- Did you get the chocolate?
Yes, brother. She'll love the gift.
It's not a lot.
But it comes from you. That's enough.
I'm trying to send money
to the kids, but it's too difficult.
Take it easy, brother.
The kids are fine, that's what matters.
I got this money for my family, Rita.
What's the point of so much money
if I can't be with them?
Auntie Rita!
Hey, sweetie. I'm coming.
Is that my daughter?
Rita, please.
Put my daughter on. Let me talk to her.
I can't, okay?
I'm coming.
It's complicated.
I'll send you a picture later.
Okay? We'll talk later. Sorry, brother.
You stumbled into
an amazing opportunity, girl.
To study,
to get a better life,
to do honest work for honest pay.
Look, Ms. Laura.
I didn't stumble into anything.
I've always done honest work
to get what I wanted.
I'm a hard worker.
We come from a place
where innocent people get sent to jail.
Yo. Nice 150cc. So cool.
- Yours or rental?
- It's mine.
Dope. Where did you buy it?
I'm getting my license soon.
- I still ride my bike, you know.
- Cool. Been in this area long?
Well, let me warn you.
Around here, if we stop working,
the app stops giving us more work.
- Got it.
- Yeah.
A bonus for anyone
who hits the target in 48 hours.
They're giving customers coupons.
This will blow up!
BALANCE: R$ 0,00
BALANCE: R$ 18,00
I didn't introduce myself.
Josiane, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you. I'm Cleyton.
Cool. Cleyton
- Can you do me a favor?
- What?
Keep an eye on my stuff
while I go take a leak.
I'll be right back.
I don't wanna miss any orders.
For real.
I wish I could
take a piss anywhere like you guys.
But I gotta go to the mall way over there.
Security's eyes on me the whole time.
Go on. I'll watch it for you.
- For real?
- Sure.
A good run, man.
The piss can wait.
- All right, dude. See ya later.
- Yeah, bye.
R$ 5,17 - NEW ORDER
You should've seen those kids.
Their bars were sick.
I got awesome voice messages too.
I'm listening to them all.
I'll see what I can do.
Awesome, bro.
I was thinking about being their agent.
I could build a studio at Vila Áurea
to produce, record,
and even sell their gigs.
- That's good.
- Of course it is.
And there's only one businessman
who can help me.
- Who?
- Who do you think, Jaspion?
You're out of your mind.
Not even if my late brother asked me to.
I just celebrated
the barbershop's anniversary.
I ain't taking more responsibilities.
Dude, I knew you were gonna say that.
So here's what we'll do.
I build the studio, invite the guys,
and you come along.
No way, man. My thing is
being a barber at a barbershop!
You're already an entrepreneur.
You know this stuff.
Exactly. Do you think it's easy?
I just spent all my money.
I don't have enough to invest.
Dude, listen to me.
I can handle the artistic part,
it's what I know.
You can handle all the bureaucracy.
No need to answer now.
Just think that we'll have
a studio in Vila Áurea.
No investment needed.
I already have all the equipment,
I just need a space.
Bro, you talk too much.
I do have this storeroom
back at the barbershop.
But the place is a mess, man.
- I wanna see it.
- Sure.
But if this works,
I'm just gonna lend it to you.
- All right.
- Just for a while.
Damn right it's gonna work.
Thanks, man.
Hey there. We're in four.
- What's your name?
- Rita de Freitas.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Bye.
I'm here!
There you go.
Teresa Barbosa.
Visitors for Teresa Barbosa.
Teresa Barbosa.
Hi, good morning.
Scheyla Camargo Lima.
My mommy.
Scheyla Camargo Lima.
Visitors for Scheyla Camargo Lima.
Scheyla Camargo Lima.
Scheyla Camargo Lima!
She's coming.
Mommy's coming. Will you give her a hug?
Hi, sweetheart!
Hi, sweetheart!
Hi, honey.
Happy Mother's Day.
For both of us, my dear.
- Oh, my boy!
- Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!
My boy!
A pacifier, Mom?
A pacifier? Yeah?
Come here, sweetie. What's that?
- It's for you.
- It's beautiful! Who got it for you?
Grandma? So you'd look pretty?
Come here, let me hold you.
I'm never letting you go!
That's right.
You look so pretty!
Beef stew.
Let's see if Rita did it right.
So much pressure. Smells good, right?
- Smells great.
- It even made me hungry.
Speaking of which
Here's a gift.
My chocolate.
They've grown so much.
Yeah. And if you want to watch them grow,
you'll have to rethink your choices.
Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt.
Hello, Ms. Laura.
Hey, Jussara.
We just wanted to thank you, Scheyla,
for all the help you've given my sister.
- Of course, Jussara.
- Right?
Thank you, sis.
- Sorry to interrupt.
- Don't worry.
Enjoy your lunch. Bye.
Well, now it's time to eat.
- Time to eat!
- Yes.
Vandalizing public property, boy?
Hands behind your head.
- I was just working
- Shut it!
Speak only when spoken to.
- What are you doing here?
- Working, sir.
- Is the bike yours?
- Yes, sir.
Your license.
Castro, look this guy up.
Cleyton Reis dos Santos.
Three-two-zero, eight-zero-one,
double six, one-three.
What are we gonna find, Cleyton?
He has a record, Almeida.
What's on it?
- Sir, I work
- Shut up!
Did I talk to you?
Almeida, there's been a report nearby.
Let this thug go.
We've got a robbery, c'mon.
You got lucky, punk.
Beat it.
That's delicious!
- Want some soda?
- Yes, please.
- Hi!
- Hey there. Thanks.
Who wants some more?
That's enough, thanks.
Thank you for helping with the children.
I didn't want this to be
their childhood memories.
I know.
Can you forgive me, Mom?
Oh, my dear. My sweetheart.
You know
If there's one thing I learned
about being a mother,
is that even though
we try to do everything right,
we just can't do it.
Sometimes we think we're doing
the right thing, but we're not.
Listen, what we have to do
is to be there for them
as much as possible.
We have to show that we care
even when we're apart.
Oh, sweetheart
We have to stand by them
when they need us.
Even if
we don't understand
the path they've chosen.
We stand by them.
With them.
Thank you.
Oh, sweetheart.
Everything's going to be okay.
Everything's going to be okay.
It's tough.
People will always see me as a criminal.
Honey, you're trying
to turn things around out here.
And this takes time.
They even charged me
for the missed delivery.
I was almost reaching my goal.
There's still some time left
before you go home.
Why don't we deliver together?
- Shall we?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
- What's up?
- All good?
- Show me the storeroom.
- Follow me.
And how's Ms. Lu?
Great. Like I'll be
if I have to climb these stairs every day.
Damn, complaining already?
Have an escalator installed then.
Yo, this could be where the front desk is.
I'm only lending you the storeroom.
Just kidding.
Like I told you, it's a bit of a mess.
Yeah, this is it.
I'm gonna clean this up
and bring all my equipment.
I haven't seen you
this excited in a while.
Thanks for helping me with this madness.
It ain't madness. It's a dream.
Yeah, it's a dream. Shall we get started?
That's on you, bro.
I have a barbershop to run.
- See ya. This guy.
- Peace.
Sure, bro. You're right, and I'm lazy.
What's wrong?
Guy says he earns four grand a month
just with his rides. I mean, come on.
Well, it's doable.
Really? Only if they turn off
the speed cameras and give us free gas.
And on a bike? No way.
Not even with a bonus?
Dude, with a bonus, that's a maybe.
But like
I'm leaving. Gotta get to Capão.
- What about the bonus?
- Dude, my bike is broken.
And riding a broken bike
is like driving in the rain.
I'd rather stay alive. Bye, bro.
- Peace out, sis.
- See ya tomorrow.
And hey, one day
I'll have one just like yours.
- I'll even pop a wheelie.
- For sure.
Take care, sis.
You too, man.
Like this, look.
- Peace, man. See ya!
- See ya.
R$ 8,10 - NEW ORDER
- 'Sup, Doni.
- Yo.
Did a tornado hit this place?
- Hey, bro. What's up?
- How are ya, homie?
- Need a hand?
- Sure, what do you think?
This place is dope.
Just gotta clean it up.
Jaspion just left me here.
You could even put some stuff here.
Hey, thanks.
Thanks, ma'am.
Good afternoon.
Can you write me a review? Thanks.
Who does this fucking rider think he is?
I take the blame
if the delivery is late, homie.
I'm not your homie.
I'm a hard worker, understand?
What do you mean by that?
Are you fucking with me, asshole?
Gotta be kidding me. Fuck you.
Hey, it took some work,
but this is looking good!
This looks and feels like a studio!
Yeah, we're all set.
Good job, you two.
Have you decided on a name?
Yeah. VA Records.
"Vila Áurea," c'mon.
Gotta remember our roots.
That's dope, bro.
- Thanks, man.
- Nice.
Hey, Formiga!
Are you high, man?
Why are you delivering on foot, bro?
You trying something new?
My bike's out of gas, man. It's dry.
But I'm getting a bonus pay, it's fine.
Damn, now you're talking.
Then come join us, have some fun!
Thing is,
the app only pays me on weekends.
I can't fill my tank right now,
but I'll do it then.
Everything else is good, though.
You know what?
Let me give ya a piece of my mind, bro.
I know you were inside,
you've seen how things are.
But you ain't alone, man.
We can help you, we're all a big family.
If you need, just call us.
You ain't alone. Got it?
Seriously, you're a cool dude.
You shouldn't be going through this.
Damn, I appreciate it.
Thank you for caring about me.
I care about you too, but
I gotta go now, Rita's waiting for me.
Take care.
- Sure, man. Tell Rita I said hello.
- All right.
Whatever happens, we trust in God.
Pray for us, brother.
Sure thing. See ya.
- Take care, man.
- You too.
Damn, Formiga must be high.
Look at us.
Enjoying life.
And he's there, having a hard time.
Look, pushing it up the slope. Crazy shit.
Yo, bro. Meet your new investor.
Wait, what?
I didn't expect that.
Don't even know what to say.
Don't start crying. Let's get to work.
Show me around.
- Sure.
- Nice.
Check this out.
This seminar is about criminal law.
But instead of telling you my thoughts,
I'll show you the thoughts
of people who are affected by it.
This is Tânia.
She's only 22,
and she's been inside for two years.
She says,
"We take turns sleeping on the floor."
"Sometimes a pipe bursts.
It stinks a lot."
"Anyway, we're always improvising."
"We use old socks as coffee filters,
burnt matches for eyeshadow"
"We're in jail, but we're not dead."
Thank you so much, sis.
You don't have to thank me.
I'm happy to see you happy.
But it's so hard.
The more I dream about out there,
the worse it is to wake up in here.
To give you an idea
See that woman there? She's pregnant.
She's not sure if she will keep it
or if they'll take the baby away.
Can you imagine her pain as a mother?
Only we on the inside
know the terrors of this place.
No one else.
If we stop now
to look at all the teachers,
judges, Supreme Court justices
Something is missing.
Someone who's like
the people I grew up with.
Or like the families
back at the penitentiary.
How can the penal code
be the same for everyone
if it's a restricted group of people
who decide how it works?
Well, that's it.
Thank you.
BONUS: R$ 100
I want that one.
And that one.
So you're into blondes, huh?
Damn right, brother.
All right
I want you, sexy.
Good choice, bro.
Well, girls, wait outside for a bit.
We have some business to discuss.
We'll call you in just a minute.
Nando, listen up.
A man your age might not need this,
but I still recommend it.
Sometimes you've got things
you want to forget,
and this helps you forget them
for 12 hours.
You know?
All right, bro.
I'll keep that in mind, homie.
Doni, play this one again.
Let's check it out.
Let's do this.
Drop's coming.
- Goddamn!
- Hey!
I know I'm biased
'cause I think you two are huge,
but this one's the bomb!
- Yeah!
- Dial it up!
I'm on it.
Listen up!
Goddamn, man.
This sounds great.
- Look at him.
- We woke him up.
All right, dude.
That's what I needed, guys.
You're amazing, thank you.
Let's fucking go!
This is fucking awesome.
What about all that Paraguay thing?
Did the vultures show up
after I almost died?
They showed up, all right.
- But you know I always handle things.
- I knew it.
I have this new thing going on, bro.
It's huge.
Much bigger than Paraguay, homie.
And don't worry, I'm paying for this one.
No way, brother.
If you're paying, the sky's the limit.
This is a big one. For real.
I just need to talk to my guys first.
The family gave me Badá's head
because he screwed up, right?
Don't worry about that anymore, man.
I don't owe anyone shit.
Motherfucking Badá
But I don't mean the organization.
Some big shots need to be aware
you'll be walking around, you know?
Don't worry, I'll talk to them.
All right, let's have some fun.
Let's get this party started.
Would you let the girls in, please?
Here comes your blondie.
Oh yeah.
What the fuck?
Have you seen a ghost, Messinho?
Your guys are in our pocket, dickhead.
Yo, girls, you can go.
Time to cancel your SSN.
You're in our hands.
Hey, Nando. The fuck, man?
You're gonna trust this Judas?
Think whatever you want of me,
but I've never let you down.
I could keep overlooking your mistakes
but enough is enough, okay?
to blame someone else.
And you know
what could happen to that person.
Or worse. To their family, even.
You gonna kill me just 'cause
someone told you the rat was bald, bro?
There's a bunch of homies
doing implants and plastic surgery.
Sometimes you just gotta get a nose job,
a hair implant, change your whole face.
Just like I did.
I didn't know shit about your café!
It was Messinho who told us about it,
said we should go visit you!
You think the system is gonna accept
that a Black kid from the hood
owns a bougie café?
I understand you want out.
But you're in too deep, brother.
Stop the car.
Pull over, damn it!
You wanted to bring me down,
you fucking rat!
You've been manipulating me
the whole time, motherfucker.
I'm the only one who didn't notice.
But that's over now.
You're done, asshole.
Listen, man
- It wasn't personal.
- Why did you do it, then?
It'd been a while
since a big fish went down.
But why me, damn it?
You said you were leaving us,
you were basically out.
You opened a café with dirty money.
Better to target you, who were out,
than someone who could harm me,
who could harm us, brothers!
You were right, Messinho.
No one would ever buy
a Black kid from the hood
owning a fancy café.
You told me that.
That's right, Nando.
And I went down anyway.
There's a place for everyone.
I'm not the one making the rules.
I know, brother.
Can we start over?
All right, brother.
To our new endeavors, partner.
Damn, ND. Now you're talking.
All right, brother.
Spike it, Badá.
What's that for, Nando?
Give him a blue pill, Pulga.
What's one more? Right, bro?
Enjoy your drink, Messinho.
Are you fucking with me?
Drink it.
- What is this, ND?
- Fucking take it!
Can you imagine if the family knew
he was ratting out our brothers?
So shameful, Messinho.
Drink it up, motherfucker! Fucking do it!
Better to die as a limp dick
than to die as a traitor.
Drink this shit!
Hey, Nando.
I'll hunt you in hell, motherfucker!
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