Sintonia (2019) s04e07 Episode Script


Listen to me.
[Scheyla] No.
I'll only leave through the front door.
My children will have a mother.
Even if it's just on visiting days.
Scheyla, listen to me.
[door opens]
I need to hang up, Nando.
[tense music playing]
We'll have four men with rifles outside
to shoot at the guards.
Our sisters on the inside
will be armed too.
I'm getting my wife out of there, bro.
I'll smuggle the weapons in
using their food supply truck.
That's right.
And your wife?
Leave that to me.
[theme music playing]
Now tell me,
how do you feel about
the hearing coming up?
Mr. William said you have good chances.
Justice was on your side before.
I'm sure it will be again.
You have to believe.
The system isn't good to people like me.
Back then,
it was either God or luck that saved me.
And what if it was God?
Why would He abandon you now?
What if He already did?
God is love, but He's also justice.
And I was a criminal, Rita.
Yeah. You were.
But you regret it now.
You chose a new path.
You're a born-again Christian.
I know you have a great future ahead.
And you'll live it in freedom,
with me by your side.
[cell phone buzzes]
An order. Gotta go.
Go on, give me a kiss.
[calm music playing]
[Jaspion] Things are coming together, huh?
[Doni] Yeah, but it still ain't much.
Can't wait for them to blow up.
Here's the strategy.
We'll find our artists,
record them, produce them, sell tickets,
and then promote them.
You know your stuff, huh?
All right. We have MLK, who's awesome.
Nuevo's off the charts too.
Now we need a girl.
For sure, bro.
A girl.
[funk music playing]
[cell phone buzzes]
Are you there?
I need your help.
You're the only one I can trust.
What's going on?
I'm breaking Scheyla out of prison, Rita.
I know it's a big thing to ask,
but please, help me.
Make her listen to me and trust me.
She won't last long in there,
and I don't know
how much time I've got left.
I'm doing all I can, Rita.
All to break her out of there,
but she has to be on board.
I need your help
to get my kids out of Brazil.
It's my only chance
of reuniting with my family.
You know I love you, right?
You know I love your kids.
I really want your family to be happy.
But think about what you're asking me!
Have you considered
that this could ruin my life?
Huh, Nando?
You're asking me to commit a crime!
I never meant to harm you.
But I promise you.
I won't let
anything happen to you, trust me.
You already did.
You can't control everything, Nando.
You can't. Accept that.
This is for them, Rita.
Stop telling yourself that, Nando!
Just stop!
Think about what you're asking me.
You don't even realize it.
You don't even realize
you're always putting people at risk.
You're always putting
your loved ones at risk, Nando!
I'm sorry, sister.
I'm sorry.
Think about it, Rita. Please.
You're all I've got.
Sit down and twerk
This girl's like a gymnast ♪
She likes to twirl around
She deserves a gold medal ♪
What's up, everyone?
I'm here to tell y'all
that VA Records is looking for artists,
so send your songs my way,
and I'll give them a listen myself, okay?
[funk music playing]
[tense music playing]
What's up?
Driver's too scared?
He'll keep to his route, bro.
Won't work with us.
He's the only one who can get in, homie.
We could always kidnap him
and swap him with one of ours.
No way, man. Too risky.
We gotta think of something else, okay?
[tense music playing]
Yesterday I said I loved you
But today I'm over you ♪
I don't care, I don't care ♪
Obvious copycat.
Mama always told me
To look people in the eye ♪
Gotta respect everyone ♪
This is crap, man.
[tense music playing]
This is just the first installment.
Do your job right
and the rest is all yours.
You'll have enough to retire if you want.
Get a new life.
There's a woodworking shop
in there, right?
No, not anymore.
But they're building a sewing workshop.
Are the sewing machines there yet?
They're expecting them soon.
What's the supplier company?
I can find out for you.
Listen to me.
I need the name of the company ASAP.
And I need you to transfer Scheyla
to this workshop.
Bribe whoever you need to.
Some of our sisters will be in on it.
All right? Just relax.
[funk music playing]
- Have a good one.
- Thanks. Love you.
[Heloísa gasps]
You're two lovebirds, huh?
You okay?
- What's going on?
- Look, Heloísa
I never told you this,
but Cleyton is an ex-con.
The date for his hearing is approaching.
I had no idea.
You've been dealing with that
all this time? I'm sorry.
I don't even know what to say.
I've never been through
anything like that.
Don't worry about it.
Cleyton thinks it was God or plain luck
that got him out last time.
I think the world is crazy nowadays.
Everything's so confusing.
But to leave it up to God
Do you think it's enough?
I don't know.
I don't know.
The only thing I'm sure of
is that just like man's faith can waver,
man's justice can fail.
[cell phone buzzes]
I have something to take care of.
See you in class.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- We'll talk later.
- Sure.
When I show up on a bike
My homies are in awe ♪
I ain't no average Joe
I was born to be the boss ♪
Come and turn on your fire
'Cause I have an extinguisher ♪
I'll spray my foam on you
And bring your heat down ♪
[funk music playing]
Yo, yo, MC Doni! This is Larety singing.
I've sent you a few videos,
but you ignored them.
Check out this song,
I'm sure you'll like it.
Girls from the hood
Know how to sing to the beat ♪
Those who put me down
Now are asking for a feat ♪
A shout-out to my friends
Who have helped me without meddling ♪
I'm from Vila Áurea
And in the hood, people want more of me ♪
Yo, I had a rough beginning
Make no mistake ♪
But my dreams are coming true ♪
Hey, Jaspion!
Here's our new towel model.
Hey, Jaspion!
Check this out.
Easy, man, you'll scare away my clients!
Dude, I found this awesome girl.
With this trio, we can start our work.
Check it out.
When I come in, tensions run high
I've got an unparalleled flow ♪
Goddamn, man.
- Check it out.
- So dope, man.
[funk music ends]
[tense music playing]
What are you doing outside my school?
Have you lost your mind?
I'm sorry, Rita.
But I need an answer.
You didn't give me time to think!
Scheyla's still there.
I need to do something!
You're out of it, brother.
I work at an institute now, Nando.
I'm at a great point in my life!
I'm working with what I love,
I'm helping people, Nando.
If I do what you're asking me,
I'll be throwing it all away.
Let me tell you.
What I've achieved so far is huge.
Let's focus on Scheyla's due process.
Let's use the justice system in our favor!
You know very well
that justice is blind for us.
Look at Cleyton.
Look at Cleyton.
The system took its time,
but it was fair to him!
Cleyton's free.
And he'll stay free,
'cause I'm fighting for him.
Same goes for Scheyla.
What system, Rita?
I'm the one who got Cleyton out.
It was my money that freed him!
Do you really think he'd be with you
if it were up to a judge?
I can't believe this.
I can't believe this!
I've been living a lie all this time?
Is that it?
Do you know how much this lie
has affected my life?
If we don't help ourselves,
who's gonna help us?
We can't control everything, Rita,
but we can do our best, you know?
You don't have to resort to crime
to fix a fucking injustice!
You don't have to!
I'm the one who got Formiga out of jail.
And I'd do that a thousand times over.
You owe me nothing, Rita.
You owe me nothing.
I can't believe this.
Your plan is too risky.
All I need is an answer.
[Doni] Let's color-code the tracks,
it's easier to understand.
- Yo! What's up?
- Hey, man. What's up?
Let me introduce you
to our new partner, Larety.
- Hey there.
- Welcome.
If you ever need help with anything,
this is your go-to guy.
- So he's the big shot, huh?
- Yeah.
Hey, have you slept?
Eaten anything? Showered?
Nah, stayed up all night working on this.
All right, from the intro.
Stop at "dread minor".
- For sure.
- Three, two, one, and
I came from street fights
Freestyle battles and rap ciphers ♪
The flow man, the showman
The master of trap flows ♪
In the darkest night
I saved my life and the lives of many ♪
I'm known all around
You know who I am, the dread minor ♪
- Cool. Nailed it.
- [laughs]
Now the chorus, right?
Bro, I have something new.
I think you'll like it.
Then sing it before the chorus.
- Right now?
- Go back a bit for him. Go ahead.
Yeah, yeah ♪
Wherever I go, girls say
"It's Nuevo, it's Nuevo, it's Nuevo" ♪
The MVP in my hood
Is Nuevo, is Nuevo, is Nuevo ♪
I'm filling my pockets with cash
I send my regards to my friends ♪
I'm a real talent from the ghetto
The man of the hour is Nuevo ♪
- That was awesome!
- It's Nuevo!
- It's Nuevo, it's Nuevo!
- Awesome!
Your mind's gone haywire
I'm on another level, I had an epiphany ♪
A godsend conductor
Leading a flow symphony ♪
My enemies, my rivals
Eeny meeny miny moe, oh ♪
I'm gettin' excited now, flow
I keep to my synchrony ♪
- [Doni] All right!
- You guys like that?
- Goddamn!
- Kept that to yourself, huh?
I'm the man!
Hey, MLK. Time to learn
what a good speed flow sounds like.
No. You ain't challenging
Daddy here, right?
- Can she deliver?
- Bring it up!
I had a rough beginning
Make no mistake ♪
But my dreams are coming true ♪
I'm still struggling, life ain't easy ♪
It hit me so hard
I had to fight back ♪
I'm always fighting and winning
Growing stronger before growing up ♪
This lioness once sang for free ♪
Those who mocked me
Now pay to see me ♪
While the beat is dropping, yo ♪
When I come in, tensions run high
I've got an unparalleled flow ♪
With no other option
I just go for it ♪
Life's always been hard
Choosing to kill or be killed ♪
Now you ask, "Who believed in me?"
If there's no one, believe in yourself ♪
Girls from the hood
Know how to sing to the beat ♪
Those who put me down
Now are asking for a feat ♪
A shout-out to my friends
Who have helped me without meddling ♪
I came from Vila Áurea
And in the hood, people want more of me ♪
Goddamn! That's our MVP!
You can ask for more now. [laughs]
JOHN 8:32
[eerie music playing]
[steps approaching]
[Sueli] Rita?
Have you missed the house of God?
I've missed you, Sueli.
You look tired.
Come, sit with me.
What happened?
[Rita sighs]
Do you think the truth makes us free?
Or does it imprison us?
Well, Rita, I don't question the Bible.
But I could.
God gave us free will, after all.
We're meant to question things.
I wish I could still believe the lie
that Cleyton was freed by justice.
Man's and God's.
Oh, Sueli
Truth is, one man's justice freed him.
And he doesn't even know it.
But I keep telling him to have faith.
To trust the system.
To believe in God's mercy.
And for what?
Do you think the truth can free him?
My dear, you seem to be drowning in doubt.
I can't be sure of anything.
I'm not sure I'll go to Heaven.
I do bad things
to help those in a living hell.
- Come on, now.
- Me, who's in Law School.
What are you saying, Rita?
Sometimes it's hard to understand
the ways of the Lord.
Yes, He is the God of justice.
But, above all else, God is love.
And He is forgiving.
He doesn't want perfect people
by His side.
He wants good-hearted people.
And that you certainly are.
Look, there are 150 potential clients,
just the ones from the hood.
They're gonna be cool with us.
I'm sending you our video.
Damn, bro. You're fired up, huh?
You've no idea, bro.
We gotta sell tickets, turn a profit.
- Got the hang of it, huh?
- I learned from the best.
In fact, I'm headed to the barbershop
to take care of some things.
- Okay.
- And listen, bro.
You need a shower.
[somber music playing]
They won't suspect a thing at the prison.
Hell yeah, it fits.
Fuckin' A.
All good, bro.
This is it.
Next one.
All right.
[funk music playing]
[kids yelling]
Thank you for coming.
I don't know if you'll thank me
after what I'm about to say.
- I'm not even sure you'll want to listen.
- What's going on?
Listen to what he has to say.
I'm tired of having false hope.
This isn't about you, Scheyla.
It's about your children and your family.
I'm leaving this place, Rita.
Through the front door.
I'm not taking any chances.
If I behave,
my children will have a mother.
You of all people should understand.
Look, Scheyla,
I get it.
But listen to what he has to say.
Give him a chance.
Look, and I can't believe I'm saying this,
but trusting him might be
your only chance.
Only talented artists.
VA Records-certified.
We've got good equipment, that fog thingy
Say "effect"!
I'll headline it.
Yeah, and Doni will be the headliner.
All right, then. Sure. Bye.
Damn, bro. No one's buying in.
Don't give up, we're just starting.
After the first gig, we're set.
And don't call it "fog thingy",
say "special effect" or they'll bail out.
Call this one.
[funk music playing]
That's right.
We've got great artists, good equipment,
only top-notch stuff.
Even a fog machine.
Put me on speaker.
[whispers] Say something!
Hey, bro. What's up? This is MC Doni.
[man] Hey, pleasure talking to you.
Good afternoon.
Well, as I told your agent there,
we can pay 20k for the four of you.
It's just that 20k only covers my fee.
The other ones are newbies.
I'm doing you a favor.
[whispers] What's the name of this place?
[whispers] Night Bomb.
Night Bomb?
Dude, how about this?
You pay us 15k upfront,
and we get 50% of the ticket sales.
[whispers] Nice!
[man] All right. It's a deal.
Okay, then. Deal. Thanks.
Cool, thanks.
Goddamn, homie!
We did it.
What's wrong, man?
You don't look happy.
I'm worried 'cause I don't know the place.
Let's promote the shit out of this.
- Dude, it's gonna work. C'mon.
- Yeah, it's gonna work.
[tense music playing]
Our men are here, bro.
[cell phone buzzes]
[Nando] Scheyla?
I didn't want to drag Rita into this.
But it was the only way
to make you trust me.
Just promise me one thing.
Will our kids have a mother?
They'll have a mother and a father.
We're leaving this hell behind us.
It's you and me
against the world, Scheyla.
You probably regret it, right?
Going on that date with me.
But that's still the best day of my life.
And there are more days like that
ahead of us.
Listen to me now.
The plan's moving forward in there.
I'm the one breaking you out, so relax.
Just follow the instructions
and stay close to Irani.
She's in on it, okay?
Trust me, honey. Please, trust me.
We'll have our family back.
And we'll keep good memories of the past.
I promise you.
I love you.
I love you too.
Hey, everyone! What's up?
I'm here to ask y'all
if you're coming to Doni's Party.
Every VA Records artist
will be performing.
See y'all in there, all right?
And whoever engages the most
with this post gets a prize. Peace.
Listen up, I've sent you my video,
use it as a model.
I wanna see all of you promoting it,
we need this to work. Peace.
[Irani] Inmate count.
Will you miss me?
If things go south,
you'll all be in trouble too.
It's almost time.
Whatever you need, it's there.
[door cracks]
[door closes]
[whispers] Time to fly.
Fuck yeah!
Fuck yeah!
Hey there, fam!
Vila Áurea is throwing a party tonight!
Y'all gotta go!
Yo, fam. Larety here.
I wanna invite y'all to Doni's Party.
Yo, my boys and my girls. MC Nuevo here.
I want you all
to go to Doni's Party. Peace!
Hey, fam! MLK here!
Come have fun at Doni's Party tonight!
Hey there, y'all. MC Luzi here.
I'm inviting everyone to Doni's Party.
[cell phone buzzes]
Hey, Ms. Lucrécia.
Calling to ask if I've moved out?
Son, you have to come home.
We need to talk.
What's going on?
I've received an offer
for the grocery store.
[tense music playing]
So? Did you take it?
Oh, son. I just couldn't.
So I asked for more.
And they agreed.
So it's happening?
Your father spent his whole life
building this place.
[voice breaking] It's like
he was still here, you know?
Yeah. It's hard for me too, Mom.
But we don't need the store
to keep Dad's memory alive.
He's always with us.
Besides, he'd be proud of you.
- You're a businesswoman now.
- Oh!
Remember when I knocked over the shelves?
Dad was furious.
[Lucrécia laughs, sniffles]
Do you think I should sell it?
Dad's proud of us, Mom.
He'd want to help your business.
My business is taking shape.
This place was built by you two.
Come now, son. Half of this is yours.
No, Mom.
You can keep it. You deserve it.
[melancholic music playing]
[Doni] I love you.
[Lucrécia] I love you, sweetie.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[tense music playing]
It's time, brother.
Let's go.
We gotta be quick.
Can't mess this up, homie.
[Pulga] All right.
[tense music playing]
It's all here like Xavier said.
Okay. These right here, come on.
That's it, bro. We're good to go.
Come on.
Let's move, y'all.
[tense music intensifies]
[prison warden] Inmate count!
[door opens]
Scheyla Camargo Lima, 110483.
You're going
to the sewing workshop tomorrow.
[line ringing]
[cell phone rings]
Hi, Rita.
Ms. Laura? How are you doing?
I'm doing fine. And you?
Ms. Laura, I went to visit Scheyla
and I told her I missed the kids.
They're at the daycare now.
Yeah, I thought so.
Actually, I wanted to know
if I could have them tomorrow.
I'll have to ask their mother.
I'll visit her on Saturday and ask her.
Then I'll get back to you, okay?
You don't have to. She says it's okay.
She's cool with it.
She's worried about you.
You know,
raising children is a lot of work.
We should share this responsibility.
All right, dear. I really am tired.
Yeah, I can imagine.
You're a warrior, Ms. Laura.
Thank you.
Of course, my dear.
[tense music playing]
Is our lookout there yet?
We'll know as soon as the truck leaves.
All right. And our men?
Are they at the prison?
All set, bro. We're all set.
This can't go wrong. Got it?
When that truck leaves,
the pilot's taking us in by chopper.
All right, bro. It's gonna work. Let's go.
Come on, y'all. Move out.
Let's make this shit happen!
- Well, that was fast, right?
- [Larety] Faster than I thought.
Hey, man. Looking good, huh?
- So handsome.
- My barber's the best.
- Y'all ready for tonight?
- [all] Damn right, let's do this.
Why aren't you drinking? Take a sip.
- Nah, only after work.
- [Larety] Say what?
And take care of your voices.
Go easy on the ice and the smoking.
Oh, come on now.
- All right, c'mon.
- Let's do this.
- [Larety] Stop that.
- [Jaspion] We're just smoking pot.
[Larety] Hey, entrepreneur!
That's what I call hip-hop.
Every day with this now?
[Jaspion] For crying out loud.
5:48 P.M.
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
Thank you. No, of course.
Thank you very much.
Excuse me.
- Everything okay?
- Hey.
[hesitates] I wanted to ask you a favor.
If possible, of course.
Can I come in a bit later tomorrow?
I have to take care of my nephews.
Yeah, of course.
- You caught me at a good time.
- Oh, good.
- Can I show you something?
- Sure.
Oh, they're so beautiful. Who are they?
They're my sons.
- No way.
- Yes. My kids.
They're beautiful. Congratulations!
- You deserve it.
- Thank you.
Roberto and I will pick them up next week.
[Rita] Oh.
Four years for the adoption to go through.
- Four years?
- Crazy, right?
- Lord have mercy.
- Yeah.
This was our dream, Rita. My dream.
To be a father. To have a family.
I'm glad you kept fighting. Really.
In the end, it was worth
every second of waiting.
You'll feel even better next week.
You're right. You're right, Rita.
Justice may be slow, but it prevails.
Think about it.
At another time, this would never happen.
- Oh, certainly.
- Right?
The system has many working pieces,
but we have to learn how to use them.
[melancholic music playing]
Go on, now. Go see your nephews.
Thank you.
Maybe one day your nephews
can meet my kids.
One day.
Go celebrate! Congrats!
Thank you.
[tense music playing]
[cell phone buzzes]
[tense music intensifies]
[cell phone buzzes]
[Pulga] There he is, bro.
I told you, he's on time.
But the truck is late, man.
This can't go wrong, bro.
What do we do, then? We wait?
What now, Nando?
Go get that dumb fuck.
Yo, get in the car, come on.
- Get in the fucking car, go!
- No, wait.
Close the damn door.
All I have is my phone. Let me go, please.
Do I look like a pickpocket to you, fool?
I'm a fucking gangsta.
Listen to me, Carlos Soares.
I won't ask you to do anything
you don't already do every day, got it?
But one sudden movement, homie
and you and your family will pay.
Now hit the gas already.
Damn, y'all. We already have fans!
- [Doni] Brace yourself for the haters.
- [Nuevo] Let's go!
Guys, we can't lose the audience, okay?
[Larety] Damn right.
If a song doesn't bomb,
move on to the next.
[Doni] That's right.
And don't forget to relax
and enjoy the show.
- It's hard, though.
- Everyone ready?
- [Larety] Yeah, come on.
- Gimme your glass, you're up.
- Let's do this.
- All right?
- [man] And now, MLK!
- Go, MLK!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
[MLK] Hang on.
[crowd complains]
[MLK] Hey. The mic's not working.
- [microphone feedback]
- Sound. Mic check, one, two.
It's working! Drop the beat, DJ!
I'm living a double life ♪
If you mess with me
In the end, your life will be forfeit ♪
Think before you cross me ♪
I won't take it lying down
I'm a scapegoat ♪
Your mind's gone haywire
I had an epiphany ♪
A godsend conductor
Leading a flow symphony ♪
My enemies are dead to me, bam
Eeny meeny miny moe, oh ♪
I'm getting excited now, flow
I keep to my synchrony ♪
[crowd cheers]
Fuck yeah!
All right, man! You nailed it!
The best feeling of my life. I'm serious.
- How was it?
- Goddamn!
Girls from the hood
Know how to sing to the beat ♪
Those who put me down
Now are asking for a feat ♪
A shout-out to my friends
Who have helped me without meddling ♪
I came from Vila Áurea
And in the hood, people want more of me ♪
I had a rough beginnin', make no mistake
But my dreams are comin' true ♪
I'm still struggling, life ain't easy ♪
It hit me so hard
I had to fight back ♪
I'm always fighting and winning
Growing stronger before growing up ♪
This lioness once sang for free ♪
Those who mocked me
Now pay to see me ♪
While the beat is dropping, yo ♪
Come on, Larety!
She's doing fucking great!
Life's always been hard
Choosin' to kill or be killed ♪
Now I ask myself who believed in me
If there's no one, trust in yourself ♪
[Doni] Your turn now.
Go ahead, you're the boss.
Don't be nervous, go.
One, yeah! Two, yeah! Get your hands up!
Wherever I go, girls say
"It's Nuevo, it's Nuevo, it's Nuevo" ♪
The MVP in my hood
Is Nuevo, is Nuevo, is Nuevo ♪
I'm filling my pockets with cash
Send my regards to real friends ♪
I'm a real talent from the ghetto
The man of the hour is Nuevo ♪
I've never been about opulence
Money or fame ♪
But if I'm rich today
It's due to my rhymes ♪
I owe it to God
And also to my family, yo ♪
With lots of energy
And their hands up in the air ♪
They yell for blood
As I kill another one in the war ♪
I always crush these guys
I never waver in the fight ♪
Blood ♪
[tense music playing]
[cell phone buzzes]
You know what happens
if you try anything, right, buddy?
[funk music playing]
- Final stretch, bro. Go on.
- Let's go.
He's gonna shine.
Yo, yo, my fam!
[crowd cheers]
All my homies,
get your hands up in the air!
It's tough but we're on the grind ♪
Following God's plan ♪
Love keeps us going
Even when it's rough ♪
Our hood's come far
Let's show off our stuff ♪
Them cops are oppressors ♪
Shooting down hardworking folks
Causing alarm ♪
I belong to the funk
I'm no white collar ♪
No suit or tie
I'm just another blue collar ♪
Please, forgive me ♪
I'm a hit today
But I've struggled a lot before ♪
If I fall, I confess
I get up and go fight again ♪
Forgive my sins so I can survive ♪
Please, forgive me ♪
I know today's different
I'm thinking ahead ♪
I want peace in my hood ♪
Because if it weren't for us
It would've been all gone ♪
I turned my struggles into motivation ♪
Getting back on my feet
Was my inspiration ♪
A thousand try to bring me down
But I stand tall ♪
Envy me all you want
But God gave me my all ♪
If it has to be
Let the light shine over it ♪
Seek the light when you're in the dark ♪
If you want to win, you gotta believe ♪
I told you everything was gonna change ♪
You only know hardship
If you've endured it ♪
You only feel the pain
If you live this reality ♪
Do you believe in the miracle
Or in the pastor? ♪
In the truth, in life, or the Creator? ♪
[crowd cheers]
Come up here, VA family!
Come on, make some noise!
This is VA!
[crowd] This is VA!
Thank you so much!
[tense music playing]
[keyboard beeping]
You fucking with us?
- No, wait!
- Come on!
[door unlocks]
- [Pulga] Fucking move!
- Calm down!
[Pulga] Don't look at me, fool.
Here, MC Doni. Your payment, in cash.
- Thanks, man.
- We do things by the books.
- [Doni] Cool.
- But you tricked me tonight.
What do you mean?
You filled the house
and got half the ticket sales!
[man laughs]
- That was great, man!
- All right.
Very good. Bring more artists over.
- You got it. Peace.
- See ya.
- We did it, bro.
- Yeah.
[tense music playing]
[gun cocks]
I'm only gonna say this once.
I ain't got nothing against you, okay?
You're an honest worker.
Just do as you're told
and you walk away free. Got it?
[cell phone buzzes]
Hurry the fuck up!
Gonna keep moving at a snail's pace?
- Finish it!
- [panting]
We've just passed a trial by fire, gang!
That's just what we needed, man.
Damn right.
Now we gotta keep going, just like this.
[Jaspion] Holy shit!
Be careful, man. What the fuck?
Don't move! Give me all your money!
- Hands up!
- [Doni] We've just finished a gig.
- [thief] Come on!
- Doni, do something, man!
- [thief] Shut up!
- He's armed.
Give me your money! Hurry up!
- Do you know who he's friends with?
- [thief] Shut up!
Who do you answer to?
- No one, man.
- Then give me the fucking money! Hurry up!
[melancholic music playing]
Relax, sis.
Inmates, you'll help set up the workshop
due to a delay with the delivery.
Gotta work hard today. Come on!
[tense music playing]
- [cell phone buzzing]
- [Rita sighs]
Thank you for coming.
Shouldn't you be with your nephews?
What happened?
Look, I wanted to thank you
for everything you've been doing for me.
I brought you here
'cause you're from the hood.
I think this will help you understand
what I have to say.
[William] Okay. Go ahead.
I'm embarrassed.
I've asked you so many favors
But now it's urgent.
- I've got no one else
- Take it easy.
Take it easy.
You haven't asked me any favors.
You've asked for favors
from the institute. We're good.
Remember my childhood friend?
- Scheyla's husband.
- Yes.
He asked me a favor.
His family's at risk,
and I'm the only one who can help him.
Thing is
it wouldn't be legal.
I don't know what to do. I just don't.
Well, are you asking me
as a friend or as a lawyer?
Because I don't know what to say.
As a friend, maybe I'd be in your place,
asking you the same thing.
But as a lawyer,
you know the risks. Right?
[sighs] Listen, Rita.
I have friends like him.
Exactly like him.
I grew up in the hood, like you.
But sometimes we want to help
and just end up getting screwed.
We're always at risk.
But, for the love of God,
isn't there any other way?
[tense music playing]
Just go, damn it! It's time already!
- Calm the fuck down.
- You do your job right, homie.
- It'll be a short trip.
- Okay.
[cell phone buzzes]
Nando? Abort the prison break.
Abort the prison break, Nando.
I'm sorry. Abort the prison break.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Abort the prison break, Nando!
Can you hear me, Nando?
[funk music playing]
[funk music ends]
[calm music playing]
[calm music ends]
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