Sintonia (2019) s04e08 Episode Script

A entrega

Nando, what you're doing is crazy!
Can you hear me?
Abort the prison break, now!
For the love of God!
Nando, I'm sorry. I don't have your kids.
I can't help you, I'm scared.
I can't do it.
No! Rita!
- I'm sorry, brother. I can't do it.
- Rita! Please!
- Can you hear me?
- Rita, please, don't do this!
Stop this shit, damn it!
- Stop this shit!
- The fuck, Nando?
Now, man! Goddamn it! Stop this shit!
What the fuck, man?
- Sweetheart.
- Dad?
Come to Daddy.
- Daddy loves you.
- Love you too.
I've missed you, Daddy!
How are you, Ms. Laura?
I'm fine, son.
Can I hold this big boy?
You've grown so much!
You've grown so much, Son!
Your brother's winning! Look!
Never forget about Daddy, sweetie.
I'll always love you.
Thank you.
There you go.
Do you like it?
Do you have change?
- You can keep the change.
- Thanks.
- Stop right there!
- Hands up!
You're busted!
Busted, motherfucker.
Hands behind your head.
You know why I'm here, right?
Huh, ND?
It's all over for you now, you fucker.
Stand back!
Let's go, come on.
Take him!
It's all good, it's all right.
Come on, give them some space.
Sit down.
I don't even know why you're here.
How do you think Scheyla is doing?
How do you think I feel?
How am I supposed to take
those fucking weapons out of the prison?
I'm sorry, Nando.
I'm sorry, brother.
I know I screwed up your plans
last minute, and I'm sorry.
But I tried!
I swear I tried.
I called Ms. Laura.
I didn't tell Cleyton or Doni anything.
I really wanted to help you,
but I couldn't.
Do you think my life is easy, Rita?
I know it isn't.
Damn, Nando. I know it isn't.
But I couldn't do it.
I couldn't help you that way.
I just couldn't.
Nando, I could be charged with kidnapping.
The kidnapping of my own nephews.
How would I face Ms. Laura?
Don't wanna help me? Fine.
- But don't screw me over!
- I wanted to help you.
I wanted to help you and you know it.
I was thinking of you, okay?
Of your life and your children's lives!
That's why I didn't help!
I'm not killing all of you! I'm not!
I couldn't. I couldn't be a part of it.
They could shoot at the helicopter
and kill you and Scheyla.
They could shoot at the car on the road
and kill your children!
I will never let that happen!
Do you hear me?
I want to help you. But not like this.
I'm gonna turn myself in, Rita.
I'm tired.
I just want my wife to live.
I'm sorry.
I didn't want this.
I need to know you're with me, Rita.
I'll always be by your side.
And if that's what you're doing,
we have to do it right.
Let's think.
We can
We can make a deal.
I'll talk to Mr. William.
I'm sure he'll help us
find a way to free Scheyla.
Listen, Your Honor, you know.
I know too. Everybody knows.
Some individuals are serving time
because of others.
Despite the indictment
of these individuals,
the true criminals remain at large.
William, I fail to see
the point of this meeting.
Tell me something I don't know, please.
A lot of people are being locked up
because of a single person.
And this single person
is trying to find a way
for these other people
to leave prison through the front door.
- And this person has good intentions?
- Yes.
He's big.
He's a top dog in organized crime.
And he wants to negotiate.
You're not trying to bribe me,
are you, William?
No, of course not. Come on now.
I wouldn't be here
if this was a financial proposition.
You're the only person I can trust.
Who is he?
I'm a big fish.
The politicians want my head
to get re-elected.
Use that in my favor.
I will.
I will.
Trust me. I won't leave any loose ends.
Luiz Fernando.
Also known as ND from VA in the hood.
Accused of drug trafficking,
racketeering, homicide,
drug conspiracy, and so on.
I'll have someone look into it.
The one serving his sentence is his wife.
She'd always look the other way.
But listen, Estela, that's my point.
She's in prison as punishment to him.
Tell that lawyer
that I put a gun to Formiga's head.
- That I forced him to drive for me.
- No.
- You don't have to do that.
- I do.
- You don't have to.
- It's the right thing to do!
We'll be sending a clear message
to their organization.
Okay. We'll be saying, "We won't give in."
- "We won't be corrupted."
- William.
You know the law as well as I do.
This type of agreement, surrender,
whatever you call it,
it's not common,
so I have to study the case.
I don't know
what kind of precedent it would set.
So calm down. I'll be in touch.
All right?
One more thing.
It has to look like I've been caught.
If the organization finds out
I'm turning myself over, Rita,
they will kill me.
Do you understand? They will kill me.
Got it.
- We're gonna make this work.
- I'm trusting you with my life.
You can trust me.
You can trust me.
I love you.
I love you so much.
So much.
I'll never get used to this shit.
Me neither, man.
Hey, sorry for this shitty situation.
It's cool.
It's just weird to talk like this.
You know what's awesome, though?
Seeing the man you've become, bro.
For real.
You know what I was
thinking of the other day?
When they stole your song,
you grabbed my gun and went after Dondoka.
But then you blew up.
Made tons of feats.
Built a great career.
- But damn, you used to be a screwup, bro!
- Are you scolding me?
No, I'm just saying
I haven't forgotten, bro.
But seriously now.
I'm very proud of you, Doni.
Thanks, man.
You know what's crazy?
When you were a big shot,
you kept messing up.
Now that life is tough,
you're being super responsible, you know?
Things happened fast, right?
I gained traction,
then suddenly I took off.
That took hard work.
And some say it was just luck.
It might've been luck.
But luck only comes
for those who work hard.
I heard you people got mugged, bro.
Why didn't you come to me?
I didn't want to bother you.
You have your own problems.
I'm the one who bought
the grocery store, Doni.
I didn't say anything 'cause I knew
you were going through a rough patch.
Now I get it.
Of course it was you, man.
You know what made me smile, bro?
For real?
You left all the money to your mom.
That was fucking awesome.
It's the least I could do.
She did everything for us, bro.
I love you, man.
I love you too.
My real luck was having you by my side.
Yo, Nuevo.
I have some new drafts for our song.
What do you think of this verse?
Bro, I think it works.
- Hey, y'all. What's up?
- Hi, how's it going?
Cheer up, guys, we can't be sad right now.
A common thief isn't bringing us down.
We go through so much.
We ain't letting this get to us.
Yeah, we are VA Records. Heart and soul.
- And we're making an awesome song.
- Damn right.
I wanna take a look.
I'll follow your lead.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
That's the MC Doni I know.
I'm Manager Doni, from VA Records.
Now we're making content for social media.
We gotta go viral, you know?
And you know how it is.
A quiet MC is a forgotten MC.
Don't even say that.
Let's just stick to the plan.
What's the plan?
Hey, Larety, I can write the chorus,
but I'm gonna need some beatboxing.
All right!
Larety is always talking nonsense
Can't see her talent
Not even with a scope
She melts when I spit my bars
'Cuz when MLK is doing rhymes
You know it will be fire
Sure, use your scope
But in the struggle, there's no scope
Talent is a point of view
You ain't got that
This is the real deal
If it's talent we need
You just won't cut it
I'm gonna cut it
'Cuz I rhyme on trap beats
You can't score at all
Not even in basketball
That's why you disappoint me
Wanna write me a rhyme?
Gotta get sharp
I am sharp, I never disappoint
You're the disappointment
With your pre-written bars
I mean, come on, here's the thing
"MLK can't even rhyme"
Exclamation point
You saying I have pre-written rhymes?
Now I'll make you stumble
Like a dizzy cockroach
You know I ain't a fool
I think you need to go to the dentist
For God's sake, stop spitting
You're the roach here
And brace yourself
'Cuz I'm about to whack ya
Careful now, boy
This is the thing
Gotta pay attention
And write your own bars
That's right.
The egg truck is on the street.
The egg truck is right here.
Come, we have big, well-selected eggs.
Get them for just ten reais.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Just a sec.
Listen, men's clothes are downstairs.
What's this, boy? I can't believe it!
Hello, dear!
- All good?
- How are you, man?
Dude, I heard you almost died.
Nah, I'm okay now. Don't worry.
Did you go back to Vila Áurea?
Yeah, that's why I'm here.
I have a new project. Are you free?
Yeah, I am.
My audience can wait. Right, audience?
Anyway, man, tell me what's up.
Well, I don't know if you've seen my post.
I'm building a record label in Vila Áurea.
VA Records.
I gathered some rapper kids from the hood,
and we're writing a song.
And since you're an inspiration to us,
I came here to ask for your help.
Oh, I see.
I'm happy that you thought of me,
but man, this is my life now.
The music industry
has screwed me over, Doni.
I'm done with it.
I'm not asking for you
to go back to your music career.
I want help with this one project.
Oh, yeah?
So what would I do?
Give the kids a lecture?
Sort of.
Did you like anything, sir?
Buy a shirt for Luzi.
In reality, this young man, Cleyton,
had no way of knowing
what would happen to him that day.
He had no idea. None at all.
Can you imagine growing up with a friend,
living in the same neighborhood,
playing together,
then growing up to find out
that that friend had become a criminal?
Then suddenly,
out of nowhere,
that friend kidnaps this young man,
holds him at gunpoint,
and forces him to drive a car for him.
'Sup, fucker? Step on it, man. Step on it!
And he's not alone.
There are two armed gangsters in the car.
I don't know about you,
but I'd be frightened out of my mind.
Your Honor, was Cleyton in that car? Yes.
Did he fire a gun? No.
Quite the opposite.
This young man
is as much a victim of ND
as those who were murdered.
Open that.
Do you like it?
- Thanks, bro.
- No worries.
If not now, when will I get out?
If I ever get out.
I wish I had your grit, man.
I admire you.
But I can't.
Godspeed, bro.
Pray for us.
With this evidence, then, it becomes clear
that the defendant had no knowledge
about her husband's crimes.
He is the criminal.
She is just another woman, another mother
who has suffered at her husband's hands.
And he, unlike her,
is a really wicked criminal.
An extremely dangerous delinquent.
ND from VA.
everything will be okay.
Well, with that in mind
I acquit Scheyla Camargo Lima
of all charges.
I find the defendant not guilty.
Cleyton is a young man
who succumbed to crime but left that life.
As such, we welcome back into society
a man who can finally be rehabilitated
in the streets.
With his work, his religion,
and his fiancée.
This way, we avoid the arrest
of another low-income neighborhood man,
stopping him from permanently joining
a criminal organization.
And so I find him
not guilty.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Chairs, tables. Check.
Cool. I checked with Pulga too,
he said it's all good. We're set.
What about the food?
- Check.
- Drinks?
- We've got plenty.
- That's important.
Cool, you're the best.
Did you invite anyone else?
Yeah, we got it. Trust me.
So this is where you do your mess now?
You're back, you son of a bitch!
- What's up?
- All good.
Hey, man! Group hug!
Make yourself comfortable.
Damn, this studio rocks.
- Cool, right?
- You nailed it, kid.
Now tell me.
Shit didn't work with Luan, right?
- I knew it.
- I'm glad you're here, man.
- Check out our work.
- Show me.
- So it's a deal, bro?
- Yeah.
You know what to keep in mind?
No matter how many centuries go by,
the pyramids
always go back to the pharaoh.
Here's the cash for all your stores.
Except for the staircase, bro.
That one goes for Brother Pulga.
All right. Good luck.
Yo, just don't forget one thing.
This might not last forever, all right?
- See ya, boys. Peace out.
- Peace.
See ya, brother. Peace.
Hey, brother.
I wanna thank you for your loyalty.
You've always been by my side.
You deserve this, homie.
This is just the beginning
of a lot of good things in your life.
I'm the one who should thank you.
For real.
Listen, Pulga
No one can know I turned myself in.
You understand?
Let alone Badá.
- You understand?
- Hey, bro
Anyone finds out,
you know who's the snitch.
And who to go after. Right?
All right, bro. Thank you for everything.
- I'm with you, man.
- Same here, bro.
- Thank you for everything.
- You deserve it.
If you bleed, I fucking bleed too.
- That's right.
- Damn right. Thank you.
- I'm with you.
- You're the best.
You too, bro.
Look who's all grown up.
- Damn right.
- That's what I call progress.
Peace out, man.
- See you, bro.
- Fuck yeah.
Want a ride, sister?
- Oh, my darling! I've missed you!
- Hi, Mommy!
I've missed you.
Thank you, Mom.
Come here, sweetie.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
You're out of that hellhole, you hear me?
You're never going back there.
You're free.
Thank you.
Come to Daddy.
Many don't get it
Few can understand.
But revolt
it grows in the heart, you know?
This one's for all of them.
Take it in, brother.
Listen to my story.
You don't know what I lived to get here.
You think I didn't try
to be a good person?
You made me this way.
I'm like this. This is who I am.
Wanna know who raised me?
It was you. I'm a monster to the system.
I'm a monster to my family.
I'm a monster to myself.
So, here's the deal.
Fuck it! Fuck everything!
Listen to this!
Mom, I know I was a drag
Ain't sure if I am worthy
Mom, don't know about your wishes
Everything has a price
Mom, I just wanted a kiss
No second intentions
Mom, in the backstreet I'm selling drugs
Mom, I'm sick of living
Just to impress you
Been to juvie many times
Just for this
I'm strong, why not?
In the lockup, good day
Big venom, sick flow
And it goes on, yo
I mug people, yeah
I rob people, yeah
I'd rather be alone
If I fall, I get back up
My uncle is a fool
Dad's been gone for good
And if they were alive
They'd be drooling over me
One of the state's most wanted men
has been caught.
This individual should never run free.
And I remember this kid.
We've talked about him before.
Nando, aka ND from VA.
So young and so deep in crime.
But it's over. Good, that's one less.
Very well. Let's see what
the public safety secretary has to say.
Our government will make no deals.
We are here to dismantle
this criminal organization
that has been terrifying
our state and our country.
And you can rest assured.
These criminals' days are numbered.
I don't know what to say.
I feel like I've always known
this would happen.
And now I understand.
Sometimes it's like
there are enemies all around us.
But inside
I had to be strong.
I'm a mother!
Now you have to be strong.
I know.
And I need you to be strong out there.
everything I did,
I did for you and our children.
I thought about you every day.
I did everything to reunite our family.
I promise you,
even though I'm in here,
that you'll all be okay.
It's very hard to be okay without you.
Did you know that meeting you
was the best moment of my life?
You're awesome.
You can handle this by yourself.
I'm grateful
for the family you've given me.
It's our family.
I'll be with you to the end.
To the end.
Look at me, honey.
Look at me.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you so much.
Stay strong in there, okay?
I gotta go now.
Your time is over.
Listen, I'm writing this thing,
but I can't find the right melody
and it's pissing me off.
Melody is Miss Trouble's expertise.
I was thinking of something upbeat.
- For the chorus?
- Yeah, and everyone sings along.
- Hey, y'all. What's up?
- Hey there, Doni.
Listen up, I brought someone.
She's influential, I think you know her.
- The cavalry is here!
- It can't be!
No way!
This is crazy!
- What did I tell you?
- Fuck, man!
How's it going?
- What's up?
- What a surprise!
- Great!
- I wasn't ready for this!
What a great place, man.
Seriously, my heart's racing!
- My God!
- Out of nowhere, man!
- Make yourself comfortable.
- Awesome studio, bro.
Look at this. So dope, man!
So, what are y'all doing?
Well, we're drafting some stuff.
- We're building something.
- It's going kinda slow.
What if we had a theme?
I don't know. What do you think?
I think we could start
by stealing someone's song.
I'm joking!
- You trying to kill me?
- Are you crazy?
Are you out of your mind?
- Again with that?
- My heart was racing.
Bro, we don't need a specific theme.
You can each talk about your past,
and if you have questions, ask her.
- She's a genius.
- You'll stick around?
Is there a better theme than this one?
We're all together, right here.
But where do we wanna go?
That's a damn good theme.
Where do you wanna go?
- Damn right!
- This is VA Records!
That's such a dope idea!
- That's right.
- Gotta reach for the stars!
- Let's do this.
- Now you're talking!
Give me a pen, come on.
Here it is.
I told you I was born to shine.
After I sign with the label,
you get off my back.
I'll be at my mansion in Guarujá,
with my mom and dad
You look beautiful.
When can I get some sugar?
I'm always around.
Boss, I'm nobody.
The cops don't know me.
If I go to jail or get killed, no problem.
Hey there, Vila Áurea!
Here's the thing, fam.
You know about me, Dondoka, and Luzi.
It's time to meet these other guys.
All right, let it rip, DJ!
Come on, DJ!
Put your hands up, y'all.
- Hands up, hands up!
- Got it?
Listen to this!
I'm just another rare talent
Raised in the hood
Showing that the mighty pen
Could build me a better life
Even my dad, who had no faith in me
Today is smiling down on me
He saw his son swim against the tide
Grow wings and fly to the other side
And the playboys think I'm just like them
But wouldn't face the struggles
I've faced
Reality hurts and corrupts
Those playboys thought I wouldn't make it
The favela at the top
Makes the hood smile
Our school is on the streets
Let me tell you what I've learned
The favela at the top
Makes the hood smile
Our school is on the streets
Let me tell you what I've learned
I've been through so much
I even stopped believing
This crazy world's essence is law
Now I'm rolling in dough
I've knocked on many doors
In this school
I'm both king and queen
Bow your head to Mama here
This is just the beginning
Where the son cries
And the mother won't see
It was my faith
That turned things around
Bow your head to Mama here
This is so you can understand
A Black woman from VA
The favela is the stage
Where my bros are gonna grow
In life's struggles
I come out like a badass
In the wardrobe
Two old shirts, one hanger
I've never asked Mom
For an easy life
All the past is stored in a tombstone
A free hood, a free fall
Free hood, is it free? Nope
The sound of life
So many parents in there
Fighting like Muhammad Ali
Living there, I've realized, I realize
Hardships have scared our demons away
First, we were writing in bars
Now we are singing in Paris
Sang verses in flip-flops
Now shoes come in many pairs
An example for sons
An example for parents
Ahead of the curve
And always running out of time
Every hardship
Has only made me stronger
I might be grateful
But I won't settle for it
Still, some people will say
It's all just luck
How was it luck if back at the start
My rhymes wouldn't cut it
When I faced death before having cash
I worked twice as hard
When I was abandoned
I went up and down the road
A cry for help in everything I wrote
They talked and I worked
You'll just have to face it
The favela has won
My critics now applaud me
They regretfully say, "You earned it"
Still, your time will come
For big dreamers
The whole world isn't enough
I've always been all bite, no bark
Words are worth it for the silence
The girls recognize Nuevo
It's a secret to no one
That I'm a diamond in the rough
I've seen the evil of the world
But I've always done the right thing
For the perfect plan
Me and my bros
With loads of cash
Men in black, girls of the hood
Looking for gold
But in this crazy life
I've lost my bros
I wanna have a story to tell
I'm tellin' ya
If I'm with my bros from the hood
And we're together
We're making some noise
Money, money, come
I ain't afraid of no one
My gang is a train
Come on!
The favela at the top
Makes the hood smile
Our school is on the streets
Let me tell you what I've learned
You gotta be a fool
If you don't like Dondoka
My name is on your lips
Face it
I demand respect
As the starter of the movement
Since the old days
I've been building talent
A badass who smells good
Always in fashion
People are bothered
When a woman's at the top
A tough girl from the hood
Appreciate it
Those who didn't care
Now are begging for me
The favela at the top
Makes the hood smile
Our school is on the streets
Let me tell you what I've learned
The favela at the top
Makes the hood smile
Our school is on the streets
Let me tell you what I've learned
Make some noise, y'all!
Yeah, this is VA!
Yeah, this is VA!
Yeah, this is VA!
Luiz Fernando.
I know who you are.
You're a smart man.
I need you to help me with something.
Do I look like I negotiate
with the likes of you?
You haven't heard what I have to say.
It will be good for everyone.
These heists
that are happening in small towns.
Criminals close off the towns,
take tons of hostages
They terrify everyone
just to rob banks. It's foolish.
It draws too much attention.
You must understand.
Out with it. What do you want?
Listen to me.
It will be good for you,
for me,
for the state,
and for the Organization.
Come on in, this is my palace.
Hey, brother.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
Hey, bro, what's up?
- You good?
- I'm great.
This is my palace.
Here's my 50'' TV.
And that's my view.
Beautiful, right?
Great flat.
Bigger than mine.
Damn it, bro.
And to think
this is our last night together.
Come on, guys.
Are you gonna be all bummed now?
- Seriously?
- No.
Damn, I'm hungry!
And I've got a surprise for you.
- What, a surprise?
- Are you hungry?
I'm starving.
Watch your finger. Here.
This pizza's so thin!
And you only ordered one?
It's like you don't know me.
Next time I'll organize a GoFundMe
to buy your pizzas.
Thin or not, it's still delicious.
No! Stop it, bro!
Stop it!
I can't do this!
No, but seriously
I'm taking you to a great place.
Once we've finished eating.
- Okay.
- Let's do this.
You're a clown!
Get ready.
I've been thinking
I think we've known each other
for fifteen years.
Time flies, right?
- I remember when we were little.
- You're still little today.
You've always been the most resourceful.
I remember when you were skinny,
full of acne and full of yourself.
He was already a Casanova back then.
And me?
What do you remember about me?
I remember you were the quiet one.
I also remember your eyes.
They were sweet.
We could be at ease next to you.
And I couldn't be at ease
back home or in the streets.
Back then, when we were all together,
no one would hang out with us.
It's always been us against the world.
I wanted to ask something of you two.
No matter what happens to me
take care of my family.
Hey, bro, listen up.
The guns, the cars, and the bikes
are ready to go.
Get there and check them out.
- All right?
- Right.
The gang's ready too.
Guys like us. Bloodthirsty as hell.
- The plan is all set.
- Good.
- And the town? Same as always?
- Same as always.
We terrify everyone everywhere.
If we need to, we can have human shields.
- Okay?
- Damn right.
Remember, we gotta get enough
to reach the target this time.
And just so we're clear,
the organization gets double our shares.
Let's hear it from the boss.
- Sure, let's do this.
- Yeah.
Hey there, y'all.
He's already on the line.
- Yo, man.
- What's up?
Yo, my brothers!
This is ND of VA speaking.
I'm the one in charge of this operation.
- Sure.
- All right, ND.
The government wants
to make a deal, you know?
And I made a deal, brothers.
You know what the deal is?
A hundred bullet holes
in those fucking pigs, homies.
We ain't dealing with them, okay?
- Damn right, bro.
- All right!
Let's do this!
Let's do this, because while they sleep,
we grow.
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