Siren (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Interview with a Mermaid

1 Previously on Siren [SCREAMING.]
God, what happened? [BEN.]
Kind of hard to believe someone when they tell you they just saw a Mermaid, yeah.
There's something else.
The military came and took Chris.
Where am I? Your ancestor lost his mind.
He and his shipmates slaughtered those beautiful creatures.
What really happened back then? Why the sudden interest in the family history? Look.
There's another one? Sisters.
Is that who you're looking for? We're ready for extraction? [SCREAMING.]
Whoever did this had to be of substantial size and strength.
Everything okay? Things are fine.
Just a case I'm working on.
In their natural state, they see you as prey.
Their instinct is to kill.
[ .]
Hey, baby.
- You're up early.
- Yeah.
I couldn't sleep.
They were some pretty gruesome photos we saw at your dad's.
Maybe we're jumping to conclusions.
A bear could have killed that guy.
When was the last time a bear climbed into a car and threw a 200-pound man straight out a windshield? We should get to Miss Hawkins'.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
She almost killed you in the water.
My dad found non-human blood.
If she was in that guy's car, I think we both know who killed him.
This is Kermit the Frog speaking from The Muppet Theater.
Uh, listen, I need to hire a bunch of spies for a closing number.
Where did you go last night? Outside in the dark? - Night.
- Yes.
Where did you go? Huh? [SIGHS.]
Fully paralyzed rodents, Study Group 1A.
They receive 30 ccs in a 12-hour cycle from the thalassic specimen only.
In the second group, we're gonna mix her DNA with human DNA, per my instructions.
And then lastly, is our control group.
We'll increase the dosage if the white blood cell count changes.
What is it you think we'll see? Probably a lot of dead rats.
Hey! - Xander, what the hell? - I gotta talk to you.
- Get out! - Seriously, Xan! I'm not kiddin'! It's important! Get out, you perv! - You get out, Janine! - Xander, man, what the hell? I got a text from Chris.
What does it mean? There's one thing S.
usually means.
He's in deep shit.
- Wh-whose number is that? - No clue.
There's only one way to find out.
You gotta go, Janine.
We got stuff to do.
- Oh go screw yourself.
- Yeah, would if I could.
Yeah, my jacket? I'll call you.
Yeah, don't bother.
Okay, thanks.
Really, man? We gotta find out whose phone Chris texted from.
- It's voicemail.
- He just texted.
Maybe he had to turn the phone off or the battery died.
This is Donna Stevenson.
Please leave a message.
-Who the hell's Donna Stevenson? [BEN.]
Is she doing okay? She's restless as hell.
She went out last night.
God knows where.
We need to ask her some questions.
- They found a body.
- Where? - [PHONE CHIMES.]
- Outside of town in a car.
It's Xander.
He got a lead on Chris.
They're gonna try to find him.
- The missing fisherman.
- Yeah.
The military medevaced him off the North Star.
The military?! How do they know about this? [FLIES BUZZING.]
Yeah, that's great news.
All right, bye.
Xander got a text from Chris.
He's gonna try and track the phone number.
If he gets a hit, we'll meet up, follow the trail.
- Okay.
- Sister.
Now we look.
Ryn, Ryn? Stop.
- Please? - [SHARP BREATH.]
We have to ask you some questions, okay? When you first came here, looking for your sister, did you get in a car with a man? - [EXHALES.]
- A car.
A man in a car? We go.
Ryn, this is important! - Yaah! - [HELEN.]
Ryn, no! MADDIE? MADDIE? MADDIE, are you okay? Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Ryn, you can't hurt people! Okay? You're stronger than us.
You're very strong.
You don't know what you're dealing with.
There she is.
Donna Stevenson, lives in Bremerton.
Oh, yeah.
Says she's a registered nurse.
I'll get the address.
Got it.
Let's go.
You sure you're okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
- All right.
This is what I've been trying to tell you.
This will end very badly.
You need to find her sister quickly and get them both back into the water before it's too late.
Look, Miss Hawkins, we appreciate your concern, really we do, but you're applying some crazy fictional mythology to a scientific discovery.
I mean, there is another species on this planet, one that we can communicate with.
That's the problem right there.
She's a species to you.
There's way more to the world than science.
You should know that.
You were raised by a Haida man.
Those are made up stories.
Don't you ever let your step-father hear you say that.
And you, just like your ancestors, refusing to acknowledge your past, destined to repeat it.
I'm gonna open my store.
Whatever you do, don't leave her alone and don't make her angry.
Hello, Sheriff.
Just had a few questions if you don't mind.
Did you find that girl? The one who threw the pole at me? Uh, not yet.
Damn epidemic.
Yes, it is.
Does this look familiar? It's my daughter's sweatshirt, the one she stole off the line.
- Mmm.
- That blood? It's possible this girl's involved in something more criminal.
Any chance of you coming down to the station and helping us piece together a description? Well, you know I will.
Just grab my purse.
All right.
Look, Ryn? Now, you're very smart.
Okay, so I'm gonna try and explain something to you.
Your sister could be anywhere, maybe very far from here.
It's gonna be very difficult to find her, but we are going to try.
Our friend Xander, he's looking.
Maybe he'll find something.
If he finds our friend, he may know where your sister is.
Now, in the meantime, we would like to know more about you.
To learn.
Like last night, you asked me questions.
I learn.
So will you come with us to our rescue center so that we can learn? About you.
I will go, then we find sister.
Hey hon We have tickets to the theater on the 16th.
- [TED.]
Ah, the theater - Mm-hmm.
Wouldn't miss it.
Hoping for two intermissions.
I'll see if I can arrange it.
Breakfast? Uh, no, thanks, Sylvia.
I'm gonna grab something on the way in.
Thank you, Syl.
I was thinking about doing my benefit for the clinic on Tuesday the following week.
- Sounds fine.
- Are you sure? That's usually your night out.
That why you picked it? [LAUGHS.]
No, dear.
Yeah, I can make it work.
You must have a very understanding girlfriend.
All the women in my life are gems, right, Syl? If you say so.
Oh, uh, Ben came by to see me.
- Did he? - Mm-hmm.
About what? Well, he was asking questions about the Pownall history.
What kind of questions? He wanted to know about the, uh the family lore.
It was strange the way he asked, though.
- What do you mean? - Uh, his tone.
It was accusing, like he thought I was hiding something.
Well, what would make him ask about that now? You got me.
Helen Hawkins maybe.
Oh! That woman loves to stir the pot.
Yes, she does.
You know, he should know better than to listen to anything she has to say.
I'm worried about him, Ted.
He never comes by, he never calls.
He's just finding himself.
They all go through it.
He'll come back.
In the meantime, I hope you didn't tell him.
Tell him what? Your family was batshit crazy.
Of course I did.
Take a look around, honey.
It's no secret.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
So your sister, can she change on land the way you do? Ryn, your sister, can she change on land the way you do? Yes.
Sister change.
But hard.
Wait, is that why you tried to hurt me? Ryn? Ryn? Is that why you tried to hurt me? In the water? Because you were in pain? No.
In water, we fight.
I kill.
Or you kill.
All right.
Thank you.
What do you got? I wanted you to see this, sir.
This is Group 1A.
They were the fully paralyzed rats.
They received pure DNA from the creature.
How can this be? It's extraordinary.
My God.
All right.
Hey, Ryn.
Can you tell me how many of your species there are? How many like you? Is it just you and your sister? - Or - No.
And the others.
The ones like you, like your sister, do they want to come here on land? Land bad.
I learn this.
Hey, hey, it's okay.
It's just It's just a phone.
Hey, Xander? What did you find out? Not much, but we know whose phone Chris called from.
It's a nurse, lives in Bremerton.
So you think they got him at a hospital? No, I doubt it.
The sheriff called around when they first took him, came up empty, but we're headed to her place now.
Can you meet us? Actually, I I can't right now.
Why not? [KNIFE RINGS.]
I'm kinda onto something here, too.
Give it here.
- Oh, yeah? What? - Put it down.
Uh, I'm trying to figure out what it is you guys caught on the boat.
Hoping maybe it'll lead us to the guys who took it.
Yeah, yeah, that's good.
Let me know if you guys find Chris.
And, uh, I'll meet you ASAP.
- All right, cool.
You were right as rain, boss.
Yeah? About what? That was the victim's blood on the clothing you found.
I'm thinking an animal came across it, dragged it from the scene, and that's why we found non-human blood.
Week ago, my biggest problems were a bar brawl and a meth lab.
Now I've got a murder and a missing fisherman on my hands.
You check in on Chris Mueller's family like I asked? They still haven't heard from him.
His mom's pretty freaked.
Can't say that I blame her.
I'd feel the same if my kid disappeared in the middle of the Bering Strait.
So what do you got? That's her.
Primate intelligence test.
You're kidding, right? No.
There are 25 images on this chart I gave her.
Now, when I get this screen to work, she'll see the same 25 images, only they'll be scrambled.
All right.
She puts them in the same order as the chart.
Is the screen working? Uh, yeah.
She did it.
Yes, she did.
How long we gonna sit here? Till she comes out.
What makes you so sure she's even here? That's her car.
It's registered at the DMV.
I saw it online.
Okay, so let's just go knock on the door then.
And say what? The military took our friend when they captured the mermaid and he texted us from your phone? Well, we gotta do something.
She knows where Chris is.
He could be dying right now as we sit here on our asses.
Use your head for, like, a minute.
She's not gonna tell us anything, and if we scare her, she's not gonna go anywhere near him, so just chill.
I don't know.
She's gonna lead us to Chris.
I know she is.
Let's walk over there.
Yeah, up on here.
That can't be right.
Hold on.
One second.
We're gonna have to do a bone density study.
You like that? I'll show you how it works.
It's okay.
All right.
Press there.
Oh-oh-oh-oh You wake the wild howling rebel in me Oh-oh-oh-oh You rev me up - [BEN.]
Okay, okay, okay.
- Ain't slowin' down - Never again.
- Yeah, I always find the beat - Reflex test? - No, don't quit now And let me down Oh, you keep me singin' all by yourself All right.
We got such a beautiful thing Just relax your foot.
We got such a beautiful thing We got such a beautiful thing Wow.
Reflexes working.
Oh-oh-oh-oh [DOG BARKING.]
Who's that? It's Janine.
I'll call her back.
You can't be such a dick to her, man.
- What? - I'm just saying That's just Janine and me.
It's always been that way.
Yeah, well, I don't want my best friend and my girl to be hating on each other.
Janine's your girl? - We're hangin' out.
- Sorry, man.
Thought you guys were just screwin'.
Yeah, we were, but now we're not.
That's her.
- [ALVIN.]
You sure? Yeah.
I saw a picture on Facebook.
Hey, Dad.
Got the invoice reports from last week? Right here.
Up from the week before.
Griffin's really comin' through for us.
- That's a great deal you set up.
- Thanks.
Hey, I was wondering about that letter you drafted to the board.
I meant to talk to you about that.
I think it's a great idea bringing Ben in as a consultant.
Environmental advisor Sends a great message.
That's what I thought, PR-wise.
I mean, you know, he's never gonna play the role you play.
- Obviously.
- Right.
But, uh, it'll make your mother happy.
Makes sense.
Invoice reports.
You think he'll do it? Depends on our approach.
We both know your brother.
How long can you stay here? On land? Last time, she only lasted a day.
Ryn? You might need to get back in the water soon.
Find sister.
You might have to.
No! You say help me.
You say this.
How long's she been like this? Several hours.
Minimal movement, oxygen levels depleted, pulse slowing.
Hang in there.
The worst is over.
You find sister.
You say this! Ryn, we're trying.
We've got people looking.
Oh, hey.
How's it goin'? Hey, Jerry.
What are you doing here? Came to feed the lions.
That's cool.
I can do it.
I'm here now.
I might as well.
I'm Jerry.
I am Ryn.
Ryn's a friend of mine from school.
Oh, cool.
What's with the camera? You guys shootin' a porno? Ah he's onto us.
Don't you need to get the sea lions fed, Jer? Right.
Sure thing.
We better lock this stuff up.
Got a text from Xander.
They're following that nurse.
- Call him.
- Okay.
There you go.
Yeah, one more.
Good girl.
You scared me.
- [JERRY.]
It's okay.
So, uh, go to school with MADDIE, huh? You must be really smart, too.
I don't know what you guys are doin' later, but I'm havin' a party.
- At the Siren Song.
What?! What?! [SEA LION GROWLING.]
It's a motel on Route 84.
I manage it on weekends.
It's gonna be epic.
You wanna go? - Go? - Yeah.
You will take me.
Sure, I'll take you.
I'd I'd love to take you.
So call me back.
Let me know what you find out.
We'll meet up.
All right, let's tell her.
Hey, you want a beer? Beer.
So, Ryn, you an exchange student? That can't be easy.
You know, I hear that English is one of the toughest languages to learn.
I learn.
Well, you are doing great.
Okay, we're looking for her.
Let me know if you see her.
She hasn't shown up at Helen's.
Did Jerry text you back? He was outside.
He might have seen her leave.
No, not yet.
Think she went back in the water? Not the way she was talking earlier.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's look in town.
We've been following her for a while.
It's a dead end, man.
She's heading toward 84.
That'll take her out of town, and maybe she's going to work.
Just run her off the road.
We'll corner her.
Oh, yeah, 'cause attempted murder will definitely make her talk.
Just chill.
You smoke? No smoke.
Yeah, smoking sucks.
Can you get that? Yeah.
It's Jerry.
He's having a party.
Big surprise.
- Wait, pull over.
- Why? What? [MADDIE.]
Let's go.
Can you see her? No.
Hey, there's Jerry.
Hey, Bro.
Doug, what are What are you doing here? Thought you might be here.
Hey, Doug.
Do you want to grab a beer? There's something I want to talk to you about.
I'd love to.
Really, I would.
I just I'm looking for someone right now.
Can we do this a little later? Maybe you better talk to him.
I'll find her.
All right.
Her DNA is showing enormous potential.
We are accelerating the testing based on what we're seeing.
I'm afraid we'll have to reconsider the rate at which we're moving, Admiral.
And why would we do that? You can see by our numbers that the extractions are affecting her adversely.
Well, my concern at the moment is results, Decker.
Respectfully, we have to slow the program down, sir.
She's in distress.
Well, I'm sorry about that.
I am.
But we're making progress here.
You need to do whatever it takes to keep this program on track and keep her alive.
So what's up? I just wanted to grab a beer, just hang out.
Talk about this plan Dad's got.
What plan? He wanted to see if you'd do some work with us.
We've been through this a million times.
No, we haven't been through this.
You've been through it with him.
Okay, sure.
Listen, it used to be you and me, right? On the same team.
- We are.
- No, no.
Now you act like it's you over here, and I'm with Mom and Dad somewhere else.
I don't get it.
What did I do to make that happen? Nothing, Doug.
Y-Y-You didn't do anything.
There she is.
I got it.
- Who? -Just one of one of Maddie's friends.
Night swim! [CHEERING.]
Ryn! Ryn! Ryn, get out! Oh, God.
All right, shut it down! Everybody, out of the pool.
Let's move, people! Noise complaint! Party's over, guys.
We were just heading out.
Hey, is MADDIE here? She must have just left.
You seen this girl? No.
Uh, who is she? It's a person of interest.
Young people's party.
Thought she might be around.
- You guys get home safe, all right? - Sure thing.
Let's talk later.
Ryn, Ryn! Come in.
The police are out there.
Where the hell are we? [XANDER.]
Some kind of military fort? There's no way we're getting in there, man.
Chris is in there.
I'm not gonna just drive away.
We gotta try.
Yeah, they don't look like they're coming to give us directions.
No, they do not.
Go! Go, go, go, go, go! - [XANDER.]
I'm going! - [SHOUTING.]
Ryn, you're not safe out there.
You must stay here.
Why didn't you change when you went in the water? Not my water.
Not your water? Oh, you mean you need ocean water.
No, no, no, no, you have to stay here until the police are gone.
People who might be looking for you.
Trust me.
You're safer here.
Trust? I say something, and it's true.
I promise.
You not look for sister.
We are, Ryn.
We have people helping us.
If you believe me, this is trust.
It's an idea, um Something we believe? Freedom.
What What you feel for your sister.
This is hard.
Very hard.
Some people I trust.
Some people hurt me.
That's right.
Like man in car.
He hurt you? The man in the car? He try.
Um, let's dry you off.
You don't have to run away from us.
You are afraid of me.
- [BEN.]
MADDIE? - You in there? - Yeah, we're here.
Everything okay? Yeah.
It is.
One-Mary-Quinn-11, What is your request? [HEART MONITOR BEEPING.]
What are we doing back here? When she gets off duty, we corner her, find a way into that place.
Chris is in there, I know it.
Let's just go to the cops first.
This is so much bigger than the cops, Calvin.
The military blew them off, remember? There's something in there they do not want them to know about.
Yeah, and we know what that is.
Yeah, sure as hell do.
That's the number I called earlier.
Well, answer it, man! It might be Chris! Hello? Hello, who's this? Who's this? It's Donna.
You called me? Sorry.
I left my phone at work and my battery died.
Were you trying to reach me? Who is this? [BEEPS.]
What the hell are you Why'd you do that, man? [HEART MONITOR BEEPING.]
What was I supposed to do? Ask her about Chris? She's in there with him.
We need to get her alone.
She was alone this morning in the house.
You said she wouldn't talk.
Look, I don't know what to do.
Okay? What are we gonna do? Nothing.
We're gonna wait right here, and we're gonna make her talk.
What can I do for you? [HARRISON.]
NSA just sent facial recognition from your lure's video feed.
We know who found it.
I'm sending it to you now.
Benjamin Gregory Pownall, 26 years old, a marine biologist at the Bristol Cove Mammal Research Center.
It's late.
Helen will be asleep.
You'll stay here tonight.
Good night.
I'm changing protocol.
We're putting a hold of all extractions.
Are you sure, sir? The admiral seemed to think accelerating the I'll keep him updated.
Testing is suspended indefinitely.