Siren (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

On The Road

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Non-human blood? Like an animal or something? - Everything okay? - Yeah, just a case I'm working on.
I went out to confront her.
Hyah! And she threw a damn metal pole at me.
- Hey! - I got a text from Chris.
- Donna Stevenson lives in Bremerton.
- Says she's a registered nurse.
What's happening? Where the hell are we? On some kind of military fort? Go! Go, go, go, go, go! [MERMAID CALLING.]
That's her.
Security breach, Zone One.
- Repeat, Zone One security breach.
Follow protocol for system-wide lockdown.
This is a Stage One lockdown.
Security breach in the Med Lab.
All personnel observe lockdown protocol.
Keep the perimeter! Clear! Movin' up! - Clear! - Go! Go! This is a Stage One lockdown.
Security breach [GROANING.]
Come on.
Come on.
Let's get out of here, okay? [GUARDS SHOUTING.]
Security breach in the Med Lab.
- All personnel observe lockdown protocol.
- Go! Watch your corners! Stage One lockdown.
Security breach in the Med Lab.
Go, go! Go, go, go! Security breach in the Med Lab.
All personnel observe lockdown protocol.
Which one is yours? The car? Which car? - [HISSES.]
- It's the keys, okay? [HORN BEEPS.]
Come on.
Go on.
Go! [CHRIS.]
Come on! Come on.
If you're comin', get in! Come on! [PLACID HIGH-PITCHED CALLS.]
I think she's not coming home tonight, is she? Probably working the night shift.
Chris is gonna be okay, right? We're gonna see him again? Count on it.
He's a total badass.
Tough as they come.
We'll get Donna when she comes home.
Make her take us to Chris.
Couldn't sleep? Too much on my mind.
Me, too.
Got room for one more? [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING.]
Just wanna take all this hate Just wanna take all this hate Mmm This hate Mm-hmm Ryn! [SEAGULLS CALLING.]
Xander, give me a call when you get this.
Let me know what's happening.
He thinks he found Chris? He tracked down that nurse whose phone Chris used.
They were following her.
- Sister? - Maybe.
Yeah, if we find Chris, there's a chance she'll be in the same place.
Ben, look.
She's been out of the water for a couple of days now.
Last time, it only took a day till she started drying out.
Seems like she's able to stay on land longer.
You like it? Moon.
It's Xander.
Yeah? No way.
Where are you? I'll be right there.
They followed that nurse to some military facility, got chased away.
They're staked out in front of her house in Bremerton.
Hey, wait.
I'm going with you.
- Maddie.
- Ben, don't even.
Me go.
Ryn, I don't think that's a good idea.
This place, it's very far from here.
On land.
You'd be trapped if you needed to go back into the ocean.
Look, if we find your sister, we'll bring her to you.
We promise.
We can't just leave her here.
You know, this is the worst coffee in town.
I know, you say that every morning.
I'm a creature of habit.
That's one word for it.
Morning, Sheriff.
Hey, Janine.
You recover from last night? [SCOFFS.]
Didn't even have a chance to get a buzz on before you guys showed up, ruined all the fun.
Serve and protect.
Jerry's gonna manage that motel right into the ground.
Delicious as always.
- You happen to see this girl? - [PHONE BEEPS.]
Janine, you have a look.
No, never seen her.
What's the deal with her? Just asking if you seen her.
We weren't formally introduced or anything, but, yeah, I saw her at the party last night.
She was with Maddie.
I wonder why she can't just get in the water then get back out like last time? It's not that simple.
You saw the video.
Her bones crack.
It's agonizing.
I just wish we knew how long she can last.
The stories handed down say they can stay longer and longer each time they come to land.
I will wait for sister.
I can't say for sure we're gonna find her.
Okay? We don't know.
I wait.
Stubborn creatures, aren't they? Maddie? Let's go.
Let's see what we can do about your skin.
Where are we? This area, I don't know it.
So what was that place? - Some kind of prison? - [BUTTONS CLICK.]
Hey, are you all right? We need to get you to a hospital, or I think you might be in shock.
My name's Chris, by the way.
Donna, huh? You know, I had a nurse in there named Donna? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING.]
We called you as soon as we secured the site, sir.
This is how we found it.
Any survivors? [GUARD.]
None, sir.
When Ryn goes back in the water, I want to put a tracking unit on her.
What? I don't I don't know.
I'm not sure how I feel about that.
She's not one of our sea lions.
I know.
What are we saying if we ask her to do that? I just I wanna know what she's doing out there.
Her dive rate, range, velocity.
Yeah, I get it.
I do.
And I want to know, too, but, babe, she trusts us.
I want her to know we don't think of her as some kind of experiment.
She knows that.
This way, we can look out for her, make sure she's safe if she gets caught.
We owe that to her.
I don't want to just let her go.
This should help for a little while.
It's castor oil, sea salt, buttermilk, and Boswellia.
Old family recipe.
I wouldn't eat that if - [HISSES.]
Can't say I didn't warn you.
They call it an autoimmune response.
That's the word they use when they don't understand what something is.
You have to sit still for a little while.
Let it soak in.
Why did you and your sister come so close to the surface? You know better.
I'm sure you've been warned.
Hey, wake up.
I wasn't sleeping.
Yeah, we were surveilling.
It's 10 AM.
She should have been home by now.
Maybe she's working a double.
Well, we can't just sit here.
You got a better idea? Yeah, let's get in there, figure out who the hell she is.
They teach you that in college? No, grad school.
What are we looking for? Anything to do with Chris, that facility, this nurse.
She's got a serious thing for pigs.
Hey, check this out.
That's her, right? Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, so she was in the military, so what? Those guys who took Chris, they were some black ops, right? That's what it felt like.
I mean, she's gotta be a part of that, too.
Some kind of specialized medical unit.
Someone's here we gotta go.
Gotta go.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go.
What are they looking for? [CALVIN.]
I don't know.
Maybe an I.
or something tying her to that place.
Something's definitely going down.
Like what? I don't know.
But if they're here, I don't think Donna's coming home.
We gotta get back to that site.
Man, we were just there last night.
They came at us with machine guns.
You got a plan to get past that? I don't want to wind up in one of those duffel bags.
She's out of the tank! [CRASHES AND SCREAMS.]
Where the hell did she go? Bring up the other cameras.
My God.
Is that her? Zoom that in.
She's walking.
She knew to put clothes on.
All this time, we thought we were studying her.
Just getting the blood work results in.
She was studying us.
You, uh You have any pills? You know, for the pain? [CLEARS THROAT.]
You all right? [CLICKS TONGUE.]
You just need some water.
Hey, you have a phone.
Hey, can I use - [HISSING.]
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! Just the phone, okay? Just All right? - [BEEPING.]
- Damn it.
There's no signal here.
Metalhead, huh? [HISSING.]
- Wait! Wait! Hey! Hey! [HISSING.]
You need to go back now.
You can't wait any longer.
Ryn, I am going to take you back to the water if I have to carry you there myself.
In the water, I go eat.
You eat in the water.
My sister, she follow me.
It was your idea to come close to the surface.
You blame yourself for her getting caught.
Yeah, it wasn't like this yesterday.
Yeah, sounds like they're on the move.
Holy shit.
You think that's Chris? That he's dead? Hang on.
We don't know for sure.
I'm not gonna sit around and wonder.
Come on.
Wait! Where are you going? Gonna follow 'em.
Xander, be careful.
Hello? How bad? Okay.
We're coming.
Ryn's in bad shape.
We'll take her to the Mammal Center.
Maybe we can help her there.
There's nothing we can do here.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
I'm gonna see if they have a map.
Wa ter.
It's right there.
Wa ter.
Um Okay.
Come here.
Look, water.
Have as much as you want.
- Whoa! What?! So now you're leaving? Come on! It's not safe! Donna, come back! [HELICOPTER PASSING.]
I had to lower her dosage.
She was nonresponsive.
I doubt the families of the people she killed would be satisfied with that explanation.
We would have lost her, sir.
So it was personal.
You didn't want to let her die.
Personal? I've been getting reports that you've been here at all hours.
That you may have lost your professional detachment.
I was keeping a detailed account of her progress, sir.
Well, the only progress I see is we know they can transform, which poses a whole new security threat.
They could be living among us.
Come on.
Get in.
Here, drink this.
It could help you stay hydrated from the inside.
Mm, bad.
I know, but it'll keep your sodium level up.
I added spinach and avocado for extra potassium.
Come on.
Your body is breaking down.
Remember last time? Your lungs are gonna shut down if you don't go back.
- No.
Maddie? - Madeline! - Shit.
Hello? Are you here? - Hi, Dad.
- Mads.
Is this a bad time? No, no, perfect.
I was just, um, studying.
What's up? I just I haven't seen you around in a while.
I miss you.
Me, too.
It's just between work and classes, I've been slammed.
Just been crashing at Ben's.
Well, that's good.
You haven't seen this girl around, have you? [MADDIE.]
Why? Is this part of that, uh, murder case? Trying to figure that out.
Have a good look.
I told you I haven't seen her.
Why do you keep asking? Well, it's just somebody said they saw you with her at Jerry's party last night.
Someone? Doug Pownall.
Come on.
You really think I wouldn't tell you? Mm.
Wonder why he would say that? Who knows? He's not my biggest fan.
He keeps asking Ben when he's gonna upgrade.
She's dangerous, Maddie.
I'm gonna find her.
If you see her anywhere, you let me know? Yeah.
Hey, Sheriff? Dinner tonight? I'd love that.
I'll walk you out.
Look, I know that you want to keep looking, but what good would you be to your sister if you die? [WHEEZING.]
He's looking for her.
He has that composite.
He knows she was involved.
Okay, what? I go back.
There are three bags.
Three bodies.
Hey, maybe, uh Maybe Ben found something.
Could you just [PHONE RINGING.]
It's It's her.
It's Donna.
Hello? [CHRIS.]
Hey, it's me.
Chris?! Chris, you're alive?! I'm pretty messed up, man.
Uh, wh-where are you? I'm not far from Libbey Beach.
I can't make it much farther.
Okay, just Just hold on, all right? W-we'll be right there! We're on our way! [TIRES SQUEAL.]
Ryn, we want you to have this.
A gift.
Now, this part tells us where you are, so if anything happens to you, we can help.
You don't have to wear it.
It's your choice.
I come back.
What is it? Ben? They found Chris.
We don't know.
I go with you.
Ryn, you can't.
My sister is alive.
Your father a hunter? [WHEEZING.]
He only hunts bad people.
I am not bad.
He just doesn't understand what happened in that car.
He wants answers.
You're good.
- That's Chris! - We'll be right back.
Chris! Chris, hang in, man.
Hang in there, man.
All right.
It's all right.
We got you.
Hey, stay with me.
- All right.
Ready? [GROANS.]
Chris! Chris! He needs help, man.
- We gotta get him to a hospital.
- No hospital! All right, the clinic.
Doc Abbott can take care of him.
Xander, I'll meet you back there, okay? We got him back.
We got him back.
We got him.
Ryn! That girl? Her sister.
She found her.
Crane arm broke free, sliced him up.
Whole town's been looking for him.
What hospital was he in? Uh, military hospital.
And they released him in this condition? He's been through a lot.
If there's any way you can treat him here, we'd really appreciate it.
This have anything to do with that girl you've been calling me about? No.
Please Dr.
All right, everyone clear out of here.
Give me some room to work.
Let's go! [WOMAN ON TV.]
Responding to this overwhelming national and international Doc said he's gonna be okay.
Thank God.
Where's Maddie? She went back to my place.
So who's that girl that, uh, Dr.
Abbott was asking you about? You know, the one you were calling about? Oh, just a volunteer at the Mammal Center.
Yeah, she started showing up wasted, so I thought maybe I could get her some help.
Well, good, 'cause if I thought you were cheating on Maddie, I'd have to kick your ass.
Breaking news out of Kitsap County near Bremerton where fire crews are struggling to control a massive blaze at the former Larson Lake Fish Hatchery building.
Dude, that's the place.
That's the place where they were holding Chris.
They're cleaning up loose ends.
It's just like the dudes with the duffel bags.
They're wiping out all of the evidence.
They'll be coming for him.
Is it working? Yeah.
She's moving fast.
Already 200 miles northwest.
Where do you think she's going? Home.
She's picking up speed.
We lost her.