Siren (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Curse of the Starving Class

1 Previously on " Siren" This will end very badly.
You need to find her sister.
Close the glass! Come on, let's get out of here, okay? This part tells us where you are.
I come back.
Donna, huh? Hey, are you all right? I think you might be in shock.
Hey, it's me.
Chris, you're alive?! Chris! He needs help, man.
She found her sister.
- Where do you think she's going? - Home.
We lost her.
That's the place where they held Chris.
They're wiping out all of the evidence.
They'll be coming for him.
They taste better cold.
On the house.
You're a hard man to track down.
Glad to see you looking so healthy.
You remember me? I saw you at that place.
What do you want? We found that nurse's car out by Libbey Beach.
When we didn't find you, we were concerned, because the woman you left with, that nurse, she's A nut job? Unstable.
She's killed several people.
Oh, yeah? She is extremely violent.
Now, do you know where she is? No.
She bolted as soon as we got to the beach, okay? I haven't seen her since.
Glad to hear it.
But if you don't mind, I want you to tell me everything you know about her.
You want to tell me where you've been? Hey.
Uh, I took the boat out early this morning.
Really? 'Cause I was here super early, and there was no boat and no you.
Last night.
Female Dragon Fish.
Deep sea species, right? Lives 2,000 feet down, so how'd it wind up floating dead at the surface? It must have died near the top.
Where'd you find it? Out past the Northern Break.
Let me guess.
At the coordinates where Ryn's tracker dropped out? Yeah, you know the place.
We've been there a thousand times.
Yeah, but not alone and not in the middle of the night.
It's kind of extreme, dude.
Kind of stupid.
I just want to know if things are okay where she is.
It's been a month.
She could be anywhere by now.
Plus, I What? I miss you.
We had this huge thing happen to us, and I feel like we should be closer, but it feels like you're not here.
I am, all right? I'm right here.
Are you? Yes, I am.
I'm here.
Well, darlin', I'll send in these labs, and we should get a yea or nay on that medical trial in the next day or so.
Fingers crossed? By the by, I, uh, ran into Ben.
Then you've seen him more than I have in the last month.
How did he look? Whole thing seemed a bit off to tell you the truth.
Kelly Osterman's water broke, so I ended up heading out to go see them on-board their four sleeper.
On the way back in, I passed Ben heading out in his trawler.
What was off about that? Well, it was 3 AM.
Was he alone? Yeah, I'm pretty sure he was.
He wasn't with, you know, Dale Bishop's girl? No, Maddie wasn't there.
Thought maybe they were on the outs actually.
Not that I'm aware of.
What would make you think that? About a month ago, Ben called me twice to check on this damsel in distress he picked up by the side of the road.
The girl was never there when I showed up, either time.
And the second time, Ben was out cold on the docks.
I don't know.
Seems to me the kind of thing people might break up over.
That's just my boy.
He's always on a mission to save some sad thing.
Anyways, thank you for that.
Please don't tell him that I Winston, why would I rat you out? You're how I know what my son's up to.
How about we go out, you know, like regular people, take you to dinner? We can get drunk, have clumsy sex.
Like regular people? Yeah, regular clumsy people.
Yo, guys! Oh! Okay, whoa.
It's cool.
Keep goin' with that.
There was a nasty accident on the fishing lanes.
It was a local boat.
Guy's lucky the line didn't slice off his arm.
How'd it happen? Oh, last month, ' we've been fishin' our asses off, crews are tired, guys are gettin' hurt.
The money's great, but we can't keep this up.
Somebody's gonna die.
You gotta slow down, man.
I mean, what about the fishing and game regulations? Quotas? I don't know about that, but right now, they got us pullin' everything.
Young, old, sick, weird.
No one seems to care.
I care.
You care.
And I know you guys are just trying to make a living, but people are getting hurt, Xan.
It's not worth it.
Let's do something about it.
All right.
All right, I'm done.
All right, find out what you can from your dad and the guys on the lanes and see who's allowing all this.
I'll figure out what's happening on the fishery side, what we're doing with all this junk fish.
Hey, uh, you mind if we take this? Yeah, sure.
It's not good eatin', but, um, yeah, have at it.
- Have fun.
- Thanks.
Pownall Seafood.
They told me you were here.
Thanks, Bertie.
Thought I was dreaming.
Ha ha.
Been a little while, hasn't it? Yeah, I'm sorry.
Uh, it's been busy at the Center.
I'd like to think you're here to say hi to your own dad, but I think I know better than that by now, don't I? What's up, kiddo? Doug told me you were thinking about bringing me on, environmental consultant? I didn't know he said anything.
Listen, I know it's not your bag, but just, before you make a decision, just hear me out.
Let's do it.
Really? You serious? You're not screwin' with me? No, I'm in.
Uh You don't know.
This is, uh This is a big deal to me.
I want to help you find a better way to fish.
Maybe even make you guys some more money.
I think we're fishing just fine, but if you think you've got a way to make me more money, I'm all ears.
All right, why don't you come by tomorrow morning? See how we do things, and then we can talk.
And, uh, in the meantime, uh welcome aboard, son.
How'd it go with your dad? Uh, he was real excited to have me on board.
Ahem which kind of sucked, actually.
Of course it did.
I told you it would.
Yeah, I hate not telling him the truth.
What'd you find out here? Absence of enzymes in the digestive tract.
Irregular ammonia levels.
Death by starvation.
What's up, party people? - I got dinner.
- Thanks, Jerry.
- Thanks.
- Bone app-o-titty.
Sushi? Really, Jer? Dealer's choice.
I'm outta here.
Tchk! All right.
You know this isn't what I was thinking when I said, uh, "Let's have dinner like regular people"? No? Not exactly.
All right.
How about we skip dinner and just get straight to the clumsy sex part? Works for me.
Yeah, I remember you.
It's her tracker.
She's coming back.
She's coming back.
Ben, over here.
Maddie? Look at this.
Think it's her sister? Maybe.
Says she's off the beach.
She's in the woods.
We're just a little bit behind.
You go.
I'll collect a sample.
Yes, sir, as far as he's concerned, she's just a deranged nurse.
So the fisherman's no longer a threat to the project? If anything, he helped.
He confirmed that she disappeared at Libbey Beach.
So we mapped a logical trajectory off the coast.
We were able to isolate sound patterns 100 miles offshore.
They match recordings from our specimen in Bremerton.
And you heard it? She's out there? Or others very much like her.
Better hope you found her.
Stop! You follow.
You come back.
You know their words.
We need help from the people.
No! I know people hurt you.
But some are good.
Will help us.
Put it on.
- No! - Wa ter.
I will stay.
You go.
We need the people.
Come in.
I've got the latest rendering.
The engineer designed it to your specifications, sir.
As requested, the system allows you to introduce a sedative into the water.
One touch will fully immobilize a specimen.
She told me to assure you there is no chance of repeating Bremerton.
Thank you, Nina.
Any sign of them? Just this.
Ryn's tracker.
Helen's Antiquities.
Ryn's back.
Why on earth would she come back? - We don't know.
- Well, you know if she shows up here, I'll send her right back to the water.
Where are you? We're on our way to the Research Center.
Look, if you see her just Okay, I'm lockin' up.
I'll see you there.
I didn't really think she'd go there.
I thought for sure she'd be at the houseboat.
Me, too.
It's your mom.
Hell, no.
I can't.
Worst timing ever.
Hello? Hello, dear.
Elaine Pownall.
It's your mother.
I'm not here.
What a surprise.
It's, uh It's nice to hear from you.
Thank you, dear.
Listen, I was thinking that maybe it's time you and I got to know each other.
I'd like to take you to lunch.
Um, that's so nice of you.
How's tomorrow? Captain's Reef, 1:30? Does that work for you? Um, yes.
I'll see you then.
Okay, bye.
So you're going to lunch with her? I guess I am.
Fun for you.
We've barely ever spoken a word to each other.
She has to stop and think of my name every time she sees me.
My advice, cocktails.
Large ones.
All right.
Trespassing call, north side near the high school.
Couple of randos are running through backyards.
You don't need to drive out there, Clarence.
We're shorthanded.
The sheriff's out of town.
Just log it.
No, lady seemed pretty upset.
Said her kid saw a couple of females running around, and one of them was Porky Piggin' it.
Porky Piggin' it? Yeah, shirt, no pants.
That is a lewd and lascivious, Officer.
Seriously, nothin' but a Whalers jersey on.
That sounds more like a bachelorette party gone south.
We wait.
This Ben.
Good people.
This is your sister? Yes.
Donna? That's your name? We need help.
Ben? Maddie? Oh, you found her.
Hello, Ryn.
- No, no! - Oh, my God.
The other one.
Ryn came back with her sister.
Yeah, I can see that.
But why? Why did you come back, Ryn? We need food.
It's getting worse, isn't it? Now nothing to hunt.
To eat.
Sister, me.
All dying.
Food! Them take! No, no, no, no.
We We didn't kill it.
We were We were studying it.
Look, we want to help you.
Whoa! Hey, calm down! Whoa! Hey! Ryn! Water! Now! No.
My sister not bad.
It's her instinct.
That's all.
She was confused.
Yeah, of course, she was confused.
She sided with you instead of her own sister.
Have you two ever fought like that before? No.
Yeah, she felt betrayed.
It's unnatural.
They don't belong here.
You're only here because those fishermen stole your sister from the water.
And God knows what the military did to her.
Sister was hurt.
A man took her blood, her skin.
I'm sorry.
For her, people are bad.
No trust.
There are a lot of bad people.
They're stealing your food.
Maybe even my own family.
Ben, we don't know if that's true.
We do know that.
Xander said it.
They're out fishing night and day, catching everything.
And the dead marine life? It's no accident.
We are gonna figure it out.
We're gonna stop it.
What about the sister? She's out there roaming the streets.
Do you think your sister went back to the ocean? No.
Will not go without me.
Blood will bring shark.
She need place to - To heal? - Yes.
But will come for me.
I'm thinking it'd be a whole lot safer at the houseboat.
Yeah, for sure.
Somewhere with a door.
Every single time, right? - Ooh! Hey, Listen - Look at that.
Go Whalers! Whoa! Yeah, girl.
Hey! What are you doin' in here?! Get away from there! Stupid meth heads.
You can't do that! Holy jeez! Hey, Dad.
What happened? Hey.
Yeah, thank you very much.
Okay, listen to this.
Some, half-naked girl tried to eat the catch right out of the bins.
Then she beat the hell out of Wally Merton.
- Big Wally? - Yeah? Why? I have no idea.
I guess he was trying to stop her.
That's a new one.
So, where do you want to start? I was thinking I'd take the day to get up to speed.
Check out the different departments, see how you're doing things these days.
That sounds good.
Schoenville Markets.
I got a big lunch meeting with these guys today.
All right, do your thing.
We'll see you later.
You tryin' to sneak Cap'n Crunch into my galley? What are you, like, six? It's not mine, bitch.
Hey, it's got ten essential vitamins and minerals in it.
It's my Cap'n Crunch.
You mean you slobs haven't cleaned out the pantry since I've been gone? - Chris! - Hey, man.
- Dude! - You good? Oh, man! Hey, buddy.
You good? What the hell are you doing here, man? Well, you know, I missed the stink of chopped squid and cod's blood.
Um, I don't know about this, man.
They're gonna find you here, dude.
They already have.
This guy from the facility tracked me down.
Wait, all the way to Alaska? Yeah, I know.
But, apparently, all he wanted to know about was the nurse that I drove to Libbey Beach with.
So 3,000 miles to find out about a nurse? Uh, yeah, she's wanted, dude, for, like, multiple homicides.
I was ridin' with a legit psycho killer.
I'm lucky to be alive.
That and because that mermaid almost killed you before that.
Uh, dude says it wasn't a mermaid.
What exactly did they take from us? He tell you that? Said it was a rare fish.
Okay, yeah, whatever.
Look, man, yeah, maybe maybe it is some big cover-up.
Who knows? But I'm done runnin'.
Look, if they found me up there, they're gonna find me anywhere.
I'd rather be in danger here with you guys than all alone up in Butthole, Alaska.
So this here is top shelf, my friend.
We can crack it open if you give me my job back.
- All right.
- Yeah? Yeah.
All right.
I mean, I'd rather have that mermaid, but I guess we'll have to settle for your sorry ass.
- It's not a mermaid.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Just shut up and pour.
- All right.
Petty Officer Montero? Yes, sir? Just picked up a report from the local sheriff's office at Bristol Cove, Washington.
Seems a young woman assaulted a 250-pound dock worker.
Sir, what would you like me to do about it, sir? I need you to get me a detailed description of the suspect.
Are you gonna be okay by yourself? Okay.
This? I bought it for a wedding.
It's not my thing really.
I'm having lunch with Ben's mother.
What is mother? Uh mother.
Well Family.
You have mother? Uh, yes, but she's gone.
Dead? No, I I don't know.
Just gone.
Family important.
Yes, family is, uh love.
You are love.
Thank you.
To stay safe if you need it.
I miss you.
I missed you, too.
Uh, yeah, okay.
Let me show you the line here.
This is from a load of sockeye we got this morning.
It seems like a lot a bycatch mixed up in the haul.
It's a new client.
Coastal Mills has been buying, like, anything we got.
Coastal Mills? I've never hard of 'em.
Nobody has until about a month ago.
Trucks just started showing up.
They've been buying the stuff up faster than we can load it in the bins.
Yo, Ben! Got a second? - Thanks, man.
- Sure.
They found him all the way in Alaska.
- In Alaska, man.
- Crazy.
And this Decker guy told Chris what? That the psycho nurse killed a bunch of people and he needed to find her.
That doesn't make any sense.
'Cause if she really was this homicidal maniac, then the cops would have been looking for Chris, not this Decker dude, some whacko fish doctor.
He's lying.
Something happened in that place.
They wanted to find out what Chris knew.
Yeah, only he was too drugged up to know anything, so this Decker guy just let him be.
What'd you find out here? You ever heard of a company called Coastal Mills? No.
Why? They're the ones buying up all that junk fish you guys have been hauling in.
I'm gonna try and figure out who they are.
So maybe this Decker's connected.
Well, let me know what you find out.
I gotta go.
Told the guys that I would buy some pizza to sop up the whisky.
Thank you for coming.
Well, thank you for inviting me.
You have to try Crab Louis salad.
It's delicious.
So how's my boy been lately? I never hear from him anymore.
Um I know the two of you are busy with your work at the Center.
Uh, yeah, we have been.
We have this rescue that's super demanding.
It's eating up a lot of Ben's time.
He gets deep in it, you know? Oh, I know.
So how are you, the two of you? Oh, we're fine.
Great, actually.
Good to hear.
What did you rescue? Uh, a wounded seal pup.
I know what's going on.
I love my son, but he has issues.
Everybody has issues.
Ben's a brilliant thinker, but he gets lost in his own mind, and he He shuts people out, even his own mother.
He does lose himself in his work.
All his little wounded creatures.
He's devoted to them.
Are you his current rescue? Excuse me? Oh, don't take that the wrong way.
I was his first.
What are you watching? Oh, um something stupid with a monkey.
What can I do you for, handsome? Nothing, actually.
I, uh, brought you a coffee.
Still like it black with a little bit of sugar? Since before you could carry it.
Hey, I was thinking about taking my dad out for lunch.
Oh, isn't that sweet, but he's already at lunch, with the buyer from Schoenville Market? Mind if I wait here till he gets back? Like you have to ask.
Pownall Seafood.
Uh, no, no.
He's not here right now.
Uh, no.
Thank you.
What is it? Pownall Seafood.
Yes, well, uh, Tuesday.
Tuesday would be wonderful.
Yes, yes.
He was consumed with finding a cure or some miracle treatment to get me back on my feet.
He hated seeing you suffer.
That's sort of what drives him.
Thank you.
He spent an entire year online after my accident researching spinal cord regeneration and calling clinics around the world.
He didn't sleep.
Not sleeping is a thing with him sometimes.
He fixates.
While he's rescuing you, you're you're everything.
I'm sure he helped you get over your mother when you were first together.
But soon enough, another wounded creature comes along, and he dives right in after her.
Do you need to get that, dear? Sorry.
I I kinda do.
Another drink, Ms.
Pownall? Um, actually, Andrea, I'll have the rosé that I love.
Thank you.
Maddie? Would you like something? Well, if it's Ben, please tell him I said hello.
Um, I'm so sorry, but I I have to go.
It's, uh A new rescue? It's the same rescue, actually, because your son doesn't give up on things.
And by the way, I'm not a rescue.
Well, thank you for coming.
Thanks for the salad.
Um, actually, Andrea, could you make that rosé a martini, please? So this company, Coastal Mills, reached out to my dad, offered to buy up all the bycatch Pownall could deliver.
And and who runs Coastal Mills? No one knows.
They don't exist online.
No one at Pownall's ever heard of them.
There's no record of what happens to the stuff after they take it.
It's like the trucks just leave the fisheries and then disappear.
And Xander said the Department of Fish and Game stopped grounding and fining boats for overfishing a month ago right around the same time.
So the government's letting it happen.
They're making it happen.
They're staving them out so they can catch more of them.
There you are.
I've been looking all over for you.
I thought you might be by the water.
It's okay.
I'm a friend.
Thought you might be hungry.
It's okay.
We want the same thing.
Want to go back to the water? But not without your sister? I can help.
You? Yes.
You can trust me, because I am one of you.
They want to hurt us? They want to catch you.
Danger to go home.
Not safe on land.
Not safe in water.
Nowhere is safe.
We're gonna change that.
We'll make it safe for you to be wherever you want to be.
How? No, screw that, man, okay? None of this would have ever happened if that that freak fish hadn't messed me up, you know? Did you ever ask this Decker jerk what they did with the fish? They're studying it or something.
Who knows? Stop asking me about it, okay? It's good to be home.
Good to be home.
Hey, it's Ben.
Leave me a message.
Yo, Ben, dude, um I'm just checkin' in, and wonderin' what you found out, 'cause, uh 'cause this Decker guy, I'm thinkin' he's the one.
That he's behind it all.
Ben, he ain't gonna stop until he gets her back.