Siren (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Dead in the Water

Previously on Siren Ryn's back.
Why on earth would she come back? We need help.
It's getting worse, isn't it? What's happening? They're starving them out, Maddie.
The government's letting it happen.
They're making it happen.
Seems a young woman assaulted a 250-pound dock worker.
We need the people.
- Them take! - No.
No, no, no, no! Whoa! - Hey! - Ryn! Water! Now! - Any sign of them? - You? Yes, you can trust me.
This Decker guy.
He's the one we gotta watch out for.
Aah! - There you go.
- Thank you.
Maddie, you tell me story about mother.
That's right.
Your mother is gone.
When Ryn was young, mother died.
Sister took care of me always.
But now she is alone.
- She's hungry and frightened.
- Ryn.
She will be out in the night to find food.
She's hunting? Yes, she will hunt.
Officer Montero, what can I do for you? Just wanted to give you the heads up, sir, that the Admiral was in looking for you.
What'd you tell him? Nothing.
I got the feeling you might be following up on your suspect, but noticed that your trip wasn't on the roster.
Just wanted to let you know, sir.
I appreciate your discretion, Montero.
I'm here to help, sir.
You see this? The Chronic called out Pownall Seafood by name for overfishing.
Your dad's gonna love that.
Well, he'll love it even more when I tell him he's gotta bring the boats in.
The government's giving him free rein.
He's not gonna back down so easily.
Well, I gotta give him a good reason to.
Ryn? It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna work it out for you and your sister.
My sister not trust me.
Look, if we show her we can help your people, get them the food they need, she'll change her mind.
We just need to be careful.
She attacked someone at the fishery the other night.
The police could be looking for you.
Yes Maddie.
All right, I got one coffee, sugar and soy.
One fish, head and tail.
All right, I gotta get out of here.
- Maddie? - Love you.
I love you.
Okay, so that just happened.
I got one the other day.
Where did you go last night? You and your sister have the msame mysterious habits.
She's a bit chattier, though.
You don't like it here.
I know.
You want to see her? I can arrange that.
Maybe you can talk some sense into her.
Every fishery out there's taking advantage of these lax regulations.
Why they gotta single us out by name? It's unbelievable.
We're the biggest.
Of course they're gonna call us out.
Are you saying it's fair that we're being portrayed as the bad guy here? We are the bad guy here.
But we don't have to be.
What are you sayin'? Show them that, even though the government is lax on conservation, Pownall Seafood isn't.
That could be a way to spin this.
No, I'm saying we could actually do it.
How? Our product does great at warehouse groceries, but we don't sell to high-end natural markets.
We're bigger than that.
You know how much Salmon we sell to Kroger? Yes, but do you know how much a pound of sustainable line-caught Coho costs at Whole Foods? Well, we never really romanced those guys, the high-enders.
Eco-friendly fishing equals a higher price per pound.
I've checked the numbers.
Our profit margin goes up six percent.
Six percent, huh? That before or after my donation to Greenpeace? Ben? Why don't you come to your mother's event tonight, her fundraiser thingy? I can't.
I got too much stuff to do.
She just got turned down by another clinical trial.
You know your mother would never mention it, but her spirits are pretty low, and Well, I know that having you and Doug there would give her a boost.
Come, and in the meantime, I promise you, I'll really think about what you said here.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Thanks for the call.
How'd she end up here? I went out and found her.
What is up with you and them? Well, maybe they sense my empathy.
The perpetual outsider.
How do you know so much about them? There's something you're not telling us.
Oh, there's a lot I'm not telling you.
Like what? Helen, you need Oh.
Should we be worried? No more fight.
A tea party? It's chamomile.
Might calm them down.
Why don't we all sit? Go.
I talk to sister.
Are you sure? Go.
Let's let them work it out alone.
In my apartment? Damn.
How can I help you? Uh I'm looking for Ben Pownall.
He's not here today.
Do you know where I might find him? Can I ask who's asking? A fellow biologist interested in his work in Steller feeding patterns.
Ben's the man for that for sure.
So do you know when he'll be back? Not today.
He's got a thing.
A thing? Yeah.
Some big old charity hoo-ha thing his parents are throwing.
Thank you.
I'll try back later.
They will help us.
Ben and Maddie.
They will bring back our food.
I see his face in that place take our food.
That was not him.
That was his father.
Ben will help.
No! You help him, - not me.
- You try to kill him.
So I help.
You like human.
You Like Human.
- - Drugs.
- Ya think? - Yeah.
But it must be somethin' new.
Young women, small stature, similar crimes.
These two might have been on the same crank.
Tweaked out and flyin' high.
There's some connection here.
Since when does it take two days to fix an intake manifold? Mechanics charge by the hour.
Yeah, well, it sucks.
I mean, I just get back to work, and then your dad's engine conks out.
Well, sucks worse for my dad.
- That's him.
- Who? The guy from the military place.
What, the guy that found you in Alaska? Are you sure? Yeah.
What the hell is he doin' here? And you're sure it was him? Like Jesus himself, man.
What's he doin' in town? You think he's lookin' for me? If he was, you'd know about it.
Tell him what you told me.
Oh, yeah.
So, well, in Alaska, this Decker, he's askin' all about this psycho nurse, right? And then as he's leavin', he Leans in and he He asks if she sang to me? Sang? Yeah.
I mean, this guy's a total weirdo, right? I gotta take a leak, all right? So, you know when I told you that this this Decker guy's after my mermaid? Yeah, I got your drunk message, man.
Well, you gotta ask yourself why.
I mean, why is he here in Bristol Cove? I mean, what's he doin'? So here's my, uh, crazy not-so-crazy answer.
Decker's here because the mermaid is here.
He was writing about the possibility of aquatic humanoids all the way back in the nineties.
This is the guy, Maddie.
I know it.
Bounced around several universities until 2008.
And then? Nada.
Just disappeared.
Okay, so those schools didn't want Decker and his mermaid theories, but the Navy did.
I mean, he went all the way to Alaska to look for Donna.
Now he shows up in Bristol Cove? Why? You think he knows she's here? He's got to, right? He's connected to the overfishing, too.
Maddie? He's not gonna stop until he finds her.
What is it? Decker asked Chris - if she sang to him.
- Sang? It's something they do.
You know the myths about a Siren song, right? Only it's not a song exactly.
It gets inside your head.
I don't know, maybe it's some kind of defense mechanism.
How do you know all this? Because Ryn did it to me the night we met.
And you're just telling me this now? I'm sorry.
It was I wasn't sure what it meant, and I'm still not.
What did it feel like? Honestly, like a drug.
I can't explain it.
It's like something I need.
Would you mind going over and getting a cup of water? Your mom's not gonna be happy to see me.
I totally ditched her at lunch the other day.
I'm sure she's already forgotten about it.
Yeah, 'cause that's her M.
? And I think that was you.
I'm gonna need to hit the bar.
Ben! Good to see you.
Bourbon, please.
Hi, Maddie.
Hey, Mr.
Oh, call me Ted, please.
Beautiful party Ted.
Elaine puts on a hell of a show.
How's your dad doin'? He's okay.
Been down in Forks with my aunt.
She's sick.
Well, sorry to hear that.
That explains the spike in crime around here.
Excuse me.
Hey, Mom.
Hi, Ben.
- It's so good to see you.
- You, too.
I want you to meet someone.
I was just talking to the most brilliant doctor.
It's such a coincidence.
He's a marine biologist, too, and he loves Chopin.
Aldon Decker.
Ben Pownall.
We go back a long way, your dad and I.
The night Elaine and I had our accident, he was the first one on the scene.
Did you know that? - He never told me that.
- No? Well, he was.
He didn't leave my side.
He stayed up with me all night at the hospital while Elaine was in surgery.
That sounds like him.
He's a good man, your dad.
He says the same thing about you.
Decker was just telling me about his research.
Your mother's referring to a rare marine creature I discovered recently.
- A marine creature? - Mm-hmm.
Its stem cells are remarkable.
Maybe now is not the time.
No, no, dear.
It sounds fascinating.
Please go on.
Well, I injected the DNA cells from the specimen into a group of paralytic rats.
In the weeks since, the control rats have all died due to complications from the paralysis.
But the others, the ones I injected the creature DNA with, every one of them regained their mobility.
Uh, Mom, need anything? Apparently some of those stem cells.
Your home not here.
In the water.
We will die, all of us.
No food.
We need them.
You need them.
I know man do this to you, but not Ben.
Not Maddie.
No human help me.
They Hurt! Pain! And you, sister, choose them.
They do this to you? I hunt at top of water.
You follow.
- I am sorry.
- Sorry? So your mother told me that you have a graduate degree from the University of Washington, that you interned with some of the top marine biologists.
You shouldn't have said that to her.
Said what? There's no magic bullet to cure paralysis, and you dangling that out in front of her is not okay.
I'm sorry.
My apologies.
Look, you seem like a smart young man, and my research would greatly benefit your mother.
If you could just help me with my work.
Beer, please.
I know why you're in town, and I know what you want.
I doubt that very much.
Thank you.
I know what she did to you.
H How do you know? Excuse the interruption, but Mom's about to get acknowledged for her fundraising prowess in T-minus ten.
Sure, Doug, I'm comin'.
Mom comes first.
Sidney, you gotta get to the church.
Shelter doors close at ten.
It's warm.
I'm sleeping out.
I've seen that girl.
She's been around town.
Where? In the alley one night with some kids.
Who? Uh, I'm not sure, but I remember her, because a while back, I saw her up on the North Star.
McClure's boat? Yeah.
One morning I saw her sniffin' around.
Thanks, Sidney.
Remind me to come to you first next time.
- Decker's here.
- What? Yeah.
He's looking for Donna.
Ben, he's dangerous.
You think he knows about Ryn? - It doesn't seem like it.
- This guy's We don't know what he's capable of.
We just gotta stay one step ahead of him.
Hey, have you seen Dr.
Decker? I was just about to go look for him.
Uh, excuse me.
Um, Mrs.
Pownall, about lunch.
I know we didn't get off to the best start Maddie.
Maddie, don't worry.
I just want what's best for my son.
Just tell me, do you know where she is? Maybe.
You need to bring me to her.
Please, right now.
I'd like to help you, really.
I would.
But I need something from you first.
You do realize I have the power of the military behind me? If all you needed to do was snap your fingers and the government showed up to help you, then why haven't they? I think you want to find her, right? But you don't want them to find her.
I think we can make a deal.
You and me.
Stop it.
Call it off.
Starving them, the lures, whatever else you got planned, stop it all right now.
That's a big ask.
Hardly comparable.
Really? 'Cause I know what it's like to have her inside your head.
You can't eat, you can't sleep, you can't think about anything else.
She sang to you, too? Hello, Helen.
Oh! You scared me, dear.
How's everything goin' up there? I haven't heard anything break.
What's wrong? My sister is strong.
A hunter, but this man, he hurt her.
She will be better once she's away from him.
Not better.
Sometimes Something inside you gets broken, and no matter what you do, it can't be fixed.
The feeling stays with you.
You want to see her again? Tell me what's going on out there.
There's a government trawler off the coast of Bristol Cove right now, out past the Northern Break.
We starve them to the surface, the lures will attract them, and the trawler will start harvesting them.
When? Tonight.
Are Ryn and Donna still there? Yes.
Why? What's goin' on? All right, listen to me.
Do not let them go out, okay? There's a man looking for them.
Ryn's sister needs to get back to the water.
We'll deal with it as soon as we get there.
Can you just put Ryn on? It's for you.
Hello? Yes.
Ryn, it's not safe outside.
You need to stay inside.
That man from the lab, he's here at the party.
- Man? - Yes! The bad man who hurt Donna.
He's here.
He's looking for her.
You have to stay at Helen's, okay? Ryn! Okay, yes.
Thank you.
Where's my damn mermaid? Excuse me? Let me refresh your memory.
Your goons stole her.
From my boat, the North Star? You have me mistaken with somebody else.
Oh, here's what I think.
You took my friend Chris and the mermaid to your place, lab, prison, whatever it was, then Chris, he manages to get out.
Takes that crazy nurse with him, drives her all the way to Libbey Beach.
Then, poof! That nurse disappeared, and then you, you spend a whole month tracking Chris down to Alaska to ask him about her.
Why? Huh? It's 'cause I think I think that that nurse is the mermaid.
There's no mermaid.
There never was.
- Bullshit.
- A deformed cetacean.
I know what I saw! Do you? You believe you caught something that never in man's 50,000 years of sailing the ocean's ever been corroborated.
No one knew there were cavemen, either, until they did.
No mermaid's skeleton's ever been found.
No dead one's ever floated up to the surface.
In fact, there's no evidence of their existence whatsoever.
That doesn't mean they're not real.
'Cause you caught one, right? Huh? A live one.
Xander McClure from Bristol Cove.
And now she's cavorting, around town with your friends, driving in cars with them.
Hmph! You must be a very, very special man, Mr.
And have some very special friends.
Where'd he go? I don't know.
I'll check outside.
I'm bringin' in the boats.
What? I asked Marty to run the numbers, and you were right Six percent.
And it'll help improve our image.
If I'm gonna be in the paper, it damn well better be for something good.
Thanks, Dad.
- Doug? - No problem.
Hey, Mom? Have you seen Dr.
Decker? Um, I'm sure he's around, but, um, would you sit with me? Please? Yeah, of course.
Of course.
I was turned down again for another clinical trial.
Did you dad tell you? Yeah.
I'm so sorry.
Did you have something to do with Dr.
Decker coming to town? Me? No.
Well, he's very enthusiastic about his research, but I want you to know, I don't need it.
- Mom.
- No, I Let me finish, okay? I know I'm never getting out of this chair, and I'm okay with it, but I'm really, really touched that you still want to help me, Ben.
I thought you'd given up on me.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I'll see you later.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Maddie? Sorry.
- Excuse me.
- What? Sorry.
It's you.
I'm so happy to see you.
I'm so sorry about what happened.
I never meant to hurt you.
I should have found a better way to study you.
Please just give me one more chance.
What's happening? There's two of you? What's goin' on?! - Ryn? - He hurt my sister! Please.
I'm not gonna hurt you, I promise.
Aah! Aah! Ryn! Stop! No, Ryn! Wait! No! I kill him.
He hurt my sister! I know.
I know he did.
Oh, please! Ryn? Ryn, wait, please! You want it to stop? Call it off! Whatever's goin' on out there, stop it! - Bring in that trawler! - Ryn, think! It's not just you and Donna in danger! - It's all of you! - Make the call! Call! Admiral, I don't have time to explain.
Just call in the trawler, now.
- Sir, I wouldn't be asking - Put it on speaker! It's in motion.
We're not pulling back.
No chance.
You've done a fine job.
- I'm sorry.
- Tonight all that hard work pays off.
No, no, no! Ryn, Ryn, Ryn! Wait! You can't kill him! - Move! - No.
Why you help the bad man? - Move! - No, no, no.
You choose him.
You should choose me! Are you okay? They can't go back in the water.
The Navy, it's out there.
My favorite part of the evening.
Are you bringing in the boats to make Ben happy? I'm bringing in the boats because if I don't try something new, I'm gonna become the old guard.
And there's only one end to the old guard.
Well, I'm happy to hear it.
Ben's got some good ideas.
- He does.
- I like that girl of his, too.
You do know that's Dale Bishop's step-daughter? I do.
I also think she's smart, she has spunk.
Spunk? Okay, Mr.
In fact, she kind of reminds me of a younger you.
You should invite her to lunch again.
Why would I do that? Because we like havin' Ben around, and Ben likes havin' her around.
You See? What? What we learn in the water about humans.
It is right.
Yes! I kill all.
On land, in water.
No! No? Kill the bad ones, yes.
Not the good.
You choose human over me.
I choose not to kill.
Go! Now! No.
Hey, yo, Chris! Finish up, man, come on! Let's go! Dude, that's her, man.
That's the nurse! Look! Look! Hey.
Hey, Hey! Stop! Stop! Come on, stop! Stop! Just wait up! Just wait a minute! Stop! Stop right there! Wait! Wait! Hey, stop! Yo, Chris! What's the deal with Calvin? I don't know.
It keeps goin' voicemail.
He's at Janine's.
Just get over there and pull his naked ass outta bed.
Yeah, yeah, I'm on it.
Hey, it's Ben.
Leave me a message.
Yo, Ben.
What I told you earlier, I, uh I was right, man.
Man, I saw her! Just, um, get down here, all right? We're gonna go get her.
- What? - Aw, Xander's goin' out there, too, hunting them.
You think Ryn went back in the water? I don't know.
I have to get out there.
Now without me, you're not.
She might come back.
One of us has to stay.
Stop right there!