Siren (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Dead in the Water

1 Previously on Siren She is coming back.
- Why did you come back, Ryn? - We need food.
You haven't seen this girl around, have you? No.
Why? Is this part of that murder case? Somebody said they saw you with her at Jerry's party last night.
You really think I wouldn't tell you? She's dangerous, Maddie.
I'm gonna find her.
Hey, stop! I saw her.
I was right.
Ben, you need to get down here.
We're gonna go get her.
I know what she did to you.
If you want to see her again, tell me what's goin' on out there.
There's a government trawler off the coast of Bristol Cove right now.
The lures will attract them, and the trawler will start harvesting them.
Stop right there! [HISSES.]
What the hell's happening? Busted her down by the dock.
She was about to have herself a little skinny-dip when I spotted her.
I asked her to come quiet.
Clearly she didn't take your advice.
Whatever she's on, Sheriff, it's strong.
Maybe she helps us find the other one.
We need to haul ass.
She could be right offshore or a hundred miles out.
You got a plan here, Xan? I mean, how you thinkin' you're gonna catch one? We got a lure, remember? It won't be that easy.
That guy, Decker, he told me that the Navy's tracking them, too.
They got a boat out there right now, and they know exactly how to find 'em.
Son of a bitch.
Did he say where? Maddie's working on it.
She's trying to figure out where they're trawling.
About damn time.
Please tell me Janine did not just uncuff me from her bedpost so that I can go on another hunt for guppy girl.
Damn right, horn dog.
Ben says the government's got another boat out there trying to steal our catch again.
We gotta beat them to it.
So now you want to take on the Navy? There could be, like, 50 SEALs on board that boat.
The Navy won't even know we're there.
We can shadow them.
They'll be dragging their nets for miles.
We can hang back, cut them free, get the mermaids before they even haul in their catch.
Like the Like the sea lions off Thompson Seamount.
They used to do the same thing to us.
Cruisin' in our wake, scoopin' up our catch.
And so we're the sea lions? Exactly.
Now we just need to convince your dad.
No, there's no time to wait for him.
If your dad finds out I'm callin' the shots on this one.
All right? In the night I've seen the worst Of the world Hoo-ooh-hoo-ooh Hoo-ooh-hoo-ooh In the night I've seen the worst Of the world [RUMBLING.]
Whoa-oh-oh It started right in the middle of the night Now we'll defend my home It started right in the middle of the night Whoo-ooh-hoo-ooh [PLACID HIGH-PITCHED CALLS.]
Quite the fighter.
I hope we're done with all that.
You're aware that by agreeing to talk to me, you waive your right to have an attorney present? I want to go home.
Tell me what I want to know, and we might be able to make that happen.
Why don't we start from the beginning? You recognize him? Yes.
How about this? Yes.
What happened? I got in car.
What happened after you got in the car? Car moved.
Is Donnie the one who sold you the drugs? Look, I know he assaulted you.
And I'm sure it's not the first time he ever tried something like that, but if you want out of this, I need to know the full story.
Now, who killed Donnie? Ryn.
And who's Ryn? I am Ryn.
He's a pretty large man, and you are a small girl.
Was someone else involved? [HISSES.]
I understand wanting to protect someone who's important to you, but sometimes you can't.
Not at the expense of others.
Now, drugs are one thing, but murder I'll ask you again.
Who helped you? Ben and Maddie help Ryn.
What What did you say? Ben and Maddie help Ryn.
My Maddie? Maddie Bishop? Thanks, Nick.
I just spoke to Nick on the Sea King.
Gave him a description of that trawler? He spotted her on their way out.
You got a pen? Yes.
Give it to me.
The Navy ship is called the Cortez.
Course heading 48 degrees, 49 point, 268 minutes west.
Maddie, you're amazing.
Thank you.
You have no idea what you're gonna find out there.
Look, we got no choice.
I need Xander and his boat if I'm gonna stop them.
Yeah, and what happens if he catches one? At least I'll be here.
Maybe I can try and convince him that he shouldn't be hunting them.
Ben, be careful.
Midnight seal crisis? Marissa, what are you doing here? - Is my dad all right? - Sheriff's fine.
He, uh, sent me over to bring you back to the station, actually.
What? Why? I'll let him tell you that.
Look, just please tell him I can't right now.
I'm helping Ben.
He made it pretty clear that it wasn't a request.
What's your angle here, dude? - What do you mean? - Oh, I don't know.
All of a sudden, the marine biologist is on board with hunting mermaids? Just 'cause Xander buys it doesn't mean that we are.
Think whatever you want.
Xander asked for my help, so I'm gonna give it to him.
Excuse me.
Where we at? The sea's up.
We're in for some chop.
All right, we got another hour till we're in range.
Copy that.
Gotta say, man.
It suits you.
What the hell is goin' on?! Why are we at sea? Huh?! It was my idea.
I saw her, Pop.
I mean, I saw her.
She's back out in the water.
We know where she might be.
We know where there might be more.
Right? There's more like her.
Dad, I got this, all right? I'm takin' us back.
You two really thought you were just gonna steal my boat to catch your mermaid? Him comin' up with somethin' like this, I get.
But you, you're supposed to be the levelheaded one.
We're not the ones stealing anything.
The government is.
Yeah, and they already stole from us once.
You think it's a coincidence that they haven't fined you for overfishing these lanes? That's on your dad.
Yeah, and they used him, just like they used you.
Nobody used me.
- We raked in a lot of cash.
- Yeah! But meanwhile, we been helping them get ready to catch more of these things.
Military's out there on a ship called the Cort right now, messing with your waters.
Now, you can turn a blind eye like everyone else, or you can do something about it.
Thank you.
They say these saltwater tanks don't need a filter.
I don't buy it.
Damn thing gets dirtier by the day.
You had Marissa bring me down here to help you fix your fish tank? I wouldn't think of wasting your time like that.
Got something very important I want to ask you.
Remember that time we made our pact? You were only ten.
Your mom had nearly overdosed.
I didn't want you to know what had happened, so [CHUCKLES.]
I took you to your favorite restaurant for a milkshake.
But even then, you knew.
You saw right through my little distraction.
So right then and there, we made our deal.
No matter what happened, we would never lie to each other.
And you have broken that pact, Maddie.
And you're gonna tell me why.
I feel like a greenhorn all over again.
Yeah, at least for you, it's just temporary.
Hey, that'll change soon enough.
Ha! Right, man! I mean, this was supposed to be my chance! I took the boat so I could I don't know, so I could prove myself.
Do this on my own.
Son of a bitch casts a shadow almost as big as his ego.
Xan, you're not the only son around here who's also an employee.
Try livin' up to the expectations of the guy your whole town depends on.
Thanks for backin' me up in there.
- - [BEEPING.]
Here we go.
Let's catch us a mermaid.
Okay, let's do this.
Comin' up on the coordinates now.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Once we're in her wake, you guys start takin' their nets.
Still nothin' on radar.
Fog's messin' with it.
We should be able to see it by now.
Where the hell is it? Dad, Dad, Dad! Watch out! Fire it up! - [XANDER.]
Reverse engines! - [BEN.]
Go, go! - [CRASH.]
So much for sneakin' up on 'em.
Why the hell is it dark? Well, you might as well go say hello, boys.
Eyes peeled.
All right, stay sharp! Hey, hey, look.
Look, there's blood.
Where the hell is everyone? Uh, maybe it's chow time? Yeah, but for who? Hey, you guys check inside.
Hello? Anyone home? I'm seein' a lot of blood.
It's empty.
Looks like they were gonna use these to scoop 'em up? Coffee's still warm.
What the hell happened here? Nothing good.
Yeah? Decker, I need you to report back immediately.
Sir, what for? I'm I'm running down a lead.
To hell with your lead.
We've lost contact with the Cortez.
What? How long since the last communication? No response since 0100 hours.
I'm sending in a retrieval team, and I want you here when they get back.
Did you find anything? Nothin'.
It's like they all vanished.
Yeah, but how? What the hell? Uh, guys? [METAL RINGS.]
We gotta get off the water now! We need to get off this boat, now! Chris, drop it! [SEAN.]
I'm gettin' us outta here! [ENGINE STARTS.]
You're trying to get me to confess to something I don't have a clue about.
I wanted to give you a chance to come clean on your own.
But it seems the truth is a difficult thing for you to tell these days.
I guess I have to get it from Ryn.
How do you Oh, Marissa brought her in a few hours ago.
She already confessed to killing Donnie Price, and it didn't take her long to give up you and Ben.
Oh, my God.
How in the hell did you get yourself wrapped up into this madness? She showed up about a month ago.
Ben found her.
- Ben brought you into this?! - It's not like that! He, uh Ryn was hurt.
She came to us for help, so we helped her.
That's not a crime, is it? As soon as you knew what she did, you should have come to me.
It's more complicated.
I don't think it is.
You see this girl, she's messed up, you feel a duty to help her.
I get that.
But there's a lot more goin' on here, Maddie.
She's protecting someone, someone very dangerous, and I need to know who.
Donna? It's her sister.
Where can I find her? - I don't know.
- Ohh! Look, if you let me talk to Ryn, I can find out.
So the two of you can get your story straight? Not a chance.
Dad, the only way Ryn will talk is if it's to me.
Why is that? Because she She trusts me.
- Maddie! - I'm here.
It's okay.
Are you all right? [DALE.]
Yeah, she's fine.
You said that she would talk to you, so let's have it.
Where's the sister? It's okay.
He's my father, my family.
You can trust him.
Sister is going to stop bad men on the water.
Ben's out there.
Ben in danger.
What is she talkin' about? Bad men on the water? I have to get to a radio to warn Ben.
- Warn him about what? - No! - Ryn? Okay, okay.
- I'll stop sister - before she hurts Ben.
- No one is going anywhere! - [GRUNTING.]
- Calm down! Till I know what the hell is goin' on! [PANTING.]
None of this will mean anything unless he knows.
Knows what? There's a reason the blood found at Donnie Price's crime scene wasn't human.
Maddie, I swear to God, if you're smokin' - the same stuff that she's - When I was little, you would tell me Haida myths, remember? About the shape-shifters who could transform into spirit animals.
- Those were just stories.
- No! They weren't.
Dad, no, we We can't go home empty-handed.
You saw that boat.
I am not puttin' my crew at risk.
If we caught even one of them, just one, our troubles would be over.
What kind of troubles you got, boy? Same ones as you! Takin' orders instead of givin' 'em.
And for what? Just to make enough so we can patch her up and go fish some more? That's enough.
You don't respect me, this boat, or this crew.
If you did, you'd know when to shut up! - [THUD.]
- Whoa! [STOPPING.]
Damn, damn, damn.
- Aw, come on.
All right, me and Xander will go check out the gennie.
Yeah, we'll keep watch out here.
Stay sharp, guys! Damn thing's out of juice.
Dad, how come you were on the boat today? Your mother and I were What? Your mother and I have been havin' some problems.
That's why I was sleepin' on the boat.
I had no idea.
Well, now you know.
So if you think this boat is the only thing I care about, it's 'cause it's the only thing I've got.
Uh You guys hear that? I don't hear anything.
Damn it! - [HISSING.]
- Oh! [BEN.]
Yeah, now I definitely heard that.
I don't see anything! There's nothing back here! Whoa! - Aah! - Get down! Get down! Whoa! [SEAN.]
Xander, fire up the batteries.
- Holy - What the hell is that thing? Spear! There's a spear in the side of the boat! [SHOUTING.]
Unh! Aah! [ROARING.]
You better get up there.
Dad, I'm not leaving you down here! I got this, son! Go! [HISSING.]
Damn it! [GROWLING.]
- [CHRIS.]
Get him! - [CALVIN.]
Keep him off! - [ROARING.]
- Ooh! [BEN.]
What the hell was that?! We'll go after that one! You guys keep watch up here! Ben, come on! We're gonna trap him in the hold! [RYN HISSES.]
It's okay.
What's goin' on, Maddie? What is this supposed to prove? Just watch.
Ryn, we have to show him.
I'm sorry.
He must be back there.
It's too dark! I can't see anything! Where the hell is he? I don't know.
I'll check down this way.
Chris, what are you doin', man?! Chris, stop! Dude, what's wrong?! [RAT SQUEAKING.]
- Whoa! [GRUNTING.]
Ben?! Oh! [GRUNTING.]
- Back up, man! Move! Chris, get out the way! [SINGING SIREN SONG.]
Chris, move! [HISSING.]
Get him in the hold! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
Chris, get out the way! I got a shot! Move! Chris, move! [SONG CONTINUING.]
- Stop! - [POUNDING.]
Chris, man, stop! - You got it?! - Yeah, yeah! Go, go! [POUNDING.]
- Chris! - [GUN COCKS.]
Chris, no! Come on! - Chris, come on, come on! - Let me go, man! - Let me go! - Chris, wait! Stop! Hah! Let me go! Get off me! [HISSES.]
Stay there! Stay! [ENGINE STARTS.]
The engines are back! But we're still takin' on water! You guys get her patched up! I'll get us back home! Let's move it! Still sure you want to catch one of these things? What? We already did, man.
Wait, wait, wait! Xan! Xan! [XANDER.]
Oh, no.
Xander, wait.
Okay, um You check that way! I'll go up! [WATER FLOWING.]
There, there, there.
Do you even know how to weld? You don't shut up, your mouth's about to find out.
Aah! Xan! Dad! [SEAN SHOUTING.]
Xander! Dad! We're gonna get you to a hospital! We're gonna get you back! Let's get this here.
Hang on.
Okay? Just hang on.
Take us home! Now! Now! Go! - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Holy crap.
Get the med pack right now! Okay, yeah! I'll never make it back to land.
Don't say that.
- Don't say that.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
I shouldn't have taken the boat.
I shouldn't have asked you to stay out.
I'm sorry.
You just tried to do right by your family.
I been hard on you, Xan.
I been hard on you.
I just I just wanted to get you ready to be captain.
Not like this, Dad.
I don't want it like this.
Not like this, please.
It's okay.
She's yours now, son.
She's yours now.
She's your Dad? Dad? Dad! Dad! Come on, Dad! Dad.
Look, we should just We should just call the Coast Guard and explain the situation.
This situation can't be explained, man.
Unless you want to end up back in the hospital, - and this time, in a padded room.
- We have to do something.
- We have to tell someone.
- Do you really think that anyone is gonna believe that Aquaman hopped on board and stabbed our captain? They're gonna think one of us did it! Xander, look, Sean was tryin' to untangle a line, he got caught up.
He couldn't get to his knife in time, and he went overboard.
And the current just dragged him away.
It was an accident.
He's lost at sea.
He's lost at sea.
Called the Coast Guard like you asked.
Said they haven't found anything strange on the water.
Thank you, Marissa.
Did someone from County come pick her up? I let the suspect go.
What? Her alibi checked out.
But we had her.
Sir, respectfully, you can't possibly believe that she's She was with Maddie during the time of Donnie's murder.
So unless you're callin' my daughter a liar No, sir, of course not.
- Ben, come in.
- Ben, do you copy? - [STATIC.]
Ben? Ben, come in.
Maddie? I got you.
I'm with Ryn.
She's safe.
Are you all right? Yeah.
We're headin' back now.
See you soon.
I'm sorry.
I get you in trouble with father.
I did that all by myself.
Me and my dad, we had a pact, and that's something that shouldn't be broken.
No souls were found alive? No souls were found at all.
We underestimated them.
This was a coordinated attack.
If we can't contain the situation, and fast, who knows how many other casualties will be on our head? On your head.
You knew this was gonna happen, didn't you? That's why you called to abort the whole operation.
We did not underestimate them, Admiral.
You did.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I know you are.
It's just a dream I'm drowning in Wake me up Wake me up, I'm dreaming I can't swim Wake me up Wake me up again