Siren (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Street Fight

Previously on "Siren".
His death my fault.
I put the Northstar in danger Me.
They attacked us.
They tried to kill every one of us - on that ship.
- Aah! You need to keep an eye on Xander.
He doesn't look well.
If he were to find out that Ryn is one of them Hello.
I am sorry.
- What? - They kill your father.
All this time, you've been lying to me? Haida myths, remember? About the shape-shifters who could transform into spirit animals.
You know the myths about a Siren song, right? It gets inside your head.
Will you sing to me again? What are you barking at? I didn't know this was a nude beach.
Breakfast? Ryn.
That's her name, right? Yeah.
What about her? You think she knows where he is? The one who killed my dad? No, I don't think she does.
But she knows where we can find him.
Like, out there, wherever he is.
Xander, I know how you must feel, but going after him, it's not gonna be good.
You saw what they're capable of.
You'll find a way through this.
A shark.
Shark hunts to eat, right? I mean, these things, they attacked us.
They came after us with some kind of sick-ass vengeance.
Ryn isn't like that.
She changed.
If she can, so can the others.
Well, if she's so good, then how come she can't help us? Help you do what? Kill him? Where are you going? I gotta get something from my mom's, okay? Don't worry, Maddie.
Seriously, I got this.
Hello, Ben.
Where's Maddie? Uh, she stayed with Xander last night.
She's trying to make sure that he's okay.
Is he okay? I don't know.
He's been through a lot.
I am sad for him.
Me, too.
Is Ben okay? Yeah.
Ben is good.
How was Sean's memorial? Tough, but good.
I think everyone's still in shock.
Xander? That's part of why I came.
I'm worried about him.
Xander? Xander? - Hey.
- What are you doing here? I was Nothin'.
I was just, uh lookin' for a jacket that Dad had, but Um, can you do me a favor and return this to Helen, please? I've got so many damn dishes around from people.
Ma, it's really not a great time.
Not really a great time for me, either, Xander.
All right, all right.
I'll take it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Why did you come back? - Ryn.
- Who are they? I know what happened on the boat.
Were you there? Did you kill him? Sean, he was my friend.
We take Ryn back to her home.
I thought you only kill for survival, but now aggression, plotting, revenge.
You're more human than I realized.
We are her family.
She must come back.
What if she doesn't want to go with you? She seems very attached to her human friends.
Where is Ryn? I don't know where she is.
Helen should help me.
My sister is back? Yeah.
She's with two others.
They want me back in the water.
What do you want? I want to choose when I go on land, when I go in the water.
So that's what we'll tell them.
Maybe what I want is not important.
Of course it is.
It will be bad.
They will not listen.
They will hurt people unless I go back with them.
We can talk to them.
If you want to stay, Ryn, that's your choice.
- It's not theirs.
- It is better if I go.
These two with my sister, I know them.
They are strong.
They will keep coming, only more danger.
It doesn't have to be like this.
We can change it.
You can't just go back.
I need you here.
I know where my sister will go to look for me.
We will go there before they hurt anymore people.
I'll see you at the house then.
Yeah, sounds good.
Have you folks been helped? We were out on the beach, when these three nudists assaulted us and stole our clothes.
Nudists? They were aggressive as hell.
One of them shoved my wife on the ground.
- You said there were three of them? - Mm-hmm.
They seemed like foreigners.
They didn't speak much English.
Maybe Europeans.
It's popular there nudity.
I go with you.
I come.
She said she's gonna go back.
That means you all go back, right? Please, no.
Ryn, tell me what's goin' on.
Not here to take me back.
Here to kill.
No! We are family.
I am you.
We are the same.
You kill her, you kill me, too.
Ryn, down! Go, go, go! Let's go! - You okay? - Yes.
Sister okay? Helen teach me.
They tell me they want you to come back to water.
That is all.
Not kill.
I know.
Why can't they just let you go back? Why do they need to kill you? I spend too much time with humans.
Why does that matter? There was one of us who spent time with a human long time ago.
She lived with him on land.
Together, they had little one.
- A child? - Yes.
But the child was not normal, not look normal.
He took it away from her into the woods.
He killed their child.
So she went back home in the water.
But this made him angry.
His head bad.
He brought many men, and they killed us.
So many of us that the water was red with our blood.
Helen told me that story.
Not about a child, though.
Story? No, not story.
You ask me why they don't want me.
I am too close to humans.
This is why.
We can teach them that you being here can help with the problems in the ocean.
They don't trust.
They are scared that what happened will happen again.
They want me dead because they believe it's the only way they will survive.
This is not how we are.
We take care of each other in the water.
But now, they are afraid of me.
It's okay.
- Maddie? - More of them are here.
I know.
We just got away from them.
They're after Ryn, Maddie.
And Donna, too.
They want to kill them.
Maybe you should take them somewhere.
- Where? - I don't know.
Somewhere out of here.
And if we get them away, what then? Those two are still here.
We let them murder people, destroy the town? These two are dangerous.
They're the ones who killed Sean.
We need to keep Ryn safe.
Whatever it takes.
I'm here with my dad.
I'm gonna talk to him, get the police involved.
That's what makes sense here.
You guys just wait.
Nobody's hurting anyone.
Come in.
Hey, Helen.
Um, Mom, she wanted to get this back to you.
Uh, you know, I wanted to thank you for everything you've been doing for her, you know? It means a lot.
What happened to your father was truly awful.
Yeah, that's a good word for it.
To witness that, I can I can only imagine.
You know what happened.
Is there something you should be telling me? They said they, uh, came here to, uh, take Ryn back.
But I want you to protect yourself and keep your mum safe.
They're here? Hello.
Can I please have my ball back? Thank you.
Where are you going? I'm gonna round those things up.
I can't have them roamin' around town.
Dad, you remember what it was like tryin' to get Ryn in here.
They're very strong.
Well, I'll have multiple units out there.
But what are you gonna do with them once you've got them? I'll figure that out when the time comes.
Dad, these other deputies, they can't know what they really are.
They don't have to.
We have a drug epidemic on our hands.
They'll just think they're tweakers.
They're gonna have questions, Dad.
You can't keep them here.
I'll think of something.
Hello? Hi, Dr.
It's Elaine Pownall.
You were so kind to recommend me for the clinical trial, and I haven't had a chance to say thank you.
It's no problem at all.
Look, if you could give me your address, I would love to send you something.
It's really not necessary.
Please, I should have done it days ago.
Just with the funeral and everything, we've been out of sorts.
Funeral? A local fisherman Sean McClure? There was a horrible accident.
Decker? When did it happen? About a week ago.
It was actually the night of our fundraising gala.
I have to go.
Hello? Hello? Too much waiting.
We're gonna figure out how to stop them.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Ben is love.
Love? Yes.
Get Get down.
Ben? Hey.
Come in, man.
What the hell are you doin' sittin' in the dark? What's up? Hello.
You're the nurse.
This is Ryn's sister.
Yeah? No shit.
You were there, on the boat? Do you know where he is? The one who killed my dad! Do you know?! Xander, stop.
He's here to kill us now.
- Xander.
- I'm goin' after him.
I'm gonna take him down.
Xander, put the gun down.
Aw, come on, man.
All I'm askin' is to go after the thing that killed my dad! You could at least pretend like you give a damn! - Of course I give - Maybe this is what we need to do.
What Xander says.
Maybe this is the only way.
Ryn, are you sure about this? We will help you find him.
You down with this? Yeah.
We want the same thing.
We gotta keep everybody safe.
All right.
What the hell we waitin' for then? Unit 244.
Suspects in sight.
Request additional units at Spring Street and Bayview.
Second suspect's in the area.
Consider extremely dangerous.
Do not try to subdue her without backup.
Description? Female, about 5'7", dark hair.
Dad? I'm bringin' in the male.
I'll be back there soon.
Maddie? Ben, my dad caught one of them, the male.
Where? In the alley by the boatyard on Spring Street.
He's bringing him into the station.
Dale's got him.
Where is he? You're with Xander? Yeah.
What's he doing there? We're out looking for them.
I'm with Ryn and Donna.
Ben, Xander's out of control.
We gotta find the other one.
No, what you need to do is get back home.
Let the police take care of this.
Maddie, I'm handlin' it.
No, Ben, damn it, go home! Now! I gotta go.
She was last spotted near the boatyard on Spring.
But he's the one I want, all right? Not her! We should get her first.
They already got him, Xander.
We know where he is.
You better be right, Ben.
We kill them.
And then you stay here.
On land.
With Ben.
With Maddie.
Hey! Sit back! Relax! No! Settle down! Sit back! This is Sheriff Bishop.
Suspect has escaped custody.
Pursuing on foot.
Send backup units to area.
Wish we never caught her in our nets, man.
None of this would have happened.
Dad would still be here.
Hey, we just need to get rid of these two.
Things will get back to normal.
Normal? What's normal now, right? What, you? You and your mermaid, livin' happily ever after? Trust me, man.
That ain't normal.
Oh, sh There she is.
Don't need to fight.
I don't want to hurt you.
And you don't want to hurt me.
You can go back.
We all can live.
Come on, move.
Get out of the way.
Just gotta get a clean shot.
- Hold it.
- Aw! Damn it! Ohh! You son of a bitch! Go! Go! Attention all units, 10-71 in progress.
Location, southern alley behind the docks.
Ben?! Ben! Responding to shots fired at Spring Street and Bayview.
What are you doin' here? I heard about your father.
I'm sorry.
I imagine we're both looking for the same thing.
Mermaids? No that wasn't a mermaid.
Just a deformed cetacean.
Mermaids don't exist.
Don't be shortsighted.
I can help you, Xander.
All right.
Why don't you check down by the docks? I'll stay here.
Holler if you see anything.
You and Ben, man.
You're both messed up in the head over those things, huh? I'm not the one walkin' through my hometown in the middle of the night with a hunting rifle.
Well, um you help me take him down, you can do whatever the hell you want with Ryn's sister.
What are you plannin' to do with her? Sheriff, what in God's name? Get inside, Sylvia, now! Hey.
Look, I know it must be hard, lettin' your sister stay.
I mean, that'd be a big deal for a human, too.
Whoa! I see her.
Dad! What happened to your head? I'm fine.
Come on, you're goin' back home.
Have you seen Ben? Get down.
Unh! Oh, God! Aah! Maddie! Maddie! - Is everything okay? - My dad's been hit! My dad's been hit! I'm okay! All right, we gotta get you out of here.
We can take him to Helen's.
Go! Go, go! Bring him over here.
All right.
On your good leg? Yeah, that's good.
- Ohh! - I'm fine, I'm fine! - Stop fussing! - Shush! I'll get some bandages and antiseptic.
Listen, we have to stop them before they hurt anyone else.
Call Marissa, get all available units on the street.
- Maddie, wait.
- What? I don't think that's a good idea.
If we call the cops now, there's no way we'll ever contain this thing.
It's already out of control.
We have no choice.
Okay, and what happens if the cops find Ryn? What happens then? Look, we can solve this on our own.
We can protect her.
No, we can't.
It's too late.
What is going on with you? Your judgment is totally screwed up.
Don't you care about her? Of course I do.
Of course I do.
You're the one putting her in danger, going out with Xander like some crazed vigilante.
You're acting insane.
Where the hell are you going? To help Ryn.
You go that way.
I just I just want to help, okay? Just, please, give me another chance.
Tell me what you want, please.
Oh! No! You listen to me now.
What's going on? It's a matriarchy.
It seems Ryn's now the dominant female.
It's over? Yes.
Xander, wait! Stay where you are, Ben! Man, you don't want to do this! It's settled! It's done! Not for me.
Drop it, Xander! They're animals, Sheriff! They're animals who kill humans.
Doing this is not gonna bring your dad back.
It's only gonna cause more trouble, man.
Xander, please.
Stop! No! Oh! Oh! My place.
Go! Quick, quick.
You go back.
Never come again.
They're taking Donna back to Helen's.
Are you coming? I'm gonna stay with my dad right now.
I'll, uh I'll be by later.
- Maddie.
- For Ryn.
They need you.
Ben, I can help.
Not now.
She doesn't want you.
Your leg, Sheriff.
I'll be fine.
- Happened in the crash? - Yeah.
Deer jumped right out in front of my vehicle.
The deer is fine.
Not a scratch.
We'll keep Xander in the drunk tank.
Give him a day to cool off.
Wait, you're not gonna charge him? For bein' a grief-stricken jackass? No, I'm not.
Oh, gosh.
How is she? Not good.
The others? I send them back to the water.
They will say I'm dead.
When she's better, she will go home.
We can't take her to a hospital.
They wouldn't know how to treat one of her kind anyway.
More coffee? How are you feeling? Oh! You keep treating me this well, I'll never go back to work.
Yeah, that'll happen.
Those creatures, Maddie, they can't be here.
I know.
But they can learn.
Evolve just like Ryn did.
I don't want to have to choose a side, but if I do, this town comes first.
She's getting worse.
We need to do something.
Ryn? Now, it's a long shot, but there is someone who might be able to help.
Someone who has your sister's blood.
Stem cells.
I can make the call.
- Hello? - Dr.
Decker, it's Ben.
We need you.