Siren (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

The Arrival

1 Previously on Siren - Look at that.
- We caught something out there.
This is Ryn.
Kind of hard to believe someone when they tell you they just saw [MADDIE.]
A mermaid.
There's something else.
There's another one? Sisters? Is that who you're looking for? [XANDER.]
Hey, stop! [XANDER.]
But I saw her.
Ben, get down here.
We're gonna go get her.
Unh! Aah! - Xan! - Dad! They kill your father.
- Xander? - I'm worried about him.
You know the myths about a Siren song? It gets inside your head.
Will you sing to me again? You're comparing me to your mother? I guess maybe I am.
It's not the relationship I want to have.
Sister's new home.
Ryn's, too.
- Yeah, the river Pulls me under Yeah, the river Pulls me under [SIREN SONG ECHOING.]
Come on, Ben.
Oh! Aah! [GROANING.]
God! You scared me.
You follow.
Just wanted to see you.
I wasn't even sure if you were still here in town.
I stay.
Others go back.
I didn't get a chance to To tell you.
I'm sorry.
Sorry? I can't stop thinking about it.
Your sister? I didn't mean to kill her, okay? If I could go back and change everything, I I would.
You can do this? No.
Then why you say this? I'm just trying to explain, okay? I was crazy.
I was out of my mind.
But you weren't on that boat, okay? You didn't see it.
They killed my father.
They keep my sister in cage.
Hurt her.
This is why they kill your father.
Where are you going? To see my sister.
Oh, hi! [SIGHS.]
Mads! - Mads! - Hey, Mom.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize that you were here.
I must have fallen asleep.
- It's fine.
- You know me.
Put me in a moving vehicle, and I'm I'm out cold.
Yeah, I remember.
Thanks for picking me up.
You have bags, or Oh, just this one.
Traveling light.
So I'm gonna drop you at the house.
See you later for dinner? Yeah, sure, whatever works.
I'm happy to see you.
I'm glad.
So what the hell happened up there, Ben? Uh, I lost my footing.
You were climbing alone.
I wasn't thinking.
You know, if you'd have hit your head on that rock instead of your shoulder, you'd be dead right now.
- You realize that, right? - Yeah.
Little worried about you.
Well, I'm fine.
I probably won't be scaling Everest anytime soon.
Look, I get it.
Sometimes you act first and think later.
A few months ago, I found you passed out on the dock.
Maybe you partied too much.
Then one of your friends gets in a brawl, and I gotta patch him up? I mean, it just seems to me like things are a bit out of control right now.
Yeah, you could say that.
You know your mom's gonna ask me what happened.
Well, tell her the truth.
I slipped.
This is my fault.
In the ocean, we move forward.
That shoulder's gonna hurt like hell in the morning, but I'm not inclined to write you a prescription.
I'm fine.
I, uh I don't need it.
Look, Ben, I don't want to jump to conclusions, but if you feel like you need it, there's a Pretty decent meeting over in Ramapo.
Okay? It's a support group, it's anonymous.
Glad you're not jumping to conclusions.
Thanks, Doc.
Hey, Wanda.
Hey, Dale.
Tempura? I'm good.
What you got? Mm.
Car wreck.
Cell phone in hand.
Cause of death: stupidity.
So what brings you to Port Angeles? I'm curious about that report on that body that washed up on Libby Beach? That military guy, Aldon Decker.
- Mm.
There won't be a report.
- What do you mean? Military showed up this morning and took possession.
Why didn't you call me? I didn't think about it.
It was their guy.
Weird that he was here for two days before they showed, but that's red tape.
- [DALE.]
- It was pretty clear cut, Dale.
Just like I said, suicide.
I was just trying to clean it up, let the powers that be know that it's not on me.
Definitely not on you.
I don't even know if it was on him.
How's that? Truth is, before they got here, I'd already started my autopsy.
And? I found something a little strange.
Jer, you feed the lions today? Uh, no.
I was waiting for you.
Why? Wouldn't eat a thing.
That's weird.
You think they're getting sick? No, I checked them out.
Their weight's fine, body temperature's normal.
Hey, Mads.
What are you doing here? Just wanted to see you.
Hey, Jerry.
What's up, doc? Not much.
Uh where's Ben? Not here.
They're working opposite shifts.
Jer, weren't you gonna clean out the storage space today? On it.
So, um You're mad at me, right? What do you want me to say, Xander? I don't know.
Say that you understand what happened.
I mean, how insane all this is.
You want me to tell you it's okay that you killed Ryn's sister? I can't do that.
I know what I did, Maddie.
Believe me.
I know it's crazy, Xander.
I'm still trying to understand it, too.
They're gone.
You know that, right? The ones that did it.
Saw your friend this morning.
Is that what's going on between you and Ben? Her? It's not her fault.
You can talk to me.
I know.
Um, I gotta get home for dinner.
My mom's back.
Really? Since when? This morning.
Man, that is so Susan, just showing up in the middle of a shit storm.
She called two days ago.
Next thing I know, I'm picking her up at the bus.
That was cool of you.
How's she look? Fine, I guess.
You think she's clean? She said she was on the phone.
You believe her? No idea.
Remember, uh, when we were little? Your dad would go out looking for her, drop you off at our place.
Your mom would let us stay up all night playing Mario Kart.
Kicked your ass every time, Princess Peach.
My dad misses her.
Is that sockeye? Yeah.
Never seen them move that fast.
Oh! What's wrong with them? I don't know.
Stay still.
Customer service is not high on my list of priorities, but I always offer to help them find something if they need it.
And then you come here to ring them up.
Take their money.
This is a quarter.
Four of these make one dollar.
Also known as "dough" or "moola.
" Dough moola.
Oh, man.
Is this lesson gonna take all day? [HISSES.]
That'll be $57.
What? For a mug? Tourist trap.
Oh! Hi.
You buy.
Uh Thanks, uh Not really my color.
Like Ben and Maddie.
Very sweet.
I miss them.
You were raised to live in a pack.
You are not solitary creatures.
Alone is hard.
- [GASPS.]
What is it, dear? Something is happening.
I don't feel anything.
Go now.
Ryn? Where are you going? [VIBRATIONS.]
Sorry I'm late.
Hey, Mads.
What took you? Something going on at work.
Well, we were just catching up.
Your mom looks great, don't you think? - Yeah.
- Come on, Dale.
It's true.
No, I like your hair this way.
You know, when I met your mom, she had that nineties feather situation going on.
Look who's talking.
I am flashing back to a mullet.
I better get dinner sorted.
Oh, your mom already did that.
Wasn't that nice? Yeah.
About ready to pack it in, miss.
- What can I get you? - I will buy food.
With money.
Well, good, 'cause that's what I take.
See anything you want? [VIBRATIONS.]
You ready? Miss? So, uh, what was going on over at the center? Uh, little weird, actually.
Something with the sea lions.
- The center? - The Marine Research Center.
Maddie's been working there.
Well, that's nice.
How long? About nine months.
You always loved animals.
I'm gonna go use the restroom.
Well, you know where it is.
She seems like she's doing well.
We've seen this before.
Come on.
Dad, you've got a lot going on right now.
Town council wants to see me tomorrow.
What are you gonna tell them? Same thing that I've been saying all along.
Come on.
You love this stuff! [BARKING.]
Jer! What the hell's going on? I don't know.
They've been coming in all day.
I saw something weird out there.
A giant school of rockfish moving like wildfire.
Like, hundreds of them.
I'll go.
- You want a fish? Marine Research.
Slow down.
I can't I can't understand you.
Where? I'll be right there.
What's going on? I gotta get to town.
There's a situation at the beach.
Mads, I heard something today that I think you should know about Aldon Decker.
Some kind of brain damage is the way she explained it.
It's not MS, it's not tumors.
It's like something she's never seen before.
Do you have any idea what that might mean? Um no.
You got new towels.
Oh, Maddie picked them out.
Um, I was thinking it's probably best that I stay at the Siren Song for now.
Give you two a chance to talk things through.
Bailing already.
We would like you to stay if that's what you want.
Is that okay with you? Whatever Dad wants.
- [DALE.]
Excuse me.
Sheriff Bishop.
- Yeah, what's up, Clarence? - [CELL PHONE BUZZING.]
I'm on my way.
- Dad? - Yep, right behind you.
Wait, what's going on? Where you guys going? We gotta go.
I can't explain now.
We'll be back.
Make yourself at home.
Are you all right? Yes.
Hello, Ben.
What happened? - Nothing.
I'm fine.
What's going on? Only one alive.
All right, everybody stand back.
Let this crew in.
- She's breathing.
The mother.
We gotta get her back in the water! She will not go without her baby.
We have to try.
She's the only one alive.
Thank you.
What drove them onto the beach? Something out there.
The sea lions were going crazy today.
Something is wrong.
I must go back in the water.
Ryn, let us send a camera down instead.
Will you be okay? Always hard, I think.
But I must go.
We'll be tracking you the whole time.
If you need us, just signal.
We'll come and find you.
Dale, wait up.
For what, Ted? Sorry it had to go this way, okay? I tried to intervene.
I just want you to know that.
Did you? Because I didn't hear you say a word on my behalf.
Hey, that's not fair, man.
I came to you.
I asked you to give me something to go back to these guys with.
What'd you give me? Nothing.
I would have liked the benefit of the doubt, Ted, like you've gotten from me.
Like your sons have.
Like your wife has.
Come on, really? We're gonna go there? You and I have both had our share of family issues, Dale.
I'm just saying, Ted, that I was there for you when you needed me.
Thanks for returning the favor.
I hope we did the right thing letting her go.
Ben, my dad talked to the M.
about Decker.
And? She said there was something going on in his brain.
I mean, obviously.
He drowned himself.
Which, by the way, I told you that - I wasn't trying to do.
- I know, but the song.
There was something she couldn't explain.
Okay, like what? Lesions, scarring, something Then maybe he was sick.
But there was no sign of known disease.
- Maybe the song is - Maddie, stop.
This was the problem, right? I mean, you can't fix this for me.
What's happening? There's some kind of disturbance.
She's at 38 degrees, six miles out.
She's moving in circles.
Ben, look! Maddie, hold on.
Where is she? She's heading to shore! [MONITOR BEEPING.]
She's in the woods.
Ben, look! - Ryn! - Ryn! - [BEN.]
Ryn! - [MADDIE.]
Ryn! - [MADDIE.]
Ryn! Ryn.
Oh, God.
Ryn, you okay? You okay? She's shaking.
I can't stop it.
Ryn? Can you sit up? What happened? Noise.
My head.
I saw one, like me.
I could not think.
I lost my way.
That's what they're doing out there.
- Who? - The oil company.
That's how they map the ocean floor.
With sonic cannons.
They're looking for a place to drill.
You'll be all right.
What is that? Ryn? [LABORED BREATHING.]
Oh, my God.
It's only half transformed.
He's breathing shallow.
Help him, please.
I'm fine.
So sad, those whales last night.
Why do they do that, beach themselves? No one knows, but it's pretty nasty stuff, though.
Know what a beached whale smells like? Yeah.
I, um, been living with you for three years, man.
What do you, uh, think's going on out there? So when I was with Maddie before, the sea lions just started freaking out.
All I know, man, something's up.
Glad you came in, Xan.
Haven't seen you for a few days.
- We're all cool, right? - Yeah.
I just been busy.
Well, what'll it be? - Burger, I guess.
- Mm-hmm.
BLT's not bad.
That sounds good.
Uh, make it two.
Course, washing it down with bourbon helps.
- That's my kind of lunch.
- Guys, this is - What'd you say your name was? - Nicole.
Haven't seen you around before.
Just visiting.
Did I hear your friend say you have a boat? - Yeah.
- What kind? Uh, it's just a old fishing tub.
Like on Deadliest Catch? Uh, yeah, kinda.
Love that show.
Such a cool thing to do.
Right? Mm.
He doesn't just own it.
He, uh, lives on it, too.
Really? Hmm.
Never been on a fishing boat.
Pleural effusion It's gotta be.
What does it mean? He has excess fluid between his chest wall and lungs.
He needs a local.
Many things can go wrong when changing.
We learn.
- Like the other one we saw? - Yes.
You can help him? I'm gonna try.
Come on, Ben.
Ben, you've seen the vet do it a hundred times.
What if his lungs aren't where we think they are? Come on.
The needle takes the fluid out.
Make sure to log that.
Yes, sir.
You keep Clarence in line now.
And whatever you do, don't let him make the coffee.
If you'd just answer the council's questions, I'm sure they'd see reason.
Speaking of questions, I hear the council had a few for you? Yes, sir.
They wanted to know about the suspect you released in the Donnie Price murder.
Maddie's friend? And the shooting in town.
You're forgetting about the wrecked police vehicle.
That, too.
I told them what you told me, about the deer.
You did the right thing.
You be careful, Marissa.
If anything unusual comes up and you can't handle it, you call me.
Like what? You'll know when it happens.
I know why you came.
The noise.
How is he? Okay.
Where did you go? We buried the other one.
Someone might have found it.
What's wrong? Oh, my God! [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
Oh, my God.
There's four of them.
Plus the other female from before.
What are they doing here? There's a disturbance in the water sound waves.
They were forced out.
Where'd you find this one? [RYN.]
Hard for him to change.
They leave him.
Hey, what are they doing? They thought I was dead.
It's bigger than I thought.
Excuse me? The boat.
Oh, okay.
Um, what are What are you doing here? Well, when a cute, relatively sober guy asks to show me his boat, it intrigues me.
Oh, well, I have no idea what makes you think I was sober.
Well, if you weren't, you hold your liquor pretty well.
Well, that is the, uh The nicest compliment I've had all day, so thank you.
You gonna give me a tour? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, come on.
Just watch your step.
Okay, I gotcha.
Um, this is the, uh The deck.
Thank you, Captain Ahab.
You're very welcome.
And this is the bridge, right? - Yeah.
Good eye.
Real good eye.
- Looked it up.
Very clever.
How'd someone so young get to own his own boat? Uh, it's My dad, he left it to me.
Could use a little paint maybe.
Yeah, she needs a lot more than that.
He must have thought a lot of you.
Your dad.
I'm glad you came by.
I see this one is still as charming as ever.
She was leader.
Now she must ask Ryn for help.
I help.
Ryn, they can't stay here.
I know.
When can they go back to the water? We don't know.
I have to find out how much area they're trying to grid.
Well, what the hell are we gonna do with them all tonight? [SOFT HISS.]
I know a place.
Are you sure this is a good idea? Best one I got.
Does your dad know you took his van? What do you think? Oh, great.
Grand theft auto.
You help me? [SOFT HISS.]
What if your parents decide to show up? They haven't been here for ten years, not since my mom's accident.
Gotta figure out food, water.
There's a stream just down the hill.
- We can get supplies in the morning.
- Okay.
Ryn, will more of them come to land? I don't know.
I always told you to not trust Ted.
He would throw his own mother under the bus.
Not gonna defend the man.
Does Maddie know they took your badge? I haven't seen her yet.
I'm hoping she's patching things up with Ben.
Ted's son.
Maddie is dating Ben Pownall? Was.
They've hit a bump.
I'll bet Elaine's eating that up.
Maddie didn't tell me.
I don't blame her.
Gotta give her some time.
We both know she needs more than just time.
Did you find what you were looking for in the closet? Yeah.
My favorite slippers.
You kept everything just the way it was for ten months.
Well, ten months isn't very long in a lifetime.
Lieutenant Martinez reporting.
I've followed the trail, gained access, secured the location.
I'll be in touch.
You can go.
I will take care of them.
Ryn, we're not leaving you here alone.
It's all right.
I'll stay.
They're my people, too.
You sure about this? We'll be fine.
You two go back, bring supplies in the morning.
Shallow breath Her desire for the deep Wasn't made for this All the secrets that I keep Like a bomb inside of me I've been waiting to be free If you pull me down You're goin' down with me - You're goin' down with me - [ENGINE STARTS.]
You're goin' down with me If you pull me Dow-ow-own You're goin' down with me You're goin' down with me If you pull me Dow-ow-own You're goin' down with me [WHISPERING.]
You must be tired.
Why don't you go in there and lie down? I stay.
Poor thing.
She seems lost.
Sister's Baby.
She's Donna's daughter? You're goin' down with me If you pull me Dow-ow-own You're goin' down with me You're goin' down with me You're goin' down with me If you pull me Dow-ow-own You're goin' down with me [PLACID HIGH-PITCHED CALL.]