Siren (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

Primal Instincts

1 Previously on Siren [GROANS] [XANDER] Just want to know where he is, the one who killed my dad! That's the reason you can't go back in the water.
You help me with my problem, I help you with yours.
I sense he is one of us.
I knew I was different.
Addiction, mental illness, rare autoimmune condition.
- Stop! - [MADDIE SCREAMS] Your mother.
My sister.
- Cute place.
- Glen, what are you doing here? I need you, Susan.
You need me, too.
Maddie, when did you get home? [GASPS] You're high.
Ben is in my dream.
[MADDIE] You might just be scared of your feelings for him.
[RYN] Who do you think about? [MADDIE] Ben.
And you.
[FEMALE SINGER] I been breathin' underwater for your love I been breathin' underwater for your love You been starting wars, burning bridges Learning all my flaws, like religion You been drownin' underwater for my love Ooh-ohh ooh-ooh ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh ooh-ooh ooh-ooh This is my kingdom And I'm never comin' down This is my kingdom And I'm never comin' down I rule on my own This is my throne This is my crown, and I'll never let go This is my kingdom And I'm never comin' down This is my, this is my This is my kingdom come [CAMI RELEASES PIERCING CALL] I will rule from my throne This is my kingdom And I'm never comin' down This is my, this is my I rule on my own This is my throne This is my crown, and I'll never let go This is my kingdom This is my, this is my This is my kingdom [PLACID HIGH-PITCHED CALL] Good morning.
That was nice.
Being together last night.
Yeah, it was.
When we kiss, why do Ben and Maddie stop? Don't look at me.
[LAUGHS] Well, we thought maybe you weren't ready to Do more.
Ryn wants more.
In water, we mate.
On land, we mate, too, but we also Make love.
Make love? Yeah.
It's, uh It's like mating, just not for making babies.
It's, um Mostly we do it because it, um Because it feels good.
Because we love the person.
I don't think mating feels so good for them, especially the males.
The females, uh, they bite them, they hit them with their tails.
Sometimes males die from too much mating.
Um, on land, it feels better when things are equal.
Equal? The same.
It feels good for everyone.
Everyone gives love and gets love.
In water, female, male not equal.
Maybe this is bad? No, not bad, just different.
And on land, things aren't always equal, either.
I would like to make love.
With Ben and Maddie.
I think we'd like that.
Sister's daughter's gone.
[BEN] What? Maybe she went to see the others.
Helen, it's Maddie.
Damn! They can't keep doing this.
They're nocturnal, I'm not.
Okay, I'm not gonna lie.
This is, uh This is probably gonna hurt, all right? Ready? Whoa! Yesterday, your guts were hanging out.
Today, you're healed.
[XANDER SIGHS] All right, so, um So I think this is gonna work.
Our little arrangement? Win-win.
I scratch your back [HISSES] Maybe that's, um We both want the same thing.
You want to get back in the water, I want that, too.
I'll figure out a way to make that happen.
[WAVE STRIKES, BOAT CREAKS] And you, you're gonna help me get the one who killed my dad.
Let's do this.
[ENGINE STARTS] - Stop! - [HISSES] Down.
Not safe to change.
Only when you need.
That's why they came here? They want to be in water.
In their natural state.
[HISSES] Someday, you can go back home.
Just not right now.
Thank God, they're here.
I brought a little bit of food.
There's not much, Ryn.
They're going to have to share.
You eat now.
You eat with them.
[HISSES] [HISSES] You eat.
Hey! Where you going? Hey! Hey, come back here! We had a deal! - Come on! - [HISSES] - Okay.
- [HISSES] Fine! Fine, just Do it your way.
[CAMI HISSES] [HISSES] It was important, what you did.
For them to stay here, they have to let go of the old ways.
And it won't be forever.
I know.
We go.
Uh, yeah, sure, you can come with me.
I got work to do.
Come on.
I'll keep a good eye on them.
Is he okay here on his own? Yes.
He protects.
It is good for him.
[DOOR CLOSES] [YOUNG GIRL] Spaghetti for you! - [ECHOING] Spaghetti for you! - [WOMAN LAUGHS] Mommy, I love you.
[WOMAN] Watch! Slide! Whee! I really need to go check on my mom.
I've avoided her long enough.
[RYN] Mother makes you sad.
I can handle it.
You have pain.
[SOFT HISS] I bring you to her.
You guys really set your own hours around here, huh? Uh, yeah, things have been a little unpredictable lately.
That is, uh, Levi, my intern.
Hey, Levi, what's up? So what's, uh What's going on? Look, I owe you a thank you.
You told me that Klesco Oil was connected with those beached whales? - Yep.
- You were right.
They were dragging that sonic cannon, like you said, mapping the ocean, and looks like they found something down there.
What did they find? Oil.
Or, actually, the, uh The potential for oil.
So now they bring in a drill ship, and they start poking holes to confirm the deposits.
Did they say where this might be happening? Just off the coast here.
If they find oil down there, none of this is gonna stop.
The mapping, the drilling.
Might have more than a few beached whales on your hands.
The ecosystem can't handle it.
It'll collapse.
These assholes can't get away with it.
So let's get this out there.
Once my segment's ready, you do an on-camera with me.
Of course.
Whatever it takes.
Did you happen to catch when the drill ship is being brought in? If I had to guess, any day now.
Here is mother.
There was a fight.
Your mother was hurt.
Who hurt mother? A human.
Human? - Human?! - It was accident.
Not all humans are bad.
Not all humans kill.
You! Human! [HISSES] When we were at the Marine Research Center, that guy came by.
Did you understand what he was telling me? [KNOCK ON DOOR] [XANDER] Ben? - [KNOCKING] - Shit.
- [XANDER] Hey, man, you here? - Get back.
Not a sound, okay? - Hey, Xan, what's up? - Hey.
We need to talk.
All right, let's, uh Let's go down to The Anchor, grab a bite to eat.
I'm starving.
Yeah, sure.
All right.
Aw, damn.
Uh, my phone.
I'll be right back.
The man you killed, that was Xander's father.
Now, that is why I need you to stay inside here.
If you go out and Xander sees you, bad things will happen.
Tell me you understand what I'm saying.
I stay.
I'll be back.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING INSIDE THE ANCHOR] Nobody's home Yesterday, when you stopped by the boat, I was hiding something.
I found one of them, the one that was there the night of the street fight? She was dying in the middle of the road, so I took her back to The North Star Xander, she is dangerous, man.
You gotta be careful.
I know.
She's crazy, for sure.
I mean, I started calling her Katrina, - with the hurricane? - Yeah.
She says that none of them want to be here.
I mean, they want to go back.
I want to help make that happen.
They can't go back, not with the noise pollution out there.
- And it's only getting worse.
- What do you mean? They found oil.
They're bringing in a drill ship.
It's all ramping up.
What's that gonna do to our fishing lanes? Honestly? Five, ten years, there won't be anything left.
Xander, we're gonna stop this.
We're gonna figure it out, Xan, save our waters.
Mom? I'm back.
Mom? Mom! [WATER RUNNING] [KNOCKING] - [GASPS] - Mom? Uh, yeah? I didn't hear you come in.
Are you okay? What happened? I'm sorry.
I was doing good, I was, and then I I messed up, and I called him.
Who did you call? His name is Glen.
- Who is he? - He's He supplies me.
He brought drugs into this house? I started to get really shaky, and, um, I don't know, I knew where he was staying, so I went there for more.
[CRYING] All right, gentlemen, here are your pancakes.
Thanks, babe.
And I'll see you later tonight? - Yeah.
Yeah, definitely.
- Okay.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING IN BACKGROUND] "Thanks, babe"? She's nice.
Okay? We're just seeing where it goes.
I'm happy for you.
She seems cool.
And it burns, baby, I'm bad 'Cause it's so good, good to be bad Don't blow it now I don't brag, brag - - It's so good, good to be bad If it burns, baby, I'm bad 'Cause it's so good, good to be bad [DOOR OPENS] [HISSES] The others? Ryn.
[GRUNTS] [HISSES] I bring together.
To water.
Where? Lot of people been installing these lately.
That right? Yeah.
It's It's the drugs.
It causes a rise in crime.
We hear about it all.
Locksmiths, we are the first line of defense.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
You have a break-in? Break-out, actually.
My house guests like to wander.
Where are they now? Upstairs, sleeping.
I shouldn't have stopped by.
No, no, not at all.
I'm happy you came.
[LOCKSMITH] All set.
Nobody's getting in or out, unless you want 'em to.
I forget every time what it feels like to come down.
Thank you.
Perhaps you should think about that next time you start using.
There are things that I can't control.
Like your father going off to Seattle and leaving me alone.
Mom, you gotta stop blaming someone else for your problem.
Have you been cheating on Dad? No.
I know I'm a lot of things, but a cheater isn't one of them.
Glen was my dealer up there, but we were never romantic.
Why did he come find you here? Because I called him.
I know your father gets back tonight, and I will tell him the truth, that I relapsed.
And no matter what happens, I promise you, I will not stop trying to get better.
You're my proof that I did one thing right.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Glen? He said he had business in Port Angeles.
Stay here.
Mom, it's my friend! I'll be right back.
[RELIEVED SIGH] Is everything okay? I tell sister's daughter what happen.
That human kill her mother.
No more secret.
What did she say? She say Ryn Is human.
Um, Helen just went to put some clothes in the laundry.
That's That's mine.
[PILLS RATTLING] Uh, I don't think you want that.
That's medicine.
Hurt? Yeah, I I am.
[HELEN] Oh, good.
You're getting acquainted.
Something like that, yeah.
[DOOR OPENS] Maddie, aren't you gonna introduce me to your friend? Mom, this is Ryn.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Susan.
Hello, Susan.
You girls don't have to stay out here.
Ryn, do you like tea? Mom, it's okay.
Tea? Be careful, it's hot.
Nice tea.
Ryn, do I, uh, detect an accent? She's an exchange student.
Oh, okay.
I'm really good at this.
I'm gonna say somewhere in Europe.
Scandinavia? Iceland.
More like Finland.
Okay, that's close! Your face is hurt.
I got hurt.
Why? Mom, you don't have to I spent time with some bad people.
You are bad? No.
She's not bad.
She's good.
I guess you can say I'm a work in progress.
- No no no no no! No, no! - What's wrong? - My ring.
- What? I like your mother.
Really? Yes.
She love Maddie.
It's not in there.
It must be in his room at the Siren Song.
I gotta go! I gotta get my ring! No way! He might be there.
He's gone at least until tomorrow.
I have to get it.
Mom, you can't.
It's my wedding ring.
I'll take you.
Come on.
I go with you.
Human kill mother.
Ryn let human kill.
I go home.
To water.
No humans.
No Ryn.
[HISSES] [KNOCKS] What'd your mother do now? Nothing.
Oh, now you got me really worried.
You heard about Klesco, how they've been mapping the area for oil deposits? Sure.
They're gonna be moving in a drill ship just off Thompson Seamount.
Where'd you hear that? A reporter reached out to me.
This is gonna destroy our waters.
You know that, right? Let's not overreact, Ben.
First of all, these things take time.
Nothing's going to happen overnight.
If they were just mapping, you might be right.
But they're not.
They found oil, Dad.
Do you get that? They're not going away.
What do you want me to do about it? Form a coalition, local business owners.
Put some pressure on them.
Because, you know, we can't stop progress.
This is not progress.
You got a good heart, Ben.
I wish we were all more like you.
I'll make a few calls, see what I can do.
Thanks, Dad.
They know about art? Oh, they know about a lot of things.
[LAUGHS] Civilized, in their own way.
There's something I have to tell you, Helen.
When we first met, you asked me if I had any living relatives.
I said no.
Yeah? This is my sister.
She's like us? I'd always assumed I was the only one, but of course there are more.
Beth isn't like us.
How so? She's got a perfect life.
Husband, kids, nice house.
I didn't fit into that, obviously.
We got into fights, and, uh, she said that I was a danger to her.
She had me committed to a state hospital.
[DEEP BREATH] After that, she refused to see me.
Like I don't exist.
I'm so sorry.
Maybe if you told her the truth, she'd understand.
Maybe your sister has been struggling on the inside the same as you.
- What, a camera? - Yeah.
I want to see what we're really up against.
What, the oil boat? No, they're dragging a sonic cannon through the water for mapping.
So, what's my job? You get me close, then you wait.
Uh, what if they spot me? Sockeye are running.
Just a wayward trawler out for an evening catch.
All right.
Dumb fisherman.
Part I was born to play.
Mom, wait.
Do you have the room key? No.
We need to be smart about this.
I need to get that ring back.
Mom, you're not gonna break into a motel room.
All right, so then what do we do? I'll figure it out.
What room is it? Um, 202, but I don't want you cleaning up my mess.
I'm not cleaning up your mess.
I'm helping you.
Big difference.
I find your ring, you put this behind you, and we move forward.
Hello? It's Helen.
Are you here? We brought you some food.
Ohh My God.
You're beautiful.
[DOORKNOB RATTLES] Where did you and Maddie meet? On land.
[CHUCKLES] I hope so.
I meet Maddie with Ben.
Maddie really seems to love that Ben.
Ben is love.
That's sweet.
I would like to make love with Ben and Maddie.
O kay.
[BOAT HORN BLARING] [MAN ON LOUDSPEAKER] These are restricted waters.
Clear the area.
Clear the lane.
What?! - Clear the area! - No, I can't hear you! It's a It's a good night for sockeye, yeah?! They're really runnin'! [BEEPING] [SHOCKWAVE BOOMS] [TV PLAYING] [ANNOUNCER] Had to push 'em apart into the wall, but As they're coming out of the turn, he is leaving him absolutely no room.
I mean, they are just screaming tandem.
You come with.
[HISSES] - [CAMI HISSES] - [HISSES] [BELL JINGLES] Um, excuse me? Yeah.
Somebody threw a bunch of lounge chairs into the pool.
Seriously? Seriously.
I don't get paid enough for this shit.
[DOOR OPENS] Who the hell are you? What're you doing here? - The power of that thing.
- Yeah? Yeah, I had no idea it would be so intense.
It blasted me back, Xander, like, a hundred feet.
Wow, that's crazy, man.
[PLANE ENGINE IDLING] [XANDER] Hey, there they are.
Uh, dude, you should see this.
[CONVERSATION INAUDIBLE] Well, I appreciate you understanding me needing to get my mom's ring back.
No problem.
Your mom, she's very special to me.
I need to get going.
I was just needing to Not yet.
Hang out for a bit.
My mom's married to a sheriff.
Where's he? I don't want any trouble.
No one does.
I was just living my life, and then, ring, your mom calls up, wants to make things right.
She wants to move on with her life.
Does she? 'Cause she called me.
- [THUD] - [GLEN GROANS] You bitch! [GRUNTS] No! All right, you and me time.