Siren (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Distress Call

Previously on Siren [RYN.]
Who do you think about? [MADDIE.]
I think about Ben - and you.
- The others.
I bring together.
I think we can help each other.
That's your problem.
You want to get back in the water, I want that, too.
And you, you're gonna help me get the one who killed my dad.
Looks like they found something down there when they were dragging, that sonic cannon, mapping the ocean.
- [BEN.]
What did they find? - Oil.
This is gonna destroy our waters, you know that, right? [TED.]
What do you want me to do about it? Because, you know, we can't stop progress.
Glen was my dealer.
I knew where he was staying, so I went there.
I find your ring, and we move forward.
Who the hell are you? - [KNEE LANDS.]
- Aah! - [SNAP.]
I bring her.
- Mom - [GASPS.]
Mom? Mom.
- Oh, my God! - We Oh, my God.
We found him like this, okay? Your father comes back tonight, right? Yeah.
Call him.
Call your dad.
Mom left something here, and we just Shh! Levi? Is anybody here? [SUSAN.]
It's my fault.
The girls were trying to help me.
Mom wasn't here when it When we found him.
Well, it looks like he had some kind of accident.
Did you call the sheriff's station? We can't be part of anything like this because of Ryn's visa status.
Well, then I guess I'll have to take care of this.
Why don't you take your mother home? Let's go.
- Ryn.
- I'll take care of Ryn.
She can fill me in.
Where you staying these days? With Maddie.
We share an apartment.
I guess we'll be talking about that later.
Where's Viv? - [GLASS BREAKS.]
Oh! [SIGHS.]
Tsk! I put that deadbolt on to keep you safe, and you go and smash your fool hand through the glass! Keep pressure on it until the bleeding stops.
Hey, now.
Sorry you're not happy here, but that's no reason to turn against a friend.
What the No way.
You don't even know how to use that, do you? [GROANS.]
This one.
He kill your mother.
You're her daughter? - [GROWLS.]
- Not kill.
Need him.
To move boat.
You kill later.
No, no! No, no! Aw, hell, no.
We're just trying to keep you safe.
So we lock it.
I know you don't understand me.
No locks in the ocean, right? [CHUCKLES.]
Eliza, take Viv upstairs.
Go now.
Well, hello.
You Here.
Me Here.
The man.
He hurt Maddie.
So you killed him.
You saved my daughter's life.
I'll never be able to thank you enough.
She means everything to me.
Maddie is love.
But you must know, this is bad.
It's a big mess.
Mess? We have laws on land that cannot be broken.
You can't just kill someone, even if it seems like the right thing to do.
Why? Because it's the law.
It keeps people safe.
Maddie not safe.
No, she wasn't.
But killing people is wrong.
Always? I sorry for [GROANS.]
Sorry for kill [SHOUTS.]
Die, you freak! Just die! [PANTING.]
She She tell me.
To kill.
Oh, so Hurricane Katrina just made you do it? What, you can't think for yourself? [FOOTSTEPS ON DECK.]
Stupid mermaid.
Locked me up and left me with a phone.
- Wait.
Is that you or me? - Who cares? Focus.
Okay, yeah.
It's three o'clock in the morning.
Yeah, it's three o'clock in the morning.
Go away! - [LINE RINGING.]
- Come on, come on, pick up, pick up, pick up.
Wait, wait, one second.
It's Xander.
Well, it's him or me.
Hey - Oh, thank God.
- Look, Calvin, I just.
- This is Calvin.
Leave me a message.
Or better yet, send me some money.
Oh, shit.
Look, man, just, um, call me back as soon as you get this, okay? [WHISPERS.]
Xander? Hey, Ben, I got no reception, so I gotta make this quick.
Okay, what's happening? That whacked out mermaid that I rescued? She came back.
She locked me in the hold of the North Star.
- What? - Yeah.
With the one who killed my dad.
He's on the boat? Yeah.
She locked him in here with me That angry one.
Now get your ass over here and get me out.
Thank you.
You and I, we had a moment, didn't we? Back in the warehouse.
You here.
Me here.
You want to stay here with me? Mm.
Okay, Ryn.
So how do I say this? You know, my people, we tell stories of shape-shifters, creatures like you.
Shape-shifter like me.
And in those stories, the ones like you often represent the idea of two worlds coming together.
In the myths, they are very powerful and can be responsible for many things.
The entire universe.
They can change the world.
And that change can be peaceful, good, or violent.
Can kill? Yes, sometimes.
But maybe that's your calling, to lead my kind and your kind to a peaceful existence in this new world.
What happen now? [SIGHS.]
Now I clean up the mess.
And you think about what you've done.
Think? Think.
Think before you do anything.
Come on! - Okay, all right.
Whoa! Where do you think you're going? Xander, don't be stupid right now.
We're taking him with us! You okay? You gotta be kidding me.
- He's coming with us! - No, man! [FOOTSTEPS.]
- She heard us.
Go go go go go! [WHISPERS.]
- Hey! - [HISSES.]
- [BEN.]
Go go go! - [XANDER.]
Help! [XANDER.]
Ah, he's heavy.
Come on, Xan! Come on! [GROANING.]
My God.
You live.
To family.
To water.
Not safe.
With Ryn.
All with Ryn will die! Maddie, I would have never let you go in that room if I knew Glen was there.
I know, Mom.
I am done with all that.
Trust me.
Wha Try and get some rest.
Okay, how is it possible that you guys don't have any liquor anywhere? Filing cabinet, top drawer.
This sucks, man.
Why do you think she came after you and your boat? Who knows, man? She's a psycho.
Or maybe she thought she could use me and the boat to stop Klesco from screwing up the water for her and her friends.
Where'd she get that idea? She wouldn't know any of that on her own.
She got the idea 'cause I'm a stupid idiot, okay? I took her there.
I showed her Klesco's boats.
I mean, all that stuff.
What did you do, Xander? I tried to make a deal with her.
I told her that I would help her stop the oil company and She'd help me kill him.
You were never going to kill him, Xan.
You couldn't.
I was just trying to do right by my dad, man.
I should've done it, too, when I had the chance.
You did the right thing, okay? It's what your dad would've wanted.
So you made a deal with her? I thought I did.
I don't know.
What do you think she's gonna do next? I have no clue, man.
She's bat shit.
She take back.
- She take what back? - Us.
That's exactly what we want, get her scaly ass back in the water.
Dude, what's the deal, huh? Hey, man, um What the hell? Why did you text me to meet you here in the middle of the night, huh? What are you doing here? What am I doing here? [BEN.]
Calvin? This is Levi.
I know him.
He's the one.
He's the one.
A little bedtime snack.
From a can.
It's all I have.
- You.
- Oh, yes.
Women first, that's how you prefer it.
- Okay, your turn.
- Mm.
Here, try this.
- Mm.
Come on, Glen, what's goin' on, man? Whole town's up my ass waitin' on this haul.
- Your car's in the lot, dude! I know you're here! I am sorry.
Ryn, you saved my life.
I make trouble for you.
You have nothing to apologize for.
All right, look, Xan, you're my buddy, all right? But you're also my boss, and, honestly, you've been a real piss poor boss these last couple of weeks.
What kind of idiot makes a deal with a wild animal? [MAN IN VIDEO.]
to make an impact on the fishing industry.
- Hey.
- Hey, man.
I'm glad that you texted.
I got something big to add to the story.
It looks like my father The owner of the local fishery He's is in bed with big oil.
Great story.
Too bad we can't tell it.
What do you mean? They're not gonna air it.
They killed it.
Who killed it? The soulless bloodsuckers at the network.
Well, them and the soulless bloodsuckers at the oil company that sponsors the network.
We can't let them do this.
We can't stop them.
We live in a world that's controlled by the same people who are destroying it.
Look, I fought for this, believe me.
This isn't a hill I'm ready to die on.
Good morning.
- [TED.]
- [DOUG.]
What's up? Did you have anything to do with killing the Klesco Oil story? Uh, what's he talking about? What What story? You knew KFGT was doing a story.
Did you tell them to shut it down? I'm flattered you think I have that kind of power.
What's this? Huh? You said that you had no pull with the oil company.
You're working with them.
Dad, you lied to me.
Whoa, nobody lied to anybody.
You asked me if I could do anything to stop them, and I said no.
The deal wasn't done until this morning.
Deal? What are you doing with them? It was my idea, Ben.
Pownall Seafood's leasing Klesco a strip of land for a pipeline.
All right, so So you are helping them bring oil on land.
Why? Because, Ben, this town needs jobs, and this project will create them.
Your father's helping make that happen.
And I'm getting sick and tired of apologizing for it, frankly.
Ben, come on, you're an environmentalist.
You know these projects, these companies, have way less impact than they used to.
We just had a beach full of dead whales, Mom.
That's their impact.
All the rest is just bullshit PR.
They're moving in whether we like it or not.
This town needs representation.
How are you representing the town? By handing them your land? We hold the lease.
That gives us power in the decision-making.
If we don't stay involved, this town has no say at all.
You want to stay involved? Okay.
Tell them no.
Make some noise, Dad.
Do something.
Screw it.
Come on, Ben, there must be a way we can meet in the middle here.
No, Mom, there isn't.
Maddie, I I tried to reach you.
What happened? Hey, come on.
Did he hurt you? No.
She stopped him.
She saved my life, Ben.
Where's Ryn? Katrina's on the war path.
So who was he? His name was Glen.
Glen Jenkins.
He was a dealer in Port Angeles.
Your dealer? For a while, yeah.
But I hadn't seen him lately.
I'd been clean for a month before I came back.
I swear.
Then I don't understand, 'cause you'd been clean here with us for almost a year.
What happened? I don't know.
There was an extra minute in the day.
You could've told me.
I would've helped.
Like I always did.
I was at the supermarket.
I was high as a kite, and I thought, "I can't go home.
I can't do this again.
" So I ran.
And someone introduced me to Glen.
And I needed a place to stay, and he had one.
How long were you with him? Eight months.
I was just staying there, cooking and cleaning and And then, uh, things got really bad.
He hit you.
And then I found out how big his business was.
His business? Yeah, he supplied to smaller dealers up and down the coast.
They called him "The Chemist.
" For what it's worth, you're the best man I've ever known.
Compared to what? Him? We got to get them off the North Star.
And back into that water.
You ready for a fight? Aw, hell, no.
I'm just messing with you, man.
I'm down for whatever it takes.
We can stop hiding up in here.
Called Jerry.
Gave him the day off.
We have five minutes.
For what? This is the footage I took of Klesco's sonic mapping device.
- [BOOM.]
- Now, if we wanted to do something, we'd have five minutes to get close enough to screw up that sonic cannon.
You've heard of Sea First.
Environmental activists.
Yeah, more like Eco-terrorists.
Nobody thought we were big enough to make an impact in the fishing industry.
But then we rammed one big, bad-boy ship and, bam, the world saw that footage of us crashing into that ship, and people sat up and paid attention.
I'm telling you, it was like the shot heard 'round the world.
The next thing you know, drift nets were actually banned.
Ever hear of David and Goliath? "Little hits big" can be surprisingly effective - when it comes to perception.
- [CLICK.]
They stopped the use of drift nets in the industry, forced them to modify their practices forever.
What are you trying to tell me? That ship out on the horizon? It's just the first one.
There's a bigger ship coming.
A drill ship, then a rig and a pipeline.
So I'm saying that if we wanted to make a statement now, we'd have five minutes.
That's how much time there is between noise blasts.
The amount time we would have to make an impact on Klesco Oil.
I know this sounds crazy.
Ryn broke the law to save my life.
I'm ready to do something.
Let's make some noise.
Marissa, what's up? Some poor idiot at the Siren Song Motel decided to take a shower while speeding on coke.
Slipped, broke his neck, and died.
Why call me? I wanted to give you a heads up.
Initial recon ties this guy to Susan.
What sort of ties are we talking about? Word has it they were living together in Port Angeles.
I didn't want it to wind up in the local papers without you knowing.
Who was this guy? Name's Glen Jenkin.
This guy was trafficking a shit ton of illegal substances.
Hmm? Hmm what? [DALE.]
How many open cases do we have with local drug trafficking? They ain't getting here by themselves.
You're thinking I think that our missing link just raised its ugly head.
Almost snapped it off.
I got a hunch.
About what? [DALE.]
Before I was laid off, I was trying to find this big supplier they called, um, The Chemist.
Maybe that's who your dead guy is.
Might have something to do with Donnie's homicide.
I can't be sure.
Maybe I'll take another look at that file.
Check it out.
Is my fault.
I lose them to her.
Ben says she beat Levi near to death because he wouldn't go with her of his own free will.
You didn't lose them.
She took them.
Bad if she is leader.
Danger for all.
She will fight to have what she wants.
Or she dies.
But you both want the same thing, just to be able to go back into the water.
But is different.
She can only see us and humans.
Not together.
Like Donna.
I go to sister's grave.
To think before I fight.
Ryn alone.
I take you.
You must be hungry.
There's leftover chicken.
I can always whip something up for lunch.
I'm not hungry.
You know, the situation you put Maddie in last night was I'm not saying you're the only one to blame for what happened.
We both put her there.
It's my fault for believing you were well.
That you would Ever be well.
I should've never let you come back.
I should've never let you anywhere near Maddie.
- Dale, I am sorry.
- Please, please.
Don't start making promises we both know you can't keep.
Listen, if you want to stay in Bristol Cove, you're gonna have to find another place to live.
My sister.
Under dirt.
Your mother.
She die because we fight.
- This is hallowed ground.
These are our people.
We all want to go back to water.
All want the same thing.
But we cannot do it without humans.
No good.
They kill us.
- Oh, yeah, well, you kill, too! - [BEN.]
Xander, no! Yes.
We kill humans, too.
But this stops now.
Humans weak.
No, you're wrong.
We know why you're angry.
We're angry, too.
See, we want to protect the ocean, but we are done begging.
We're ready to fight.
With you.
We need each other.
To take back water.
- [MAN.]
Take it up! [MAN 2.]
All right, takin' it up! I got it! [MAN.]
Bring her in! Hold! Hold it! What the hell is that?! [HIGH-PITCHED CALL.]