Siren (2018) s02e07 Episode Script


1 Previously on Siren That whacked out mermaid that I rescued, she came back.
She locked me in the hold of the North Star.
Get your ass over here and get me out! [BEN] Uh, this is Nicole.
She's been hangin' out with Xander.
[NICOLE] That's one way to put it.
[SCREAMING] You were never gonna kill him, Xan.
You couldn't.
Before I was laid off, I was trying to find this big supplier they called The Chemist.
Might have had something to do with Donnie's homicide.
I can't be sure.
I got something big to add to the story.
It looks like my father, he's in bed with big oil.
Great story.
Too bad we can't tell it.
We're ready to fight, together, with you.
[FISHERMAN] What the hell is that?! All right, go on three.
One, two, three.
[BEN] Everything's gonna change around here.
Klesco Oil isn't gonna quit.
They'll just bring in more machines.
They think that they can break ground, take what they want, and none of us will do a damn thing about it.
But you know what? They're wrong.
We gotta show the world what's going on here.
We have to make a big move.
No more talk.
Time to fight.
[CORONER'S ASSISTANT] Fishing crew pulled in a body off Dungeness.
- Okay.
- Caught up with the catch.
You listen.
Then you help.
Whatever we do, we have to work together, as a team.
[HELEN] These creatures aren't built - for the Situation Room.
- [HISSES] They must be quite exhausted after transforming.
Why don't I take them back to my house? - Yeah.
- [MADDIE] Thanks.
- We could use a sitter.
- Yeah.
Give us time to plan.
Xander said that we could use the North Star as a base.
[HELEN] Fetch your friend from the water, please.
- You are okay? - No.
Bad man kill mother.
[HISSES] Come with me.
I take her to see Xander.
They need to talk.
You'd better be careful.
Safe with me.
Keep her under your fin.
[MADDIE] This thing messed you up.
It almost killed Ryn.
How do we even get close enough to do anything? Look, this is just the first step anyway.
We disable it, they're just gonna put another one down there.
We gotta do something big, Maddie.
Push them outta here for good.
Angle of entry and capillary damage suggest the chest wound was inflicted with force.
Some kind of spear.
Big one.
Homicide? Looks that way.
Not to mention he was gift-wrapped before they tossed him over.
Where we at on the I.
? Sean Ronald McClure, Bristol Cove.
Reported lost at sea about a month ago.
Dental's match.
Notify the local sheriff's office? Nah.
Crimes at sea.
This one's the Feds.
Morning, Chief.
Thanks for coming in on such short notice.
Sit down.
No problem.
So, Glen Jenkins.
Lowlife scum by all accounts.
Guy was moving a lot of product through the county.
Gotta hand it to you, it was a good idea to get your deputy to re-open those files.
- I'm glad the tip paid off.
- Mm-hmm.
Thanks to you, we found some of Jenkins' stash in Donnie Price's vehicle.
Got the feeling it's not the only crime we link back to Jenkins and his drugs.
You did good, Sheriff.
Ma'am? But the good news is you're not crazy.
According to State, anyway.
And the town council's happy to have you back on the force.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Get to work.
Report up to date? Terry Jackson, and this is Evan Foster, FBI.
We're looking at a homicide committed at sea? Stabbed? His wounds are indicative of a single entry chest trauma.
Massive internal hemorrhage.
His assailant had to have been of unusual strength.
What makes you say that? They drove the weapon straight through the sternum, broke four ribs on its way through the heart and left lung.
Four witnesses on a boat out of Bristol Cove testified he was caught up in a net, went overboard.
Contact the local sheriff, have all four detained.
Find out which genius decided to give him a burial at sea.
Well [GRUNTS] That's everything.
I'm so glad they've asked you back to work.
It must feel good.
Yeah, they want me to head on in.
I best be going.
I'm sorry.
I didn't exactly make things easy.
We all did our best here.
I paid for, uh, first and last months' rent here.
Give you a little cushion.
I promise I'll get a job.
And I'll invite you two over for dinner soon.
That'd be nice.
Goodbye Dale.
I'm rootin' for you, Susie.
It connects to the ship on this pole arm.
Power source runs alongside the safety tether, embedded in the body of the cannon.
So we get close enough, wait five minutes between blasts, and cut it.
No more booms.
I need you to come with me, Ben.
Welcome back, Sheriff.
[MALE DEPUTY] Hey, there he is.
[FEMALE DEPUTY] So good to see you.
Very happy to see my team.
And a big thanks to Deputy Marissa for her leadership.
I owe you, Deputy.
I know that.
You picked a helluva day to come back.
Sean McClure's body surfaced.
Where? Crew out of Dungeness hauled it up.
notified the Feds.
And they think it's something more than an accident? They want to interview the witnesses.
I sent Clarence to pick up Ben Pownall.
You collect Calvin Lee.
I'll get Xander McClure.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING IN THE ANCHOR] Hey, um, maybe just another couple of eggs then? This is really my life.
I am a gluten provider to a grown man.
Aw, baby, hey, come on.
Please? [SEAGULLS CALLING] Got any plans for the weekend? No.
Nothin' special.
You know, drinkin'.
Yeah, looks like the party people were already here.
Yeah, I'm, uh I'm not much one for housekeeping, yeah.
I really gotta get my shit together.
Well, luckily, you have other talents.
It was a rough night, Nic, okay? No offense.
None taken.
Except I was wondering.
Hmm? You seeing other people? [LAUGHS] What? I'll just say it.
I was on my way over last night, and I didn't come in 'cause I saw some strange chick up on your roof acting all deranged.
Yeah? Well, uh, deranged how? She sort of shrieked at me, so I cut and ran.
Couldn't help wondering if you were Entertaining.
[LAUGHS] Babe, there are, like, I don't know, a million tweakers that end up hangin' out around the docks at night.
Hey, I'm not seeing anyone else right now.
Okay? Not interested, either.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Uh, come in.
Yeah Xander? There's some tough news.
Maybe we should talk in private.
She's She's my girlfriend.
You can tell us both.
A crew out of Dungeness brought your dad's body up in their nets.
I need you to come with me to identify him.
[CLICKS] [RYN] Xander is here? [HISSES] - [HISSES] - Whoa! - Whoa there.
- Back.
Back, now.
[SOFT HISS] Think.
No fight.
Nice day.
Dad, I've been trying you forever.
I'm sorry, honey.
There's, uh There's no signal in the morgue.
Morgue, what are you I'm here with Xander.
Looking right at Sean.
Oh, my God.
Is that why No.
I can't say much right now, but Ben and all the boys have been brought in for questioning.
The Feds are in town.
What can I do? For your boyfriend, not much right now.
But, uh, for your "ocean friends," a safe haven might be a way to go.
Places could get searched today.
You know where they're at? With Helen.
I'll call her and get over there.
Thanks, Dad.
- I love you.
- [HANGS UP] [MALE DEPUTY] Gonna need your phones and your personal effects.
Sign on the line.
It just confirms date and time of arrival, no more.
What's going on here? This is not the time, Ted.
And you need to let us handle this.
Handle what? Hmm? One of my workers came to me, said he saw my son being put in the back a cop car.
Whatever this is, I'm don't think you need to be jumping 'em all through these ridiculous hoops.
Dad, stop.
Actually, Ted, there are procedures that we must follow, and there's nothing more I can or will say about it to you.
Well, Sheriff, this certainly is your domain.
I don't presume to tell you your business.
Glad to hear it.
Can I have a couple of moments alone with my son, please? Alone, no.
You can say what you need to right here.
Will you take the others back please, Marissa? [TED] Hey.
Hey, what's going on? It's fine, okay? It's under control.
I got this.
Let me help you, Ben.
Tell me what this is all about.
I can't tell you.
That bad, huh? Okay, well, you have the right idea.
You say nothing.
Not a word.
I'm gonna call my lawyer.
- Dad, I don't need your help.
- [PHONE BEEPS] Yeah, you do.
And so do your friends.
- [LINE RINGING] - [DALE] Time's up.
Not one word.
This way, Ben.
[HISSES SOFTLY] What does she sense? Something wrong in her body.
We don't know.
[HISSES] [BLOWS] She say this happened after Viv change back.
From tank.
Is there something wrong with the tank? We only just refilled it.
Tank water is not living water.
No longer part of the ocean.
Not good enough for us.
She's sick? [HELEN] We may have a problem.
The tank water is becoming insufficient for these creatures.
They need the real ocean.
And they're gonna get that.
Very soon.
Does she have the strength to walk today? She say yes.
She knows there is trouble.
Where is Ben? He's talking to the police about Sean, Xander's dad.
What happened with Sean? They found his body.
Oh, God.
Does Patty know? Not yet.
Xander wants to tell her himself.
What about the police? They're asking questions.
We don't want them coming over here, looking for Levi or anyone else.
Pack will go with Helen today.
I stay here, help Maddie.
[HELEN] Ryn is pretty assimilated.
She'll be able to blend in just fine.
I'd like it if you stayed, Ryn.
Thank you.
Where do I take the rest? Somewhere out of town, remote? I know place.
You will keep them safe.
How nice of you to join us.
You know, the Feds are coming.
Meanwhile, get your heads screwed on straight.
[BEN] We don't say anything.
If none of us talk, they've got nothing on us.
It's the only way to protect ourselves.
You got it? [LINE RINGING] Yo, you've reached XM, so you better leave a good one.
[BEEP] [LINE RINGING] I thought you'd run away to sea.
Sorry, sir.
The past 24 hours have been intense.
You out of your depth? No, Sir.
In fact, I found the one we need.
- You're sure? - Oh, yeah.
I've been tracking, and I was led straight to the Alpha.
You should see this one.
She's highly evolved.
Rational, even.
Which leads me to reconsider the strategy.
Go on.
It feels misguided to capture by force.
If I can convince her to come willingly, I think we'll get a lot more out of her.
Okay, do it your way.
You have 48 hours.
[BEEP] I blame Calvin for whatever's going on.
He probably got involved in God knows what.
I love the guy, but he was, like, born to sell stolen shit off a truck.
We haven't been formally introduced.
I'm Nicole.
I am Ryn.
I've never heard a name like that.
Where's that from? Television.
Have you heard from Xander? Any news? Uh, he was taken in to identify his father's body.
- Now he's in jail.
- Is that what this is about? Mads, you gotta to go down there, get your dad to get them out.
Can you? Please? I'll go, but I can't promise anything.
I don't know if they'll even let me in.
You guys go home, I'll call you.
I go with Maddie? [DOOR OPENS] Best plan is, you stay here.
You don't want to bump into Deputy Marissa.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Remember? Okay.
Not her.
I forgot to pee.
Can I come in for a minute? Bathroom? Okay.
[CHAIN SLIDES] Uh, actually, I'm good.
I know who you are.
I know what you are.
- [HISSES] - Hey, hey, calm down.
This is not a big deal.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I didn't expect you to be so Human.
Ryn is not human.
Ryn is Ryn.
I'm sorry.
I just meant that you're special.
I want to learn all about you.
Study you.
So do my friends.
Study Ryn.
Like Ben and Maddie? Yes.
But they can't protect you like my friends can.
You know you're not safe here, right? I know this.
My friends are powerful.
What is powerful? They're people who protect the country and can protect your pack, too.
Soldiers hurt my sister.
- That was a big mistake.
- You go.
Remember, I can protect everyone you care about if you help me.
This can be our secret.
Dad, can you tell me anything yet? Honey, I'm sorry.
I I can't.
Will I be able to see Ben? I don't know yet.
I'll wait.
[BREATHING HARD] Xan, you gotta get it together, man.
You gotta stay calm.
I'm trying, okay? I'm gonna try.
Hey, we don't have to say a thing.
All right? Not a word.
[MARISSA] Wait here.
What the hell? Chris! Dude.
Dude, what's going on? What happened? The Feds, they came and got me.
I mean, they came in with a chopper.
Hey, guys! No talking.
Let's go.
Thank you.
What are we gonna do? We don't know if Chris is gonna say anything to them, okay? You saw him, man.
He's strung out on somethin'.
He's gonna say that a damn Merman killed my father.
So we gotta talk now, right? We have to say something.
We have no other choice.
So screwed! Man, we are so screwed! Hey, Xan, you need to calm down, man.
Are you trippin'? How can you tell the man to stay calm when you were the one who told him to wrap his dad up in a damn tarp and feed him to the fish? Okay, I'm still saying the same thing.
It is better if we just stay quiet.
Whatever Chris tells them, they're not gonna believe him if it's three against one.
What about the fact that my dad's got a great big ol' hole in his chest? I mean, how are we gonna talk our way around that? Maybe Maybe he got injured by a hook when he got caught up in the net, and we just didn't see it then, right? We just stick to what we've always said, Xan.
We keep our mouths shut, and we wait until the lawyer gets here.
I literally cannot believe you, dude.
That lawyer is gonna be looking out for one person in here, and it's you.
My dad is gonna help all of us, okay? I will make sure of that.
Us? [SCOFFS] He doesn't give a shit about us.
He doesn't even know me! Let me tell you something, the people that spend their lives tryin' to make the damn rent, they're the ones that go down first, okay? That's how it works, Ben.
Xan and I are gonna fry, while you, you're gonna walk off home, clean, to Mommy.
I would never let that happen to you.
I am done protecting those things that you spend your life whining over.
Everything's gone to hell since they've come into town.
Right? The Feds want the truth, they're gonna get it.
They're gonna get it from Chris, and they're gonna get it from me.
I'm not gonna get push back from you.
Right, Xan? Come on, tell me you don't care what happens to those freakin' things.
Make tacos with 'em for all I care, man.
I don't I don't care what happens to me anymore, either.
So then it's set.
We tell the truth.
It was a Merman that killed Sean.
[LAUGHING] All right, go ahead.
Go ahead.
Try saying that to the FBI.
You're insane! They're not the military, man.
They don't know about this.
Just shut up! [GRUNTING] Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop it! Calvin, stop! Okay? Stop! Both of you, all right, all right.
My dad wouldn't wanna see any of this, so just stop.
It's over.
[UNLOCKING CELL] The Feds want you.
Let's go.
I'm gonna tell you the truth.
He, um He got caught in the net.
What side of the deck was he on? Um, it was the portside.
What if I told you Xander said there was no net? No net? Calvin said that? [FOSTER] How about Xander telling us it was you that stabbed his father? I dunno, I'd I'd say he's whack.
Crazy as the guy who said it was a mermaid? It was me.
I did it.
We'd been working all night, and, yeah, Sean got caught up in a net, but that's not how he died.
I went to free him, I was holding a gaffing pole.
A wave hit, and I went down.
All my weight, it went right into his chest.
No one else saw this? It was dark.
I don't know where they were.
We knew that it would look bad for me, so I told the guys that we needed to wrap the body, bury it at sea.
[SIGHS] [STRAINING] Uhh! [SIGHS] [SOFT HISS] I'm Bill Groton, your lawyer.
Been getting acquainted with Christopher here.
So the bad news is the Feds didn't buy a word of your stories.
They're pressing charges.
The good news is they indicated you were all so wildly inconsistent, they find it hard to make heads or tails of things.
Mermaids? We need to drop that angle.
Now, they want to transfer you to a federal detention facility.
We're still waiting for bail to be set.
Now, you're the Pownall? Yeah.
Okay, word of advice No more confessions.
They might start to stick.
Wait, he confessed? He tried.
Good thing they didn't buy it.
[FOOTSTEPS] [CELL DOOR OPENS] Guys, uh I'm sorry.
I tried to stick to the story, but the truth, it just kept comin' back in my head, man, you know? I didn't wanna screw it up.
Don't worry 'bout it, okay? It's ever since that Thing sang to me.
That night, my mind, it was shot to pieces.
Do you feel me, man? It's feels like you You know what I'm saying.
- Right? - No.
Look, um, I'm sorry, that you haven't been Doing better.
But look, man, you did your best, okay? This wasn't your fault.
It's good to see you guys anyway.
I missed you.
Missed the sound of the ocean.
Last time we were all in a place this small, we rented that two-man tent instead of the big one.
You guys remember that? That Labor Day camping trip? Yeah, it was straight out of a horror movie.
You with your scaly feet.
[BEN] Wasn't all that bad, Cal.
We let you in there alone with that, uh That girl from Germany.
What was her name? Um [ALL] Helga.
[SNICKERS] [CHUCKLES] I just I just really miss my dad.
- [KEYS FALL] - [FRUSTRATED SIGH] [CRYING SOFTLY] Maddie? You have pain inside.
Ben's in big trouble.
He's not even allowed out of the station.
My dad couldn't let me see him.
Why he can't leave? He's locked up.
In a cage.
Like sister? When do they let him out? I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Maddie go home.
Get rest.
I come soon.
Where are you going? Want to walk.
Like human.
[VIV WHEEZING] Good place for us.
Did you find this when you went out on your own? [SOFT HISS] [WATER DRIPPING] [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING IN THE ANCHOR] [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] The soldiers.
Why they want Ryn? Because you're so strong.
You can help humans learn how to get stronger.
You'll be helping the people that you love.
Ben and Maddie are love.
It won't be hard on you.
It won't hurt.
Not like your sister.
I'm truly sorry about that.
It was all very new to us.
I will help soldiers.
But they must help Ryn, too.
[HELEN] This area has many cave paintings.
These are probably thousands of years old.
Created by our most ancient tribes.
[HISSES] [SOFT HISS] [HISSES] Not your words.
[HELEN] Not our words? Our words.
[CELL DOOR UNLOCKS] You are free to go.
They've dropped the charges.
So was it the lawyer guy? Did he pull something off? I've been told the case is closed on direct orders of the U.
They wouldn't say more.
Feds weren't too happy about the waste of their time.
The military? The best thing to do here is not ask questions.
Go home, all of you, stay out of trouble.
We got lucky today, guys.
Don't forget that.
Um, I'm gonna catch up with you guys later, okay? Yeah, sure.
[SONG PLAYING] I need to, um, pay a visit to my mom.
[MALE SINGER] Holdin' my breath Yeah.
Comin' comin' comin' for you I remember holdin' you so tight Soft like a butter knife Slice me, dice me Let me feel you softly Slowly I'm inside my head, inside my head I'm inside my head, inside my Ooh-hoo ooh-hoo oh-hoo I'm inside my head, inside my head [KNOCKING] I'm inside my head, inside my Xan.
Hey, Mom.
This one.
This one.
[SOFT HISS] [HELEN] "We live here "in harmony, "tribes of land "and tribes of sea.
" We used to be Together.
- You okay? - Yeah.
[JANINE] All right.
[LAUGHS] Gonna be able to lay my dad to rest.
[MALE SINGER] Give it up I'm gonna go get us some drinks, okay? - Okay.
- Break my back I got a bag of shame Cuddled in my arms - [BEN] Hey, man.
- Take it back - I got a bag of tricks - Be right back.
Your mom okay? Yeah.
She will be.
She's got some peace now, so Yeah.
Ben is safe.
- [CALVIN] Cheers, bro.
- [XANDER] Cheers, man.
[BEN] Hey, come on, sit down.
So the military saves our asses, huh? What's up with that? They must have a bigger plan.
Why else would they do it? [XANDER] All just happened so fast.
One minute, we're going down, the next, we're out.
I mean, someone must've found out something.
Unless They've been here, watchin' us this whole time.
Oh please I'm singin' through the past We can't take any more chances.
We gotta get them home.
- Fast.
- Yes.
You say you'll take me to the world But I just need to play Give it up [HIGH-PITCHED CALL]