Six (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

Indian Country

- Previously on "Six" - Aah! There's no guarantee you'll ever gain the mobility and dexterity in your hand to return to your team.
You can't let this thing that happened define you.
I can't be that person for anyone, at least not now.
So please don't come looking for me.
- You sleep with this guy? - Joe.
We're just going out to paint.
Look, why don't you go paint with somebody else's wife? Andrew Hall and two of his assistants were grabbed by the Ummah Movement in Baku, Azerbaijan.
President's golf buddy Andrew Hall? - Who's got him, sir? - The Prince.
Try to negotiate with me again, and I'll have your tongue cut out.
Ma'am, have you seen Paul Adams? Have you seen Andrew Hall? - No, they took them away.
- Okay.
No Hall, no Adams.
No more games.
Give me Michael Nasry, and I will give you Andrew Hall.
He'll kill me.
He wants me at the exchange.
He's gonna kill both of us.
- Devon? - Yeah.
What would Larry Holmes say about this delicious MRE meal? Okay, okay, okay, okay.
My name is Larry Holmes" for MRE packets.
MRE packets is a self-contained, it's, uh, individual Indivisible.
Indivis That's a hard word to say.
It's an individual food.
It's delicious.
And it's made in the USA.
" - "And damn, that shit tastes good.
" - It tastes good! Hey, eyes on.
Eyes on.
Sergeant? You did well last night, boys.
The hostage you sprung is doing fine.
We're not going home just yet.
- JSOC just spun up a new op.
- What is it? The Prince wants to trade Andrew Hall for a high-value Jihadist prisoner.
You're the escort team.
Bring him out.
Fucking kidding me? - What the fuck? - You son of a bitch.
- You son of a bitch! - Hey, hey, hey! Stop! - That bitch - Hey, hey.
- Hey! - Guard! Hey.
I know you wanna put this guy in the dirt, but we're here to do the exchange.
That's it.
- Are you behind this? - The President's behind this.
He personally ordered the mission.
Why us, huh? Huh? You're the closest team.
Simple as that.
You told us this piece of shit was dead.
I told you he was taken care of.
The exchange is up north in the Pankisi Gorge, close to Chechnya, which, just to show you how this thing smells, is part of Russia.
So we keep a light footprint, low visibility, civilian clothes.
We'll infil six of you.
We'll plus you up with Jaworski in a host nation bird with a small detail of Georgian Special Forces.
Now the Georgians are nervous about a lot of birds in the sky close to Russia, so our QRF remains here on station.
Still not good enough, boys.
That's the way the game is rigged, Ortiz.
Once the President gets involved, SOP gets shit-canned.
Who picked the exchange point? The Prince.
- His sandbox, his rules.
Right, Gina? - Look, I don't like this any more than you do.
Okay, okay.
Look, I'm gonna need some time with my team.
Okay? - No, Bear.
- This is bullshit.
- Bear - Man, we put this guy away.
We lose Buck and Rip in the process, and now we gotta let this guy loose.
- Whose side are we on? - Shit, when you figure that out, let me know.
We might be walking straight into a trap.
You know what? Maybe Nasry doesn't make it to the exchange.
You could've warned us.
This all came down fast.
We're all scrambling.
I didn't kill Taggart.
I could've, many times, but I did not.
You're a piece of shit on my boot.
That's all you are.
The confession Rip did You ever talk to him about it? Because he believed every word.
Well, then you believe this One misstep, then I can put a bullet through your fucking head.
The Prince, a Navy SEAL What's it matter who shoots me? The Prince is smart.
He won't kill you, not right away.
He'll make you tell him what you told us.
He already knows.
You should've let Vlad kill me.
You're damn convincing.
Convince him to keep you alive, to run you back into us.
- And be your spy? - It's your only option.
You want me dead.
I want the Prince.
Last thing you'll see before you die is my face.
- Buddha! - They call you "Buddha"? Not for you.
Reaper One One, this is Foxtrot Delta One.
We are over the exchange point.
Do you see anything? Over.
Foxtrot Delta One.
No visible movement at this time.
Okay, drop us 150 meters north of the infil point.
We'll proceed to the handoff on foot.
Reaper on standby.
Exchange point looks clear.
Okay, bring 'em out.
Okay, Jaws, stay with Nasry.
Trevor, take us out.
All right, Trevor.
Hold up.
We're here.
This is the exchange point.
Reaper One One, this is Delta One.
What's the sitrep on our position? Delta One, we still have no activity at this time.
Bear, this doesn't feel right.
Maybe we should bail.
Delta One, this is Reaper One One.
You have one unknown approaching out of the treeline from the northwest, approximately 100 yards from your position.
Chase, go check it out.
Bear, I got eyes on.
Put your hands up.
Put your hands up.
Hands up.
Keep 'em up.
Just wood.
Somebody gonna get that? - Easy.
- Hello, Gina.
How is my favorite spook? It's been a long time, John.
Where's Hall? I'll put him on.
Please, god, help me.
They're going to kill And my end of the deal? The exchange, John.
We're here.
Where are you? Put Michael on, or there won't be an exchange.
He wants Michael.
Bring him over.
My Prince.
You gave them the grave site, Michael, where my family lies.
No, I-I didn't I give them that information.
I Put the CIA bitch back on.
What? The exchange has been moved 75 kilometers north.
Northeast of the village of Chero.
I'm to call him tomorrow at 0900 to get the exact spot.
Chero's on the Chechen border.
What are they doing? Delta One, this is Haven One, actual.
The Georgians are pulling air support.
The Prince.
He's laying a trap.
It's starting.
- Ooh.
- Looks like a party.
Not today.
To Dawn, and absent companions.
Who's Dawn? Mmm.
You're a shooter.
I can smell you hounds from a million miles.
Were you at the bin Laden raid? Like, I can't even imagine.
Yeah, I got his head tucked in my freezer.
- He's funny.
- Sorry, ladies.
We need a minute.
- Mm.
- Lena.
What a surprise.
Is that the art teacher? Were those the ones you and Joe picked up the other night? Small town, Alex.
News travels fast.
Relax, I told him we could date other people.
You were doing me a favor.
You're welcome.
We're all on our own paths.
That's what you always say, right? That's what I always say.
Gotta be hard not being out there with the guys.
- Any advice? - Mnh.
Any advice for me? Lena, it's our job to kill people, up close, before they kill us.
We have to lock that stuff away.
We're afraid that if we let you in, you won't like what you see.
Bear That's what he was doing by keeping you out.
So here we are.
I hope your wrist heals up, Alex.
Haven One, this is Foxtrot Delta One.
Please be advised the exchange has been moved northeast to the village of Chero.
I recommend an immediate exfil.
I want my men out of here.
Foxtrot Delta One, this is Haven One, actual.
I'm trying to smooth out this goat-rope.
Standby, over.
Roger that.
Delta One, Haven One, actual.
The National Command Authority is ordering you to proceed.
We have eyes on a possible transport 2 klicks away.
Grid to follow.
Next comm window in four hours.
Haven One, out.
That's our transpo.
Okay, Graves, you're with me.
Everyone else, keep your weapons out of sight.
You know, nothing says how you have to look, just that you're alive.
I mean, you could take a bad fall.
Maybe accidentally get your balls chopped off.
You can't win this war.
We already are, shitbag.
Driving ISIL out of Iraq.
Killing all your rapist and murdering cousins everywhere Yemen, Afghanistan.
All you believe in is fear.
All you know how to do is kill.
America has no ideas anymore, only bullets.
And what kind of idea is it that you marry schoolgirls to your Jihadist buddies? 10-year-old girls that you kidnapped.
I saved those girls from Boko Haram, Buddha.
You must have a daughter.
Who's gonna save her from the horrors of America? Hmm? The hatred, the mistrust, the promiscuous sex, the drugs.
Hey! That's what makes America great.
Hey, you wanna you wanna tell me what's going on here? All right, here we go, bro.
Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda on their choppers to Taos.
- No.
- What do you mean? All right, you wanna go, uh, Thelma and Louise? Green T-Bird convertible? Dude, you gotta pick different movies, man.
- Why is that? - They all die in the end.
Oh, yeah, that is true.
All right, we can go Turner and Hooch.
Obviously you'd have to be Hooch.
This is some Fort Apache shit.
Indian Country.
All 'cause some dude was forced to wear a dress and told by his mom he should've been a girl.
The hell you talking about now? I'm talking about Truman, man.
Harry Truman.
FDR dropped dead, and we were left with Harry fuckin' Truman.
Ha! Haberdasher rolls into the White House with a serious inferiority complex 'cause his dad's calling him a nancy, and his mom's putting him in dress, telling him he should've been a girl.
- Hits it home, huh, Trev? - Hey, settle down, Sleeper.
Shouldn't you be praying right now? Anyway, he gets to the White House, gets his hand on the nuclear codes, starts dropping 'em like some macho mad man.
Stalin's sitting over in Russia, not about to let that go down.
So what's he do? He builds a nuclear arsenal of his own.
Boom instant arms race, which means these guys here in their funny hats and us driving a renovated shortbus to the highway to hell.
You got it all figured out, don't you? Check it out.
What'd I tell you? Indian Country.
Bear? Uh, Reaper One One, this is Foxtrot Delta One.
You got eyes on that motorcycle? Foxtrot Delta One, he appears alone at this time.
The Georgians are pulling their own coverage.
Proceed as planned.
Reaper One One, roger that.
- We lost drone coverage.
- Great.
No Georgian QRF.
No drones.
Bear, we're blowing by our abort criteria.
We still have satellites overhead.
Keep going, Joe.
Was I talking to you? - Was I talking to you? - Stop the bus.
Don't stop the bus.
Keep driving the bus.
Stop the bus, man.
Stop the bus, man.
We are walking into a trap.
You know this.
I know this.
Damn Nasry knows it.
- What the hell are we doing? - We're doing our jobs.
Okay? That's what we're doing right now.
We're doing our jobs, so sit down.
Buddha's right.
Call me that again, and I end you.
You're not SEALs.
You're lobsters getting boiled one degree at a time until it's too late to crawl out of the Prince's pot.
Ask her.
This is personal.
Get him off the bus.
Don't move.
You're the hired help.
Or do they sometimes ask the black dude or the Mexican? Shut up.
Look, he's right.
It is personal, okay? Just like it is for you.
Now we could shoot him, but he's just the errand boy.
The real man responsible for Taggart's death is the Prince.
And if we want payback, we gotta get him.
But I need your help.
All of you.
Bring him in.
You know what your problem is? You might wanna get in line.
Summit fever.
Summit fever is when Yeah, I know what summit fever is.
When you get close to the top and then the weather rolls in.
The real weather.
Hardest thing to do is walk away.
We should walk away.
Trust me, Ricky.
I won't lead you astray.
He's bait.
Right? So I guess the question is, for whose trap? Yours or the Prince's? When this exchange thing is over, I really hope you're thinking of dropping a JDAM on both of them.
The Prince is smart.
He won't meet Michael unless he knows it's clear.
M-Michael? What, you're like buddy-buddy now with him? You can't run him as an agent in Chechnya.
You couldn't run the Prince 15 years ago in Bosnia.
Don't you ever learn? What happens when you throw a fish back in the ocean? It swims away.
I need to know you can handle Ortiz.
He's fine.
Look, we've been buddies a long time, okay? He's always good at his job.
You can't command buddies, Graves.
You wanna lead? You can't be friends with any of them.
Hey, Bear.
We got a situation up here.
Everybody, up.
Fish, have a look at the back.
Cut off.
- They're gangsters.
- All right, keep a low profile.
All they want is money, okay? I'll handle this.
No, just look Stay in here.
Fish, you just keep an eye on Nasry, okay? Hmm? Come out! Go, get back inside.
Get behind me.
All right, guys.
Let's go.
We're up.
- Get your guys back inside their cars.
- You have them drive away.
Keep your eyes on me.
Put that gun away.
Get your guys back inside their car.
You have their drivers drive away back down there.
Get your guys back inside there.
Now put that weapon away.
Get your guys back inside there, okay? Shut your boy up.
Down! We all good? Good here.
Where's Nasry? Christ.
You know, you should check out the Wounded Warrior Project.
They helped Rachel's dad after he was shot, with his benefits, finally get out of the house.
Hey, don't baby it.
You gotta push it hard.
They went on this bitchin' bike ride called the Soldier Ride for, like, three days.
Rachel said he was a new man afterwards.
I'm not wounded, not like that.
I'll look into it.
Bike ride sounds fun.
So, um, what happened with the Dawn chick? You wanna try? Projectiles into tissue and bone is, uh, not my thing.
Oh, give me a break.
It's a target.
Come on.
Give it a shot.
All right? All right.
Now the beauty of this is that you don't aim.
You just look, both eyes open, at where you want it to go.
- Okay? - Okay.
Then take the gun.
Grip it like this with both hands.
Try that.
There you go.
Thumb up there.
There you go.
Keep it down.
All right.
Now Feet spread.
Face the target.
Now relax Pull the trigger gently.
Oh! So, uh, we're having a daddy/daughter moment, huh? I guess we are.
Santana's gone.
Cline's phone is our only line of communication.
What the hell were you thinking? Oh, I wouldn't answer that, Sleeper.
- I was covering your ass.
- You lost him, you find him.
If he's smart, he'll cut east, keep the burning barrels between us.
Oh, he's smart.
I got him.
100 meters to the northeast.
All right, this guy is our responsibility.
- He stays alive.
- Copy.
Fish, go.
As far as Nasry's concerned, orders or not, accidents happen.
Amen, brother.
Fish, what you got? Still there, - 20 meters behind that tree.
- Roger that.
Scan again.
More horses.
All right, let's split up.
Chase, Trevor with me.
We'll head east.
Fish, you head back toward the barrels with Buddha.
I got nothing.
Cut back below the bus.
I'll head to the field.
Stop right there! You shouldn't have run, but I'm glad you did.
Like my brother? Never.
Go ahead.
Get your payback.
It won't matter.
You, your family, all of you are dead already.
What you say, puto?! Huh?! You threaten my family?! - Motherfucker! - Ricky.
Hey! Hey.
He just threatened all of our families.
Cuff him.
Tell 'em.
Tell them what you just told me.
If I die, a trigger gets pulled on all of you, the same as Taggart.
Take me back.
I'll make a call, take your families off the list.
Bullshit, Nasry.
You pulled your one trigger Taggart.
Your personal payback.
There is no one else.
Bullshit! You never caught his shooter! My people don't need orders! They're still in place, stalking your families! I can stop them, but only if you don't exchange me.
He's an on-the-record serial fabricator.
He'd say anything to save his own skin.
Ortiz; We're supposed to take your word for that? Graves, we need birds here.
We need to get the hell out of dodge now.
It's been weeks since Rip was shot.
There's been no blip in the metadata that suggests - Yeah.
Oh, take a gamble with your families.
- Shut up! Shut up! There's been no calls in or out of Virginia Beach since you guys killed Dragan.
Anything else that could've happened, would've happened.
It's our families on the line here.
You don't believe me? Call JSOC.
They'll tell you the same thing.
Tell your people to call it off, you son of a bitch.
Call it off! Call it off! Call it off.
All right.
Call it off, and I'll take you down the hill myself.
Take me down there first.
- He's bluffing.
- Hey.
Let's move out.
The handoff is in three hours.
Your family is safe, Ortiz.
Let's just get this done.
Why do we have to have fish for dinner? It's fish Friday.
Ugh, I hate fish Friday.
Why can't we have hamburgers? What did the fish do to you? 'Cause it tastes bad.
- Anabel? - Yeah? Did you see that car in the carpool lane? The blue one? No.
Why? Mom? Mom.
Mom? Mom.
Mom! Why do you have a gun, Mom? Jesus, Mom.
Dad? I'm fine.
I'm fine.
We're close.
We walk from here.
All right, get Nasry.
Let's move out.
This is it.
We're here.
How many klicks? Village is 5 kilometers up that valley.
The exchange is there.
At noon, six hours.
Hey, Bear, the village must be Khishnet.
It's in Chechnya.
The Prince wants us to walk into Russia.
Didn't you learn anything from Bosnia, lady? Do you know what happens if we get shot there? If we get caught? World War III shit.
Russia's using us as an excuse to invade Georgia.
FSB pulled the same fake invasion shit in the Ukraine.
We got limited comms, we got no drones, we got no QRF.
There is no way that I am taking my team across that border.
No way.
We're here at the border.
The Prince wants to exchange inside Chechnya.
The SEALs refuse to cross.
Yes, sir.
Senior Chief for you.
Uh, this is Senior Chief Joseph Graves.
Who is this? Uh, uh, yes, Sir.
We're at the border.
Yeah, well, with all due respect, Sir, this is a goddamn suicide mission.
Yes, Sir.
- What'd he say? - He said get it done.
We don't have to do it, boys.
Risk our lives for what? For Andrew Hall? - For this piece of shit? - Ricky, Ricky, I - Look, I-I hear you.
- We don't have to do it, Bear.
I hear you, Ricky, but the Joint Chiefs of Staff - just ordered us across that border.
- So what, Bear? I'd rather spend 10 years in a brig than die out here, man.
- Maybe we should wait, Bear.
- Wait for what? Pieces of Andrew Hall posted on YouTube? Look, this is what we do.
We take risks and we follow orders.
We gotta go.
Rip wouldn't go.
He would put a bullet in Nasry's head and take us home back to our families.
I'm not Rip.
I'm not Rip.
Might as well see what happens next.
I need something, Gina, some piece of information to give to The Prince to keep myself alive.
Something real that hurts your side that proves my worth.