Six (2017) s02e07 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Six" Andrew Hall and two of his assistants were grabbed by the Ummah Movement in Baku, Azerbaijan.
President's golf buddy Andrew Hall? - Who's got him, sir? - HUGHES: The Prince.
He wants to trade Andrew Hall for a high-value Jihadist prisoner.
- ORTIZ: Son of a bitch! - HUGHES: Hey, hey, hey! Stop! I know you wanna put this guy in the dirt, but we're here to do the exchange.
Reaper One One, this is Foxtrot Delta One.
We are over the exchange point.
Anabel, did you see that car in the carpool lane? The blue one? No.
- [COCKS GUN] - Mom? Jesus.
- Mom! - Why do you have a gun, Mom? GINA: Village is 5 kilometers up that valley.
The exchange is there.
At noon, six hours.
The village must be Khishnet, Chechnya.
The Prince wants us to walk into Russia.
- Risk our lives for this piece of shit? - Ricky, Ricky, I - Look, I-I hear you.
- We don't have to do it, Bear.
I hear you, Ricky, but the Joint Chiefs of Staff just ordered us across that border.
All right? Move out.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] [BIRDS CHIRPING] CHASE: How deep in the shit are we? GINA: Just called in.
We're half a klick inside Chechnya.
All right.
Good to know.
- Not too late to turn back.
- Shut your mouth.
military operating on Russian soil constitutes an act of war We've been ordered to trade Nasry for the President's guy.
Those are our orders.
We will complete them.
Understood? - Clear.
- Roger that.
- Nothing better to do.
- You're the boss.
Delta Three? [THUNDER RUMBLES] Delta Three? I'm here, aren't I? You sure? [THUNDER RUMBLING] TREVOR: We're here, beautiful downtown Khishnet.
Cline, get your cellphone.
Let's see if JSOC has eyes on.
[SAT PHONE BEEPS] GINA: Ortiz, what do you see? [BIRDS CHIRPING] Shit.
I see two avenues of approach, north and south.
Terrain features give a clear line of sight.
It's defensible.
If it were me, I'd be holed up inside, waiting for us to walk up, then unleash hell.
- [SAT PHONE BEEPS] - GRAVES: Cline? Satellites show no large scale movement in the last 12 hours.
Yeah, well, they're 60 miles in space, - so they could've missed something.
- Well, that's what we got.
Whatever you guys have to do to get us down there safely, now's the time.
Okay, Fish, you're on the long gun.
Jaws, you stay with Nasry till we get this figured out.
The rest of us are heading down.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] - Fish, you see anything? - [STATIC CRACKLES] - FISHBAIT: Negative, Delta One.
- [STATIC CRACKLES] This place gives me the heebies.
Yeah, me, too.
[GRAVES SNIFFS] [RIFLES COCK] FISHBAIT: Delta One, doesn't look good.
Do you want me to have Jaws pull Nasry back? If they wanted to kill us, they would've done so already.
[LOWERED VOICE] Stand by, Fish.
- [MAN SHOUTS IN RUSSIAN] - GINA: He wants to know who we are.
Then tell him.
" They've been expecting us.
- Are they The Prince's men? - I don't think so.
- [STATIC CRACKLES] - So we'll just sit tight.
Let's De-escalate this.
Welcome to Khishnet.
You speak in English, Anzor? Ah.
You got any more men of fighting age here? [SIGHS] We're all fighting age here.
Come, please.
Delta One, there's too much dead space from this angle.
- You good with me coming down? - Yeah, and bring Nasry.
FISHBAIT: Delta Five, moving.
ANZOR: Like you, our guns are always ready.
In this place, we have many warlords, drug gangs, bandits all around.
- Jihadists, too.
- GRAVES: Yeah, we noticed.
Prince's men came at night.
Told me we agree to host exchange, they give us money.
We don't, they give us trouble.
- How many of 'em? - Two.
- Mm.
- It's enough when you are The Prince.
Well, I mean no disrespect, Anzor, - but I don't think I'd be taking that deal.
- Mm.
[SIGHS] When this is over, you will leave, and we will still be here.
Please, sit.
You are guest.
- Spasibo.
- My wife, Natela.
- GINA: She said you were a dirty infidel.
So this man to be exchanged? Yeah, the Prince wants to settle a score.
- Then he will be dead.
- You'll all be dead.
You've walked into a trap.
[SIGHS] The Prince's FSB buddies are gonna - [SMACK] - Shh.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] Please, sit, drink, eat, rest.
Exchange is in two hours.
Anzor, my team is gonna need to search your village.
They need to make sure that it's safe.
Do you understand me? You are guests.
You are under our protection.
We put your life above ours.
The search is unnecessary.
Anzor we will respect your village, but I need you to understand that without this, we cannot stay.
And if we don't stay here, you can't fulfill your obligation to The Prince.
It's pretty simple.
Okay? Yes.
Do the search.
Okay, Delta, go check it out.
[STATIC CRACKLES] Prince's men say a beautiful woman will be with, uh, fighting men.
- Did they? - Yeah.
A vedma, they say.
And what's that? Witch.
- Yeah, that's pretty close.
- Yeah.
Look, I'm just the translator, Father.
- I'm gonna bring some cakes.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- Vedma.
- Yeah.
Beautiful witch.
He did say beautiful.
Well, it's lost in translation, so [SNIFFS] There's no young men here.
They've left for Jihad Syria, Iraq, Somalia, The Prince.
Are you sure your men are on board? We should have wasted Nasry when we had the chance.
We wouldn't be out here if we had.
FISHBAIT: It's not our call to make.
CHASE: Out here, it's always our call.
Check this shit out.
Muj cheat sheet How to make an IED.
Just like Afghanistan.
These guys are all the same.
No, they use these against Russians.
Ha! What did I tell you? He's a sleeper.
Know what, Fish? You're getting real good at defending the bad guys.
These yours? I'm sorry about this.
[SPEAKS ARABIC] Probably don't speak Arabic.
Muslim? VAZHA: Bahadur.
JAWORSKI: Yeah, nothing here.
Look for rounds.
Yes, sir.
See anything? AKs in every cabin.
Found a PKM, but no rounds.
Other than that, not much.
Probably got 90 minutes till this thing goes off, so let's push out and be ready for anything.
It's TBD whether this thing is an exchange or an ambush.
Coin toss.
- Great.
- GRAVES: Hey, Fish? Can you find a secure place to stash Nasry? 'Cause I'm sick of hearing that guy's voice.
- I an arrange for that.
- All right.
Don't let him get in your head.
And even better when I get some of this in me.
You lost your balance, almost passed out.
- What was that all about? - Tripped on a tree root.
Even SEALs can do that.
Don't do that.
Not with me.
Only yours I'm fine.
You ever have pour-over coffee? Nothing beats it.
I worked in a coffee shop.
Your soul only carries this You need to see a specialist [SIGHS] about your head.
On to destiny If I see one of our Navy docs, it'll end up on my medical record.
I can't afford that, not if I want to make it back on the team.
My friend Bridget's dad He he's a neurologist.
He's not in the military.
He'd keep it private.
Hey, I'm gonna go shooting again today.
I could use your help on the stopwatch.
[SIGHS] Give me a minute.
I made your favorite, banana and chocolate chip.
Can Chloe come over for dinner? That girl you just met? She's really nice.
Now's not a good time to have people over.
I know you're scared, Mom, but I made a new friend.
And she wants to meet you guys.
And act normal.
No more guns.
Got it.
No more guns.
We both spend so much time so far from home in places like this, but you know what I miss the most? Watching the Pistons play.
Basketball is for pussies.
Now that's just un-American.
You should know something about that.
It must be Allah's will that you fight for the infidel.
Perhaps to test you, your 40 days in the desert.
"The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers.
" I am not your brother.
You got me.
- Okay, I surrender.
- Bang! Oh, come on.
You're a Navy SEAL.
You know what happens when you get shot in the head.
Time to play dead.
Come here.
Come here.
[CLICKING] NASRY: War is the only thing these people know.
They're born with it.
They die with it.
It never stops.
My family is from Afghanistan.
Don't talk to me about war.
Where? Kandahar? Kabul? [CLICK] A village east of Kabul, called Gandamak.
I've been! The tea house off the square does the best Kahwah Tea.
Yeah? Well, it's no longer there.
The Talibs bombed it.
Killed two of my cousins.
Keep it.
[FOOTSTEPS DEPART] So it's all in the Chile sauce? Ricky says the best ones come from New Mexico.
And you gotta fry your tortillas in lard.
You're so lucky, Jackie.
- Oh, you know what? I should go.
- No, stay for dinner.
- Unless you have a hot date.
- No date.
What happened to sweet, sensitive art guy? Sweet and sensitive Nathan is sweet and sensitive and boring.
Say what you wanna say about everything else, but boring's not something we have to worry about.
- [CHUCKLES] - [GLASSES CLINK] Hey, come in.
Nice to meet you.
I'm RJ, Anabel's brother.
My God, so polite.
No, don't let him fool you.
He's still a brat.
Shoo, brat.
Get outta here.
You must be Chloe.
Nice to meet you, Mrs.
- Oh, please, call me Jackie.
- Hi.
I'm Lena.
Hope you like German chocolate cake.
I do, but something tells me you already knew that.
Giving away all our family secrets? I just wanted to make sure I brought something you liked.
It's very sweet of you.
I'm gonna finish the enchiladas.
You can make yourself at home.
Your dad? - Yeah.
He's still away.
- [FRONT DOOR CLOSES] It's really nice to meet your family.
- Careful what you wish for.
- I heard that.
Anabel and RJ, can you guys come over here and help me set up the table, please? We come bearing gifts.
I come bearing gifts.
Got a little lamb, rice, some pumpkin stuffed with a little honey, nuts, and fruits, man.
It's called it ghapama.
- Yeah? How do you know that? - Because I make friends with the ladies in the village like a proper gentleman.
[SIGHS] [CHOMPING] [CHUCKLES] Look at the gourmand! Settle down, Ricky.
[MOUTH FULL] Last supper.
Good times.
Hey, hit it.
Nah, man, I'm allergic to apricots.
ORTIZ: Hey, Jaworski! I bet you want some, huh? - CHASE: Shit's good, bro.
- ORTIZ: Mmm.
[SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY] Whoa! [SPEAKS RUSSIAN] [LAUGHS] This is my grandson, Bahadur.
Remember his name.
One day, he'll be best football player.
Better than Zaur Sadayev.
You know him? He is Chechen, too.
You like football? I'm more of an American football guy myself.
Oh, bad for the head.
Well, so is this job.
You worry.
Waiting is the hardest.
The mind It imagines too much.
Like the, uh warrior's curse.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's right.
[SHOUTING IN RUSSIAN] [CONTINUES SHOUTING RUSSIAN] Oh! Oh! [SHOUTING IN RUSSIAN] So you trust him? Run! That way! That way! That way! Up! Up! He's just trying to protect his village and his family.
[ANZOR SHOUTING IN RUSSIAN] You have a family, Graves? ANZOR: Run! [LAUGHS] I got a wife.
Or Well, I had a wife.
I don't know anymore.
It's You know? [SCOFFS] Yeah, I know.
You? Yeah, Ortiz told me.
You want some advice? Bury it.
Just bury all of it.
Okay, I gotta go and see to my men.
You keep your eye on him, okay? - You got this? - We got it.
You guys, push down the road.
Keep eyes on.
- Push down 200 meters.
- Check.
- Still no QRF? - Well, Georgians aren't letting anything across the border.
- We're on our own.
- Check.
[FOOTSTEPS DEPART] - So she's picky about just - Everything.
about everything.
Not one thing she's not picky about.
Well, these are amazing.
Old family recipe on my husband' side.
So when does your dad get back? It's hard to tell.
He come and goes.
Yeah, our husband work together.
What about you, Chloe? Did you grow up around here? No.
Oh, really? My mom lives in Portland.
Do you still have family there? Um I'm not sure.
My mom died when I was young, and Dad hasn't been around much, so grown up with my grandma mostly.
When she moved here, I did, too.
But he might still be there.
I'm sorry about your parents.
That must've been hard.
You're out of bullets.
Good news? You beat your time by a full second.
- [LAUGHS] - I'm really happy for you.
Yeah, well, we still have half a second to go, but tide is turning.
What? I just realized I've never thanked you for anything.
It's no biggie.
Yeah, it is.
Thank you.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] I'm, like, starving.
I can whip something up if you want? No, I got it.
- Really? You do? - Don't sound so surprised, Alex.
Don't expect anything fancy.
You're the chef, not me.
All right.
No, best you're getting is a PB&J sandwich, but a really good one.
Trick is extra peanut butter.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Where's your bread? Please tell me you're still eating carbs.
Alex? [BIRDS CHIRPING] I need a minute alone with him.
Knock yourself out.
Close the door.
[DOOR CLOSES] When you see The Prince, you're going to tell him about a mid-level courier used by the Ummah movement Javed Osmani, from Baluchistan, Pakistan.
He has two children A girl and a boy.
His wife's name is Benazir.
He handles small-time errands for one of the Prince's lieutenants.
He works for us.
He's a CIA asset.
Is this real? It's real enough to keep you alive.
Convince him you put it together based on our interrogations.
Convince him you're still valuable.
You'd sacrifice your own asset? When necessary.
And what what do I tell his widow? His children? The same thing I'll tell your mother if you fail That you sacrificed yourself for a better world.
But I won't have to do that, will I? [VELCRO RIPS] Thank you.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] [SPEAKS RUSSIAN] I, um my apology for - Hey.
- my wife.
It's not a problem.
I got a wife.
[GLASSES CLINK] [BOTH SIP] [EXHALES DEEPLY] Where'd you learn English? School, before the war came.
I worked as interpreter for the Red Cross, before Russians murdered them.
Natela and I had another son Bahadur's uncle, Adlan.
He was, uh, killed by a drone in Syria, fighting for ISIL.
My wife hates us all The men snatching their children away from their mothers.
ORTIZ: Delta One, we might have something.
GRAVES: What you got? ORTIZ: Six armed unknowns approaching the village, northeast, all carrying AKs.
No sign of Andrew Hall.
One has an RPG.
Seems like some kind of militia.
Delta Six, what you got? Delta One, this is Delta Six.
Two pick-ups just pulled up.
There's at least six men with small arms.
TREVOR: The exchange isn't supposed to happen for another half-hour.
- [SIGHS] Pull back ASAP.
- CHASE: Roger that.
Hey, Bear, what's up? Fish, get Michael inside.
Keep an eye on him.
Get him inside now.
FISHBAIT: Roger that.
We got hostiles coming in from the northeast.
[SPEAKS RUSSIAN] ANZOR: Yeah, local warlord.
But they all know who I am.
I fought beside most of them against the Russians.
- And they work for The Prince? - They all work for The Prince.
Some work harder than the others.
Let me see what they want.
Yeah? [SHOUTS IN RUSSIAN] - I'll come down with you.
- [TUTS] You stay out of this.
I am leader of this village, and this is my duty.
They'll see Americans Won't be good, huh? [CHUCKLES] [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] [SHOUTING IN RUSSIAN] [COCKS GUN, GUNSHOT] [SCREAMS] [RAPID GUNFIRE] GRAVES: Looks like we got our answer.
It's an ambush.
Get on me! [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] Uhh! Uhh! - You good? - Yeah, I'm good.
[GUNFIRE CONTINUES] Come on! Come on! Let's go! Let's go! Uhh! - [CLIP CLICKS, GUNFIRE CONTINUES] - Hold this.
Delta, I got hostiles coming from the south.
[MEN GRUNTING] [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] Delta One, this is Delta Six.
We are rolling in from the east.
Uhh! [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] Aah! [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] Uhh! [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] I got 15 hostiles coming at us.
- I need cover now! - ORTIZ: Roger.
Aah! [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] Uhh! - CHASE: Aah! - Hey, you hit? - [GASPS] - You good? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Let's go! - [GUNSHOTS] Bahadur! [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] - [BULLET RICOCHETS] - ORTIZ: Stay low, kid! [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] Stay low! Stay low! Stay low! I got it.
I got it.
Thank you.
Stay low.
[GUNFIRE CONTINUES] [GUN CLICKS, GUNSHOTS] Hey! Hey, don't go out there! [GUNSHOTS] - [GRUNTS] - Bahadur! Oh, shit.
Stay with me.
You're gonna be okay.
Put pressure on that.
Press down with your hand.
Uhh! - FISHBAIT: Grenade! - [EXPLOSION] [NASRY PANTING] - Michael Nasry? - Yes.
- Die, traitor.
- Make it count.
[GUNFIRE CONTINUES] We can't hold them back.
ORTIZ: Delta Three, check.
Delta Four's up.
CHASE: Delta Six up.
Delta Five? Fish? TREVOR: Delta One, this is Delta Four.
We have a casualty.
Okay, this might not be over.
Get ready to move.
You good? I'm moving to Fish.
It was him.
Thought it was one of us.
It is one of us.
Hey, you'll be okay.
[PANTING] No! The guy got a jump on me.
Nasry killed him.
- They came for me.
- [KNIFE CLATTERS] They knew my name.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] CHASE: Got a live one! GRAVES: Stay there.
[GINA SPEAKING RUSSIAN] [GUNSHOT] What'd he say? Says The Prince sent them here to kill all the SEALS and Michael.
- But not you? - I was supposed to be taken alive.
He doesn't know where The Prince or Hall is.
All right, so we're done here? - [CLIP CLICKING] - Yep.
We're done here.
Okay, let's get ready to move out.
Trevor, I'm gonna need you guys across that border.
- I need your stuff.
- Look, if we leave, Hall dies.
Tough luck.
There's nothing we can do about it, right? Okay, and then Nasry? He lives.
He never pays for what he did.
Nasry was about to be exchanged.
He was gonna go free anyway.
No, he was about to die.
The Prince wants him dead.
He knows that Nasry is the source behind our Intel in Sarajevo.
Bear, we put two bullets in the back of Nasry's skull right now, - and we end this, okay? - I hear you.
I hear what you're saying.
- An eye for an eye, brother.
- We're not gonna do that.
I know you think you're right, but you're wrong.
Well, right or wrong, this is my choice to make.
I'm letting Nasry go.
We let Nasry go and we game it out.
He makes his way back to the Prince, and we buy Andrew Hall more time.
It goes one of two ways.
The Prince kills Nasry, you get what you want.
- That's option one.
- What's option two? Tables get turned.
Nasry kills The Prince, and I get what I want.
But if we bring Nasry back, neither happens, and Hall dies.
[SIGHS] GINA: The Prince made a deal with the Russians.
But the Americans' special operations in Chechnya and Georgia, Russia has a pretext to invade and reclaim the territories.
Perfect excuse to invade Georgia and take their province back.
And get rid of me in the process.
But he can blame it on a rogue militia.
As far as the Jihadist masses are concerned, he tried to trade for me and is a hero.
But you could be smarter.
Pretend you escaped the attack.
I'd never last a day.
The Prince's men own these mountains.
Get them to take you to him.
Oh, so he can kill me any way he wants.
How is that smart? Okay, here's your alternative I take you back, The Prince kills Hall, and you're worthless.
The Agency sends you away.
Account closed.
You disappear, this time for good.
Your family? The treatment for your father stops.
You can forget about him.
And yeah, you may survive the torture to live out your life in a hole, but what kind of life is that? I'm giving you an opportunity.
How is this an opportunity? You give me the Prince, and I'll give you his kingdom.
You don't have the power to do that.
Michael, it's what the CIA does.
We won't stop you.
We won't help you, but we won't stand in your way either.
Become partners, and everything you want to build, you can build.
You have one week.
I don't hear from you by then, I'll assume you're either dead or you've gone to The Prince.
One week, then I release the tapes to Al Jazeera and BBC, showing the world what a traitor you were.
I was dehydrated.
I pushed myself too hard.
Bringing me here was entirely unnecessary, man.
I'm glad your daughter did.
It wasn't dehydration that made you lose consciousness.
You have a serious brain injury.
- I was shot in the hand.
- Your hand isn't the problem.
The level of brain bruising and bleeding you've suffered is excessive.
My guess is this wasn't your first concussion.
And given what your daughter said about your work situation, I'm also guessing you didn't have any of those previous concussions checked out.
Caulder, let me be as direct as I can be.
You really have to avoid any activity that could lead to another head injury.
We're done here.
The next one could be fatal.
Maybe not immediately.
You could feel the effects the next day or the next week or the next year.
But you will feel the effects.
[DOOR CREAKS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Well? There's something I need to tell you.
CHASE: What are we gonna do about him? GINA: He stays.
He's theirs now.
Will you thank them? Give them our condolences for their loss, please.
- [SPITS] Aah! [MAN GRUNTS, PANTS] [THUD] Don't do it.
- [MAN GRUNTS] - GRAVES: Head out.
[MAN CONTINUES GRUNTING] [ROCKS CONTINUE THUDDING] You wanna do this, you do it alone.
Delta on me.
No matter what happens to you, no matter where you go, I will kill you.
You will pay for what you did.
It's all in time, man.
[SNIPS ZIP TIES] This is crazy.
Give the courier, Javed Osmani, to the Prince.
Tell him you used this to escape.
It's unloaded.
You memorized the number I gave you? - Gina, I don't - Have you? You have two rounds.
You've got 10 seconds to get the fuck out of here before I shoot you.