Skam (2015) s03e09 Episode Script

Det går over

1 Previously Search on Maniac And Bipolar Disorder SATURDAY Search on Maniac And Bipolar Disorder Do you need something? No, I'm not well.
This is going to pass, Isak.
Even if it doesn't look like it for now Even though it's painful.
Broken hearts always hurt.
You may think it will not happen, but it will.
But Let me know if you want to chat or If you need anything.
From Even: [Lyrics of "Cherry Wine" by NAS] [Hi Even, I do not know a damn thing right now.
Stop sending messages.
] [To Isak, my son: From the first second I saw you on July 21, 1999 at 21:21 p.
I loved you and I always will.
Love you, forever.
] TUESDAY Yes, but I do not understand why.
they are friends? Is he Kim? -They're just colleagues- -Hi.
Are you kidding? Are there waffles in the canteen? -Yes.
-We'll talk later.
Why did you miss school? I was a little sad.
What happened? Even surged.
What did he do? He went out on the street.
Naked in the middle of the night.
Apparently he's bipolar.
-Hi guys.
My mother is also bipolar.
You have a crazy mother too? She's not crazy, she's bipolar.
Yeah, but What's she like? She is amazing.
You've met her, haven't you? Yes, I met her, but she was normal.
She is normal.
But She only has a few moments.
When she's depressed and happy.
Who were you talking about? Even.
He is also bipolar.
He left naked in the Street in the middle of the night.
-Oh really? How hilarious! It's not funny.
But it's comical.
Oh really.
Do you know what my mother did? She was so angry With the NSB (Subway), That she discovered The name of the manager And sent a letter of Resignation in his name.
Like: "I give up, I cannot work anymore.
Where's Even now? At home, I guess.
Not physically but mentally.
Is he happy or depressed? I have not talked to him yet.
Why not? Because it was all a lie From him.
What you mean? He was a maniac! Been with him for a long time.
He was not a maniac all the time.
Because when my mother is maniac, I cannot get in touch with her.
You can get in touch with Even? Yes, but Sonja said that he's been a maniac all the time.
Who is Sonja? - His ex.
Then, You believe when his ex says That he has no feelings for you? Well smart, Isak That's it.
The best thing I heard today Wow! Wow! Asked Even how he feels? He no He is not brain dead Because he had a maniac episode.
Talk to him when He is calm.
You're very nice, Magnus.
Did you realize that just now? -Yes? -Okay, thanks Jonas.
You're very cool too.
WEDNESDAY Phone off, leave a message [DAD] Hello? - Hi, Isak.
Hey you.
How are you doing? Wanted To know are you really going to go on Friday? -Yes I will.
When -How nice.
-When does it start? -20: 30 Right.
-But hey cool.
So you have a boyfriend? I was just, just kidding.
Yes, OK.
But we'll see you on Friday.
I'm excited to see you.
And Mom too.
Yeah Okay, great.
Dad -Yes? I was not joking.
It's just over.
And… That's it.
Ok but you are sad About it, or? -No… I'm well.
-Well, then -Yes Yes.
So -Bye Bye From Even: [Dear Isak.
I'm sitting on the spot Where we met for the first time And I'm thinking of you.
It is almost 21:21.
I want to tell you a thousand things.
Sorry if I frightened you.
Sorry that I have hurt you.
Sorry for not Telling you that I'm bipolar.
Was with afraid to lose you.
I had forgotten That it is impossible to lose someone, Since all humans are alone.
Somewhere else in the universe We are together for infinity, remember this.
I love you.
] You are not alone.