Skam (2015) s03e10 Episode Script

Minutt for minutt

1 I've decided that my life is better without mentally ill people around me.
Then I'll ask you: What happens after I've rescued you? He's manic! That's what's happening! So can you please just stay away? What about asking Even how he feels? He isn't brain dead just because he had a maniac episode.
Just talk to him when he has calmed down.
Hi Sonja.
I just wanted to tell you that Even is with me if his parents are worried.
And I am sorry if it's because of me that he is not doing well.
SATURDAY 10:15 Hi! Hi! I don't have The telephone number of his parents so Yeah.
But they know that he is with you.
He has sent them a text.
I just called to say that I am sorry for the last time.
It's okay.
No, but I didn't mean to get angry with you.
It wasn't your fault.
At all.
Yeah, but Well you You were worried.
So I understand.
And it's not your fault that Even is depressed.
He is bipolar and Well, it's not your fault.
Okay? Yeah.
But Should I get him to his parents or something? I actually think it's good for him to be with you.
I don't know.
Is there anything I can do? For him? No, not really.
You just need to Be there for him.
And when everything seems hopeless, you just Take one day at a time.
And if one day becomes too much, then just take one hour at a time.
And if one hour becomes too much, then just take one minute at a time.
Hungry? What time is it? Around Ten thirty or something.
I should leave.
Why? Because I don't want you to lie here and feel like you have to take care of me.
I don't feel like I am looking after you.
And why? Why is that wrong? There's nothing wrong with it.
I just can't stand that you lie here all sad.
I am not sad.
I just know that this isn't going to work out.
Why do you say that? Because it's true.
I'm just going to hurt you.
And then you'll hate me.
You don't know shit about how this is going to end.
We might get a nuclear bomb dropped on our heads tomorrow and and then discusing this is just a waste of time, so I suggest that you just stop talking about the future.
And then the two of us will just take this thing completely chill.
Let's play a game.
It goes like this It's called Isak and Even: Minute a minute.
It's about The only thing we have to worry about is the next minute.
Are you up for it? Okay.
What should we do this minute then? This minute we'll kiss.
That's chill.
That's chill.
MONDAY 10:36 But Eskild, if he is asleep just let him sleep, you know? Shouldn't I wake him up and ask him how he is doing? No.
Why would you do that? I don't know.
It was you who said to take care of him.
Yeah, I asked you to keep an eye on him because he is depressed, not to look after him as he was a baby.
Just let him sleep.
I think he just woke up.
Yeah, okay.
Talk to you later.
Hi, Isak! Hi, Vilde! Have you seen the message I posted on the kose group? Kose group? No, no.
I haven't seen it.
Why are you laughing? Nothing, I just Had almost forgotten that the kose group even existed.
Are you still in it? This is when the revue starts.
You can't just be part of the partying and not do any work.
No, of couse I'm still in the kose group, Vilde.
Who do you think I am? Okay, because all the groups have this Christmas get-together.
And it went so well the last time we had the pre-game at your place.
That I was wondering if we could have it at yours? Yeah! Yeah? Is it okay with your roomies? I am sure it is.
Jesus Christ, yeah! Okay.
I'll send out the invites then! Go ahead! Hello.
There's this asshole in second year.
Who will be hosting this Christmas get-together with the kose group.
On Friday? So, he was wondering if you wanted to come? Because he thinks that would be really nice.
I have switched to the PR-Group.
So But You Should tell the asshole that I am very glad he asked.
I'll tell the asshole, yeah.
He'll appreciate that.
Do that.
16:01 Linn, that way.
I was going to kick! No, no, no.
Back to him? Yeah! Do you want him to score? No! No, no, no, no! Come on!!! Fucking spanish fucker!!! Hello.
Nice, you are at home.
I am fucking exhausted! Sore loser? I'm going to sleep! Cool hanging out with you, Linn! Hello.
Everything okay? Did you ask all of your roomies to look after me? Hm? No.
Holy fuck! You are such a bad liar! Uh? Am I a bad liar? Yeah! I am a bad liar? I am the fucking master liar.
There's no a better liar than me! I mean, you have no idea what I've gotten away with.
Tell me! What have you gotten away with? No, I mean, you don't want to know.
I like seeing you laugh.
Holy fuck, Vilde Nagging me so fucking much about that kose group stuff.
The kose group?!? I had completely forgotten about it! Yeah.
Don't tell her that because she'll get pissed.
She was terrified people just joined for the revue parties or something.
Well, I was there to meet you.
Seriously?! Yeah.
Did you think I was there to have fun? Had you seen me before that first kose meeting? Yeah.
I saw you the first day of school.
Wow! Fuck! Hi, Vilde! No, we don't have a Christmas tree here.
Yeah, but If you are so fucking keen on a Christmas tree you'll have to buy one yourself.
Well, you can buy a Christmas tree anywhere, Vilde! In Kiellands plass! There's Yeah.
Okay, cool.
Bye! Christmas tree? Yeah! I haven't told you Speaking of the Kose group.
I'll be hosting a Christmas get-together here on Friday.
Here? Friday? Do you wanna come? I have actually promised my mom that I talked to her today.
And she really wanted me to stop by at home.
To eat and stuff.
I don't know.
I was thinking maybe I'll just stay there for a while.
Just take it one day at a time.
13:55 Hey, boys! Hey, Isak.
What's up? All good! All good! Peace! How is it going with Evak? Good, I guess.
We are taking it day by day, minute by minute.
Minute by minute.
Oh holy shit! Listen! Even and Isak, minute by minute.
That's the kind of shit you can sell to NRK.
People would dig it, man! I'd watch it myself! That's kind of fucked up to think about.
Why? If you like, banged on TV.
You don't think I can handle watching to guys bang? No, it's more me it's fucked up for.
That you'd be watching us bang.
Because that would be a real turn off.
You think I am a turn off? You are definitely not a turn on.
Bullshit! You'd so bang me if you had the chance.
I know! No! Okay, bullshit.
Who would you bang first? Out of all of us? Mahdi, Jonas or me? Jonas! Right! That's what I thought! Okay, between me and Mahdi, then? Oh! That would be you Mahdi! Second place, bro!! What the fuck? Why doesn't anyone want to bang me? You are just desperate.
It's just how it is! I'm not desperate.
I'm super chill.
Oh shit, bro! There are the dance chicks! Hi! You are Isak, right? Yeah! We just heard that you have a thing with Even in third year.
And so we just wanted to say that we dig it.
It's insanely cute two guys being together.
Not big deal.
And the dance-group will have a Christmas meeting this Friday.
You can join, if you want to.
I don't think I can because I am going to the kose group Christmas get-together.
- That's too bad.
- We'll see you around.
- What the fuck? - Bro?!? What? Christmas get-together with the kose group? Yeah.
I'll be there, you are welcome to join, guys.
And like I'm hosting, you are more than welcome to come! The gate to paradise was wide open and you are talking about a get-together with the kose group.
Man? Guys, you need to start getting chicks yourselves.
Fucking hell! The world is so unfair! Fucking hell! What did he say? Should we ditch him and go to the other one? @Ledgerina - Now it is straight.
- No, it is loopsided.
- Now it is loopsided.
- No, it is straight.
- Oh, now it is loopsided.
- No, it's straight.
- Yeah.
- Maybe you are loopsided, Linn? - No.
- Yes.
- I did it! - I can help you.
Where's that from? Drummer boy! Justin Bieber.
What? He sang that one? Yeah! He is the one who sings it! Did the exams go all right for you guys? No.
I got a message that I am failing German and English.
I didn't know there was a 10% absence limit! How could you not known about that? I have told you the entire school year! Yeah, but I thought you said that because you were jealous that I was hanging out with Kasper a lot.
Why would I be jealous? Because you are not getting any dick yourself! I get plenty of dick! Chris Well, she can have this one.
And this one! That one is beautiful! It might be more fitting.
Is it used? Is it from Eskild? Is it from Eskild? Where is it from, Noora? Oh! Holy fuck! Where is it from? Take it away! Take it away from the table! I don't know! I don't know! - Oh my God! - Smell it then! No? Smell it?!? God! What is your problem? Smell it to see if it smells like dick! You smell it then! Oh my God! But Eskild is your friend.
Yeah! That's pretty obvious! You can do it! Hey! - Is it a fight? - You are on, you are on.
Exactly! Now you've got the attitude.
You are not going to hit Vilde that hard or anything like that but What should I do then? You are a predator and she is your prey.
Do you get what I mean? She is what? She is your prey.
You are a predator.
You are a lion and she is Oohhhh! Okay! Okay! Yeah? You know? But you can't make a big deal of it because then the prey will flee.
Seriously, I am really nervous.
You shouldn't be Are you in love or what? I don't know.
- Oh.
- No!! Yes, I think so.
What if she doesn't say yes? - That's life.
- What is the hint, then? It's not the end of the world if it doesn't work.
Just think that it is a positive thing if it works so It's fucking awkward if I stand there and she says no.
Yeah, but you don't ask her right away: "Hey, should we hook up?" - Straighten back, smile a little.
- Should I touch her? If it's appropiate.
Do I look good? Yeah! Nice! It's a little pumped.
I see it.
This sweater I bought it a size too big.
I have to drink more.
Where is the beer? - Hello.
- Hey.
Be cool, you know? What's up? We are helping Magnus to bang Vilde.
Wow! How is it going? He shouldn't be so desperate.
Then I think he's got it! It's fucking impossible not to be desperate when I don't get what it means to be desperate! Just imagine Who do you think of as a really cool, laid-back guy? Pretend to be like him.
Try to be that person.
- James Bond, then? - Yeah, sure.
You know what, Magnus? I think you should go all in and be yourself.
Take desperate to a whole new level.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
He's into something.
What do you mean? Show her how desperate you really are, then! Let it all out! Take desperate to a new level.
Fuck! I am going to do it! Bye.
Talk to you later.
I gotta see this.
- Hello.
- Hello.
How is it going? I'm fine.
I have just talked to my mum.
And The reason she is anoyed is because she really wants to meet you.
So What do you say if we drop by tomorrow? Yeah.
Yeah? Yeah.
You don't think this is weird? No.
I don't find anything weird anymore.
As long as you are smiling and I can do that.
Wearing clothes, then Then life is chill.
I promise that I will wear clothes.
Sana! Hi.
- You have met each other, right? - The Kose group.
My biology partner.
And friend.
Yeah, how is Isak really doing in biology? He is useful.
Huh?!? I guess Sana, that's such bullshit! I helped you towards a fucking 5 while I have been on that 6 the whole year! I have a Christmas present for you.
For me?!? What is it? Open it! Okay.
I will open it.
10%! Thank you! What a cool biology partner! It wasn't of any use for you after all? I used it right now, didn't I? True! You are not getting any of this! It's not good for you.
Then it's not good for you either! It's completely fine for me, but not for you.
Are you going to be the one who tells me if it is good or not? Of course I am! That's my job! - You've got a job? - Yeah, it's literally my job.
That's why I am doing all this, you know? I found this poster on Løkka that said "Even Bech Næsheim needs a support person and boyfriend".
And then you applied? Yeah.
I thought, "Holy fuck, he is so hot!" That was nice.
You are so nice.
I could have done it for free but it's nice I'm getting Are you getting paid?!? Yeah, your mom pays me 500 a week.
What? Yeah! - No wonder - Are you kidding me? There's no wonder why she wants to meet me.
Holy fuck!!! I'm getting some of that money.
- No.
- Yes.
It's my money! You are not getting any.
- Yes! Come one! - No.
Do you like cats? Yeah, a lot.
I do too.
What was that? Nothing.
Yes, do it again.
I have never had sex before and I really want to have sex.
You are welcome to fuck me.
Hi! Hello there! - May I sit down? - Yeah, absolutely.
I'm sitting here with my angel.
- Does it look nice? - Very nice.
How are you doing? It's been a long time since last time we spoke.
Yeah! It's been a fucking long time since we last spoke.
It's a little weird.
I 've been thinking about it.
We We used to hang out all the time, but now it's like We only see each other at school.
And then it's just "hi" and We should hang out more.
- Absolutely.
- We should.
We really should do something because I honestly miss the time when we When we used to hang out more.
First upper school secondary school and Yeah.
The summer vacation before Before Nissen when it just was a lot of drama and all that stuff, but But, hey! You've gotten a boyfriend! Yes.
I have.
He is really handsome.
He is.
You, lucky pig! You better watch out for me! I might steal him.
I have I have been thinking about something.
What's that? Nah, just I actually wanted to say sorry for that stuff last year.
When I was When I was ruining it for you and Jonas and all that stuff.
It's not okay.
What I did.
I've been thinking about that.
You didn't fuck it up between Jonas and me.
It was Jonas and I who fucked it up between us.
Might be, but I still feel like I tricked you.
When I told you that I had feelings for you.
That wasn't truth.
Hey, I figured that out.
- Yeah? - Yes.
I'm over it.
And you should be too.
Can't we talk about your boyfriend instead? Is he "the man of your life"? I don't know that.
No? Is it important? No But Is it okay between the two of you? Yeah, yeah! I mean, right now it's amazing but a week ago it was very bad so it's a bit up and down.
Yeah, or Anyway.
The fact that it is so good when it's good it's also kind of the reason of why it is so bad when it's bad.
Does that make any sense? And It can all suddenly be over tomorrow but I'm still insanely happy that I have met him.
Because That's when you were certain that you like boys? Yeah.
I mean, no.
More because I was fake before.
I mean I I was only lying at home watching Narcos or gaming or stuff.
And I'm over that.
Now I want my life to be real.
Even if that means it will be absolutely awful at times, it's still way better than to be fake and boring for everything.
Well said.
It's a little bit cliché but You never know who will die tomorrow.
You know? And Wheter you believe in Allah, or Jesus or The theory of Evolution, or Parallel universes.
There's only one thing we all now for certain.
What's that? That life is NOW.