Sky High: The Series (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Nuevas amistades, viejos enemigos

[machinery beeping]
[engine rumbling]
[tense music playing]
[police sirens wailing]
[sirens stop]
[sighs] Son of a bitch
[engine stops]
[tense music continues]
Makes no sense,
how come these guys aren't here yet?
[Nando] They probably
stopped at a brothel.
Shit. We're gonna end up
missing our window. You'll see.
Good evening, Officer.
Good evening. Where are you headed?
Just up to Zurbano Street,
not too far from here. You know?
You should always have
a vehicle with warning lights
in front and behind you.
I know, but our colleague just called
to say they got into a gnarly accident
and wouldn't make it on time.
And since there's
not much traffic, we figured
- Do you have your permit?
- Yes, of course.
Here you go.
All right. We'll escort you there.
That won't be necessary.
- You can follow us.
- Thanks a lot.
[cell phone ringing]
Where are you?
Hey, Sole, we now have two police escorts.
What the fuck do we do now?
I don't care what you do.
Call Gitano, whatever you want,
but just get rid of them.
And do it now, okay?
All right.
[line ringing]
- [Gitano] What's up?
- Gitano?
The guys were stopped
by some traffic cops.
What the fucking fuck?
- Get rid of them.
- Sure. I'm on it. I'm on it. Later.
- Compi!
- What?
- What?
- I have an errand for you.
- An errand? Now?
- Get in the car, I'll tell you what to do.
Come on.
[slaps vehicle]
[tense music playing]
[tires screech]
[alarm blaring]
[motor revs]
We have to answer a call,
but you're almost there now. Good night.
Oh! Thanks so much.
Have a good night. See you later.
Don't fall off your bike
and break your bones.
Jesus Christ,
they couldn't get a bigger one?
Guys, the cleaners arrive in half an hour.
Go, move them over there.
Let's go. Come on.
Put them over there.
[alarm blaring]
[Motos] Holy shit.
Come on. Give me that.
Shit, can't see a fucking thing.
Give me that. Give me that.
Give it to me now.
Come on, come on. We've got to move.
[Nando] Wait! Wait for him to get out.
- [Gitano] Come on, let's go, go, go!
- Shit!
[alarm continues blaring]
[Motos hoots happily]
Come on, you know the drill.
You take the top, I take the bottom.
[Nando] Come on!
[Gitano] Help me up.
Hurry up, let's go, go, go.
Come on, guys, let's go.
- Come on, move!
- Close it for me, quick!
- [Gitano] Let's go, go!
- [Fernan] Come on, close it!
[Motos] Fuck. Let's go!
[Gitano] Let's go, Fernan!
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
[Motos] Fernan!
[sirens approaching]
- Come on, man!
- Let's fucking go!
[Gitano] Come on!
[Nando] That's it!
[Motos] Go, go, go, go!
[all cheering]
[tense music playing]
[garage door opening]
[Motos] Make it swift, guys.
C'mon, faster, please,
I'm falling asleep here.
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon. There you go.
[engine shuts off]
- [Sole] All good?
- All good.
[Sole] Make it snappy, okay?
- Down it comes.
- [Sole] Good.
- There it is.
- A little more and I'll let go.
- There.
- [Fernan] Let's go.
[Gitano] Up. Up.
[Fernan] Fucking fantastic, right?
- [Sole] Lift it up. No. Over there.
- Hold it there.
[Sole] Go on, yes, yes.
Go on. Get the soldering iron.
Hey, careful, Nando. We don't want a spark
to catch and burn everything in there.
Come on. Do we look like
a bunch of fucking amateurs?
Relax, he knows what he's doing.
[metal clanks]
[door squeaks]
[paper rustling]
What's this, Sole?
What the hell is this?
There's no fucking money in here.
Let's see.
These, my friends, are German bonds.
Worth more than gold, Gitano.
What are you talking about?
That won't buy me shit
at the grocery store, will it?
With this, you can buy
the whole store. Get it?
Okay. Let's bounce.
[Sole] Candela, you have to balance
the cash drawer every day.
We can't have this.
You need to be careful.
I know, Sole.
I swear I went over it
a bunch of times yesterday.
- [Sole] Then why doesn't it add up now?
- [Candela] I don't know I suck.
[Sole] No, you don't.
[Candela] I'm useless.
You did me a solid giving me this job.
- And all I do is screw up.
- [Sole] That's what friends are for.
Find the reference and put it in Excel.
[pop music playing on speakers]
- On my own?
- [Sole] Yes, on your own.
Don't freak out when it's not balanced.
[music continues]
[footsteps approaching]
- So?
- [Sole] Gorgeous.
But take the next size down.
Really? That tight?
It's how everyone wears them.
[bag unzips]
Your share of the German bonds sale.
- That's it?
- Mm-hmm.
I was expecting a lot more.
Yeah, we lost a huge chunk in commissions.
I mean, I could have gotten more
had I had time,
but you said it was urgent.
Yeah, well, I wanted
to give the guys their cut.
You know, so they know I'm serious.
They're not the ones I'm worried about.
Look, Sole, this was a big job.
I haven't told anyone you did it,
but your dad will find out.
Hopefully, he'll be proud of me, right?
You know what I think?
Dusty pink.
Dusty pink?
- No.
- Totally.
Dusty pink is the new ham rouge,
and it'll make your ass look great.
[siren wailing in distance]
[melancholy music playing]
[woman grunts]
Thank you.
[bucket clanks]
[woman sighs] My poor sister.
She couldn't survive more than
six months after Estrella's death.
Stop, Mama. She died of cancer. Okay?
Yes, and she got it
right after your cousin
had her head blown off by some asshole.
And we don't even know who it was.
That's when she got sick, you know?
And all because of Ángel,
that son of a bitch.
Mind you, I did tell Bernarda.
She shouldn't let Estrella
be around that boy,
that nothing good would come of it.
And yet we're here.
Listen to me.
Swear that you won't
get involved in that business.
I swore already.
The day we buried Estrella,
I did just that.
Yes, I remember.
But I, uh
I want to make sure you don't forget it.
I won't forget, Mom.
Aw, my darling.
[tense music playing]
[music intensifies]
[relieved sigh]
- I told you to stay next to me.
- I don't like it.
- What don't you like?
- This creepy town.
- Yeah, but this isn't a town, Pablo.
- But it has streets.
- Yes, it's called a cemetery.
- I don't want to come again.
You see, darling, sometimes
we have to do things we don't like
for the ones that we love.
But they can't talk to us.
But they know.
They know when we're here. Okay?
Let's go.
So, my love, what do you want for dinner?
- [Pablo] Veggies.
- You want veggies?
Yes, and some grilled chicken.
[Sole] Grilled chicken it is.
[cell phone chimes]
[city traffic sounds]
[lighter clicks]
[pop music playing on speakers]
[zipper unzips]
Hey, you. What are you doing?
Take that out of your jacket now
or I'll do it for you. Your choice.
What are you talking about?
Take that out of your jacket
right fucking now.
Go steal across the street
from the Chinese.
Don't ever come back to the store.
Don't you have someone keeping an eye out?
- Someone was distracted.
- Sorry.
- Put it away, Candela.
- [Candela] Of course, yes.
I meant someone
who can prevent these kinds of things.
[Sole] Are you volunteering?
How's the pay?
You can have those pants if you want.
I'd rather ask for a favor.
What is it?
I need to talk to your father.
- A job?
- Yeah, about a job. A very big job.
And you want to see
if he's interested before you do it.
Fuck yeah, that'd be amazing.
Well then, why don't you tell me?
- Tell you?
- Why not?
Did you forget the excavator job?
No, it's not that.
It's not because of you. No.
It's just that I need export papers.
- And I know your dad is well-connected.
- Hm.
Yeah, so they say.
You can leave it right there, sir.
- Right here.
- [engine stops]
- Hello.
- Good afternoon, sir.
- Good afternoon.
- How are you, sir?
- Very well.
- This won't take more than an hour.
Just leave it with us.
This isn't your average car wash,
more like a spa for cars.
Excellent, here you are. I might be
a little more than an hour, though.
Not a problem, sir.
Your car will be waiting for you.
- [man] Great. Thank you.
- Thank you very much. See you soon.
[Gitano] Come on, let's go.
[action music playing]
Park it there. Stop.
Stop. Stop. Leave it there. Good.
Let's go, guys, she needs to be clean.
Come on, quick, quick.
[music continues]
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
[tires screech]
[Fernan whistles]
- [Compi] Careful.
- [Fernan] Straight on, come on.
Get it in there.
A bit more that way. Come on.
Slowly. A bit to the left.
Bit to the left!
- Keep going. Back to your left.
- [Compi] Come on.
[Fernan] Turn to the left. Turn. Turn.
Okay, now straight.
All good?
That's it. Ready to go.
Crushing it, an hour ahead of schedule.
Perfect. New plates,
new permits, and the rest of it.
I told you it wouldn't be a problem.
- [door slams]
- Fucking amazing.
[cell phone ringing]
- Yes?
- [Fernan] Hey, good afternoon.
I'm calling to cancel the car wash
appointment I made this afternoon.
- What happened? It's no longer dirty?
- No, it's 'cause my car was stolen.
Oh no! I'm so sorry!
I hope you find it soon, okay?
But hey, as long as you
remain in good health.
[Motos] See you around, guys.
[Gitano] Hasta la pasta!
It's been a pleasure.
Hey, don't forget,
bring me back a gift from Morocco, huh?
- We'll smoke it all, brother.
- Yeah, we'll bring you back a cockroach.
- All right, on our way.
- Drive carefully, okay?
- Take it slow.
- [man] Tell that to the others.
[truck engine rumbling]
[horn honks]
Where's your car?
In Alcobendas.
I drove here in the first car we jacked.
Come with me, we'll go pick it up.
[gentle instrumental music playing]
[Sole] Here.
Half of what the guy
in Morocco already paid.
We get the rest in two days.
When he gets the cars.
Wow, this guy is super quick to pay.
He really trusts your dad, huh?
They've been working together for a while.
I met him once in Chefchaouen.
When my dad bought a hotel.
A small one, only ten rooms.
We went down there to see it,
and he came to introduce himself.
To scope us out, actually.
[Sole laughs]
Are you free right now?
Pablo's with my mom.
I didn't know how long this would take,
so he's staying the night. Why?
No reason. I just thought
we could maybe grab dinner.
Is it really dinner you want?
[Fernan chuckles]
[music continues]
[Sole moaning]
Aren't you cold?
Not right now.
We still have to pick up my car, remember?
Can't it wait 'til the morning?
I guess so. The night is still young.
- Hey, Fernan
- Shh
Relax, there's no need for that.
For what?
I know what you want to say.
You're gonna tell me it's complicated.
That's not what this is about.
My dad doesn't know
anything about the permits.
It was all me.
So what about the buyer?
It was the guy I told you about.
He totally flirted
with me the entire trip.
He gave me his number,
so I called
and made a deal directly with him.
Why didn't you tell me before?
Would you have trusted me?
Jesus, Sole.
It all worked out in the end.
Yeah, yeah, but it's not that.
What is it, then?
[Fernan exhales]
- I don't like playing games, okay?
- It's not a game.
Not with you or anyone else.
- I'm dead serious.
- Me too.
I'm very serious about this.
I'd like to know
what I'm getting myself into.
I don't like surprises, got it?
I got it.
But I grew up in this business.
I know it well.
I don't need my dad's help,
or anybody else's.
[Fernan laughs]
[Fernan sighs]
- You'll catch a cold.
- Mm.
So warm me up.
[engine stops]
[footsteps approaching]
[Sole] You still have it?
And it runs.
How are you?
Fine. And you?
Every six months I do a complete checkup.
Suspension, steering, struts.
I could pack it to the max,
drive it all the way to the market,
and start selling women's underwear.
- Like you used to with your parents.
- Exactly.
We traveled across
most of Spain in this thing.
Imagine, we even slept in here
when things got real bad.
[Sole] Mmm.
You've come a long way, huh?
[sighs] Yeah.
But you've never
forgotten where you're from.
[Rogelio chuckles]
No. No, no, no.
No, Sole, don't get me wrong.
This isn't a reminder
of where I came from.
It's a reminder
of where I will never return to.
The money.
And the houses, the cars
They want to take it all away.
Everyone. The police, the judges,
even those moms you hang out with
at kids' birthday parties.
- Right.
- You know why?
Because we're not like them.
We're not like them.
We're outsiders.
That's why
we have to look out for each other.
For our survival.
So that everything we've worked for
isn't taken away from us.
[boy grunting]
- [Pablo] Oof!
- [Rogelio] Almost.
Come here. In my arms, champ!
[Rogelio laughing]
Yes! Oof, you're gonna break my back!
[Pablo chuckles]
See if you can get him to put
his jacket on. He won't listen to me.
What's this?
Are you giving Grandma a hard time?
No, not at all. He's so well-behaved.
It's just that he doesn't want to leave.
He loves it
at Grandpa and Grandma's. Right?
- Yes.
- Right?
- Yes.
- Give me a kiss.
- That's it. [chuckles]
- Okay.
- Take care.
- Hm.
What about a kiss for Grandma?
- Bye, Mom.
- Take care.
- See you soon. Bye.
- See you.
[footsteps fade]
[inaudible conversation]
[Sole] Careful. Hop in.
[tense music builds slowly]
Yes. Listen, I need your help.
I think I'm being followed.
[seatbelt clicks]
[engine starts]
Okay, bye.
- Ready?
- [Pablo] Mm-hm.
Let's go. Yeah?
[children talking indistinctly]
[engine starts]
[tense music continues]
Her name is Rosa. She lives in Villaverde,
and works as a delivery rider.
She delivered the beers at Pablo's party.
But then why would she be
following me?
I don't know, Sole.
Why don't you just ask her?
I did find out
that she's related to Estrella.
- She's her cousin.
- Oh.
Well, then that's it.
Looking for other people,
people to have sex with.
I know everything, she knows everything.
But I always thought there was more.
[woman 1] Aleix, I truly hope after this
you no longer have any doubts
in your heart. That's my hope.
[man 1] Let's hope so.
[host] Mar, Aleix, let's begin
by answering your two major questions now.
Aleix, let's start with you.
[tense music playing]
[host] Have you forgiven Mar for cheating?
[clicks tongue]
[Aleix] Nah.
[error sound]
[doorbell rings]
[error sound]
[host] Mar, how does this affect
your entire relationship?
[doorbell rings]
Can you get the door?
[Mar continues talking on TV]
[doorbell ringing insistently]
[mother] Sorry, honey, but you
know how hard it is for me to get up.
[doorbell continues ringing]
Don't worry about it.
May we have a chat?
Mom, I'll be right back.
[indistinct chatter in distance]
[glass bottle shattering]
- What do you want?
- No, what do you want?
Why are you following me?
You don't remember,
but we met once before.
Yes, you came to my house last week.
Before that. Two years ago at the Xanadú.
I was shopping with Estrella, my cousin,
and you said hi to her.
She told me who you were,
and I was weirded out
because I knew
about her affair with your husband.
With Ángel.
But you two seemed to be friendly.
Yes. What did she say?
That you two spoke before,
and that you were all right.
I liked her as well.
- In spite of everything.
- In spite of him.
And we both thought
we couldn't live without him.
[emotional music playing]
So you shared him?
I quickly realized I couldn't compete
with what the two of them had.
- So the day they arrested me
- The day she was murdered.
I called her. And told her
she could take the two briefcases,
the ones we stole from the Chinese,
before the police got to them.
I told Estrella she could have it all.
The money and Ángel.
- Everything but Pablo.
- But if you hadn't called her
Estrella would be alive.
[footsteps stomping]
[car horns honking]
[tense music playing]
- [Candela] Should I log them by size?
- [Sole] Yes.
[Rogelio sighs]
What the hell is going on, Sole?
Nice to see you too.
What about that car wash job?
Was it you or not?
Let's go talk in the back.
And you, just keep working on this.
I told you, Sole. Didn't I?
You don't need that kind of trouble.
Stay out of it!
Dad, I know you'll always be there for me,
but there are some things
that I want to do on my own.
Until the police catch you.
And you end up in prison. Then what?
What? What will you do?
Are you gonna take Pablo
in there with you?
Or are you gonna call your mother?
Why would you bring up the cops?
Do you see any cop here?
And why the fuck would I get caught?
I cannot let you jeopardize your life
by setting up ten-cent jobs
with two-bit gangsters.
Listen and stop this nonsense.
You hear me?
No, you're not hearing me.
I don't want anyone telling me what to do.
Not you, not anyone.
Ah, okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay. I get it, I get it.
You're a big girl, now.
You don't need anyone else,
so screw your dad.
Who do you think you are?
Do you think you can
get away with something
I never let anyone get away with?
That you can disrespect me
and challenge me in front of everybody?
- So you want respect, Dad?
- Yes.
Well, you can start by respecting me.
Because I'll do whatever I want
with whoever I want.
[Rogelio sighs]
- With that fucking lawyer?
- Yes. For example.
Is that a problem?
[Rogelio sighs]
Now that you mention it
[cell phone chimes]
[Mercedes] And so, as soon as he heard
about the cases of money at the hotel,
he decided to rob the Chinese.
He thinks I don't know.
But he spent two months
working with his guys,
planning out the deliveries.
Yes, he has it all planned.
It's beyond hope.
He bit off more than he can chew.
[recording stops]
She knew the cops were listening in,
yet she still ran her mouth.
Why? Because she's stupid?
No. Your lawyer is not stupid.
Ángel used her as bait,
and she wanted to get even.
After which she dangled the Chinese
in front of him, and he fell for it.
- I can't believe it.
- Oh, yes. Yes, Sole.
She sent the cops after you.
You got arrested
while she hopped on a plane to Paris,
distancing herself from this mess.
And then look what happened.
Estrella's death.
Ángel's suicide
See, Sole.
You want to be treated like a big girl?
Then I'll talk to you like a grown up.
Ángel's death wasn't an accident.
He was in love with that other girl.
And when she disappeared,
he took the easy way out,
leaving you with a child,
a crappy business, and a whole mess.
I'll send it to you, so you don't forget.
[cell phone chimes]
That bitch, who you get coffee with,
is the one responsible
for this whole shitshow.
Your move, now.
- [door opening]
- [exhales]
[door slams]
[breathes deeply]
[tense music playing]
[Mercedes] He thinks I don't know.
But he spent two months
working with his guys,
planning out the deliveries.
Yes, he has it all planned.
It's beyond hope.
He bit off more than he can chew.
[phone chimes]
Are you sure it's her voice?
Yes, that's Mercedes.
She knew the phone was bugged.
Ángel said so too.
They've been after her for a while.
Thank you for letting me hear that call.
You deserve to know the truth.
And you? What will you do?
[suspenseful music playing]
Wow, you look amazing.
And you're so elegant.
- Hello. Would you come with me, please?
- Yes.
Come in, please.
[Mercedes] Thank you.
This is the future, Sole.
No more buying up businesses or apartments
and having your money taken away because
you can't explain where it comes from.
[indistinct chatter]
- No, thank you. You?
- No.
Here, no one cares
what color your money is.
Mercedes, are they involved in this also?
- [indistinct conversation]
- [Mercedes] Yes, of course.
They've been buying
shares in ports all around the world.
Do you know the main port
terminal operation in Spain?
They control that too.
- Which says it all.
- Hmm.
- [Sole] Who's she?
- [Mercedes] Carmen.
But they call her La Rubia.
- La Rubia?
- Mm-hmm.
She works for the Colombians.
They trust her. Implicitly.
That woman right there
controls the biggest
distribution network in all of Spain.
It's a great sign that she's here.
If anyone has money to launder,
besides the Chinese,
it's her and her friends.
[Sole] Right.
- Hmm?
- What?
Nothing, why?
I don't know.
You don't seem convinced.
- It wasn't easy to get us in this room.
- Mercedes, I know.
If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here.
I won't forget it.
Okay. Because right now,
it's the safest investment you can make.
Provided we meet
the minimum amount required to buy in.
Yes, that's not a problem.
Here's Álvaro.
He's one of the partners at the firm.
Mm, I need to make a call.
- Right now?
- I'll be fast.
[indistinct conversation in Mandarin]
- [Álvaro] Mercedes.
- How are you, Álvaro?
Nice to see you. All good?
- Good. Good.
- The partners are ready.
- We can start as soon as you're ready.
- I think we'll have some good news.
- Really?
- Yes.
That's great to hear. Hope so.
[Sole] Dad.
- Can you talk?
- Go ahead.
It's about Mercedes.
Have you told her to fuck off yet?
I'm working on it, but I need your help.
You know you can count on me.
I want to talk to your friend.
- Let me look into it and get back to you.
- All right. Bye.
[tense music playing]
[door opening]
[Mercedes] Sole.
There's something we need to clear up.
Hmm? What's up? Any problem with the bank?
No, it's all fine.
The funds are confirmed.
Everything's perfect.
There's been a complication.
What complication?
I'm afraid we can't accept
your contribution to this project.
The Chinese vetoed us, Sole.
- What?
- Yes. I'm very sorry.
But they're the majority shareholders.
We can't go against them.
They say you need
to settle your debts first.
- Then you can contemplate new investments.
- Mm-hmm.
Those fucking bastards.
Those fucking bastards! Come on.
- Just give us a moment. Okay?
- Yes. Of course.
Sorry, I'll call you
in a bit, okay? Sorry.
We have to negotiate with them.
Negotiate what? I have nothing
to negotiate with those guys.
They took the money, Mercedes. My money.
And in the process, murdered Estrella.
I know, but they want something more.
Yes, they want war.
War is what they'll get.
No, we can't go down that road.
- We can't?
- No, we can't do that.
We've got to find another way
of communicating with them.
Fine, maybe you're right.
We have to communicate.
Sole, listen to me.
I'll go back up
and talk to them calmly, okay?
- No, I'll do this alone.
- Sole.
I'll be right back.
So? Are you still mad?
I'm not mad at all.
You don't like being manipulated.
Isn't that what you told me?
Do you think I'm manipulating you?
Yes, I think so.
You think I slept with you
so you'll do anything I want.
Yeah, I think so.
Everything we've done so far,
we both wanted to do.
What are you saying? What's your point?
So, I'm gonna need you
to help me out with something.
I'm getting screwed, and I need your help.
Of course I'll help you.
[propulsive music playing]
[engine accelerating]
[Fernan] All right.
[tires screeching]
[Nando] Slow down.
- [Fernan] Let's go.
- Let's go.
- [gun cocks]
- Get down! On the ground!
- [screams]
- On the floor! Get the hell down!
- Get down, I said!
- [Nando] On the floor, damn it!
Nobody moves!
- Don't move! Don't move!
- [cashier whimpers]
- Hey! On the floor! On the fucking floor!
- [screaming]
[Fernan] Hey, you, get out of here.
[Nando] Everyone down!
[Gitano] You, get down! Don't move!
[Sole] Don't move!
Get down, asshole.
- [Sole] All clear?
- [Gitano] Clear. Clear.
- Hey! On the floor.
- [woman] No, please!
[in Mandarin] Let's play.
Thirty thousand.
[in English] Gentlemen! Don't move.
- [Nando] Sit down.
- [Fernan] Put the money down.
Leave the money on the fucking table.
Who the fuck is in charge here? Huh?
Who's in charge?
- Who's in charge?
- [speaks Mandarin]
[Fernan] Him? Is that so?
They say you're the boss, huh?
Well, we have a little message from
the guys who are really in charge, okay?
Hey, look at me! Look at me!
Either we get to play at the same table,
or I'll burn it down.
So tell your people we're going to talk.
Unless you want to go back to selling beer
on fucking Gran Vía. Hear me?
- Do you hear me? You get it or not?
- [Nando] Keep down!
Yes, I understand.
Yeah? Otherwise,
you can explain it to him, okay?
- [Fernan] Out!
- Everyone out! Let's go! Let's go!
[music intensifies]
[in Mandarin] Damn it! Who let them in?
Who says the money
hasn't been distributed? Get out!
Get out, all of you!
[action music playing]
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