Sky High: The Series (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Cuentas pendientes

[vehicle engine starting]
[engine revving]
You sure about this?
[tense music playing]
I can't go on this way.
And I'm sure about that.
Yeah, but it doesn't have to be you.
You could send someone else.
Send me. Huh?
I can go, talk to them, and that's that.
If I want their respect, I've gotta go.
And I want to see that bastard's face.
[engine stops]
[man] Not him, no.
What do you mean?
She's not going in alone.
- [Sole] Shh. Relax.
- This way.
It's fine. Stay here.
[tense music continues]
[speaking Mandarin]
[translating] Mr. Zou appreciates
your offer to resolve things amicably,
to strike a balance.
Yes, right now things are very unbalanced.
But in your favor.
[speaking Mandarin]
[translating] Many of our associates
have suffered heavy losses.
That's bullshit
It's bullshit.
You got all of the money back
and had no problem
taking out someone who had
nothing to do with it.
I don't understand.
You did not have to shoot her.
What was the point? To punish us?
Teach us a lesson? Is that it?
[speaking Mandarin]
[in English] There's been a mistake.
It was my mistake
coming here to work things out
so you could leave me alone.
We never recovered any money.
[melancholy music playing softly]
Are you fucking with me?
We had nothing to do with
what happened to that girl.
Think about it for a second.
Why would we ever entertain
initiating a conversation with you
if things went down in the way you said?
[tense music playing]
[soft compelling music playing]
[compelling music continues]
Hi, how are you?
Well, good morning. How are you?
[indistinct conversation]
[indistinct conversation]
- Thanks.
- See you soon.
[music continues]
[vehicle horn honking loudly]
[children chattering indistinctly]
Hey, are you positive
that guy works for the courts?
He must be
some kind of clerk she's been bribing.
But why keep a record?
For insurance.
If someone makes a deal with her
and then rats her out, she has proof
they're also up to their neck in it.
So if she falls, they all do.
Right. I bet
she's been doing it for a while.
Mm. And she must have copies.
At home or in her office.
We could look for them.
No. No, not yet.
- We have to be patient.
- How can you say "no"?
Sole, that lady sold you out.
Yeah, but for now
I need to keep her close.
[Rosa sighs]
[crossing light chirps faintly]
[soft piano music playing]
Hi, Ferrán, how are you?
- How are you, Sole?
- Good. Good, good, and you?
- All good.
- Hm.
What will you have?
If you like beer,
the local brew is fantastic.
A beer. Sure. Okay.
José, one beer.
And something to snack on,
don't be stingy.
He always brings snacks.
I just like to bust his chops.
Yeah, I know you.
your father said that you wanted
to tell me something about your lawyer.
It seems you've been
investigating her a while.
Listen, Sole,
in the justice system here,
these guys are always
looking out for each other no matter what.
Judges around here
don't want to investigate their own.
Every single step is very complicated.
There are many rumors but so far
no one's willing to talk to us.
She has it all recorded.
- Really?
- Even if you have a deal with the judge,
if there's a tape with your voice
accepting a bribe, you're done.
And how do you know about all this?
I just know.
I see.
And she must be
keeping all of it somewhere.
Her office, her house
If you find them, it's over.
So, I go before a judge and say to him,
"Excuse me, your Honor,
I'd like for you to kindly issue a warrant
to search the home and office
of a currently practicing lawyer
because a selfless, kind,
and concerned civilian
came forward and told me
there might actually be some audio tapes
in there with God knows what on them."
Doesn't sound great, does it?
- Does it?
- No.
I really like you, Sole.
But you should let
me and your dad take care of this.
At some point she will make a mistake.
And when she does,
we will be there to catch her.
And, please, be careful.
Because if you hit her where it hurts,
she can be dangerous.
Check, please.
[Sole sighs]
[tense music playing]
Whose backpack is this? Whose is it?
It's mine, Gitano.
- [Gitano] Put it away, or I'll burn it.
- [man] Okay.
You nag more than my old lady.
I nag more and I hit more,
don't you forget it.
Hey. You have to respect your elders.
Whoa! [chuckles]
He just called you an old fuck.
[Nando] What's up, Poli?
Weren't you locked up?
That's true. I was.
So did you escape, or what?
Well let's just say
I took a leave of absence.
With only three months left, huh?
- Four months and three days.
- Dude, that's like nothing.
So it's true what they say.
The widow left you
in charge of everything.
Is that a problem?
- Nah. No, no, not at all.
If you enjoy sweeping
and pestering kids, then have at it.
This smart ass
I'm just saying you need someone
to tighten the screws around here.
Someone like you?
- [Gitano laughs]
- [Nando] Huh?
I'm just passing through.
Got a few things to do,
then back to prison.
Gitano, since you're in charge,
I have a favor to ask you.
And here we go.
I can't go to my mom's place.
And you can't stay with my mom, either.
Well, what if I put
a couple mats down over here?
That'd be perfect, you know,
I'm not a princess.
I don't want to cause trouble
between you and Sole.
You can go crash over there.
But no smoking.
If I can't, neither can you.
These guys train in the morning,
it can't smell like tobacco.
Thanks, Gitano.
I'll go get my things, all right?
[punches landing]
[Mercedes] Sole. Sole, calm down, okay?
I'll handle it.
[Sole] Jesus, I can't believe Gitano.
This is how I find out
what's going on here?
They're buddies.
He's just helping him out.
I don't care
if they're friends, or whatever.
The guy broke out of prison.
He's a fugitive.
I understand.
Let me talk to him, okay?
We go way back. I can convince him.
Mercedes, get him to turn himself in.
Or at least, to leave the gym,
'cause he can't stay there. Got it?
Okay. Okay. Don't worry about it.
I'll call you, okay?
- Bye.
- All right.
[phone beeps off]
[mellow pop song playing]
[song fades]
[door opening]
- Hello.
- Hey.
[Velcro ripping]
Two pepperoni and one vegetarian.
- Didn't we order drinks?
- Oh, shit, right.
I'm sorry.
No, that's fine.
Oh, I don't have change, give me a second.
No, you don't have to. Seriously.
[Mercedes] No, that's already been sent.
Hold on a second. Hello.
Some girl let me in.
My daughter, yes.
[Rosa] She told me to wait.
Marta! Marta!
[Marta] Coming! Coming!
- Sorry, what were you saying?
- I needed change.
- And I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
- You didn't have to. Really.
- See you.
- Thanks a lot.
[door closes]
[suspenseful music playing]
You're acting like a child.
You know that, right?
[Poli sighs]
Actually, Counselor,
I've been hearing that a lot lately.
Why don't I take you to the station?
We can make up some story.
That you went to see a sick friend,
or your mom, or something.
[sighs] No fucking way.
Look, if we go now,
I'll make sure you don't get punished.
And in three months, you're out.
No, Mercedes. It's too late for that.
- Don't worry, I know what I'm doing.
- [incredulously] Mm. Sure.
When they catch you, you'll get more.
Another two years for escaping.
- Think about it, Poli. Think about it.
- [sighs]
There's still time, Poli, you know.
No, Counselor. Thanks but no thanks.
By the way, hmm
tell the boss I said hi.
She threw me out like a dog.
Ángel would've never done that.
[Mercedes] Poli,
this isn't a joke, okay?
It's dangerous.
Thanks, Mercedes.
Seriously, bro? Hmm?
You picked the worst shithole!
What did you expect?
- That I'd let you stay at my place?
- [Poli] Bro, it's the least you could do.
[man chuckles]
Listen, man. How would you
like to make some big bucks?
[man scoffs] With you?
I'm not so sure, man.
Yeah? Well, why do you think
I took this little vacation?
Hmm? I have a job.
But I need guys with balls. Like you.
If you need guys with balls,
then it's gotta be dangerous, bro.
Yeah, obviously. When is it not? Hm?
It's a one-night thing.
A couple of hours and we'll make enough
to build you a palace here.
It's not perfumes,
or watches, none of that shit
I know the time and place.
We just have to help ourselves. Right?
Cocaine's what you must be snorting, fool.
Hmm? You think?
Well, it's happening in a week from now.
Not this Friday, the next one.
I overheard some Colombians
when I was inside.
It'll come from Valencia.
A road without much traffic.
- One driver. No security at all.
- No security at all?
- That's insane, Poli.
- Yeah.
Come on, bro, trust me.
A couple punches and that's that.
We take it all.
You go back to your crappy life.
I go back to jail.
And once I get out
and things have cooled down,
we'll sell it all and start living. Huh?
What do you say?
What I say is get your ass inside.
That's right. You'd rather
keep doing chores for Sole, hm?
- That's your ambition?
- Dude, worry about yourself.
[Poli] Goddamn it. Goddamn it.
- [Motos] Yo?
- Motos?
What did he say?
- Forget about Toño.
- So he said no.
Hey, why don't you
ask Nando if he wants in?
There's no way he'd agree to it,
drug stuff freaks him out.
Stealing them, you mean,
because he sure loves doing them.
[laughs] I could ask my boy Fernan.
I don't know him, bro.
Tough guy. A tiger.
Plus he saved my ass back in prison.
All right, I'll leave it to you,
but hurry up, Motos.
Yeah, peace out.
No, Motos, no.
You can't go around
screwing the Colombians
or I swear they'll screw you.
They don't care about anything.
What Colombians? There are no Colombians.
Just one scared truck driver.
By the time they realize, we'll be in bed.
- How do you sell it?
- Poli already has a buyer.
Some French guy he met in prison.
Look, bro.
Fernan, it's a very simple deal.
First, we supply him with the drugs,
then we take the money
- [snaps fingers]
- and it's over.
In two days,
that guy will be in Marseilles.
And we'll be here enjoying our dough.
No way, man. Count me out.
I don't get it. [exhales]
You're crazy, bro.
[Motos sighs]
[vehicle accelerating]
You know you don't owe me, right?
You don't have to play along with this
if you don't want to.
It's all good, Sole.
Really, forget it.
Yeah, but so you know, one thing
has nothing to do with the other.
Why do you want to do this anyway?
Because I can't stand seeing Mercedes
act like there's nothing's wrong.
Mercedes didn't kill Estrella or Ángel.
I'm just saying,
you should fire her and move on.
This won't change anything.
Not for you or your friend or anyone.
[Sole sighs]
So, are you sleeping over tonight?
[police siren chirps]
[truck brakes squealing]
[engine rumbling]
[tense music playing]
[Poli] Roll down your window.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- May I see your papers, please?
- Yes, right away.
Here, Officer.
[Poli] Where are you headed?
To the capital.
It's my last trip of the night.
[Poli] All right.
[Motos] Sergeant!
The truck seal it's broken
[driver] No, it can't be.
- Step out of the vehicle please, sir.
- [driver] Yes, of course.
Uh, officer, I swear when
I left the warehouse, everything was
it was all in order.
Don't worry. We'll just check the cargo.
Everything's in order?
[driver] Yes, yes, yes. Uh
I left the keys inside. It's
I'll just be a second.
[Poli] Hey! Come back here!
[action music playing]
- Stop, you motherfucker!
- [engine starting]
Get out of the truck or I will shoot you!
- Hey! Stop the fucking truck!
- [banging]
- [Motos] Stop the truck.
- Open up!
- [Motos] Get out of the truck!
- [glass shattering]
I'm gonna have to fuck you up, man!
Stop this goddamn truck.
Hey! Stop the truck and get out!
[driver grunts]
[Motos] Fuck him up!
Kill him! Yo, hold him down.
- Kill this fucking dude!
- [driver groaning]
[Motos] Tell us
where it is, you loser? Huh? Huh?
- [Compi] Where is it?
- [Motos] The coke! Where's the coke?
[driver] In the truck!
- Where in the truck?
- Where at?
It's in the fucking truck!
- [driver groans]
- [spits]
[driver moaning in pain]
Son of a bitch.
[Poli] If it's not in there,
you'll be in deep shit.
You'll see.
You son of a bitch.
[gags] Ugh.
- Smells like shit in here.
- [Compi] Jesus, he's carrying lettuce.
[pensive music playing]
- [Compi] Motos.
- What?
- The cooling unit isn't working, brother.
- Meaning what exactly?
Meaning, it's not working, bro,
that's why it's all rotten.
It isn't cooling.
It's busted.
Where are you going? Hey!
Motos! Where are you going?
Hey, guys, look what I found.
- [Compi] Come on.
- [Motos] Go.
[Compi] Come on, let's go.
Let's go. Come on. Faster.
Look at this dingus. [laughs]
- He's asleep.
- Let him sleep.
Fucking asshole.
Trying to make a break for it.
[chuckling] Fuck
Did you see that, bro?
Did you see that loser?
[mockingly] "In the fucking truck!"
[laughs] Hey, you got some big balls, man.
- That's for sure.
- Fuck yeah.
But seriously, bro. What are we
gonna do with all that coke?
- There's a lot.
- No stress. It's all under control.
[Compi] Yeah?
[police sirens approaching]
- [Compi] Bro, the cops, the cops.
- [Poli] Fuck.
- Fuck, fuck
- [Poli] Jesus fucking Christ!
- Call Motos. Call Motos.
- What do I say?
Tell him hurry,
the cops are chasing us for fuck's sake!
How the fuck did they find out?
[sirens wailing]
- Yeah?
- Motos, step on the gas, bro.
We got cops on our asses.
They're surrounding us, Motos,
they're surrounding us!
Son of a bitch.
- [Compi] Hurry, brother!
- Okay, okay, okay! I'm on it.
[engine accelerating]
[sirens continue wailing]
Find me the next exit. Now.
You won't catch me, pork rinds!
No fucking way, Compi,
this can't be happening.
No, no, no. I can't get caught, bro.
I'm not going back in the slammer.
Life in Soto Prison sucks balls.
I've got other plans.
Step on it, man. Step on it!
[sirens wailing]
- They can't catch Motos!
- They will, bro.
I said they can't catch Motos!
Bro, they'll catch him
unless we do something right now.
I swear, bro, they won't catch him!
Not on my watch, not on my watch!
[brakes screech]
[Motos] Take that, motherfuckers!
[officer] Stop, police!
Don't move!
[Poli] Goddamn it.
[cell phone vibrating]
[continues vibrating]
Hey, Sole, they've been arrested!
Jesus fucking Christ!
- What?
- You have to help us. Sole!
- Who's been arrested?
- The cops, they took everyone in.
- Okay, wait. Relax, relax.
- We can't get Poli out because
- Speak slowly or I can't understand.
- Okay, listen.
We can't get Poli out 'cause he broke out,
but we can get Compi out if we pay bail.
Fine. I'll make a call,
and I'll send Mercedes, all right?
- Quickly, Sole. Seriously, hurry up.
- Okay.
Okay, man. Okay.
[Sole sighs]
Poli and Compi, they were arrested.
I don't know, I think they tried to
They tried to steal coke.
You knew?
Yeah, they told me.
And I told them to count me out.
And you didn't tell me?
Why would I tell you?
'Cause now I have to go save their asses.
Sole, these guys are big boys.
They got themselves into this mess.
[sighs] You sound like my father.
Maybe that's because he's right.
No, that's not how you do things.
If you want your guys to show up for you,
you have to show up for them.
What are you doing?
I'm gonna ask around and see what I find.
About what?
I know he was involved, too.
If he's not in jail,
then he's out there somewhere.
Well, let me know. Okay?
Come in.
What's up?
One of the guys has
gotten himself into trouble.
In big trouble.
Give me your phone right now.
[suspenseful instrumental music playing]
[Motos sighs]
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, Antonio, so?
Did you talk to the boss?
Yes, he told me everything.
And don't use names, got it?
Of course.
You know who this is, right?
Absolutely. But don't worry,
I won't say anything.
I promise.
Listen, have you talked
to anyone else about this?
No, no, no, I did not.
You're my first call.
I can assure you
that the goods are top-notch.
And you haven't talked to my daughter?
- No way.
- She doesn't know about this call?
She doesn't know anything.
You have my word.
I think this is a bit too
grown-up for her.
That's exactly right.
Now, listen to me.
I'm gonna make some calls
and see if I can help in any way.
I'm not making any promises.
Well, this is much appreciated.
You are a lifesaver.
Okay. Stay on alert.
My people will call and let you know.
[Rogelio sighs]
["Kriptonita" by Villano Antillano
playing faintly]
- [girl] Come on.
- Hurry up.
Let's go!
[Marta whoops]
[song volume increases]
[indistinct chatter]
[song playing loudly]
[beat drops in song]
[song continues faintly]
[woman laughing]
[indistinct chatter]
Do you remember me?
Two pepperoni
And one vegetarian.
[song continues]
[song ends]
[door lock buzzing, opens]
[Poli sighs]
Hi, Poli.
[Poli sighs]
What's up, Counselor? Long time.
Indeed, seeing that you never call me.
That's because I can't afford you.
As if that's ever stopped you before.
Yeah, but I don't want any more debts.
- Not anymore.
- And now you steal from the Colombians?
What the hell were you thinking, Poli?
So that's why you came here.
It was supposed to be easy. I swear.
Those guys have connections.
They'll want retribution.
You came to warn me?
Like the Grim Reaper?
Don't worry because in here
I think about my death every day.
Listen to me,
list me as your lawyer,
and I'll get the judge to isolate you.
- They don't care what happens to me.
- No, that's not true.
You're in custody,
and they have to protect you.
If anyone lays
a finger on you after that, I'll
And what good is to me
if my throat's been cut, huh?
I appreciate it, Mercedes.
But if these guys come for me
Poli, watch what you say.
'Cause if you get into trouble
or kill someone in there,
you'll get 20 more years.
[Poli sighs]
Don't mess things up even worse.
[tense music playing]
[cell phone ringing]
Hey. So? [clears throat]
Is it a go or is it not?
Yeah. It's a go.
All right, awesome. When?
Well, this afternoon,
if that works for you.
Uh then I'll send you the address.
But I want you there
at seven o'clock sharp. Got it?
Right. And
and give my thanks to you know who.
Don't worry.
I'll give the message to him.
See ya.
[suspenseful music playing]
Here's a flyer, sir.
Yeah. Thanks.
- Hey, honey. Can I get a tonic water?
- [woman] Mm-hmm.
Put a little gin in there too.
To mask the taste.
[breathes deeply]
- Hey, where the hell are you?
- [Antonio] We're here, in the parking lot.
Listen, we got a question for you.
We can take care
of the candy thing today, right?
Of course, yeah, absolutely.
You sure?
So you stored it somewhere close, right?
What the hell's going on?
I'm just wondering how
we're gonna handle the transaction.
Whether we're gonna need the car
or if it's already here, you know?
[Motos sighs]
[nervously] I'm so fucked right now.
Here you go, honey.
[action music playing]
[people complaining]
[man] Hey! Stop right now!
- [banging on car]
- [man] I'm talking to you. Come on!
- Open the door!
- [woman yelping]
Open up!
[tires squealing]
- [banging on car]
- [engine accelerating]
[tires squealing]
[people yelling]
[tires squealing]
[guns firing]
[bullets ricocheting]
[woman screaming]
[Motos whooping]
[woman 2 screams]
[people yelling]
Son of a bitch.
[city traffic sounds]
[pop music playing on speakers]
Come on, Candela,
you should have the hang of this by now.
I don't know, Sole. I don't know.
I must have messed up giving people change
- because it makes no sense.
- Count it.
- Again?
- Yes, until it's balanced.
[Mercedes] So
they still obsess over their losses.
They seek compensation.
Isn't that what we offered?
To return the money, in exchange
for letting me in on the port deal.
- Did you tell them?
- Yes, of course.
They say that with the raid and all,
it's taken months to resume operations.
It adds up to a lot more
than what was in the bags.
I won't give them a cent more.
Listen, they're thinking
a different form of compensation.
What they want is in Paris.
[cheerful Spanish music playing]
[Ferrán] Hello.
Watch out, the authorities are here.
Hi, gorgeous. How's life treating you?
I can't complain, really.
- Because your boss doesn't let you?
- [laughs] You're so mean.
So, a rum? A little company? Both?
What can I get you?
I saw Rogelio's car outside. Where is he?
Here, crunching numbers.
Can't even afford to change the carpet.
- This place will ruin me.
- If it isn't working, just close shop.
This place? I love it,
but unfortunately no one else does.
Get me some orange juice.
[clears throat]
Did you talk to my daughter?
Yes, you need to slow her down a bit.
- She's really got it in for the lawyer.
- So?
It's best if she doesn't get involved.
Not right now.
- Why not?
- Because we have a problem.
What else is new?
We've got a guy on the inside.
[tense music playing]
What the fuck are you talking about?
There's a cop who infiltrated
the guys you work with,
so you need to tread carefully.
And that's all you have to say, huh?
Tell me, please,
what the fuck am I paying you for?
Precisely for things like this.
So I can warn you
before everything goes south.
[Rogelio sighs]
[clicks tongue]
- Who is it?
- I don't have a name.
The less I know about it, the harder
it'll be for them to connect us.
In case you end up finding the guy,
and, for whatever reason,
something happens to him.
So your job to steal cars
and rob Chinese businesses?
But now she trusts me.
The more you help her,
the less she needs her father.
She just wants to mark her territory.
She wants respect.
But s soon as she gets it,
she'll go back to him.
Mm. And how do you know?
Because they're family.
And because so long
as she keeps eating out of my hand,
I'll make sure it happens.
We'll see who's eating off whose hand.
Because if you have to stay on this track
to keep playing along, we're in trouble.
[cell phone chimes]
[Duque] Is that her?
[Fernan] Yes.
She wants to meet at the airport.
At the airport?
Okay, good luck.
[engine starts]
[jet engines rumbling]
[indistinct PA announcement]
Yeah, I know.
How do you say "ham" in French?
[Nando] What's up, freak?
- Aren't you glad to see your buddies?
- Why are we here?
- Ask the boss.
- What? Don't you like surprises?
If they're good ones.
- This is a really good one. Right, Pablo?
- Yes.
- [Fernan]How are you, champ?
- Good!
[Sole] Come on, let's go.
Get your phones out.
[Gitano] And away we go!
["Le Vent Nous Portera"
by Noir Désir playing]
[song continues]
[song continues]
[song continues]
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