Sky High: The Series (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Moviendo el avispero

[siren wailing faintly]
[ship horn blowing]
[church bell ringing]
[metal screeching softly]
I assume you're not
in Lisbon as a tourist.
That's correct.
What do you want?
I have a problem.
With me?
Not with you. Your friends, though.
You'll have to talk to Mateo.
[siren wailing faintly]
- Thanks for meeting me.
- Of course.
As you know, Sole,
I was good friend with Ángel.
We worked together closely.
You must be feeling a great loss.
Yes. We are.
But you've been very quick to take over.
We are one big family.
Families can also
have black sheeps, you know?
Like those sons of bitches
who stole my merchandise.
I promise I don't know about that.
You're helping them?
But first, a proposal for you.
What is it?
I need a person
with a network
to distribute the merchandise.
And increase its value by three, four
Or more.
Imagine I talk to Mateo,
and I get him
to reimburse you for the cargo.
And what do I get?
You forget about it.
And why do you think I would do that?
For the memory of Ángel.
If it's about the money,
I'm willing to offer you much more.
I don't know about that.
[clicks tongue, inhales]
What I can tell you, Ms. Sole, is that
you just bought yourself
a couple of mongrels.
Because those sons of bitches
owe you their lives.
To you.
To you.
[ship horn blowing]
[wheels rolling]
[suspenseful music playing]
- The lockers?
- [woman] Around the corner.
- Thank you.
- [woman] Of course.
[car horns honking]
[line ringing]
[woman on voice mail] The number
you have dialed is unavailable.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Marta, it's me.
Look, I imagine you're still at home
because I can see
the alarm isn't activated.
Call me when you get this. Okay, honey?
All right, bye.
[sexy pop music playing]
[shower running]
[song continues]
What's that smile?
I like watching.
And I also like more.
[song continues]
[song continues faintly]
[Gitano] Shh. Keep it down, keep it down.
[tense music playing]
[Fernan] Okay.
Grab the tool and get up here. Hurry.
[drill whirring]
[birds chirping]
["Moon" by Kid Francescoli playing]
[Marta] Tell me something.
- [Rosa] About what?
- About you.
What about me?
How long have you had your eye on me?
Since I first saw you.
When was that?
When I came to deliver
the pizzas to your house.
That's not true.
Come again?
A week earlier.
Outside the college.
I didn't see you at first,
but a friend of mine met you
and told me about it later.
No, I don't know. I don't get it.
You were there then.
Looking at me.
I must have been collecting packages
or delivering something. I don't remember.
You sure?
Listen, why would I have been watching you
when I didn't even know you?
I don't know. Maybe because I'm hot.
[Rosa chuckles]
[Rosa] Come here, come on.
Enough with all that.
It's massage time.
I'll move down,
and you tell me where to stop, okay?
[Marta] Okay.
[Compi] Damn, look at these ladies.
[Compi] Hey, hey, hey.
Have you seen what
those two chicks are doing?
Listen, stay focused, damn it.
This isn't going to open itself.
- I was just looking.
- Fuck. Fucking damn it.
[Gitano] What's wrong? What's wrong?
[Fernan] This thing
is more secure than the Bank of Spain.
[birds chirping]
[cell phone vibrating]
[Rosa] Your mom's calling.
She does a lot.
She worries.
You're not answering?
I hate when she gets like this.
What do you mean?
She gets all paranoid.
She doesn't want me to see you.
So what, does she think
I'm a psycho, then?
Not a psycho.
She hasn't said, but
Well, I'd guess
No, nothing.
I get it. She doesn't want
her daughter involved with some lowlife.
Yeah, you got it.
So, is that why I'm here?
So you can rub it in. Right?
Hey, Rosa, wanna know something?
I think I'm kind of falling for you.
[tense music playing]
- [line ringing]
- [man] Police, what's your emergency?
[tense music continues]
[radio beeps]
[dispatcher] Possible attempted
robbery on Pepehillo Street.
A neighbor sees suspicious
movements at house number 61.
[radio chirps]
Damn it.
- [beeps]
- I'm nearby, on my way.
[keypad clicking]
[cell phone vibrates]
[machine clicking rapidly]
[Fernan] You got it?
Let's go. Go, go!
- So? How did it go?
- Great.
- Yeah?
- Hm.
I hope you know what you're doing.
I do.
Well, Poli will eat out of your hand.
Okay, we have
the trust signing in half an hour.
- Don't worry, we're good.
- Mm.
We have some time, yes.
Are you upset? Something wrong?
My daughter won't answer my calls.
And I know she's home,
but I don't know what she's doing.
How you know she's at the house?
Because I have a tracker on her phone.
[dry chuckle]
And she doesn't mind?
[Mercedes sighs]
She doesn't know about it?
Look, Sole, when Pablo is a little older,
you'll get it.
- [beeps]
- [Fernan] Come on
- [lock clicks]
- That's it.
[Nando] That's it. We got it.
[Fernan] Wait. It's just papers.
There's nothing here
but random fucking papers.
What we're saying here
is that you, Soledad Manchado,
are setting up a trust
for your son, Pablo.
Very well.
Then sign here, please. Thank you.
[tense music playing]
I was nearby when the call came through.
Any developments?
We just got here.
[intercom ringing]
- [Fernan] For fuck's sake.
- [Gitano] Go, go.
[Compi] Guys, come on.
That rich girl's gonna come.
Let's go, let's go!
- Who is it?
- No clue.
Is someone supposed to be here?
No. I'll see.
[tense music continues]
[Fernan] Go.
Move. Move! Let's go.
We have to separate. Gitano, come with me.
[tense music continues]
Police, may we come in?
Is everything all right?
Ye Yes, why? Is something going on?
A neighbor reported
a robbery going on in your house.
In my house?
[gun cocking]
- [gun shot]
- Ah!
- [woman screams]
- Damn it.
- Hey, are you okay?
- [screaming]
[Fernan] Come on, hold on!
- Grab my hand.
- [Gitano] They'll get us both!
- [gun shots]
- [panting]
[gun shot]
- [gun shot]
- [groans]
[Fernan groaning]
[groaning] Oh, damn it.
[tires screeching]
[Fernan groaning]
Get in the car, get in the car.
Come on, come on.
- [groans] It hurts.
- Get up.
- [moans]
- [Rosa grunts]
- [Fernan] Fuck!
- Get up, damn it! Come on.
[Fernan] Fucking faggot, damn it.
[grunts angrily]
[tires screeching]
[police sirens wailing]
[tires squealing]
[siren wailing]
And you've been home
the whole time, right?
[Marta] Yes, I was
I was studying.
And you didn't hear anything.
I was wearing headphones.
It helps me concentrate.
They do this sometimes.
The alarm is usually off when
the homeowners are in the house.
Do you know what they might've taken?
Uh no.
I don't know what's in there.
The only one who does know is my mother.
[cell phone ringing]
It's her.
Go ahead, answer.
[phone beeps]
[Marta] Mom?
Someone broke in. The police are here.
Who broke in?
Well, are you okay? Did they hurt you?
Yes, I'm fine, Mom. But
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
But, Mom, they took stuff from the safe.
Everything except for
some thumb drives and documents.
Okay, honey, don't worry
about that for now, yeah?
We'll sort it out. Okay, honey?
Uh, I'm heading back to the house.
Just don't worry, okay?
- Sure.
- Okay, right.
Be right there.
[Sole] What happened, Mercedes?
- Someone broke into my house.
- Is your daughter okay?
My daughter's fine. She's with the police.
Did you have valuables there?
No, I had
money and some
some papers, mostly.
Right. I'll stay here.
- Here?
- Yes.
- No, I'll take you.
- Yes. No, no.
You go, I'll get a taxi.
- It's fine. I'm okay.
- I can drive you
Yeah, no.
You go home, I mean it. Seriously.
- Call me if you need anything.
- Okay. Thank you, Sole.
[cell phone ringing]
Who the hell shot at you?
Okay, wait for me, wait for me.
Yes, yes. I'm sending you
a location now. Head there.
Yes, head there. Okay?
Yes, yes, I will.
I'll bring a doctor. Thanks, Rosa.
Okay, see you in a bit. See you soon.
Drive. Drive to I'm setting it up.
I was in the area when the call came in.
- And who's that?
- Daughter.
She claims she was alone, but
apparently there was another girl here.
I don't think she saw it.
The other girl here?
The neighbor saw her. He made the call.
Could he identify her?
Dark brown hair, average height.
Not really. No.
[camera shutter clicking]
[Toño] All the way down the hall.
[Fernan] Go, damn it.
Slowly, slowly, slowly.
[groaning in pain]
- [Toño] There, on the bed.
- [Fernan] Slowly.
[Rosa straining]
Put him down. Come on, to the bed.
To the bed.
Sole's on her way, okay?
She's getting a doctor.
[Toño] Hang on. Easy, easy, easy, easy.
[Fernan] Is it bad?
It stings, damn it! What's wrong?
[Toño] Oh shit
[Fernan] Is it bad? Huh?
[Toño] Calm down! It's nothing.
[Fernan groaning]
Damn it.
- Fuck me.
- [Toño] Relax, dude, relax.
Shh! Don't move. Don't move.
Stay still, hang in there. It's nothing.
Damn it, call her, hurry, hurry!
- [Fernan] Do something! Damn it c'mon!
- [Toño] Call, hurry!
[Toño] Come on, hurry up, damn it!
- All right, all right.
- Fuck, I'm dying.
- [Rosa] I'll call her again.
- [sobbing]
Come on, hurry up!
- Relax, bro. Stay awake. Stay awake.
- [grunting] Jesus Christ!
[door opens]
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Are you okay? You sure?
- Yeah. And you?
Yes, yes.
I'm sorry.
The thumb drives?
Where's the box full of thumb drives?
You told me they left them, right?
They were taken by the police.
They might be able to pull prints.
[Mercedes exhales]
I'm sorry.
- [doorbell ringing]
- [door opens]
- [Sole] Where is he?
- [Toño] In there.
[door closes]
[Toño] Rosa left?
[Sole] Yes, to take the doctor back.
I spoke to her.
Well, to both of them.
Hey, listen to me. Have you told him yet?
No, no way I did. That's up to you.
[Sole] Hello.
How is it?
It's shit.
But fine, I guess.
What's going on?
Did the doctor say anything?
Yes, I spoke to him on the phone.
Was he a doctor
or just a veterinarian?
- Isidro is a great doctor.
- [grunting]
And a very good friend. We can trust him.
But he had to leave the bullet in, dude.
He couldn't get it out.
It's no big deal. It's in. It won't move.
What do you mean, it won't move, Sole?
Don't make shit up.
- What the fuck is wrong?
- Listen, he said you're not in any danger.
But if he starts
digging around near your spine
It's gonna be fine, dude.
Tons of people got bullets in them.
Don't be a pussy about it.
He'll be here tomorrow.
He'll change
your bandages and explain everything.
All you need to do is stay rested.
I'll take care of it all.
I mean, if you could
stay here, that'd be great.
I could use some air.
Yes, I spoke to my mother.
I told her I'd be away a few days.
She's looking after Pablo.
So you gonna be my nurse?
I have to.
What about Gitano?
The hospital.
He's safe.
The hospital.
Fuck that bastard.
How's he luckier than I am?
- Right, I'll leave you two.
- Okay.
[Rosa sighs]
How's your mother?
At first she was calm.
I think she was worried about me.
I was upset.
But now she won't stop asking questions.
What questions?
If you were there too.
She's not dumb.
She knows me well.
She knows that if
she tells me not to see you, I'll
Did you tell her?
You knew those guys.
Didn't you?
[Rosa sighs]
Your mom did something.
They murdered my cousin.
Estrella was important to me.
And your mom was involved with it too.
No. No way.
My mom's a bitch, but she would
never do something like that.
- You don't know her.
- And you do?
- She lies to everyone.
- And to me?
I know your dad
doesn't sell houses in Thailand.
There were some papers in the safe.
And some DNA tests.
Yours and another person's.
There was no name on the paper,
but it said that guy was your father.
And do you know who
I think so.
All right. Then tell me.
First I want to be certain.
[medical device beeping]
[knocking on door]
[door opens]
May I?
So those dogs out there let you in, huh?
What's up?
How's your leg?
They didn't cut it off.
I know the neighbor who shot you.
His house is full of antlers.
All different kinds.
Fuck all his antlers.
And his uncles! That fucking bitch.
I spoke to Sole, you know?
She was shocked.
I can imagine.
How often have I helped you?
Hm, Gitano?
And this is my payment?
Stealing from my house.
I must be a dumbass.
You're not a dumbass.
I've defended your stealing for years,
cellphones, cars
But you've never broken in.
It's not your style.
So who was it?
Don't play with me, Gitano.
Don't fuck with me, yeah?
You didn't come up with this.
This is someone else's idea.
Someone else had you break into my house.
And my daughter was there.
That's bad.
[Gitano] Come on, Mercedes
C'mon, Ismael, you know me.
And you know that if I want to,
I can get you put away
for ten years or more.
And you'll serve at least five.
I can promise you.
Imagine that.
You serving five years
just for being a dumbass.
Listen to me.
You should tell me
who told you to break into my house.
[indistinct PA announcement]
Thank you.
[cell phone ringing]
Did he tell you anything more?
Did he give you a name?
No. He's too stubborn.
He fed me bullshit lines.
Apparently they thought
I was rich, he said.
I don't buy that.
Yeah. I don't believe it at all.
He'll talk in the end.
I just need to pressure him, you know?
Listen, I'm gonna go. Okay?
Talk soon, bye.
Right. See you soon.
Come on, sit up.
I think you'll like it.
I'm gonna have purée
coming out of my ears. [groans]
Listen, Pablo eats it without complaining.
I need to get out of here.
Not yet.
Trust me, I feel much better,
Okay? I can even move a bit.
- [groans]
- Don't move. Do you wanna open the wound?
Isidro said not to move out of bed.
At least let it close.
You didn't know some asshole
would be there with a gun.
This isn't your fault, okay?
It happens.
I know.
You've been here for three days.
- [groans]
- A neighbor filmed you there.
No fucking way.
Yes, with a phone, from a distance. It's
- Careful.
- [groans]
It's not clear but, well,
it's best you stay here for now.
Who told you? Mercedes?
No, the police.
Your dad's friend?
Good guess.
Come on, eat. It'll get cold.
[soft music playing]
Hey, come closer.
- Come closer.
- More?
And put down the fucking purée, damn it.
- Lie back.
- Slowly.
So now it's slow? [giggles]
Seriously. Shit.
[music fades]
[Sole] Pablo!
Get down, come on.
The car's going to get wet!
Go around.
- Careful! Don't fall!
- Leave the kid alone, calm down.
Falling makes them stronger.
- You good, honey?
- Yes.
Until you were ten,
your knees were covered in bandages
from all the falls you took.
Hmm. And I never learned.
You were right.
There's so much on those thumb drives.
Too much even.
What do you mean by that?
The station says it'll take forever
to get everything transcribed.
And that they'll probably find
more than just a few illegal jobs.
- Well, good, right? The more, the better.
- Depends.
On what?
The judge they get for the case.
Certain judges would prefer
to bury it and not stir the crap
because it might end up
splashing on us all.
And then there's the other thing.
Other thing?
The guy they caught.
Mercedes visited him in the hospital
and talked about it.
She's stressed because he broke in.
- She's defended him a lot.
- And that's the thing.
That's the thing, Sole.
She might sense something's up,
and if that guy talks
and brings you into things
No, if Mercedes finds out,
I'm totally screwed.
That's why I'll take care of it.
He's going to ask for a transfer
and we can ask for bail next week.
Once he's out, we'll see how it goes.
There's a long time between now and court.
Where's the other guy?
Well, he's okay. He's recovering.
Okay. That's perfect.
What about Grandpa?
- Come give Grandpa a kiss!
- Come on! Not even a kiss for Gramps?
- And away we go!
- No?
What's this? A car?
- Nah. What's this?
- [Sole] Does it matter?
- What's this? Huh?
- [Sole laughs]
I'm gonna buy a big van for you.
Just like Grandpa's!
[exciting music playing]
[music ends]
Drove all the way out here
just to get a beer?
It must be important.
It must be if you're here.
So tell me.
I want a deal.
The recordings we found
at your place were the real deal.
It won't be easy
to get out of this, Mercedes.
Bribing public officials.
If they actually admit those as evidence.
And I'll make certain they won't be used.
Yes, but that doesn't mean
you won't be disbarred.
So, how do you feel
about a change in career?
Maybe you could try
your luck at real estate.
This is an operation at top levels.
Politicians with drugs.
People with money so dirty
it can't be touched
by any legal proceedings.
That's some story.
It's not a story.
Why would I make up something like that?
There are people
setting up their own businesses.
Out of our control.
You understand?
Is Rogelio in on it?
At the moment, no. But Sole is.
He's the one we're interested in.
[suspenseful music playing]
Rogelio is the past.
You know who rebuilt what Ángel created?
She did.
And she's a smart bitch. She's good.
Right. And she's your client.
Your testimony would mean nothing.
I'm not talking about testimony.
I'm talking about proof.
They're going to buy a port in Africa.
In exchange for us
forgetting the thumb drives, right?
Go talk to the judge.
But hurry, because it's about to go down.
So, when?
Three weeks.
A month, if that long.
[door opens]
[suspenseful music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[Candela] Thank you so much.
[pop music playing softly over speakers]
Hey, you.
Look who they let out of prison.
Well, sort of.
They sent me
to the hospital for treatment.
This fucking thing is turning green.
They waited too long to sew it up.
Now they're worried it'll fall off
and they'll be in trouble.
For incompetence.
[keys clacking]
Hey, Sole.
[Sole] Hm?
We started out wrong.
I was disrespectful.
But you, I mean
If it wasn't for you,
I'd be toast right now.
Ángel wanted you safe.
The asshole had a good eye for bitches.
Anyway, the point is,
if you need anything at all, I'm here.
You serious?
Anything. I want to help you.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
Like I said, I'm down for anything.
Do you like castles?
I love 'em.
[action music playing]
[music continues]
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