Sky High: The Series (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Padres e hijos

[insects chirping]
[suspenseful music playing]
[vehicle doors opening]
[vehicle doors closing]
[machine beeping]
[gate unlocking]
[suspenseful music continues]
[Gitano] Come on. Go, go, go.
[Motos] Give me the pliers.
[exhaling nervously]
[suspenseful music continues]
[in French] Is someone there?
What are you doing here? Stop!
[guard struggling]
[Motos in English] The card. Got it.
[Poli] Let's go!
Jesus, they're taking forever.
[lock clicks]
[alarm blaring]
[alarm continues blaring]
[softly] Come on.
[breathing nervously]
[alarm blaring]
[electric car whirring softly]
[suspenseful music continues]
[action music playing]
[second alarm blaring]
Come on, guys, come on.
[alarms continue blaring]
[police sirens wailing]
[action music continues]
[alarms blaring]
- [in French] Call the station.
- Let's go.
- [sizzling]
- [lock clicks]
[Motos grunts]
[in English] Shit. Let's go.
Move, move, move, move, move.
[Sole] You guys are fucking amazing!
[men whooping]
[music fades]
[telephone line ringing]
[continues ringing]
- [Fernan sighs]
- [phone beeps off]
Sole didn't she say where she went?
No, just that she'd be out.
[Fernan groans in pain]
I don't know why
she didn't tell me yesterday.
Maybe she didn't want to involve you.
In what?
She didn't tell you,
why would she tell me?
You're lying, Toño.
I really don't give a shit what you think.
Cut it.
What? You never lie.
Sometimes I do, others I don't.
Like everyone else, it depends.
On what?
On what's most convenient.
Knowing the truth isn't convenient?
Not always.
Now and then it fucks everything.
[tense music playing]
[man speaking Mandarin]
[tense music continues]
[speaking Mandarin]
[both speaking Mandarin]
And now it's your turn.
[speaking Mandarin]
[speaking Mandarin]
[both speaking Mandarin]
[speaking Mandarin]
[tense music fades]
[indistinct chatter]
Hello, Mercedes.
Yes, they loved the gift.
It went even better than I thought.
[car horns honking]
Yes, we're invited to the port.
For seafood, shrimp, octopus,
whatever we want. Okay?
So, go ahead and get those tickets.
All right, see you soon.
- [door closing]
- [Toño] Guess who I fucked last night?
Do you remember that chick
I always see at the grocery store?
[keys jangle]
[clicks tongue]
Goddamn son of a bitch.
Hey, man, wake up.
Hold on to me.
[groans] Toño
- Jesus, man.
- [coughs weakly]
You're burning up.
[Fernan moans]
[gentle instrumental music playing]
What's up, Toño?
Wait, where's Sole?
She hasn't showed up in days.
She must be away.
Away? Where?
I don't know,
she doesn't tell me anything.
But Fernan is badly injured.
He's at the apartment.
Okay, okay, relax.
- We need to do something.
- Come on. Let's go.
Jenny. I'll be out for a bit.
[sighs deeply]
[Toño] What's up?
Are you okay?
[Fernan sighs, sniffs]
[exhales deeply]
I'm hungry.
When did they do this?
Last night.
Why don't I remember anything?
- [groans]
- Because you had a bad fever.
The doctor said if we called any later,
the infection would've killed you.
I remember a doctor,
but not the usual one.
I couldn't get hold of Isidro in time.
Or Sole, actually.
You didn't call the cops?
Where did you find him?
I had to improvise.
The bullet has to come out
It's best to do it in a hospital.
Yeah, I know it's best,
but I'm asking if you can do it here.
Yes I think so.
But I'll need plasma, antiseptics,
bandages, gauze, cotton,
a lighter, a blade or knife.
We need boiling water and clean towels.
The other doctor
said to leave the bullet in.
Yeah, and he almost died. So
Do as you're told.
Listen, I just sent you a list
of things we're gonna need here.
Did you get it?
Yes, blood. Blood.
O positive.
Listen, go to the Marañón hospital.
Straight to the ER and ask for Adolfo.
He's expecting you. Got it?
And bring it as fast as you can. Okay.
I brought food.
Is this yours?
No, his.
[doctor] I need you to clear the table.
Come on, clear it.
- There.
- [doctor] Thanks.
Here you go.
Will you take it?
I don't want to know how you got it.
And I wouldn't tell you if you asked me.
Yeah, you're being a real pain in the ass.
Come on.
Why won't you tell me
whose DNA they're going to analyze?
No. I can't tell you
until we get the results back.
See you later.
- Pablo hasn't come out yet?
- No.
- Five more minutes.
- Hey, have you talked to the lawyers?
- Yes. It's all good.
- Yes?
The Chinese kept their word.
There's nothing stopping you now.
And when can I sign the papers?
I don't know. They're arranging it.
But it will be there, for sure.
At the port?
They want all the partners
to meet in person.
Plus, you'll know what you're buying.
You're coming?
Well, of course I'm coming.
Hey, there's something I need to tell you.
Your father.
My dad? What about my dad?
Well, I just think it'd be good
for you two to make up.
Sole, we don't want
any more problems with your father.
This is ridiculous.
You're family.
And after this, he'll respect you.
All these years as his lawyer,
and it seems you don't know him at all.
I don't think he'll ever give in.
What if we included him in the deal?
- We'd share the port?
- No, no. Not share. Increase.
Get a bigger share for the two of you.
You'd be opening the door for your dad
to an amazing business deal.
Well, he does love
a good deal, that's for sure.
Great. Okay.
It's settled. You both benefit,
and you keep your independence.
I think it's perfect.
He may be interested. We'll talk.
[children chattering]
- Look at him. There's the little man.
- He's so big!
- [Rogelio] It's been checked by Samuel?
- Yes. Samuel already looked at it.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Look. The only thing is that here
I don't know what it says.
No, no. You have to check
this margin with him. All right?
- Go over it with him and we'll talk.
- Okay, I'm on it. Sure.
You look good.
Last time I saw you, you looked comatose.
That's why I came here. To thank you.
Without you, I'd be dead.
I couldn't let you die like that. could I?
My daughter would never forgive me.
By the way, how is she?
I don't know. I haven't seen her.
Yeah, she's been very busy lately.
It's normal to be mad at her.
But she must have her reasons
for bailing on you, no?
Well, I'm indebted to you now.
No, like I told you,
a friend of my daughter's
Count me in, okay?
- For what?
- For anything.
That's promising a lot.
And now you have my number.
You have it and my entire contact list.
You're not accusing me of cloning
your phone while you had a bullet removed.
- Are you?
- No, no, no.
It's fine. Really, I get it.
You should know who you're dealing with.
That's the idea.
So? Trust me now?
Take care, kid.
[grunts softly]
Should you be doing this?
I have to regain my strength. [grunts]
You won't answer my messages.
That's 'cause I have nothing to say.
Fernan, don't be a child.
Then don't treat me like one.
- I'm not.
- Oh, no?
You went and did that fucking
palace job without telling me.
That's not true.
It's not true?
Come on Sole, no bullshit.
Wow. I didn't know
you'd get worse after I left.
You could have at least told me that
you were still thinking about doing it.
That you were making history.
Oh, so you could tell me I'm crazy?
What's up, do I need
your permission now? Jesus
Looks like you two
are in the middle of making up.
Sorry, I don't mean to interrupt.
And yet here you are.
Sole, we need to talk.
It's important.
Stop by later and you can see your mom.
Yeah, sure. I'll see you later, okay?
See you, Fernan.
And, hey,
watch your back
You know, lifting weights.
No, don't worry.
You know I'm always in control.
So, you two are friends now?
I went to see him.
I had to thank him for what he did for me.
Don't you think?
[Sole sighs]
We talked for a bit.
About what?
About you, Sole, about you.
He loves you, you know?
Yes, he loves me.
Loves to control me,
just like everyone else.
He's worried about you. He's your dad.
And it doesn't hurt
that the two of you are friends, does it?
I don't know if you heard,
but your father saved my life.
So I think I owe that man,
big time.
And he'll call it in.
You'll see.
- Thank you.
- [glasses clink]
- [Rogelio] Cheers.
- Cheers.
What's this about a port?
An investment.
Who told you?
Me? No one
Certainly not you.
She told these guys.
- Mercedes?
- [Rogelio] She sold you out.
That bitch is trying to
throw you under the bus.
She made a deal with the judge.
We forget about the drives
in exchange for bringing down
all those involved in the Africa job.
- So, a deal?
- [Rogelio] He says there's no stopping it.
[Ferrán] The guy
she talked to is a real dick.
- Duque.
- [Ferrán] Yeah, Duque.
Right. Yeah.
He told the judge before talking to me.
You don't think he suspects you?
I don't know about that,
but I know if I object to this now
[Rogelio] You'd be screwed
And so would we.
So what are you saying?
That we can't do anything?
We're just telling you
that with this fucking port deal,
you walked right into the lion's den.
[engine revs]
[engine cuts off]
[car door slams]
[clicks tongue]
- [sighing]
- Jesus, Fernan. Goddammit.
How could you let him clone your phone?
I always keep the work stuff
in a hidden app, I'm not stupid.
The great thing is that we talked.
Do we have him or not?
No, not yet.
I don't know. Not yet.
- Did he call you? Involve you in anything?
- No. No, listen.
We have to be patient, but we're close.
I don't like it.
That guy is very sharp.
If he suspects you
Him being curious about me is a good sign.
Or not.
Maybe it's time that you get out.
What do you mean? Get out of what?
Get out, forget about these people,
this assignment.
That's great, just when
I got close to Rogelio.
No, I'm sorry, but Rogelio got to you.
Don't be confused.
If he keeps digging,
asking around and finds out about you,
- we're in deep shit.
- He won't find out.
The dad investigates you,
and the daughter ditches you
for what's-his-face Poli.
At least for the Paris thing.
There may be more. Who knows?
What are you saying?
Wait. You sad?
Don't become jealous.
I'm not jealous. I'm not sad either.
What's up? Are you screwing her, hmm?
Go fuck yourself.
That it? You're afraid
he's keeping her warm at night?
It's not that, dammit, no!
I fucked things up royally.
Okay? I fucked up.
I got friendly with the dad,
and now she's pissed.
All the more reason for pulling out.
I mean it. We can't take any more risks.
No, I'm the one taking risks.
Remember what you always tell me?
- Mm-hmm.
- Great.
Because I'm not walking away empty-handed.
We will not walk away empty-handed.
Oh, yeah? What is it?
The robbery ended up working out.
- Mercedes?
- Mm-hmm.
She wants a deal.
And sell out Sole?
Sole and her dad, if we're lucky.
[scoffs] Shit.
She's a killer.
Inside the court and outside as well.
If she has to bring everyone down
to save her own ass,
she won't hesitate, not for a second.
[Duque sighs]
[Fernan grunts]
- What's up, big boy?
- [grunts]
Hey, I'm talking to you.
What do you want?
We haven't met, have we?
Now that you ask, no.
I have no fucking clue who you are.
You do, don't you?
You know who I am?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Sole's boy toy.
- Wow, I'm so lucky.
- At least for now.
Shame you missed out on the Paris thing.
Yeah, that's a real shame.
Couldn't make it.
It was awesome.
Yes. Yes, so I heard.
You should have seen Sole's face
when we brought her that thing.
But you know what I did see?
The face she pulled when
you screwed the Colombians.
What, you don't remember that one?
- That really was a fun one. Right, man?
- Yeah.
- You missed that one too.
- Yeah.
- We called you.
- Yeah, you did. I guess I was lucky, huh?
All things considered.
Clearly, you're great
at doing absolutely nothing.
And the other thing
we'll see about it.
How about you and I go for a drive?
Sounds good.
Are you taking me shopping?
[chuckles lightly]
[street sounds]
[tense music playing]
Tell me when you see something you like.
You just keep driving, sexy.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Getting warmer, huh?
They're burning now, right?
Let's go shopping, shall we? Come on.
Let's do this.
Two minutes before the cops get here.
Speed up, big boy.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
- [engine revving]
[tires screeching]
[alarm blaring]
[Poli] Break all the cases!
Come on! Come on!
[Fernan] Fuck!
[Poli] Come on, come on, come on!
- Come on! Get that one!
- [grunts]
Go, go.
Come on!
[Fernan] Jesus, Poli.
[alarm continues]
- [glass shatters]
- Poli! What the fuck is this?
[Poli] Just a bit of excitement!
[Fernan] Goddammit! The bag!
- The bag!
- [Poli] Here!
Come on!
[Fernan] Come on, let's get
the fuck out of here! Go!
[Poli] I thought
you'd never say it. Let's go!
Drive, drive, drive!
[tires screeching]
[police sirens wailing]
[action music playing]
[tires screeching]
[horns honking]
- [Poli] Yes! Let's go!
- [Fernan] Fuck yeah!
- Let's go! Goddammit!
- Fuck yeah! Whoo!
[exclaiming happily]
[tires screeching]
[music stops]
- What's this?
- Mmm
- We're starting the day off right.
- Hmm?
Drink this.
Why are you in such a good mood?
Since when do I need a reason?
I mean, the last few weeks
you looked like you were in mourning.
Yeah, I know.
But that's over. It's not worth it.
It's not worth it?
[Mercedes inhales] No.
I want to apologize
for being down the past few days.
But I had a lot on my mind.
And now you don't?
Well, yes, I do.
But it weighs a little bit less now.
[chuckles] I'm so glad. Because
I really hate seeing you like that.
Yeah, well. Unfortunately,
you won't be seeing me much.
- Are you traveling?
- Uh-huh.
I promise everything
will change once I'm back.
- For worse?
- For better. For better.
- I knew you'd make that joke.
- [both laugh]
You can't even let me have that.
We know each other too well.
All these years, just the two of us.
Yeah. And we're doing great.
You really don't miss him?
Miss who?
You know, having a partner.
- Would you like to know the truth?
- Of course.
My dad messed you up that badly?
Oh, Marta, that was years ago. Come on.
But, yeah, it didn't exactly
make me want to trust people.
[Fernan sighs]
You know they keep
the good pieces in the safe at night.
Which you didn't touch.
Why are you here?
How much did
my dad give you for yesterday?
Not much, right?
You risked your life
for a few shitty rings and two watches.
Talk to your pal, Poli. He liked the idea.
And you went along, right?
So tough.
Why are you here, Sole?
To give me a hard time?
To bust my balls? Is that it?
If you were trying
to screw me over, well done.
You don't have to drive around
with Poli like a jackass.
What if I want to be a jackass?
Do I need your permission?
Or how does this all work?
You can go to hell.
I don't want to hurt you.
I've grieved a lot.
I am not going through it again.
[romantic Spanish pop song playing]
- [Sole] I've been thinking.
- [Fernan] Thinking about what?
[Sole] That I want us to be together.
[Fernan] Are you asking me out?
[Sole] Yes, I think so.
[both laugh]
Okay, great.
But give me a few days to think about it.
You have three days.
[Fernan] Damn.
[Sole] After that, I'll be gone.
[Fernan] More Chinese vases?
[Sole] We'll talk when I'm back, okay?
- I have another idea.
- What?
Why don't I go with you,
so you can convince me?
What do you say?
Better not.
Oh, no?
I don't want to blow it.
What do you mean?
I don't want you involved
in what's going to happen.
What are you talking about, Sole?
Don't you get it?
I want to be involved here.
I want to be with you
till death do us part.
- For better or for worse?
- For better, for worse, and all the rest.
Is this a
Is this what?
Proposal? Yes.
I do.
What did you say?
I said, "I do."
You heard right.
You're gorgeous.
[song continues]
Yeah, let's do it.
You look first.
[chuckles] I can't believe you.
Come on, be nice. What does it say?
[Marta] And?
It's positive.
No way.
The cup guy's my dad?
Let's see.
It can't possibly be wrong?
There's a 99% probability it's correct.
He's your dad.
And you didn't need to get any proof?
I mean, I really didn't know for sure.
I had a feeling.
Okay. Tell me who he is.
Please, Rosa.
Tell me what he does, where he lives.
If I have siblings.
You have a sister.
You know girl, it's up to you.
But if I were you, I'd go down one size.
[woman] Won't it be too much?
[Candela] There's no such thing.
I'll find more colors.
Let's see.
What do you think?
[suspenseful music playing]
Ready to check out?
Do you have them in other colors?
Yes, in turquoise. It's trendy right now.
Oh, I didn't see them.
Strange. I'll check.
No, don't worry, I I'll take these.
You want to try them on?
No. That size is fine.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
Paying by card?
That'll be 7.99.
Something wrong with the card?
No. It expires soon.
Okay, well, thanks a lot.
And if you need anything else,
we'll be here.
Okay. I'll be back. Thank you.
Oh, you have 15 days to return it.
With the receipt.
See you.
See you.
[tense music playing]
So, guess who just bought
a pair of pants from me?
She knows. I don't know how, but I swear
she knows I'm behind the robbery.
She doesn't know about you.
Only about me.
She knows I was involved.
[dog barks]
And how?
Because I told her.
I see. You were lying in bed,
and you just let it out?
She's not an idiot.
She kept asking me questions.
I had to tell her the truth.
I couldn't lie to her too.
Why "too"?
[dramatic music playing]
In the safe,
there were also papers about her.
That's great. And you didn't tell me?
I know I should have told you.
But I had to be sure
about what was going on.
About who her dad is.
The real one.
What was in the safe, Rosa?
I found some paternity tests.
Since it didn't say the dad's name
I had to figure it out.
I I don't get it.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What's that?
Rogelio is also her dad too.
Marta's your sister.
[dramatic music continues]
I have a sister.
[dog barking]
[Sole sighs]
Pablo, leave Chico alone!
Hey! Pablo, I said leave him alone.
He's all riled up.
Chico, go to your bed.
Come, my love. It's snack time.
There, there. I said go to bed.
Rice Krispies?
- [Pablo] Yes.
- What did you do to Chico?
- [Pablo] Just playing.
- Playing?
- [Chico whining]
- [Sole] He looks upset. Chico, enough.
Go to bed.
[Mercedes] Marta?
What's this? I'm the one who's leaving.
Me too.
[Mercedes] Wait, what do you mean? Where?
- Hey, Marta!
- [Marta] You had no right.
Marta, tell me what's going on.
What's wrong, honey?
A lawyer screws her client.
That's not a nice story, is it?
- What do you mean?
- Then what happened?
What? Did he just leave?
And then he abandoned you?
- Who told you that?
- Told me what?
That my dad isn't a hippie?
That he doesn't live in Thailand?
Or that everything
you say is a fucking lie?
Marta. Marta, listen to me, please.
Listen to me.
I swear, I had my reasons.
And I still do. Let me
You'll be late to the airport.
Where are you going, Marta? Tell me where!
[tense music playing]
Is it because of that girl, Rosa?
[door slams]
[breathes shakily]
Promise Promise me
you won't go near him, please.
Promise me.
- Don't go anywhere near him.
- I'm sorry, Mama.
Marta, please.
Come on, let's go.
[breathes deeply]
[cell phone chimes]
Wow, when you said it was small
Oh, it's small?
[laughs] It's big enough.
It's perfect.
Thank you.
[suspenseful music playing]
[music fades]
[Mercedes] Sorry I'm late.
Something came up.
- Hello. I'm Fernan.
- Hello.
- I was dying to meet you.
- Oh, yeah?
Yeah. She can't stop talking about you.
She says you're amazing.
Oh, wow. Then I hope
I won't disappoint you.
Shall we? We're cutting it
a bit close. Let's go.
I'm sorry.
It's a shame
you couldn't convince your dad, huh?
Well, you know how he is.
Yeah, I can imagine.
I haven't dealt with him in a while.
But, you know, people change, right?
He doesn't trust people he doesn't know.
Or those he does know.
[indistinct PA announcements]
[low intense music playing]
[cell phone chimes]
[keyboard clacking]
[mouse clicking]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[indistinct PA announcements]
[action music playing]
I'll catch up, okay?
[music continues]
[tense music playing]
[action music playing]
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