SkyMed (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Pilots And Nurses And Bears, Oh My!

[MAN ON RADIO]: SkyMed 911,
this is Dispatch.
Got a hunter at a fly-in camp
with an airstrip.
Probably just needs
steri-strips. Are you able?
You got coordinates for the airstrip?
That's not a runway,
it's a goddamn quarry.
Nice and crunchy, too.
Precautionary approach?
Got to. Runway condition?
Gravel looks firm.
Can't see any obstacles.
Hold onto your butts.
Come on. Dispatch said he had a camp.
Elroy, I'm your flight nurse,
Crystal. This is Chopper.
Can I have a look? [MAN GRUNTING]
Okay, that's gonna need a lot
more than steri-strips.
You've lost a lot of blood, Elroy.
I'm gonna start an IV and
put dressing over your wound,
but we need to get you to a hospital.
Damn it, Chopper, go fast but easy!
This shit ain't paved, Crys!
Tell Thompson we're coming in hot.
SYSTEM]: Attention,
passengers. The
16-15 bus to Windy Lake
making all stops is now
pre-boarding on Bay 1.
Excuse me?
You wouldn't happen to know
which direction the airport is,
would you?
Got five skids of produce here, two pop.
We can send it on the sched, or
Freighter it is. I'll get
a Caravan loaded. Bye.
Cargo or passenger?
Um SkyMed?
Someone was supposed to pick me
up from the bus depot.
Damn it, Brad must have forgot.
You're Hayley Roberts,
right? The new nurse?
Thompson's small. SkyMed's smaller.
I'm Lexi, by the way.
Some of your boxes came today.
The cargo guys in Winnipeg are animals.
If any of your stuff's broken,
just let me know.
I'll kick their asses.
Bodie! Last trip up, huh?
Fingers crossed, man.
- Guess who's back, baby?
Oh, yeah! [LAUGHING]
Mr. Air Canada!
How you doing, playboy?
You dicks.
- I don't even got the job yet.
- Good as.
- You are the golden boy.
- This is extra.
- Let's go!
So, what was the sit-down like?
Hey, did they ask about
breaking air regs?
No, the sit-down
was nothing. It's
the psych eval you
gotta worry about.
Did they ask you the suicide question?
Ten different ways over 300
multiple choice. But dude, get this
They asked if I'd rather
be a florist or a poet?
What does that mean?
God, I wish I would've taken
the psych course at UCN.
Hey, it's not
too late. You still
gotta take that Left
Seat when I leave.
I want your room, too.
The heating vent actually works.
It's yours.
Yeah, about that, Boderton.
I had to temporarily
commandeer your bed.
And what'd you do to piss
Lynn off this time?
I'm trying to give her a few days to
cool down before I go home to ask.
Uh, is this the SkyMed crew residence?
- Dibs.
- Okay, okay!
Why don't you studs
You guys go help her with her stuff.
- Hey.
- Yeah, I got her.
Alright, you guys, you heard
what Wheezer said.
Let's make her feel welcome.
Pilots Cool enough to
handle 15,000 pounds of aluminum
at 310 knots, and they
stove it in over a pretty girl.
[CHUCKLING] I'm Wheezer, by the way.
Hayley. Do they, um, all live here?
Yup, all the medevac crews,
nurses, pilots
When you're on duty,
you're on call 24/7,
so it's just more efficient
to keep everyone together.
Actually, it's really nice, really
cozy being on top of each other.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, you
know, dust-ups, hook-ups,
break-ups, drunk-ups, throw ups
God, I miss this house.
Hey, why don't I give you the tour?
- Thanks.
- Come on in. This is the kitchen.
Gentlemen And the
laundry room's down here.
Welcome back, babe!
Mads, what are you doing here?
Celebrating! I've already been
looking online,
and I found so many great apartments
for when we move to Toronto.
God, I cannot wait
to live in a big city!
Madison [SIGHING]
We need to talk.
[DAD]: Hey, Hayley.
Did you make it up okay?
I thought your bus was supposed
to get in at three.
Yeah. Why, um Why is there
a referral in my stuff, Dad?
I asked your doctor.
If you insist on moving up there,
you're going to need a specialist.
No, I don't.
There's nothing wrong with me.
Hayley, you can't keep putting it off.
How long are you
going to be up there for?
Look, Dad, I gotta go.
I have an early day tomorrow.
[CHOPPER]: Thompson radio, this
is SkyMed 911 VFR to North House
taxiing off of runway 006.
So, this is just the airstrip.
The community's west of here.
So, a volunteer will drive you to
the Nursing Station for the patient.
- What, uh, Nation is this?
- Don't ask him,
he doesn't know shit about
anything up here. He's from Forest Hill.
Hey, somebody call an ambulance?
'Cause you got my blood
pumping in all the wrong places!
Oh! What's up, Crys? [LAUGHING]
Whoa, who's your friend?
- I'm Hayley.
- Ignore him. Get in.
Ah, don't worry about her.
Why yes, my name is Jeremy,
and yeah, I am a stunning specimen
of manliness. You'd know, eh, Crys?
Shuy! Shut up and drive.
- You are the best.
- This came out this morning.
The internet is super dodgy up here,
so I gotta Pin stuff old school.
This is Ernest, a 50-year-old
with type 2 diabetes
going to Island Lake for dialysis.
Vitals stable, latest
blood work within normal range.
Okay, ready to go.
Pulse oximeter, BP cuff All good.
Nurse Roberts says we're good to go.
Always strap the patient in.
[DISPATCH]: 911, this is Dispatch.
Dispatch, this is 911. Go ahead.
Now that you've
dropped off your patient,
you're being redeployed
to Carnegie Hydro Dam
for emergency pick up
and transport to Winnipeg.
Here we go. Time for the real deal.
The fans were shut down for maintenance.
They should never have come on.
Hi, I'm your flight nurse
Crystal, and this is Hayley.
We're from SkyMed.
We're gonna have a look, okay?
Can you tell me your name
and where we are?
- Steve.
We're at the we're at hydro dam.
The big risk here is not
knowing the extent of his injuries.
We could be dealing with internal
bleeding, head injuries, fractures,
but we won't know until we get
him to Winnipeg for imaging.
Multiple lacerations and contusions,
but none of them look too deep.
Laceration on the chest
appears superficial.
We want him stable as possible
before we get on the plane.
Once we're in the
air, doing anything,
even giving drugs
gets a lot harder.
Hey! So
Sounds like Bodie's
gonna be heading
to AC before
winter, lucky bastard.
Soon as he does,
you're looking at
number four in
line for a right seat.
That deserves a beer to celebrate.
When you gonna let me buy you one, huh?
When we don't work together.
Oh, come on, Lex!
Nine out of ten female pilots
don't make it to the cockpit up here.
Why not have a little fun?
'Cause I didn't bust my ass
through seven years of Air Cadets
and four years of a Commercial
Aviation degree
to not be that one out of ten, B-rad.
How you holding up, Steve? Okay?
You know I wasn't even
supposed to work today?
Picked up a shift.
It's my kid's birthday next week.
He wanted a bike.
His O2 sats are dropping.
Decreased lung sounds right side.
He's got a sucking chest wound.
He needs a chest tube or his
pneumo will tension and he'll arrest.
You didn't flag this
before we took off?!
I-I thought it was superficial.
Get him on oxygen, now!
We're still 45 minutes away
from Winnipeg, we
We don't have the proper
equipment, we're not qualified!
You're thinking hospital
protocols, okay? This is a medevac.
There's only us and what
we have on this plane.
We need to divert to Thompson.
Tell Dispatch to have an
ambulance meet us on the ground.
- [PILOT]: Copy that.
- This is the North.
We make do with what we have,
or people die.
35-year-old male, impact
with an industrial fan grill
at a high rate of speed.
Patient presented with
pneumothorax, mid-flight.
Resourceful as always, Crystal.
Bay 3, prep for a chest tube. I got it.
They'll give him a tube,
evaluate his injuries.
It's just our job
to get them here alive.
After that, he's their problem.
What did you work
before you came up here?
ER, ICU, Critical Care?
Labour and Delivery? Jesus Christ.
I-I worked at Sinai,
the most high-risk birthing
centre in the country.
That's the training
you came up here with?
You see how little we're working with,
and on top of that, we get
stuck with someone like you?
I'm a good nurse.
So am I. In a relevant field.
What the hell made you come up here?
You know what? This may just be
some fun adventure to you,
but this is our lives.
We take care of our own
because no one else will.
And if you can't handle that,
you shouldn't be here.
Ladies! You're just in time.
I got the barbecue all fired up
for a welcome dinner for Hayley.
Um I'm too tired to eat.
Thanks, though, Wheezer.
Just say it.
I flew you down to Winnipeg
when you went to Nursing School,
and you cried the whole way.
- New experiences are hard.
- You don't have to fly with her.
The North challenges people,
Crys. Makes them grow.
And it's not always
pleasant, but you gotta
give them the room
to do that growing.
Do you know how many
"Hayleys" I've had to train?
They come up here thinking
they'll have some fun
and make big bucks, and then they leave.
Because they can't hack it, okay?
The "Hayleys" never stay.
And this one won't either.
You wanna just throw yourself on my AK?
Always on your phone, bro.
Dude. Are you that sweaty for
an offer from a major airline?
They're not gonna send it out
after midnight, you butthead.
You did my Line Indoc, butthead.
You know how long it took me
to get this interview.
You really never wanted
to play in the big leagues?
No, man. Who the hell is
gonna hire a weirdo like me?
Anyone? [SCOFFING]
You're a damn good driver, Wheez.
You have over 10,000 hours.
I like it up here.
- Okay, nobody likes it up here.
- Oh, yes they do.
They do like it here if
they don't wanna mess
with that bullshit
corporate culture down south.
- "A poet or a florist?"
- I said florist.
Maybe I should've gone poet? Or
Greenhorns, you're so
worried about getting somewhere,
you never stop to think if
you're going where you should.
Like directly into my ambush, son!
- Shit!
- Boom! Headshot. Boom!
Okay, look, I'm not
stupid enough to wake you, okay?
Sure looks like you are.
I, uh I had
a little hunting accident.
I gotta do this fast
before anyone sees you here.
Come on, lady. My
six-pack's over here. Come on.
Ah. Ow, ow, awas! What are you doing?
Looks like your "hunting accident"
managed to miss anything important.
Still smells like you.
Sunshine, sweetgrass, and
Oh! Rage, okay! Whoa.
Oops. Guess that's why
I'm not supposed to suture
until I'm a certified NP.
You'll need to see a doctor for
antibiotics and a tetanus shot.
Yeah, no, I'm not gonna do that.
What did you do, hmm?
Steal some of that crap you sell
from the dogs you work for?
No. I
No, I told the wrong people "no".
Look, just because you and I
don't have the same lines,
doesn't mean I don't have them, alright?
I'm trying to help the
community, Crys. Same as you.
- No one needs your kind of help.
At least I'm here. You left. I stayed.
Yeah, and you bitched me out
about it for years.
North House is my home, too, you know?
- Is it?
- My family are here.
Uh sorry.
Hey. You ready to load, Chopper?
Yeah. Ready to go.
Hey, uh I like your braid.
It's really, uh neat.
[CHUCKLING] I meant neat like "tidy".
Not neat like "cool".
Nobody says neat for cool.
'Cause that's a lame thing to say.
Much like calling someone tidy.
Hey, Chops.
Fuel truck's coming.
Hey, Tristan.
Heads up, rookie.
Ready for the most important
training you'll ever get?
Eat when you can, pee when
you can, and sleep when you can.
Oh, and dibs on the stretcher.
I'm not getting on that effing plane!
Whoa, hey!
What's going on, Cherie?
This cranky-ass
môniyaskwew is trying to hijack
my pregnant butt,
that's what's going on!
You said you were just gonna
give me some prenatal vitamins.
You're going to have your
baby any day now, Cherie.
You need to go to Winnipeg,
you know that.
No. I did that with my last
kid, and it sucked.
Sitting alone in a nasty motel for
weeks waiting to go into labour?
I'm not doing it again. I want
to be here with my family.
Cherie, right? Do you remember me?
We sort of met at the bus station.
Anyways, I'm new here.
But I used to be a labour
and delivery nurse in Toronto,
and it looks like
you might be having some pain.
Do you want me to take a look
to make sure everything's okay?
I'm not going to that bullshit plane.
We can do it here.
Yeah, trust me,
I'm in no rush to
get back on that
bullshit plane either.
She's got to go, Tristan.
You know she's got to.
I'm not trying to be a bully,
this is just how it is.
- I know, Camille.
- There's no doctor,
there's no help for hours
if something goes wrong.
At 36 weeks, they have
to go to Winnipeg.
Hey. I know, I took her there
myself three weeks ago.
Yeah, well, somehow she came back.
It must be scary, to have your
baby in a new place all alone.
You really don't get a choice?
I'm having this baby here, on the land.
Even if I gotta squat
in a tree to do it.
Okay, I'll tell you what.
If you promise to go to
Thompson to get checked after
I'll help you have your baby here.
I need your obstetrics kit.
Now, we won't be able to give
you anything for the pain.
So is there any family
you want to have here?
You can't do that!
I can't deliver a baby here.
I can.
Camille's not wrong.
I mean, we are a long way away
from help if we need it.
We should fly her out
for her own safety.
There isn't any time. She's a multip,
and she's already
seven centimetres dilated.
So we can either deliver her
here, or at 20,000 feet,
but this baby's coming.
Baby's coming.
Heard you had a fun bear attack.
Brought him into
Dr. Denning right
after you left for
the night, Trevor.
Oof. Ouch.
And I thought we
had something special
going with that
chainsaw accident.
Doesn't a partial amputation
mean anything these days?
Girl's gotta keep her options open.
[CHUCKLING] Thought you might
need this to get you through practical.
Thanks, but, uh
I don't need any more caffeine.
My Kookum would kick my ass
if these stitches weren't straight.
Not bad. Better than you see
in some ERs.
I mean, maybe not my ER, but
Hey, you sure you want to be
a Nurse Practitioner?
No. That's why
I'm busting my ass
working full-time
while I do a masters?
Why not bust ass in med school?
Crystal, you're smart.
You've got a ton of field experience.
We both know you could do my job.
Maybe even as good as I do it.
Better looking, for damn sure.
Listen, my buddy works
for a program at U of M
that supports Indigenous
students in med school.
There are programs at McGill, U of T
You can leave Thompson, you know?
I leave Thompson all the time.
I leave to go to Shamattawa,
I leave to go to The Pas
Okay, alright.
You know, it's a big
world out there, Crystal.
And I think you'd set it on fire.
- Hey, uh, do you think
I should take Hayley to the dump
to see the bears?
Chicks love animals right?
You gotta chill, dude.
Okay. Bodie, she's pretty.
And smart, and, uh nice.
Come on, man, I need some A-game.
Chops, you are the A-game.
You're a catch.
So chill on the bears, okay?
That was perfect, Cherie.
Give me another good one just like
that on your next contraction, okay?
You got towels and suction ready?
Okay, the head's out.
I don't feel a cord. Let's get
those shoulders delivered.
Okay, I'm just going
to rotate baby, okay?
Alright, Mom. I want you to put
your hands under baby's armpits,
and on your next push, I want
you to pull baby up, okay?
Okay, here we go.
That hard part's over, Mama.
Tristan, at two minutes,
we'll clamp the cord to cut.
I need the placenta. I have to wrap it,
put it in a tree
to root the baby in the land.
Hope that's not coming
in here. It's full up.
Then make room.
Look, the sched didn't make it
up to North House yesterday
because of the weather.
We gotta double up.
There's two more skids in that hangar.
Dude, any more and I won't
be able to secure the straps.
- You don't need to use all the straps.
- I do for a load this bulky.
Look, these communities rely
on us to fly in vital supplies.
They can't get cut
off because you
don't know how to
pack a plane properly.
I can pack a plane. But I can't
violate Aviation Authority rules.
God. Don't be such a pussy.
All this goes in the plane or you go.
Got it?
[SCOFFING] Seriously?!
Yo, Hayley delivered a freaking baby!
You don't understand,
there was a woman
that didn't want to
get on the plane, right?
And she was like,
super dilated and stuff,
and Hayley was all,
"No big deal, I got this!"
And she delivers a baby
with her bare hands!
Didn't see any of it, but still,
it sounds super badass, right?
Oh, I saw it, and it was badass.
The patient's family even gave us gifts.
Yeah, they gave us moose meat.
Saving the day and bringing home
the bacon. Best flight nurse ever.
They won't all be pregnant.
What is your problem?
You don't know me. You
don't know why I came up here.
I know you have no business
being up here.
Maybe you got lucky
today, but the kind
of crap we deal
with on the regular?
- That takes a real nurse.
- Or maybe
Maybe you're pissed that
I can recognize a stab wound
and know that it has to be
reported to police.
Don't worry. I can keep a secret.
Guess we'll see, won't we?
Didn't think you
had enough kindling
in there for a
helmet fire, Grodie.
What happened? Did they stop
making headsets in child-size?
Bite me, No-sack.
Not my type, Chodie.
Let's go, Bodie. We got a call.
Don't need to borrow this after all.
You're not planning
on driving this winter?
Not planning on being here this winter.
Brad tried to force me
to overload a plane.
A little overload? Or
I walked out. Or he got angry
and fired me.
Depends who you ask.
So now I'm out of a job
and my spot on the ramp.
I'll have to leave Thompson,
go find some other crap town with
an airport in the middle of nowhere,
and start all over again.
All I've ever wanted
from the first time
I sat in the glider
in cadets was to fly.
And I just threw it away.
I know what you're going to say.
"That was real stupid, Lexi. You
should've just kept your mouth shut
and gone along with it, Lexi."
I'm not going to say that.
Can you hear me now?
What about now?
A week? I thought you were gonna
be here to help me study Immunology.
I know, but this is killer
overtime, babe.
And I want a big wedding.
- I miss you.
- Shit.
There's an accident at the airstrip.
What's this code?
Flight Operations Alert Emergency.
One of the fleet's gone down.
[DISPATCH]: 911, this is Dispatch.
You are diverting for an
emergency call in North House.
The pilot, he's pinned.
The cargo slid forward,
I couldn't get to him.
Go to the station, man the radio.
Keep Dispatch in the loop and
tell Winnipeg to be ready for us.
Wheezer?! I'm coming for you, buddy!
Wheezer? Wheezer!
Crissy? Crissy.
Hey. Hey, it's me, buddy. I'm here.
I can't move.
Yeah, you crashed your plane, Wheez.
You got a couple hundred kilos of
beans and condensed milk up your ass.
I can't feel my legs.
- Bodie's gonna get you out.
- No, no, no, no.
It's not safe. The master's still on.
[PANTING] I can't move to turn it off.
Bodes? Bodes!
There's a ruptured tank and
all the electrics are still running.
Okay, look, we don't know what's
in the cargo, how flammable it is.
Let's get him out fast!
How many inside?
Just the pilot.
[LEXI OVER RADIO]: 922, go to guns.
Go ahead.
Came back in as soon as I heard.
How bad is it? Is Wheezer okay?
Depends if we can get him out
before the fuel catches.
What happened?
Looks like the 200 was
overloaded. Cargo wasn't secure.
Wheezer must not have known,
came in fast and long.
When he hit the brakes,
the straps snapped.
It all slid forward and pinned him.
I gotta go. We're all-in.
The police are on their way, and
Winnipeg's sending ground support.
That'll take too long! Move, move, move!
My legs are cold. Can't feel them.
Stay awake with me, okay?
The line's primed.
Tell me about this fight
you had with Lynn.
Must've been bad if you did
all this just to get out of it.
I was such a stupid kid
when I moved up here.
I never thought I'd find someone,
a woman like her, you know?
I'm so I'm so lucky.
I've just put her through
so much, you know?
She's so, so
Patient? A saint?
The North makes you grow, Crissy.
Makes you grow up.
This land
raised me, Crissy.
We're out of time! Get him out, now!
- Let's move!
- Move back! Move back!
Move, please!
Ah, I can get him.
He couldn't feel his legs, Tristan.
Stay with us, buddy. We got you, Wheez.
Easy does it, now.
Easy There we go.
We're gonna get you out of here.
We're coming out!
I'll get the backboard.
Set it down over there.
Okay, keep his neck
as stable as possible.
I got you, I got you.
We gotta go fast. The whole
thing could blow at any minute.
I got his head.
Alright, let's get him ready to go.
Okay, on my count.
One, two, three.
Son of a bitch.
Winnipeg Centre, this is
SkyMed 911 medevac
requesting priority.
I'm taking the crew van.
Wait, Bodes! I gotta put the
plane to bed, I'll come with
Is Wheezer okay?
They're sending him to surgery. It'll
be a couple hours before we know.
Crystal's calling his wife.
You know,
I came up to Thompson with 250 hours,
a commercial license,
and not a damn clue.
My first few weeks on that ramp,
I thought about getting back
in my car and going home.
Why didn't you?
I met Wheezer.
He's the best pilot I know,
the best guy, and if
If he can't walk
I can't imagine never flying again.
It'd feel like
Like a part of me had died.
Wheezer will find a way.
I'm not making light of this. This
This is big.
The thing that's
gonna kill you could
already be inside
of you right now.
And you don't even know. You just
keep going.
That's what we have to do.
We have to live as much life as we can.
While we can.
- Captain Pierce.
- Martine.
- Sir, I
- 0800 tomorrow. My office.
Wheezer's out of surgery.
His back's broken, but
He can wiggle his toes.
- Woo!
- He's gonna be okay.
Hey, I love Wheezer too. But I mean
It looks like pilot error to me.
Not if he didn't know
the plane was overloaded.
I mean, do we know that for sure?
Northern Police is looking into it.
Aviation Authority will be, too.
Chopper, look.
I screwed up, Chops.
Okay? After Wheezer, I was messed up,
You knew I liked her.
You could get any girl
that you want, Bodes, but
why'd you have to go after her?
I got a PFO letter.
- I didn't get the job.
- Wait, what?
But how? I mean, you're You're Bodie.
Who knows?
Maybe I screwed up the cognitive test.
Maybe I flunked the psych eval.
Maybe they didn't like my tie.
Maybe they
Maybe they didn't like me.
Come on, Bode, everyone loves you.
Yeah, here. [SCOFFING]
In Thompson.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't want anyone to know.
Not until I figure something else out.
You'll keep this to yourself, yeah?
Of course, man. I got you.
I guess Guess you won't be
getting my room anymore, huh?
Let's go back to the party, Bodes.
Come on. We'll get you a drink.
Thank you. For taking care of Wheezer.
We take care of our own, right?
Bringing me breakfast isn't
going to work this time, Mads.
We're not getting back together.
I've taken five of these
in the last two days.
I'm done being the only one
who's scared shitless.
You're early, Martine.
Captain Pierce. About the
cargo on the plane
Do you know William well?
Everyone loves Wheezer.
Sir, I'd like the opportunity
to explain
We're putting his wife up at an
Airbnb in Winnipeg for his recovery.
No matter how rigorous maintenance is,
equipment malfunctions happen.
Equipment? The straps?
Brad and his team flew up
to look at the crash.
It's been a problem before
with this manufacturer.
Now, with Wheezer out of commission,
we have to shift pilots around,
which means there's an opening
in the right seat on a medevac.
Congratulations, First Officer Martine.
But there's still three guys
on the ramp ahead of me.
Well, sometimes we pull
strong candidates up.
Brad called me
personally to put you
forward as the
next to go flightline.
You've got a big fan over there.
Look, we're a small company, Lexi.
It's times like this
we need to stick together.
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