SkyMed (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Line Indoc

I didn't get the job.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I didn't want anyone to know.
Not until I figure something else out.
There's nothing wrong with me.
You can't keep putting it off.
All this goes in the plane,
where you go. Got it?
Wheezer's out of surgery,
his back's broken,
but he can wiggle his toes.
Northern Police is looking into it.
Aviation Authority will be too.
I'm trying to help the community, Crys,
- same as you.
- Son of a bitch.
Congratulations, first officer Martine.
You could get any girl that you want,
but why did you have to go after her?
I have taken five of these
in the last two days.
I am done being the only one
who's scared shitless.
- 80 knots.
- Check.
V1. Rotate.
- Engine failure.
- Set max power.
- Positive rate.
- Gear up.
Confirm right engine has failed,
feathered, no fire.
Confirm right engine fail,
not feathered and is on fire.
Right engine shut down sequence.
Confirm, right-hand condition lever.
Confirmed, cut off.
Not bad, greenhorn.
You were a couple knots below blue line.
Do you know how many PIC hours I have?
Hmm, got to get through
a week of Line Indoc
with Captain Dipshit first.
I thought that was you.
Bodie needs everyone to love him.
Kiss his ass, he'll check you
out no problem.
- Am I doing the right thing?
- Lex
Everyone's already wondering
how I jumped ahead to go fight line.
If they found out I got this job
on Wheezer's broken back
You're a good pilot.
You did your time ramping.
And what happened to Wheezer
wasn't your fault.
I have to go to the bar,
I have a shift that starts at 5:00.
Welcome to the world
of high responsibility,
low pay aviation, kid.
You deserve this job, Lex.
You've earned it.
Are you sure this is a good idea?
- Never lost a phone yet.
- But we're on duty.
As long as we have our pagers,
downtime between calls is downtime.
Doesn't matter if we're doing laundry
at the crew house or swimming.
We have to be at the plane
in 15 minutes if we get a call.
And the airport is
a seven-minute drive away.
That leaves 8 whole minutes
for us to change.
Practically time for Slurpees.
Come on.
There's only three weeks
of summer up here.
Gotta enjoy it.
Look, the other night
I never get involved with coworkers.
But since you're leaving
for Air Canada soon,
- I just kind of thought
- Hey.
I got stuff going on now too.
We're just two friends
going for a swim. Okay?
Hi, hi!
Hey, party possey!
It's a long weekend,
you know what that means Hey!
Bikinis all day all the way!
You spent all this money we don't have
and you can't even get it started.
Who are you trying to impress,
buying this thing?
The guys at work?
I am top salesman, okay?
People expect a certain lifestyle.
Look at the views!
Your girl's rocking
that house boat life, baby!
That should do it.
Hashtag: boat life,
hashtag: bikinis all day,
all the way.
Hashtag: your girl's got the goods.
You're late.
15 minutes from call to hangar,
that's the rule.
Oh, uh, we were just grabbing
extra supplies.
Try to keep your supplies
contained long enough
for us to do our jobs. Got it?
Prism Lake is boat
or snowmobile in only.
It'll take ground support
a couple of hours to get here,
so until then, we're on our own.
Same drill as always, triage who needs
to be medevacked out now
and what can wait for ground crews.
Make a list of everyone
on both vehicles, okay?
Make sure they're all accounted for.
Please, my wife.
Facial lacerations tend
to bleed a lot, okay Darla?
But you're awake, your pulse
and breathing are good
It's like the boat
had a mind of its own.
And then, Darla, she hit the windscreen.
You got someone for the plane?
Holy sh
I'll get the stretcher.
Looks like you've knocked
some teeth out there too.
I'm gonna start an IV for fluids.
I'm gonna take the boat
back first thing tomorrow.
- Okay? I swear.
- I want a divorce.
It's probably just the pain talking.
Hey, so most of the other
injuries are small stuff,
cuts, bruises, a couple of broken ribs.
If you take her to Thompson,
I can stay here
- until land support arrives.
- Okay.
Hey, I got someone missing.
Woman named Mandy,
people on the house boat
saw her on the roof before it got hit.
She must have been thrown off.
Wait, you think she's still
in the water?
Maybe not.
You really think she could have
been thrown all the way back here?
The speed, the boat was going
at the angle, it hit
Pull it out, please get
this thing out of me.
Mandy, right?
I'm Hayley and that's Chopper,
I'm gonna take a look to see
what we're dealing with, okay?
Alright, major injuries,
appears to be a through and through,
right shoulder,
right radial pulse is intact.
Where else does it hurt, Mandy?
Do you remember hitting your head or
- No
- passing out at all?
God, I can't even look,
just get it out, please!
I know, but I don't know
what blood vessels
that might have punctured,
so if we pull it out now,
you might bleed out. Okay?
It's gonna have to stay put
- until we get you to a hospital.
- My God.
If you don't pull it out, how are
you gonna get me to the hospital?
I'm a pilot!
I've never cut anyone off a tree before.
Yeah, neither have I, but we
can't just leave the patient there.
I mean, she's got a concussion
and possible internal injuries.
Hey, listen, you can fly a plane,
you can handle a saw.
Just cut the branch
six inches from the entry wound.
Right? Easy.
Okay, Mandy.
I'm gonna spike a line,
give you 25 mics of fentanyl.
Hold that up for me.
- Isn't that stuff dangerous?
- Not in this dose.
It's gonna hurt when
the branch starts to vibrate,
but I'm gonna hold it
as still as I can, okay?
Oh, no! No, no, no!
Hey, hey, listen to me, listen to me.
I used to deliver babies, okay?
Talking people through pain
is my specialty.
Just listen to my voice and
I'll get you through this, okay?
Will this hurt less than a baby?
It'll be faster.
I'm so sorry.
I'm gonna need you to take
long, slow exhales.
- Okay.
- Listen to my voice,
stay with me. Yeah.
It's okay.
Deep breaths. In, out.
Listen to my voice,
stay with me. Stay with me,
you're doing so good.
We're almost done.
Just like that, exhale
20-year-old woman
with likely concussion,
through and through the right shoulder,
neurovascularly intact,
40-year-old woman with
multiple facial lacerations
and dental trauma, vitals stable.
Bay 3 prep for sutures.
Let's send this one down to imaging
to see what we're dealing with.
Page surgery that she's coming.
If I had to get stuck on a tree,
I'm glad you were my nurse.
But I'm never having kids.
Bodie texted.
He's on his way in the van.
Look, about earlier,
it's not what you think,
we just went for a swim.
None of my business.
Good, because you've got it wrong.
I'm a professional.
Great. So, show up for calls on time.
Look, Hayley, you're a good nurse.
But up here, if we get distracted,
people get hurt.
So, maybe think about who you're
letting yourself get distracted by.
Morning, handsome. I made pancakes,
but I'm on duty in 10, gotta fly.
Text you later?
Want me to get his number
for you, Novak?
Amateur move,
letting him stay the night.
Morning to you too, sunshine.
Why isn't the plane loaded?
Bodie and I are supposed to take
a load of medical supplies
up to North House on our schedevacs
Someone must have skipped
those instructions
Kind of like how you jumped
over me and two other guys
to go flight line, huh?
If you're gonna sit in my plane,
you can load it, too.
Ah, there's my baby!
Oh, we've been trying you all weekend.
Hey, Mom. Uh, been busy.
Lots of calls.
You get word from Air Canada yet?
Everyone is so excited
about having you back home.
Grandma's really hoping you'll
be home in time for Thanksgiving.
About that, it's not great news.
AC isn't starting their ground
school until next fall.
Oh, well
At least you'll be home
in time for Christmas, then.
What about Madison, is she coming too?
Oh, we'll finally get to meet her.
Yeah, I don't know,
things with Madison are
No way, is that Ryan and Denise?
- Oh! Hi, Jay!
- Hey!
Did Austen share the cookies
I sent back with him?
He tries to hide them, but
I know where he keeps his stash.
Don't worry, Chopper. You'll join
Austen at Air Canada soon enough.
And you'll always have a bed
with us in Forest Hill, if you need it.
Got to go, got to be up in 10.
- Bye, honey! Bye!
- Bye!
Alright, look.
I called a few buddies.
West Jet's got a ground school
coming up,
Pasco too, they gave me all the "deets",
I can ask one of them to walk
your resume in if you want.
What's the point?
I don't even know why AC didn't hire me.
- Why would anyone else?
- Okay, Bodes, AC's fickle.
Everyone knows that.
Alright, you're a good pilot.
Look, I can't be stuck up here.
This can't be my life.
What the hell is this? We're
supposed to be wheels up in 10.
Yeah, that box or two
of medical supplies
turned out to be an entire skid.
You know, it's bad enough
they got us moving supplies
like we're goddamn cargo, but
you don't even have it loaded yet?
Total bush league.
Now, I'm the asshole who has
to push the schedevac.
Get your shit together, Martine.
Flaps approach.
You're high, you're fast,
you gotta get some drag out, dirty up.
Yeah, if you'd given me a chance,
I was just about to call for that.
Gear down, props forward.
Gear down, confirm three green.
Flaps down, landing checklist.
Who crapped in your headset?
You train people your way,
I'll train people my way.
This isn't your usual way.
You gonna tell her about that door?
Yeah. Later, when she secures the cabin.
I didn't know it was this bad.
Yeah, Wheezer's lucky
he only broke his back.
Oh, did the sun come out,
or is that just Crystal?
Grab a box, rampie.
You know I love that Big Auntie energy.
Hey, what's up, fly boy?
Dude, puck dropped five minutes ago.
Satellite's probably just stuck.
We'll have reception in no time.
We should go to Corey's.
He's got the new PS5.
No! No, just give me,
like, five minutes.
It's what the astronauts use.
It can write in zero gravity.
My engineering buddies sent it to me,
but you gotta try it upside down.
You applying to West Jet?
You don't have enough PIC hours.
Oh, uh Just checking out the options.
For a friend.
The friend who sent me the pen.
As, you know, a thank you.
The engineer?
Yeah, he
has lots of PIC time.
Just wanted to impress the guys
on the hockey team before tryouts.
Now, I won't be able to play.
You just moved up here, huh?
Me too.
Got any tips?
Everyone warns you about the bears,
but they're more friendly
then some of the locals.
Pro-tip, just do you.
If they get that, great.
If they don't, screw them.
You don't always have to be
friends with everyone you work with.
Novak gives Oscar a run
for his trash can.
We still fly with him, though.
My chest feels tight.
- My skin hurts.
- It's anaphylaxis.
His symptoms are recurring.
Administering 0.3 milligrams
of epinephrine,
we'll stay on him every 15 minutes.
Starting high dose supplemental oxygen.
Call Winnipeg,
have them send an ambulance.
Stay with us, Evan.
- Stop the truck.
- What?
- Stop the truck!
- Okay.
Ooh, hey, are you that eager
to be alone?
You're gonna tell me about this box
you took from Wheezer's plane crash?
Or would that get you in trouble
with your hunting buddies?
All you had to do was ask, Crys.
Go ahead, take a look.
Don't get too excited, that's a
genuine water pump there,
for my neighbour's house.
Come on, Crys.
The community might be dry,
but this stuff's coming up
whether you like or not, yeah?
At least, if I'm the one bringing it,
I can make sure it's not
something worse.
Oh, you're trying to act good
now, Crys, is that it?
We both know, before you left,
you were running the stuff with me.
Only because I was young
and stupid enough
to think I was in love with you.
The ice roads are getting
less reliable every year.
The prices at the Northern Store
are skyrocketing
and people can't afford
what they need anymore.
I'm just doing what I can to help them.
And yeah, if having a whiskey
pipeline gives me the tools
to bring up the stuff we actually need,
well fine with me.
You know what, they're my people too.
I care about the community.
And you keeping your crap
away from my airline.
Back to YWG, lady and gents.
Oh, don't forget to give us
five stars, please.
Fuel run first? It's impossible to
get a good coffee in Thompson.
I mean, I can barely find a
basic caramel creamer out there.
So, unless we get a page
saying someone's dying,
we're caffeinating. My treat.
Hey, how's the kid?
Is he gonna be okay?
Yeah, they got the reaction
under control.
I've never seen anaphylaxis return
without a second exposure before.
Yeah, it can happen.
It's more common in younger kids.
My brother had nut allergies.
Had? Is that something
you can grow out of?
The secret to winning anyone
over is to know their drinks.
Crystal likes a green tea with honey,
Chopper takes an oat mocha frap
and Novak likes a small black,
like his heart.
That wasn't a bad landing,
once you dirtied up.
You need to bond the plane
first, to prevent sparks.
- And another thing
- Look.
I've had my licence since I was 14
and I've been fuelling planes
with my dad since I could walk.
I know how to bond a plane.
You and I
We're supposed to have
each other's backs.
Wheels up in five!
Secure the cabin, our clearance
expires in three minutes.
Today, Martine!
Lines up all the way.
Strobe lights.
- On.
- Auto-ignition.
- Armed.
- Annunciators?
- Check.
- Line ups complete.
You have control, punch it.
Auto-feather armed.
Set max power.
- Reject! I have control.
- You have control.
Taxi back and try again,
and fix that goddamn door, Martine!
Hey, Bodie.
Don't you ever pull shit like that
when I have a patient on board again.
No, look, I get that you're
taking something out on Lexi,
but setting her up with a door
when I have a patient
on board was wrong.
Maybe you don't give a crap
about this job
now that you're leaving, but I do.
And as long as you're here,
you better act like you do too.
I hear congratulations are in order.
When do we lose you to Air Canada?
Not for a few months, sir.
I was gonna ask you how
your first day went, but
Captain Dipshit is not a fan.
He rode my ass, acting like
I was incompetent.
That was before I didn't secure
the door properly
and we had to reject a takeoff.
At a controlled airport?
North House.
Still warrants a report.
Not a great look on your Line Indoc.
And I've already got two
strikes against me.
I'm a woman and I'm Black.
I have to work twice as hard
for half the credit.
I can't make mistakes.
It happened at an uncontrolled airport
and everyone knows the door
on 911 is tricky.
He should have checked it himself.
He was too busy screaming at
me about our clearance expiring.
His fault for rushing you, then.
When you rush, real ugly shit happens.
Bodie knows this.
He'd be an asshole
a bigger asshole than usual
if he reported it.
Son of a bitch.
That was cream in the small coffee?
Sorry. Uh
There's nothing wrong with this
and I'm not contagious or anything.
How far along?
I'm going to the doctor today
to find out.
You have kids?
No, I'm a nurse.
Try ginger, it helps.
I haven't even told anyone.
I mean, just my jerk boyfriend,
but he's not even returning
my calls right now, so
Let me get your drinks.
If you need anything
or have any questions
or want someone to talk to,
I'm Hayley.
My boyfriend's not really a jerk.
We'll work it out.
I had time for a coffee run
before our schedevac.
I don't drink coffee.
Right. Green tea with honey?
Bring enough for the class,
nurse Roberts?
Triple espresso with turpentine, right?
What's the matter, Bodie?
Lexi didn't kiss your ass enough
or you just being a dick
'cause she's my friend?
- You have friends, no-sack?
- Pretty pathetic.
Setting up a greenhorn
just so you can report her.
That the kind of bullshit you
talk about in your AC interview?
No, I told them about
hauling cargo around.
Deadweight guys like you.
I'm not the one hauling a PFO letter.
Wait, what's that mean?
Mister golden boy didn't get the job.
Tssk! He's full of shit.
I called my buddy to see who's
in the next ground school.
And it ain't you. Yeah.
You want to act like this big deal,
stomping on everyone under you?
But we both know you're a joke.
- Get ready to brief.
- Affirmative.
We'll be doing KELTO-3 arrival
into Winnipeg, page 10-2 Bravo.
- Initial waypoint is VITAG.
- Copy.
Look, I get it, you're pissed at me
because I took a run
at the precious Austen Bodie,
but if anyone had gone after him
the way he's been riding Lexi,
you'd have done something too.
We have to be at KELTO
at 11,000 feet or below,
250 knots.
I'm thirsty.
Alright. Let's see here.
Okay, apple or orange?
There was fruit punch,
but Chopper likes that one.
I don't need to go to Winnipeg.
I won't get another sore throat.
Look, I know it sounds scary,
but you have nothing to worry about.
I mean, I got my tonsils
taken out and look.
I hardly leak at all.
You know, Lexi may be your bestie,
but we both know nobody
gets their panties twisted
over the rules more than you do.
You'd have reported
that rejected takeoff too.
I wouldn't set a new pilot up, though.
But that's not why you called him out
about not getting the AC job, is it?
You wanted to embarrass him.
That's not about helping Lexi.
That's about you.
She has a lot of pain.
She needs to see a doctor at a hospital.
I'm not tying up a medevac
for indigestion.
If you just take your stomach
pills, you'll be fine.
I told you, she's done that
and she's still in pain!
She hurts so bad, she can't
get off the couch!
Forget it! If you're here for drugs,
you won't get any from me.
Hey, Camille.
How'd it go on Island Lake, Gerald?
Gerald is a 65-year-old man
with type 2 diabetes,
returning from regular dialysis.
We'll be on standby
when we get back to Thompson,
but we need to restock the abdo
pads and check our IV supply.
My wife needs a hospital.
And you're going to take her.
Start that plane.
You're taking my wife to a hospital.
Look, there's no need for all of this.
If you're sick, a nurse
from the nurse's station
- will book a medevac.
- No, she won't!
No matter how many times
I take Sunny into there,
that old bitch will not
put us on a plane.
She keeps saying I have indigestion.
And the pills don't do squat.
My stomach, my back hurt
and I'm so weak.
- I'm sure if you just explain
- No! No one listens.
I know my wife.
There's something wrong.
I'm not gonna watch her suffer. You!
You're gonna take us to a doctor
and I'm gonna make them help her.
We don't have enough fuel to
make it to the nearest hospital.
You expect me to believe that?
We carry the minimum
to avoid weight restrictions.
We're supposed to refuel
at the next community.
Sunny, right?
- And Keith?
- Yeah.
Hayley and I could have
a look at you right here.
Maybe we could figure out
what's going on.
Pulse is irregular.
Are you a smoker?
Okay, I'm just gonna have
a listen to your chest, okay?
Can you take a few deep breaths for me?
Drink this.
Wait, wait, what is that
you're giving her?
Antacid and lidocaine.
If the problem's in her stomach,
we'll know in about 15 minutes.
Where are you going there, Keith?
Fuel caps
You're lying to me.
Everybody keeps lying to us.
We can't trust anybody.
Hey. We want to help you.
Okay? But we can't do things this way.
I know you don't want to hurt anyone.
We don't want that either.
We'll take you to Thompson, no problem.
Make sure your wife gets help.
It's fine, I'm okay.
It won't be, if you don't get
in that plane
and take us to a hospital right now!
Don't judge us.
You don't know what
we've been dealing with.
No one takes a Native woman
with pain seriously.
They think I want drugs, but
The drugs don't even help.
It gets so bad that I can't
even stand up.
I can't I can't get enough air.
We have a little girl
and I can't get sick
and leave her alone.
I lost my own mom when I was young.
Wait, what did she die from?
I was small
I don't know, one day, she was fine
and the next, she was gone.
And I can't do that to my Kimi.
Alright, come on, let's get going.
Pink Lady should have worked by now.
It isn't stomach.
Mom died young, something genetic maybe?
Epigastric pain, shortness of breath,
irregular pulse
Sats are low. Too low for a
young woman who doesn't smoke.
There, you hear that?
I think your wife has heart failure.
Is she gonna be okay?
If we get her to a hospital quickly.
Lasix, 40 milligrams.
Listen, Keith, I know you
haven't been treated well.
But if you make this plane
takeoff at gunpoint,
there's no coming back from that.
I give you my word, I'll take
Sunny to the hospital myself
and I'll stay with her until
she gets the care she needs.
Put the gun down.
What's wrong with her?
What did you do to her?
Nothing, she isn't getting
enough oxygen,
she needs a hospital.
Take off now, or so help me God,
this time I will shoot him.
Before, start checklist.
- Park break.
- On.
Cabin door?
Let's go.
Auto-feather armed.
Set max power.
We got him, we're cleared.
- It's just a cut.
- Yeah, and I'm just the one
- with actual medical training.
- Hey! I'm a hero.
I thwarted a high-jacking.
I thought I thought
Lexi was the hero.
- Taught her everything she knows.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, the bad news
is you're full of crap,
but no concussion.
Little glue should do it.
I guess it wasn't safe to hook
up with a co-worker after all, huh?
Since you're not leaving
Thompson just yet.
Is that a bad thing?
Hmm More of a
"How are we gonna work
together?" type of thing.
I think we work together pretty good.
Sunny, you only need to see
a cardiologist in Winnipeg,
but based on your ECG,
looks like Crystal was right.
You have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
It's serious, but treatable.
You'll need an implantable
cardiac defibrillator
and beta blockers.
Hey. You okay?
Can't believe it took me
so long to get to heart.
- All the signs were there
- Hey, tough cookie.
Your differential skills
under duress are impressive,
but I mean more about how you
were just held at gunpoint.
I'm gonna make a statement
to the Northern Police.
Keith isn't dangerous.
Just desperate to save
the woman he loves.
They both deserve better
than what they got.
Sparky, when you mixed up the manifests
and botched a whole day's
worth of scheds,
who helped you reroute
before anyone even knew?
And Nuts, I took every single
one of your shifts
when you had to go to Van because you
thought your girlfriend was cheating.
You don't have to have my back
because I got three gold bars on it,
but you damn well better
because I had yours.
Guess you don't need my help.
I got this.
Yesterday, Pierce was asking
when I was leaving for AC,
I didn't tell him anything
about the rejected takeoff.
Since it was my fault.
I'm sorry, Lex.
Time for your real line check, Martine.
We got one more, baby, let's do this.
Another round.
You know, they would've
found out about AC
eventually, Scrotie.
You might think I'm an asshole
I don't think about you at all.
You're just
the guy pouring my beer.
Ready for round two?
I saw Billy Ray on the jukebox.
You don't answer my calls
and this is what you're doing?
You're out dancing with some random
while I'm freaking out
knocked up with your baby?
You asshole!
Gotta say, Bodes,
pretty disappointed.
That was at least 30 bucks of beer.
I just
wanted to go back
to the way things were.
Before I found out about AC.
And about
Yeah, I'd be a pretty crappy wingman
if I didn't tell you
when your fire light is on.
You gotta take the controls, Bodie.
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
That's what almost killed Sunny.
Sunny has indigestion.
No, Sunny had concerning symptoms
and you didn't listen to her.
You assumed she was making it up.
Native woman looking for drugs.
She could have died because of it.
If you knew what I dealt with up here
We all deal with a lot up here.
But we can't make assumptions
and our patients shouldn't die
because of it.
Hey, my creamer!
Thanks for the hookup, Hayls.
It wasn't me.
Must have been Crystal.
I know this stuff looks trashy,
but give me two minutes
with a frother
Hey, Hayley, got a minute?
Uh, I'm not really
in the mood for another
"I told you so" right now.
Did you know Bodie was adopted?
He doesn't talk about it much,
but Madison getting pregnant
His feelings are probably
a lot more complicated
than the typical male terror.
I didn't realize you guys were close.
The guy you're seeing right now,
that's not the real Bodie.
Bodie doesn't even know
who the real Bodie is.
Oh, got to go.
Been waiting for this one.
I'd take the stairs,
but landing gear's
not exactly cooperating these days.
Uh, don't play it up for sympathy.
His legs are fine.
He's just on bed rest
until his back heals,
so they're sending him
to Thompson General.
I heard you just went right seat.
Uh, yeah. Just finished my Line Indoc.
Congratulations on surviving the ramp.
Tough part's over.
Now, it's all living the dream.
You look like crap, Heaseman.
When are you getting back to a cockpit?
Well, doc says another couple
of weeks, but
Aviation Authority
might say something else.
They're sending a team up next
week to interview me about the crash.
Why? You didn't do anything wrong.
I appreciate the faith, Cryssy,
but something went wrong,
because there's nearly four tons
of airplane eating trees at North House.
And Av's, they're mighty
determined to find out what happened.
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