SkyMed (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

The Kids Are Alright

The community might be
drying out, but this stuff's
coming up, whether you like it or not.
If having a whisky pipeline
gives me the tools
to bring up the stuff we actually need,
well fine with me.
When do we lose you to Air Canada?
Not for a few months, sir.
Mr. Golden Boy didn't get the job.
So I guess it wasn't safe to hook
up with a co-worker after all, huh?
I think we work together pretty good.
You're out dancing with some random
while I'm freaking out,
knocked up with your baby!
The Aviation Authority,
they're sending a team up next week
to interview me about the crash.
They're mighty determined
to find out what happened.
We've been walking for 40 minutes now.
Just a little further
You said that half an hour ago!
You dragged me all the way
through the woods for this?
Once we take down a few trees,
you'll get a view of the lake.
What is this? A mid-life crisis?
Are you trying to have another
heart attack?
If you wanted a cottage,
just buy a place in Gimli.
Jesus Christ. Do you have
any idea what you're doing?!
Ah! There's no signal!
How much further?
You're the one who wanted
a cabin all the way
- My leg!
- My ankle!
You've lost a lot of blood,
but you missed the femoral artery.
We'll need to splint this ankle.
- This is all his fault.
- Generators.
Just like your mother, holding a grudge.
- On, and checked.
- Were we supposed to be
cool with you just leaving
when I was 10?
I know I screwed up.
But I've been trying
- to make up for it.
- Patients onboard?
Right, since your heart attack
made you scared you'd die alone.
- Check.
- How long are you going
- to make me pay for this?!
- Enough!
I've got two shots of tramadol,
and neither of you is getting
one unless you shut up
so the pilots can hear themselves think!
You, stay away from power tools.
And you. Give people a chance to change.
Got it?
Know any cottages for sale in Gimli?
Oh no, my practicum!
Can you take it from here?
I'm already late.
Whoa. Um, sorry.
Burning the candle at both ends?
Wouldn't have it any other way.
Oh! Oh my god, Flipper!?
Wow. Tyra. No one calls me that anymore.
I haven't seen you since high school.
Man, I can't believe you're a nurse!
Uh, I'm just gonna take
a look here, okay?
The doctor will have to confirm,
but you're going to need stitches.
And your nose is definitely broken.
Remember that time we went canoeing
and we got so drunk we passed out?
We floated for hours until
we hit a rock and tipped.
You're going to need surgery
to reset your nose,
but we have to wait for the swelling
to come down first, okay?
Ugh. So dumb
I fell off my front step
and did a face plant.
I don't party anymore, Crys.
I was going to a job interview,
and I went to reach for the
railing, it just wasn't there.
Tyra Makokis?
This is Tyra. Facial laceration
and she'll need a nasal
fracture reduction.
You did a number.
Let's send her to Winnipeg
for the surgery
so Plastics can consult on the cut.
Can't mess around with
a face that pretty.
What did you say your name was?
Doctor Sung. I'll call for
a non-urgent medevac,
I think the next available slot
is tomorrow.
This woman's gonna put me out
of a job, Tyra.
Soon as she gets back from med school.
You're going to med school, Flip?!
No, no. I mean,
I haven't even applied yet.
I just haven't had time.
Wow! Who would've guessed, in grade 10.
You know why we call her Flipper?
You know, Dr. Sung has a lot
of other patients
- No, but I bet I want to.
- She used to be wild.
I mean, they called me
Trainwreck Tyra, but this girl?
Yep, that's the whole story.
One day, she was so pissed
at our teacher for giving her
shit for skipping class
that she went to his place
and flipped his outhouse.
While he was in it!
Uh, that's impressive. And terrifying.
Hey, are you still with Jeremy?
- No.
- Oh
Nice one, Flip.
I'll go get Tyra a bed for the night.
This is my job, Tyra.
Not a high school reunion.
What do you want?
Look, the other night when
I found out you were pregnant,
- I freaked out.
- Yeah, no shit.
I just
I wasn't ready to deal.
Some of us didn't have that choice.
I want to make it right, Mads.
I know I didn't get the AC job,
but I'm applying to West Jet.
I'll have a better check,
I can send you money.
You're gonna send me money?
While you what?
Just take off to Calgary?
- Mads!
- We were together
for more than a year.
That time we hiked to the waterfall
and we slept under the stars,
you said being with me was like home.
That means something, Bodie.
And now you're just gonna act
like it doesn't?
Things change.
Do they?
Or are you just afraid?
When you thought you got
that job in Toronto,
I think you broke up with me
because if I moved there with you,
it would make things real.
You can't handle real.
You just want to be free to fly.
Hey, you guys want tomatoes
on your sandwiches?
Does that even count as a tomato?
Hey, watch it, or you won't get lettuce.
Why do we need sandwiches now?
When you're working
on your night shift tonight,
you'll be glad you had a sandwich
and a nap when you could.
Oh, hey Chops.
- Hey.
- A mechanic in the 'peg
said you were looking for one of those?
Yes! I can finish my CB radio.
It's the internet of the north.
You could shave in those.
That why you got all those
nicks on your ugly mug?
Should've used pantyhose
on your final spit polish.
Oh god. Now there's two of him.
I look better in a flight suit, right?
It's a tie.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
When did that start happening?
I don't know what you're talking about.
He's cute. Does he know you
Still, no idea
what you're talking about.
Uh huh.
Whatever you say, cheekbones.
Nina is an 18-year-old girl,
had a seizure
watching a game at
the local baseball diamond.
Here's her patient history
and copy of her ID.
She'll need a CT, so we can
figure out what caused it.
- Nina Sharpe?
- That's me.
You don't have anyone
travelling with you today?
Parents are out of town and she's 18,
so she's good to go.
I know. The older I get,
the younger they seem to me too.
So, are you a big baseball fan?
Not really.
Just something to do.
Seizures can be scary.
It's normal to feel disoriented
or even a little emotional after.
Do you want to listen to the pilots?
Lexi's really good at pointing
out cool things to look at.
- Ready to brief the approach?
- Roll it.
We're doing the ILS approach
for runway zero-six
- in Thompson, page 11-1
- Aren't we going to Winnipeg?
There's a CT scanner in Thompson.
And since you're stable
No! No, no.
My chest hurts.
And the right side
of my body is numb.
I think I need to see
a specialist, in Winnipeg.
Based on what you're saying,
I think I know what's going on.
You're not Nina Sharpe.
Nina had a ganglion removed
two years ago.
And you don't have a scar.
Nina's my older sister.
I'm Erin.
And how old are you, Erin?
So what? You stole your older
sister's ID and faked a seizure
to go on a joy-ride alone to Winnipeg?
Call Dispatch. False alarm.
Dispatch, this is 922.
Patient is a false alarm,
approval to re-route back to Windy Lake?
922, if you're not
carrying on to Thompson,
there's a patient requiring
immediate evac
for acute abdominal pain
at Prospect River.
Sounds like appendicitis. Are you able?
Affirmative Dispatch, re-routing now.
Alright. Let's go.
You're a passenger now.
Is she going to be okay?
She will be if we get her
in an OR before she perfs.
But given the detour we took
on the way here,
it'll be touch and go.
Rachel, I'm gonna give you
something for the pain, okay?
We'll be in Winnipeg soon.
I wasn't just faking for fun.
My best friend is dying.
She has leukemia.
And she's in Winnipeg getting chemo.
She's been there for months.
And our parents won't tell us anything,
because they don't think
we can handle it,
but I know that if I don't get
to see Sabrina now,
I might never see her again.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize.
That's from before.
She had such pretty hair
If I take you back home,
you're just going to find another way
to see her, aren't you?
She'd do it for me.
I duty out after this.
And we'll already be in Winnipeg.
I can take you to go see Sabrina.
If you promise to call
your parents on the way.
Yeah. Yes.
He bought a plane ticket
just to get through security
to tell me that he loved me.
That's when I knew he was the one.
That's so romantic, Bride007.
Jeff would never do that.
Oh yeah, Devon's all about
the big gestures.
Well, I mean, that was
before med school.
Now he's all about studying
and forgetting to eat.
We haven't even been able to get
on the phone together
so he doesn't even know about
the location that I chose.
That cute little barn in Pickering?
It's right out of a magazine!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
A barn? What is this, 2009?
If you're getting married in Toronto,
Bride007, do it right.
The rooftop at the Broadview,
or the Brickworks
I didn't mean to eavesdrop,
but I have sisters.
Who is this?
Um, Orion24.
Well, Orion.
Since you're a guy and
my future hubby's currently
elbows deep in cadaver lab,
what are your thoughts on tuxes?
Classy, or done?
Yeah. Definitely go with suits.
Three piece.
And none of that bowtie nonsense either.
That's work.
Find you later, Orion.
Thanks for coming, Emma.
Any nausea?
I haven't been able to eat all day.
Between that, and the chest pain
Feels like it's going right up
into my neck.
I tell you about Kara?
Just started freshman year at U of M.
- What's she studying again?
- Marketing.
Okay, okay. Just breathe. Nice and slow.
It's definitely cardiac.
I'll grab some nitroglycerine
from the truck, okay?
Nice wolfie
I just have to get to my truck.
They did not cover this
in nursing school.
Did you get the medication?
My chest hurts something awful.
There's a wolf out front.
I can't get to my truck, he won't leave.
I skinned a deer outside
this morning, he must smell it.
Okay, it's okay.
I'll just use my SAT phone
to call someone for help.
Shit! I must've left it
in my truck as well.
- Can I use yours?
- Disconnected.
I sent the phone money to Kara
to pay for her textbooks.
But I do have a neighbour
that lets me use hers.
I can't get to the neighbour,
I can't even get to my truck.
This is Bride007.
Is anyone there? I need help!
Hello? Anyone there?
This is Orion24, everything alright?
No! I need to get
to my truck but there's
- a freaking wolf outside.
- Well, he's probably
more scared of you than you are of him.
If you make a loud noise, or
There's food outside, he won't budge.
- How you holding up?
- I've been better, Emma.
I really need to get to my truck.
We just need a way to scare him off.
You need a bear bang!
- A what?
- Sorry, no, it's
Hikers carry them. To scare off bears.
What have you got to make a flare with?
I have a lip gloss, flashlight and keys.
I need you to take apart the flashlight,
find some aluminum foil
What have you got for cleaning supplies?
Under the sink.
Well, if you think of anything, in the
long run, it's for everyone's safety.
Oh! I'll come back another time.
I was just leaving. Austen Bodie, right?
You saved William's life.
Lauren Dumont,
with the Aviation Authority.
I'll be coming by the hangar
to speak with you and your crew.
Regulatory bullshit.
Trying to figure out
what happened in the crash.
But joke's on him,
because I can't remember
what happened right before
or after the accident.
Just one more surgery
and I'm good to go.
Hey, that better be for me.
Yes, sir. Nintendo Switch.
I figured, if you're going
to sit on your ass,
we might as well work
on your Mario Kart.
Should probably work
on my physio, but
How did things go with Madison?
Oh, Boderton. What did you do?
I told Madison I was leaving Thompson.
I said I'd send her money, but
- She says I'm afraid.
- Yeah, you are.
- So are most guys.
- Dude, we were broken up.
What, are we just supposed
to get back together
- because she's pregnant?
- There's a reason
that you guys dated for so long. Right?
There was something good between you.
And if there was ever a reason
to put the effort
- into a relationship
- I can't
I can't be someone's dad, Wheezer.
Well, that horse has already
left the stable, bud.
When Lynn got pregnant
Caleb, he's the best thing
that ever happened to me.
Could be good for you too, Bodie.
What if I blow my fingers off?
You can wear gloves to the wedding.
Hey, look, I built this CB radio
from scratch.
Trust me, okay? You're just causing
a small chemical reaction
that'll make a big noise.
Totally safe.
How do you know this stuff?
I had to study Reactions Engineering
when I did my degree.
This will absolutely work.
Orion, it worked! I got to my truck.
Great to hear it, Bride.
Hey, it's okay.
Why did you do this for me?
My mom died of cancer.
I was surprised you called.
Don't read anything into it.
We needed a lift home,
and I knew you were off tonight.
You can sit in the back there.
Look, Madison and I were
broken up. When you and I
we weren't together then.
And I didn't know about
the baby until after.
I thought you should know.
Look, when you and I first met,
I just really felt like
I could talk to you.
Like we clicked.
I think it's best if we just keep things
professional between us.
Got you a sandwich from
the diner next door.
- The food in here sucks.
- Leave it.
Wouldn't want to embarrass you
in front of your coworkers.
No one here knows about my past.
I'm not that person anymore, you know?
And you can't have "Trainwreck Tyra"
making you look bad.
I don't exactly need the help.
I flashed a doctor this morning.
Hottie doctor?
Was he into it?
Practically swallowed his own tongue.
I had a job interview today,
because I got fired from my last one.
I was working for an accountant,
and I guess I was over-tired,
because the numbers they just
got all mixed up in my head.
This kind of thing's been
happening a lot lately.
I worked so hard to turn
my life around, you know?
And it's just turning to crap again.
I mean, it could be worse.
You could be Mr. Davis
in a upside-down shithouse.
Give me that.
You should've seen that
wolf's furry little face.
Take that, White Fang!
Not bad for a first time engineer.
Are you kidding?
That's gonna be my new
party trick for everything.
Wedding pyrotechnics?
For a minute there
I kind of forgot about the wedding.
Is that a bad thing?
Maybe you needed a break
from thinking about it.
It's normal to wonder, right?
Like, what if I get this wrong?
I was married. Before I came up here.
Don't get married in a barn.
What went wrong?
Where are you right now?
On a dirt road
in the middle of nowhere. Why?
Are you somewhere
where you can stop the truck?
Um, I think I've had
my fill of nature for tonight.
What if that wolf's been
following me for revenge?
It'll only take a minute, I promise.
Now, look up.
Do you see the pleiades?
It's a seven star constellation,
in the shape of a pot with a handle
Yeah, I see them.
You want to know something crazy?
I want to be an astronaut.
- Isn't that every kid's dream?
- I'm talking about now.
I want to be up there someday.
Is that nuts?
I think I get it.
When I look up at them, I feel like
There are no mistakes.
So, no matter what you do, Bride007,
you'll be exactly where
you're supposed to be.
How's that sandwich and a nap
treating you now?
Wish I'd had two. Of each.
I got you.
You know who makes a great sandwich?
Oh yeah? What's your secret?
Whoa, slow down, Camille.
A fisherman caught what?
First, I thought it was
a really big bass.
And then I thought,
maybe some driftwood?
- Never seen anything like it.
- Is it really cold enough
in the lakes already
to cause hypothermia?
It's been below zero at night.
If he was down there long enough
It was raining. It's always raining.
We'll get some heat packs on him,
warm him up slowly
on the way to Thompson.
Wonder why he just didn't
come up, if he was cold.
What was he doing down there anyway?
Alice, can you hear me? You're close.
Looking for Alice, I guess.
Hypothermia can cause confusion.
Oh no. He's having a seizure.
Camille, draw some midazolam.
Does this happen with hypothermia?
No. Neither does pruritus
It's not hypothermia,
it's decompression sickness.
The bends?
It's uncommon in shallow water.
Unless he was diving repeatedly
- too close together.
- Can you help him?
The Air Force has a hyperbaric
chamber at Winnipeg Airport.
- Let's go
- Nowak.
He needs to maintain the exact
same atmospheric pressure,
or he'll get an embolism and die.
Holding steady at 16,000.
Keeping cabin pressure at sea level.
What Where am I?
What's happening?
Easy, easy. You need to lay back.
You have the bends.
I had to keep diving
before they could figure out
what I was up to.
- What were you up to?
- I work for the dam.
They're manipulating the water
flow beyond the guidelines.
Kills the fish.
The communities rely
on the lake for food.
I was trying to get proof
And you didn't take any breaks
between dives.
I had to stop them before
it was too late to reverse
Find what you needed?
- My bag My bag!
- Hey, easy, easy. Relax.
Relax, I got it, I got it.
Here you go.
I need to call my lawyer,
the authorities.
Let's get you stable, first. Alright?
Turning on the ice lights.
We're picking up ice.
Better blow the boots.
- No good, we got runback.
- Damn it.
Tristan. Give us a sec?
Fall nights, when the temperature drops,
it's perfect for picking up ice.
We need to get out of these conditions,
which means changing altitude.
We can either climb or descend.
Climbing's safer.
If we descend and the ice
keeps building,
we might not be unable
to regain altitude.
If the ice doesn't come off,
and we keep losing lift,
it could drive us into the ground.
If the cabin pressure drops, more
nitrogen can release
into Mark's tissues,
he could have an embolism and die.
Climbing is not an option.
Looks like we're going down.
Nothing to worry about.
The pilots have everything
under control.
I can barely maintain 6,000.
Set max continuous power.
Max continuous power set.
The ice isn't shedding.
- Our speed's dropping.
- Might have to firewall
the throttle, I can't maintain airspeed.
I'll radio Winnipeg,
let them know we're descending
another 2,000 feet. Maybe
that'll keep us from stalling.
We can't keep descending.
We need to either land,
or find a way to shed the ice. Fast.
- Thompson?
- We need something closer.
Bear River.
We'll do a low approach,
try and shed it.
If it works, we carry on to Winnipeg.
- If not, we have to land.
- If we land,
we'll have to de-ice manually.
Bear River's a ghost town,
we might be stuck there
for hours. The patient doesn't
have that long.
We either take the risk, or we crash.
- Gear?
- Down, three green.
- Brakes?
- Checked.
- Props?
- Full forward.
Come on, come on
Yes! I see it, it's coming off.
Airspeed's coming up, we can climb.
Next stop, Winnipeg.
Nice work, Nowak.
Hey Trainwreck,
still take your coffee
with four sugars, right?
What God damn time is this?
Shift worker time.
But I brought you
some real coffee from home.
Can you get the lights, Flip?
Weenuk, the lights are on!
- What?
- The lights are on.
What do you mean?
I can't see.
Oh God, Crystal, I can't see!
Trevor? Hey, Dr. Trevor!
Tyra Makokis came in with an injury
from falling off a step.
She said she reached
for the handrail, but couldn't catch it.
That's not normal for a 25-year-old.
She's been clumsy lately, lost her job,
struggling to keep track
of information
Weakness, cognitive changes,
vision loss.
I think Tyra has MS.
Not a lot of people would go
to MS in an Indigenous patient.
Let's order a lumbar puncture
to look for oligoclonal bands
and see if there's evidence
of lesions on that MRI.
Good instinct, Crystal.
Good would have been
if I'd clued in yesterday
and ordered an LP when she was
telling me all this stuff.
Hey. MS can take years
to be properly diagnosed.
If you caught it this early,
Tyra will be able to get
the treatment she needs.
That's a very good thing, Crystal.
Come on, baby, come to papa.
One shot of your fine ass is
going to pay for this whole trip.
Oh, my God!
- What do you got?
- Sera Makasis, 38.
We haven't moved her, she's been
in and out of consciousness.
She's our Kindergarten teacher,
a good woman.
Sera, can you hear me?
Unconscious. Head injury,
possible spinal injury
or internal bleeding,
depending what's happening
under this vehicle.
We need to get her out of here, now!
I need a board and a C-collar, now!
When I say pull, go. Got it?
Alright, on my count, lift the ATV.
Three, two, one.
Alright, let's strap her
and get out of here.
Hey! Guess who's got two eyes
and can see you look like shit?
This girl. My vision came back!
That's great, Ty.
So, when do I go to Winnipeg?
Think they'll throw in free
boobs with the nose job?
We might have to hold off on that.
What's wrong?
The doctor will be in soon to explain.
Don't hide behind that
bougie bullshit, Flip.
If there's something wrong
with me, you tell me.
We took a look at your
spinal fluid and brain imaging.
Between that and the symptoms
you told me about
We think you have
Multiple Sclerosis, Tyra.
You'll have to see
a specialist to confirm.
Hey, hey. I know that sounds scary.
But we caught it early.
And with the right treatment, most
of your symptoms can be managed.
I thought
that it was me.
I was Trainwreck Tyra for so long.
And I worked so hard to get past that.
But when all this bad stuff
started happening,
I was terrified I'd gone back
to being her again.
A trainwreck.
We'll send you home on a schedevac
until we get you in to see
a neurologist in Winnipeg
about the best treatment plan
for your MS.
We can do the nose
and the brain in one go.
Is it weird I'm
relieved and scared?
Be weirder if you weren't, chisk.
I'll pick you up myself to go
to Winnipeg.
Maybe we can both get new boobs.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Do you speak any English?
Let's see here
Hey, hey.
Can you point to it?
So that Jeremy guy Tyra mentioned,
he's not taking you out
to dinner tonight, is he?
Shuy. Jeremy's more like
the problem you pay
someone else to take out.
He's ancient history.
So I can take you to dinner then.
You know what? I have a better idea.
I'll take you to dinner.
But I expect you to put out.
With a good reference letter.
You're applying to med school?
What made you change your mind?
I didn't want to leave
my community again.
But I realized
I can do this for them.
- Hello?
- Hey, Dad.
Hayley, I've been trying
to get in touch with you.
The oncologist's office
in Winnipeg called.
They said you missed your appointment?
Um Yeah.
Do you remember Mom's apple pie?
What do you think she put
in it, was it nutmeg?
You can't keep putting this off, Hayley.
You have the BRCA1 gene.
Why can't we ever just talk
about her, Dad?
Why does it always have to be
about the cancer?
If your mom had known,
if she'd had access to the kind
of early intervention you do,
it would've made all the difference.
Gotta go, Dad. Call just came in.
- Smell ya later, Flipper.
- Tell your mom I said hi.
- I will!
- Crystal, 27-year-old woman,
rolled an ATV down into
a riverbank and was pinned.
Head injury, possible internal bleeding.
She keeps trying to tell me something,
but it's not the language guide.
Whatever it is, it's important.
She's asking for her son.
She wants someone to bring
him from home?
No, she says he was on the ATV with her.
You didn't know?
There was no else in the area,
we just assumed
Oh god. There's a kid out there alone?
This is Tyra, 25, recently
diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
She has a broken nose,
waiting for swelling to reduce
before taking her to Winnipeg
for a nasal fracture reduction
and appointment with a neurologist.
Oof. You've had a busy
couple days, huh Tyra?
Yeah. It was a real rager.
I heard you were busy too.
One of the other nurses said
you ran into a wolf last night?
Oh yeah. It was crazy, this wolf
just would not go away.
Wait. That was you?
It's an FOA. There's a missing
child at Black Tree.
We've got to go.
We're looking for a seven-
year-old boy, Ian Makasis.
He's been missing
for at least four hours.
We've mapped out a grid search
over an area of five square kilometers.
What happened?
There was an accident.
We medevac'd the mom, but
We didn't know.
There was no sign of a kid.
Fan out in pairs, but stay within sight
of the next closest pair.
We don't need anybody else getting lost.
Yeah, let's go.
It's been hours.
It'll be dark soon
That's one hell of a current.
Rain would've made it worse.
Medic! Someone fainted! Over here!
I'll check to make sure he's okay.
Ian? Ian!
Uh, do you speak English?
My mom's hurt.
I know. We took her to the hospital.
We didn't know you were lost out here.
- Are you hurt?
- I wasn't lost.
I was following the river,
like my mom said.
Is she okay?
Why don't I take you to her?
You look pretty glum for
someone eating an entire pie.
I've been trying to make
this pie my whole life.
But it's never going to taste
like how my mom made it.
I'm just missing her today.
Calls with kids are hard.
You pick up some homework?
Uh, Crystal hooked me up.
Trying to learn
some of the language so
no one else gets lost.
Hey, Trevor.
Kind of formal for a house call.
You going to court?
Here for our date.
I thought I was taking you out.
You can. Next time.
But if this is gonna be our first date,
you gotta let a guy bring his A game.
What about my A game plans?
How am I gonna top
I'm guessing funeral.
The nearest concert hall
is some 8-hour drive away, so
What's your Wi-Fi like?
Is that a tear?
Crystal Highway are you crying?
I was.
My people aren't ashamed to cry.
It's healthy, and beautiful.
Oh, for sure. I cry all the time.
I had actually had a little cry
on the way over.
Thinking about your poor
grade 10 teacher.
You know, I was going to pull the old
"Are you cold? Here's my jacket"
move, but uh
this is way better.
Is the jacket still an option?
You know, I was worried
you might think the symphony
was kind of pretentious.
But my grandpa used to take me
to matinees when I was a kid.
It's beautiful.
I'm glad you like it.
Company's okay too.
You've been blowing up
my phone all night.
- I'm here, what do you want?
- Come inside.
Please, it'll only take a few minutes.
This place just came up for rent.
You have to look past the paint,
I know you don't like grey walls. But
There's a good size kitchen.
I mean, imagine the meals
we could make in here.
If you don't like anything,
we can change it.
The bathroom floor has linoleum,
but a nice big tub, like you like.
The main bedroom's right next door,
and here
You were right.
I broke up with you because
I was scared.
And you aren't, now?
I'm terrified.
The only thing I've ever
known about my birth parents
is that they never wanted me.
And I never want my kid to feel that.
Not know who they are.
You were right, Mads.
We can do this.
So please
forgive me?
You're lucky we can change the paint.
We're going to be a family, Bodie.
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