SkyMed (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Where There's Smoke

Oh, whoa, whoa,
when did that start happening?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Lauren Dumont with
the Aviation Authority.
I'll be coming by the hangar
to speak with you and your crew.
I kind of forgot about the wedding.
Maybe you needed a break
from thinking about it.
- Wait, that was you?
- Orion 24?
Why did you do this for me?
My mom died of cancer.
I'll take you to dinner,
but I'll expect you to put out
- with a good reference letter.
- You're applying to med school?
The only thing I've ever known
about my birth parents
is that they never wanted me.
And I never want my kid to feel that.
We're gonna be a family, Bodie.
The smoke
It's so ominous.
Wildfire Season happens
like clockwork now.
The sky's dramatic,
but the fires are still way off.
Going once, going twice. Madison?
No, I can't. Baby on board!
Right, sorry. I keep forgetting. Bodes?
Best part of wildfire season
is the planes.
Hey, you see the 215s
on the ramp yesterday?
Ugh, water bomber talk.
Pizza and wings from the Lion?
I'll call it in.
Yeah. No wimping out
on peppers this time.
- Alright
- See you tomorrow, Bodes.
Hey, so I think I might go
visit my grandparents this week.
From this day forward,
for better and for worse,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish,
till death do us part.
I, Petra, take you
Sorry. Um.
I, uh I can't.
I'm sorry, I just can't.
Petra, wait!
I tried, Glen. I really tried, but
Have you had stomach issues recently?
Um, I've been taking a lot of antacids.
- How many a day?
- Two
- bottles.
- A day?!
I think you may have a perforated ulcer.
I'll monitor your vitals to make
sure you don't go into shock,
and we'll get you
to the hospital for surgery.
I knew it wasn't right.
Glen's just not the right one,
but everything was arranged,
and all those deposits
Nothing good comes from
bottling up your feelings.
They always find their way out somehow.
Not if you're Polish.
Hey Kookoo, just checking in,
see how smoky it was up there.
Let me know if you need
anything, 'kay? Kisâkihitin.
Hey, there you are.
Patient needs to be intubated.
I want you to observe.
Thought you might like
a preview of med school.
And to show me how cool you are?
I used to work with a doc
who was scared to do these,
because if you screw 'em up
- He'd always page RT instead.
- Just takes practice.
See, take the laryngoscope
and you insert the blade.
Use the bracket to push
the tongue out of the way.
Now inch your way down
until you see the epiglottis.
That's the tricky part.
Carefully lift the epiglottis
out of the way.
Blade goes into the vallecula.
And I insert the ET tube.
Now attach the BVM.
Just that easy, huh?
Ooh, no, not at first.
But if you want to start practicing now.
Can you get your hands on a dummy?
Got a house full of 'em.
Hey, Emma. You there?
What's the sky doing in North House?
You know, just checking for visibility.
Yeah, um, it's kind
of an apocalyptic pink?
It's my first real wildfire
season here, so
I'm a little bit nervous.
It's scary the first time.
But the reports say the fires
are headed away from you.
Hey, it's really good to hear
your voice.
Um because I was wondering
if you were you the crew that
- picked up the runaway bride?
- Uh. No, no, that was 922.
Right. I was wondering if she might be
willing to sell her
dress for a discount.
Heh Right.
- Uh, gotta go, Ryan.
- I need an enema kit.
Hey, Isabelle. You okay?
Do you need medical attention?
I don't need your "medicine".
That stuff doesn't work.
I just need an enema kit
to clean out my dog's ears.
Let me see.
A lot of fuss for cheap embroidery.
In my day, weddings were simple.
Divorce too. A man came home to
find his shoes waiting outside.
Pfft, he knew.
Well, I can't spare an enema kit
for a dog, but would these work?
Hey, Tansi!
I got you something special.
Why'd you waste your money on this?
So the dog stops stealing
your bannock, Auntie.
Awas, you. Drive me home.
Let's get a bomber up to Bear River.
And we need somewhere
to park this pumper.
I don't care where you put it,
just get it off my runway.
God damn it. Every year,
we're overrun by nozzle jockeys,
strutting around,
taking up hangar space.
Fighting wildfires, saving lives?
Whatever. Look. Av's doing
interviews about Wheezer's crash
at North House today.
You're gonna do the smart thing, right?
Help us both out.
Brad, you doubled the cargo.
You didn't care the straps
weren't secure.
And you walked away
without telling anyone.
It's just as much your fault
as much as mine, Lexi.
Which is why you're going to say
that you loaded the cargo like normal,
and the straps were fine.
Because if you don't,
we are both going down.
I'll risk it. If I get fired,
I'll go somewhere else.
Oh yeah? Where? Portage, Spruce?
Mountain Air.
I know guys at all those places,
and they're not gonna want to hire
a pilot who won't have their back.
So if you ever want to fly again
be smart.
Captain Austen Bodie, this is Aviation
Authority Representative Edwards.
Part of the team investigating
William's crash.
Captain Bodie, pleasure to
meet you. Sit down.
I understand that you
and your colleagues
got William out of the plane
before it caught on fire. Well done.
He'd have done the same for me.
You're close with William Heaseman?
He's like a brother to me.
He trained me, did my Line Indoc.
And did you see him in the
12-hours leading up to the crash?
Yeah, the night before,
we stayed up late, we talked.
And did you witness William
consume any alcohol
or narcotics during that 12-hour period?
- What? Of course not.
- You're sure?
Wheezer wouldn't do that.
He's a good pilot
I just need to understand
if there's any way
that he might have been impaired.
No way. When it comes to
flying, Wheezer's by the book.
His barbecuing, on the other hand
Sorry. That was inappropriate.
When you arrived at the scene,
what did you observe?
O-GHR9 had gone off the west
side of the runway.
The electrics were still running,
and there was a ruptured fuel line.
And what about Captain Heasemen?
He was pinned against the control panel,
so we had to remove several
boxes so I could
get him in a collar
and out of the plane.
Now, why did you have to remove boxes?
The cargo had all come loose
and slid forward into the cockpit.
So would you say then that it looked
like the cargo was not properly secured?
Care to elaborate?
I understand you loaded the cargo.
That's right. I loaded
the Caravan as per usual.
And the cargo was within limits?
- Yes.
- And were you able
to secure the cargo using
the appropriate tie downs?
Yes. The load was properly
strapped down last I saw it.
Sorry to interrupt. Constable
Jennifer Lee, Northern Police.
I thought this was an Aviation
Authority investigation.
Just sitting in.
You were saying
that the cargo you loaded
was securely fastened using
appropriate tie downs, correct?
- Yes, I
- Ms. Martine,
did you confirm the cargo
matched the manifest?
It's standard practice to cross-check
all cargo with the manifest.
But did you personally
confirm that the cargo
on PAF O-GHR9 matched the manifest?
Yes. They matched.
What can you tell me about this?
They taste good with rice?
We found about a dozen cans of
baked beans at the crash site.
Funny thing. Guess
what's not on the manifest?
Baked beans.
How do you explain that, Ms. Martine?
No idea. What I loaded
matched the manifest.
That's your official statement?
Hey. You okay?
Yeah. Just low blood sugar.
Never skip lunch.
My focus was on Wheezer's
Sorry, William's potential
spinal injury.
Was Jeremy Wood
at the airstrip that day?
There were a lot of volunteers
from the community.
And was Jeremy Wood one of them?
Yeah, yes.
I'm sorry, what does this have
to do with the crash?
Ms. Roberts, when you arrived
at the North House airstrip
Um, Wheezer was conscious,
but disoriented.
Nurse Highway assessed his injuries
while I assembled a staging area.
Um, sorry, I'm on duty,
I have a medevac.
We'll call if there's anything else.
22-year-old woman, thrown from
a horse. Appaloosa, I believe.
Beautiful animal.
No signs of internal
bleeding or concussion,
she was wearing a helmet.
Needs to go to Thompson for imaging.
Patient is 20 weeks pregnant.
She'll need an ultrasound to confirm
no fetal or placental injury.
Please. Just don't tell Bodie.
It's still safe to be flying
in this? I can smell the smoke.
It drifts pretty far.
But Chopper says the fires feel
closer than they are.
Kind of late for me to be
worrying about safety now, huh?
I can't believe I was so stupid.
Have you always ridden?
Yeah, since I was 10.
It's my grandpa's horse.
I've known him for years, but
I haven't been on for a while.
I guess I've just been so busy
with work, and Bodie, and
I guess I just
Everything's been changing so fast,
I just wanted something that
felt normal again, you know?
You're allowed to want normal, Madison.
But what if I hurt the baby?
Let's take it one step at a time, okay?
I know you didn't know.
About me or
this when you and Bodie
I, uh I wouldn't have
I know.
If it wasn't for this, I
I don't think Bodie and
I would still be together.
It doesn't even really feel like
we're dating anymore.
It just feels like
we're playing house, or
like, putting on a show.
If I lose the baby, I
Let's Let's wait for the ultrasound.
One step at a time, right?
Does Bodie know?
We have to tell him. That's his baby.
Madison is the patient. And
she has the right to confidentiality.
Who she calls, or doesn't,
that's up to her.
22-year-old woman, 20 weeks pregnant,
suffered a fall from a horse.
Vitals stable during flight.
Wait! Come with me.
Madison, I'm supposed to
transfer care
Please. I don't want to be alone.
I have a heartbeat. That's a good sign.
I'm gonna call Bodie
now that we know it's okay.
Okay, thanks for letting me know.
- Hey. Heard about Madison.
- Look, I know, okay?
Bodie's your friend, you don't think
it was right to keep him in the dark.
You protected your patient. Good work.
Have you had your interview
with Aviation Authority yet?
No, I had practicum today.
I'll go in tomorrow before I head
up to North House for my day off.
Okay, well, you should know
that the police are sitting in,
and they're asking a lot of questions.
They asked me about Jeremy.
Don't worry.
I didn't mention anything about
the night you sewed him up.
Okay, is it just me,
or is this place full of?
There's a reason we call
wildfire time Snagging Season.
Oh, yeah.
Everything alright?
How small is the aviation industry?
Could one person torch your career?
Before you came up here,
we had this guy, Rossi.
Liked to sleep with people's
including his captain's.
No one would fly with him after that.
So he just decided he'd drive
to the next town,
get hired there.
Last I heard, he's still driving.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You made it!
- How's Madison?
- Good. She was in good hands.
Does anybody need a drink?
So, what do we know about Transport?
Still doing interviews tomorrow.
And I kinda felt like they were
trying to pin this on Wheezer.
I'm sure they'll find whatever,
or whoever, caused this crash.
No, if someone's to blame for
hurting Wheezer, their ass is mine.
Two years. That's a long time
to be up here.
Yeah. It's starting to feel like home.
Are there any good hikes around here?
You like a casual stroll,
or something that takes a little
more effort?
I don't mind working for it.
You see, back in cadets, Nowak
used to know all the good hikes.
These days, he's pretty much useless.
I don't hike because
I only have time for my job
and my other job.
I still can't believe you guys
are friends. I mean,
Eric's so charming. And you're Nowak.
Don't let that stern Polish
brunch daddy vibe fool you.
When I first started boot camp,
I hated it.
I couldn't do any of the drills,
and all the other guys wanted
to kick my ass.
Except Nowak.
He used to get up at dawn every day
to help me practice until I got it down.
Still less painful than
watching you drop your rifle
every five minutes. On my toes.
And that's my mom.
She, uh, worries.
I'll catch up with you later?
You better.
- So what's his deal?
- Don't waste your time.
Why? Is he straight?
No. He's just not for you.
What's that supposed to mean?
Hey, I decide who's for me.
It was clear the patient had
a spinal injury,
and I did everything I could to
keep Wheezer conscious and talking.
And what was Jeremy Wood doing?
- Helping to get Wheezer out.
- By moving cargo?
Everyone was moving cargo.
There was imminent danger of fire.
And can you describe the boxes
Jeremy removed from the Caravan?
What they looked like, what was in them?
What happened to them after the crash?
Wind's turned, fires are on the move.
We're getting dropped in
to hold the line,
but North House needs to be
evacuated as soon as possible.
- That's my community.
- Go.
We got everyone?
One unaccounted for, I'll go get her.
This is the last plane for North House,
then we're moving on to Deep Lake.
We've got hundreds of people
to evacuate, we can't stall.
I'll bring her to the airstrip.
Isabelle, North House
is being evacuated.
I know.
So we need to get going.
The plane's waiting.
I'm looking for my dog.
The fires are moving fast.
If we're not there,
they'll move on to Deep Lake.
You go. I'm not leaving
without Buttercup.
I usually find her hiding here,
after she steals the fish guts.
Isabelle, we really need
to get to the airstrip now.
I spoiled the damn thing.
She can't take care of herself out here.
I'm sure she'll be fine.
When you come back
She was my husband's dog.
Roy's spirit still visits me,
and if I don't take care
of his dog, he'll give me shit.
No, no, no. They can't go yet. Wait!
Wait, stop! We're still here!
Oh! You're gonna need
some bear grease on that.
That's beautiful.
I always wished I could be more
Why can't you?
That'll help with healing.
And I'll get the tea for the pain.
Isabelle, how are we getting
out of here?
The fires are headed in this direction.
Holeh, settle down. When
it's time, we'll go by boat.
You have a boat?
You didn't think there was only
one way out of here, did you?
Well, okay, great. Let's go.
I need to find Buttercup.
You love your husband very much.
Once in a while,
some old man will come around
and try to shack up.
I never one time wanted
to leave Roy's shoes outside.
How did you know he was the one?
Love isn't like that.
There isn't a "one".
You choose someone to be with,
and then you're together
as long as it works,
until you're not.
How do you know if it works?
My kookum always told me,
"Don't listen to your heart.
Your heart can be confused."
And don't listen to your head,
your head can be fooled.
Listen to your spirit.
"Spirit always knows."
What does your spirit tell you?
That we have to find Buttercup.
How's your COPD been
with all this smoke, Wayne?
It's crap. He's been wheezing a lot.
Well, you keep an eye on him, okay?
Let me know if it gets any worse.
Maskwa, astam.
Want to pass out these
sandwiches out? Thanks, man.
I'm always saying I
want to see my aunties
and uncles more, but not like this.
Yeah. Wildfires never used to happen
when we did controlled burns.
But what do our people know?
How close are they to North House?
Too close.
They only get one bag.
If the community burns, then
Hey, have you seen Emma?
No, I'm the only nurse here.
She was supposed to be on the
last flight out of North House,
but it just landed.
You, uh, haven't heard from
her at all, have you?
Okay, we can fit eight,
so let's keep it coming!
Hopefully, we can have you back
in Deep Lake soon.
Alright, there you go.
Here, watch your head, okay?
Keep on coming, keep on coming.
- Everything okay?
- You came back.
You're Jolene's son.
You look just like her.
Sorry. Guess I have a familiar face.
Uh, we've got people
to board still, so
Uh Bags on the plane.
Walk around the back to get on.
Crystal! Uncle Wayne, he can't breathe.
I called 911, but with the fires, I
Just get here, okay?
He's cyanotic. There's
no time. Get him on his back.
Okay, hold this over his mouth,
20 breaths per minute.
- No
- Yes.
Wayne, I'm going to put
a tube in to help you breathe.
Okay, hold his head still. Yeah.
Here, yeah.
Okay, now hold this.
- Is he going to be okay?
- The tube's in.
Get him on Norepi, run an ABG.
- Did you intubate this man?
- Yes.
You're not certified, Crystal.
You haven't been trained.
- I know.
- You could lose your license.
I couldn't just let him die.
- Are you going to report me?
- You're lucky it worked.
I saw something run this way. Buttercup!
Buttercup? Come here!
Is that her?
She won't move
Probably spooked by the smoke.
Do you have any bannock?
Oh, of course
Come on, you little thief.
Yeah, good girl!
- That's my girl.
- Good girl, good girl.
Is this safe?
Keep a grip, she hates water.
We'll go down-river, away from the fire.
The last plane left hours ago.
- Emma?
- Chopper!
Thanks, Chopper.
And they all laughed
when I did my Float Rating.
You guys okay?
No. I need help getting on the plane.
Ooh I'm taken, but I have
a granddaughter who's available!
Hoses off! It's spreading too fast!
At this rate, we could
lose North House and Deep Lake.
We need a control line,
box it into the river!
Start laying retardant
20 feet from the tree line.
All of this all needs to be cleared.
Eric, you're with me on explosives.
Gotta clear anything that can burn
before the fire gets here.
I'll lay a line of C4 while you
roll out the deck cord.
Line set.
Careful opening the circuit.
Any stray spark or static
electricity can set it off.
Phones and radios off.
Back away slowly.
Eric! Eric!
He had his phone
in his pocket. When it rang,
it created enough static
electricity to set off the charges.
He pushed me out of the way.
Okay, he's alive.
We have to cool him down,
his skin is still burning.
I'll get more saline from the truck.
Novak, help me cover his burns.
You I never gave you my number.
But you're here?
Yep. Gotta say, Eric,
shitty spot for a hike.
Okay, you're going to be okay.
We'll cool you down,
get some fluids into you.
- Time to get you out of here.
- No, no! I can't leave.
Eric, you're severely burned,
you need treatment.
I can't leave my team.
You're a liability, soldier.
You need to get out of the way
so the team can finish the job.
You get everyone out of North House?
Wheezer, what are you doing here?
All hands on deck, right?
Don't need a good back to help
out in Dispatch.
Just a couple of ice packs.
Lynn's family, they're from North House.
They're my family too.
Well, we got them all out.
We're evacuating Deep Lake now,
then we're on to Black Tree.
Don't let me stop you from being a hero.
Good work, Lexi.
You hear about this bullshit
with his crash?
- No, what?
- Aviation Authority's
gonna hang it all on Wheezer.
"Pilot error."
- They can't do that.
- They'll pull his license.
He may never fly again.
But it's not his fault.
I need to amend my statement.
In the interview,
I didn't tell the truth.
But you need to know the crash
wasn't Wheezer's fault.
The plane was overloaded.
Brad told me to double the load
on the sched,
but there was no way to secure
it properly with the tie downs,
so I refused.
I thought I was doing the right
thing, walking off the job,
but That's all I did.
I knew it wasn't safe,
and I just walked away.
I should have reported it.
Instead, I let it happen.
I see.
I know you'll probably
fire me. I accept that.
What made you come forward now?
Wheezer is a good pilot, sir.
He's a good person.
When any of us put on our gold bars,
it doesn't just mean we know
how to fly a plane,
or that we put in our time
on the ramp to get to a cockpit.
It means we will put the safety
of everyone in the plane first.
It means we have integrity.
Even if you took my bars away now
I don't think I would've
been able to put
them on again anyway,
if I hadn't told you.
That'll be all, Martine.
- Hey!
- Kookum!
Isabelle is your grandmother?
Yeah. We can never get her
to evacuate by plane.
The first time she was on one was
when she was stolen from her parents
and forced to a residential school.
Well, come on! If you're
serious about beading.
The fire changed direction.
North House is safe!
You're obsessed with me.
We had to see how you're doing
after the surgery.
Well, I had to see.
Nowak's here for your pudding.
- Thanks for the tough love.
- Any time.
Did the line hold?
Long enough for the fire
to change directions.
You saved North House.
Scars are sexy, right?
Oh, yeah, totally.
Especially that one right
there, kinda
looks like Italy.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
You can ease up on
the daggers, I get it now.
Eric's a literal hero.
That's why you think
I'm not good enough for him.
- I didn't say that.
- Jesus. Really, Nowak?
You've been pretty clear
you don't want me to date him.
He's not good enough for you.
There's PJs in the top drawer,
and a toothbrush.
Thanks for letting me crash
here, by the way.
Hey, it's the least I could do,
after what you did for Kookoo.
How long until people
can go back to North House?
They'll start organizing flights back up
now that Fire's cleared it,
but it can take a while,
and a lot of people
want to get home sooner.
But you're welcome to stay here
as long as you want.
- Hello?
- Hey, it's me.
Oh, hey! I didn't recognize the number.
Oh, the internet's out, Dev.
We've had some really crazy wildfires.
North House actually had
to be evacuated,
so I'm crashing in Thompson for a bit.
Oh, wow. But you're good?
Honestly, it was kind of amazing.
There was this woman
and she didn't want to leave,
but then after, I got invited
to sit with some of the women,
and now they're teaching me how to bead!
Beading, like making earrings?
What are you going to do, start an Etsy?
I should let you go,
you're going to be late.
Glad you're safe. Love you, Em.
Love you too.
You're not going home?
I didn't want to wake Madison.
She needs sleep.
Hey, that guy, when we were
evacuating Deep Lake,
he mentioned something about your mom?
Jolene, is that?
I'm sorry, that's none of my business.
My dad was Jamaican.
My mom was from Deep Lake.
That's all I know about
my birth parents.
That, and my mom gave me up
the day after I was born.
So, when I was looking
for places to up my hours,
and I realized Poplar Air was up
here in Thompson, I figured
Dumb, right?
Did you find her?
The band office tried to help,
but I didn't even know her name.
Today's the first time
I've heard it. And
now that I know, I'm not even sure
what I'm supposed to do with that.
I can't be like them,
abandoning their child.
You should go home, Bodie.
Madison needs you.
And, uh You know, maybe
take her out on a date sometime.
Have you slept?
I heard med school can be tiring.
Might as well get used to it.
And I wanted to check on Wayne.
He's stable. You saved his life.
Look, I know I overstepped.
You did. But I'm partly
also responsible.
I showed you how to intubate.
I forget sometimes that
you're not in med school yet.
- I like that you're pushing me.
- It's not because I like you.
Good to know.
I do care about you, Crystal.
But the reason I push you
is because you're incredibly talented.
Ms. Highway?
I'm sorry we didn't get
the chance to talk yesterday.
I was hoping you could spare
me a few minutes now.
- It's not a great time.
- Just a few questions.
You and Jeremy Wood grew up together.
- Would you say you were close?
- I wouldn't. Not anymore.
Hmm. I understand you're
studying to be a nurse practitioner.
So you'll be able to write
prescriptions soon?
What's this got to do with the crash?
I know what Jeremy is doing,
what he's bringing up here.
Okay, yeah. He brings things
into the community.
- Alcohol is not illegal.
- Dealing Oxy is.
Call me if you think of anything
that might be relevant.
Jesus, Jeremy.
- Man, you leaving?
- You just missed Pierce.
Guess who's not responsible
for the crash?
No shit.
Yeah, the plane was overloaded,
the cargo straps weren't
secured properly.
Poplar Air, they're gonna
take a hit on a load fine,
- but it's no pilot error.
- I knew it!
I knew they couldn't keep
a good driver down.
- When are you back?
- Soon as I ditch the sticks.
Just figured I should probably
re-stake my claim
before some dumb greenhorn
tries to scoop it.
Hey, would you look at that?
That's my lucky sock.
I didn't know you had a lucky sock.
Well, anything I wasn't
wearing during the crash
is lucky.
Glad to have you back, man. It, um
It wasn't the same without you
around here.
You miss it?
I'm just glad to be home with
Lynn and the kids.
I used to think that flying was my life.
But I think there's more important
things to live for, you know?
There's the head,
and here are the baby's feet.
They're huge.
I'm sure they get that from you.
That's our baby.
I couldn't let them hang it on Wheezer.
Yeah, sure, you, uh
did what you had to do.
Yeah. And I'm keeping my job.
Cool. So am I.
Two-week suspension.
With pay.
Turns out it's real hard to find
good Lead Hands around here.
See ya around!
- Get some sleep?
- Barely.
You know, I don't think I'll
ever get used to shift work.
What are you working on?
Some women from North House
are teaching me.
I know, it's, um
It's a little bit rough.
Yeah, that is not good.
It's pretty cool
you're learning, though.
That's a big deal, getting
included in something like that.
I'm sorry. I can't be doing
this. I have a fiancé.
Right. Yeah, yeah, of course.
Oh crap.
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