SkyMed (2022) s01e05 Episode Script


You should go home, Bodie.
Madison needs you.
That's our baby.
You doubled the cargo.
You didn't care the straps
weren't secure.
And you walked away
without telling anyone.
I know what Jeremy is doing,
what he's bringing up here.
- Alcohol is not illegal.
- Dealing Oxy is.
I'm sorry, I can't be
doing this, I have a fiancé.
You've reached Devon.
Please leave a message.
Are you leaving?
I thought we could
grab some dinner, you know, to talk.
Chopper, I'm engaged, remember?
Emma, come on.
Don't you think that there's
something here
with us?
This was a mistake, Chopper.
I'm sorry.
I'm so glad we're doing this.
I've been wanting to eat here forever.
Well, we never really had
a chance to celebrate.
The tadpole?
I wanna do things right this time, Mads.
You know, ginger ale all around,
you know, bring the bottle to the table,
on ice, the whole shebang.
It's gonna be amazing.
We'll need a deposit
on your credit card first.
What do you mean?
We haven't even ordered yet.
We haven't even sat down.
And, if you pay for your meal now,
we can seat you. It's restaurant policy.
Are you serious?!
Screw your policy!
God, they just expect
everything for free, don't they?
- Bodie, for two!
- No.
Uh, what are you doing?
Wait, what just happened?
Why are you leaving?
They won't serve Indigenous people.
They didn't say they wouldn't
serve them, did they?
I mean, I don't know,
it all happened so fast.
Madison, I told you,
my Mom's from Deep Lake.
I'm Indigenous too.
Well, I didn't think of it like that.
So, you forgot?
You're just Bodie to me.
We can go somewhere else.
I lost my appetite.
Where are you going?
Uh, back to my room.
I'll let you get some rest
in case we get a call.
Mm, rest is overrated.
You're the one who said
it was an amateur move
to let a one night stand
spend the night, right?
I mean,
uh, y-you're great,
but we don't really know each other
and we barely even speak
to each other outside of work.
So let's talk now.
What do you want to talk about?
How about the sci-fi book
I've seen you read
like three times?
Or the country music
you like to hum, or
Nowak, I
I-I don't really do this.
Why let someone in now?
What does that mean?
I don't know, you're the guy
that everyone likes and no one knows.
And you're an open book.
Who's Darius?
You had a dream, sounded intense.
You may as well have
shot me in the heart.
Honestly, gun shot blast
to the glute is a lot better.
You lost a fair amount of blood
but you're stable.
All I wanted was a quiet night
alone at the cabin by myself.
After you said you were going
to a woman's business
conference. You lied!
Yeah, you followed me.
How could you even think I was cheating?
Because you lied!
Sometimes I just need some
alone time. Is that a crime?
Uh, shooting your husband might be.
How was I supposed to know
that he was gonna show up
at the cabin, in the dark,
and try to break in?
It was an old shotgun,
I was just gonna use it
to scare away whoever it was.
I didn't even think it was loaded.
What was I supposed to do?
She's so secretive,
she's got so many walls.
So you literally broke in?
I changed my mind, I'm with you, girl.
You wouldn't be if you knew
about her girls trip to Vegas.
There were Chippendales.
Okay, Robert.
Time to top off your pain medication.
Get some sleep, huh?
Lordy, Lordy.
Hey, Lex. How's the weather up there?
All blue skies today, Dubs.
Not quite so sunny down here?
Man, I see pallets
and manifests in my dreams now.
Hang in there.
You'll go flightline soon.
Yo, Dubs,
make sure this gets on that 420
up to North House, okay?
I didn't see it on the manifest.
Forget the manifest.
This was supposed to be
on the last sched
but it got overlooked, so,
it's going up now, understand?
Yeah, alright.
Don't question me, rook.
Hey. You don't have to listen
to him if you don't want to.
You don't have to do anything unsafe.
I lost a lot of sleep
keeping quiet about this kind
of crap from Brad once before.
Yeah, I don't have any bars here, Lex.
So I just gotta put
in my time on the ramp
if I wanna go flightline,
and that means just staying on
dickhead's good side.
No, I'm not gonna change my mind.
I'm not doing this.
You think you get a choice here, huh?!
Do you know who you're messing with?
Do you know who these guys are?
Don't be an idiot.
Do your job!
Does it owe you money or are
you just showing it who's boss?
Worried I named it after you?
No, no, no. I know you love me.
And survival training.
Thinking about skipping this year,
maybe go spend some time
in North House instead.
Is everything alright?
Is it Isabelle?
What's that little punk up to now?
- Smuggling Oxy.
- No!
No way.
Officer Lee told me.
Come on, Crys
She's just trying to rattle you.
Everyone knows that aviation authority
was trying to pin that crash on me.
She told me after
the investigation was closed.
if he's bringing this shit
into the community
- Into our home
- Look, I don't know
what Lee is angling at
But I know Jer.
You guys have history,
but that's not him.
Someday, you might want
to think about forgiving him.
We're all idiots when we're young.
Got a call, gotta go.
Is it weird that I think
that you doing survival training
is kind of hot?
Maybe misinformed?
We're gonna be freezing our butts off.
Warm you up when you get back.
Patient is a 25-year-old male,
hit by an unknown vehicle
that fled the scene.
Northern Police are waiting
to talk to him.
What's his condition?
Pressure's stable,
but there's a lot of abdominal swelling.
I don't see evidence of internal bleed,
but I wanna send him
to Winnipeg for a C
and exploratory lap
in case things go south.
- Jeremy?
- Dang, Crys.
If I knew you'd be my nurse,
I would've got hit sooner.
So this is the famous Jeremy, huh?
A witness saw a dark-coloured truck
speed away from the intersection
after you were hit.
Yeah, it was a truck.
For sure.
Or, I'm sorry, it might have been a van.
Sorry, it was a van.
No, you know what?
It was definitely a golf cart.
Sorry, it was a golf cart.
Write that down.
You really wanna do this?
Do what?
Deal with the consequences
of lying to a cop.
Guess we'll have to wait, constable.
There's a medevac waiting
to take this patient to Winnipeg.
Someone's running contraband
up to the communities.
And we both know who it is.
Just like we both know
the kind of message a hit
like this was supposed to send.
These people are out
for your blood, Wood.
But if you tell me what
you know, I can protect you.
This is my patient, constable.
He needs urgent medical care in Winnipeg
and I won't let you put him in jeopardy.
So, if you're not gonna arrest
him, get the hell out of my way.
Mr. Wood's transfer forms.
Everything okay in here?
Why the hell would you pull this?
Yeah, 'cause getting hit
by a car was my idea.
So much fun.
I was just walking to get a sub
and then some asshole
swerved out and hit me.
- I'm fine.
- This is serious, Jeremy.
You're in my goddamn plane
being medevac'd.
For real?
I sure hope whatever's
in those black and yellow boxes
is worth it.
You looking for me?
Nah, just about to head home.
Have a good one, Brad.
Whoa! A call instead
of a text. Who's dying?
No one.
I mean
if I knew something about someone
that the police should maybe know
Do it.
Trust your gut, Lex. I talked
you out of it once before
I shouldn't have.
Thank you.
You got this, Lex.
So, uh, what seems to be the problem?
Heard you had some damage.
And your vehicle matches
the description of a truck
involved in a hit-and-run.
What, this? I hit a deer
about a couple of weeks ago.
Huh. A six-foot-tall deer
at the corner of Main and Birch?
We have reason to believe that
this deer is a drug trafficker.
Maybe whoever hit him is too.
This gives me probable cause
to take a look inside your truck.
Oh, okay, okay, okay. Look.
I had a beer, alright. Just one.
The guy came out of nowhere.
I was worried I was gonna smell
like alcohol so I drove home.
And I know it was wrong, but
I panicked.
Hey, listen. It's
I don't know anything
about any drugs, officer.
You're under arrest for a hit-and-run.
Come on Okay. Ugh.
- Hey, babe.
- One more sleep.
What time is your flight?
I traded my last couple of hours
to come pick you up.
Bad news, Dev.
I'm not gonna make it home tomorrow.
But Emma, it's your week off.
I know, um
it's survival training this weekend.
It's mandatory.
Damn, babe.
I'll make it up to you.
You've been working so hard.
I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna book you
the best hotel in Thompson
for the rest of the week.
Go pamper yourself. Have a spa day.
Dev, you don't have to do that.
Come on, let me spoil my future wife.
I gotta hustle for rounds.
I'll send you the hotel deets.
Love you.
Your chances of surviving
a plane crash are 95.7 %.
Trust me, I should know.
But your chances of surviving
in the wilderness
after that crash are less than 25 %.
You guys are gonna get broken up
into teams
and set out in
different points in the woods
with a set of coordinates.
You guys are each gonna
get some tarp, a rope,
an axe, a map and a compass.
Cellphones, we cannot have
any of you guys tempted
to take the easy way out.
Now, your assignment
is to make camp for the night
and then travel to the rendezvous point
by tomorrow afternoon.
Could we hurry this up already?
What's the matter,
you can't wait to get lost
trying to leave the airstrip?
I know you cadets like
to thump your chest,
but it's not exactly
rocket science, Nowak.
Not like bartending.
Why don't you put your money
where your mouth is?
I betcha 100 bucks I get
to the coordinates first.
- How about make it two?
- Two-fifty.
Five hundred.
Better get your wallet out, Chodie.
You know how to do that, right?
That's how you solve all your problems.
- Say again?
- Alright, take it easy,
Lord of the Flies.
I get to make up the teams.
So, this'll be fun.
Just 48 hours alone
together in the woods.
Not talking.
We can cut across,
get a head start and
beat Bodie to the rendezvous.
What's the deal with you guys anyways?
Why do you hate him so much?
He's a spoiled, self-centred prick.
He's a confident, friendly guy.
Is he? Or is he just a rich kid
whose parents think the sun
shines out of his asshole?
You know how easy it is to be a pilot
when mommy and daddy can buy your hours?
Look, if this is about
the bet, I'll pay the 500 bucks.
Make up your mind, man.
Are we friends or am I just
someone you work with?
Is that what you want? To be friends?
You know your way around a fire.
I come from a long line of Fire Keepers
on my dad's side.
He was Metis.
Dad was Metis but my Kookum
has a wood stove.
How are things up in North House?
Pretty quiet at the nurse's station?
I mean, it's never quiet.
But it's not like when you
worked at St. Mike's?
You're not dealing with gangs,
or gun violence,
or overdoses.
No. Not on my shifts.
The community did a lot
of work to make sure
no drugs were coming up here,
but things slip in.
Hey, um, are there
that many bears out here?
Weren't you supposed
to have this week off?
I can't go home.
I slept with Chopper.
I can't believe you let me
build this whole fire
- before you told me that.
- I feel terrible, Crys.
Okay, I'm a terrible person!
I cheated on my fiance
Hol-eh. Calm down.
You're not a terrible person.
But what do I do?
If I tell him, it will break his heart.
Crys, he's never gonna forgive me.
You can't go into something
like this with secrets, Emma.
It never works.
So Chopper.
Pretty cool, huh?
Temperature drops, moisture
condenses onto the tarp,
water drips into the hole
and voila, Perrier.
Better handy than handsome, right?
Or both.
Oh, uh
Listen, Hayley.
I know that things
between you and Bodie
It's just, I'm kind of into someone now.
Oh, what? Oh, God, no.
Who's the lucky girl?
I have a thing for Emma.
Emma? Like, engaged Emma?
She doesn't want to marry him.
She told me this herself.
That sounds messy.
You know, I got married when I was 21.
I thought that that's what people did.
And it made my parents happy
because they wanted me to be happy.
Happily married engineer,
just like my Dad.
Do you miss being an engineer?
Not the way I'd miss flying.
Sometimes I feel bad that
I don't miss my ex more either.
I guess we all want to find something
that feels like flying, huh?
Come on, man, it's too early.
This is dumb.
We should just wait
until there's more light.
We gotta get ahead while we can.
Dude, I'm not tripping around
in the dark with you.
Best case scenario, we only get lost.
You're just stalling so your bestie
Nowak beats us to the coordinates.
Are you kidding me right now?
You don't have to come
if you're gonna slow me down.
It took us an hour to find you guys.
If we don't get it out,
the pressure could cause
permanent nerve damage.
Or he could lose a leg.
This thing's ancient.
My Mooshum had one like this.
Old and stubborn, just like him.
We need to depress the springs.
Can you step on this?
Tristan, the other side.
Ah! Ah! Ugh
You're enjoying this, aren't you?
- That should hold it.
- Should?
Almost there, Bodie.
Okay, alright, ready? On three.
One, two, three.
Now what? Trap's still in there.
We're gonna have to pull it open.
Like a Band-aid, right?
On my count. On three. Ready?
One. Two
Just like a Band-aid.
Here, we need to wrap it.
No one will be looking for us
until we miss the rendezvous
this afternoon.
Yeah, that's hours from now.
Bodie's leg can't wait that long.
He can't walk. How are we
gonna get him out of here?
Okay, listen, we need two
long, sturdy branches.
Now. Quickly.
- Hey. You okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Not really sure why he needs
to be shirtless right now
but, you know.
This one's good.
Ugh, I just got stung
by a freaking wasp!
Yeah, they're real assholes
this time of year.
That's a good one.
That'll do.
Need your shirts too.
- How much further?
- About half a mile.
This is not working. Stop. Put him down.
Screw this, it'd be faster
to just carry him.
- Sorry, Bodie.
- Nowak. No.
Nowak. God, I hate you.
Flash it up, Wheezer. Got a patient.
Just a little further, Bodie.
Almost there.
Over here, set him down.
Careful, Nowak, watch his leg.
I'll get the first aid kit
from the plane.
You owe me 500 bucks, Scrotie.
Looks like I got here first.
Looks like a tie to me.
Bodie stepped in a bear trap,
he's got a nasty flesh wound.
We need to get him to a hospital.
We need to get this elevated.
Easy. Ooh.
Emma, your finger is really swollen.
Your ring's cutting off circulation.
No, no, it's fine.
I just need an icepack.
No, an icepack won't cut it.
We need to relieve the pressure.
Maybe there's something in here.
No. No way.
This is my engagement ring.
Devon would kill me.
Well, you're not gonna
have a finger to wear it on
if we don't do something now.
I'm sorry.
I'll go find some cold packs.
Stitches, antibiotics, tetanus shot.
And at least 24 hours off your feet.
You forgot morphine. This thing kills.
I'll make sure you get
some of the good stuff
before we stitch you back up.
About the other day with Jeremy
Thank you.
I heard back from Winnipeg Memorial.
There's no indication of a bleed.
So, they're gonna transfer him
back up here tomorrow
to continue with his recovery.
- Okay.
- Crystal.
I like you.
I like being with you.
But if there's anything
that I'd have to worry about
No, hey.
He's part of my past. That's all.
This is what matters now. Okay?
Thanks for letting me hitch a ride.
It's nice of you to go
to Jeremy's place for him,
grab some of his things.
Yeah. I'll have a look around,
make sure everything's as it should be.
I'm just glad I got to have a shower
before my shift started.
Could have used a nap too,
though, after this morning.
Hey, there's something down there.
Looks like, uh, some kind of signal.
You want to bank right to check it out?
Dispatch, this is 922,
we spotted an SOS
at 59.5260 degrees north,
94.6269 degrees west.
922, this is dispatch,
carry on to North House.
We'll alert authorities
in the area to check it out.
Someone's signalling for our help.
Tell them we copy.
- What's the schedevac?
- Um, patient on oxygen,
going to Thompson
for the dentist. Root canal.
We called it in, let them handle it.
Someone down there
is looking for our help, Nowak.
Dispatch, this is 922,
we are diverting to the runway of
Bear River to investigate the signal.
A little bit further.
I don't see anything, are you sure?
Up ahead.
Wait, is that a tent?
Hello? We saw your signal.
No efforts to resuscitate.
Must have fallen, broken a leg.
Couldn't hike up for help.
Looks like it's been here
a couple of months too.
Coroner will have to confirm.
I'll get the body to the plane.
Patient's the deceased's ID.
We found it with him, Kyle Hebert, 41.
It's not a crime scene.
Keep it with the effects for the family,
get it all to the coroner in Thompson,
I'll let them know you're coming.
You okay?
It's crazy to think how many times
we've been up there and didn't see this.
Chopper, you know how big it is up here.
It's pretty impressive
that you saw this at all.
Crystal's getting a bag for his effects.
Hey, Dev. Thanks for booking me a hotel.
I'll try again later.
Devon, what are you doing here?
You couldn't come home,
I decided to come to you.
I needed to see you, Babe.
You must have been up for 48 hours.
Well, it's worth flying 2,000 miles
to tell you I love you.
- I have to tell you something.
- Me too.
Can I go first? I just had
a lot of coffee on the plane.
I know I haven't always been
supportive of you being up here.
It's just, being apart is a lot
harder than I thought.
So, if working up north
is important to you
Then when I finish med school
in the spring,
I'll get a placement up here too.
Doesn't matter where we are.
As long as we're together.
I'm sorry, babe, um,
you wanted to say something.
How are your bandages,
do they need to be changed?
- It's good, Mads.
- Are you sure?
- 'Cause I can just
- I'm fine, Mads, it's just
Come chill with me,
I'll be back at work tomorrow.
I got something for you.
What are these?
Moccasins. For the baby.
I know you were upset the other night.
But I want you to know,
that stuff doesn't matter.
It doesn't bother me, Bodie.
Is that your way of saying
that you're okay
with me being Indigenous?
No. No.
That came out wrong.
That's not what I meant.
Bodie, I
I'm gonna
I'm gonna go lay down.
Patient's a restaurant owner
in a lot of pain.
He's a 55-year-old male
with recurrent kidney stones
and he's not gonna pass 'em on his own,
he needs to get to Thompson
for further management.
Of course it's you.
Can't I just drive him to Thompson?
That'll take hours.
He needs a hospital now.
Is there another nurse?
Why would you need another nurse?
You can talk to me, I'm right here.
Yeah. What's the problem?
Don't threaten us.
I don't feel safe with them.
How do I know she hasn't been drinking?
Listen, you can be racist,
or you can go to the hospital.
But you can't do both, okay?
Is it bad that I'm kinda glad
kidney stones are painful?
Yeah, I've seen that couple before.
Took Maddie to their restaurant.
You okay?
They tried to make
an Indigenous couple pay upfront
before they even walked in the door.
They didn't know that I was
Maddie, she gave me these
fake moccasins.
You ever feel like nobody sees you?
I see you, Bodie.
People like that
they can only take our power
if we let them.
What matters is how you see you.
You should come feast
in North House sometime.
Any auntie will tell you,
you're too skinny, cuz.
Delmont's telling him now.
I told him not to do it
on a job, you know how RJ gets.
I heard yelling,
but it's gone all quiet.
Help! Help!
Get help.
I'll get the stretcher.
Lexi's got it.
Delmont stabbed him.
I thought he was a goner,
but then I saw that.
What happened?
A heck of a brawl, it looks like,
but near as I can gather,
RJ hit him with a tire iron,
and Delmont stabbed his cousin.
Why is it doing that?
I think it may have pierced
his pericardium.
- So all that twitching is his
- His heart beating.
Is he gonna be okay?
Did he hit his head when he fell?
I think he got knocked out.
Okay. We need to secure
this screw driver,
it's keeping him alive.
You can't have it move
or it'll hemorrhage.
Nowak, I need help with the jaw thrust
so I can get this OBA in there.
Bird, there's towels in my bag.
I need you to roll four of them for me.
What I need you to do,
I need you to place two,
just like this, this way.
And then another two on top, like that.
Good, good job.
Alright, bring it over here.
Easy now, we don't want it to jar.
Alright, I'm gonna start
an IV on this patient
and we're gonna check in
on the other one, it seems like
he got beat up pretty bad.
Dispatch, we're gonna need
another unit out here,
we've got a runner.
He's too hurt to have gone far.
You take the front, I'll go around back?
If you get eyes on, don't approach,
I'll do the rest.
Okay, RJ, time to get you out of here.
Oh, no, he's gonna jump.
Hey, Delmont.
What you doin', buddy?
RJ's dead, isn't he?
He needs to get to a hospital.
Seems like you do too.
Why don't you come down
so I can check you out, huh?
You know, my cousin and I, we fight.
We always have.
Some of the brawls we'd get into
he's got a temper. A pretty bad one.
That's why my uncle left
the business to me and not him.
That's tough, man.
Why don't you come over here
so we can talk about it?
I told him, you know, I
I was done losing money up here.
I just wanted to sell and start over.
I knew he'd come at me.
But when he picked up a tire iron
and the screwdriver
was already in my hand.
I just wanted him to stop.
I killed him.
He needs to get on a plane to Thompson.
It's not your fault, okay?
It was self-defence,
Officer Bird said
No, I promised my uncle
that I would look out for RJ, you know?
And instead, I
I was supposed to take care of him.
You still can, okay?
I want you to come down,
you can help me take him
to the hospital, alright?
It's not your fault, okay?
RJ made a choice.
Your uncle did too.
And neither of those were your fault.
Thank you.
I got you.
I got you.
Tristan, are you okay?
Radio Thompson,
we're bringing in two patients
and a police escort.
You're gonna be okay, Delmont.
Darius was my brother.
He was ten.
I was 13.
It was March break.
My friends and I were
skateboarding by the ravine.
I brought him with me.
There was this old rail bridge.
There were bats up there.
Darius liked to see them.
I didn't know he climbed up there.
I didn't see him fall.
When I found him on the ground
I couldn't save him.
I couldn't save him.
- You're up late.
- Yeah.
I-I couldn't sleep.
I keep thinking about
the dead guy in the tent.
But you're a nurse, so you're
used to this kind of thing.
No, actually.
I got into labour
and delivery because
it's happy medicine.
It's all about life.
I've never
Wait, did you keep that?
No, I
I was just gonna give it back
to Crystal, but I forgot.
But I'm gonna give it to Officer Bird
first thing tomorrow. I just
I wondered who he was.
There's a voice memo.
Joan, it's me.
I don't know if you'll ever
hear this, but
I want you to know I love you
and I'm so sorry for everything.
Hey, there she is! What's up?
You know they give you
seconds if you ask?
Doctor Sung says you're recovering well.
Oh, yeah?
Is that what doctor Sung says?
when they release you,
I don't think you should go home.
Whoever you work for,
whoever you pissed off,
they're gonna try and send
someone else to hurt you again.
I appreciate the concern.
But, uh, I'm not going anywhere.
Why can't you just do
the right thing for once?
I'm not the one who leaves, Crys.
That's you.
I want you to know I love you
and I'm so sorry for everything.
I don't know what to say, this is so
We'd been fighting so much
before the separation.
I had no idea he still felt this way.
I wish I had known,
I wish he'd told me
we still had a chance.
Chopper? What are you doing here?
Now is not a good time.
There's never gonna be a good time.
Emma, we have a connection.
I know you feel that way too
and after everything you told me,
I don't think you have that with Devon.
Even if nothing happened
between us, as a friend,
and as someone who knows what it's like
to marry the wrong person
Alright, look.
You don't have to be with me.
But just please
Please don't go through
with the wedding.
Is that room service?
Who's this?
Um, Chopper, this is my fiancé, Devon.
Dev, this is a pilot from work, Chopper.
Yeah, you're the one who saved
Emma's finger after the wasp sting.
Thanks for taking care of my girl, man.
I'll send you the bill
for the replacement?
Knowing Emma, she'd want
a bigger rock this time.
Um, I just
brought the flight schedule
to Emma, um, you know,
to go back to North House.
Anyway, enjoy your stay
in Thompson, Devon.
Doubt we'll leave the hotel much.
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