SkyMed (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Emma, we have a connection.
I don't think you have that with Devon.
[DEVON]: Is that room service?
Chopper, this is my fiance, Devon.
The oncologist office
in Winnipeg called.
They said you missed your appointment?
I've been trying to make
this pie my whole life.
It's never gonna taste like
how my mom made it.
You're Jolene's son.
You look just like her.
Sorry, I guess I have a familiar face.
My dad was Jamaican.
My mom was from Deep Lake.
That's all I know about
my birth parents.
Look, I think it's best if we just
keep things professional between us.
Get out of the way! Move, move, move!
Everybody okay?
[GIRL]: Help! I need help!
My brother needs a doctor!
We don't know who
she is or where she came from.
The only thing she'll tell us is
that her brother needs a doctor.
Hi, I'm Crystal. This is Hayley.
We're here to help.
Can you tell me your name?
Do you like hot chocolate, Ava?
I keep an emergency stash
in my flight bag.
And I see a kettle over there.
We heard you're worried about
your brother. Is he sick?
- Is your mom or dad with him?
- My mom's out hunting.
I just want Dustin to be okay.
Is Dustin your brother?
- He's at home.
- Do you know your address?
We don't have one.
Do you two live alone?
Yeah, ever since my dad died.
Hi, Dustin. We're here to help.
Can you tell me where it hurts?
My leg. I cut it a couple days ago.
He's been vomiting, I'll start
an IV for dehydration.
Please, it hurts so much.
HR's high.
This is too small to cause so much pain.
He's got crepitus.
Gas bubbles under the skin.
It indicates necrotizing fasciitis.
We need to get him to a hospital.
Hey! Hey, who the hell are
you?! Get away from my son!
We're nurses, we're here to help.
How did you get here?
I'm sorry, Mom.
Ava did the right thing.
Dustin is very sick.
Oh, it's okay, honey.
I know you were scared,
but I'm home now.
You can go. I'll take it from here.
No, I don't think you
understand, he needs a hospital.
He'll be just fine with me.
Can't you see how sick he is?
This isn't a normal infection.
This is flesh-eating disease.
I-I can take care of him here.
No, you can't.
Do you know what the mortality
rate is for this?
It's almost 50 %. So best case scenario,
we get him to a hospital
and he only loses his leg.
Tapwe Na?
You need antibiotics and surgery.
But if you're over 16, you don't
need her permission to come with us.
No, no, Dustin, don't.
It's your call, Dustin.
I'll I'll go with you.
- Okay, Dustin, let's go.
- Wait. I-I'm coming too.
Are you okay?
My husband, Danny. He
A hospital down south gave him
antibiotics for pneumonia,
but his throat closed, and he
He had an anaphylactic reaction?
No one would tell me anything.
When it was happening, no one
would answer my questions.
I'm sorry. That shouldn't have happened.
Listen, I duty out after this call.
I was going to stay for a bit,
maybe catch up on some paperwork.
If you want the company
Is it almost time for another
hot chocolate?
It was like this when my dad was sick.
Do you know why I keep this in my bag?
It's because my mom always said that
there's nothing that it can't fix.
She was a nurse too.
Just because something bad has
happened before,
doesn't mean it's gonna happen
again, okay?
The surgeons managed to debride
a lot of dead tissue.
Dustin will need a prolonged
course of antibiotics,
but it's looking good.
His leg?
He's going to need a lot of rehab,
but we got him in time.
You can go see him in Recovery.
Thank you.
You dutied out, huh?
She had a bad experience.
She's skittish about hospitals,
so I thought it would help.
You know, there's a real gooey
centre under that hard shell,
Crystal Highway.
And you just helped me knock
"Doomsday Prepper" off my Patient Bingo.
Take you for a crummy midnight snack
at the cafeteria to celebrate?
What do you call a snack this
far after midnight?
Breakfast at your place.
Yes, ma'am.
Ah, dibs on the shower.
What smells amazing?!
Reach again, you lose the hand.
C'mon man, just one before I go on duty?
Are those raspberry pancakes?
Those are your favourite.
Really? It's Thompson,
so the raspberries are frozen.
[WHISPERING]: Did you know?
Hey, if he's happy, I'm happy.
But if anyone were to make him unhappy,
they'd answer to "Ronda" and "Rousey".
Okay, message received.
Hey! Don't think I didn't
see that, flyboy!
- I'm sorry.
- It's cool.
Oh, you work out!
Lexi! Surprise!
[CHUCKLING] I'm on a reading week.
Not that I'm not excited to see you,
and I want to hear all about school,
and this fabulousness,
but I was up all night, and I'm pretty
sure there's barf
on my flight suit, so
Go, it's cool.
I can make myself comfortable.
I'm Lexi's sister, Nichelle.
Hi, um, I'm sorry. I'm Chopper.
- Nice to meet you, Nichelle.
- You too, biceps.
Okay, not that comfortable,
Nichelle. Bye, Chopper!
Leaving the gym, Mads. Be home in five.
We're gonna have to soak the hides
after you get everything set up.
Make sure that jug is full of water, eh?
Hey. Bodie, right?
I knew your mom, Jolene.
Hey, we're making a drum.
You wanna join?
Babe! Can you believe all
this great stuff my mom got us?
Oh, it's just a couple of
essentials for the little tadpole.
Wow. Thanks, Mrs. Van Camp.
That's so generous.
Austen, you're about to be
family. You call me Missy.
I was just telling Mom my fun idea.
The next ultrasound is the big
one, we find out the baby's sex!
So, we'll get the
results in an envelope,
and a baker will make reveal cupcakes!
I'll bring them to the hangar,
and you can find out with
all your friends.
Now, sweet heart, I have one
more surprise for you here.
Austen, this is the blanket that
I was brought home in
and that Maddy was brought home in.
And now your baby will be too.
Thanks, Mom.
Are there any African or Cree
You just have so much culture
to share with your baby.
Uh, right. I have to think about that.
I have a schedevac, so, I I gotta go.
I'll make you some tea.
Babe, wait.
I told her you were adopted,
she must have forgot.
Uh, maybe your adopted parents
have some traditions?
Yeah, I don't know.
You still haven't said if they're
gonna be here for the birth, or
Yeah, I'll, um I'll ask them.
you finally made it in
for the pre-screening, Hayley.
[HAYLEY]: Yeah, I've been working a lot.
You're doing great, I just
need you to hold still.
Right, yeah, I'm sorry.
Sorry if, um
I've been around
I've been around MRIs before,
I've just never been in one.
A few more minutes, I'll come
in and inject the gadolinium.
That's the dye, so your
oncologist can see better.
Stop! I need to stop.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I can't.
Hey, Hayley.
This is what you were doing in Winnipeg?
Uh-huh, yeah. I, uh [CHUCKLING]
I always wanted a fancy coffee maker,
and flight nurses make bank,
so I figured why wait, you know?
Why not live it up now?
I-I know you drink tea,
but do you want a fancy cappuccino?
Are you good?
Yeah, I'm great.
Show it off if you got it, girl.
If you like the green dress, wear it.
It's your engagement party.
Whose engagement party?
Um, this is Sharon, a 45-year-old woman
with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Crystal knows this stuff already.
But this one's missing a pulse.
She's afraid to wear what she
wants to her own engagement party.
Engagement party?
Yeah. Me and Devon
are doing a joint event.
I fly home tomorrow.
Whoa, whoa, instead
of a bachelorette party?
Emma, you only live once.
You can't miss out on this stuff.
Can you get the IV swapped over?
You haven't told him?
About Chopper? About you and Chopper?
I'm waiting for the right time.
And you think your engagement
party is the right time?
I love Devon, okay?
We're meant to be together.
We're soulmates.
Emma, we just had a great idea.
I'm hosting you a bachelorette
party in Thompson, tonight!
I don't think that's a great idea.
I love it.
[CRYSTAL]: We need to keep this low-key.
No, low-key is the problem.
We're young, we have to start
having a lot more fun
while we can. Even you, Crystal.
Hey, would you rather have
a fun bachelorette party
- or a low-key one?
- Fun.
We went to the planetarium for mine.
It was great, but
I mean, when else do you get
to go all-out?
Who's having a bachelor party?
Emma. I'm throwing her one tonight.
I should start the pre-flights.
Why are you looking
at flights to New Orleans?
Don't classes start soon?
Lex, I'm taking the rest
of the year off.
But it's your last year of poli-sci.
I thought it was your dream
to apply to law school.
Being a lawyer isn't for me.
- How do you know that?
- Because the thought of
spending two more years in
school plus articling,
it makes me want to throw up!
Look, I'm just gonna take some time off.
You know, do some travelling,
and figure out
what I really want to do.
What did Mom and Dad say?
Oh! You're here because you want
me to tell them.
Well, you're the responsible one.
Are you kidding me, Shell?
If you say it's the right thing to do,
they're gonna believe you.
I don't think it's
the right thing to do!
You finally started getting back on
track. You want to throw that away?
It's not that big of a big deal, Lex.
You made a hashtag?
Ooh! A bachelorette?
- Yeah.
Okay, who's getting married?
- One of the other nurses.
- Okay.
If you guys aren't doing anything
tonight, you should totally come.
Uh, that's cool. We were just
gonna have a quiet night in.
We'd love to!
What do you think?
Wow, it's very
Emma and Devon forever.
Right, I, uh, I think
I left my pager in there.
Okay, do we think regular
straws or penis straws?
Hey! Hey, you!
- Suck it, corporate pig!
You know how hard it is to be
a street artist in Windy Lake?
Not a lot of streets.
You know, we have picked you
up three times in the last six months.
What, do you have some kind of
death wish or something?
I'm an artist. I need to paint.
How long until I can hold a can again?
You're flying to Winnipeg
for orthopedic surgery.
- Gonna be a while.
- I picked you up
when you broke three ribs
falling off the perimeter bridge,
and then again when you got
attacked by that security dog.
When are you going to learn?
This hobby of yours doesn't love
you back, dude. Move on.
That's harsh, bro.
Yeah. Chopper's not so chipper today.
Have you considered canvas?
It's Emma's bachelorette tonight.
They're all at the crew house.
Madison's at her mom's tonight.
You wanna come over, play some
Call of Duty? Some bro time?
No, it's just, I need to get over this.
The best way to get over
someone is to get under someone.
The bride has arrived!
I'm gonna go get a mop ready.
[ALL]: Cheers!
Okay! Is everyone ready to play
the fiance quiz?!
Okay, I had Devon prerecord
some answers,
and for every answer you get
wrong, you have to drink, okay?
- Okay!
- Question number one,
where did you meet?
11th grade bio.
He had Robert Pattinson hair
and wanted to be a doctor.
Grade 11 bio. She liked my hair.
- Hey, yes!
- Yes!
Okay, what is Devon's favourite movie?
- Wall-E.
- Wall-E!
- Aww!
- Pizza order?
- A slice of meat lovers
- And a Sprite.
- Celebrity crush.
- Uh, Ariana Grande.
Yes! Okay, Devon's turn.
Dear Emma, who is your favourite
musical artist?
- Mmm, The Paper Machetes.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm obsessed.
Oh, The Weeknd!
And guess who has tickets
to see him when you get home?
Um, I only started listening
to The Machetes
when I came up here.
Devon wouldn't know that.
[HAYLEY]: Favourite movie?
- La La Land.
- Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Favourite colour?
- Pink.
- Green.
- Favourite meal.
- Oh, mushroom risotto.
- Sports team?
- The Blue Jays.
- What?
- Mm-mm!
- Biggest fear.
- Snakes.
Okay, um more shots.
More shots? Yeah, more shots!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah!
- More shots.
Emma, come on. What are you doing here?
Please, Crys. I just need not
to think tonight, okay?
Okay. If you're gonna get
wrecked, do it right.
Come on!
Here we go, here we go!
[ALL]: Cheers!
- Yeah!
- Woo!
Yeah, let's get it in!
We were at a bar once and
she lost her wallet.
So she talks to the manager and
says she's gonna dance off her tab.
So she gets on the bar,
Coyote Uglys it
and ends up making $200.
I was wearing clothes.
And this was years ago.
It's my song, let's go!
Woo! Oh!
Oh, excuse me.
Why would you tell them that?
I have to work with these women.
- Does it look like they care?
These women aren't trying to
make captain, Nichelle.
I am. Do you know what it takes
to go captain?
A perfect reputation.
I have to get all the pilots
and all of these nurses
that talk to them to say
I'm a solid bet.
All it takes, especially
for a woman of colour, is
is one bad rumour, okay?
One bad night out and I'm over.
You may not think
it's a big deal to drop out
and screw up your dreams,
but I'm not going to screw up mine.
Austen, what a nice surprise!
Hey, yeah, I wanted to tell
you something.
[SIGHS] Madison and I are having a baby.
Did the screen freeze, or?
No, we heard you.
Is this, uh
- a done deal?
- Jesus, Dad.
You have your whole life ahead of you.
A baby's a lot of responsibility.
I-I know. But this is my
child and I'm not
I'm not walking away from it.
What about Madison?
We got a place together.
Are you going to marry her?
Austen, committing to this child
also means committing to her,
for better or worse.
Well, you're home early.
Uh, bachelorettes aren't
really my scene.
I'll bet your evening
was way more exciting.
- Nah.
We did do a prisoner transport, though.
Wow. For real?
He'll probably be charged
with trespassing.
And, uh, vandalism.
You know what? I
I don't want to say
that I'm the hero, but uh
His street art was pretty terrible.
So what are your plans for
the rest of the evening, hero?
You flying solo?
Oh, we always fly two crew
on mede vac.
I don't do this much.
The one-time thing.
It's not a prerequisite.
Awesome. Awesome, 'cause I am
down with a no-strings night if you are.
Great. That's great.
Great that things are clear.
'Cause the last time I hooked
up, things weren't so clear
and it got messy,
and you know, she was in a thing,
and maybe there were expectations
that I didn't know that I was
Do you want to talk about it?
Uh, nope.
The thing is, she kissed me first.
Shh! You'll wake people up.
You're not as stealthy as you think.
And you should definitely
drink some water.
Maybe eat something before
you go to sleep.
Oh, my God, I'm so hungry.
Guys, we should make food.
- Pancakes!
- No, no, no! Eggs!
No, eggs and pancakes!
This is a "you" problem now.
[HAYLEY]: Ooh, pancake mix.
[LAUGHING] Spatula!
Hey, is everything okay out here?
I have to barf.
Seriously? You slept with my coworker?
No, nothing happened.
After I asked you not to,
after everything that I said?
Lexi, we were just talking.
Oh, wow. So you're gonna
believe him but not me.
You know what? I'm gonna go to a hotel
since you're so embarrassed
to have me here.
I'm sorry, it's just
What? I'm the screw-up?
Is that what you were gonna say?
Well, sorry to disappoint you,
Lexi, but we can't all be you!
What does that mean? [SCOFFS]
The overachiever.
The one following in Dad's footsteps.
The pilot our parents are so proud of.
- Oh, you've got to be joking!
No pulse, apnic.
She has a congenital heart condition.
- Starting CPR.
- She had an ICD put in five years ago,
something must be wrong.
Yeah, we need an ambulance
at 102 Pine Street.
- Starting oxygen.
- Placing pads.
Analyzing now. Shock advised.
Alright, everybody clear.
[LEXI]: What's happening, is she okay?
[TRISTAN]: No pulse.
Analyzing now. Shock advised.
- Clear!
Looks like a lead failure.
The EP lab will confirm her ICD
but she's gonna need to go to
Winnipeg for emergency surgery
to get it replaced.
Bodie, Chopper, and Tristan are here,
standing by to fly her to YWG.
- They came down?
- We take care of our own, Lexi.
I need to call Winnipeg first
to make sure
there's a cardiologist available
to receive her.
Hey, Trev.
What are her chances?
She needs a replacement device, fast.
My buddy is the best
cardiologist in Winnipeg.
He's on vacation at his cottage,
but I'll see what I can do.
You'd do that?
You're always taking care of
everyone else.
Why are you so surprised when
someone tries to take care of you?
How you holding up?
She hasn't been sick in such
a long time.
I forgot she could be so fragile.
She'll be okay, Lex.
I used to get so annoyed at her.
When we were kids,
whenever she got sick,
my parents would ship me off to cadets
so they wouldn't have
to deal with me at the hospital.
You were there more than
I was. And I was there a lot.
She got her whole childhood
with our parents.
The only quality time I ever got
was flying with my dad.
And now she's jealous because
our parents are proud of me?
You are lucky, Lex.
You had a big dream,
and your parents supported it.
Yours still giving you a hard time?
I still get letters from my dziadek
telling me I'm shaming the family.
I'll be proud of you for them, then.
Trevor got his buddy out of bed.
He's driving back to the city
now, he'll meet you in Winnipeg.
Is Nichelle okay?
She's having her ICD replaced.
Lexi's with her.
Alright. I'm on the clock in 30 minutes.
I gotta get some coffee in me.
Kill me. Kill me now.
You, my dear, need to rehydrate.
You should probably eat something, too.
Ugh, my stomach muscles still
hurt from last night's yak fest.
- Aspirin.
- Thank you.
- Green tea.
- Thanks.
I know you had doubts,
Crys, but she's pretty awesome.
- Shh. Don't tell her that.
Doesn't hurt to keep her working for it.
Are we gonna talk about how
you have the hots for Chopper?
Or that you really
don't want to marry Devon?
I do.
About Devon, I mean.
We've been together
since we were in high school.
That has to mean something, doesn't it?
I don't know. If I'd married
my high school sweetheart,
it'd be a disaster.
We had a plan.
He was going to be a doctor,
I was going to be a nurse.
We were going to have
two kids in Toronto.
[SIGHS] There was a plan.
It's okay to grow up, Em.
To grow out of things. And people.
Like an angel. You'd weep.
Best singing voice you ever heard.
Everyone in Windy Lake
assumed he'd go pro,
but he wanted to stay here and
look after the family business.
Well, you must be the angel.
Not yet, I hope.
I got three kids under five.
This is Carl, he's a 45-year-old
man with pharyngeal cancer.
He had surgery three weeks ago
to remove a cancerous tumour.
And recovery was progressing as normal,
until he started experiencing
a persistent pain
on the side of his throat.
So I'm sending him to an EN
to get it looked at.
Well, we will get you sorted out
and back to those kids in no time.
Don't rush too fast.
It aches something terrible.
[HAYLEY]: Around your sutures?
We're halfway to Thompson.
Let me take a look.
Get on the radio with Thompson
and tell them
there's a 45-year-old patient
with a carotid bleed,
he needs emergency blood
immediately and surgery.
Winnipeg Centre, this is SkyMed
911 Medevac requesting priority.
It's going to be okay, Carl.
Stay with me, alright?
Hey, I need another set of hands here.
I'm going back. You have control.
I have control.
Stay with me. You're gonna be okay.
What do you need?
Listen to me.
I can't take pressure off his
carotid or he'll bleed out in seconds.
But if I apply too much
pressure, he could have a stroke.
How long can you keep that up?
He's lost a lot of blood. I need you
I need you to keep his fluids up.
Me? I'm not a nurse.
Just do exactly what I say, okay?
Stay with me, Carl. You're okay,
we got you. Okay, put gloves on.
You see that bag of saline on the pump?
We need to get it in him. Okay,
let me know when you're ready.
Okay, take the bag off of the pump.
I'm gonna put a pressure bag on it.
It's in that drawer,
looks sort of like a BP cuff.
Okay, once it's on, make sure
the line's unclamped,
and start pumping, okay?
Stay with me. You're okay.
Okay, look at me, you're okay.
Okay, I got it.
Done. What's next?
Just keep refilling.
There's extra bags in my bag.
And we can clean the blood
off the patient.
You're gonna be okay.
I've got you. I've got you.
You pinch your cheek ♪
Bring back the colour ♪
Some winters ♪
Can make a world of difference ♪
But you belong here ♪
Wed to a time zone ♪
Of drafty hearts ♪
Of stoic arts and crafts ♪
You try to be brave ♪
[VOICES ECHOING]: I've got him.
Are you ready?
Leave the lights on
sometimes all night ♪
And carry on regardless ♪
So you won't get swallowed up
by the darkness ♪
Try to be brave ♪
Don't give the game away
You're a strong one, just carry on ♪
And no one needs to notice ♪
That there's only
silence holding this ♪
Shit, sorry.
I just wanted to make sure
you were okay.
You're not okay.
Did the patient?
He made it through surgery.
They're monitoring him,
but he's out of the woods.
It's just
it's just hard seeing
what cancer can do to a person.
My mom died of cancer.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
She grew orchids.
She was a great baker.
Terrible tennis player.
And she always smelled like lavender.
But even with all of that
I hate that the first thing that I think
of when I think of her is the cancer.
I have the BRCA1 gene.
And yesterday, I had a panic
attack in an MRI
because all I could think of
was, is this the moment?
Is this the moment that they find
a lump and I stop being Hayley
and become the girl with cancer?
To me, you'll always just be Hayley.
The girl that cannot two-step,
and forces everyone to eat
salad with shitty Thompson lettuce.
The girl who literally held
a man's life in her hands
in the back of a bumpy plane.
To me
you'll always be a hero.
M-Madison, I
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I can't believe you!
I gave you everything!
My love, my trust!
I don't know why it took me
so long to see.
You were never going to be able
to give me any of that back.
You don't know how, Bodie.
I knew you were in
a rush to get out of Thompson,
but getting a medevac out?
I could've hooked you up with
one of my flight passes, at least.
- Ow, ow.
You got a new ICD.
Your heart's ready to rock.
I think I'll go easier
at the next bachelorette.
I'm sorry I was so hard on you.
I put a lot of pressure on myself.
Sometimes, it gets the best of me.
Get in here, Cadet Martine.
I'm sorry I asked you to do my
dirty work with Mom and Dad.
But that's not why I came here.
I just
I just missed you.
'Cause you had a dream.
You just knew.
And there you are, well,
you're living it.
And I couldn't be more proud.
I'm proud of you too, Shell.
No matter where you go or what you do.
I'm so proud of you.
Thanks, girl.
Don't come back to the
hospital, though. Don't do that.
I might send you there first. [LAUGHING]
Just one second.
[DEVON]: You've reached Devon.
Please leave a message.
Hey, I'm
I'm not coming home.
I'm so sorry, Devon,
but I can't marry you.
You deserve a perfect person.
And that's just not me anymore.
Any answers at the bottom?
I heard about the carotid bleed.
And Bodie.
Yeah, you must think I'm the
world's biggest asshole, huh?
I get why you came up here now.
Why you've been so intense lately.
I wasn't sure at first, but
You're running from something.
Whatever it is, Hayley,
you're going to keep hurting
people until you deal with it.
Including yourself.
My kookum was a prominent elder.
It was a lot of pressure.
I was afraid.
So I ran from it.
Started partying,
getting into trouble with Jeremy.
And then I got pregnant.
I was barely 17.
But I I knew things had to change.
I had to walk away from Jeremy.
He was never going to be the
man I needed to have the baby with.
But in the end, it didn't matter,
because eight weeks in,
I had a miscarriage.
I'm sorry.
I made peace with it a long time ago.
It was the push I needed
to stop running.
I don't think I can run anymore.
So what are you going to do?
I think I need to get an MRI.
Really good work. Pack it up.
What can you tell me about
my mom, Jolene?
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