SkyMed (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Daj Mi Buzi

- I know what Jeremy is doing.
- Alcohol is not illegal.
Dealing Oxy is.
What can you tell me about my mom?
She was from Deep Lake,
that's all I know
- about my birth parents.
- I was barely 17.
Then I got pregnant.
I had to walk away from Jeremy.
But in the end, it didn't matter,
because 8 weeks in, I had a miscarriage.
I'm so sorry Devon,
but I can't marry you.
I get why you came up here now.
You're running from something.
My Mom died of cancer.
I have the BRCA1 gene.
I don't think I can run anymore.
You're gonna keep hurting
people until you deal with it.
Come on, Ems.
We could both use a night out
that doesn't involve boys.
Boys that we already know. [CHUCKLING]
I heard you have a shot here
that brings good luck.
We could use some.
Um, what is that?
Buckey's thumb. Prohibition rum running.
Had horseshoes up his ass
'till he lost that thumb.
Good luck if you let it touch your lips.
It's not that bad.
Yeah, alcohol kills leprosy, right?
Okay, I know why I need better luck.
Why do you? Is it a boy? Is it Bodie?
I'm waiting for some test results.
I haven't seen Bodie since
Oh, God, he swallowed the thumb!
My name's Emma, I'm a nurse.
You need the Heimlich maneuver.
He's cyanotic! He's passing out.
Starting chest compressions.
- Call 911!
- There's no time.
He needs an emergency cricothyrotomy.
This is the North, Emma.
We make do with what we have
or people die.
We need a sterile blade and a straw.
Okay, now we just need to make
a half inch vertical incision
under his Adam's apple.
Are we sure we should be doing this?
Indecision kills.
Okay, the yellow membrane.
That's the cricothyroid membrane.
We'll have to slice it horizontally.
Okay. Now put this straw
into the trachea.
Now we need to administer
two steady breaths,
about a second each.
Holy crap, Hayley. We just did a cric.
Told you it was lucky.
Would you call that decorticate,
or decerebrate posturing?
Whoa, if you do not know that,
you are not ready for your interview.
We call that posturing perfection.
Dang. I was hoping for
your sake it was involuntary.
Hey. You're gonna crush it, Crys.
You're exactly the kind
of smart, talented
future med student U of M
is looking for.
Wanna fly out to Winnipeg
with me and just keep
- repeating all that?
- Oh, come on.
Listen. Winnipeg Memorial's been
trying to poach me for a while now.
They have a pretty good ER.
And it would be nice to live somewhere
with more than one grocery store again.
Maybe we can make the move together.
This will be great Bodes,
just like old times.
Didn't make sense to keep a lease
on the house without Madison, so
Does everyone know about
what happened?
Oh, come on. Nobody cares about that.
Most people don't care
about that, just, look,
we're happy to have you back,
Bodie. Alright?
Shit. I forgot
That's okay. Look
your heating vent works
a little too well in there,
I was sweating my ass off.
It's all good, I'm gonna move
back to my room, it'll be more comfy.
Thank you, man.
- Yeah.
- Does anybody want a latte?
I splurged on the fanciest beans
they had at the Tiger,
so it is medium roast lattes
all around
Um I think I forgot
the milk in the car.
I thought everyone knew
I was moving back?
Emma broke off her engagement.
Because of
- You call her?
- No.
What am I gonna say, "Sorry I
ruined your wedding,
let's grab a pizza?"
- Relationships suck.
Mm. Relationships in Thompson suck.
Thompson sucks.
I need that omelette for table 3.
And we need the guy to come fix
the cappuccino machine.
Um, Madison.
I was hoping we could talk.
Look, I'm sorry
for what Bodie and I, um
For what I did.
It was a mistake and I feel awful.
Screw off.
Screw. Off.
I'm trying to clean up my language
before the baby gets here.
Look, I'm trying to apologize
No you aren't.
You wanna apologize for you.
So that you feel better.
If you really gave a crap
about me or how I'm feeling,
you wouldn't be here
putting me through this
at work making it all about you.
Well guess what, Hayley?
I don't give a shit if you feel better.
Hey, Nowak. Got three more orders here.
- Hey.
- Gin and tonic.
That's not what you ordered, is it?
Sorry, picking up doubles
at the bar and working
extra in the medevac.
No Bodie tonight?
No, he's uh settling in his old room.
Sorry, I
- Hey.
You're Emma.
In Thompson.
Yeah. I'm on my days off,
Hayley invited me
to stay at the crew house, so.
I, uh, I must have just missed you, I
I got in late last night.
Um, were you out with someone?
You know, Cassiopeia.
Yeah, it's kind of hard
to compete with her.
So, how's single life treating you?
It's great. It's
kind of boring actually.
Just have all this free time
with nothing to do, so
Hey. You okay?
Had my med school interview today.
Went really well.
No offence, Crys,
but if this is how you look
when things go really well
Doing this means leaving.
Again. And for much longer.
And Trevor wants to make
the move together.
Ugh. God. Super hot doctor
who wants to commit?
[SCOFFS] The worst.
it's just a lot of change.
You worked hard for this, Crys.
Maybe take one second to celebrate.
You hear back about your MRI yet?
They don't have champagne here,
but I'm gonna get us
two pints of their bubbliest
draft and we are gonna
make a toast to you, Dr. Highway.
Was that okay?
God, Chopper, of course, it wasn't okay,
you just did it in a bathroom.
That was awesome.
I've always wanted to, you know
In like somewhere
Uh, public?
Wait you haven't hooked up anywhere?
Like a concert or a car or
Devon and I got together really young.
So I was thinking, maybe we
could do something like
Like a bucket list!
I could be into that.
Why don't we go to dinner
and talk about it there?
I was thinking something
a little more casual.
It's just, I just got out of
an engagement and
I don't think I could really handle
anything more serious right now.
Yeah, no, yeah. That's right.
But hey, that doesn't mean
you have to do this.
- If you're not down for it.
- No, no.
I am down. For sure.
Really? Yeah?
Because I wanna try
We're about ten away.
If I'm lucky I'll get my sleep
requirements before I'm on call.
Not until I get some details
from tonight.
I heard someone was hooking up
in the Whiskey Hatch bathroom.
No idea, I didn't see a thing
past the taps and the tip jar.
Well, it wasn't Bodie.
Neither Madison or Hayley
are talking to him.
They're not talking to each
other either.
Which is sad. I like Madison.
She was fun to have around.
Oh God, he went off the road! Nowak!
I'm over here!
I'm coming. I'm coming.
You can't get the door open?
We've got you, man.
Okay, okay, we're coming for you, bro.
Lexi my seatbelt.
I'm stuck.
I got it. Tristan.
- Where are you hurt?
- My shoulder.
Do you have any neck or back pain?
I got you.
Come on. Come on. Almost out.
Oh my God.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Okay, you've got a dislocated shoulder,
it's painful but it can wait.
- Let me get a good look at you.
- No, no.
- No, I got it, I got it.
- Nowak, I can't do
a reduction, you need
to go to the hospital.
It's happened before, I got it.
What are you talking about?
What are you doing?
Oh my God!
So that's how we're playing it, huh?
I'll call an ambulance and a tow truck.
It's already off the road,
the tow truck can wait.
- What about the ambulance?
- I just
I'm fine. I just wanna go
home and sleep.
Are you serious?
Are you serious?!
On the bed. [GROANING]
- I'm digging the butch vibes.
- Sit still, since you're
too stubborn to go to the hospital.
Look at me, we need to check you out.
You know you're adorable
when you're angry.
You've been working crazy hours.
It's catching up to you.
I'm fine. Okay?
All good.
Daj mi buzi?
You're not dying. You're just annoying.
I'm gonna shower.
Did you manage to sleep at all
when we got home last night?
I'm tired and I didn't
even wreck my car.
Hey, you know me. Strong like bull.
What's this?
Stop touching things.
Come on, tell me a story.
Entertain me.
It was a quiet flight. The end.
- How you doin', Jer?
- Not
Whoa! Better than you, apparently.
What's this? What happened?
Stunt on my snow cat. I need
a little bit more practise.
Hey, be more careful than this one, huh?
I don't need two patients on my hands.
You wanna play some
Super Smash Bros later?
Yeah. Am I gonna come to find
you ate all my chips playing it
while I was gone? [LAUGHING]
Yeah, come.
Come by later, I'll go easy on ya.
- Alright.
- Alright, Lefty?
Come on, Crys. Chew me out
for not getting out of Dodge,
alright, throw something,
call me an asshole,
anything, just
But the silent treatment, it isn't you.
I'm leaving.
I applied to med school.
And if I get in, I'm going.
So just like that, huh?
You're running away again.
I'm not running away.
I'm doing this so I can come back.
As a doctor for the community.
Yeah, am I supposed to be what?
Grateful that you're telling
me this time?
Instead of just running away
in the middle of the night?
- No, I didn't
- You did.
One minute we were having
a baby together,
and the next, you were gone.
After what we lost. You've just
You left.
No, we were
We were never having a baby together.
I was having a baby.
And you were just the guy
who got me pregnant.
You were 17, partying too hard.
And smuggling bootleg.
Like, who do you think
was gonna raise our kid?
That day you told me
you were pregnant
I went down to Prospect River
and I applied
at the nickel mine
for a real job.
For you.
It's always been you, Crys.
- Jer
- Even when you're not here,
even when you're mad at me.
It's you.
Wow. An actual sex bucket list.
I'd like to call
your attention to number four.
And 11.
Hey, do you want to order some food?
There's a new dumpling place
in town and I was thinking
we could eat dinner in bed.
Um, thanks, but I'm gonna
crash with Hayley.
I have an early start tomorrow, so
Yeah, no, cool. [CHUCKLES]
Well, uh
Thank you. For that.
Number six tomorrow?
She finally ditched the zero
to get with the hero, huh?
That's great, man. I knew you
liked her for a while.
Uh, no, it's not like that.
It's casual, you know?
- What?
- Nothing. I just
didn't think that's what you wanted.
Yeah, no, it's what we're doing.
It's what we both want.
Donny, you there?
Oh shit.
Hey, Donny, I don't feel so good.
You do this every year, you get drunk,
you go on about animal rights
and you embarrass me
- in front of all my friends.
- I only had one beer.
Maybe we should take separate vacations.
Maybe we should just be separate.
[MUFFLED]: Help.
Okay Brendan. I know
this is gonna be hard,
but I need you to try and hold still.
- She said not to move.
- Uh-huh! Uh-huh.
- Your face is numb?
- Uh-huh.
Do you have any numbness anywhere else?
- Uh
- He's drunk.
He said he only had one beer
but he could barely stand.
He hates coming up here.
- Okay, it's okay.
Just don't try to talk.
I can't pull him off without
causing further injury.
This is like murder Jenga
It's all interlocked.
I mean, we could try using a saw.
No saw!
Um, do you have a wire coat hanger?
Alright, look. The antlers
aren't like bone,
they're more like fingernails.
Which means
we can burn through them.
It's working.
- Oh
- Oh!
Oh my God, Chopper!
Oh my God. Chopper.
Mm-hmm. Science.
I know. That burning antler
gave me a headache too.
I've been trying to get
this smell out of here.
Alright Brendan, can you
give my hand a squeeze?
Okay Brendan, give me a big old squeeze.
He wouldn't hold my hand either.
I thought he was just mad at me.
Right-sided hemiparesis.
Ataxia, facial numbness, slurring
I don't think he's drunk.
What is it? What's happening?
I think your partner had a stroke.
- Stroke?
- Oh God. Brendan!
- Careful! Watch the antler.
- No. Ugh!
- His jacket.
Winnipeg centre,
this is SkyMed 911 Medevac.
We have a mechanical issue
on board the aircraft
and need to divert to Prospect River.
Please, please. I know
I was a jerk before,
but he has to be okay.
We're gonna get him to Thompson
as soon as we can, okay?
But if the feathers had gotten
behind the panels
and into the wiring,
it could have caused a fire
and taken the whole plane down.
We had to divert and we're waiting
for a different Medevac, okay?
Spare from the plane.
I'm here. I'm so sorry.
I know you hate these trips,
I don't know why I drag you up here.
I don't know why I come up here.
I never actually shot anything,
I look at them and I see
their wet little eyes
I've been friends with
these guys since college.
I thought this is what I had
to do to spend time with them,
but I don't like who I am with them.
I like who I am with you.
I'm sorry I made you think
that you had to do something
you were uncomfortable with
to be with me.
[MUFFLED]: I love you.
I love you too.
Whoa. Would we call this
an emergency touch down?
We wouldn't if we read the room.
Patient needs a CT scan
as soon as possible.
He's in the 4 hour window for tPA.
Okay, we need to get him
hooked up the ECG
- and in the air.
- Bodes.
Ready? Three, two
Over here.
This way.
38-year-old male presenting
with a stroke,
LAMS score of four
and a foreign object impaled
through floor of mouth
behind the mandible.
I got to
Hey. Hey, are you okay?
Is he gonna be okay?
They're gonna do everything
that they can.
- My chest hurts.
It's okay. I got you, I got you.
I knew I should have examined
you after the car accident.
HR's high.
Sats are good.
Nowak, look at me. Look at me,
I need you to breathe, okay?
and out.
Slow, deep breaths, okay?
What's wrong with me? I felt
like my chest was gonna burst.
This can happen after a car accident.
Panic attacks are totally normal
Panic attack?
No. I'm a pilot, for Christ's sake.
Funny how pilots are humans too, huh?
I'm sending you the information
for a counsellor.
He can talk you through
some coping techniques.
Call him. Set up an appointment.
It's not a big deal, okay?
Why are we here?
I thought you were gonna
tell me more about my mom.
Well, this is where Jolene grew up.
Wish I could tell ya' more.
Tried looking for her.
Wherever she went after you were born
She doesn't want to be found.
How did you know her?
I'm your uncle.
Jo didn't have family growing up.
My parents took her in.
Raised her.
So, you're not really my uncle?
Well, it's not really the way
it works up here, Bodie.
It's more about community.
More than just blood.
Maybe you didn't grow up here,
but you're Anishinaabe. You belong.
And you're always welcome.
- What's all that?
- Building a hockey rink
for the kids. You play?
Baseball. Um, but I can swing a hammer.
Let's go, then.
Ah, crap. A bunch
of this wood is rotten.
Those assholes in Winnipeg screwed us.
They sent us cheap wood because
they know we can't send it back.
We have enough to finish the rink?
No, wood's expensive,
hard to get up here.
You know what? Jo, she
hated skating.
She liked to sing.
She loved to dance. Especially
at pow wows, to the drum.
You know, that's why she went
to Toronto, to be a dancer.
- That's where she met your Dad.
- He was Jamaican.
That's all I know about him.
Yeah, she never told me what
happened with him,
but when she got pregnant,
she was determined to keep you.
Yeah, she loved you.
Right from the start.
But when Jo went into labour
A 17-year-old Anishinaabe girl,
far from home, alone,
with no support
The social worker made her give you up.
She chose to give me up.
No. The social worker pressured her.
Broke her down.
You know, they're always
looking for ways to take
our children away from us.
Nah, look man, you're full of shit.
No, Bodie. Bodie.
Celebratory wine and donuts
for your awesome interview.
Hey, you okay?
No. Sorry. I
You're You're amazing.
[CHUCKLES] Trevor, you're
You're smart, funny and sweet.
And no one has ever believed in me
as much as I believe in myself.
Except my Kookum.
Uh, I, uh
Something changed yesterday
and I think that
I thought things between us were
They were.
You push me, you see my potential
You don't want that?
I do.
You want me to go to med school
so I can leave here.
And I wanna go so I can come back.
North House North House is my heart.
And Jeremy?
He is too.
I'm sorry.
Oh, God, Maskwa.
What happened?
You brought this shit
into the community?
No, uh, is he gonna be okay?
- Move him.
- You son of a bitch.
You lied to me.
Opioid overdose, agonal breathing,
pupils are pinpoint.
I was just chopping wood,
I didn't even know he was in there.
Oh my God.
I'm so sorry, buddy.
Do you remember what happened?
What did you take?
My arm started to hurt.
I knew you had ibuprofen.
I found it in the black and yellow box.
How many did you take?
Just two?
- Must be laced with fentanyl.
- Fentanyl?
Those bastards.
Radio dispatch, he needs a medevac ASAP,
and try to find his parents.
Is he going to be okay?
He's gonna be okay, right?
I asked you.
I asked if you were selling Oxy
and you told me to my face
that you weren't
- I would never sell it here
- But you brought it!
I didn't! I didn't. I didn't, okay?
Some bikers in Winnipeg, they found out
about my pipeline, okay?
That day I got stabbed, they wanted me
to sell their shit, and I said no.
They started sending it anyway and
But I wouldn't sell it.
Okay? I wouldn't sell it.
That's why Brad hit me with his car,
because I was sitting on it
instead of selling it.
And what? You expect me to be glad?
That you weren't making money?
You were just bringing it here
where a kid could find it?
That's not fair.
Do you know how bad this
could have turned out?
How bad it usually turns out?
It's a miracle Emma even had a kit.
So many of our people die
because they can't get naloxone.
- Crys
- No, fentanyl
is devastating our communities.
And we worked hard to stop
this crap from coming up here.
To prevent things like this
from happening
Well, I could go to the hospital, okay?
- I can help.
- No, no.
No. You've done enough.
We'll monitor his condition,
keep him under observation
to make sure his symptoms don't return.
That can happen sometimes with naloxone.
But he's in good hands.
Um, your son should make
a full recovery.
I'm looking for Maskwa Thomas.
- Family social services.
- Why are they here?
Any overdose involving a minor
requires an official review
to ensure the child's safety at home.
It was an accident.
Any overdose involving a minor
requires an official review.
[SCOFFS] Maskwa will be removed to
foster care until we
complete our review.
Did you know I was taken?
My birth mother, Jolene.
Did you know that she wanted to keep me?
It wasn't like that, Austen. It was a
private adoption, she made a choice.
She didn't have a choice!
The social worker pressured her,
told her that she had to give me away!
Did you know?
Austen, we always assumed that
the adoption was consensual.
But we wanted a child so badly.
We didn't ask many questions.
We should have asked more.
Austen, sweet [BEEP!]
Hey. How's Maskwa?
FSS is investigating.
Shit, Crys.
I'm sorry.
Jeremy and I
We were
You must think I'm an idiot.
Falling for his bullshit again.
I don't think that at all.
You know what, I should have
let you report him to the police
after he got stabbed.
You couldn't have known
this would happen.
- No one could have.
- But it did.
It did.
Trevor's calling.
I pulled some strings
with the contact at FSS.
He won't be taken from the community.
Thank you.
It was the right thing to do.
For Maskwa.
Trevor. I, um
Goodbye, Crystal.
What's all this?
I can get some more.
- How'd ya' do it?
- Bought it.
Rich adoptive parents.
Gotta be good for something, right?
You did good, Bodie.
I just wanted them to be able to play.
You know.
Let's get to work, then.
Let's go.
Come on. Light it up here.
Morning, sunshine. How ya' feeling?
Like a whole new man.
Did you call and make an
appointment with that counselor?
Next week, boss. Hm.
I'm proud of you.
Hey. Thank you
for having my back.
Daj mi buzi?
Alright. I gotta go.
Ready for number six?
Uh, Em.
This isn't working for me.
Okay. We could just skip
to number eight.
My ex didn't want me to be a pilot.
She wanted me to give up flying.
That's not cool.
Yeah, but I did it.
For her.
And she left anyway.
I was trying so hard
to make someone else happy
even though I was miserable.
Look, I really, really like you.
But I can't do that again.
I like you too.
But after Devon, you really
can't ask me for more right now.
I know.
There it is. [CHUCKLES]
Cassiopeia was more beautiful
than all of nereids.
So, Poseidon got mad
and chained her daughter
to a rock under the sea.
It was a thing.
But she's pretty bright
this time of the year.
How come you never brought me
out here before?
Seemed like you needed it tonight.
I needed it tonight.
You were right. It's not what I wanted.
Do you know what you do want?
Same thing I've wanted since I was ten.
To be an astronaut.
About as likely as me and Emma, huh?
You're an amazing pilot,
Chops. And an engineer.
Aren't those pretty much
the requirements?
Hayley Roberts?
It's Dr. Allen's office calling,
we have your MRI results.
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