SkyMed (2022) s01e08 Episode Script


You brought this shit into
the community? You lied to me.
- I'm trying to apologize.
- Well, guess what, Hayley,
I don't give a shit if you feel better.
- You know what you do want?
- Same thing I wanted
since I was ten, to be an astronaut.
About as likely as me and Emma, huh?
- Did you know I was taken?
- We always assumed
that the adoption was consensual.
I'm sorry. North House is my heart.
- And Jeremy?
- He is too.
I knew I should've examined
you after the car accident.
Panic attacks are totally normal.
I'm sending you the information
for a counsellor.
Call him, set up an appointment.
Help! Help!
Please, I need help!
Nine in the morning,
and it's still dark out.
Big storm coming too, on FlightRadar.
I dream about
living somewhere hot, like,
no boots, no thermals,
just sunny skies and tequila.
I don't trust anywhere that
doesn't have four distinct seasons.
I need air.
- What's going on?
Speed. Nowak, check your airspeed.
We're losing speed. I have control.
Are we gonna talk about what
just happened?
What is there to talk about?
I had a moment of distraction,
and my FO overreacted.
You saw! We couldn't reach
him. What's up with you?
The weather wasn't that bad,
we've flown through worse.
I just got light-headed for a second.
You said you'd see a counsellor.
Counsellor? What's going on?
The panic attacks.
This has happened before?
Never in the air.
It's not a big deal.
Sometimes I get a memory
of the car accident.
What did the counsellor say?
This is something that I can
handle on my own. It's fine.
You know you can't fly again, right?
Not until you've dealt with this.
I'll get some sleep, regroup tomorrow.
[MAN ON RADIO]: It may just be
flurries out there now,
but don't be fooled. We're in
for a big one tonight, folks,
with a heavy snowfall warning in effect.
I'll replace this.
Yeah, that one's yours now.
What's with the duds?
I've been invited to Selection Camp.
With Space Program Canada.
Whoa! Way to go, kid!
So, how many people get chosen
for Selection Camp?
Out of 4,000 applicants.
Yeah, I had a bunch of interviews,
and I thought today was just
going to be another one,
but they told me I'm in.
- That's amazing.
- Yeah, so I hung up on them.
- What?
- Look, I don't know,
I panicked, alright?
It's bad, isn't it? I know it's bad.
Astronauts can't panic.
That's their whole thing.
It's kinda your thing too, Chops.
You know how to handle yourself.
In a plane, yes.
But Selection Camp is designed
to screw with you.
That's their whole point.
They throw you into crazy situations
to see if you have what it takes
to figure it out.
What if I don't?
Okay. I'm gonna go and wake up
Nowak so he can
Polish some sense into you on this.
He's gone.
I saw him leave a couple hours
ago in his flight suit.
I think he was doing a run
to North House.
- [NOWAK]: Hey, Lex.
- What are you doing?
You shouldn't be flying right
now. You told me you wouldn't fly.
I got some rest,
I'm feeling a lot better.
If you're not at full health,
you're putting people in danger.
Don't make me have to report you.
I kept your secret, didn't I?
It's not the same thing.
Don't make me have to lie again,
for you of all people.
I love you, but I
I won't let anyone do this
to me again. I can't.
You have until you get
back to Thompson to
tell Chief Pilot Pierce what's going on,
or I will.
[MAN ON RADIO]: The roads are
really bad out there, folks.
There is a multi-vehicle pile-up
in town,
not to mention all the cars
that are off the road.
I would say don't go out
unless you absolutely have to.
Shouldn't the guys be back by now?
Bodes and Nowak know how
to handle themselves
in weather like this.
Please. We heard nurses live here?
Nurses do, but they're all out
right now. We're pilots.
Well, why don't you come inside?
What's wrong? What happened?
Please. You have to sit.
The roads are bad and
there's trees down everywhere,
and we swerved and we slid
into the ditch,
and Gordon hit the steering column.
[STRAINED]: That's enough, Abby.
We should call an ambulance.
We'll go to the car now.
- No!
- What is it? What is it?
Lex, I know what you're going to say.
Tris, I need your help.
We have a hurt patient here.
All the nurses are out, we can't
get through to an ambulance,
he just collapsed.
Okay, so what's the
source of this injury?
He was driving and
he hit the steering column.
He's been having a hard time breathing.
Are there any visible wounds?
No cuts or bruising.
You need to get vitals.
Grab a flight bag.
- W-We don't have one.
- Where's Hayley, isn't she off?
I don't know, but she's not here.
The only thing I could find
was Crystal's spare stethoscope
- and some gloves.
- Okay, uh,
can you check his wrist for a pulse?
It's really fast.
I need you to use the stethoscope
to check both sides of his chest.
Put it on his sides along
the nipple line
- and tell me what you hear.
- It's a lot quieter on the left.
It's pneumothorax.
He needs it decompressed
with a chest tube or he'll arrest.
W-What does that mean?
A chest tube goes through the chest wall
and drains any compressed air
from the heart and the lungs.
We don't have a doctor or a chest tube,
- and we can't make it to an ER.
- Please, please,
you have to help him!
His neck, it looks funny.
His veins are all swollen.
Tristan, they're running out of time.
Maybe you should take Hayden
into Nowak's room,
it's over there on the left.
Okay, so we need a tube,
the ability to puncture skin,
and, uh, suction.
[TRISTAN]: That's right.
Okay, let's see, here.
This should puncture through the muscle,
like the chest tube would, correct?
Uh, we wouldn't recommend
an improvised home surgery.
His pulse is weak. I can barely feel it.
A pen won't puncture the skin.
You're gonna need to make
an incision first.
Find the second rib on Gordon's chest.
You'll feel a hump.
Count down four or five ribs.
You're gonna want to be on
between the 4th and 5th intercostal
on the nipple line
towards Gordon's right side,
down by his armpit.
[EMMA]: You have to go over the rib
when you put the tube in, not under it,
or else you'll risk damaging the nerve.
Ready? Ready.
Make a small incision
so it can fit the straw in.
Okay, good. Poke your finger
into the incision
to make a little room.
Uh Hmm
Oh, uh, okay
It's gonna take a lot of force
to punch through the muscle wall
to get the tube in. Once
you feel it push through, stop.
You don't want to go too far
and puncture the lung.
- Okay.
- You'll feel a rush of air
when you get to the pleural
space. Okay, and then
- Ah, shit.
- [BOTH]: Shit.
We can't wait until the line comes
back up, we have to finish this.
I did it, I think I did it.
That's good, that's what we want, right?
Oh, it's sucking back in.
The goal is to vent the stuff out.
Please, please, do something.
He can't breathe.
You got a condom?
I need something flexible,
to create a valve.
Okay. Will this work?
- Yes, cut the end.
- Okay.
Okay, tape.
You just made a chest tube out
of a straw and a balloon.
That's some real astronaut shit.
Gordon's stable for now,
but he needs a hospital.
I know it's none of my business
and I don't know anything
about your marriage,
but why wouldn't he let
you call an ambulance?
If you need help, I can help you.
It's not like that.
I know people have to leave
when they're ready, but
don't cover for Gordon
if it means hurting yourself,
or your kid. No one deserves
that kind of loyalty.
Gordon's not my husband. He's my father.
Hayden's dad
We're getting divorced.
I tried to fight for full custody,
but I can't afford the lawyers
that he can, so
The last time that
I left Hayden with his dad
for his court-ordered weekend,
Hayden walked home alone three miles
because he was scared of him.
That's when I knew, I
I couldn't leave my son with him
even one more time.
You custody-napped your son.
My ex called the cops,
then the storm hit.
And I knew my dad was hurt,
but I didn't want to call an ambulance.
What if they recognized
me at the hospital?
Then I would go to jail
and Hayden would go
to his dad full time.
Wait, please. Now that you know,
what are you gonna do?
[LEXI]: You know you can't fly
again, right?
Not until you've dealt with this.
[NOWAK]: It's fine.
This is Nowak.
[DISPATCH]: Hey, we're stretched
thin tonight
with the storm moving in.
Can you fly Right Seat to take
a patient to North House?
We wouldn't ask, but since
you've been looking for extra shifts
- Uh, I'm on my way.
- Great. Thanks.
Wow. Captain Nowak kept
himself Right Seat qualified?
You must need money pretty bad.
Nope. Just gunning
to be a Training Captain.
Looks good in AC interviews.
Well, most peoples' interviews.
Are you sure you should be doing this?
You promised Lexi you wouldn't.
- Park break.
- Set.
The snow isn't too bad yet,
but we'll wait inside the hangar.
Our ride should be here
any minute, Dale.
How you doing?
- Hey, Lex.
[LEXI]: What are you doing?
You shouldn't be flying right now.
You told me you wouldn't fly.
I got some rest,
I'm feeling a lot better.
If you're not at full health,
you're putting people in danger.
Don't make me have to report you.
I kept your secret, didn't I?
It's not the same thing.
Don't make me have to lie again.
You have until you get back to Thompson
to tell Chief Pilot Pierce
what's going on,
or I will.
You told Lexi I was flying!
No. But considering how small SkyMed is,
you can't be surprised she found out.
I'm not happy about it either.
I care about you, Nowak.
Our ride's here.
Come on, Dale. We're heading
to the nursing station.
That's like a thousand dollar
punching bag you got there.
I powered down 911,
but we're gonna have to try
and keep up with the snow.
If it freezes on the wings,
we won't be able to get out of here.
I'll take the first shift.
Hi, Mom.
[IRENA]: Milosz. Are you calling
about Lukasz?
He has two offers
from competing universities.
That's great.
I need to ask a favour, um
Can I borrow money for a new headset?
I can pay interest. I have
a second job, and if I need to,
I can get a third job
to pay it back faster.
If I helped, it would be
endorsing your career choice.
- You know I can't do that.
- Yeah, okay.
- Tell Dad I said hello.
- I will.
Tris is waiting for Crystal
to show up with another patient,
- but she's taking forever.
- You left the boost pumps on.
- I turned the master off.
- It doesn't matter.
You left the goddamn boost pumps
on. The battery's dead, Bodie.
I was worried about
keeping the plane clear,
I must've rushed out
of the cockpit and forgot.
Oh, so any second, Tristan's
going to show up with a patient,
and we won't be able to start the plane.
We'll get someone to fly us a new
battery and an AME from Thompson.
In this storm?! It's the Captain's job
to make sure you turn
the boost pumps off.
If I was in the Left Seat,
this never would've happened.
What the hell is your problem, man?
You! You're a crap pilot,
you do dumb shit
like leave the boost pumps on!
And everyone treats you like
you're the shit.
Chopper's a way better pilot,
but somehow Bodie's always the hero.
You're just a rich kid who had
everything handed to him.
You don't know a damn thing about me.
You wanna talk shitty pilots?
What the hell is going on with
you? Tristan acting all worried?
What exactly do you not want
everyone to know, huh?
Is Iceman finally cracking under the
pressure of his own goddamn ego?
- Hayley?
- Bodie? We need
hospital. [AUDIO CUTTING]
Hayley, I can't hear you.
Madison Can you hear
Tree or something
must've taken out a tower.
She said something about
Madison and the hospital.
She's not due yet, is she?
Not for another two months.
You know, I tried to apologize,
but she's not talking to me.
I actually want to be in my kid's life.
But I messed that up.
You know those rich parents
you're always giving me shit about?
Yeah, they stole me
from my Indigenous birth mother.
And my white parents just
went along with it.
My whole life, I thought she gave me up.
I thought it was a choice.
Afro-Indigenous kid
raised by white folks
in a rich neighbourhood
with nobody who looked like me,
nobody who knew where I was from.
No one who knew who I was.
See, but I know what
a pilot is. I know how to be,
and where I'm supposed to be.
But if I'm not gonna go to an airline
and I'm not gonna be a pilot
Who am I?
I had a panic attack after
my car accident.
Sometimes when I'm in the plane
I'm afraid.
Is that why you broke your headset?
If my head's screwed up,
I can't be a pilot,
which my parents would love.
They think it's beneath me.
Being a pilot's impressive.
What do they expect, a brain surgeon?
Actually, my brother
has a PhD in neuroscience.
I think that's why I hated you so much.
You had a family that wanted
you to live your dreams.
I've wanted to go to
a major airline for so long,
but I'm not even sure
if I want it for me anymore.
I don't know if I want to fly
because I love it
or just to prove my parents wrong.
Flying is the only time
I ever feel like myself.
Snow's letting up.
We could, uh, clear the plane
and go try and pick up Madison
and the baby But I
drained the battery.
It's busted, dude.
We can't fly that, we're not rated.
- It's a 12 volt.
- The 200 takes 24.
Another 12.
We can hook them up in a series
to the 24 volt in the plane.
We can jump-start it.
I mean, we don't even know
if these batteries are charged.
And the runway's not plowed.
With that kind of drag, we might
not be able to take off.
One way to find out.
- Park break?
- Set.
Battery voltage?
- 23 volts.
- Levers?
Cut off, forward, flight idle.
Before start checklist complete.
We only have one shot.
After this, the 12 volts
will be drained.
Clear right?
Clear right.
We have power. 12 %.
If we hit the red line, there's
no grace period here, Bodie.
We'll need to abort,
or we'll torch the engine.
Just hold a little longer.
Hold steady.
Okay, I appreciate the help.
But are you sure you wanna do this?
We might not even make
it off the runway.
We could overshoot into
the trees, end up like Wheezer.
Look, this is my risk.
I'm taking it, but
But you don't have to.
Let's do it.
Let's get out of here.
I know you're off duty.
But I just got a call from Randy Jacobs.
He's a 60-year-old patient
with a history of epilepsy,
and it sounds like he has
a nasty dog bite.
It would be great to get him on
Tristan's flight when he goes back,
before the huge snow storm rolls in.
And you want me to go pick up Randy.
There's already a driver on the way.
Hey, Emma.
[CRYSTAL]: We're not getting
your truck out of the ditch,
and we're still an hour from
the nursing station.
Don't worry. Get yourself
a tow outta the ditch.
Your truck'll be good as new. [GRUNTING]
There won't be any tow coming tonight.
You know, we're lucky
we were close to the shack.
Anybody passing the road,
they'll stop and see my truck,
and come help.
[SIGHING] Hopefully.
Okay, well I'm gonna go find
some firewood.
Nasty bite. What happened?
I had Milroy since he was a pup.
Whenever I had a seizure,
he'd lay down next to me
and he'd be there when I'd wake up.
Never thought I'd have to put him down.
I don't like the look of this, Randy.
We need to keep an eye on the red parts,
make sure it doesn't spread, okay?
- How you holding up, Randy?
- It hurts.
You've got cellulitis.
It's spreading fast.
That can happen sometimes
with animal bites.
You need antibiotics to prevent sepsis.
Doesn't seem like I'm getting
that any time soon.
[CRYSTAL]: Okay, let's lay you down.
I, uh, found some stuff in my truck
I was gonna donate
to the community centre,
but maybe there's some stuff
we could burn in here, you know?
None of this will burn for long.
Where's one of your black
and yellow boxes of supplies
when we need it?
I don't do that anymore.
The pills?
Any of it.
We can burn the boxes for now.
Treasure Island?
You kept this?
I like pirates, you know?
You liked it, too.
You used to read it to me
in the canoe when you were
trying to get out of paddling.
- I loved this book!
Stories like this reminded
me of the adventures
we used to have in the bush.
Camping, or afternoons
in the canoe in the sun.
Paper burns.
No, no, no, not that. Not this one.
This one. We'll burn this.
It's good, huh?
See, not everything
from your past is horrible.
Who said it was?
I don't know why you're so hard
on who you used to be, Flipper.
You were You were pretty great.
What's wrong with who I am now?
Well, you just don't seem very happy.
You're always so serious
all the time now.
Or maybe that's just when I'm around.
I'm gonna go on the land
for a while. I think I need it.
And besides, people in the community,
they don't need my kind of help.
- What happened to the Oxy?
- Burned it.
I don't care what those people do to me,
I'm not letting any more
of that shit come up here.
You should've told me, Jer.
We could've figured something out.
Would we?
Or would you just have
blamed me for everything,
just given me shit like always?
What's happening? What's going on?
He's seizing
We need to keep him warm, okay?
He's getting too cold.
Get him on his side. Come on.
You're gonna hate me
for saying it, but
I'll be the peanut butter.
Maskwa doesn't blame you, you know.
He should.
Hey, what are you doing? Crys
Dumb to hold on to the past so
much that we freeze to death now.
We're not going to survive
in this much longer.
Just stay awake. Just try to stay awake.
[MAN ON RADIO]: It may just
be flurries out there now,
but don't be fooled. We are
in for a big one tonight, folks,
with a heavy snowfall warning in effect.
Since our unspoken agreement
apparently needs to be spoken,
I really hoped you wouldn't come
here when I'm working.
Is there another waitress?
No, I sent everybody home.
Place is dead with the storm
coming, and I need the money, so
I'll have a cup of coffee
and go, I just
need a minute.
Fine. Get it yourself.
My back's killing me.
Tradition. [CHUCKLING]
My brother and I would order
one of each,
then take turns stealing from
each other's plates.
He always said that life's too short,
eat dessert first.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no, no, no, hey.
My brother's still alive but, uh
He just isn't talking to me right now.
Anyone ever tells you
they're thinking about
getting back together with their ex,
don't tell them what you really
think. That was last fall.
You must miss him.
Snowmobile trip
isn't the same by myself.
Have you tried calling him?
It's kinda hard
to break the ice, you know?
Things change fast, man.
Somebody who was in your life
all this time can suddenly just
be gone.
Like a bolt of lightning.
[MAN ON RADIO]: The roads
are really bad out there, folks.
There is a multi-vehicle
pile-up in town,
not to mention all the cars
that are off the road.
I would say don't go out unless
you absolutely have to.
Hey, you should probably head out.
You wait much longer, your car
won't be able to make it out.
Oh, yeah, thanks.
Yeah. I'm applying
to a phlebotomy program.
It's good money. I'll be able to
take care of myself and the baby.
I didn't take high school Bio,
so I'm making it up.
No yeah, that's that's great.
People will always need blood taken.
I know you think
I'm some dumb local girl.
I don't think you're dumb.
I used to think
we could be friends, actually.
Yeah, if by friends you mean
- Uh Oh, God.
- Are you okay?
No. I just peed my pants.
Has the pain been coming in waves?
You've been having contractions.
I'm only 28 weeks, the baby's
not due for another two months!
No, no, it's okay. It's okay.
I saw this all the time at Sinai.
Uh, you need to go to
the hospital for antibiotics,
tocolytics, and a shot of steroids.
What will that do?
The steroids will help
the baby's lungs mature,
fast but the tocolytics might be
able to stop the premature labour
and give baby more time inside
to grow and develop.
Can you drive me?
I'm not sure my car will make it.
Um, I'll call an ambulance.
The radio said there
was a big pile-up in town.
It's okay. We'll, um
time your contractions.
Most primip labour takes hours,
so we've got time.
What happens if we can't make
it to the hospital? Could I
The baby.
Look, I have never lost a patient.
Not in L&D, not flying medevacs.
You're in good hands, okay?
Ten minutes apart.
- [BODIE]: Hayley?
- Bodie! Um
can you come get me and Madison
from the Whiskey Hatch?
- We need to get to a hospital.
- Hayley, I can't hear you.
Bodie, we need your truck.
Madison's in labour.
Bodie, can you hear me?
Oh, God.
Okay, um, try standing
with your feet apart,
bent over the bar like this.
Some women find it helps.
You know, this is usually when I suggest
the birthing partner rubs Mama's back.
Yeah, well, just another thing
I'll have to do for myself.
Have you tried talking to Bodie?
He's, uh, tried calling.
Says he wants to help me and the baby.
But I have to be able to take
care of myself.
Even if we make up now,
I could still end up raising
this baby on my own later.
Thought I'd have a couple
more months, though.
It's so weird to love someone
that you've never met before so much.
I already love this baby
more than anyone.
I just want him to be okay
I had an appointment
with my oncologist
in Winnipeg this morning.
They found
precancerous shadows on my MRI.
She suggested a preventative
double mastectomy.
What are you going to do?
I mean, your whole life, this giant
decision gets reduced to probabilities.
Chances that something bad might happen,
like a bomb that might go off,
or lightning that might strike.
And You know, and I'm 25?
And this is my body, and
I'm just so I'm so angry.
I'm angry that my mom died,
I'm angry that I have to make
this big decision,
and I'm just
I think that's why I slept with Bodie.
It still wasn't right.
Madison, I wouldn't usually recommend
doing this outside of a hospital,
but I think I need to give
you a vaginal exam
to see how much time we have.
Whatever the baby needs.
You're five centimetres.
Okay. That's not so far, right?
I need to get all the way to 10?
With a preemie,
it's not uncommon to deliver
at seven or eight centimetres.
And you're progressing fast.
But what about his lungs?
You said he needed steroids or else
his lungs won't be developed
enough yet, right?
And you never lost a patient,
you can deliver my baby here, can't you?
- Madison, I
- [MIKE]: Whew!
That is a storm!
What kind of night have you had?
Madison needs a hospital,
can you take her on the snowmobile?
Oh, it's real bad out there.
I mean, my machine can handle
it, but the visibility's crap,
that's why I came back.
- We have to risk it.
It's not safe out there.
Even with a perfect delivery,
this baby needs to go straight
into a warmer.
His lungs aren't developed, he
won't be able to breathe on his own.
He needs oxygen, intubation,
IVs, none of which we have here.
Without a NICU, this baby has
a 70 % chance of dying.
Our odds on the snowmobile
are much higher than that.
I'll drive her myself if I have to.
It's got a trailer.
I'll empty it out and
make a bed. We'll all go.
Yeah, okay. Let's get
you down, let's go. Watch out.
Oh, my God, the tree. Mike!
No! No! Hey, Mike, hey! Can you hear me?
The cracks in your heart
never disappear ♪
Help! Help!
Please, I need help!
You want to cry out
but you're holding your tongue ♪
This is the only one we get ♪
I don't want to waste another breath ♪
We could be dreamers again ♪
We could be dreamers again ♪
Madison! Madison!
Madison. I came as fast as I could.
Are you okay?
Did you see him?
We're just waiting
for the weather to clear.
His lungs weren't fully formed
and we don't have a proper NICU here.
He needs to go to Winnipeg
as soon as a plane can get out.
Crystal, Crystal!
Jeremy, Jeremy! Hey! Hey!
I was worried when you didn't
come back to the station.
I started driving as soon
as the roads were passable,
and then I saw Jeremy's truck.
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, we need to check on Randy.
He needs a hospital.
Randy, are you okay?
I had a beautiful dream.
I was a dog running wild and free.
His fever hasn't gotten worse,
but his infection's advanced.
We'll get him an IV antibiotics
at the station,
get him on a plane.
Get him up.
He hasn't woken up
but he's still breathing.
Phones are working again.
Did you call the cops?
They should be able to get through soon,
take Gordon to the hospital.
Maybe you and Hayden aren't here
when they arrive.
Maybe you left while Chopper
and I were sleeping.
Thank you.
I will have to call the
police at some point.
Maybe not until tomorrow.
Hi. Sorry, we got cut off.
It was a bad storm. [CHUCKLING]
Yeah, I-I wanted to get back to you.
Um, I'd be thrilled to attend
Selection Camp.
Nowak. Come on in.
I'd like to request some time off, sir.
Everything okay?
Anything I should know about?
Not yet, sir.
Not if I take the time now.
You're a good pilot, Nowak.
Take the time you need
and you'll keep me in the loop if
there's anything I need to know, right?
You sure you don't want me to
come see the counsellor with you?
I'm ready to do this for myself.
It's okay, I did it.
Lex. Lex.
Just go after her.
Thanks for being here.
He was there for me when I needed it.
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