SkyMed (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

Leave It All On The Ice

Sometimes I get a memory
of the car accident.
You know you can't fly again,
not until you've dealt with this.
Don't make me have to report you.
I kept your secret, didn't I?
Don't make me have to lie again.
I'd like to request some time off, sir.
I've been invited to Selection Camp
with Space Program Canada.
They found pre-cancerous
shadows on my MRI.
She suggested a preventative
double mastectomy.
You've been having contractions.
The baby's not due
for another two months.
Madison needs a hospital,
can you take her on the snowmobile?
It's not safe out there.
Mike! No. No!
His lungs weren't fully formed.
We don't have a proper NICU here.
He needs to go to Winnipeg.
[BUDDY]: You want me to sled all
the way out to some frozen lake
just so I can be a Popsicle?
Ah, come on dude,
you said you were coming!
The trick is to get wet
before you get in
so you don't shock the body too much.
Yeah. If you want to freeze
your nuts off, have at 'er Dougie.
Whoa! Damn! I feel alive!
[HAYLEY]: Help. Help!
Please, we need help.
[WHEEZER]: This is your
captain speaking,
we know you have a choice when you fly,
so thank you for choosing SkyMed 911
for all of your medical emergency needs.
I thought you flew cargo.
Nowak's taking time off
and Bodie's in Winnipeg
with the baby, so
It's a temporary gig.
He's not a fan of medevacs.
Weak stomach.
Hey! My stomach
is very macho, thank you.
It's my nose that's a little delicate.
But from what I hear,
it's a simple slip and fall,
so how bad can it be, right?
Doug? I'm Hayley, I'm your flight nurse,
can you tell me what happened?
- I slipped.
- HR's low.
Hypothermia, possible head injury.
Did you pass out? [GRUNTS]
Any pain in your neck or back?
Can you move your legs?
[GRUNTS] Okay.
- Ugh!
- Oh God.
He's stuck to the ice.
You see this? This is why
I don't fly medevacs.
The hot packs will kick in soon, Doug.
I know it's cold,
but we gotta warm you up slowly.
How are we gonna unstick him?
When my kid got his tongue
stuck to a fence,
Lynn just used warm tap water.
The closest tap's an hour away.
We have to get him out of here,
we have to warm him up.
This is still hot.
Yeah, okay. We just have to melt the ice
around his back enough for me
and Wheezer to pull him up.
- Yeah, I'm a pilot
- Yeah, well this is a liftoff.
Come on.
Careful, not too fast.
- It's working. It's melting.
- We'll go slow.
Gotta save as much skin as we can.
- What is that?
He's going into V-fib.
The coffee must have raised
his temperature too fast,
- we put him into an arrhythmia.
- Well, what does that mean?
No pulse, he's Ugh, he's arrested!
- Okay, so what do we do?
- Um, we need to defibrillate.
Chopper, I need you
to take over compressions.
I need to work the defib.
Arms straight, hard and fast.
You'll be fine. Come on.
Oh God, he's in water.
We need to move him.
What about his back?
Well, we can't save him
and it's not safe
to defibrillate him in water.
We need to shock him now
or he'll die.
We need to get him
off the ice fast, come on!
Three, two, one, go!
- Let's get him on the board.
- Two, three, go
Alright, get his little
bootie on the board.
There you go.
- Charging.
200 joules.
25-year-old male, hypothermic,
surface injury to the back and thighs.
Arrested at the scene, heart rate stable
following defibrillation.
Bay three, prep warming
fluids and page surgery
to assess his back wound.
- Hello.
- Hayley. It's Dr. Allen.
I've been trying to get
in touch with you.
Uh, yeah, sorry.
The reception isn't great up here.
I have an opening in the OR this week.
I'd like to get you in
for your mastectomy.
- Um
- Hayley?
Uh, that's a lot sooner
than I was expecting.
This isn't something we should delay.
I know how difficult this is, Hayley,
but you need to make this decision.
I'm at work, um
my pager's going off
Relax, you feel ready.
And the counselor wouldn't say
you should come back
if he didn't feel you were ready, too.
I just hope Pierce doesn't
ask too many questions.
With a face this open and Polish?
Hey, nurse Tristan.
Hey, uh, Reese, right?
Yeah. I was just in 922,
I saw you were running light on towels.
I know you like to use them
as bolsters for your patients
so I restocked for you.
Thanks, that's very perceptive.
No big, you're hard not to notice.
Milosz. Didn't think
you'd be back so soon.
I'm ready to get back to work, sir.
Well, I won't ask what you
needed time off to do,
but are you sure you had
enough time to take care of it?
It's only been a week.
Good to go, sir.
Good and eager.
Well, we're short captains,
and it's best for everyone
to get Wheezer off medevac,
Welcome back, son.
Heads up. Guess who's on the highway
back to the danger zone?
Or a sched to Shamattawa, at least.
Come on, Lex, I know you're
pissed but you can't ignore me,
we're gonna be in a plane for 12 hours.
I switched shifts with Chopper.
Come on, Lex, I'm taking this seriously,
I'm not gonna have another
episode in the air again
I'm not scared of you!
I'm mad at you. You lied, Nowak. To me.
And then you tried
to get me to lie for you.
You broke my trust.
Look, I get why you're upset,
but he's been dealing
with some heavy stuff lately.
He misses you.
And he could use your support, so,
what can he do to fix it?
I care about him too, Tristan.
But he crossed the line,
and you let him,
'cause you're in love with him.
Kind of cold for a garage sale.
It's just some stuff I don't need.
There's folks in the community
that could use it more.
You can't keep beating yourself up, Jer.
No one else is.
I got into med school.
I wanted to tell you this time
so you don't think
I just disappeared.
I'm not surprised.
Well, as long as you're cool.
I'm late for a schedevac,
so, maybe you could give that
to someone who can actually play.
Lexi thinks I'm in love with Nowak.
Uh, aren't you?
You guys are great together.
Things are great, but I've never done
a relationship before
and I've never told anyone that.
Come on. No one?
And if Nowak is expecting the L word
I mean, if that's how he feels,
I don't know if I can give that to him.
L word stuff is complicated, man.
Hey guys. This is Tricia,
a 52-year-old woman with colon cancer
going to Winnipeg for chemotherapy.
Tricia, let's get you ready to fly.
How's Bodie's baby? Any news?
It's a wait and see.
What about your chest tube patient?
That was really impressive, by the way.
- Yeah, that was scary.
Good practice, though.
For stabbing people?
Uh, no. It's for Selection Camp.
- You got in?!
- Yeah.
That's amazing,
I didn't even know you applied.
When do you leave?
In a couple of days.
But hey, it's just Selection Camp.
You guys ready to get out of here?
Why didn't you tell me
Chopper's leaving?
It's not a done deal.
And I wasn't sure where you stood
on the Chopper thing these days.
I don't regret ending my engagement.
It wasn't what I wanted.
I'm just
I'm just having a hard time figuring out
what I do want, you know?
Sometimes we don't know what we want
until it's gone, huh?
How long until I can hold him
skin to skin?
I've been reading that kangaroo care
is really important for preemies.
Not until we remove the umbilical lines.
Do you want to hold him in the nest?
Do you want to this time?
What about Cameron?
Or baby James?
You need to eat. I'll, um
I'll go get you something.
- Hello.
- Austen Bodie?
This is Captain Paul Slater
from Air Canada.
We have a ground school coming up
and you were a strong candidate
for the last intake.
We'd like for you to interview again.
Um, I
I have a situation in Winnipeg.
When would I have to be in Toronto?
Well, it's a three-day interview.
We'd need you here
by the end of the week.
Take a minute if you really
need to think about it
but don't take too long.
You miss this ground school,
there's no guarantee there'll
be another opportunity.
Miss Highway.
- Coming from North House?
- Winnipeg.
Brad Maloney was released
on bail this morning.
His neighbours heard gunshots
at his house half an hour ago.
We sent a unit.
They saw blood on the carpet.
Brad was in jail for targeting Jeremy
in a drug-related hit-and-run.
Well, there's no evidence of that.
Brad said it was an accident,
he'd had a beer.
I sent a colleague to check
Jeremy's place in North House.
He wasn't there.
So, if he is in Thompson,
I'd be very interested
in talking to him.
Jeremy! [GRUNTING]
It's not what it looks like.
Um, mostly.
He's been shot in the stomach,
how's this not what it looks like?
When Brad got out of jail,
his hunting buddies
started pressuring me about Oxy again.
I told you,
I'm not gonna sell this shit!
They weren't too happy
that old Jer here didn't
have any money for all the Oxy
that they'd sent up
and that the dumbass had burned it all.
No, his bosses did.
Look, I didn't know they
were gonna shoot anybody, okay?
I thought they were just gonna
rough Jer up a little bit.
And I was holding him,
and he saw the gun,
and he freaked out,
and I got shot and
The next thing I knew,
he was dragging me here,
not too goddamn gently either.
Your buddies knew you'd been
shot and they just left you?
They might not be too happy
that I got arrested
for that hit-and-run.
This looks shallow,
but you need to go to the hospital
for imaging to rule out
internal bleeding.
No, no hospital.
They have to report every bullet wound
to the police. If I get
caught and go to jail,
they're gonna think that I snitched.
And this is nothing compared
to what those guys are gonna do to me
if they think I snitched,
you understand?
If you're not going to the hospital,
you're on your own.
Especially after you sent poison
into my community.
I'm gonna make this easy for you.
If I die,
Constable Lee is gonna think
that Jeremy shot me
and he's gonna go to jail.
And if I don't die, and I get caught,
I'm gonna tell the cops that he shot me.
You understand?
But he didn't.
He tried to help you.
Yeah, well, it's my word against his.
You really gonna gamble
that our justice system
is gonna believe some
Native dude over a white man?
You can take him to the hospital,
I'll take my chances.
I can clean it.
I'll pack it with hemostatic
gauze to help it clot.
You have to take the bullet out too.
That's a myth.
Bullets don't need to be removed,
it can cause more damage.
Every bullet wound has to be reported.
If you leave it in there
and six months from now,
I go in because
of appendicitis or some shit,
and they find it?
You take it out, now.
No. Not recently.
18-year-old woman
with severe abdominal pain,
history of ovarian cysts,
vitals are stable.
Bay two, let's have a look.
Nurse Roberts, Northern Police
is looking for anyone
coming in tonight with a possible GSW.
I'm sure you know those
have to be reported.
Even if it's someone you know,
Like Brad Maloney
or Jeremy Wood.
Um, yeah, I haven't picked up
any gunshot wounds.
But if you want to interview
the endometriosis patient
I just brought in
You'll keep an eye out?
Ah, wait, Constable Lee.
Um, which one's Brad again?
I'm still kind of new here
and all of the guys
in reflective vests look the same.
Hey Crys!
- What's going on?
- I appreciate the help,
but you don't have to get involved.
Just, maybe if anyone asks,
you could forget you saw me here?
I trust you.
Look, no one holds themselves
to a higher standard than you,
so if you're taking stuff,
there's a reason.
What else do you need?
Are we really doing this?
Is this happening?
Goddamn it, woman!
Can't you give me something
for the pain, for Christ's sake?!
50 mikes fentanyl.
Hey, Hayley.
This bench is really killing my neck.
You think you could be
a pillow for me, huh?
You know, you're lucky
you're getting fentanyl.
- Tough crowd.
Did you dilute that?
Are you serious?!
How could you be so careless?!
I was I was distracted.
You just gave him five times
the recommended dose!
He could stop breathing,
he could arrest!
- Wait, what?
- Uh, he needs Naloxone.
We don't have any here,
it's locked on the plane
- Then go get it! Go get it!
- Wait
And what if we didn't?
- What?
- What are you talking about?
- Are you crazy?
- Why should he get it?
We never get enough Naloxone
up here in the first place,
he's the asshole
who's bringing the Oxy up.
He's the asshole
who almost killed Maskwa.
Hayley, we can't just let him die.
Oh, my God, oh, my God,
I can already feel
- it's starting to hit me.
- Why not?
He doesn't care who he kills?
What, we're supposed to just
save him while his bosses
make Jeremy take the fall?
Listen, listen, listen,
if that's what you're worried about,
I'll do whatever you want,
I can tell the police whatever.
Just please, just go and get
Naloxone, okay?
How do we know you won't
change your mind
- after we give it to you?
- What?
You better make this fast.
Fentanyl can kill in minutes.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
My Name is Brad Maloney,
and I'm the one who's been
running all the Oxy
up to North House.
My bosses are in Winnipeg,
I can give you all the names
and dates and everything.
I can give you the whole
operation, okay?
We good?
Jeremy Wood is not involved.
He's not the one who shot me,
my bosses did.
Okay? Is that good enough?
Could you please
go get Naloxone, please?
That wasn't fentanyl.
It was Valium.
Just enough to chill you out
for a little bit.
I'll drop him off in the ER bay.
He's stable and his wounds are packed.
I'll leave him in a wheelchair.
You got that video I sent?
Yeah. I'll get
a burner phone and I'll send
Brad's confession
to Constable Lee, okay?
Then we just have to get you
back to North House
before anyone realizes
you were ever here.
You've done more than enough,
okay? I got it, Crys.
Thank you.
Oh, hey. You okay?
Why didn't you say anything?
I thought it was a graze.
- Lucky again.
- Ooh!
It's a bleeder, but you missed
anything important.
Maybe better if I wasn't
so lucky, you know?
Maybe I could have done more,
stopped them from bringing
that shit up here, you know?
Hey! Don't you dare.
They forced this on you.
And the community loves you.
You help more people than you know.
Maybe you help more than I do.
You stayed, so
Crys, I
You know when
When I told you I got into med school?
I was kinda hoping
you'd tell me not to go.
I've always been proud of you.
Even when I was giving
you shit for leaving
I was giving you shit for leaving me,
not for going away
to become a kick ass nurse.
And then community will always be here.
I'll always be here.
But I can't be the reason
you don't go after this.
I love you.
You idiot.
Yeah, I know, Flip.
Make sure you keep the bandages clean
and when this is empty,
- you can take it out.
- Okay.
And I'll be back later
to check on you, okay?
You know, Thompson General's
a teaching hospital.
Maybe they'll let me
do my rotations up here.
Worry about that later.
Dr. Highway.
Attention passengers
Reese, stop!
Pierce, get out of the way!
Get out of the Pierce!
Oh God, this is my fault. Is he okay?
- Captain Pierce?
- I'm okay, Martine.
I just can't move.
We're gonna get you out, sir.
The shelf is too heavy to lift.
- Didn't you hear me yelling?
- I'll start clearing stuff.
Careful Reese, the debris could shift.
[BOTH]: Fumes.
Evacuate. Everyone out now,
it's not safe.
- It's MEK.
- That shit's super toxic.
We need the P.I.G,
the universal spill kit.
Come on, friend, I'm gonna
get you some fresh air
while I call 911, okay?
What happened?
Oh, a bit of a mishap here, Green.
Is he going to be okay?
HR's high.
We need to sand down the spill.
I can't see the full extent
of his injuries under the cargo.
We need to get him out.
I tried to warn you, sir,
but I was too late, I'm sorry.
You weren't too late.
I just couldn't hear you.
It's my fault.
My mom went deaf in her 50s.
You've got hereditary deafness?
I thought I had more time.
I needed more time.
If he can't hear, he'd fail his medical,
he couldn't be a pilot.
I shouldn't have hid it.
I'm just glad I'm the only one
who got hurt.
I think he's got an internal bleed.
He may have ruptured his diaphragm.
We need to get him out. He needs an OR.
He's out of time.
Clear a path!
That's enough, I can get to him.
Pull. Slow, slow, slow.
Hey, you okay?
Butter chicken. Extra naan.
I know you liked it
when you were pregnant.
Why are you here, Bodie?
He's my son.
- Where else would I be?
- You don't have to stay.
I was prepared to raise him on my own.
I still am.
Look, I know I screwed up.
I know it might take a long time
for you to forgive me but
I want to be a dad.
I want us to be together.
For us to be a family.
I believe that you want this baby.
I don't believe that you want me.
I deserve better than that, Bodie.
There's the new papa!
Hey, Malcolm.
The baby can't really have visitors yet.
Well, that's okay,
I came to check on you.
You're family, Bodie.
You don't have to do
everything alone anymore.
Look, things with Madison are
tense, right now.
I keep screwing up. It's like
no matter what I do,
I just make things worse.
Maybe you need a break.
Come to Deep Lake, there's a feast.
Come on.
Nothing moose stew
and fry bread can't solve.
- You finished it?
- Yup.
We're feasting to the drum
tonight before we use it.
Come on.
Bodie, this is your cousin, Charlie.
- And that's your cousin Jordon.
- Hey.
And this is your uncle, Pete.
But we all call him Pebbles.
Am I related to everyone here?
Oh no, no, not everybody.
But a lot of people.
And the folks you aren't
might as well be.
This is your family, Bodie.
Aaniin boozhoo, Bodie.
You guys ready to sing tonight?
We've actually been practicing.
Okay, everyone ready?
It's okay, man.
Why am I crying?
Well, the drum is the first
song you ever heard.
It's the sound of your mother's
heart beat.
Your spirit
just knows it's home.
Come on, man. Let's go.
We removed the umbilical lines
two hours ago.
You can hold him without the nest now.
Skin to skin.
Would you like me to help you?
I'm in the hall if you need me.
[EMMA]: It's so bright out,
you don't even need a telescope.
I have every lunar event memorized,
there's nothing happening tonight.
Okay, so it's not a meteor, but
I wasn't ready for what you
wanted before, Chopper.
But I think I am now.
No, you're not.
You're just upset
that I might be leaving.
- Chopper
- You like to have a plan, Emma.
And I think maybe your plan
was that I'd be here waiting
when you were ready.
But if I leave,
you don't have a plan anymore.
That's not true.
I like you, Chopper. A lot.
I know.
I like you too.
Too much to try forcing this
at the wrong time.
And I don't know why everyone's
acting like I'm not coming back.
But I'm competing for two spots
out of 72 applicants.
I'm just excited
that I get to go to camp,
forget being an astronaut.
You'll be one of the two.
I know it.
That's a lot of pressure
to put on a guy.
I came up here knowing
exactly what I wanted.
To make money and bank vacation
for a wedding.
And now I have money
and vacation and I just
I have no idea what to do with it.
Well, maybe this is something
you shouldn't force either.
Maybe you should just let
yourself not know what you want.
An extra ham and Swiss.
And an extra PB and J.
You know you get cranky
eight hours into a shift.
- You done fussing?
- Adults don't fuss.
Fine. Let's call it caring?
Hey, Nurse Tristan.
I didn't get to see you after
everything that happened.
Is Pierce okay?
The wing tip, it was my fault,
I really should have been more careful.
Pierce got hurt because
he tried to hide the fact
that he's losing his hearing.
It's not your fault, Reese.
You were so cool under pressure.
Watching you take charge
and knowing how to save him, it was
Pretty hot, actually.
I heard you're expected
to make a full recovery, sir.
Everything except my hearing.
Are you disappointed in me?
- Sir?
- I try to be someone
the younger pilots can look up to.
To have integrity.
You were right.
When we put on the gold bars,
it means something.
It's a promise to put the safety
of everyone else first
and I
I failed.
That's the problem with flying.
Once you're hooked, you can't shake it,
even when you know
it's time to step away.
Sometimes you're just
not strong enough to do it.
Tansi, Uncle. I came to see Jeremy.
Did something happen?
No, Jer gave me the truck.
He said he wouldn't need it for a while.
He knew I'd take care of it.
It started with a tooth ache.
But Nora didn't have the money
nor the time off
to get down south.
And dentists are rarer
than hen's teeth up here.
So the dental infection
has spread to her maxillary sinuses.
She'll need treatment,
an emergency dentist,
and possible surgery.
Hi, Nora. I'm Hayley.
I'll be taking you to Winnipeg today.
Please, I can't be gone long.
I live with my mom,
and she's in a wheelchair,
there's no one to take care of her.
We've arranged for a neighbour
to stay with her
while Nora's away, and I'll go check in
on Mom personally, okay?
- I know, it's awful
flying with a sinus infection,
but we are halfway to Winnipeg now.
I need to get to her, my mom.
I have to go.
Uh, no, you're on a plane.
Your mom's fine,
the neighbour's with her.
She's crying. She needs me.
I have to get to her.
Why won't you let me get to her?
You know what? Let me give you something
to help you sleep, okay?
Easy, Nora, just just calm down.
It's okay.
Just try to remain calm.
No, Nora, you can't!
You can't open that,
you'll crash the plane!
[RADIO]: Winnipeg Centre, air
Flight level 285
with bravo
[WOMAN]: Air Canada 702
[MAN]: Direct, descend
[MAN]: Winnipeg Centre, Air 866
through one 5000
[WOMAN]: Air 866
Dump the cabin! Dump the cabin!
Dumping cabin.
You have control, divert to Thompson,
radio for police and an ambulance.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Skymed 911
Grab the vial, grab the vial!
Okay, strap her in.
Nowak! We heard it over dispatch,
a patient tried to crash the plane?
I was fine. I'm okay.
I love you, Milosz.
I love you too, Tristan.
I had Nora scanned when she came in.
This infection in her sinus
has spread to her brain.
She has an abscess.
That can cause psychotic episodes.
She should make a full recovery.
She let a simple infection
get out of hand.
Listen, the police
are waiting to talk to you.
They want to know
if you'll press charges.
Are you sure?
Hayley, you know as well as I do
that healthcare workers
endure violence so often
and we tend to just dismiss it.
But it's a serious issue.
I know, but
Nora's already been through so much,
it doesn't feel right
to punish her for something
that wasn't her fault.
How are you, really?
Are you okay?
It's been a rough morning.
A rough few days, actually.
I lost a patient.
I got attacked by a patient.
I almost lost Madison and her baby.
It's just a lot.
This job is tough.
Not everyone can hack it up here.
When I first came up here
I was running.
I was trying to pretend
like everything was okay.
But it's not.
I've had this thing
hanging over me for months.
And I thought I was handling it.
I just wanted everything to be okay.
I heard what happened. Are you okay?
Yeah, it was intense.
But I kept my head on.
And my crew's safe.
I guess you were ready to come back.
- Maybe I was too hard on you
- Lex. What happened today, I
I know what it feels like
to be trapped in a plane
with someone dangerous
and unpredictable.
I know how you must have felt when I
It was wrong of me to ask you
to keep that secret.
I was thinking of myself.
- Could have hurt somebody.
- Hold up.
There's a big difference
between a wobbly Nowak
and a patient trying to crash a plane.
You get that, right?
But I'm glad you got help.
And you get why I couldn't lie for you.
You're the last person
I'd ever want to hurt, Lex.
I guess you're stuck with me,
I wanted to let you sleep.
AC called.
They want to interview me again.
It's your dream.
Baby and I will be okay on our own.
I turned it down.
Bodie, I don't need
you to do that for me.
We're not going to be together.
I'm right where I need to be.
you deserve someone that's gonna
give you everything,
and I'm just sorry I was too messed up
to be that person.
But I wanna be a dad.
More than anything.
maybe we can parent together.
Even if we're not together.
Baby and I would like that.
What about Joel?
After my mother, Jolene.
Welcome, baby Joel.
Look alive, chief pilot's coming.
I thought Pierce
was still in the hospital.
That's Chief Pilot Wheezer sir to you.
No more screwing around, eh, kids?
Let's get this joint cleaned up.
[MAN ON PA SYSTEM]: Flight 166
to Nadi, Fiji, now boarding.
Flight 166 to Nadi, Fiji, now boarding.
Thank you.
We can be heroes ♪
Just for one day ♪
Nothing ♪
Nothing will drive us away ♪
We can be heroes ♪
Just for one day ♪
We can be us ♪
Just for one day ♪
I ♪
I can remember ♪
Standing ♪
By the wall ♪
And the guns ♪
Shot above our heads ♪
You ready?
- You'll be here when I wake up?
We take care of our own.
Oh we can beat them ♪
For ever and ever ♪
Then we could be heroes ♪
Just for one day ♪
We can be heroes ♪
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