SkyMed (2022) s02e01 Episode Script

Return to Base

(BODIE): Winnipeg Centre,
this is Skymed 911 medevac
requesting priority.
- I didn't know it was this bad.
- Wheezer's lucky
- he only broke his back.
- Wheezer?
That's Chief Pilot Wheezer Sir, to you.
I love you, Milosz.
Kocham cie too, Tristan.
Hey, nurse Tristan.
I didn't get to see you
after everything that happened.
You were so cool under pressure.
It was, uh, pretty hot, actually.
(LEXI): When any of us
puts on our gold bars,
it doesn't just mean
we know how to fly a plane,
it means we will put the safety
of everyone in the plane first.
This is the north.
We make do with what we have
or people die.
When I told you I got into med school,
I was kind of hoping
you'd tell me not to go.
(JEREMY): I can't be the reason
you don't go after this.
- I love you.
- Yeah, I know, Flip.
I'm gonna go on the lam
for a while. I think I need it.
Damn it, Chopper, go fast but easy!
This shit ain't paid, Crys!
My ex didn't want me to be a pilot.
- Do you know what you do want?
- Same thing I've wanted
since I was ten, to be an astronaut.
I'd be thrilled to attend Selection Camp
- with Space Program Canada.
- You came back!
- Sorry?
- You're Jolene's son.
My dad was Jamaican.
My mom was Deep Lake.
That's all I know
about my birth parents.
(MADISON): I believe that you
want this baby.
I don't believe that you want me.
You're Hayley Roberts, right?
The new nurse?
(HAYLEY): When I first came
up here, I was running.
I was trying to pretend
like everything was okay.
But it's not. My mom died of cancer.
I have the BRCA-1 gene.
They found precancerous
shadows on my MRI.
My oncologist suggested
a preventative double mastectomy.
You'll be here when I wake up?
We take care of our own.
(BODIE): Winnipeg Centre,
Skymed 911 requesting
deviations for weather.
- I can't.
Just do it!
You know how dangerous this is?
Even in a hospital,
with proper equipment
This is family, Crys!
(LEXI): You know I love me
a new plane. The question is,
is this gonna mean
more hours, or layoffs?
(NOWAK): It's never a good thing
when small airlines over-expand.
And if they go belly up,
we're all out of a job.
Your Polish is showing,
Nowak. Doesn't Skymed expanding
mean it's doing well?
Not for long. Not in aviation.
Just focus on the job, Lexi.
Keep your head down, and your nose up.
You know, people always say
that pilots are all cool
and cocky, but all the ones
I know are skinny and anxious.
Aren't you worried, Tristan?
Ontario medevacs fly with paramedics.
Won't that mean less calls for you, too?
Eh, Manitoba, Ontario.
People always get sick.
And they're always coming up
with new ways
to hurt themselves.
Especially around here.
You fix it yet?
Guy was practically givin' her away.
Hundred bucks, can you believe this?
Yeah, that thing's scrap, dude.
Hey, 50 bucks of parts,
she's better than new.
Shouldn't we move off the trail?
Just a couple more minutes.
(CHUCKLING) hey, heated vest.
Neighbor said it was busted,
but a couple of tweaks,
it's better than new.
That's close, Brett.
Just a couple more minutes.
Okay, Brett, let's have a look.
He's always doing this,
finding random junk.
- Chest hurts.
Yeah bud, you got hit by a snowmobile.
Uh, why don't you come
over here and help me
with some of this gear, huh, Mal?
I'm gonna listen
to your chest, okay, Brett?
Check for internal injuries.
(ZAPPING) Ahh! Ahh!
- You okay, Trist?
- Uh, I'm okay.
Dude. You souped up a heated
vest with two 12-volts?
Worked Better than new
My job is bulletproof.
(CRYSTAL): Double mastectomy,
There's a lot of trauma to the body.
I know.
Six months of physio, Crys,
and I still don't have
all my strength back.
How's the pain?
Not enough to keep me out of a plane.
It's a physical job, Hayley.
You can't help anyone
if you do too much too soon
- and hurt yourself.
- Okay.
Coming from the person
who thinks she's gonna do
her clinical full time
and work as a flight nurse?
Just try and take it easy, alright?
And don't be afraid to take
your pain meds if you need them.
It can't all be kidney function
and cranial nerves.
It's mostly cranial nerves,
but sometimes I just need ten minutes
with words that aren't Latin.
It's sweet, how much you miss him.
It's been six months.
You still haven't heard anything?
Jer's in the bush,
he can't exactly call.
He needed some time to clear his head,
and that takes as long as it takes.
You know, I only ever
wear flight suits or scrubs.
Does this say "Med Student"
or "Court Date"?
The white coat sells it.
I just, I really want
to get this right, you know?
I'm the first person from North House
- to go to medical school.
- Hey.
You're gonna crush it, Dr. Highway.
Oh, I gotta go.
I'm glad to have you back.
Don't hurt your patients,
and don't hurt yourself.
Yes, ma'am.
(TRISTAN): Welcome back, baby!
Not to throw you into the deep end,
but Bodie's doing a line indoc
with a new FO
- and I could use some backup.
- Another one?
It's hard to fill Chopper's shoes.
Well, he is Chopper. And an astronaut.
Almost astronaut.
The pilots are calling
this new guy "Skippy"
so I am not optimistic.
Hey, Nurse Tristan!
Skippy, right? I'm Hayley.
It's Reese, actually.
Wait, I thought
your last name was Hassan?
Well, you know pilots.
I got Reese's Pieces
in flight school,
then it became Peanut Butter
And then my jackass flight partner
went to Skippy and it stuck.
Anyway, uh, I got the gear loaded,
I grabbed us all some coffee.
Uh, I got the heads-up.
Bodie can be bought.
Turboprops make more of a hum, bud.
We'll work on it. Alright?
Hi! Sorry I'm late, Bodie.
Did you have a good night?
Eh, I got four hours of sleep,
he got a little more.
Well, I had to hit the store
while Joel's cereal's on sale.
It's so expensive,
and he's going through it like water.
Hi! Ready to go? (COOING HAPPILY)
Oh, I have to send some when
he starts daycare next week.
You brought them the check, right?
If we lose this spot, it'll be months
before another one opens up.
Yeah, Madison.
Dropped it off yesterday.
We're good for when your classes start.
Okay. Oh, I have mail for you.
I had to update your contact info.
Donor Screening called
on the home phone.
- I gave them your cell.
- Oh, um
Right, I got screened
when Joel was in the NICU
In case he needed anything.
Uh I'll give them a call,
tell them to take me off their list.
- Okay.
- Alright.
Wheels up in ten.
Be good for mom, okay, buddy?
Yeah, the other students warned me.
I heard she's a total hardass.
The word is, "perfect"
isn't good enough for Yana.
I go with an under-serviced backwater
for the brownie points, and get stuck
with a self-important bitch.
Or Dr. Noah's one of the most respected
emergency medicine doctors
in the province,
and she expects everyone
to come up to her level?
You don't last in
an "under-serviced backwater"
if you don't know your shit
and everyone else's.
63-year-old male with history of COPD,
complains of three days
of shortness of breath.
Mr. Rodman. First steps?
- Chest exam.
- If you will.
Note the extended
anterior-posterior diameter,
or "barrel chest"
in a classic COPD presentation.
- Whoa!
Watch his airway.
Light taps,
fingers in the intercostal
spaces, like this.
Or however Dr. Noah prefers.
You must be Ms. Highway.
Our infamous flight nurse.
I've heard about your exploits
with duct tape.
Gotta make do with what we have, right?
(PARAMEDIC): Incoming, 50-year-old male,
cardiac arrest.
Crys, hey.
Uh, this isn't what
it looks like. I'm
Actually, it is.
You've been back all this time
and you didn't tell me?
You just disappeared,
and then, what, you show up
at my job, dressed as a paramedic?
I'm not dressed as anything, Crys.
I'm training as a PCP.
What the hell, Jer?
I got back a couple months ago,
and I signed up at the academy.
A paramedic?
Don't you think that's a little
Serious, for you?
If you think you need
to do this to impress me,
- then
- What?
You know, not everything
is about you, Crys.
Yeah. You made that clear.
I said I love you.
And you know what? It's taken
me six months to realize
You never said it back.
You know what,
it doesn't matter. Just
We just worry about you.
The overtime's good,
but you've been at it 36 hours
- now without a break.
- People count on me
to clear access roads, hon.
Four more hours, I'll be home,
get some sleep before
that Alberta Clipper sets in.
Okay. Well, text when
you're heading home.
Lily will want to see you before bed.
Are you okay? Chuck?
Chuck! Are you there?
We're from Skymed, we're here to help.
Wh-what's happening?
You had an accident.
Do you know where you are?
I hit a tree?
(SCOFFS) I was talking on my phone
I must've run off the road,
knocked myself out.
Mmm, I don't think
This would knock you out.
Have you lost consciousness before?
It's okay. I'm just here to help.
But I can do that a lot better
if I have all the information.
Last week. I suddenly felt really weak,
when I was shoveling the drive.
I thought I was just overdoing it.
I've been putting in long hours.
But uh
Then a couple of my fingers went numb.
My arm wouldn't work.
It was just hanging.
Okay. Give my hands a squeeze.
And this numbness,
it's just on the one side?
And you haven't seen a doctor?
It always goes away.
I really need this job.
I got laid off from the plant
a couple months ago.
I've got a little girl.
Chuck, I think you're having
what's called T.I.A.s,
Transient Ischemic Attacks,
like a warning sign for a stroke.
Definitely something you need
to see a doctor for.
Give me a hand with the backboard.
When I got on medevacs,
I was worried I'd freeze up
on calls like this.
But now I'm just freezing.
Listen, Tristan
That day in the locker room
Hey, we don't have
to talk about what happened.
I know you're with someone, now.
- As long as Nowak's cool
- Nowak doesn't know.
And I want to keep it that way.
Okay, Chuck. Come on down.
Just be careful, here.
One big step.
Tristan, shoulder!
I got you, Chuck.
(CHUCK): I feel weak.
(TRISTAN): We'll get you on the board.
(REESE): Whoa.
Where'd all this come from?
Oh, my God.
(HAYLEY): The plow hit someone.
I got it, I got it.
- What have I done?
- I got a pulse.
We gotta get him out, now!
(HAYLEY): Tristan, his leg!
Nope. That's two trips.
- Is that the new girl?
- They're all new.
We can't keep the place staffed.
Guess who made it to the Final 16?
Hell yeah, he did! Way to go, Chops.
- Coming with style, baby.
Well, that's one less room
to worry about
What's up, Wheez? Chopper says hi.
Yeah, he does, I'm his favorite!
Hey, don't feel bad,
you're a distant second.
Top ten, for sure.
Eh Is this the new crew house?
I gotta figure out a way to squeeze in
all the Manitoba crews
and the new Ontario crew.
You kids, you all like bed-hopping,
until it's actually time to sleep,
then you all want your own rooms.
Tristan and I can share a room.
I mean, we sleep together
most nights anyway.
Yeah, but we never
talked about it, Nowak.
Moving in together is kinda
something you talk about first.
Okay, so let's talk about it.
You want to move in together?
Uh Yep, right.
I'm short on the bar, so
Hey, buddy. Give me a drink.
I thought things
were good with you guys?
They were. They are.
It's just, I like knowing
that I have my own room
if I need it, just in case.
You know, like an escape hatch,
or something.
Nowak does not trust easily.
So when he commits,
there's no "escape hatch".
And if you're not ready for that
Want a beer?
Aperol Spritz, easy soda.
Toronto or Vancouver?
Toronto. How'd you know?
Closest we get to Aperol
around here is vodka.
But I can put a lime in it, for you.
Nah, hold the lime.
And the soda.
You know, Lex
As a bartender, "Hi, my name's Lexi"
works just fine.
- Trust me.
- I
Lex, come on. You got two types, okay?
You got lumberjacks,
and girls like that.
I'm not dating right now.
I gotta focus on the gig,
with Skymed expanding and everything.
I'm a nurse, you need to sit.
I got you.
I got you, hang on. Can I borrow that?
(WOMAN GASPING) Alright. Keep breathing.
You're alright. Keep breathing.
In and out. In and out. There you go.
Arm up. Alright.
Help me out, call an ambulance?
Slowly. There you go.
Alright, you're okay.
That was Fast.
I don't think she was disappointed.
Oh yeah. Everyone,
this is Stef. The new Ontario paramedic.
Yeah, she's definitely your type.
Did you know Jeremy's training
to be a paramedic?
He showed up this afternoon
with an MI and a uniform.
I thought he was out hunting?
So did I.
- Crys.
I have to go check on
a patient I just brought in,
but after that, I am off.
We can go get drinks.
The plow driver? He's going home.
Why aren't they sending him
to the Stroke Centre in Winnipeg?
His symptoms indicate T.I.A.s.
Dr. Yana ordered a CT and a transfer,
but he refused both.
He's denying any history of symptoms,
they're discharging him AMA.
You don't get it.
It was bad enough
when I just thought I was gonna
lose my license,
but I actually hurt someone.
If there's a chance that
I knew I was sick,
that I knew I shouldn't be driving,
I could go to jail.
The skier should make a full recovery.
He lost his leg.
And that's my fault.
I was sick, but I didn't
pay any attention to the signs
because I couldn't lose my job
and let my family down.
But if I go to jail
If I'm not there to take care of them
I need this out
so I can go home. Please.
I know how it feels to not be there
When someone needed you.
Especially someone you love.
But if you don't take
care of yourself now, Chuck
They could lose you.
I want to ger
- Facial droop.
- He's having a stroke.
- He needs TPA.
Stay with us, Chuck, stay with us.
Come on, Crystal. Hurry.
Hang on, just hang on.
Ms. Highway. Stand down.
Send this man for an emergency CT.
The patient presented
with classic stroke indicators,
No history of trauma or recent surgery.
Administering TPA could
make all the difference.
Or it could've killed him.
The patient refused a CT.
We don't know if he has a bleed.
And that is why it's hospital protocol
not to administer TPA without a CT.
I've administered TPA many times
in the field for stemis.
Not in a hospital,
where you are still a student.
TPA is given for stemis in the field
because the criteria
is easier to evaluate.
Yes, Ms. Highway,
you have a lot of experience
in the field
where your only responsibility
is to keep patients alive
until you can get them to a doctor.
But doctors' responsibilities
Are to keep patients alive, period.
And if we can't,
we have to look that man's
family in the eye
and explain to them what went wrong.
You have to tell them why you chose
not to follow the rules
when their father's life
was in your hands.
You're on the ground now, Ms. Highway.
And if you want to stay there,
I suggest you follow the rules.
Let's go. Get him to imaging.
Honestly, it's cool.
We don't have to share a room.
It was just to help Wheezer.
It's not that I don't want
to move in with you, it's just
I've just never
lived with anyone before.
I don't want to mess this up.
It's all good, man.
I'm still down the hall.
Let's just do it,
let's move in together.
You're the only person I want
to share space with, Nowak.
Cold ham and cheese.
Kocham cie, too.
Hey, Nowak.
Welcome to the big leagues.
Almost, just gotta get
through my line check.
Wait You two know each other?
We were partners in flight school.
So you're the one
who nicknamed him Skippy?
Yeah, this is the jerk who convinced me
to move to Thompson too, in winter.
Yeah, and now you're an FO.
C'mon, let's get you moved in.
Come on, I've scoped out your room.
You're at the top of the stairs.
Setting the bar pretty high, huh?
Getting to fly my first medevac
on a new plane
with Skymed's famous girl pilot.
Got any tips?
I don't know about famous,
but I'm your girl.
Pilot. Your girl pilot.
Uh, don't forget the patients,
don't forget the medics,
don't forget to pee?
I heard the north's intense.
But my first call's just a fever.
I hope it's not always so quiet?
I'm sure you'll get some action.
Promise, First Officer Lexi?
I think I'm in love.
This baby's so new,
I wanna burp it and spank it.
I thought chief pilots
didn't have to fly medevacs?
Yeah, but I'm a pilot first,
boss second.
Plus someone's gotta keep
an eye on you kids
Famous girl pilot.
I hear everything.
(WHISPERING): Focus, cadet.
Dale? It's Skymed, we're here to help.
(LEXI): What kind of call
did you say this was again?
Fever. Patient got bit
by his dog or something.
Yeah, this is for sure a murder house.
Ladies, go first.
Dale? I'm Stef, I'm a paramedic.
We got a call that you're sick?
These are aquariums?
Huh. Here, fishy, fishy, fishy.
Oh God, are these all snakes?
- Some of them are empty, now.
- Dale?
This is the dog bite? A snake?
Jenny's a coral snake.
Um, u-usually,
she's so docile and cuddly.
But when I went to take her
out of her tank yesterday,
she I mean,
she's never struck before.
So, I was surprised, and I dropped her,
and then I broke a bunch
of the other girls' tanks
You got a bunch of venomous snakes
running around this place?
- Oh! Okay, okay, I
Definitely felt something slither
- over my foot right there.
- No, no, I turned the heat off,
which makes 'em all sluggish, you know,
so I So I could catch them all.
I mean, except for the ones
that didn't survive
the crash Or the cold.
- My Jenny
- Ooh
She'd froze, by the time I found her.
I'm sorry. Okay, let me see.
Okay, how long ago
were you bitten, Dale?
I don't carry antivenom in my kit.
Well, I took some yesterday.
But then I started getting the chills.
Yeah, this looks infected.
You need antibiotics,
and this should be debrided.
Why didn't you go to the hospital, Dale?
Well, they They'd find out about
my collection.
I mean, m-most of these girls are
They're not legal.
So they're just gonna go ahead
and put 'em down.
You know, so I mean, it's hard enough
- for me losing my poor Jenny.
- Okay.
- You know, I can't
- I get it.
I get it.
Okay, can we try to find
the heat, Wheezer?
We don't want the patient
freezing. Let's find the
Yeah, I'm on it. Yep.
Why would anyone buy
a pet that can kill them?
I don't know, isn't it
a little bit exciting
being so close to danger?
You're a pilot,
isn't your job dangerous?
Not if you're doing it right. (CHUCKLES)
Pilots like things safe.
Or maybe you just haven't been
taking the right risks?
You might find you like dancing
with danger, First Officer Lexi.
Nothing makes a real pilot
like bush flying.
Tibsy Mcfee lost his leg to a propellor,
but he kept a medical to fly cargo
with this manky
old prosthetic, and every time
a greenhorn came up to ramp,
he'd pop off his leg,
he'd wipe out the smooge, pour vodka in,
and make a newb do a shot.
Yeah When you say "smooge".
- Mm-hmm!
- Ugh
My throat My throat's tight.
Feels like
Feels like someone's choking me.
Uh Snake!
We got a snake on the plane!
- (BOTH): What?!
- She wasn't dead!
She must've warmed up
when you turned the heat on,
And she got in my sleeping bag.
Okay, but where is she?
I-I don't know. I don't know.
She's probably just scared, right?
She'll probably just look
for somewhere safe
to curl up and hide?
I don't have antivenom. We're 40 minutes
From the nearest hospital.
If it bites anyone
I think it went under the stretcher.
- (LEXI): What's happening?
- Okay
What's going on back there, Stef?
- You have control.
- I have control.
Hang on, I'm coming back.
Hang on.
There, down there.
(STEF): Oh God, Lexi, be careful.
Got it! Okay.
I just need something with a lid.
The commissary bucket?
You're gonna trap
a venomous snake in a lunch bag?
Jesus, don't bring it up here!
- Dump the cabin, Wheez!
- What?
- Dump the cabin!
- Alright, everybody hold on
to your sinuses!
Now that was some real bush pilot shit.
Not bad, kid.
Not bad at all.
Your check bounced.
The daycare deposit didn't go through.
What? No, I had m
The car payment.
I forgot that it came out this week.
Look, if they can wait
until my next pay period
No, if they don't get it today,
Joel will lose his place.
Can you pick up a shift or something?
Get an advance from Wheezer?
The expansion, new hires
There's a freeze on OT
- What about the credit card?
- It's maxed.
Groceries, diapers, it all costs
a lot more up here.
Bodie, I really need this daycare
so that I can start my course,
so that I can get a better job.
So things like this don't happen.
I know, Mads. And I want that for you.
Maybe You can ask your parents?
I know things are tough with them.
But you have a son now.
Maybe they can help.
Look, I'll figure something out.
Okay? I promise.
I hope you still like hazelnut,
because the lady at Tim's
had a heavy pour.
I thought you didn't drink coffee?
I didn't. But Med school.
Are we expecting a lot
of thyroid patients today?
Endocrinology exam.
If I'm lucky, and we don't get any calls
so I can study,
I might actually pass it.
Especially after I blew
my first day of clinical.
I called the hospital.
Chuck's CT scan came back clear.
you were right to give him TPA.
He didn't have a bleed.
What if he had?
Crystal. You're a good nurse.
The only thing that's gonna
change when you're a doctor
is that you're finally gonna
get credit for everything
you already know how to do.
What if I don't?
What if I only think I know?
There goes endocrinology.
An ice fisher saw the smoke from a lake.
He isn't one of ours.
What happened?
Looks like his propane stove blew.
He was thrown pretty far
when the tower blew.
We could be looking
at internal injuries.
HR's high.
Why was he wearing this?
Looks like some sort of oxygen mask.
A lot of shrapnel, left side.
Is there something familiar
about this guy to you?
- Chopper?
- Oh, my God.
This doesn't make any sense.
He's supposed to be at
Selection Camp in Montreal.
He was one of the Final 16.
What was he doing at a fire
tower in Northern Manitoba?
The percussive force alone
from the explosion could've killed him.
You guys are tight, right?
Did you know he was back?
That Alberta Clipper came in hard.
Alright, better strap in.
PIREPs say it's a bumpy ride
all the way to Thompson.
(BODIE): He's awake?
(CRYSTAL): Hi, buddy.
Do you know where you are?
(BODIE): What's going on?
What's happening?
Muffled heart sounds
Pulsus paradoxus,
BP's dropping, HR too.
(BODIE): Is he okay?
God, it's cardiac tamponade.
(BODIE): What is it, what's going on?
Fluid's filling the sac
around his heart.
It can happen after chest trauma,
he needs pericardiocentesis.
- What's that?
- It's a needle
inserted into the sac to drain
- the fluid before he arrests.
- So do it!
This is something doctors
do in the hospital,
- with proper equipment.
- We were trained
On the ground,
if there's no other option.
Not in the back of a plane
with turbulence.
Get on the radio, ask Centre
if there's a better ride.
We're still 45 minutes from Thompson.
Chopper doesn't have 45 minutes.
It needs to be you,
you have more experience.
We don't have an ultrasound.
I won't be able to see what I'm doing.
I could put the needle too far,
- I could kill the patient.
- The patient is Chopper!
Winnipeg Centre, this is Skymed 911
requesting deviations for weather.
- Just do it!
- Do you know how dangerous
this is? Even in a hospital,
with proper equipment!
This is family, Crys.
He's arresting.
(HAYLEY): Easy, easy
Stop, you've gone too deep!
Shit! I can't!
- Yes, you can. You can.
- I can't!
- It's not safe!
- You can do it!
Crystal, look at me.
If I was in this medevac,
if it was my life
in someone else's hands,
you are the only person
I'd trust to do this.
Okay? Chopper would too.
You got this.
Are we clear?
(BODIE): Just a break in the weather.
(REESE): I can't see any way around,
we'll have to punch through.
We only have a couple minutes,
whatever you're gonna do,
you need to do it now.
We take care of our own.
Come on, Chopper.
I'm in.
Only a few more seconds.
That's all we need.
(HAYLEY): He's got a pulse.
He's got a pulse!
You're doing it, Crystal,
you're saving his life.
(CRYSTAL): Now we gotta keep him alive.
25-year-old Male,
blunt trauma to the chest,
developed cardiac tamponade mid-flight.
Pericardiocentesis drained 50 cc fluid.
Oh, Crystal,
that was incredible.
I just got him here,
that's only the start.
(DR. YANA): Pericardiocentesis.
Look, I know you think
I shouldn't have done it.
I am a good flight nurse,
and Chopper is my family,
so if I'm gonna answer to anyone, I
I didn't say
I didn't think you could do it.
I said you need to follow the rules.
R-respectfully, Dr. Noah.
I've never been one to stay in my lane.
And I will always do whatever it takes
to help my patients.
Then that's why you owe it
to them and yourself
to stay here.
I was the only black woman
in my class in med school.
And for the longest time,
I was the only person who looked like me
wearing a white coat
at the hospitals I worked at.
This path is going to be hard.
People are going to be watching for you
to make a mistake, to do anything wrong.
They're always looking
for reasons to kick us out.
So don't give them any.
If you're gonna sit out in the cold,
you might need some real heat.
Here you go.
You know, I was there
when Chopper found out
he made it into Selection Camp.
You have to be in top shape
just to pass a pilot's medical.
I can't imagine
the rules for astronauts.
Hey, it's still early, okay?
We have to wait
for the swelling to go down
after surgery before
they can even evaluate
the extent of the injuries.
He was in the Final 16.
You know, he was so close.
His big dream since
he was a little kid,
He actually had the guts to go for it.
Don't you go after your dreams?
When it comes to flying, yeah.
When it comes to everything else?
You know, I love being
a first responder.
First on the scene, first to help,
first to find a solution.
Uh, but a cop told me once,
the first person
through the door's usually
the first to get shot, too.
You gotta be brave to be first.
Like the first girl pilot at an airline?
I'm onto you, Lexi Martine.
I think you might secretly like danger.
That That's the thing
about girl pilots.
I worked way too hard.
Too hard to just get distracted now.
Even if I really want to.
But if you think that tough cadet vibe's
gonna turn me off, you're wrong.
Is that baklava?
Caught red-handed
trying to keep it all to yourself.
Thought you said dessert
was for the weak?
Not if it's baklava.
Oh, yeah. That's good.
- Hello?
- (NURSE): Austen Bodie?
Hi, I'm a donation coordinator
with Donor Screening Canada.
Yeah. Yeah, sorry, I meant to call you.
I got screened a while ago
when my son was in the NICU,
but um, he's fine now, so
Well, you're a match
for a patient in Toronto
On a wait list for a kidney.
I-I should've updated my file.
Um, I'm a commercial pilot,
and I would love to help,
But I have to prioritize my medical.
Since I have a family to support.
I understand.
We were hoping you might consider,
under the circumstances.
What circumstances?
I thought my colleague explained.
The recipient
is a close genetic relative.
Anything yet?
Not until the swelling comes down.
But the surgeon said it went well.
I'm looking for Jay Chopra?
Do you know Chopper?
I'm his wife.
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