SkyMed (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Spun Out

Tristan, that day in the locker room
- Nowak, wasn't wrong.
- You two know each other?
We were partners in flight school.
Caught red-handed.
Jeremy? You just disappeared
and then you show up at my job
dressed as a paramedic?
- Training as a PCP.
- I worked way too hard
just get distracted now.
That tough kid at five
is going to turn you off your own.
You're a match for a patient in Toronto
on a waitlist for a kidney.
Recipient is a close genetic relative.
- I'm looking for Jay Chopra.
- Do you know Chopper?
I'm his wife.
I mean, what's she even doing here?
They're divorced.
Okay, what, he gets hurt
and Sunita shows up
claiming to be his wife?
What does she even want from him?
If it's screaming, it's in pain.
- Don't scald it.
- I'm trying to.
I don't know what the deal
with Sunita is.
But the important thing
right now is Chopper.
It's been 24 hours. Shouldn't he have
- woken up by now?
- It depends how fast
- the swelling comes down.
- Emergency!
Sorry guys, medical emergency.
Sorry folks, you know how it is?
Emergencies. Okay, buddy. So
We've got two oat milk, dude.
And one's got the syrup,
don't forget that. It's important, okay?
Oh. Hey, Crys
- You're a paramedic now?
- In training.
Five months, right, Jer?
A plot twist up in the north, eh?
Hey boss, you got a phone?
I twisted my knee,
need to call my wife to come get me.
Want me to take a look? I can
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah, yeah. Take a seat.
I haven't done this
in a couple of years.
Must have overdone it.
Trying to get in shape
for summer, you know?
I'd say you've got time, buddy.
Anyway, started to get all lightheaded,
twisted the dang thing.
Yeah, it's swollen.
Probably just sprained.
I can wrap it for you if you want.
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah, yeah.
It's going to slide right off,
you need to cross it.
I know what I'm doing.
Tighter, that's the whole point
of wrapping it.
Crys, can you just let me do
my job, okay, please.
Oh, it's been my job a lot longer.
Okay, well, right now, I'm doing it.
Yeah, and you're not doing it right.
(GROANING) I'm just
trying to help you, Jer.
Oh, whoa, whoa.
He was lightheaded. Could be heart.
He's arresting, he needs CPR.
Start compressions.
I haven't done.
I've only done it on dummies.
Just do compressions.
Anybody can handle that.
Can you call an actual ambulance, Bodie.
(CRACK) I just broke something,
- I just broke something.
- Keep going,
that's normal. C'mon.
One, two, three, four, five, six
57-year-old male, cardiac arrest
following strenuous activity.
Ms. Highway, you seem to be everywhere.
Your clinical doesn't start until nine.
Yeah, somehow work always finds me.
- Among other things.
- Bay 3, get a crash cart,
let's go. We've got it!
He's going to be okay, right?
Right? He's going to be okay?
He was lucky enough to get
CPR as soon as he arrested.
He'd be luckier if he got
it from someone who actually
- knew what they were doing
- Crys, I know
I blanked back there.
I do know some stuff.
CPR is basic, Jeremy.
It's the easiest thing
we'll do in the field.
We can't all be perfect
out of the gate, Crys.
Alright? Some of us make mistakes.
We don't get to make mistakes.
It's saving lives.
The fryer's busted again.
Then I guess you're going
to have to fix it again.
Better hop to champ,
it's going to be lunch rush soon.
You got it, champ.
Damn it, now I got to mop too.
Oh, god, this thing is heavy.
- oh my god!
I'm alright, Becca.
So, wait. Is she his wife, or not?
That is Unclear.
All I know about Chopper's ex
is they got married young,
and she didn't want him to be a pilot.
Dude, flying is Chopper's life.
Telling him not to fly is like
telling him not to breathe.
- Right?
- Never be with someone
who doesn't want me to follow my dreams.
- Yeah. Oh!
- Yikes. It's cold out there.
You are like ice.
And you're hot, temperature-wise.
Uh I'll go this way,
yeah, there we go.
You camping out here, boss?
Uh, kind of.
Yeah, you know, with the expansion.
Sometimes it's just easier
to crash here, huh?
Should you ladies turn around or will I?
He's in here.
- Slippery.
- Yeah, safety first.
Thanks, boss.
Here, I got you right down here.
It hurts
I know. I need to take a look
and I'm going to try to be gentle, okay?
Extensive burns to the chest and neck,
but your airway seems clear.
Are you having any trouble breathing?
My face is burning.
Okay, I'm going
to start an IV for the pain.
Grab the burn dressings from my bag?
- Yeah.
- Glove up first.
- Is it going to scar?
- Let's not worry about that
- right now, okay?
- You don't understand.
I've had, like, really bad acne.
Like, really bad for years.
Do you know what it's like
to have a messed-up face?
It's all anyone can see.
Can't even hide it.
Here you go.
Okay. This is going to sting.
Face first.
- The burn is on your neck.
- I don't care.
Cut four holes in a dressing.
- Eyes, nose, mouth.
- Okay.
I got a prescription for my acne
a couple months ago.
People finally saw me.
Not the pizza face.
I asked Becca to spring formal,
and she actually said yes.
Because I didn't look
like a freak anymore.
Please, I can't go back to that.
Just try to relax, okay?
Thank you.
It's okay. We understand about scars.
Hey, I just dropped off my patient.
I brought some
of my practice lattes from work.
If this doesn't wake
Chopper up, nothing will.
Okay, he isn't intubated anymore,
which is a good sign.
They must expect him to wake up soon.
- Hey, guys.
- How's he doing,
- what're the doctors saying?
- Not much.
At least, not to us.
They're only sharing updates
with the immediate family.
But, after we brought him in yesterday,
they were giving us updates.
The family has decided they don't want
his medical information released.
Seriously? We're his family.
They're divorced.
She's still his emergency contact.
Okay, so, Chopper forgot to update
after they got a divorce.
Or they really are back together.
Either way, the hospital
has to respect her wishes.
Can we go see him at least?
The family isn't allowing visitors.
Who does this woman think she is?
She hasn't been in his life
for years, now she's back
acting like she means something to him,
just because he's going
to be an astronaut
and she thinks she can get
something from him?
Okay, so
That didn't seem like
it's just about Chopper.
My clinical.
This is the type of thing
You'd usually talk to Chopper about,
You okay?
I got a call from donor screening.
They found a close genetic relative.
Bodie, that's great.
Who is it? Is it your mom?
Whoever it is. They only came looking
because they need a kidney.
I told donor screening
to lose my number.
But What if it is Jolene?
What if
What if she knows
that I've been looking for her
this entire time,
and she just didn't care,
until she needed
something from me?
I know it's different, but
The last six months since my surgery,
Really made me think about what my mom
went through when she was sick.
No one should go through
that alone, Bodie.
But sharing DNA doesn't make you family.
Chopper's family.
I owe it to him to be in there.
You know
Anyone can go anywhere
in a hospital wearing scrubs.
Why are you wearing pajamas in space?
Chops, you're awake.
Are you okay?
You were in an accident.
What do you remember?
I was in selection camp
Doing an impossible exercise, and
I thought I had more time.
Your propane tank blew.
What were you doing up
in that fire tower?
I was trying to simulate a space walk.
In Manitoba?
Why weren't you at selection camp?
They were giving everyone
in the final sixteen time off.
Before they selected two astronauts,
I was going to come see you.
Bods, I really was.
I just, I wanted to practice more.
What about you and Sunita?
You didn't tell me
you two were back together.
I'm sorry, I must have
hit my head pretty hard.
I thought you said Sunita.
What are you doing here?
When someone's in an explosion,
they usually call
their emergency contact.
I'll call the doctors.
I'm glad you came, Suni.
Wasn't sure you would be.
I mean, it's
It's embarrassing.
First time seeing each other
since the divorce.
And I'm all banged up
in a backless nightie.
You make it work.
Honestly, Suni, I'm okay.
Except, my arm is killing me.
Uh I'm
Glad you came.
I guess I'll go get the doctor.
Bodie texted,
"they're doing tests,
but Chopper is in good spirits."
And apparently,
he's happy Sunita is here
so you know there's a story
Hey, blow a fuse, Nowie? It's March.
What's the matter, Skippy?
Scared of the cold
or just getting your ass whooped?
- We used to play
in flight school.
You just think this is going
to give you an edge
because of your icy polish blood.
Brave move, dogging the captain
doing your line check tomorrow.
C'mon, Lex, cadets versus civvies.
C'mon, Tris.
Chopper's awake
and it's only minus five.
Time to celebrate.
Raise a little hell ♪
Raise a little hell,
raise a little hell ♪
Raise a little hell ♪
Raise a little hell,
raise a little hell ♪
Raise a little hell ♪
If you don't like ♪
What you got ♪
Why don't you change it ♪
If your world ♪
Is all screwed up ♪
Rearrange it ♪
Raise a little hell,
raise a little hell ♪
Raise a little hell ♪
Raise a little hell,
raise a little hell ♪
Raise a little hell ♪
If you don't like ♪
What you see ♪
Why don't you fight it ♪
If you know there's something wrong ♪
Why don't you ♪
She's good.
C'mon, Hayley's cheating.
She's wearing a shirt while
we're freezing our buns off.
Yeah, c'mon, Hayls.
Even the score, show some skin.
I'm on early tomorrow,
I'm going to quit while I'm ahead.
- Alright.
- Nice job, Hayley.
Fire up the grill, I'll grab burgers.
We have to be so careful
with our hearts.
They are so strong but so vulnerable.
Your fall caused cardiac
and pulmonary contusions.
Swelling to the heart and lungs.
And there was some bleeding
around the sac of the heart.
But you were lucky,
You got a pericardiocentesis
when you needed it.
With time, your heart
and lungs should heal.
Will he be able to go back
to selection camp?
Not for this intake.
I'm sorry, Mr. Chopra.
But this is only the second intake
SPC has had in 50 years.
There might not be
another one for decades.
I'm not going to be an astronaut.
I'm so sorry, Jay.
What about my hand?
I still can't move my fingers.
The surgeon removed a lot of shrapnel
from your forearm and your hand.
It caused damage to your muscles,
tendons, your nerves were severed.
That's just temporary, right?
- I can get it back.
- We'll wait for the swelling
to go down to evaluate next steps.
Wait, forget being an astronaut.
If Chopper can't use his hand
I can't be a pilot.
The little guy kept coming
back to the hangar
and he was just so cute.
Every time I tried to feed him,
he tried to bite my glove.
It's an arctic fox, reese, not a dog.
Yeah, but I'm a sucker
for big brown eyes.
What's the 200's max airspeed
for effective windshield anti-icing?
Oh, wow
226 knots.
Max takeoff weight?
Work-mode, huh Nowie?
Twelve, five.
Overweight landing policy?
Um, I-I'd have to check that one.
I'm not signing you off on this aircraft
until you know it cold, Hassan.
Landing checklist.
Turkey or P.B.?
I don't know what's up with you today,
but Reese is your friend.
And you were way hard on him
so clearly you need a sandwich.
What does "no hard feelings"
mean, Tristan?
- What?
- I found the note.
You've seen the way he is with you.
What happened with you and Reese?
After Pierce's accident, he was upset.
I tried to talk him through it, and
He kissed me.
- He kissed you?
- Nothing happened, Nowak.
It's not that big of a deal.
I told him I have a boyfriend
and he didn't know it was you.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because it wasn't a big deal?
I knew you'd freak out.
And we all have to work together.
Honestly, it's nothing.
He was upset, and he kissed me.
Why did he feel
like he could kiss you, Tris?
You always need an escape plan,
a way out, another option.
What did you do to make him feel
like he had a chance?
Milosz, I need you to trust me.
He's really upset.
What's Chopper going
to do if he can't fly?
Being a pilot, having a dream like this
it gives you purpose,
gives you focus so
Becomes your everything.
Without that
Somebody owe you money?
You keep rubbing your palm,
isn't that supposed to mean
money's coming?
Yeah, in this case,
I think it just means
that I shouldn't have grabbed
that porch rail
When we picked up that last patient.
- Got a sliver.
- Let me take a look at that.
Oh, it's not that bad.
It's just a sliver.
No, that is the whole porch.
I'm going to remove it
so it doesn't get infected.
Here, hop up so I can
get at you better in the light.
It's just this thing I used to in cadets
to help me get through
the tough parts of training.
I'm scared of needles.
Now you know my secret.
Girl, I've seen you pick up
a snake with a pair of forceps.
- I can handle snakes.
And blood, and guts, and puke.
But ooh, needles
- Okay.
Alright, what are we singing?
Same song since I was fourteen.
Row, row, row your boat ♪
Gently down the stream ♪
Row, row, row your boat ♪
Merrily, merrily, merrily ♪
Gently down the stream ♪
Life is but a dream ♪
Merrily, merrily, merrily ♪
Row, row, row your boat ♪
Life is but a dream ♪
Gently down the stream ♪
Row, row, row your boat ♪
Merrily, merrily, merrily ♪
Gently down the stream ♪
Life is but a dream ♪
Are we done yet? I can't look.
I finished four boats ago.
Maybe I just like holding your hand.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I should not have done that.
That was wildly inappropriate.
Or hella sexy.
Let me clean this
and we can pick back up.
No, no. No, no, no.
No, I
Look, I want to, I do. It's just
The thing about dreams,
I'm still working on mine.
And it takes all of my focus.
It's my whole life really.
I just don't want to start something
that I can't commit to. Or lead you on.
I'm sorry.
The old "you're too good for me" excuse.
- That's not what I meant.
- No, it's
It's cool. This stuff happens, you know?
The energy's right.
But the time was off.
Hey, we can still be friends.
Yeah, friends.
I know it sucks.
But the doctor says
you've got to get moving
after heart surgery.
(GROANING) That's it, that's it.
Just one step at a time.
I can't. Please, I need to rest.
You can do a little more.
We haven't been around the floor yet.
Ugh I need to sit.
I know not going back
to selection camp is tough,
but you're going to come back
stronger than ever, Chopper.
When I didn't get the job at AC,
I was ready to give up
That's not the same thing, Bodes.
You were sulking
because you didn't get a job.
Were you even listening in there?
My heart and lungs "should" recover.
I "might" be able to use my hand.
- Chops
- It's my goddamn hand, Bodie.
No, I might be able to live
with the fact
that I'm not going to be
an astronaut anymore.
But I screwed myself out
of the only backup plan
that I ever had.
Because of my own goddamn fault.
So no, this isn't just a job for me,
Bodie, alright? This is my whole life.
Now what do I have?
Help! I need some help!
Chopper is gonna be able
to use his hand again.
He's going to be able to fly again too.
He has to.
It might not be that simple, Bodie,
but we'll make sure
that he has the best care.
He just had a pulmonary embolism.
Plus, all his injuries
from the explosion.
He just needs some motivation.
Something to work towards.
Can't Dr. Yana phone
Space Program Canada
and get them to wait
until he's recovered?
I mean, it's Chopper, Crys. The best.
You really think
they're going to reject him
just because he needs some time to heal?
Yeah, I
I called them.
- Yeah, and?
- Bodie
They said they couldn't
take him back because
He was already cut from selection camp.
- What?
- Two weeks ago.
Before his accident.
He didn't make the final sixteen.
- God It hurts.
Are you okay? Do you want
me to call the doctor?
Me waking up every day in the hospital
looking like this
while you look like that is
Really unfair.
The doctor said you did well in surgery.
They're even talking
about discharging you soon.
And since everybody
in your fan club is dying
to take care of you,
you don't need me hanging
around Thompson anymore.
Suni You don't have to go.
No, I should get back.
You know how papa is.
He says you were the best
engineer he ever had.
I think,
that's why I didn't want you to fly.
When we were in engineering school,
you were so effortlessly good at it.
And I had to try so hard
to just figure out
the things you knew how to do.
C'mon, Suni,
you were the better engineer.
It just seemed like such a waste
for someone
so talented to do anything else.
You know?
You understand why
I had to though, right?
Why I had to be an astronaut.
Your grandfather.
Every summer,
my family and I went to India.
My dadaji and I would lay
out on the terrace,
we'd look up at the stars.
He could Name them all.
Gosh, the sky was just
so much bigger there, you know?
And I knew then
that I wanted to be up there.
Always thought I would
teach our kids about the stars.
You still can.
You don't have to be an astronaut
or a pilot to do that.
But they wouldn't be our kids,
would they?
- Jay
- Suni.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I
shouldn't have said that. I just
You were the one, Suni, for so long.
And after, I always wondered about us,
about what could
have been different, if
I Could have been different.
I mean, I get it, I get it.
I mean, we both moved on.
You built a whole new life, I
Have to
You have to commit.
If we don't commit to the lift,
someone will get hurt.
I know, it's just
that we open tomorrow night.
And everybody will be
expecting the lift.
I shimmy down the aisle.
Kick-ball, change, five, six,
hip-thrust, hip-thrust.
The spotlight hits you.
You give me the nod.
The audience lights up
and you run towards me for the lift.
This is our chance
to finally bring theatre
to Prospect River.
Now, we have been practicing this dance
since we saw the movie in grade three.
You can do it, sweetie.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Five, six, seven, and smile!
I really thought I had her.
You know, the minute
I tried to lift her up,
I pulled this muscle in my chest.
We'll get you to TCH
for stitches and a reduction.
How's the pain? (MUMBLING)
Yeah, it's dislocated.
Let's take a look there.
Oh, wow, that's a lot of
Just, hold on Oh!
(MUFFLED): He really hates blood.
Yeah, some people are squeamish.
What's the max itt for the start?
1,000 degrees for five seconds.
What powers the itt gauge?
- DC.
Dc dies, AC lies.
You taught me that, remember?
This is your takeoff. Line it up.
It's icy.
We got a quartering tail,
be careful when you bring it up.
You're spooling up fast on the right.
Spooling up fast on the right,
you're weathervaning.
I have control!
I don't see any damage.
Walk around looks good.
We'll have to dig
the poor girl out though.
We need to wait for an AME to okay it.
Nowak, we slid
but we didn't hit anything, okay?
Props and gear are intact.
Wait for an AME to okay it.
There isn't any damage.
We could dig the gear out, push it back.
I told you, "be careful
when setting the power."
You didn't listen.
Okay, and you slammed on the breaks.
I'm an experienced captain,
you're a rookie F.O.
Maybe you'll listen better
in your next line check.
- What?
- I can't check you out
on a plane you can't fly.
You have to redo your line check.
Nowak, c'mon.
You know what this means to me.
I shouldn't have pushed you.
I should have listened when you said
That you were uncomfortable.
I just, I wanted it to work
So bad, you know?
Just try to relax, okay?
As soon as we get a mechanic up here,
we'll get you to a hospital.
We've been best friends
since we were five.
It's our favourite movie.
I wanted to get it right.
- For both of us.
- I wanted to get it right, too.
Really. I'm sorry.
What? No, no. I'm the one who's sorry.
I wanted you to trust me,
I can't ask you to trust me
if I'm going to literally let you down
by doing something stupid.
Ow, ow, ow.
You guys hang tight, alright?
I'll be right back.
I understand. Yup, thanks, bye.
AMEs are going to be a couple of hours.
I'm sorry.
I-I screwed up. You were right.
I got a little freaked about
things getting serious
With us and
I let Reese kiss me.
But he didn't know
you were my boyfriend, Nowak.
And as soon as it happened,
I realized I was wrong and I stopped it.
But I should have told you
so you know all that
instead of letting you find out
the way you did.
I can't expect you to trust me
if I don't tell you everything
you need to know.
I have to trust you enough to tell you.
I'm sorry too.
If you say it's just a kiss
and there's nothing to worry about
then there's nothing to worry about.
That one meant something.
I know I have a hard time trusting.
I just, I Always expect
people to let me down.
And if I think they do, I go
to the worst place right away.
When I was 16, my brother
What happened?
His chest? Okay.
His pulse is weaker on one side.
He needs to get a hospital.
That should do it.
- Ready, Tristan?
- Got it.
Thank you for trusting me on this.
43-year-old male,
presenting with ripping pain
in the chest, back, neck,
syncope, differential BP.
Differential BP, differential HR.
There's an internal bleed.
Something one-sided. Heart maybe?
Could be an aortic dissection.
He needs T.E.E.
There's no sonographer on tonight.
I'm going to do it,
you're going to assist.
Grab the T.E.E. Probe.
Looks like a gastroscope.
- Okay.
- There's an increasing need
for emergency physicians to be trained
in this type of procedure, especially
with staffing shortages.
We go in just like an orogastric tube.
Keep an eye on the monitor.
Make sure I am keeping midline.
- You're good.
- There you are.
There's your heart, sir,
and there is your aorta.
Okay. See that bleed there?
You were right. Aortic dissection.
It feels a bit like magic
when it all comes together, doesn't it?
Okay, we need to get him
back on your plane.
He needs Winnipeg for surgery.
43-year-old man,
this is the aortic dissection
- from Thompson.
- I haven't examined
the patient to determine that yet.
- I performed a T.E.E.
- You performed it?
Not a technician?
TCH is understaffed and Dr. Yana
Who gave you permission to perform
an invasive technique?
T.E.Es are to be performed
by sonographers
or experienced er doctors.
She is an experienced
Copy was sent to your email
45 minutes ago.
OR 4, let's go.
Why didn't you tell him
you're the head of Thompson ER?
Have you eaten today?
Best burger in the province.
Whenever I'm in Winnipeg.
My first day as an attending
at Winnipeg Memorial,
I thought about my mom.
I thought about how proud she would be
that her daughter wasn't just a doctor,
but one who taught other
people to be doctors.
When one of my residents
assumed I was an orderly,
When I had to show him my badge
to prove to him that I was his teacher,
I came here and I ordered a burger.
At 3 A.M. I was glad my mom
didn't have to see that.
If I took the time
to correct everyone who made
an assumption about me
Is that why you came to Thompson?
I wanted to advance.
TCH was the only place
desperate enough for clinicians
to hire a queer black woman.
But you've done so much for the ER.
And you will too, Crystal.
But you are going to have
to be Undeniable.
You are going to have to prove yourself
again and again on their terms.
That you're not just
as good as they are,
you're better.
You're going to have to be so good
that even when they want to
Even when they want to hate you,
they won't be able to deny
your right to be there.
So, when you have to,
go to a diner, eat a burger.
Be sad, be angry,
and then
Go back and be undeniable again.
You're not going to eat?
Oh, man.
Oh, good burger.
- That's good.
- Right?
Your range of motion looks good.
We're done for the night.
So I thought I would check in.
Your surgeon said they were able
to debride the burns,
and I saw that they're
sending you to Winnipeg
for a plastic surgery consult
Tell that to Becca.
She just texted.
She's going to spring formal with Eric.
Apparently, they really connected
in chess club this week.
Right after I
Burned my face off.
Who wants damaged goods?
I'll be your date.
Is this a pity thing?
No, no.
It's a "we're not damaged goods" thing.
Will you get me some booze? (CHUCKLES)
I'll get you a boutonnière.
How about that?
(ALL): Hey!
Okay, okay.
Kocham cie.
Cold ham cheese to you too, baby.
He didn't know you were my boyfriend.
Don't take this out on him, okay?
You've been friends
for a long time, okay?
Hey, new guy buys the drinks, right?
Your money is no good tonight.
Listen, I called Wheezer.
You don't have to redo your line check.
So And new F.Os drink free.
Thanks, Nowie. That means a lot.
About earlier, if I was out of line
or if I did something
in the cockpit to
Do you want anything else?
No, guess the three
gold bars will do it.
Yeah, when I wake up ♪
I'm not afraid to show some ♪
Mmm, initiative ♪
You don't make me feel ♪
Like no one else ♪
Hey, Wheezer.
You crashing here?
Oh, yeah, it's just that your couch
Is comfier than the one
in my office, so
There's nothing like a trophy
from the time you got
into a dogfight with death and won, huh?
I can even make it dance when I do yoga.
Can't be good for your back
to be sleeping on couches.
Why are you spending
so much time at work anyway?
Is it the expansion?
Don't let all
the couch surfing fool you.
Being chief pilot is something
I'm actually good at.
I just
I just I needed somewhere to stay.
Lynn and I separated.
Oh, Wheezer
What happened?
We got together when we were young,
and we got pregnant when we were young.
I love being a dad
and Lynn, she's really,
really great mom.
But when you get married young,
you either grow up together,
or you grow apart.
And we've been holding each other back
for a while now, fighting
and not connecting, and
I didn't want that for her,
and she didn't want that for me.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, me too.
We've been separated for five months,
but last week we made it permanent.
You know what they about pilots,
sooner or later,
we all end up in
an aviation-induced divorce.
Enough of my garbage. (CHUCKLES)
You're home early.
Was there no good dance partners
at the whiskey hatch?
Looks like we could both use pancakes.
C'mon, greenhorn.
See, the secret
is putting the syrup in the batter.
- Alright.
- After you.
I am nothing if not innovative.
His name's Rick.
He twisted his knee snowshoeing,
but that's not what
he came in for, he arrested
Unless you're family or TCH staff,
I can't share patient
information with you.
Oh, I get it, I get it.
Official, I get it.
It's rules.
Hey, I like your sweater.
Those are nice colours.
Did you knit that?
You know, my auntie knits.
Look, I don't have time today
for whatever it is you're up to,
- so I'll make this simple.
- Okay.
Not happening.
Oh, I was just going
to use the washroom.
You know, you got to pee when you can.
They sent Rick to Winnipeg for a bypass,
and he'll snowshoeing again next winter.
You were right, by the way.
Everyone does make mistakes
in the beginning, and I
I was too hard on you.
Stuff like that, people judging you
before you open your mouth,
you'll always have to be better
than they expected.
You'll always have to be better.
Yeah, see, that, right there.
This is why I didn't
tell you I cam back, Crys.
This is why I didn't tell you
I wanted to be a paramedic.
I knew you wouldn't
- think I could do it.
- Jer, I never said
This is why I left.
You left because of me?
I'm never going
to be good enough for you,
am I, Crystal?
You know, I'm working hard.
I'm trying to push myself
to grow and learn,
but you can't see that.
No matter how much I try,
no matter how much I've changed.
You haven't.
You haven't changed at all.
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