SkyMed (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

Things That Matter Most

- Pilots like things safe.
- Maybe you just haven't
- been taking the right risks.
- I want to.
I just don't wanna start
something that I can't commit to.
I had a call from donor screening,
they found a close genetic relative.
- Is it your mom?
- Whoever it is, they only
came looking 'cause they need a kidney.
I let Reese kiss me.
And as soon as it happened,
I realized it was wrong
and I stopped it.
- I just broke something!
- That's normal, c'mon.
I'm never gonna be good
enough for you, am I, Crys?
- You haven't changed at all.
- I still can't move my fingers.
I can't be a pilot.
He was already cut from Selection Camp.
Stunning wilds of Northern Ontario.
Harsh, desolate,
and out to kill me
in any way that it can.
Now I'm going to survive
out here for 72 hours alone
with nothing but my wits,
and I'm going to show you
how to do it too.
This Northern landscape
is a lot different
from the Tennessee River where
I survived in my last video.
But the one thing that remains the same,
is a threat of bears.
That's why I hung my pack up high
in this wise old tree.
Alright, remember,
the trick to climbing
is respecting the tree.
If you respect the tree,
she'll respect you.
Got to admit,
that video got a lot of likes.
Yeah Highest rated video to date.
And all I had to do
was impale myself on a shovel.
(CHUCKLING) You know,
I work my butt off every day
to create informative content.
All anybody wants these days is jackass.
Alrighty, fellas,
we're ready to go back here.
Cabin lights.
You guys got an iPad
or something on back there?
Uh, hang on a sec.
Is that supposed to do that?
Um No.
You got to get this.
This is some Jackass shit.
Did the accident involve chemicals?
Something luminescent like paint?
I just fell out of the tree
on to my shovel.
That was a whole other video.
He had a lot of dirt
in his wound from the shovel,
- but no chemicals.
- I've heard of this before.
I need to get you to surgery,
but I don't want to risk
the OR if you've been exposed
to some kind of hazardous material.
No, it was just me
in the dirt, freezing.
It didn't glow right away.
- Angel's glow.
- They do?
My dad used to tell us stories
about our family
that fought in the Civil War.
After one of the battles,
some of the injured warriors
were left out in the cold
before anyone could get to them
and they said that their wounds
glowed in the dark.
The soldiers called it "Angel's glow"
because everyone whose wounds
glowed survived.
I actually looked it up
in nursing school.
There's a theory that they were
infected with a soil bacterium
called Photorhabdus luminescens.
It's a parasite that eats
other bacteria.
Cool, but that bacteria
doesn't grow as far North as Manitoba.
Well, I did do a video
in Tennessee last week.
I used the same shovel.
Okay, let's get you to surgery
and run a culture, just in case.
It's not working. It's been three weeks.
I can't
My hand doesn't feel any better.
I know you're a genius
who's used to getting
everything perfectly the first time,
but you still need to heal.
What's up, Chops?
Why don't I see if they have more pie?
I'm off in a couple of hours.
I convinced Zeke at the airport
to let me borrow his Cessna.
If you want to take it for a spin,
get the clouds underneath you,
feel the controls.
I'm not really up
for that right now, Bodes.
Why don't you come stay
at the Crew House for a bit?
- Everybody misses you.
- I'm good.
In a hotel with Sunita.
- Are you?
- What does that mean?
You're hiding out, bro.
I am not hiding, I'm trying to heal.
Ah. Is that what Sunita says?
You really think she wants
your hand to get better?
She doesn't want you to be you,
bro. You're a pilot.
Well, I can't be a pilot, Bodes, can I?
My hand is screwed up.
So, no. I don't want to go sit
on a plane that I can't fly,
nor do I want to go hang out
in a house full of people
who are all doing my job
that I can't go back to anymore.
I know about Selection Camp.
I know you got cut.
What happened, Chops?
I'm going back to Abbotsford.
With Sunita.
Her dad has a job for me.
I'm going to be an engineer again.
- You can't.
- Actually, Bodie,
this is what I can do.
If I can't be an astronaut,
if I can't be a pilot,
at least I can be an engineer.
I can have a family.
I can have a life with Sunita.
You know I hate surprises.
Why does it smell like socks in here?
Because you have weird hobbies.
The Xtreme North
Wrestling League's "World Tour"
of Windy Lake. Happy Date Night.
Tonight's the big grudge match
between Rezputin and the Toban Bear.
They've been hyping this for months!
- You hate wrestling.
- Yeah, but you love it.
Front row seats.
The splash zone?
Sorry, we got here so early.
- It doesn't start for an hour.
- Are you kidding?
Tonight is a death match.
And death matches are the best
because they can get really ugly.
Better not get too ugly.
We only brought one stretcher.
Ah, these guys are pros.
The ugliest thing we're
going to see tonight
is a little cheek slip
from some spandex.
Well, whatever it is.
You're on your own.
I'm not a nurse tonight.
Tonight, I'm a man
on a date with my boo
who happens to be working.
Yeah, sorry,
it's the only way I could get us
a flight up from Thompson,
but if it's quiet,
I can sit with you.
You're both men on a date tonight.
Go have some fun in the splash zone.
Let's go. (LAUGHING)
SkyMed doesn't usually do this
type of paid standby gig.
Wheezer, why are we here tonight?
This expansion It's kind of a,
"if you build, they will come"
type deal.
We made new hires, bought a new airplane
with only one contract in Ontario.
Oh, is that enough?
People want to see if we can hack it
in two provinces
before other hospitals will sign on.
- Yeah!
- Do the others know?
- No, no, no.
I don't want to worry them.
So if it means picking up
some side gigs to keep SkyMed afloat,
protect my pilots, then
Oh, your pilots, what about the nurses?
What, you're not worried
about protecting us?
Well, I'm not your boss.
You work for the Chief Nurse.
You're her problem.
Oh, so she's the one to blame
for farming us out
to amateur wrestling night.
Well, I may have strongly suggested it.
(CHUCKLES) C'mon, Hayley.
Do it for the poor pilots
like me and Nowak
so he doesn't have to get
a second, second job.
And I don't have to hire myself
out in the room with these
clowns because no one,
and I mean no one wants to see
me in rubber underpants.
I don't know, man. The ladder trick,
just not good enough.
This is supposed to be a grudge match.
I mean, you guys came here
to see a show, right?
Woo-hoo, baby!
We've got the guy in the front row.
- This is just the warm-up.
- Okay, let's do it.
We're set.
Oh, we're set, baby.
Call me Bear, baby!
Welcome to the Bear Cage!
- You boys ready?
- Woo! Let's go, baby!
This is for all
the bears out there, baby.
All the bears out
That was not supposed to happen.
- Nope!
- Hang on, we're coming.
Okay, let's get some pressure on this.
Oh, I can feel it grinding.
Yeah, that's both end
of your bones rubbing together.
You got a femur fracture.
Help me with the shoe.
He's not getting blood to his foot.
- I need the traction splint.
- My hands are full.
- I got it.
- Occipital fracture,
broken nose, eye injury.
We need to restore circulation
or he could lose a foot.
Coming, Tris. Here's the splint.
I need your help.
I guess I'm gonna have to be
a nurse tonight after all, huh.
Yeah, but it still counts as date night
if we do it together, right?
Uh, Hayley
We got a bleeder here.
Yeah, got one over here too.
Um, I need to start an IV,
can you come hold pressure?
No, no, this is a head wound,
those are important, right?
Yeah, so is this.
- Switch?
- Yeah.
Hold it straight.
You're going to be okay.
Okay, yeah, this one's important too.
I need to start an IV
for fluids and pain meds,
but I need someone to hold
pressure to stop the bleeding.
Tristan, I need a second set of hands.
I need Nowak for the splint.
I got to hold this guy, right?
Oh, no, no, c'mon.
Even these guys wouldn't use that.
This is
almost a surgical stapler, right?
Photorhabdus luminescens.
- Really?
- Impressive catch, Ms. Highway.
Angel's Glow, you were right.
Every student I teach
wants to get published,
but none run into
anything worth writing about.
Bioluminescent wounds, however.
Write it up.
If it's of a professional level,
I'll help you to get it published.
45-year-old male with a decreased LOC
scalp lacerations. Tristan is following
with a femoral fracture,
and a third patient
with facial fractures
and skull injuries.
These aren't medical-grade staples.
Yeah, I had to use a staple gun.
We make do with what we have, right?
So you introduced foreign bodies
into a serious wound
and possibly inflicted further
damage to a head injury.
Yeah, I had three casualties
and only two pairs of hands, so
If you don't have the proper equipment,
it is unsafe and unprofessional
to just improvise as you see fit.
I couldn't keep pressure on the wound.
You should have used sterile cling
and asked a bystander to hold the wound.
What bystander? Crystal
Bay 1, let's go. Excuse me.
Morning, Sunshine.
There's donuts at dispatch.
Looks like you could use one.
My shift doesn't start for an hour.
I should probably go find
some real breakfast.
- Yeah.
- Who brought donuts?
I did.
Usually helps to bring a gift
when you want to ask for a favour.
Especially with sprinkles,
you know what I'm saying?
Looking for Crystal?
No, I was looking for you, actually.
Today's my day off, and I thought maybe
you'd let me shadow you in the medevac.
After I messed up doing CPR on that guy
in the Whiskey Hatch,
I just feel like I gotta
I need to I need to learn faster.
- Why didn't you ask, Crystal?
- It's complicated.
Crystal can be hard to learn from.
Alright, I got a schedevac
out of North House
and the patient said they need as many
sleeping bags as possible.
So, alright, let's go.
Whoa. Crap, sorry.
I didn't mean to walk in on you.
It's a change room
for coworkers to change in.
Wouldn't feel weird
walking in on Nowak, would you?
Uh, no, no. This is exactly like that.
Oh God, it was a long night.
I'm dying for a shower.
- Heads up, Martine.
Maintenance cleared the snag
on 911's avionics.
We can head up to North House now, so
Did I interrupt something?
I'll go kick the tires, Cap.
There was a vibe, right?
I was really hoping
for more sleeping bags.
I need you to wrap them all around me.
All of them?
I know it's cold outside, but we can
No, it's not the cold. It's the outside.
I'm agoraphobic.
You're afraid of open spaces?
If you could just
Is that why you haven't
been to see a doctor
about your hypertension?
That's why I haven't been anywhere.
I can't leave my house.
I struggled since I was a kid,
but it's gotten a lot worse
the past few years.
Wow, Tomi, your pressure is really high.
Have you been taking your pills?
My old doctor would just send them
to the nursing station, but he retired.
And the new guy won't give me anything
without an exam in person.
That's super not practical up north.
Yeah. But I met someone, online.
And I'd really like to be able
to meet her in person.
Which is hard, because you
can't leave the house.
I want to go to the doctor
in Thompson as a trial run.
I'm hoping being covered will help.
I've done worse for love.
How's it going, Tomi? You okay in there?
So, she's cool.
- The patient?
- Stef, I mean.
Those dimples, though.
Dude, we're coworkers.
You're allowed to be happy, Lex.
Whether it's long-term happy
or fling-happy.
Maybe for you, not for me.
And why wouldn't it be for you?
You know, pilots are held
to a different standard.
We can't all hook up with our coworker
in the locker room
and still be considered
- "captain material."
- What is that?
Smell that?
Something smells burning.
Like when I nuked the clutch
in my uncle's car.
Maintenance said it was clear.
- Smoke!
- Oh shit!
Smoke in Aircraft Drill.
Shut off unnecessary electrics.
We gotta get on the ground fast.
Secure the cabin,
get on oxygen if you can.
(TOMI): What's going on?
What's happening?
Don't worry, Tomi.
We're gonna get some O2 on you
and strap you in, alright?
- What's close? Bear Lake?
- That's 20 minutes away.
There's an esker to the south.
There should be a clearing
around here. Chopper and I
did a low and over once.
Check around your two.
Oh man. That's tight, Bodie.
- We gotta land.
- I'm calling it!
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
This is SkyMed 911.
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
Prepare for emergency landing.
Hang on, guys, just hang on.
Hey. You re-stock abdo pads?
We were getting low on my last flight.
No, actually.
Thought I'd use paper towel,
tree bark, whatever I can find really,
since I'm so unprofessional.
Yana's particular.
She has her reasons,
but she's a great doctor.
Wow, "Yana."
Didn't know you guys were buds.
Look, the staples were cool.
But you know what med school
means to me.
And Dr. Noah's trying to help me.
But I'm sorry, okay.
Should I grab extra sleeping bags
or are you gonna use bark for that?
Jeremy took most of them.
- Jeremy?
- Yeah,
he asked to shadow Tristan on 911.
Have either of you heard from Tristan?
SkyMed 911, it's an hour overdue
and they're not answering on the radio.
I thought 911 was grounded
for maintenance.
The last crew snagged
an electrical problem,
but AMES cleared it.
- What's that?
- It's an ELT,
Emergency Locator Transmitter.
- All planes have one.
- It has to be 911.
Got to.
Tristan and Lexi are on that plane.
So is Jeremy.
We have an overdue aircraft.
SkyMed 911 stopped responding
on a routine flight
from North House to Thompson
two hours ago.
One hour ago, an ELT began transmitting.
Now the ELT can give us
the general location
of where the plane may be,
but as we all know,
the North is massive.
Huge expanses of bush and water.
Now Search and Rescue's
going to fly a grid
looking for a visual of 911.
Let's do our best to support them.
We all know this terrain.
Let's bring our crew home.
Let's do this.
It's just last time
I talked to Bodie, we fought.
I'm going to talk to SAR,
there's got to be something
I can do from the ground.
SKyMed 911, this 922, do you copy?
SkyMed 911, this is 922, do you copy?
SkyMed 911, this is 922, do you read?
Make sure everyone knows
to keep the Search and Rescue
team's channel clear, okay?
They can check with dispatch
for updates and stuff.
Shh Shh, shh, shh.
(BABY CRYING) Shh, shh, shh.
Hey, Madison, right?
Do you want to maybe
use Wheezer's office,
put the baby, get some quiet?
No, I want to be with everyone else.
If it's quiet, I'll think too much.
Yeah, I get it.
Thank you.
Is he teething?
Yeah, he's usually such a happy guy,
just can't get him settled.
It's okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Is that better, little fella?
I have a little niece.
She's a teenage niece now, but
I remember this like it was yesterday.
Hey, hey
- I'm sorry.
- Hold on, hold on.
Come, sit.
You know someone on the missing crew?
The captain is my son's father.
We're not together anymore,
but he's a good guy,
and he's a great, great father.
Joel means the world to him.
Bodie means a lot to us too.
See you back here tomorrow.
- Keep me posted.
- Yeah.
Where are they all going?
- 911 is still out there.
- It's late, Cap.
You might be superhuman,
but other people need rest.
You can put 922 to bed,
fog is too thick.
Sorry, has to stop until
the weather clears.
You can't be serious? Tristan and Lexi
- are still out there.
- We're not giving up,
there's just nothing to do
until the fog clears.
This time of year, that could take days.
- I know.
- Tristan will be okay, Nowie.
As hard as you're trying to find him,
he's trying to get back to you.
You don't know him, okay?
You don't know shit about us.
Tristan told you
about the kiss, didn't he?
That's why you've been so shitty?
You're jealous about a stupid kiss
that didn't mean anything?
I didn't know he was
your boyfriend, Nowak.
- I wouldn't have made a move.
- You know why I've been shitty?
It's 'cause I don't like flying
with people I can't trust.
Like assholes who go after
other people's boyfriend
Tristan loves you, man.
If you're worried about him,
that's not on Tristan or on me,
that's on you.
Hey, hey, enough!
Go home, and get some rest.
- You alright?
- Yeah.
No, sir, I get that, absolutely.
I just
Right, no, I understand.
Yes, sir.
Have you eaten?
Some women from
the community brought food.
Ops Manager. Not exactly a great look
for a new expansion to have
a missing aircraft right away.
Not exactly a great look
for a new chief pilot either.
Wheezer, this isn't your fault.
My crew. My responsibility.
Is your shoulder still bugging you?
Yeah, it's really annoying.
I just I want to be able
to do everything I used to.
You know, I learned this great
trick after my surgery.
you want to cross your arms,
one side each on of the doorframe.
Here, you know what,
I think it'd be easier
if I showed you. Just cross your arms.
- Okay. Just like that?
- Perfect, yeah.
- Okay.
- And then you just want
to spread your feet, just a little bit.
Perfect, there you go.
And then you just lean your butt back
and just feel your muscles let go.
Oh, yeah. Oh, that feels great.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Hey, Wheezer, I
You look busy, but um
SAR Captain's looking for you.
Reese, thank you very much.
I'll be right there.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Uh, enjoy the food.
Yummy, thank you.
You okay?
I've known Jer since I was seven.
I was born in Winnipeg.
My dad's Metis and my mom was Filipina.
She died when I was a baby.
And when I was seven,
my dad fell in love
with a Cree woman from North House.
When we moved up here, I was so scared
I wouldn't fit in,
that no one would accept me.
And, that morning,
Jer showed up at our doorstep
with two canoe paddles
and his mom's frybread.
Like we'd always known each other.
Jer made me feel like I belonged.
He made North House feel like home.
He's always been there for me.
What if he isn't anymore, what if
I'm sorry. I wanted
to check in with SAR again.
Most pilots when they're flying,
keep an eye out for places they
can land during emergencies.
So I made a list of all
the places I can remember
from here to North House, and
I gave it to SAR, but the fog
- They'll go out in the morning.
- If it clears by then.
I feel useless on the ground.
You know, the first time you flew solo,
when you came home,
you had this look in your eye.
You were in love.
When I saw that look,
I knew flying would always come first.
And eventually
you would choose it over me.
But don't settle for this
just because you can't fly.
Suni, no.
Chopper. Chopper, Chopper,
do you still have that list?
I gassed up 922, we're going out.
What? No, no, no. There's too much fog,
we can't see anything on the ground.
You'll find a way,
you always figure stuff out.
- I can't change the weather.
- Don't be an ass,
you know what I mean.
You'll find a solution.
I can't.
I can't solve this, Nowak.
- I can't even fly.
- Listen to me,
I know we're all treating you
with kid gloves
because you're going through
something right now,
but you need to get your
head out of your ass.
Bodie is your best friend
and the two people I love the most
are out there right now in the cold.
Waiting for us to find them.
You're the best pilot I know,
so stop feeling sorry for yourself
Get your ass on the plane.
You guys!
You good?
Tomi, are you okay?
- What happened?
- We had to make
an emergency landing.
Did our distress call get out?
No, radio blew up
right before we went down.
(EXHALES): Without the radio,
there's no way to check if it's working.
- Hey, you okay?
- Yeah.
We have to assume
that help isn't coming.
What do we got?
Okay, standard issue kit.
Okay, we got a blanket,
matches, a mirror, and one flare.
Let's not panic the patient.
Let's go outside and take a look.
- Okay.
- I think
I broke one of my ribs.
Can you help me get Tomi outside?
No, no! I told you,
I told you, I can't go out there.
- Tomi, calm down.
- I can't!
- We're in the middle of nowhere!
- Tomi, listen.
I know it's scary, but I need
you to stay calm, alright?
The more she panics,
the worse it makes her pressure.
Okay. You're fine, okay?
You can stay on the plane
as long as the pilots think
it's safe, okay?
We need more wood, Bodie.
They have to be able
to see our fire from the air.
We got a giant shiny tube,
but if anyone's even looking for us,
wouldn't even be able to see it.
I've heard of things
going down in the bush
without a trace, now I know why.
We're practically invisible.
You did that survival training
in cadets. How long we got?
We need water, some food.
Plus we got a sick patient.
Alright, let's get these
signal fires going
in case someone is looking for us.
Okay, just breathe.
(BREATHING DEEPLY) Oh, just breathe.
Plane, Plane, plane!
They're going to pass us!
- Hey, wait! Tomi, wait!
- No, no!
That was our only flare
That plane is way too high
to see a flare.
We needed to save it until
Search and Rescue's flying low.
- You just blew our one chance.
- I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Stay in the plane
and stay out of the way, okay?
It's going to be night soon.
SAR's going to have to stop looking.
So let's get these fires lit.
Hey, Tomi.
made a little lean-to by the fire.
Won't even know you're outside.
Spent a month in the bush this winter
so I got real good at closing up cracks,
you know what I'm saying?
Is the captain still pissed at me?
No, he's not mad at you. He's just mad
at the whole situation.
C'mon, Tomi. This thing's metal.
It's going to get
really cold in here tonight.
Look, I don't want to be afraid.
When I was a kid, I got
in a fight with my mom.
I tried to run away.
I got way out in the bush,
and then I slipped on rocks
and broke my leg.
Took my family all night to find me.
I thought I was going to die out there.
in the dark.
When I'm in the bush,
and I'm feeling alone,
I just
I just listen.
Here, close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Alright. What do you hear?
The wind in the trees.
And a bird.
Bird, okay. Keep them closed, okay?
Alright. What kind of bird was it?
What kind of sound is she making?
She sounds (BIRD CHIRPING)
She sounds like she's
calling for someone.
Her mate, maybe?
Keep listening.
Can you hear her mate?
Yeah, it sounds like
they're calling back to her.
Good, good.
You're doing really good.
Ten more steps.
What about the trees, can
you hear the wind in the trees?
Is it dark out?
The captain said they'd
have to stop looking for us
when it got dark.
It'll be dark soon, but we have a fire.
I can't be lost in the bush at night.
Hey, you're not alone,
okay? I promise you.
Tomorrow they'll start looking
for us again, okay?
I got you.
Almost there.
I'm just going
to cover you up, okay, Tomi.
Now you're safe.
That That was impressive.
Bush is great and all, but if you're not
in the right headspace,
it can really mess with you.
Makes you question who you are.
Or it could make you decide
to become a paramedic.
Hey, I think you'd be great at it.
I was just wondering what changed.
I'm trying to change.
I went into the bush to clear my head,
I set snares for rabbits to eat
like my mooshum taught me.
And one day, I
I go to check my traps,
and there's this little fox.
Still alive, choking to death.
I couldn't just leave him
like that, man.
Just die like that,
not for no good reason.
So I grabbed the wire
and I set him free.
But I kept thinking that just
All these innocent people
keep getting hurt
when I'm around and
I don't want to hurt people anymore.
Want to help, you know?
I don't know, Bodie. None of this
is going to be useful.
There's nothing in here but saline,
barf bags, and oxygen tanks.
We've got some snacks
from the commissary bucket,
but those won't last long.
You ever think it's weird
pilots never talk
about the fact every time
we get into a plane,
there's a chance we might not come home?
My instructor at flight school
had a titanium wedding ring.
It's the only metal
that won't melt in fires
that burn as hot as aviation fuel.
His wife wanted him to have it, in case.
Makes me think I should have
had that second donut before we left.
Should have let myself
have a lot of things.
Donor screening found
a close genetic relative.
I think it's my mom.
I've been trying to decide
if I want to meet her, but
but now that I'm stuck out here,
I'm just worried I'm never
going to see my son again.
And it is the worst feeling.
I'm not even worried about me.
I'm worried about him.
And I can't imagine how
anyone can live their life
knowing that they have a child
out there somewhere in the world
that needed them.
I'll do anything to get back to Joel.
You know, if my mom
didn't feel that way about me,
I don't want to meet her.
C'mon, man.
Let's try and get some sleep.
No. No, no, no!
The weather turned.
SAR won't be able to look
for us in this fog.
- They'll never see us.
- What?!
- They can't look for us?
- Tomi
You told me it would be
better in the morning.
You told You told
- Breathe, Tomi, breathe.
Whoa, whoa. Her blood pressure
is way too high.
You need to grab
the oxygen tank from the plane.
Go, go, go!
She needs to get to a hospital.
I don't have anything
to treat hypertension.
Just breathe, okay?
- There you go, that's it.
- Do you hear that?
It's twin props, low.
Grab anything that'll burn,
we gotta get this thing
- as big as possible.
- Okay.
I got you.
There you go.
- There, there, there it is!
- Hey!
How many more spots on your list?
Hey, 2 o'clock.
We got a darker patch of fog,
it might be smoke.
Can't see shit in this soup.
What if it's them down there
trying to signal us?
I have control.
What are you doing?
Trust me!
Holy Shit, Chops, you found them.
You can hug me later, Cheekbones.
- Bodie!
- Yo.
Are you okay?
Listen, I'm sorry about before.
Forget it, bro. You found us.
You brought me back home to my son.
I can fly.
Bodes, I can, I can fly.
Yeah, I knew you could, Chops.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It's okay. (BABY LAUGHING)
It's okay, bud. Daddy's home.
Daddy's home.
We were so worried about you.
We haven't slept at all.
We're so glad you're okay.
I don't know about this.
Tomi You already crashed
in the woods, alright?
What's the worst that could happen?
Besides, you got
to get your prescription
from your doctor, right?
So you can go meet
your friend from online.
Just a couple more steps, c'mon.
Thank you.
You disappeared for months
without telling me,
and I know why you left.
But I had a hard time
forgiving you for that.
I've always been hard on you.
And I do take you
for granted, I'm sorry.
- You don't have to.
- No, I do.
I do.
There's something else
you were right about too.
We have a lot of history
and I don't know if I can change,
if we can change together.
I'm always going to want
the best for you, Crys.
I want that for you too.
I'm glad you're okay, Jer.
- You weren't there.
- Lexi.
I got off the SAR helicopter,
and you were the only person
I wanted to see,
but you weren't there.
- Lexi, I
- I
I thought I was doing the right thing.
Putting my life on hold for my dream,
but I realized
if I keep putting it on hold,
I'll never actually live it.
And after what I just went through,
I'm damn well going to live.
I, um
Is that my shirt?
Look, I know what to do in an emergency.
But I don't know what to do
when they happen to people
I care about, and there's
nothing I can do to help.
Lex, I
I really care about you,
so I did your laundry.
So it would be ready when you got home.
I'll come pick you up tomorrow and spend
the entire day together. Okay?
- Still want me to be a pilot?
- Yeah,
we need your paycheck.
But seriously, you're not
allowed to pull that crap again
and leave me parenting alone. Got it?
I know this isn't easy, Mads,
but I'm glad we're doing it together.
Me too. So no more crash landing.
Say bye!
Man I saw at the hangar.
You following me?
Want something?
You better not be bothering my family.
I didn't mean to upset you, Austen
How do you know my name?
I'm Kingsley.
I'm your father.
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