SkyMed (2022) s02e04 Episode Script


All I ever wanted
from the first time I sat
in the Glider Room Cadets was to fly.
- Got it!
- Now that's some real
- bush pilot shit.
- What were you doing up
- in that fire tower?
- I was trying to simulate a spacewalk.
He was already cut from selection camp
before his accident.
- Whoa, what are you doing?
- Trust me!
- Chops, you found them.
- Tristan told you
- about the kiss
- Hey, hey! Novak!
My oncologist suggested a preventative
- double mastectomy.
- You camping out here, Boss?
- Lynn and I separated.
- Hey, Wheezer, I
I didn't mean to upset you.
I'm Kingsley. I'm your father.
Good to have you back
in the saddle, Chops.
I leave you alone for a couple of months
and suddenly you're flying livestock.
Okay, first off, that is not livestock.
That is an emotional support animal.
And she has a name.
Isn't that right, Penny?
- Don't worry, Stu.
Penny is right here beside you,
- you're going to be just fine.
- Penny?
And if he isn't,
we'll have fresh eggs for weeks.
- I need a scalpel.
- What, why?
- Where are you gonna cut him?
- Wheezer,
we're running out of time.
Scalpel, please, thank you.
God, this does not look good.
Now I just need to pack the wound.
Look, as a pilot,
I can tell you that this
is not structurally sound.
And as a former
labour and delivery nurse,
I can tell you,
a lot more can fit in here.
Where? You're already
in him up to your elbow.
I can't believe you convinced me
to stuff breakables into a pinata.
Somebody is definitely
going to get hurt tonight.
You know what? It is not a celebration
without a pinata or my famous jet fuel.
You know, it's sweet.
You organizing all this.
Well, it's the fun part
of my chief pilot duties.
Can be hard feeling like
you're kind of moving backwards.
Moving into the new version
of the old house you used to live in.
Going back to the job you used to work.
- Oh, Wheezer
- Oh, no, no, no.
No, no, not me. I just
keep getting better and better.
- Ah!
- You can't regress
- if you never left.
- Tower, this is Ghost Rider.
Requesting a fly-by.
Um, Ghost Rider, uh, negative.
The pattern is full. We're not ready.
late, nerds. They're
already at the front
door, incoming.
- Shh
Well, just five more
minutes without a call,
and we are officially off the clock.
How does it feel to be back, bro?
Feels like I never left.
It's all kind of
Same old, same old?
I was going to say routine, but, yeah.
Well, I guess after selection camp,
flying medevacs probably
isn't that exciting.
No. No, boring's good.
If we're doing everything right,
should be boring, right?
- Hmm.
- Uh, you remember
if we have any day-old
pizza in the fridge?
Ah, young love.
When everything was so new and exciting.
Yeah, well, practice makes perfect.
- Oh, yeah?
- Watch your six.
Coolant, coming through.
Eight months of winter's
gotta have some perks, right?
(PHONE CHIMES) Oh, sorry.
Gotta take this.
My boyfriend's working nights.
We gotta talk when he's on a break.
Boyfriend, huh?
So That means you're going
to relax now, right?
And start being nice to the guy
we used to be really
good friends with
You can trust him.
You guys have been really tight.
I trust you.
Because we tell each other everything.
- Wheezer!
- Hey! Watch it.
Combustible goods here, man.
Hey, Martine, you got a sec?
Hey, I was definitely
just about to try some of that jet fuel.
Well, it's a good thing
I grabbed you for a talk first.
Um, now that Chopper's back,
I got one too many medevac
pilots on the line
so someone's got to go.
I know I haven't been
flight line as long as Chopper,
but I have a lot of hours,
like, I'm a good pilot.
Hey, you were a great pilot, Lexi.
The emergency landing,
that whole snake thing.
It's just that Chopper was technically
only on leave, and he has seniority
on the medevac.
So I guess I gotta promote you.
I don't understand.
You think like a bush pilot, Lexi.
And a driver is not a real pilot
until they've flown cargo in the North.
So I'm putting you solo
on the 200 for cargo runs,
Captain Martine.
Thank you, thank you
for this opportunity, sir.
I will not let you down, sir.
You literally just watched me pour
grape Jell-O powder
into a vat of tequila,
so I think we can
lay off the "sir" stuff.
And I know that you won't let me down
because there are 20 other guys
waiting on that ramp
to replace you if you do.
- Alright?
- Thank you, sir.
I mean, Wheezer.
Crys? You okay?
Jeremy told me things ended with you.
If you need someone to talk to
the regulation
of epinephrine and no
Are you studying?
I have an exam this week.
And with SkyMed, and clinical,
and lectures,
I haven't had time to sleep,
let alone study
and everyone keeps dragging
me back to the party.
And I want to be there, Trist, I do.
- I just don't
- Just, just
Take my car.
Go to the Java House, it's quiet there.
I can keep a secret.
Thank you.
(LAUGHING) Thank you.
I've been trying to get
you alone all night.
Grab us a drink?
Thought you had a boyfriend.
I do, we're open.
I know Nowie is pretty traditional,
but you know that's not the only way
to be in a relationship.
There are a lot
of other options, Tristan.
Is that a peace offering
for not trying the "jet fuel"
because my forgiveness is not for sale.
- It's actually a peace lily.
They fill the air with oxygen
and are almost impossible to kill.
Like certain chief pilots.
- Hmm.
- Welcome to the crew house.
Well, colour me "impressed."
Where in the hell did you get
a house plant in Thompson?
I might have brought it up
- on the medevac from Winnipeg.
- Oh!
But hey! It's not every day
you graduate from vagrant couch surfer
to full room in a pilot flop-house.
Shots fired.
Don't make me write you up
for insubordination.
- Oh, you wouldn't.
- Oh, I might.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I dare you. You're not my boss.
I'm not your boss.
Uh, do you know how often
I'm going to need to water this,
because if it's more than
well, never, I'm not sure how
this is going to go.
Damn it.
We're closed.
- I only need a minute.
- I thought I was clear.
I don't want anything to do with you.
Yes, you were clear,
but I didn't get the chance
to say everything that I needed to say.
Austen, I never stopped looking for you.
The moment I found out your name
and where you were
after all these years
Yeah, 25 years and 9 months
since you walked out on my mom.
I never knew she was pregnant.
Austen, she sent me a letter,
but I did not get it
until after you were born.
After she was forced to give you up.
Yeah, cool story. I'm not
giving you my kidney, man.
I was 17 years old.
I'd only been in this country
for a few months.
I went to work on the oil sands.
That's your excuse?
That it wasn't my fault,
I was just a kid,
I didn't know. You were busy doing
something else when my mom needed you.
You know what?
Thanks for clearing this up.
You can go now.
Tansi, Kookoo.
I didn't know you
were coming, nôsisim.
Yeah, that's the only
way I catch you napping.
Usually, you're too busy to sit down.
Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
I made something for you.
Oh, they're beautiful, Kookoo.
Oh, you're so busy these days.
For a clear head.
I just need a quiet place
to study before my shift starts
and the crew house is packed.
Oh, black coffee?
That crap's no good for a clear head.
And what have you been eating?
You're too skinny, nôsisim.
I've got some soup and bannock.
Thanks, kookoo. I just
I need to study.
Don't forget, our medicines
were here long before
what's written in those books.
Kookoo, need some help?
Is that Gus and Edna?
You're expecting visitors?
I don't need to expect anyone.
There's lots of soup.
I know, I just
I need to study.
Your heart needs things, too,
Got your head down so busy
trying to get somewhere.
If you're not careful,
you'll forget to look up
and see where you're going.
C'mon, Stef. My bars are going to be
covered by my reflective vest anyway.
Yeah, but we'll know they're there.
Here's to the first day
of you living your dream.
Captain Martine.
Package for you, Lex, came this morning.
Oh, I checked the skids for Deep Lake,
they could fit with the supplies
to North House.
I'll take them up in one trip
instead of two.
Nice, we'll get it loaded.
- What's this?
- Oh!
A surprise?
Uh, I hope you got a receipt
for these, they look used.
They're my dad's.
"Marti" was his call sign.
He always said this headset
kept him safe and brought him luck.
I called him last night to tell him
He must have paid a fortune
to get them here.
That's one proud papa.
Giving you his lucky headset.
Yeah Well
won't be much luck
if I'm late for my first run.
That's my girl pilot. (CHUCKLES)
Let's do this, Dad.
Man, the signal in here sucks.
I'm going to shove
that phone up your ass
if you don't put it away.
Alright, I'm going to head down,
check the levels
Make sure these main valves are off.
It's the top one.
And stay off the god damn phone.
Oh, yes.
Maya finally hit me back.
Whoa, a photo, what
Girl, you know it's not fair.
I don't get any signal out here.
C'mon, c'mon.
Ah, damn it.
Good to go, boss.
Man, this place smells pungent.
Yeah, that's the waste water.
The patient has a history
of heart problems.
- Do you need us?
- Sounds like an arrest,
but I'm gonna need help
getting him out of here.
I'm heading down.
Alright, talk to me,
what do you think, Chops?
Okay, almost ready.
This will hold him, but we're
going to have to go slow.
When Crystal's got him
packaged, we'll load him up.
Man, it's good to have you back, Chops.
If I had been here alone,
we would've been
dragging this guy up by his suspenders.
Hey, Crys, you ready?
We're sending down the litter.
Oh, God.
Bodes, Bodes. It's not safe.
Something's not right.
Hank's passed out first,
now Crystal. The rotten egg smell
could also mean hydrogen sulfide.
Oh, God. I must have
turned the wrong valve.
- What?
- I was supposed to turn
the valves off,
but I was texting my girlfriend,
and I must have turned the wrong valve.
You're telling me you put
two people's lives in danger
because you were too busy
doing something else?
We gotta focus on getting Crystal out.
What about Hank? He's been
down there for a long time.
- You've gotta help him.
- We gotta get our nurse
out first. She's the only
one that can help Hank,
so we have to make her
the priority, okay?
- But you can help me.
- Yeah, I'll turn off the gas.
No, it's too late for that.
There has to be rebreathers
here, Hazmat suits?
Yeah, Hank showed me on my first day.
Great. There has to be
a fire extinguisher nearby.
Grab that. We have to dampen
any possible ignition points.
- Okay.
- Go!
I'm hosing it down.
I don't see any sparks.
Okay, just keep going.
I'm almost to Crystal.
I've got her, Bodie.
Get the litter.
Coming up!
You okay, Crys?
You okay?
I'm okay. I'm okay.
What about Hank?
Pulse is good.
I just heard from the hospital.
Crys is okay and Hank is too.
Are you okay?
I screwed up, Bodie.
I screwed up. I just
thought it was a routine call.
Like every other call.
And I didn't check the scene,
I put Crystal in danger.
Hey, that's on all of us.
We all should have been
checking the scene.
I'm an engineer.
I should've known better.
Chopper, you figured out
how to save Crystal.
are you okay?
It was an impossible exercise.
That's why I got cut
from selection camp.
It didn't actually have a solution.
It was designed to test
how you'd respond
when there is no solution.
We didn't know that, you know?
And I was doing so well
proving to them how smart I was, how
good at solving problems.
And uh
I really believed that,
despite all the signs,
I could solve this one too.
So I kept pushing my team
to keep going and going.
Until someone died.
It was just a simulation.
But if it had been real,
if we were on the station,
my teammate would have died
because of me.
I didn't pay attention to the signs.
I just rushed in
trying to fix a problem
that couldn't be fixed.
- Chopper
- No, I was
I was at the fire tower
for that reason, Bodie.
I was trying to recreate the exercise.
I wanted to prove that
I could find a solution.
If I'm not the guy
who can solve every problem
Hey, hey Anyone can make a mistake.
Yeah, but you got mad
at the kid at the plant
for making a mistake.
How am I any different?
Because I know you, Chopper.
I know that you're a good guy,
and more importantly,
I know what's in your heart.
Yeah, well, I guess
if you knew that kid today,
maybe you wouldn't have
blamed him for a screw-up.
I heard you had a scare today.
Also heard you didn't
let anyone check you out after.
- Who told you?
- You did.
Just now.
I'm fine.
In fact, passing out from the gas leak
was the first sleep I've managed
to get in two days.
That's not funny, alright?
This is serious stuff, Crys.
You need to get looked at.
You can develop pulmonary edema
up to like 72 hours after exposure
to hydrogen sulfide. So
Can I? Hmm, hmm, hmm?
- Okay.
- Yes, alright.
Did you just warm that up?
- Yeah, you know me, Crys.
Me and my bedside manners.
So running into a gas pit
and getting yourself knocked out, huh?
Sounds like something I'd do.
Yeah, I might have been overdoing it.
At school, work, it's
a lot.
I was overtired and I forgot
to check the scene.
Just breathe, Crys.
you need blood work done.
Isabelle's right. You're too skinny.
You forgot this at her house.
She wanted you to have it.
You were at Isabelle's?
Yeah. I'm there all the time.
And you should go home more, Crys.
I know she misses you.
Look, I know you're busy
with all your medical exam
and everything, but
Just try not to change too much, Crys.
Well, which is it?
Have I changed too much or not enough?
- What?
- You're the one who said
I didn't change enough, and now
you're saying I changed too much?
Look, I'm sorry if I'm not juggling
med school, and family,
and work exactly how you want me to,
but at least I didn't just disappear
and let people think
I was gone when I was at school.
Like I said,
you should get your blood work done.
You got this, babe. Be brave!
I can't believe you talked me
into coming out here today
in this weather.
It's our anniversary!
We gotta do something fun.
There you go, just like that.
- Oh, my God, Ted!
I got you. I got you.
We do not have the same idea of fun.
Look at how far you've come.
You're conquering your fear.
Oh, my God
Yeah, there you go, babe.
You're doing it.
You're almost at the top.
Alright, hold on there.
I'm coming up after you.
Come here.
Check out that view.
- Yeah.
- It's very pretty.
- I knew you'd love it.
You know, watching you be so brave today
and conquer your fear, taking that leap,
it made me think about another leap.
The biggest leap.
A leap we can take together.
You gotta turn around.
- What are you doing?
- Just turn around, trust me.
I remember that look.
First week flying cargo by myself,
you couldn't have knocked
the smile off my face
- with a two-by-four.
- Feels pretty good, boss.
You're doing pretty good.
Nice work combining the Deep Lake
and the North House scheds.
But don't go getting too good at it.
We don't need you coming after my job.
Hey, Hayley.
So the other night
at the party, that was
(CHUCKLING) That was funny.
Totally, totally.
Just one of those funny moments.
Yeah, super funny.
I mean we're co-workers and, and
I just got to back work
after my surgical leave.
I'm going through a divorce.
You're going through a divorce.
Great. Well, it's nice to work,
it's nice to work with a professional.
Just keep things nice and simple.
- Yeah, just, uh
Two professionals
Great, okay. Good talk.
Thank God you're here.
Hey, Ted. I'm Hayley, I'm a nurse.
My lower back and legs are killing me.
I think I broke something.
Okay, I'm going to take a look, alright?
Oh, okay. I think you might
have a broken pelvis.
Your left side feels spongy.
Bones can be spongy?
- Can you help me bind him?
- Oh, yeah.
I knew rock climbing was a bad idea.
He tried to convince me
on our first date
- that it was fun.
- Well
I just don't understand how you slipped,
you're always so surefooted.
- I'm the clumsy one.
- I, uh
was looking for this.
I guess after all this,
you better open it, huh?
Oh, my God.
You idiot! (TED LAUGHS)
Why would you do this here?
Because on our first date,
when I looked at you
and you were being so sassy
and brave, even though
you were terrified,
I knew right then I wanted to marry you.
So, will you take this leap with me?
Of course, I'll marry you.
Do you think your parents
can get along or should we elope?
You know, I was thinking
we should go skydiving
for the honeymoon. (LAUGHING)
It's getting bad.
I'll top off your meds.
My chest feels tight.
Your pressure's falling. HR's spiking.
(TED GROANS) His abdomen's rigid.
- What does that mean?
- You need fluids, Ted.
I'm going to put
a pressure bag on your IV
to get them into you fast,
and we'll keep refilling it.
What's happening?
Why does it keep doing that?
- I want to marry you.
I know, booboo.
You've had a lot of meds.
But you proposed, remember?
I said, "Yes."
- I wanna marry you now.
How much did you give him?
- What do we do?
- I keep pushing fluids
and we get him to an OR.
- Fast.
- But he's going to make it
to the hospital, right?
I want to marry you now, too.
You want me to what?
He's got an internal bleed, Wheezer.
And by how fast he's tanking
Look, I'm pushing fluids,
but he needs to get to an OR
as soon as possible.
Look, you're a captain.
- Captains can marry people.
- Maybe on a boat.
Not on an airplane.
It didn't really work out for me.
- Think Chopper's your guy.
- Uh, Hashtag same, buddy.
Besides, you're the captain.
Ah, he's crashing, Wheezer.
This could be their last chance.
Come on, it doesn't matter
if it's a real wedding.
This could be the only
wedding our patient gets.
Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here today
to medevac this man
and also to marry him.
To marry him to Olivia.
Olivia and
- this man, this
- Ted.
Ted! Ted.
We are here today
to unite Olivia and Ted
in a matrimony that is
Well, neither holy nor legal.
by a matrimony grounded
in the power of the love
that you have for one another.
And we all know
that love is holier and stronger
than any law could ever be.
So there is only really one
important question that matters today.
Olivia, do you take Ted?
I do! I do.
And Ted, do you take Olivia?
There's never been anyone
but you, Liv
Ever since the first day
It's always been you.
I love you.
Then by the power vested in me
by your willingness to
take this leap together,
I now pronounce you married.
Thank you.
- Hayley?
- Hey.
You're up late.
I couldn't sleep
without knowing about Ted.
It's my first wedding,
and I don't think I could
handle it if it ended up in a funeral.
Well, I waited until
he was out of surgery.
And as long as he doesn't
actually go skydiving
for the honeymoon, he looks good.
I guess
They're probably gonna
want to get married
- by a real officiant then.
- Yeah.
Thank you for today.
- No.
- It meant a lot to them.
And to me.
You know, sometimes, this job
makes you realize that
life is too short.
In a bad way, you know?
But then sometimes
it makes you realize that
life is too short.
In a good way.
Are you okay? Do you want to stop?
Yeah, no, no. It's, um
I haven't I haven't been
with anyone since my surgery.
It's okay. We don't have to do this.
No. I want to,
and-and I want it to be with you.
I just
I don't know.
Go ahead, you can touch it.
It used to be a zipper,
but I had it removed.
Can I?
You're so beautiful, Hayley.
Oh, hey.
You're waiting for cargo on this sched?
You're not from here.
You really shouldn't be near the planes.
Ramps are restricted.
They let you fly this thing by yourself?
Terry should be here any minute.
And he does not like people on his ramp.
I don't see anyone here but you and me.
He'll be here.
And there expecting us ASAP
at Prospect River so
Okay, check. Check.
Good, good.
Nice. Nice.
Good job, Lexi.
Can I catch a lift with you
to Prospect River?
If you need to get to Prospect River,
you can book a passenger
flight tomorrow.
It's against regulations.
Cargo flights have guidelines
and weight restrictions.
You're telling me
this plane's overweight?
- You think I'm an idiot?
- No.
I'm just not allowed to take passengers.
The plane isn't approved for that
I'll get off in Prospect River.
I want to ride with you.
What are you doing?
I've been talking to you.
I-I need to hear the radio.
Want some?
You lactose intolerant?
A lot of people are.
That big lever, what's it for?
And that's your altimeter right there.
Important stuff
for an emergency landing.
I've always been real good
with the mechanical stuff.
Until my truck broke down tonight.
Well, I mean, it wasn't my truck.
I, uh
I worked as a farmhand
in Dominica a few years back.
Had to leave there, too.
Farmers, they'd, uh
spread garlic and onions
all around the yard
trying to keep the snakes away.
Every now and then,
one of them got through.
I'll never forget that sound.
Middle of the night,
the cows, they'd be out in the field,
and you'd just hear them, just
These snakes, they'd, they'd
they'd wrap around their legs,
they'd trap them so as
they couldn't move.
And they just,
suck the milk right from their udder.
Suck 'em dry.
Windy Lake, Poplar 209.
I'm diverting from Prospect River.
ETA to Windy Lake, ten minutes.
Require assistance
on the apron to unload.
209, Windy Lake.
We don't have you
coming in tonight.
There's no one here to receive.
Windy Lake, 209 diverting
from planned route.
Arriving imminently with
D.G.s on board.
Require assistance to unload.
209, I don't see dangerous goods
on your manifest.
Are you sure?
Windy Lake, it was unplanned.
Uh, I picked up some canisters,
compressed gas at Rocky Narrows.
Need assistance on the apron on arrival.
What the hell, Lexi?
You said you have dangerous goods,
but we weren't expecting you.
- Okay.
- And there wasn't anything
in your manifest.
These things are supposed
to be planned
This wasn't a part of my plan either
I had an unexpected passenger.
I read it.
She seemed excited to see you.
And about me.
We were in love.
When I came back to Toronto
and I got her letter,
I was excited, too.
I thought that I'd find
you and Jo together.
So when I found out that she had
been pressured to give you up
Austen, I didn't even get my name
on the birth certificate.
It wasn't there.
I didn't have any rights.
I didn't have any money to find you.
I didn't know how to navigate
the Canadian legal system.
But believe me, I looked for her.
And you.
When donor screening told me
that I had a son in Thompson
I can't give you my kidney, Kingsley.
Okay, I have a son.
I need to make sure that I'm healthy
- so I can be there for him.
- I don't want that, Austen.
The greatest gift I could've
gotten is to find you.
Mind if I keep this?
I don't have anything from her.
We met at a dance competition.
I think we were already in love
before she won
the whole thing that night.
I never knew what she looked like.
She was beautiful.
Inside and out.
And I wish I never had
to leave that summer.
But when I came from Jamaica,
I didn't have anything.
Just the clothes on my back.
And even though she said
it didn't matter,
I wanted to make something of myself,
I wanted to prove
that I was worthy of someone like her.
You understand?
But a day doesn't go by
where I don't wonder,
"If things could have been different,
if I had just stayed"
Damn it
What the hell happened?
I just got off the phone
with Prospect River,
they said they didn't get
their cargo last night.
- You flew it to Windy Lake?
- I had to divert.
Why? I didn't see anything
on the logbooks.
There was a man on the plane.
You took a passenger? But
you're cargo,
why did you have a passenger?
He just showed up
and the strip at Rocky Narrows.
It was late, I was alone.
He wanted a ride.
I told him that I couldn't
take passengers, but he just
got on the plane.
He was aggressive.
Was he violent? Did he hurt you
No. No. Um, but
Okay, so then why didn't
you just make him get off?
Make him get off?
- You're the Captain, Lexi.
What you say on the plane goes.
Lexi, you allowed
a passenger on the plane,
you went off your scheduled route,
you made a stop you were not
authorized to make, you wasted fuel,
and you dumped your cargo
at the wrong field?
Yes, sir.
Right. Look
I get that flying cargo
is not as glamorous or cool as medevacs.
But people count on us
for food, for medicine,
everything everyone needs
has to be flown in.
They count on us to survive,
so if you think that this
is just some sort of game
I don't think that.
(SIGHS) I know I made a mistake, sir,
but I-I
He was, I
- I felt like I had to.
- You had to what?
I want to be reassigned.
I want to go back to medevacs.
I went to bat for you, Lexi.
I pushed for you to be promoted
before a lot of other guys
who would kill to go Captain.
I know.
I'm sorry, sir.
But I want to go back to medevacs.
Well, I guess you are not the pilot
that I thought you were.
That'll be all, First Officer.
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