SkyMed (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

Code Silver

I haven't been with anyone
since my surgery.
You're so beautiful, Hayley.
It was an impossible
exercise. It was designed
to test how'd you respond
when there is no solution.
It was just a simulation.
- Chopper
- If I'm not the guy
- who can solve every problem.
- I'm putting you solo
on the 200 for cargo routes.
May I catch a lift
with you to Prospect River?
Oh! I know I made a mistake, sir, but
I went to bat for you, Lexi.
I pushed for you to be promoted.
I'm sorry, sir.
I want to go back to medevacs.
I guess you're not the pilot
that I thought you were.
- He's normally so happy.
Aw. Don't feel bad, Simon.
Nowak brings that out in people.
Babies love me.
This bug's done a number on both of us.
Can you take him for a minute?
We're just waiting on a new F.O.
- Hi.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Lex. What the F.O.?
- I'm back on medevacs.
Why? You were captain on cargo.
I didn't like flying alone.
Besides, medevacs are more interesting.
I like the patients.
Yeah, but you needed the PIC
hours to go to a major airline.
I can still get PIC hours on medevac.
In twice the time.
Lex, this doesn't make sense.
I know how hard you must have
worked to get to captain.
- No one gives that up.
- Can you just drop it?
Let it go.
For the record, I don't approve.
- I'm going to be sick.
- Lex, some help.
- Okay, I got you.
Hang on a sec, Bethany.
(RETCHING) That's good, let it out.
You'll be alright.
We'll be out of here soon.
You gave up captain for this.
I can feel you staring, you weirdo.
Well, it is a very nice back.
Does it go all the way down?
You're lucky you're a cute weirdo.
Mmm, this is fun.
Mm-hmm. I think that's why people do it.
No, no.
This is fun, hanging out with you.
This is fun.
Listen, um
You're not a pilot
and I'm not your boss.
- Mm-hmm.
- But the way the news
moves in this house
Do you think we could just
keep this between us for now?
- Mm-hmm.
- It's just nice.
Having something fun that's just for us.
Since we're both off,
and we have this big comfy bed.
Well, at least I thought
that you were off.
It's an emergency alert.
Thompson Community
can't staff the ER tonight.
They're calling all the flight nurses
to try to keep it open.
Discharge anyone well enough to go home.
Free up beds and nurses.
Anything that is urgent,
get it on a medevac
to another hospital.
SkyMed nurses will help
keep the ER open,
but we're at reduced capacity
and there's no OR.
So anything that needs surgery
has to be medevacked.
We have volunteers filling in for PSWs.
Dr. Yana is unfortunately
away at a conference.
She'll be grabbing
the first flight back tomorrow,
but for the next 12 hours,
I will be the only
ER doctor in Thompson.
Crystal is not just a med student,
she's also a nurse practitioner.
She can handle prescriptions,
stitches, referrals.
Let's go, people!
They're short-staffed.
I don't want you to waste your
last night at home at a hospital.
Mom, you're in pain.
Besides, it wouldn't be any fun
beating you at Skip-Bo
if you're too sick to even cheat.
I don't cheat.
But we'll be here forever
waiting for help.
Never afraid, always brave!
Super Sam will save the day!
Whoa! (GASPS)
How'd you do that?
My daughter's a superhero, too.
(GASPS) You see those?
That's her cape.
Is that how you get superpowers?
Is that how you caught me?
No, that was just reflex.
It's when you practice something so much
- it becomes second nature.
- In the comic books,
Super Sam needs Super Juice
to get powers.
That would have saved me
a lot of push-ups in basic.
Oh, Mia, there you are. I'm so sorry.
They're like little Houdinis
at this age.
This needs to go to the lab,
and Crystal needs to write
the patient a script in case
it comes back positive.
- Thanks for volunteering tonight.
- I wanted to feel useful.
And I could use some time
away from the plane.
Said no pilot ever.
When you told Nowak
you didn't want to fly alone
Yeah, I'm not sure
how urgent this patient is.
But if I had my thumbs stuck
in one of those,
I'd want it out.
Hey, Stef just called. She's bringing in
a cardiac patient, ETA 2200.
I know. Ascites is painful.
I've had it drained a few times.
We came in a couple of days ago,
but she's already really swollen again.
When the liver fails,
fluid can build up fast.
Are you taking anything for the pain?
I'm five months sober.
One more month, and I'm eligible
- for a transplant.
- She needs a doctor.
She might not have another month.
I-I know you guys are short staffed
but if a doctor could drain it
I redeploy tomorrow.
I'd really hate to leave her like this.
You've been overseas?
Whole time she's been sick.
Let me see what I can do.
Why don't you wait
down the hall for the doctor?
- Thank you.
- Second door on the left.
Hot date?
Our Endocrinology grades
are supposed to be posted tonight.
Between work and school,
I barely got to study.
Hmm. Um, Stef's bringing in
a suspected AICD malfunction
in about half an hour.
Okay, what else you got?
There's a foot laceration in Bay Three,
- he needs sutures.
- Okay, switch.
There's a patient in Bay One
that's all set up
for IV and antibiotics.
You just start it.
And there's a boil that needs
to be lanced in Bay Two.
He's pretty nervous,
so I just prepped midazolam.
Got it. And there's a liver patient
in the Trauma Room with ascites.
She doesn't look good
and her daughter's really worried.
I know you can't drain it,
but she's in a lot of pain.
Yeah, I'll see what I can do
until Dr. Paul Whoa!
This is not my phone.
I don't know who cute weirdo is
- but good for him?
- Oh, crap.
Okay, I guess good for you.
Wait are you seeing someone?
Okay, I was going to tell you,
but it's just really new
and we're sort of trying
to figure it out.
(PHONE DINGS) Oh, look!
Your endocrinology results.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, I'll deal with the ascites.
You go prep the boil patient
with midazolam.
Hang in there, Mom.
Miss Jenkins?
Are you here to drain her ascites?
Ah, yes. I'm here to have a look.
Finally, a doctor.
Oh, shoot. Sorry.
I will be back in one second.
I just have to go and give this to
Yeah, sorry. I've been waiting all night
to get a doctor in here.
I'm on a bit of a timeline, so
Kyla! What are you doing?
Whoa, okay.
I'm not a doctor, I'm a medical student.
Well, that's unfortunate.
Guess I'm going to need you
to get a real one in here then.
We'll get you a splint
and we'll send you to X-ray.
- Okay, hang on.
- Dr. Paul.
The boil patient is ready for lancing.
Alright, meet me
in five minutes to assist.
So you need to clean
the area three times a day.
Apply this antibiotic ointment.
And if it gets red again
or it looks infected,
you follow up with
your family doctor, okay?
Dr. Paul, I
I know you're busy tonight,
but is there any chance
you could just write me
a quick prescription?
My surgeon prescribed it
after my mastectomy. But you know,
I got busy with work and I forgot
to get him to refill it.
- It's Roberts with an S?
- Mm-hmm.
Your, um
surgery was a while ago?
Six months.
If you're still having pain
and your current prescription
isn't managing it,
you should talk to your surgeon.
It should be improving by now, and
can't be too careful with narcotics.
Yeah, it's just my surgeon in Winnipeg,
he has a waitlist, so
Have you tried other therapies?
Exercise, massage?
They're often better
at addressing the cause
instead of just masking symptoms.
Yeah, okay. Yeah, I'll try those.
Dr. Yana to Trauma Room One.
Dr. Yana to Trauma Room One.
Crystal? Crystal, you know Dr. Yana's
not back until tomorrow. Do you
Holy Crap.
So I guess Dr. Yana
won't be joining us then?
Kyla What's happening?
You don't need a gun
to get your mom help.
But I do need one to get her a liver.
I qualify for a transplant in a month.
If there's a liver available.
If you survive that long.
I'm sorry, Mom. But it's now or never.
We're understaffed tonight.
The OR isn't even open.
There's no surgeons.
No innocent bystanders to get hurt.
It's not ideal, but I've seen medics
do a lot more in the field
with a lot less.
Look, Kyla
I appreciate that you were trying
to protect your team.
But I need you to call
an actual doctor in here now.
I need you to slide over
your cell phone.
(HAYLEY): Okay, Kyla.
Crys, now!
Look, Kyla.
I appreciate that you were
trying to protect your team.
But I need you to call
an actual doctor in here now.
Want to see if we can get some air?
Is that Super Sam?
Terrific Tristan!
Marvelous Mia!
You're growing so fast
I thought you were Super Sam.
We didn't expect to see you here.
SkyMed nurses are helping out
the hospital tonight.
Mia lets me be her sidekick
when she takes a medevac to Winnipeg.
You are her favourite flight nurse.
- Don't tell the others.
- Oh, I'm gonna tell them.
It's been a couple of weeks.
I'd hope you'd solve
the mystery illness.
We were at my parent's house,
she was fine there.
No vomiting, no nausea.
But when we got back
I barfed. A lot.
I changed detergents
and our cleaning products.
I got rid of all the plants.
We've been following the diet
the pediatrician gave us.
Look, I hate putting her
through all these tests
every time we go to Winnipeg.
Don't worry, Dad. I can handle it.
Super Sam isn't scared of anything.
Code Silver in
the emergency room.
All patients and staff
shelter in place.
- What's a "Code Silver?"
- Violent patient with a weapon.
In here!
Clear the halls! Take cover!
Lock the doors! Take cover!
Keep an eye on the patient.
Yeah. Hey, Mia, how you doing?
I know that was kind of scary.
Never afraid, always brave.
Super Sam will save the day.
Not this time, bud, okay?
We need to let the real
heroes handle this.
But I am a real hero.
I know! I know, Mia, but
we have to stay here and be quiet. Okay?
But there's a bad guy, right?
I can stop him.
- Heroes help!
- You know what, Mia?
Why don't you help your dad
build a superhero fortress
- under the bed here?
- Hey, that's a great idea.
Just like Super Sam's
hero cave in the books.
We can use these blankets. Here.
- Anything?
- Crystal and Hayley aren't answering.
You think they're okay?
I'm not getting through
to the hospital security,
- or the police.
- They must know what's going on.
You know the police
are almost as understaffed
as the health care workers up here.
We just need to sit tight,
keep the doors locked,
and our patients safe.
- Okay.
- Okay, guys.
- Who opened the door?
- Mia?
- Stop! It's not safe.
- That's my daughter out there.
But it's dark
and you don't know the hospital.
And you getting hurt won't help Mia.
You need to stay here
in case she comes back.
We'll find her. I'm coming, too.
Alright, we got this.
C'mon, let's go.
Lock it.
Dispatch, this is 933.
ETA to Thompson, 20 minutes.
I'm usually a Thompson Ten.
I'm a little worse for wear
since my fancy new pacemaker
started acting up.
It's an AICD.
Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator.
Fancy pacemaker.
I thought it was the palpations
from shoveling the drive for my hubby.
Snow in April.
Things we do for love.
Hey, Stef, Dispatch just called.
Thompson Community's on redirect.
Oh, must be the staffing issue.
Looks like we're heading to Winnipeg.
- What do you say, Cap?
- We can make it.
So, this love that brought you up here,
is it worth it? (CHUCKLES)
Normand's always worth it.
We were high school sweethearts.
But we had to hide it for a long time.
That must sound strange
for your generation.
Yeah. My dad took me to a Jays game
when I was seven.
I took a flyball to the shoulder
and fought off a grown man for the ball.
Dad said he knew then.
Uh, guess that was kind of that,
When we first moved to Thompson,
the Pride Parade was any time
I went for a walk.
It's better now.
But of all the places you could go,
why would you pick somewhere so cold?
I heard about the amazing
one-man Pride Parade.
(ALARM BEEPING) Matthew? Whoa.
It felt like someone
just walked on my grave.
Yeah, your rhythm spiked.
I think your AICD misfired again.
It's a good thing
we're going to Winnipeg.
You're going to need a cardiologist
- to reset it or replace it.
- Uh, Stef
Dispatch just heard back from Winnipeg.
Memorial's not accepting any patients.
- They're at capacity.
- What?
Guess this is pretty common
for up North, huh?
Not usually twice in one night
and not while we're already in the air.
What about Kenora?
Uh, we'll need to fuel up
when we get there.
Dispatch, this is 911.
Patient needs a cardiology team.
Requesting Kenora.
911, you're good
to proceed to Kenora.
We'll alert the local
ambulance to meet you.
The misfires are getting closer.
My life
flashed before my eyes.
Having a high school sweetheart
must sound old-fashioned to you.
No, I had one.
Even took her to prom.
Okay, alright.
How much longer to Kenora?
Ten minutes.
Just when I was getting
to the good stuff.
Can't leave me hanging.
Um, yeah.
It was my girlfriend Mel's idea.
She was like that.
She got excited about everything.
She made everything exciting.
She wanted to do it all up, you know?
Limo, corsage, the works.
You wore a corsage? (CHUCKLES)
Mel said the flowers
would last longer this way.
Oh Oh, that's romantic.
So what happened?
Are you still in touch?
Uh, no.
But um, I miss her.
(STRAINED GROAN) Matthew? Matthew!
- He needs an ER now!
- We have a problem.
- It's too foggy to land.
- This wasn't the forecast.
The vis has dropped a quarter of a mile.
We can't even shoot the approach.
We have to. The ambulance is waiting.
We can't land in this.
- Okay, Chops. Find alternates.
- On it.
There are no alternates.
There are no other hospitals.
He has a runaway AICD, Brodie.
If we don't land somewhere
with a hospital now,
- the patient will die.
- We have to make
the right choice for everyone
in the aircraft.
- Not just the patient.
- Okay, look.
There's the Aurora Golf Course.
It's a fly-in resort
and it has pumps year-round.
There's no hospitals there.
It's 45 minutes from Kenora.
Or, or, or, there is a flight school.
It's got a strip big enough
to land a 200.
And it's got pumps. And it's about
a 30-minute ride to the hospital.
30 minutes for the ambulance to meet us,
then another 30
to get him to the hospital.
The patient doesn't have that long.
(ALARM BEEPING) I'm coming, Matthew.
We can't let him die, Bodes.
Alright, if there is a chance,
any chance,
we'd have to get him to the hospital,
I think we need to hold,
alright? It's five more minutes.
If the fog rolls to the alternates
and the vis drops there,
we can't land at all.
But what if we leave
and the weather opens up?
What if it doesn't?
There needs to be another option.
Look, I know you want to find
the right solution where no one dies
or gets hurt, and you can finally solve
the impossible problem.
But this isn't a simulation
at selection camp, Chops.
This is real.
I'm the captain. We're diverting
to the flight school.
Bodie, you can't.
Bodie, the ambulance is down there.
It's Matthew's only chance.
I'll call Kenora.
Tell the ambulance
to meet us at flight school.
- Damn it.
I need help back here.
I got this.
I'm going to give midazolam.
I need you to lower
the stretcher in case
I have to defibrillate him.
I thought the heart being
shocked was the problem.
It is. But if this thing keeps going,
it's going to put him
into lethal arrhythmia.
He needs a hospital.
What do you do at the hospital?
To stop the pacemakers.
They put a magnet over
the AICD, it flips it off.
Golf Course. Go to the golf course!
Chopper, that's an extra
10 minutes for the ambulance.
Trust me, there's a solution.
But we have to land at the golf course.
- Where the hell is Chopper?
- Matthew's not gonna survive
until the ambulance gets here.
Found it!
The flywheel in riding
lawnmowers is magnetic.
And golf courses always have lawnmowers.
- Chopper
- It will work.
Move to the top of the shirt.
It's off.
V-TACH, he's got a pulse.
We need to cardiovert. Take that.
Charging 100 joules (WHIRRING)
Clear! (GRUNTS)
Charging 100
Dialing up to 200.
C'mon, Matthew, c'mon.
(ALARM STOPS) That's it.
We did it. Normal rhythm.
He's going to be okay.
You did it, Chops.
Am I in heaven? Or hell?
Even better. You're in Kenora.
Thompson Community didn't redirect
because of staffing issues.
They're on lockdown for Code Silver.
- Lexi's there.
- They're all there.
(GUNSHOT) (HAYLEY): Crystal!
Code Silver in emergency
Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God, Crystal
Kyla, what have you done?
No one was supposed to get hurt.
Y-You can't come at a soldier like that.
It looks like it went through clean,
but you're losing a lot of blood.
The whole hospital will be
locked down and put on redirect.
I hoped we'd have a real doctor with us
when we got locked down.
I need you to patch her up
so that she can do the surgery.
I can't do a transplant.
I'm not a doctor or surgeon.
And even if I was,
we don't keep organs at the hospital.
We don't have a liver for her.
Yeah, you do.
You're going to use my liver.
Kyla, no!
I did all the research, Mom.
You only need part of my liver.
It can grow back. Mom!
It It is possible
to do a partial liver transplant.
Is that what you want?
Crystal can't do that injured like this.
I need to clean her wound,
pack it with hemostatic gauze.
None of that I have here.
I have to get it.
Take off her shoelaces,
use them to tie her hands.
We'll be right back, okay, Mom?
What's going on? Why is it so dark?
There's a security issue.
Everyone's supposed to stay
in their rooms. Did you see
a little girl, cute cape?
Okay, lock the door. Don't come out
until you hear a page saying it's safe.
Lock it.
Code Silver in the Emergency Room.
All patients and staff shelter in place.
This way.
C'mon, this way.
She's here.
I wanted to find the bad guys
but it's really dark out there.
You alright, bud?
I was thirsty. I saw the machines.
I think the vending machine might be
a little loud right now.
I'll get you some water.
I wasn't brave like Super Sam.
I could drink all
the Super Juice in the world,
I'll still be scared.
I get scared sometimes, too.
I get scared a lot since Mom left.
Dad says he isn't, but
sometimes I feel like he is,
because it's just us now.
It's harder to be brave
when you're alone.
Last time something scary
happened to me, I was alone, too.
Sometimes it's hard to explain to people
why you're scared and that can make
you feel even more alone.
But you know what helped
me feel safe again?
Being back with my friends.
Let's get you back to your dad.
It's Hayley.
I think she's hurt, we have to help her.
Oh, get down!
Shit, what do we do?
We have to help Hayley.
What about Mia?
We can't leave her here alone.
We'll make sure it's clear,
we'll take Mia back to her dad.
Then, we go find Hayley.
You know, Lex, I know what it's like
to feel scared and alone.
When I was in nursing school,
I used to take the bus home
late at night.
This one night,
there was these guys on the bus.
I didn't notice them at first, but
they kept eyeing me.
When I got off at my stop,
they got off, too.
You know, I thought
maybe it would have been
a coincidence or something, but
They followed me for five blocks.
When I got to my house,
I just kept walking.
I didn't want them
to know where I lived.
My neighbour was outside
walking his dog.
I started talking to him
so I wouldn't be alone.
Eventually, they got tired
of waiting and left.
I'm sorry, Tris.
I just want you to know
whatever it is, Lex,
you're not alone.
Thanks, T, but
Look, you don't have
to tell me or even Nowak.
But when you're ready,
you should talk to someone.
Okay, I need antibiotics, pain meds
What's taking so long?
Uh, I just need a few more things.
You know, my mom died of cancer.
When I was 13.
Grief can make us do a lot of things
we wouldn't normally do.
Were you close?
Yeah, she was my hero.
She's why I became a nurse.
Labour and delivery.
Just like her.
She was my best friend.
The surgery, the chemo,
it's all very intense, and
I was a kid so she didn't
want me to see her like that.
So they decided to send me to B.C.
To be with my aunt for the summer.
I don't think I fully
realized what my mom went through
before I had my mastectomy.
It made me realize how
scared she must have been.
How alone she must have felt.
And in the end,
my dad wanted me to come home
to be with her.
I didn't make it. So
I never got to say goodbye.
Kyla, you are so lucky
that you have that chance.
That's what matters to your mom.
Not any of this, not you
trying to get her surgery.
My mom and I weren't close.
- But earlier tonight
- Yeah, that's new.
About five months new.
Since she got sober.
When I was a kid,
we lived in a rundown farmhouse
in the middle of nowhere.
No neighbours for miles.
One day,
must have been January
because it was freezing, I
got off the bus from school
and door was locked.
Angie was out drinking again.
So I sat on the porch
and waited for her to come back.
I was still waiting out there
the next day
when the bus came back to pick me up.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I could have used a mom.
Who put her kid first.
But Angie was always busy getting drunk.
She didn't get sober until the cancer.
They don't give livers to alcoholics.
Suddenly, she's this whole new person.
The mom I always wanted.
But you can't make up for 20 years
in two weeks of leave time. (SNIFFLES)
So let's go.
Alright, clear. Now's our chance.
Okay, c'mon, Mia, it's time to go.
I was just having
some Super Juice to be brave.
Oh! I was so worried.
- You must have been so scared.
- She did great.
I gotta go look for Hayley
and find out where Crystal is.
Yeah, I'll try calling the police again.
- Mia? Mia!
- (LEXI): Tristan!
- Mia!
- Tristan!
She's seizing.
Watch her head.
Hang on, Mia.
I thought you said she was doing better.
She was. She was really thirsty,
but she felt better
after drinking all that water.
- What's in a Super Juice?
- What Super Juice?
That's my antihistamine,
I have allergies.
She's got Diphenhydramine Toxicity.
Oh, no. I thought
it was just juice or something.
I keep it in the medicine cabinet,
I didn't think she could reach.
I'm giving fluids and physostigmine.
Super Sam's juice is in a red bottle.
She must have seen it and thought
- it was the same thing.
- She going to be okay, Tris?
C'mon, sweetie. C'mon.
Please, please, please.
The pain med should help soon.
She's grieving.
She just wants more time with her mom.
I mean, I get it, but
I can't remove part of Kyla's liver
without putting them both under.
She'll have to give up the gun.
I can't believe failing
my endocrinology exam
would be the worst thing
to happen to me tonight.
I cannot believe you failed anything.
I mean, I didn't. I passed.
But barely, and I'm not
used to barely passing.
You're used to what?
Making the rest of us look bad?
Do you know what they call
the person that graduates med school
at the bottom of their class, Crys?
Maybe take it a little bit
easier on yourself.
You're good at medicine.
Yeah, but being good at medicine
and being good at medical school
are two completely different things.
She ready?
We just have to prep you for surgery
and the anaesthesia will
It'll be a little hard to hold this
if I'm knocked out, huh?
You were an L and D nurse, right?
You can give me an epidural.
Just freezing from
the waist down, right?
If it's good enough for a C-section,
it's good enough for this.
You want to go here, between L4 and L5.
Hayley, if we screw this up
Just hang on, okay, Mom?
Let's go, I'm watching.
Okay, Kyla.
You may feel a sting.
It's just the local.
Been through worse.
Here we go.
- I'm in.
- Kyla
Once we administer this anaesthesia,
there's no going back, that's it.
I'm not changing my mind.
Maybe not right now, but
you might think differently after.
You might have regrets.
It's different.
You didn't have a choice.
You were too late
to be there for your mom.
Kyla, I lied to you.
When my
dad called,
there was still time for me to get home.
But I said no.
I told him I didn't want to be there.
My mom wanted me when
she was dying and I didn't go.
Because I couldn't handle it.
I was thinking of myself and
what I wanted.
Your mom doesn't want this, Kyla.
Why do my arms feel heavy?
(KYLA PANTING) What's happening?
What did you do?
We gave you an epidural.
We just went high.
I'll get the oxygen.
you there?
It's okay, Angie.
It's over now.
This isn't the way I wanted it.
But I'm glad we're together.
Addiction's an awful thing.
And you're the one who paid for it.
I'm sorry.
I didn't get sober
for a transplant, Kyla.
I got sober
to be with you.
You okay?
You're the one who got shot.
Yeah, but with a little
rest, antibiotics.
I won't even miss that much school.
That was some heavy stuff.
I've been thinking a lot about my mom
since my surgery.
I've been having a lot of pain.
Well, if it's anything
like this, I get it.
And I forgot to refill my prescription.
Do you think
you could write me a new one?
I can give you a few to get through.
You'll follow up with your surgeon?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Well, I don't have my clinical tonight.
What do you say we go home,
get some sleep, and meet up
at the Whiskey Hatch?
I'd like that.
Guess it's my turn.
I really can't thank you enough.
I feel so stupid for not
realizing sooner. Thank you.
Marvellous Mia is gonna be okay,
but no more eating and drinking stuff
without asking a grown-up first. Got it?
Yeah, you're super enough.
There she is. (CHUCKLING)
Yeah. I don't need to be
super anymore anyway.
We're okay just being
the two of us, right, Dad?
Hey! Are you okay?
We heard about the shooter.
What the hell
You're not okay.
There was this man at Rocky Narrows.
He forced his way on the plane.
I was too afraid to say no.
Or what might happen
if I tried to say no.
Did he hurt you?
But the whole flight
I could feel him sitting there.
Like, at any time he could just grab me.
I was alone.
And if he'd
I wouldn't be able to
- You know?
- Okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Flying is my safe place.
And he took that.
He robbed me, and I'm just so
Does Wheezer know about this?
I tried to tell him,
but it didn't come out right.
It's like I couldn't explain it in a way
that made sense to him.
And then I started to think
maybe he was right.
Maybe I messed up.
(SIGHS) I felt so stupid.
Hey, you're not stupid. Okay?
You knew what could happen,
what does happen all the time.
I hate that you went through this alone.
But listen to me,
you are not alone anymore, okay?
If you need me to listen
so you can just vent
about how unfair this is
and how angry you are, I'm here.
If you need a shoulder to cry on,
mine are pretty strong.
If you want me to tell you
that you were right
and that your actions were valid,
I will because they were.
And hey, if you want me
to scream at Wheezer,
put me in, coach.
I can go down now. I can go right now.
Mostly, I just want you.
You got me, Lex.
I'm on your team, always.
Come here.
You got me.
(DR. YANA): Crystal,
you got shot.
It is actually okay
to take some time to heal.
I can heal at work.
I won't lift anything
heavier than a chart.
Or a textbook.
Ugh, if you're really
determined not to rest.
I read your paper
on photorhabdus luminescens.
It's excellent work, Crystal.
Maybe even good enough
to get published.
Oh, wow. Um Thank you, Dr. Noah.
Yeah, don't thank me yet.
I do have notes.
But if you come to my office
hours this evening,
we can go through it.
Of course, I'll head over now!
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