SkyMed (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

Little Lies

I made something for you.
Oh, beautiful, kookoo.
For a clear head.
We have a lot of history.
And I don't know if I can change.
If we can change together.
Donor screening told me
I had a son in Thompson.
The greatest gift I could've
gotten is to find you.
It was my girlfriend Mel's idea.
- Are you still in touch?
- No, but I miss her.
- I was alone.
- You are not alone anymore.
Darius was my brother.
I couldn't save him.
- Coming through.
- You can trust him.
I trust you because we tell
each other everything.
You okay? Your shoulder bugging you?
I barely sleep anymore.
And when I do,
I keep dreaming about my mom.
Do you want me to clear out of here,
go back to my room
so you can get some rest?
- No.
- No.
No. I'm awake now.
And that means you're awake now, too.
Nope. Not enough coffee for that.
Hey! Are you okay?
Hey, are you okay?
- Don't come any closer!
- I'm a paramedic.
- I can help, okay?
- Yeah, right.
Do you see how bad my luck is?
What are the chances that
the first person to find me
is a paramedic and not a serial killer?
I have an ambulance,
I can turn the siren on
- for you if you want, yeah?
- Don't you have like
- a badge or something?
- I don't, no.
I'm a training paramedic.
I don't get one
- until I graduate.
- Yeah, it's exactly something
- a serial killer would say.
- Um
Do you know what a stethoscope
feels like?
- Yeah?
- Um Kind of.
- Yeah.
- Oh, you need a shave.
- Thanks.
- Is this it?
- Okay!
- It's good?
Just don't disappoint me and kill me.
- I promise.
- Okay. It's a hazard of my job.
- Are you a crime boss?
- Kindergarten teacher.
We're way too trusting.
Yeah, look, I got to put my stethoscope
down your collar. Actually,
I'll go over your nightie.
It's okay. I'll just go.
Right, I'm wearing a nightie. Great.
I just moved up here actually.
Um, you know, it was warm out
and I thought I would try camping.
And then I woke up
in the middle of the night
in my tent and I was itching like crazy.
And my eyes are so swollen
I can't see anything.
I know. Black flies just hatched.
If you're not from here or you
don't have immunity, it can be bad.
Your airways sound clear.
I'll give you some antihistamine,
take you to the hospital,
get you checked out.
Probably just give you steroids
and send you home.
Do you have anyone
to keep an eye on you or?
No, um I don't really know
anyone here, yet, so
Okay, well, I can see
if I can get TCH to admit you.
I'm friends with one
of the med students there.
- Kind of
- Okay, thanks.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
So, what do I call you?
- Scruffy?
- It's Jeremy.
- Rosie.
- (NOWAK): How romantic!
Just you, me, and several townies.
I know, but if you can't
get out of your shift
at the Whiskey Hatch, I can
bring date night to you.
As soon as Bodie gets up
to speed behind the bar,
I'll get some time off.
Then I'll take you
- on a real date.
- Whoa
It's from my mom.
I didn't know she and my
stepdad were getting married.
- You don't like him?
- No, no. Anthony's great,
but things are
complicated with my mom.
She blames me for Darius.
That's nuts.
Going home is complicated.
Last night was hot, Daddy.
Yeah, it was. Same time next week?
Hey, Nowie.
Something happen with you and Luke?
Nope, just a hook-up.
Luke and I are open.
I thought Tristan told you.
I'm going to hit the shower, yeah
Look, I saw him with the hook-up
at Chopper's party. It's not a big deal.
I know it's not a big deal,
I just thought
- we told each other everything.
- We do!
So why did you feel like
you couldn't tell me that?
It's just
I didn't think it was something
that you needed to know.
- Right
- Nowak
We'll talk about it
when I get back. Okay?
- Yeah.
- Alright.
Ms. Highway, how's your shoulder?
Looks like somebody was busy
when they should've been
at home resting.
Your paper, I'm impressed.
This is strong work.
And I think ready
for another set of eyes.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Dr. Henry Fergus
is an infectious disease
specialist from Winnipeg. He
comes up to consult once a month.
If we can get him to review your paper,
it can go a long way
to getting it published.
Wow, that would be amazing.
He only endorses one paper a year.
But he does like the bison
at the Thompson Steak House.
If you can impress him, we might be able
to get him to read your paper.
I've never been
to a lunch like this before.
What do I do? What do I say?
What do I wear?
Formal lunch attire.
Nice skirt and blouse.
- Dr. Yana to the ER.
- See you at noon.
Dr. Yana to the ER.
(HAYLEY): Whoa, an actual call.
What's up?
Hey, uh, minor emergency.
What do you know about blouses?
- Hey, sorry I'm late.
- Hey.
Madison was supposed to have
him while I'm on call today,
but her car broke down
so she's at the shop.
I wasn't sure I'd get to see
this little guy again.
Can I hold him?
Yeah. Yeah
He's got Jo's eyes. (CHUCKLES)
Yours too.
Oh, those cheeks!
Oh, my gosh! Oh! Such a big boy!
Cheeks, those are mine. (CHUCKLES)
Mom always said I looked
like a little chipmunk.
Uh My adoptive mom, of course.
You know, I'm surprised
you don't have a sitter, Austin.
Yeah, um
Yeah, money's kind of tight right now.
But you know, maybe when
Madison's done school.
I'm sorry.
- You okay?
- It's just the renal disease.
It's annoying when your ankles swell,
but it's worse when the fluid
gets in your chest.
But listen
I want to help you, Austin.
So you can get a sitter or, or daycare.
I've done well in my life.
And I haven't had anyone
to share it with.
that's a really, a really
generous offer, but
if you feel like you need
to offer me money
- so I give you my kidney
- Austin
I didn't come here
to get anything from you.
Crap, Madison is still at the mechanic.
- But I have patrol.
- Hey,
I can watch him.
Yes! Listen, I have nieces.
I have lots of experience
watching munchkins as small as this.
Look, I understand
if you don't want my money.
But my time doesn't cost a thing.
Make sure he stays bundled up,
he gets cold easily.
Check the temperature
on the milk because
- Go on! Go on!
- Alright.
Okay, Kingsley, thank you.
We're good, we're good.
Hey, it's your grandpa.
Did Daddy teach you about cricket?
We're supposed to get a lot of rain.
Better get this done
so you don't get any leaks.
You got a real traffic jam up here.
My Barney was up there every spring,
cussing like a sailor!
He hated heights.
Are you sure you don't want a cookie?
- They're chocolate chip.
- Maybe just one.
- It's a big jam.
Ugh, I can't reach
Hey, guess what?
I talked Chopper into
switching shifts with you
so we can fly on 933 together.
Look, I know you'd rather be
captain of your own ship, but
Flying medevac has its perks.
Thank you for making today easier.
I knew this locker room
saw a lot of action.
Crystal would always say,
"Oh, it's just a locker room,
Jer, it smells like socks." I knew it.
Sorry, I'm late.
I had to get a patient
settled at the hospital.
Oh, rock'n'roll time!
Try, to keep up, rook.
Does it look bad?
Uh You know, Nolan,
I've seen worse.
- What?
- The rack on my truck.
- Okay, don't move your head
and try not to talk, okay, Nolan?
I'm going to have a closer look.
Alright, this is close
to a lot of major veins
and arteries. Looks like
we're going to need our friends
from the Bear Falls Fire Department
to help us cut him off
without too much movement.
- What? No, no, my truck!
- Okay, just try to stay still,
okay, Nolan?
(JEREMY): Alright,
catheter's good to go.
Put your thumb here.
You're just gonna suction.
There you go.
- Yeah, alright.
Yeah. Suction as much blood as possible,
keep the airway clear.
I'm going to call the BFFD.
Hey, man, what's up?
Please, please. Don't wreck my truck.
No, I get it, I love my wheels too.
But it's safer to leave
the hook in there, okay?
We might nick a vein
or artery and make it worse.
I'm a screw-up.
My entire life is one
mess after the other.
But this new business,
I worked really hard
to turn things around.
If they wreck my truck,
okay, I'm still just a screw-up.
I know, I know. Just try
to hold still, okay, man?
(CHOKING) Whoa, whoa! Stef, Stef!
Stef! Stef, get over here!
He nicked something,
I think he nicked something!
Uh, he just kept moving!
Okay, okay. We can't wait
for the fire department.
- We're gonna have to pull him off.
- What?
I'll pull up.
You support from the bottom.
- As little movement as possible.
- Alright.
- You up for this?
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Okay. Three, two, one.
45-year-old male. Heavy bleeding after
- removal of a foreign object.
- Holding pressure here.
You got it?
Good work, rook.
What do you mean, "Good work?"
He's bleeding out, he could die.
We arrived on time,
we delivered the best possible care
to the best of our abilities.
That's a good call.
Yeah, well, what if he doesn't make it?
You can't judge success
on this job on the outcome.
Only on the process.
And our process today was
exactly what it needed to be.
The only way to survive on an ambulance
is to give compassionate care
without getting attached.
The minute you let it get personal
Okay, look, look.
I get it.
It got
It got really personal for me once, too.
I almost had to quit.
The only way I could keep going
was by finding a way to separate myself.
You're going to have to do that, too.
Because if you can't, Jeremy,
it's better for you and your patients
to get out now.
Crystal. Fergus is already at the table.
You look great.
It's alright? I'm not used to wearing
anything this tight around my neck.
I know. Lunches like this
make me miss my scrubs
where the real work gets done.
Okay, your paper's strong,
but Fergus is old-school academia.
So when setting up your case,
only use information that you can cite.
I cited all my references in my paper.
I just suggest leaving the part out
about how you come to know about
photorhabdus luminescens
from old family stories.
Colloquial knowledge,
it doesn't fly with Fergus.
And I'd hate for him to discredit you
before he even had a chance
to hear what you had to say.
Yeah, okay.
And that's in addition to her experience
as a flight nurse. It's not every year
that I mentor a student like Crystal.
Can I have some horseradish over here?
She's written a paper
on a fascinating case from the ER.
Did I tell you about my fellow?
Sharp lad. Needs to work on his putt.
But he's writing a paper on C. diff.
Can you imagine
laying on a cold, empty battlefield
hours after taking
a bayonet to the stomach,
convinced you're going to die,
only to see that your guts
are glowing in the dark?
And when you miraculously
wake up the next morning
still alive,
you might remember that glow
and think that something
magical happened.
Well, Angel's glow
is a documented phenomenon
from the Civil War.
And there's a theory that it's caused
by photorhabdus luminescens.
But it was only a theory
until this man came
into our ER and proved it.
Photorhabdus Luminescens?
Ms. Highway diagnosed it.
We did a culture to confirm.
Pretty arcane knowledge
for a med student.
I've always been fascinated
by glowing wounds
ever since I heard about it as a kid.
In nursing school.
And you've written a paper on it?
I've reviewed it myself.
But it would be so helpful
to get someone of your level
of expertise on it.
Send it to me.
Oh, this is the wrong room.
Looking for Rosie.
She's like, about this tall
Fancy nightie, super itchy.
- Here I was dumb enough
to hope you might come visit me.
I was just waiting to hear
about another patient.
How are you? How are you feeling?
Good. A little less itchy.
- Oh, good.
- Who's your other patient?
And please tell me
it's something more embarrassing
than being allergic to bug bites.
No, it's a little more serious.
Are they going to be okay?
Well, we're still waiting to see, but
apparently, it was a good call so
Just because it's a good call,
doesn't mean he's going to be okay.
I'm starting to think that maybe
I'm not cut out for it.
Why not?
Well, we're supposed
to care enough to help people,
but then just let it go.
Yeah, I don't think I can do that.
You know, before you came,
I was feeling pretty rough.
I just moved up here.
I don't know anyone
and when you're alone and sick, it's
Seeing you made me feel like
there was at least
one other person who cared about me.
Maybe it's not such a bad thing
if you have a hard time letting go.
Yeah, I guess.
I'll bet you a date
that your other patient
is going to be okay.
I don't think that's something
you should ever
bet on in this job.
Yeah, maybe not.
But how else am I gonna
get you to ask me out?
Anywhere you want to go, we'll go.
I just feel terrible that we
waited so long to actually do it.
Oh, God. I hate
to miss your appointment,
but I have to finish up this project
so I can take time off work. Alright?
Look, if your oncologist
says that you're safe to travel,
then I will book it all tonight.
And we'll go. We'll go for as long
as we can for as much
time as you have left.
I'm just happy that we get to have
one last adventure together.
Uh, Tony, you know that there's
You're ready to go. Right, Tony?
Okay, I'll see you later, alright?
- Okay.
- Okay. I love you.
Okay, how much to keep you two quiet?
So you do know
that this is just a routine follow-up?
I'm in remission.
It's been a couple of months.
But you're lying to your partner.
- He thinks you're really sick.
- I was really sick.
This is the second time
that I've had cancer.
The first time, Jeff promised me
as soon as I was better
that we would finally travel.
And I did get better.
So he fell right back
into working all the time,
and not making enough time
for things like travel,
for things like me.
Look, I almost died twice.
I love Jeff.
But I'm not waiting
for that to happen again
to finally start living.
Sometimes it's better
to leave things out.
Hey, guys.
- Hello, Tony.
- Hi.
Off we go.
He has the right
to patient confidentiality.
Do you think he's right?
That it's better
to keep things a secret?
With cancer, you get
so focused on surviving,
on just getting through it.
And in a way, it's easier that way.
Because it's all you can focus on.
But when it's done and you have to deal
with all the leftover emotions
Sometimes you just want
to escape from it all.
Welcome to sunny Winnipeg.
The current local time is 5:23 P.M.
The weather is perpetual winter.
Winnipeg towers, SkyMed 911.
Final runway, 1
- What the hell was that?
- Must have hit a bird.
Oh, God, it's a whole flock.
- What do we do now?
- We took one in the intake!
Proceed with the landing.
- Right engine failure.
- It's okay, it's okay, Tony.
- It's okay.
- Hold on to your butts.
You know, you'd think
it'd be better knowing
that it's not human blood,
but somehow this is worse.
- Patient okay?
- Dropped him off at oncology.
He's doing a lot better than poor 911.
YWG doesn't have a 200 engine on hand
so we're going to have to get it
trucked in from Thunder Bay.
Damn it! Stuff always
happens on date night.
Can you call dispatch,
get them to book us a hotel?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
You okay?
SkyMed is stretched with this expansion
and I have to answer for every penny,
and that is a lot of pennies.
Remember how I said
we just need a few more
contracts to stay afloat?
Kenora Health are interested,
but we need to prove
that we can bounce back
from stuff like this fast
so they know that we can handle
the increased call load.
Oh, God.
Hey, you know what's good for headaches?
- Hmm?
- Hotels.
With king-size beds.
- Are you a nurse?
- I am.
And those are my orders.
I'm still gonna be here
for another couple hours.
I'll leave a key at the front desk.
We're grounded in Winnipeg.
We had this intense
cancer patient and
I've been thinking about this morning.
I think we need to talk, Milosz.
I'll just be at the hotel tonight.
Let's talk when you get home.
- Okay
- See you tomorrow, Tristan.
What are we doing tonight?
Uh, room service, maybe some sudoku?
Um, hi? Night off in a big city.
There's a village, we have to go out.
Hayls, gay bar tonight?
- Uh
- C'mon, it's not like
you have any other plans.
- One drink.
- Hey!
Okay, fine. One drink.
Wish we weren't in our flight suits.
Hey, it's better than
our birthday suits.
I'll go get us our first round.
- Yeah, we'll grab a table.
- Okay.
Hey, uh, three G&Ts.
What's Feather Friday? Is that doubles?
Great, I'll do that.
Thank you!
Sorry, I'm Polish.
Should've known with those cheekbones.
It's probably for the best.
That's the only Russian I know.
- Beer?
- Actually, whiskey.
- Neat, I hate beer.
- Hmm.
Feels like another country up here.
Clearly, I overdressed.
Yeah, the only suits we get in here
are Canadian tuxedos.
- Work trip?
- Mining conference.
So, what is there to do
that's gay up here?
Watch Drag Race in your hotel room.
At least that's what my boyfriend says.
Lucky guy.
Still good with that ginger ale, buddy?
Keep your eye on that guy.
Quiet night in, eh?
More dancing. The human body
was meant to dance, baby.
I can dance to any song, any beat,
except country.
See? That's what I was telling Wheezer
in bed this morning! Country
Uh Oh
You didn't hear that.
Oh, we most certainly did
just hear that.
- Wheezer is a snack.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm going to get another
round, my treat,
if you both pretend
that you didn't hear that.
- Oh, yeah. Sure, sure thing.
- Yeah.
Straight people, am I right?
God, it feels good
to be at a gay bar again.
You move around a lot?
I was born in Syria.
But we moved to Montreal
when I was a kid.
Wow, that must have been hard.
New country, new language.
I had to get used to having
a new English name.
And uh
Plus, there was the gay thing.
What about you?
Home is complicated for me, too.
You know, I miss it and my family,
but I also
- don't. It's just
- Complicated.
I get it.
You know,
maybe home isn't a place, you know?
Maybe it's more of a feeling.
Yeah. Or a connection
between two people.
Well, lookie here!
We've got some Top Gun cosplay
realness in the house tonight!
Make some noise for Hayley!
Yeah, Hayley!
Ain't she stunning, folks?
(HOWLING) Alright, we need some more
bodies up on this stage.
Well, well, well
You know the rules, people.
Anybody who steps on my stage
has to do a body shot!
And what a body indeed!
I guess we're doing a thing.
Take it off!
Since we're virgins at this,
I'll keep it simple.
Follow the lime.
You're up, hot stuff.
(CROWD CHANTING): Do it! Do it! Do it!
Do it! Do it! Do it!
Hey, it's Tristan.
Leave a message.
Trist, it's me. Call me back.
Hey, it's Tristan.
Leave a message.
Tristan, it's me. Please, pick up.
Why aren't you picking up?
- Hey, Mads.
- Hey, how busy is it?
I have a test tomorrow
and I was supposed
to study today,
but I'm still stuck
at the mechanic's waiting
for the car.
I think you're good. It's dead.
Okay, last time I tried
to study at work,
the bar got super busy.
Get the car, go and study,
and get some sleep.
I can't, Bodie.
We need the money.
I can work a double to cover you.
Yeah, we're making it work.
- Hey!
- Wait! Stop!
- Holy shit, dude.
- He came out of nowhere.
- No, he didn't!
I told you to watch him
and you left the till wide open.
I was just about to do a skim,
it was full.
Okay, well I guess it's coming
out of your last paycheck.
- What?
- You heard me, you're fired.
Nowak, I need this job.
I guess you should've thought of that
before you screwed it all up, eh?
Hey, you okay?
- No.
No, I think my relationship's over.
I'm sorry.
Woops! Sorry, sir.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Did you wait up for me?
No, no. Sometimes I sleep
- sitting up for my back.
- Well, in that case.
Should we move to the bed
or should we stay in the chair?
- I very much like this boa,
but I think you need
to go to bed to sleep.
How much have you had to drink?
Only had three cheese and T's.
Cheese G's and T's.
- Mm-hmm.
- I don't think I ate
- enough today.
- C'mon,
let's get you something to eat.
Looks like they have burgers
and grilled cheese.
Oh, looks like they have pou
tine, too.
Three G&Ts, huh?
- Hey.
- Hey, booboo.
Sorry, I missed you.
You went out.
Reese took me and Hayley to a drag bar.
And the queen loved our flight suits
and pulled us on stage
and made us do body shots.
You know I get nervous
in front of a crowd,
but I did shots of Hayley,
the drag king, Reese.
You did shots off of everyone?
Yeah. I wish you were there, Milosz.
I missed you.
What did you want
to talk to me about earlier?
What I wanted to tell you is
you're right.
I mean, sometimes it's easier
to leave stuff out
but it's not fair
for me to make decisions for
you about what I tell you.
We should tell each other everything.
I have to go, um
- See you tomorrow.
- Night, night, booboo.
Be out in a minute, handsome.
You gotta commit to the trick, Grae.
It's okay to be afraid
but do it anyways.
You've got this.
C'mon, Grae, let's go!
- Sasha?
Almost to the top. Finally.
Should've brought Bodie.
This will be a difficult extraction
if the patient can't walk.
But I'm strong like bull!
- Over here!
He's over here.
It's my brother, Sasha.
He went over the handlebars.
Pulse is good. Breathing is shallow.
Where does it hurt, Sasha?
I don't have any pain.
I can't feel anything at all.
It's probably just shock, right?
Positive Babinski
What do you need? The board, oxygen?
Um, board.
- Okay.
- Okay, what's your name?
- Graeme.
- You're gonna help me out, okay, Graeme?
Okay, it's really important
to keep his head still.
Slowly lift off.
There you go, just like that.
We need to keep him stable.
Now replace where my hands
are with your hands.
There you go. Hold it
nice and steady, you got it?
He's got a spinal injury.
Likely paralysis at least,
but given his breathing,
I think it might be
an orthopedic decapitation.
Internal decapitation happens
when a person's neck
snaps so forcefully,
the ligaments that attach
the skull to their spine are severed.
Can a person survive that?
Even if they do,
if you move their head at all,
you can damage the lower brain stem
and kill them instantly.
One wrong step, one big bump, he's
We gotta get him out with
as little movement as possible.
Uh we can't go back down that hill.
It's way too steep.
Alright, easy. Slow is smooth
and smooth is fast.
This trail isn't the direction we came.
It's flatter but it's longer.
That's okay. We just
have to keep Sasha still.
- Um, Stef
- Oh, yeah,
it gets pretty rocky.
That's fine. We'll just have to go slow.
Alright, easy Nice and slow, alright?
Easy, easy. Watch his head.
- You okay there, Sasha?
- Yeah
Okay, let's keep going.
Oh, boy. Is that another hill?
Oh. I forgot about this.
Sasha and I had to get off
our bikes and walk up.
Oh, we can't take the litter down that.
No way.
We can't go back.
What if we take him out of the litter
and carry him down on the backboard?
We'll have more control doing that
than trying to get him
down that big hill back there.
Okay. Alright, we go slow.
- Okay, straps off.
- Yeah.
Here we go.
Lex, Lex! Wait, whoa.
Whoever goes first
has to walk down backwards
with all of his weight, okay?
It's too dangerous.
If you slip, you'll land with
this whole thing on top of you.
So I won't slip.
You're the only one who can take
care of the patient, Stef.
If anyone's going to get hurt,
can't be you.
Well, it can't be you either, Lex.
- Ready.
- Graeme, can you help her out?
- Yeah.
- Yup.
Okay, got it Graeme?
- Yeah.
- One, two, three
Yup. Got it.
Going down, nice and slow.
We're gonna tilt you
sideways, okay, Sasha?
- Let it tilt
- Okay.
- We got you!
- Okay, get him upright!
How you doing, Sasha? You okay?
Still doing tricks.
Let's set him down a minute, eh?
It's only a couple more
kilometres to the trailhead.
I'll go get the litter.
Hey, whoa. Forget it. It's too steep.
It's much lighter without the patient.
Lex, leave it. It's too dangerous.
Okay? Look, we'll come back
after we get Sasha in the van.
- Yeah?
- Hey, we can't get Sasha
to the van without the litter.
It'll take too long and there's no way
we can cover this terrain
smoothly enough.
One wrong move, one bad bump, remember?
One bad bump could what?
It's his life, Stef.
We gotta do everything
we can to help him.
Commit to the trick
- I'll get the litter.
- No
I'll get it.
- Sasha!
- Hey!
Sasha! Graeme.
- Is he okay?
- Yeah!
I'm pretty sure
you broke that wrist, though.
I can still help carry him.
He's my brother, I can push through.
No, he can't.
There's no way that can hold
all of our weight at once.
The trailhead is just past this bridge
and it's flat the whole way.
What if the bridge didn't
have to support all of us?
The water doesn't look that deep.
We can walk in the water on either side.
No way. Look, we have a spinal injury
and a broken wrist.
We can't run the risk
- of anyone else getting hurt.
- What other choice
do we have, Stef?
You're the one always
telling me to take more risks.
Not when you can get hurt, Lexi!
Is this about me?
Is this about what happened
at Prospect River?
Is it why you switched
my shift so you could
keep an eye on me?
- It's not like that, Lex
- No.
- We're crossing, go ahead.
- Careful, careful.
Okay. Here we go.
- Easy.
- Got it?
Okay? Steady.
- You okay?
- I'm good.
- Lex
- I told you I'm
- Lexi! Lex!
Lex! Lex!
I'm okay!
I'm okay.
I just, I lost my footing.
I'm okay.
It's getting deeper.
Whoa, whoa, you guys okay?
Grab the back.
I'm paralyzed, aren't I?
That's what no one's saying.
Hey, same rules as before.
Commit to the trick.
Be afraid, but do it anyway.
I'll be with you the whole way.
- Got it?
- Alright, we're going to lift.
It's missing. My necklace is gone.
Uh Must have fallen off in the river.
- I need my necklace.
- Stef!
Stef, it's gone! There's a current!
No, no, it's not! It's here,
I just have to find it!
Can you stop it? It's not safe!
Stef, let it go!
- It's here
- It's gone!
Uh, before Thompson,
I worked EMS in Toronto.
Uh, one night, we got a call to an MVA.
There was a woman
on her back in the street.
She was thrown from a car.
When I got to her
I, uh
realized it was Mel.
It's my high school girlfriend.
She was awake,
she recognized me.
But when I did the cranial assessment,
the back of her skull
There was nothing I could do.
I still think (SOBS)
There was nothing,
I couldn't do anything.
- There was
- Hey.
That's why I moved to Thompson.
That's why I came here. Because I
Where I don't know anybody,
where there's no risk
of showing up at a call
and finding someone I care about.
Look, Lex, I
Knowing something
could have happened to you
I can't
handle showing up to another call
to find someone I love hurt.
I just, I can't.
Fergus was impressed. He just emailed.
He's already read
your paper and Crystal,
he wants to help you get published.
I thought he was going
to endorse his fellow.
But you changed his mind.
This is what all the hard work is for.
All the struggle,
everything that we've sacrificed
is for moments like this.
So take a breath.
Enjoy it!
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Okay, so where are you taking me?
Well, I got a couple places in mind.
See a movie or something
- Okay, sounds good.
Okay, as long as it doesn't involve
I know I screwed up.
I'll find another part-time job.
We can't keep doing this, Bodie.
At this rate,
we're going to need third jobs
just to pay for childcare
so that we can work.
I'm going to drop out of school.
I mean, we're exhausted.
Joel can't get on a proper routine.
Yeah, but once your program ends
We'll still be doing shift work
with crazy hours and overnights.
Okay, look, my mom's neighbor
is an accountant.
She's offered to train me.
It's nine to five.
And she said I could bring Joel.
People always need accountants.
And you know, regular hours
would really take
the pressure off of us.
Look, I don't want you
to give up your dream, Mads.
Leaving Thompson with you,
that was my dream.
I wouldn't change it, though.
Except maybe to get more sleep.
- Mads
- I'm going to go to the college
today and do the paperwork.
- Ah, you shouldn't have!
Three sugars?
Hope you got a hazelnut
for Hayley because the kids
had a big night out last night.
Hey, speak for yourself. I feel great!
I finally got some sleep last night
for the first time in ages! Thank you!
- Skippy.
- Thanks, Nowie.
Doing the Lord's work,
best boyfriend ever.
Missed you, boo.
I missed you, too.
It's my favourite, c'mon.
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