SkyMed (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

Old Wounds

It's from my mom.
I didn't know she and my
stepdad were getting married.
She blames me for Darius.
- Been having a lot of pain
and I forgot to refill my prescription.
Do you think you could
write me a new one?
- Yeah.
- I've done well in my life.
And I haven't had anyone
to share it with.
If you feel like you need
to offer me money
- so I'll give you my kidney
- I didn't come here
to get anything from you.
Hey, you okay?
No, I think my relationship's over.
I'm sorry.
Sick trampoline.
The kids have been waiting
weeks for it to get here
so if we don't put it up tonight,
- they'll be bugging me for days.
- I thought it was date night.
I shaved my legs and everything.
I want to get this done
now while they're at my mom's.
Out of the way!
Okay, but we're home alone on date night
so maybe we should try this thing out.
For safety.
If I make this, it's over for you.
Oh, yeah? Good luck.
And I want the goods. Undies!
(LAUGHING) That counts!
I won strip-trampoline. I won.
Hang on. I still got socks on.
That counts! (LAUGHING)
Babe, I'm stuck.
Birch Wing Air?
It's still just a startup,
but I wouldn't be the only
female pilot there.
So you want to go somewhere else?
I want to go where I feel valued.
Where I can climb the ladder
because I'm good at my job.
After what happened with Wheezer,
I'm not sure I can do that here.
- But that wasn't your fault.
- Yeah, he's the chief pilot.
He makes all the staffing decisions.
After I turned down
a captain cargo spot,
I don't think he'll consider me
for a left seat if it opens up again.
What if he thinks that I don't want it,
or that I can't handle it?
I don't want to leave, but
If I can't advance here
You think I'm wrong? You have that face.
I guess I just
I wish you hadn't let me get attached.
I mean, I just moved here, we just met.
But you know,
if I knew you weren't staying
What? You wouldn't have bothered?
What? Lex, no.
Damn, um
Look, can we catch up later?
You must think we're ridiculous!
Hey, believe it or not,
this is not the worst scene
I've been to.
It was totally worth it!
You landed that flip!
Uh, you think we should maybe, um
- you know
- Oh, um, yeah!
We should probably keep the patient warm
- so he doesn't go into shock.
- He's a maniac.
But he means well.
We've been together eight years.
And somehow, he still finds
a way to make everything fun.
Let's get that sidearm back
on the saddle, okay, cowboy?
Sometimes I get too serious.
Too worried about the future.
- Not Dave.
- Must be nice.
To not worry about what's coming next.
Okay. On three, ready?
Hey, you watching, Ali?
- Ali?
Oh. Ali!
Decreased lung sounds, right side.
She's got a closed pneumo,
she needs a decompression.
What is it? Is she okay?
Hang in there, hang in there,
you're alright, Ali.
Get me out of here. I need to help her!
You're gonna be okay.
Just a second. Almost there.
One, two
Here you go.
Oh, yeah. These things are hours of fun.
Dispatch 933, we've just dropped
off a patient and medic in Kenora,
returning to base.
SkyMed 933, dispatch.
You are good to return
and stand by at YTH.
You know if you properly
execute a barrel roll,
you pull exactly 1G throughout.
You could pour a glass of water
the whole time.
You must've pulled a G in training
exercises at Selection Camp.
Yeah, yeah, we did.
My buddy Jake, he made the final 16,
calls me this morning.
Gosh, the stuff they do there, man. Woo!
I mean, when I got back
from camp, the way it ended,
I I don't know,
I thought boring was good.
Meant everything was going
to be safe, but
I don't know, dude, I just
I'm just bored now.
Like, what am I even working towards?
Yeah, yeah, I feel you.
I love flying, but lately,
it's been more about paying the bills.
Should we roll it?
Oh, c'mon, dude! We can
totally aileron roll this thing.
Besides, that naked trampoline
guy was right!
You do something long enough,
you got to find ways
to keep the fun alive, baby!
- Chops, it's against regs.
- C'mon, dude.
You know we can do this.
Besides, how often are we
empty in the air
without a patient or a medic? Huh?
I guess it is within
the aircraft's capabilities.
Yes! Let's go, let's go!
- Okay, ready?
- I'm filming this one.
- Yes, yes you are.
- You're crazy, by the way.
I am not.
That is a compliment,
by the way. Okay, ready?
Three, two, one.
That was good, man. That was good.
- Hey. Austin.
- Kingsley.
What are you doing here?
I brought a couple things for Joel.
Madison said that he's in
crawlers now so
Madison told you I got
fired from the Whiskey Hatch?
I'm looking for a second job,
I can take care of my family.
I know that, Austin.
I just wanted to bring a few
things for my grandson. That's all.
Look, I own a couple
grocery stores in Mississauga.
So when I came up here and saw
how expensive everything is,
I called my staff and asked
them to send over a few things.
I hope I didn't overstep.
I just want a chance to take
care of my family, too.
Madison wanted to invite you
to a play date at the park this weekend.
Since the weather's getting warmer
I'll be there.
Your dad seems nice.
It gets worse the more North you go.
A bag of potatoes that costs
$5 in Winnipeg,
costs $20 here.
And 60 by the time it reaches Deep Lake.
Not a lot of cargo companies
want to ship perishables.
The ones that do charge a premium.
But we can ship trampolines.
People need to have fun, too, Bodes.
Or, trampolines make more money.
Yeah, well C'mon.
You all know how this works,
let's go!
42-year-old male presenting
with possible kidney stones.
Urinalysis, bloodwork, abdominal X-ray.
6-year-old male with convulsions,
loss of consciousness, incontinence.
Possible epilepsy, head injury, fever,
poisoning, congenital condition.
65-year-old woman, complaints
of fatigue, frequent nosebleeds,
- heavy bruising.
- Blood analysis for
I didn't complain of anything.
It was this one.
I knew it was weird when I
caught you napping the other day.
Why didn't you tell me
you weren't feeling well?
Because I have it under control.
My teas work just fine.
I certainly don't need all this garbage.
I brought some fish
to her house this morning,
she was having a nosebleed,
she said everything was fine,
but she was pale, SOB
He said if I came in, you'd give
me enema kits for Buttercup's ears.
I might have said that.
If I give you one of these,
will you let me take some blood?
You're not wearing
the earrings I made you.
I was, Kookum, but they just
kept getting caught in my lab coat.
- Ms. Daniels?
- Mm-hmm.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
I wanted to finish
with my other students
before I came in and said hello.
- Well, hello.
- It means so much to us
at TCH to have one of our
first-years having a paper published.
I printed one off for you.
It's going to be a while
before it comes out.
I just thought maybe
you'd like to read it.
Guess we're both full of surprises.
Ah, look who made it!
- Hey Tony!
And you must be Milosz?
- Pleasure to meet you, sir.
- Ah, we're family.
Michelle, look who's here!
Your handsome, strapping young son!
- You came?
- I wasn't sure you would.
- Hey, Mom. Congratulations.
And look who he brought with
him, Top Gun like Tom Cruise!
- Thank you for having me.
- Oh.
Excuse me.
Tristan, young man.
Listen, I know your mother
won't have said,
but I think it would mean a lot
if you would say a few words.
You want me to give a speech?
Of course, you're her son! Who else?
We We put it up last year.
It was time.
I read your paper.
I was confused.
Yeah, it can't be a little jargon-y.
Pfft. I know my nôsisim
is very smart.
Of course, you figured out
what no one else did.
say you knew about Angel's Glow
from your dad's stories about
your ancestors in the Civil War?
It's an academic paper.
Information needs to be
cited in a specific way.
But this isn't your knowledge, Crystal.
Med School's just like that.
There's all these rules about what
you can say and how you can act.
You have to play their game,
their way, to succeed.
But what are you succeeding at if
you're just doing what they want?
Your blood work came back.
So I can go home?
Not yet. Your white blood count is high
and they found blast cells.
You'll need a bone marrow biopsy.
I know that sounds scary,
but it doesn't hurt.
- We can't smudge in here.
It's a ventilation issue,
the hospital doesn't allow it.
this could be something serious.
Fine, I'll smudge when I leave.
Greens are a stubborn bunch, eh?
Michelle needs her heart pills.
Her bladder keeps her up at night.
I should crush them
and put them in her tea, eh?
So Maverick, you're a pilot?
Your parents must be proud.
Well, they escaped communist Poland
to give my older brother and I
a better life so no.
They're disappointed
that I'm not doing something
more stable with better pay.
And what does your brother do?
Anything and everything to show me up.
Ha! I'll be proud of you for them, then.
You should be proud of Tristan.
He's a great nurse. He's a good person.
You think we're not proud of him?
- It's why he never comes home?
- I should bring him
Tris, I got you one of those
coconut tarts you like.
Why did Anthony ask me
to write a speech?
I don't know what to say and she
doesn't want to hear from me anyway.
- Anthony thinks she does.
- He doesn't know
what it's like after Darius died.
When my mom met Anthony
a couple of years after,
she came back to life,
except with me. She just
She just stopped trusting me, Nowak.
No matter what I do,
she just won't
Just speak from your heart, Tris.
Even if it doesn't change anything.
Even if she doesn't forgive you.
Just say what you need to say.
I'm glad you're here.
I don't think I could've done
this without you.
Oh, I'm dying. Oh, oh yeah.
Definitely dying.
I know that climbing in and out
of those tiny cockpits,
you've got to cat-cow.
No wonder your back's acting up.
Ooh. You're going to need
some coconut water.
Good thing I grabbed some
at the grocery store in Winnipeg
after I dropped my patient off.
Is that an actual bounce in your step?
Sure! Spring has sprung,
I slept seven hours straight last night.
And I was able to find
rhubarb in Winnipeg.
It's the devil's celery.
Somebody's got spring fever.
Better get that back fixed up, champ.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- He knows?
- Yeah
I might have I might have
let it slip at the drag club.
Oh, okay, that's, um
That's cool. I just, I thought maybe we
would talk about it
before we told people.
I didn't tell people. I told Reese.
And Tristan. But it's fine!
They're not gonna tell anybody.
Have you lived in a crew house before?
(SIGHING) Coconut water and rhubarb,
we have very different
ideas of happiness.
I just feel like after everything
that's happened this past year,
I finally got everything under control.
You know?
And maybe I have a little bit
of spring fever.
Will you help an old man up?
This is a lot better than yoga,
way more my speed.
What the hell is this?
You're overreacting.
I've had a lot of pain since my surgery,
but, you know, I'm managing.
It is a long walk from "I'm managing it"
to sneaking pills with vodka.
I wasn't sneaking anything.
Look, sometimes my pain's bad,
it helps me sleep.
I mean, you get that?
You still have pain at night.
- It's not the same, Hayley.
- It's only sometimes.
If I don't sleep, I can't do my job.
- Are you using at work?
- Using?
Seriously, Wheezer?
Are you using when
you're flying with my pilots?
Because I care about you,
but I am responsible for them.
No. I would never put
my patients at risk.
Or my coworkers.
Crystal wrote this prescription.
Does she know about this?
Oh, Jesus, Hayley
Oh, how did this get so bad?
Okay, the good news is,
is that we can just deal
with this right now.
I'll make a few phone calls.
The programs are all anonymous,
we can pick one together.
Wheezer, I'm not an addict.
Okay? And you are not my boss.
I am responsible for
the safety of everyone
on those planes, and if you are using,
then I need to worry about
I need to worry about you, too.
Okay, so you're not my boss
when you want to sleep with me,
but you are now?
I'm going to give you 24 hours
to deal with this.
By yourself.
File for leave, pick a program
and tell Crystal.
No, I don't need any of that, okay?
You're not listening to me!
I don't have a problem!
If you don't, Hayley, then I will.
You know what? Keep them.
I'm fine.
You're supposed to have the
floor done before B shift starts.
That must have just happened.
Your job is to clean.
If you can't pick up the pace
We're sorry, sir. We'll get it done.
I was going as fast as I can.
closer, Neeta, I can't reach.
Just a little more.
That's good.
- Ravi, no!
We'll get you to Thompson
for stitches and a cast,
and a CT to rule out concussion.
is he going to be okay?
Yeah, he was lucky. The boxes
on the floor broke most of his fall.
Are you okay?
This is all my fault.
I got dizzy when I was
driving the forklift
- and that's why Ravi fell.
- Do you get dizzy often?
Here, maybe I can help
if you'll let me take a look.
What have you had to eat today?
My Ravi, he used to run
a factory like this back home.
And now, he's a janitor here.
I'm the one who wanted
to come to Canada.
It was my dream, he did it for me.
We both work and Ravi's going
to school for ESL
and extra certification
just to be able to,
one day, apply for the job
he used to have at home.
Neeta, what happened?
I dropped a paint can
on my foot two weeks ago.
The bruise was small, but it
kept getting bigger and bigger.
You should've seen a doctor for this.
I can't miss work. It's too far.
The boss will cut our pay.
Sometimes, injuries won't heal properly
if a person is malnourished.
I make sure my Ravi has enough first.
Does he know?
The lab results you were waiting on
How could it be so advanced?
She was fine the last time I saw her.
Leukemia can be like that.
A person can go from perfectly healthy
to final stages in three months.
With cancers like this,
we have to be aggressive.
Intense chemotherapy,
bone marrow transplants.
Isabelle's going to be
so we'll admit her for treatment.
I know this is a lot.
But this is how it's done, Crystal.
This is how we fight this.
This is how we buy
your grandmother more time.
Is something wrong? Why does
Neeta need to come to the hospital, too?
Um, she has some bruises
I'd like a doctor to look at.
I knew it was wrong. It got so big,
but Neeta said not to worry.
I should've insisted.
You've gotten so thin.
The nurse thinks my bruises
aren't healing because I I don't eat.
We have breakfast together.
It's the one meal we share.
You eat your bowl of rice
when you make my lunch.
Neeta, is that all you eat?
It is my fault we came here.
I've been trying to save money
so we can go back home.
Why didn't you tell me?
In our seven rounds
around the fire at our wedding,
we promised to walk with each other.
- She's having a seizure.
- What the
These look like laparoscopic scars,
has she had surgery recently?
Those are from when she had
her gallbladder removed back in India.
45-year-old male, scalp laceration,
likely distal radius fracture.
45-year-old female, extensive bruising
- and ruptured surgical wounds.
- How recent was the surgery?
At least three years. The
patient's malnourished. Doesn't eat.
That's not bruising, that's petechiae.
What is it? What's wrong with her?
I think she has advanced scurvy.
I've seen this before in patients
from Northern communities.
So hard to get fresh produce up there.
- Is she going to be okay?
- She needs high doses
of vitamin C and surgery
to repair the incisions.
- Page the OR.
- Yeah.
Ravi, I want to walk with you.
- Hey, I need to get rid
of my SkyMed shift tomorrow,
can you take it?
Is everything okay?
- Isabelle has leukemia.
- Oh, my God.
Crys I'm so sorry.
She starts chemo tomorrow.
They have to eradicate
her entire immune system
and give her a bone marrow
transplant to rebuild it.
- Crys
- Isabelle's always been there.
The seasons change,
sunrises, and Kookoo's there.
In her kitchen, making teas or
Yeah, stay with her.
I'll cover your shift.
Thank you.
Would another drink help
or make it worse?
I just want this done.
Then can we go home?
To your mom's or Thompson?
I don't care. Anywhere I don't
have to give a speech.
Uh, excuse me, everyone!
It's time for speeches!
You can do this.
Hi, everyone. I, uh
I'm Michelle's son.
I've never understood relationships.
The idea of being
with just one person
and letting them know all your flaws
and having to rely on them,
it's just scary.
Until I met someone.
And now I understand why Anthony
makes my mom so happy.
And it's not just because
he makes her laugh.
When you have a partner that
loves you and supports you,
it isn't scary.
It feels easy.
And that's what I didn't understand.
When someone loves you,
you don't care about your flaws.
When someone loves you,
it feels safe to rely on them.
To trust them with their heart.
Because you know that person
will never let you down.
Excuse me.
- I think I need a break.
I'll be right back.
Mm. There you are!
I've been looking for you!
Did you see my speech? You were right,
all I needed to do was
speak from my hea
I slept with someone else.
- What?
I love you, Tristan,
but I did a stupid thing.
It was wrong and I regret
every second of it,
but when Hayley posted those
photos from the drag club,
I thought, it looked
like something happened
between you and Reese, and
I, I just I couldn't
- You slept with someone?
- He was no one.
And they were a stranger and it didn't
mean anything. And
I wanted to tell you
And you thought now
was a good time to tell me?
I know, I know it was wrong.
And I'm wrong.
I'm I'm so sorry, Tris.
(GASPING) I got you.
She's tachycardic, her pulse is racing.
She takes pills for her heart.
I saw Anthony get them ready,
but she doesn't like to take them.
- It's my wedding!
- I don't have my bag, call an ambulance!
I'm going to ride with you, okay, Mom?
I'll follow you in the rental car
- and meet you at the hospital?
- I think you've done enough.
You shouldn't be alone right now.
Man, can't wait to pick up
Joel and go not-sleep at home.
Yo, is that our video?
Bro, you posted it online?
No, no, no. I sent it to my
buddy Jake at Selection Camp.
He was bragging about all the cool shit
that he gets to do
so I wanted him to see
that I was doing cool stuff, too.
He must have posted it.
Chops, if we get caught,
we could lose our licences.
Wait, wait a second.
You don't see our faces.
It doesn't say who it is, right?
There's no mention
of an airline or a plane.
C'mon, there's no way anyone
will know that it's us.
I just had to ground our entire fleet.
They all need to be checked
for stress damage
because of an unauthorized roll.
Well, c'mon, guys,
don't rush to confess.
I recognized Chopper's ring,
and if I did,
- then someone else might, too.
- It was 933.
You don't have to check
the other planes. We
We had no patient or medic on board.
We were just fooling around, Wheez.
You know how it is.
Do you know how many calls we're missing
because I had to ground
all of our planes?
This isn't about you two being bored,
it's about SkyMed and everyone
who depends on us.
It was all me Sir, it was not Bodie.
No, no, no. Bodie, he let you do it.
As captain, he's responsible
or he should be.
Now, I don't know if either
of you guys noticed,
but I've been doing everything
I can to keep us afloat
so this expansion won't tank us.
We just lost the Kenora Health contract.
They think we're too untested.
And it's sure as shit would
not help if they found out
that I got pilots rolling planes!
I have been
I've been killing myself
worrying about your jobs.
Not mine, yours.
Until you guys are ready to grow up
and worry about someone
other than yourselves
you're both grounded.
Doctor said you're stable
but you need to rest.
And no more skipping doses.
I'll call Anthony.
Let him know we're back.
I'm so proud of you.
- Are you, though?
- Of course.
- You're a smart, caring youn
- Darius was my fault.
Is that what you think?
I can see it every time you look at me.
How much you miss him.
How much you blame me.
You never trusted me after.
Come here.
I am
sad when I look at you.
But not because I blame you.
Not because I I don't trust you.
What happened to Darius
was not your fault.
And I don't, for one second, blame you.
It's just
Sometimes, when I look at you,
when I'm so proud of the man
that you've become
I can't help thinking
about the man Darius might have become.
After he died, I knew you needed me.
But it was so hard to be there for you
when I wasn't fully there myself.
And for that,
I'm so sorry, baby.
I miss him.
But I miss you, too, Tristan.
And I don't want to miss
anything anymore.
How are you? My baby
How's your life?
How's your heart?
I I think it's breaking, Mom.
I thought I was flying with Bodie.
Yeah, Bodie's grounded. Chopper, too.
You got it, Cap.
I'll do this, and then the pre-flights.
- Great.
- Can the day get any better?
- Here, use mine.
Thank you.
Birch Wing Air?
You're not thinking about
jumping ship, are you, Martine?
Should I be?
Well, you gotta do what's
best for you, but
I brought coffee.
I thought I was flying with Bodie.
What are you doing here?
I gave you 24 hours
to deal with your stuff
- and time's almost up.
- Yeah, I'm just covering
for Crystal until her Kookum
gets her first round of chemo.
Isabelle's sick?
Okay, so, you, uh
You talked to Crystal then.
It's just for a few hours.
And I gave you all my pills so
Look, I'm fit for duty.
So, it's up to you if you want
to leave a patient hanging.
Promise me that you are safe to do this.
I would never put a patient in danger.
Stef! I brought the cables.
What's all this?
Okay, so I didn't need a jump.
Look, you didn't want a relationship
because you were afraid
it would derail your dream.
And I sort of thought
you were worried for nothing
until I got all weird when I realized
that you might have to leave
to follow that dream.
But Lex
your passion for flying,
it's who you are.
When I saw you with Wheezer, I
I get it now.
Your whole future at SkyMed,
whether you ever get
to go captain here again,
depends on what one guy thinks of you.
It's It's kind of bullshit actually.
Well, even if I do go
to another airline,
we can figure it out.
We can work on something. (LAUGHING)
Whatever happens, we gotta enjoy
the moments we have right now. Hm?
The nurse just did that.
They're making me dizzy,
all this fussing.
I'd feel better if I could smudge.
I can smell the pines.
Feel the wind on my face
to make me strong.
Maybe I'll make you new earrings.
Studs this time.
Something you'll actually wear.
I don't want to lose you, Kookoo,
it feels like I'm losing myself.
I don't know how to do this.
I have to be the med student
that you want me to be.
And to stay true to our community.
I don't know how to do that,
I don't know how to be
two different things at once.
Oh, but you already are, nôsisim.
You are Cree, you are Metis,
and you are Filipina.
You are a nurse, you are
a teacher, you are a student.
how to be many things.
I've only been those things
with with you, Kookoo.
like that, my girl.
It's just the start of the next journey.
You'll always have me
and your ancestors to guide you.
You just have to listen.
Seriously, Chops?
Trust me, this is going
to fix everything.
This doesn't look like
it can fly at all.
Ah, not yet.
But it is selling for cheap
and with repairs
Look, Kingsley has access to the
grocery suppliers, right?
He can get the things people
up north actually need,
there just isn't a way
to get it to them.
But this, Bodes, I mean,
you could charge half of
what the other cargo companies
charge nowadays and still make money.
And this stuff will get to the
people who actually need it.
Look, even if I could buy this,
I'd need money for repairs,
start a business.
Is this it?
Definitely some miles on her.
You told him about this?
Look, I know you weren't
comfortable taking my money, Austin.
But, what if you consider an investment?
And not just for you,
but for me as well.
See, I always liked the idea of
helping out the communities
like the one that Jolene came from.
And also, I get to
I get to spend some time with you.
Hey, your grandmother's
being discharged?
Yeah. I'm going to take her home.
I'll go up to North House
and give her her chemo there.
Crystal, I can't advise that.
Her immune system
is severely compromised.
Yeah, but her spirit will be stronger.
She doesn't want to live longer
if it means she's away
from her community.
Away from her medicine.
Look, I've been a flight nurse
longer than I've been a med student.
And we go into the field all the time.
And we do things that doctors
would never do in a hospital.
We make do with what we have
and we take care of our own.
And I've decided to amend my paper,
to include my father's stories
about our ancestors.
Crystal I know
that family means a lot to you
and I know that this
is an emotional time,
but you really need to think about this.
This is a huge opportunity,
and you can't just risk
throwing that away
or jeopardizing your career.
I, I know you've been trying to help me,
and I appreciate it.
But I can't be like you,
Dr. Yana. I
I can't keep giving up
pieces of who I am
just because this is how it's done.
I'll come up tonight to get you
through the first couple of days.
It's always the worst after chemo.
You think I can't take care of myself?
I know you can, just let me for once.
And maybe you can teach me
how to make some teas.
First-class ticket to North House?
Oh, who's this fancy chief pilot?
Only the best for family, Isabelle.
And I even brought you
your very own escort.
Do you Do you want to put
a coat on before we go?
- It's a little chilly out there.
- Not with you, handsome.
Hoo-ha. Aren't you hotter
than rocks in a sweat!
Where you've been hiding this one?
Oh, he is definitely
getting a cheek pinch.
- Yeah.
- How is she?
She'll get the medicine she needs.
- Thanks for coming.
- Oh, it's the least I can do.
Something I'm actually good at.
It's just just chief pilot stuff.
I got pilots jumping ship,
I got pilots pulling stunts.
I mean, I have no idea
how Pierce handled it.
Well, he had you to lean on so
Yeah. Hmm.
I'm glad that Hayley
told you about the pills,
that's one worry off my mind.
What pills?
Thought she talked to you, she
She said she was going to talk to you.
I have to
I have to tell you something.
After my surgery, I, um
I was having a lot of pain.
And I kept thinking about my mom
I think I have a problem.
With pills.
Wheezer told me.
I love you, Hayley.
And I'll help you get
whatever help you need.
But you used me.
You asked me to write you
a prescription,
knowing you were going to abuse it.
No. No, Crys. It wasn't like that
You know how I feel about drugs.
And you know how hard
the community has worked
to prevent this kind of thing,
and you know
how much it means to me and to them
for me to become a doctor.
And all of that could go away
if anyone finds out what you did.
I could get kicked out of med school,
I could lose my NP licence.
I'm the only Indigenous
woman in my class, Hayley.
And I don't get to make mistakes.
Crys, I was going to tell you.
I was going to tell you that night at
the Whiskey Hatch, but you stood me up.
Are you saying it's my fault?
I love you, Hayley,
but right now I don't like you.
No, Crystal, Crystal No
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