SkyMed (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

Before Sunrise, After Sunset

Until you guys are ready
to grow up
and worry about someone
other than yourselves,
you're both grounded.
You really need
to think about this.
I can't be like you.
I can't keep giving up
pieces of who I am
just because this is how it's done.
You slept with someone.
I know, I know it was wrong,
and I'm wrong.
I'm so sorry, Tris.
I am responsible for the safety
of everyone on those planes
and if you are using
No, I would never put
my patients at risk.
Or my coworkers.
You asked me to write you
a prescription
knowing you were
going to abuse it.
I love you, Hayley, but you used me.
Ms. Roberts, this panel was put together
to uncover the details
surrounding a medevac call you attended
yesterday evening.
In situations like this,
it's protocol to debrief
everyone involved
when there's been a fatality.
Well, uh, the first thing
you should know
is that we came on at midnight.
As in the night before the call.
You see, Hayley and I,
basically, did a 24-hour shift
Which isn't standard, I should add.
But we're always understaffed
in the North.
Right, right, of course.
Why don't you start at the beginning?
Sure, great.
The beginning. (CHUCKLES)
You see, we were um
We were all really shocked.
That is like the third load of things
- he's lugged out of there.
- Yeah, plus two boxes earlier.
I mean, nobody knew what happened
to Tristan and Nowak
when they went to Toronto,
but clearly, something happened,
I mean
Whatever it was must have been
big because they were a great
couple, um Anyway, uh,
I then went to the hangar
to see Wheezer
Chief Pilot Heaseman.
Because before this,
Bodie and I were ground
No, no, no.
You know what? I'm going
to let Bodie tell this part.
It was a perfect summer night.
Gosh, I love the North, you know?
Sun rises before 5 A.M.
Sun sets after 10 P.M.
You don't need to paint such
a detailed picture, Mr. Chopra.
Got you. Um
Nowak had been flying
for a couple of hours
before I joined him.
He seemed quiet, but, hey,
that's okay.
There was a lot going on
in the cabin.
The bump on your collarbone
probably means it's broken.
You'll need X-rays
and the doctor will probably
give you a brace for six weeks.
I know, sucks for summer.
It's not like I was gonna see
summer this year anyway.
After his appointment at TCH,
Otis is headed straight
to Thompson Youth
- Correctional Facility.
- Juvie.
Oh, maybe not the best vacation plan.
He's been in trouble a few
times the last couple of years,
but then he decided to steal a vehicle,
go joyriding,
and destroy private property.
I didn't destroy it. I took it apart.
And then he fell and broke his
arm running away from security
at the Windy Lake Tractor dealership.
Wait, you stole a tractor, kid?
No. I didn't drive it off the lot.
I could've, but I didn't.
I mean, that just kind of
sounds like a teenage prank, no?
You know what those combine
harvesters are worth?
More than my house.
That is impressive,
but what did you think was gonna happen?
You know things aren't always
as clear-cut as they seem.
People do the wrong thing
for all kinds of reasons.
Yeah, uh, listen, um
Nowak, I know that
we're not particularly
close, but if there's anything you ever
want to talk about, I'm here, you know?
Maybe you want to talk about
yourself or Tristan.
Saw a lot of kids like that at Cadets.
Parents enrolled them hoping
it would straighten them out.
Worked for me.
(CHOPPER): We then
dropped off Otis
and his social worker
in Thompson.
Hayley took them to the hospital.
A couple of hours later,
we got a call
about a possible cardiac patient
at Prospect River.
Nowak went with Hayley,
but it's SOP for a pilot
to stay back with the aircraft
for safety reasons.
We use that time to do paperwork,
get ahead of aircraft prep
as there is always
something to do.
Damn it.
Better not be a snake.
Don't shoot!
What the hell, kid?
I thought you were flying back
to Windy Lake.
I needed a ride home from Thompson.
But you were supposed to be in Juvie.
I was supposed to do a lot of things.
Get an X-ray, see the doctor.
So what? You just came back
to the airport to just hitch a ride?
Dude, it is illegal
to stow away in an airplane.
- Why?
- Because it's dangerous!
You could've gotten hurt,
you could've gotten us hurt too.
You're not going to leave me
out here, are you?
No, we're going to take you
back to Thompson.
But when Hayley gets back
with the SAT phone,
we're calling your social worker.
You know, kid,
you're already in a lot of trouble.
This is not helping your cause.
Do me a favour, stay in here.
How much oil does this thing take?
What the fuzz?
Kid, I told you to stay inside.
The engine looks like it's backwards.
And that exhaust is at the front.
Is that a reverse-flow turbine?
I mean, it's also called a free-turbine.
Yeah, I mean, it's more fuel-efficient.
Canadian design.
Two How do you know this?
I like machines.
Careful with your arm.
- Cool.
Can I top up the oil?
Yeah, here you go.
Uh, easy does it.
Oh, okay, that's
that's great. Thank you.
And that's the cap.
We can screw that back on. Ex
We can't fly without the cap on, can we?
- Nope.
- Because the oil
- will leak under pressure.
- Yup.
So we're stuck here?
And it's all my fault.
Now, I can get in trouble for this too.
- Whoa, whoa, careful, kid.
- I mess everything up.
And I'm not even trying to make trouble.
I didn't steal a combine,
and I wasn't joyriding.
I just wanted to understand
how it worked.
I was gonna put it back together.
I was gonna leave it
just like I found it.
But then those stupid
security guards showed up
and they thought I was trying
to break it,
and I couldn't explain.
No one ever understands me
when I try to explain.
Kid, I
I'm not hiding, I just needed a minute.
You know, the great thing about machines
is that with the right tool,
you can fix almost anything.
How'd you get it out?
Took the cowling off.
Went for a treasure hunt.
You want to help me
put this cap back on?
See what the guts
of the engine look like?
- Want a juice box?
- Where did you get all those?
Grabbed them from the hospital.
- Is this fruit punch?
- They're my favourite.
Dude, mine too. (LAUGHING)
Here, c'mon, let's go.
Alright, don't blink.
Here it comes. Four, three, two
Oh, wow.
- Awesome!
- Here, check this out.
You see the Little Dipper?
The North Star is at the end
of its handle.
And then from there, you can see
the four pillar stars
of the Pegasus constellation.
Just over to the left.
It's my personal favourite.
How come?
It was the first planet found
orbiting a star
outside our solar system.
Now, that star, technically, is a sun.
Because a sun's only a sun
when planets revolve around it.
But also, it kind of gives me hope.
Like, maybe we, uh
really aren't as alone
as we feel sometimes.
Maybe you just haven't found
the other planets
that are like you out there yet.
Are you going to call the cops
when we get to Thompson?
Where are your parents, Otis?
What do they think about all this?
They died a couple of years ago.
- Car accident.
- I'm sorry.
My older sister takes care of me.
She doesn't want me
to be taken away, but
I know I'm not like other kids.
I'm hard to deal with.
I got into trouble for joyriding too.
But I actually was joyriding
(SIGHS) I don't know, I think I just
did it because I was bored.
I think I just needed a
- False alarm.
The patient just had indigestion.
We do have a patient for Thompson.
Do you think we can pencil
a relief pilot, Cap?
Think we can make an exception.
Left, bank left.
Right, bank right.
Forward is down
and back is up.
Gentle movements, nothing sudden.
No way! No effing way!
This is all you, kid, this is all you.
You got this. You got this.
Gentle, gentle. Yeah.
Hey, is there a cadet squadron
in Thompson?
Not yet.
Gentle. There we go.
Mr. Chopra, why are you
telling us all this?
I thought you told me to start
from the beginning.
The beginning of the call
with the fatality.
Right. You see, Nowak was dutied out
after Prospect River, so Bodie came on.
That's who I was with.
For the rest of my shift.
Right, we have some
questions about that.
We heard you're leaving SkyMed.
- That hasn't been decided yet.
For me, it all started the day before.
He's 30 minutes late, where is he?
Kingsley said he'll co-sign
the loan for the plane,
- he'll be here!
- If we don't get that loan,
we can't make a move on the plane,
and the seller needs an answer tonight.
Is this crazy?
Me starting a cargo business.
This is crazy, right?
I'm a pilot. A grounded pilot.
Hey Spiral McGee.
The loan manager will see the potential
in the growth planning model
in the business plan.
I could not have done this without you.
I know. It was fun.
I'm learning a lot in my
accounting apprenticeship.
I'm sorry you had to drop out
of phlebotomy for accounting,
and uh
I'm sorry I couldn't help you
get out of Thompson.
You know, it's funny.
I used to think I wanted
to get away as far away from
this place as possible.
But now I think what I really wanted
was just something that excited me.
- Is it Kingsley?
- It's Crystal.
The housekeeper at his hotel
found him this morning.
Went into renal failure and collapsed.
I called as soon as I saw
his name on the chart.
I knew that he was sick, but
he just came into my life.
I thought that we had more time.
Have you considered donating?
(DR. PAUL): We're sorry to hear
about your father.
And because of the shortages,
you were back to work soon after?
Northern Health in Thunder Bay
is looking for a new medevac carrier.
They're struggling to find
a company in Ontario
that can handle the volume
that they need.
So I'm getting pressure
from our ops manager
to make sure that we keep
all our planes in the air
to prove to them that we can
so that we can land this contract.
Which means I need all my pilots flying.
Even the chuckleheads
who made idiot mistakes
that I'm still mad about.
You see my conundrum.
We shouldn't have put you
in this position, sir.
Captain Bodie's right, sir.
We know better and we'll do better.
No. More. Dumb. Shit.
You're on 9-2-2 with Nowak.
And he's in a mood, so don't be late.
Call just came in from Windy Lake.
Thank you. Seriously.
You okay? Heard about Kingsley.
I'm sorry.
I used to think that I needed to be
a pilot because it's who I am.
Now I can't lose flying because
it's the only thing I know how to do.
You know that some people
are born with only one kidney?
I didn't know it either.
But I flew with this guy,
been healthy all of his life.
One day, he fell test-driving
these broken rollerblades.
Took him to the hospital,
gave him an X-ray,
we found out he was one of those people.
Would have gone his whole life
never knowing.
Except for those rollerblades.
And what happened to him?
Lose his licence?
No, he flies for WestJet.
Still owes me 50 bucks
for those rollerblades.
We understand you joined
Ms. Roberts on shift
on SkyMed 911 later that evening.
How did she seem
when you arrived?
We heard that she'd been working
for almost 24 hours.
Uh, she seemed just as fit
for duty as any of us.
And how did you ascertain that?
Did you speak to Ms. Roberts
before you received
the call to the scene?
I was going to, but
Psst! Bodie!
Come here, quick.
I'm confused.
This was the day of the fatality?
And you saw Ms. Highway
at the airport too.
We don't have any record
of her working yesterday.
There aren't enough nurses in the North
so I wasn't working yesterday, no.
But between SkyMed and school,
I'm always working.
And you're really rocking and rolling,
you got the sirens going on.
Someone's in the backseat
having a heart attack,
you're like "Slow down!"
And you're like,
"Wait, I'm gonna get you somewhere safe!
Hold on!" You hit a jump. Vroom!
Get some air. Whoa!
Yeah but you'll never get
as much air as a pilot.
Uh, remember, kids,
an ambulance might go
140 kilometres an hour,
but an airplane will go 430.
Just saying.
Right, but, but our heroes
put safety first.
And paramedics,
like Mr. Jeremy, save lives.
Does anyone know how fast
the blood in your veins moves?
It travels three feet per second.
That means the blood
that's in your heart right now
can go all the way
to Churchill in two days.
My blood's going somewhere?
I don't like blood.
Seeing it makes my tummy hurt.
Who wants to listen to their heart?
Volunteers get a sucker.
Ooh, bribery, nice.
You take these ones here.
- I'll be right back.
- (CRYSTAL): There you go.
- Hey.
I'll go get my flight bag.
You made a house call?
Was that with SkyMed?
There's no record of you
taking a house call yesterday.
The patient has requested I respect
their legal right to confidentiality.
Thanks for coming.
An ER doctor should know
better than to have
a glass table in the house.
Tripped and fell into the stupid thing.
Well, looks like the worst of
the lacerations are on your arm.
Surprised you called.
After the other day,
I wasn't sure I'd be your first choice.
These aren't that deep.
The glue should keep them closed.
- Going somewhere?
- Pass me the ultrasound.
What do you need it for?
Are you hurt somewhere else?
Doctor Noah, you called me on my day off
and you asked me
to sneak a portable ultrasound
from the hospital. What is going on?
I've had ulcers in the past.
Under a bit of pressure,
so when I started having
some epigastric pain
the last couple of days
But you can't even see
an ulcer on an ultrasound.
Not unless it's perforated.
Is that why you fell?
It was a sharp pain.
It took me off-guard.
And it hasn't perforated.
A perforated ulcer
is not just a sharp pain.
It is excruciating.
Dr. Noah, if you were in that much pain,
you need to go to an ER
and you need an endoscope.
You want me to go to my place
of work and be examined by who?
My colleagues? Worse, my students?
- I'm your student.
- You're different.
An untreated ulcer is dangerous.
If it perforates and we don't
get you to an OR in time,
- then
- You think I don't know that?
You know how hard I've worked
to be taken seriously
by my colleagues and my students?
I'll be damned if I throw that all away
so that they can take turns
practicing doing an abdominal exam on me
in a paper gown.
What if I can get you to the hospital
without anyone knowing?
Where's the party at? (CHUCKLES)
- Keep it down.
- What?
What's the emergency?
Couldn't get a hold
of Hayley or something?
Hayley doesn't have an ambulance
and we aren't talking right now.
I need to sneak Dr. Noah to a hospital,
she's sick and she doesn't
want anyone to see her.
Wait, hold on, hold on.
You called me because
your boss is being stubborn?
Like, I know you don't take me
seriously, Crys, but
I'm graduating soon. Okay?
They could kick me out
for this kind of shit. C'mon, like
Do you know how many times I put my ass
on the line for you?
How many times I could've been
fired or worse
Lead the way, yeah.
We'll take the ambulance
to the morgue entrance
and no one will see us go in that way.
I'm sure you know
proper placement, Dr. Yana,
if you wouldn't mind.
Uh She doesn't need that.
We just need a ride to the hospital.
She goes in my ambulance,
she follows my rules.
Okay? I just thought
you might be more comfortable
if you did it. (SIGHS)
Yeah? Thanks.
So you've had epigastric pain
for a few days,
any shortness of breath or anything?
Just from the pain. From the ulcer.
Can't believe I'm even considering this.
Even if you can get me to the hospital
without anyone knowing,
who's going to do the endoscope?
Well, you taught me how to do a T.E.E.
and that's basically
an endoscope, right?
You just go farther into the stomach?
Record it so I can look at it later.
- Ooh, ooh,
whoa, are you two serious?
You don't have an ulcer,
she's having a heart attack.
- Look, you didn't check?
47-year-old woman,
high-stress job, abdominal pain.
I mean, women are more likely
to present with deferred pain.
And statistically,
Black women are more likely
to have a heart attack. I mean, c'mon,
you guys know this, right?
Uh Get the nitroglycerin.
Let's get you over to the couch.
(GROANS) How did I miss this?
Rookie mistake.
You let the patient tell you
what's wrong with them instead
of checking for yourself.
Okay, now we wait to see
if the pain goes away
or if we gotta take her to the ER
I'll get the stretcher.
What's the deal with Mr. Hunkamedic?
He's graduating as a PCP soon,
but don't worry, I trust him.
- I've seen you at the hospital,
there's always tension.
Is your future or ex mistake?
- Ex.
- Mmm
Uh, I screwed it up.
That's medicine for you.
You heal the masses, ruin your marriage.
Your wife wasn't home when you fell.
The suitcases. Did something happen?
Alright, we can hit you
twice more with nitro,
but after that
Yana, we need to get you to the Cath lab
in Winnipeg for an angiogram.
I need a referral from an ER
and I'm not going to TCH.
You'd rather have a STEMI
than be embarrassed?
Listen, I've seen people
in the ER with way more
embarrassing stories
than a heart attack, I mean
Dr. Sung had a cardiologist
friend in Winnipeg.
He's helped me out once before,
I still have his number.
If he'd accept you at the Cath lab
If you can get me to Winnipeg
without anyone knowing.
Psst. Bodie.
Come here, quick.
We have to take a cardiac
patient to Winnipeg.
- Isn't that
- Yeah, we have to keep
this fast and quiet, okay?
I'll explain everything
when we're in the air.
Hey, do you guys got this?
I gotta go shadow Hayley.
Or, actually, I'll stay, I'll stay.
No, we've got it. Go, and thank you.
For everything.
What's up, man?
Crap, I got a call. Sorry.
Hey, you two got time
for a quick trip to Winnipeg?
Dr. Sung's friend is expecting us
and he'll get you right in
for an angiogram.
How's your grandmother?
Chemo's rough, but
She's happy to be with her community.
Practicing her medicine too.
You were right about
not wanting to be like me.
That's not what I meant.
No, I did give up too much.
My wife left me last night.
That's why the suitcases were out.
She's probably already in Winnipeg
waiting for her connecting
flight to Jamaica.
She said she couldn't stand
around another second
watching me die a slow death on the job.
Jahnaya and I, we moved here
when I got into med school.
And I
learned pretty fast
the people here just don't
trust a doctor
with an accent.
Can't advance
unless you speak like them,
act like them.
Dress like them.
So that's what I did.
I dropped my accent,
I changed the way I dressed.
Changed how I spoke.
It's pretty hard to hold on
to yourself when
when you change so much on the outside.
And eventually,
the inside changes too.
Don't be like me, Crystal.
You see? Somebody else had
to talk some sense into you.
I called her.
Her number was in your cell.
Just really seemed like
you two needed to talk.
I am so sorry, Jahnaya.
I let this job take over
real parts of me.
The best parts.
I let it ruin my mind and body
until there was nothing left of me.
And there was nothing left to give you.
I know this is 20 years too late,
but I'm just glad
that I got to say this.
You're not gone.
Okay, you just got lost.
If you're lost, you can be found.
I love you, you silly woman.
I love you too, Jahnaya.
Ms. Highway,
you keep saying, "the patient."
Who was this patient?
We have no record of any patient.
None of this is relevant.
And it's redundant that we're even
interviewing Ms. Highway.
She didn't attend the fatality call.
But she was with Jeremy Wood,
who left to shadow Ms. Roberts.
He was at the scene of the call.
Now Jeremy isn't
a licenced paramedic yet.
But you called him to assist you.
We have some questions about
his skill level,
about whether he has the training
to attend a scene
like this with Ms. Roberts.
No, Jeremy is a good paramedic.
I would trust him with my life.
We understand that you have
a history with Mr. Wood
that might make you feel
the need to protect him.
But no one would blame Mr. Wood
if he wasn't up for this.
Even a highly experienced
first responder
Jeremy knows what he's doing.
And you know that.
Dr. Noah?
Mr. Wood is a very good paramedic.
Ms. Highway isn't protecting him.
She's protecting me.
I was the patient. I was flown
to cardiology in Winnipeg
and I received a stent.
Luckily, we got to the hospital
quickly enough.
that's all I needed.
If you'll excuse me.
The fatality was not Jeremy's fault.
It's my fault.
I'm the reason the patient is dead.
(LEAH): I reviewed the deposition
and we'll file on Monday
when I'm back from the cottage.
My assistant will follow up.
Thanks, Marsha.
Thanks, have a good weekend.
Dad and Nate are building
a fire tonight.
C'mon, Sadie.
We stayed for your soccer game
and now it's family weekend time.
I don't want family weekend time.
I don't want to be with you.
I want to be with my friends.
I'm missing the first
sleepover of the season.
Whole team's going except for me.
This weekend has been
planned for months.
And you'll have, like,
four more sleepovers
with your team this summer.
I know what'll cheer you up.
We're on a private road,
want to take center stage?
I just came to say hello ♪
Hello ♪
Hello ♪
Hello, oh, oh, oh ♪♪
Sweetie, you gotta get down.
I can't really see.
Damn it.
Hey, thought we agreed
you were going to take leave.
- I am.
And I, uh, thought we agreed
that you were going to let
me talk to Crystal so
Guess we're both disappointed.
Are you okay?
What do you mean okay?
I gave you all my pills so
No, um (SCOFFS)
What's your plan?
Did you pick a program?
No, I don't need one
because I stopped taking the pills
Hayley, Hayley, Hayley.
Just because you're not taking anything,
doesn't mean you're okay.
You can't just white-knuckle it
through withdrawal
and think that it's over.
Hey, it's not going to be over
until you deal with
some of the stuff
that's underneath that.
wow, when did you become a therapist?
That's amazing, I had no idea.
All I'm saying
is you cannot do this
without support. No one can.
You have no right,
you've no right to rat me out
to my best friend.
You have no right to tell me
what to do. You're not my boss.
Better yet, you're not
you're not even my boyfriend!
Hey, Hayley, I know we said 4:00.
Look at that, 3:57. (SIGHS)
I can give you guys three more
minutes. I'll come back.
No, actually, it's perfect timing.
I just got a page, wheels up in 15.
Let's go.
Leah Brooks, 45. Her car's
onboard safety called it in.
Ambulance van's on its way.
Transport the patient back to the plane.
- There's so much blood.
- Yeah, moose bleed.
- Please Please
- HR's high, start an IV.
- Okay.
- Sweetie? Where's my daughter?
Was she in the car with you?
The roof, she's in the sunroof.
She must have been thrown.
We got another patient somewhere,
a little girl. Her name's Sadie.
- Sadie!
- Sadie!
I'm going to lean you back, alright?
Nice and slow.
(MEN YELLING): Sadie! Make some noise!
Can you hear us?!
Please, you have to find my baby.
They're looking, okay? They'll find her.
You hit your head, but can you
tell me where it hurts?
There's a lot of blood,
I can't tell which is yours.
- Sadie!
- Sadie!
Where are you?
- Hey, grab the backboard.
- Coming.
This is all my fault,
I put her in danger.
- Sadie!
- Sadie!
Okay, here, help me, uh
- Help me get her out.
- Okay.
watch her neck, alright?
One, two
Over here!
Hey. Sadie, Sadie, Sadie.
She's over here, I found her.
She okay? I have to go to her.
No, stay here.
I'll go check on her, okay?
She's a little hot.
Just Stay awake,
stay awake, stay awake.
What is that?
It hurts!
- What do you got?
- Vitals are good.
(LEAH): Sadie!
- Hang on, Leah.
- Is she okay?
(SADIE): It really hurts.
- What is it, what's wrong?
- She's okay!
She's got a broken femur.
Hang on, Sadie.
No pedal pulse.
She needs a traction splint.
- Can you handle that?
- It's a two-person job.
I start the fentanyl. Then you and Bird
can deal with the splint.
Keep an eye on Mom
while I get this going. Hey, Bodie!
Call dispatch! We have
two critical patients.
We need another medevac! (SADIE CRYING)
I know it hurts, sweetie.
But this will help, okay?
Once we get your leg in a splint,
it'll feel a lot better, alright?
Hayley! BP's dropping.
Fast. Hey, stay with me, stay with me.
Just stay awake, eh? Just
Switch to Sadie.
Hey, hold on.
Hold on, kid.
Her abdomen's rigid.
She's got internal injuries,
maybe a ruptured diaphragm.
What's the ETA on the other medevac?
- There isn't one available.
- What?
Wheezer and Reese are on a call
with Stef in Ontario.
Lex and Nowak are taking
a cardiac patient to Winnipeg,
they're both an hour away.
Everyone else dutied out.
I can't take two critical
patients in a plane.
Uh, the transport van!
Can Jeremy take Sadie on that
to the nearest hospital?
Yeah, 90 minutes, plus 45
if we take the other patient
to the airport first.
Sadie's more stable,
she can go in the van.
- Start the splint.
- On it.
No. No, you
put my daughter in the plane.
I know you're worried about
your daughter, I get that,
but you need a bigger hospital
like Thompson, okay?
- No.
- You need to go by plane!
No. I almost lost her once tonight.
Because of a stupid risk that I took.
You put her in the plane.
Look, the ambulance van,
it's just a transport vehicle.
There's no major medical supplies.
- The plane's faster.
- I am a lawyer, okay?
I know that it is a patient's
right to refuse care.
I am alert, I have capacity.
Put my kid in the plane.
Almost done, Sadie, hold on.
Please, please.
I don't care if this is my dying wish.
I want this.
Please, please, please
Do you think there may be
some personal factors
that might have influenced
your decisions?
(HAYLEY): We have to split up.
Leah needs to go straight
to Brandon Hospital.
Bodie and I will take Sadie
to the plane on an ATV.
If we're gonna take the mom to
Brandon, you should go with her.
You can't give narcotics.
Sadie's on fentanyl,
you won't be able to manage her
during transport. I have to go
with her on the plane. Look, you
can push fluids and give oxygen.
That's all I'd be able
to do for her anyway
until she gets to a hospital. Here.
I'm giving you all my saline, okay?
Just keep pushing fluid,
put a pressure bag on it.
You got this.
We were fighting.
Right before it happened.
I told her I didn't want to be with her.
Hey, your mom reminds me of my mom.
- She's a tough cookie.
- Did you two fight?
I, um, didn't always do
what she wanted me to do.
And I didn't always make her feel
like I wanted to be with her.
Did your mom forgive you?
Your BP's dropping.
I feel funny.
- I feel
- Sadie, Sadie!
What is this? What's wrong?
Her femur must've nicked an artery.
She's got an internal bleed.
I don't have the saline
I gave it all to Jeremy. Ugh!
Is there anything
you can replace it with?
No! Radio the ambulance in Thompson,
tell them to have fluids standing by.
Got it.
C'mon, Sadie, stay with me.
Stay with me, Sadie.
Nine-year-old girl,
distal femur fracture,
developed internal bleeding
in flight, BP 80 on 50.
Get her to the OR stat.
Officer Bird, um, you can tell
Leah that Sadie's okay.
She developed
a femoral bleed mid-flight,
but I got her to the OR.
How's Leah, how's mom?
Leah would still be alive
if I'd taken her on the plane with me.
She wouldn't have died
from a ruptured diaphragm.
Leah Brooks died from a brain aneurysm.
No, her her injuries
were to her abdomen.
From the accident, yes.
But Jeremy Wood followed
your instructions perfectly.
Leah arrived at
the Brandon Hospital alive.
And she likely could have
survived the injuries
to her abdomen.
But she had an undiagnosed
brain aneurysm.
The trauma from the crash
caused a slow leak.
No one caught it until anesthetist
was prepping her for surgery in Brandon
and saw one of her pupils was blown.
She died minutes later.
I did a I did
neurological assessment.
The assessment would have been
normal then because it was a slow leak.
And the symptoms
of a leaking brain aneurysm,
SOB, LOC, headache,
are the same as the symptoms
from her ruptured diaphragm.
There's no way you could've
caught it, Ms. Roberts.
You do understand
the point of my inquiry
is not to assign fault
in Leah Brooks' death.
It was an awful
and unfortunate coincidence
that Leah had an undiagnosed
brain aneurysm.
So what was the point of all of this?
The coroner investigates any death
within 24 hours of admission to hospital
to ascertain if a death
could have been prevented.
I think this one could've been
if the Thompson region wasn't struggling
with a critical lack of resources.
You were at TCH the night
it was so understaffed
flight medics had to keep the ER open.
I led this inquiry
because I am campaigning
to recruit more staff and increase
the number of medevacs available.
No team should have to decide
between medevac'ing
a critically ill woman
or her critically ill daughter.
Not because of lack of resources.
(SADIE): Mom?
Sadie, it's Hayley.
From the plane,
I was your nurse, remember?
Yeah, I'm here.
It's okay, Sadie.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I thought that I didn't
want to be with you.
I don't blame you.
I just wanted you to be okay.
It's all I ever wanted.
And you don't have to ap
You don't have to apologize.
There isn't anything
I would never forgive you for.
I'm sorry.
I-I wanted to respect
your privacy, but I just
A doctor who treats herself
has a fool for a patient.
And I was a fool.
I thought I was helping you, Crystal.
Teaching you to play
the game by their rules.
But you were right.
You have to be there on your own terms.
And I should be one of the people
helping you to change the rules.
So thank you.
Thank you for teaching me something.
You ready to go?
Taking Yana home to Kingston.
To heal with family and friends.
To heal a lot more.
Come in.
Hey. Um (CRYING)
I think you were right.
I don't think I can do this alone.
And I think I need help.
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