SkyMed (2022) s02e09 Episode Script

Out With a Bang

Hey, is there a cadet squadron
in Thompson?
- Not yet.
- Looking for Rosie?
Here I was dumb enough to hope
you might come visit me.
How else am I gonna
get you to ask me out?
- You slept with someone.
- I'm so sorry, Tris.
Housekeeper at his hotel
found him this morning.
Went into renal failure
and collapsed.
He just came into my life,
I thought that we had more time.
Have you considered donating?
You asked me to write you
a prescription
knowing you were
going to abuse it.
I love you, Hayley, but you used me.
I think you were right
And I think I need help.
You two have been through a lot, huh?
Rescues, emergency landings, fire evacs,
- attempted hijacking.
- Emotional support chickens.
It's been a good ride.
You know if you donate your kidney,
the other one compensates
by growing in size?
The recipient gets, like,
15-20 years with the new one
so it's a pretty good bang
for your buck.
Oh, better go flash up.
Hey. You didn't have to come
all the way down here, Mads.
I was worried I'd be too late.
Joel made this for you.
He read online you need
to drink two litres of water
after you donate.
So I just wanted to make sure
you got it before you left.
I'm so proud of you.
I just couldn't handle Joel losing you.
I can't handle losing you.
- Bodie, time to go.
- Okay
Go. I don't wanna hold you up.
I'm coming back, Mads.
I promise.
Got a call for a medical emergency,
heard you're stopping hearts all
over town, baby girl, what's up?
- Oh, my God.
- How are you?
- Good.
You look good, I like your dress.
- I just wanted to catch you
- before class, you know?
- Um, I have something for you.
This was outside of your door
when I left this morning.
What is this?
- Here.
- Oh, what?
My new PCP uniform for tomorrow. What?!
You know, a lot of people didn't
think I'd make it this far,
you know? I didn't think
I'd make it this far.
What's wrong? They miss a button?
There's a flag on it.
Yeah, they're everywhere.
Even in my classroom.
Yeah, but having to wear one's
different. It's
You never worn a Canadian flag before?
Oh, I have to go.
I don't wanna be late
before my last day,
but I will see you tonight, yeah?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Okay, bye.
Hey, Wheezer?
Did you know there was a fork
just for seafood?
Do I wanna know why you need
a fish fork for?
Thunder Bay sent their reps up
to check out Skymed this week,
so our ops manager is dragging me out
to this fancy seafood dinner
to try and woo them.
We still need another contract
in Ontario.
People are starting to get nervous.
- I have a hot date, too.
- Oh.
Yeah, in a church basement
with stale cookies
and uncomfortable self-reflection.
- Right.
- I'm okay, Wheezer.
I'm going to meetings,
you don't have to keep finding
ways to check in on me.
I just, um
I want you to feel supported.
And I know that you don't
have Crystal right now.
Yeah, but that's not your fault.
And I shouldn't have blamed you for it.
And I owe you an apology. I lied to you.
Said you weren't my boyfriend.
And I think, you know, in some ways,
you became something more
than a boyfriend. You became
You became a really good friend, too.
And as much as I want you
to be my boyfriend,
I think right now,
I just need a really good friend more.
Whatever you need, Hayley,
I'm here for you.
I should, um
I should probably get going. I, uh,
I don't wanna make
my fish fork wait too long.
Yeah, okay.
It just feels like every step
is making hard decisions.
To keep or to let go.
Even if you really,
really don't wanna let go.
I've been looking at flights,
and I think it might
be time for me to go.
Last time, you mentioned
your friend, Crystal.
How's that going?
She still won't talk to me, so
These things take time.
We can lose trust in an instant.
Takes a lot longer to earn it back.
Where are my fireworks?
I know you're hiding them somewhere.
There's nothing here, Buzz,
this is crazy.
- Damn it.
- C'mon, Buzz, this is silly!
I know you're paranoid about
your formula,
but I don't got your fireworks.
- Ah-ha! I knew it!
- That's an old one!
It's been laying around there forever.
Probably wouldn't even light anymore.
Prove it.
I'm telling you, this thing's
from a couple of summers ago.
Yeah, we'll see.
See? I told you it's just an old one.
Why am I here if I can't fly it?
Because you're a new cadet.
Because letting you joyride
with a patient
would be wildly irresponsible.
And harder to call community service.
Hey. That was the deal, remember?
No juvie, if you complete 150 hours
through the new Northern Flight
Cadet Squadron
- once your arm healed.
- My arm just healed.
I don't think I should be
lifting stretchers.
You can carry gear
with your good arm. Yeah?
And if you do everything
that the nurses asks you to do,
I will let you run the electric lift.
You saw the page?
We got to be wheels up in five,
but I requested a second nurse.
Hey. Ready to go?
I'm here to help, Crys.
Whatever you need.
Yeah, okay
I guess he didn't steal my formula.
My shit would never misfire like that.
I'm putting a tourniquet
on to stop the bleeding
while Hayley starts an IV, okay, Duke?
I really thought he was
the one that was ripping off
- my signature rigs.
- By signature,
- you mean "illegal?"
- When my babies go off,
they shoot bright neon tracers.
And I caught some tourists
setting off cheap knockoffs
at the KOA last night, and I just knew
Duke was behind it.
You're crazy, Buzz. We're friends.
Why would I steal your formula?
I told you my secret ingredient
one night after too much Jack.
Oh, God
I know it hurts, Duke, but
I'm gonna get you something for the pain
before we wrap it up, okay?
I've got it.
How do you make fireworks with tracers?
You put stuff in a shell
like a glowstick.
Sometimes they use them
in shotgun shells as tracers
You know what? It's not
something a kid needs to know.
- Can you grab that bag?
- Seriously?
The whole reason I like you
is because you didn't
treat me like a dumb kid,
like everyone else.
C'mon, Otis, you think six
weeks in a sling was bad?
Okay, Duke.
I'm gonna put you back together now.
I'm gonna be sick.
(FUSE HISSING) Son of a bitch
Fire in the hole!
Buzz? Can you hear me? Buzz?
I freaking knew it
50-year-old male, flash burns
to the chest and face.
35-year-old male,
major trauma to the right hand.
Just in case you need
a reminder, I'm a good nurse,
and I can administer drugs myself.
Crystal, I'm in a program.
And I'm fit for duty.
I wouldn't be here if I wasn't.
I'm sorry, I keep getting reminders
for my flight to Toronto.
- You're leaving?
- Yeah, not until next week.
I don't know why I'm surprised.
- What does that mean?
- This is what you do, Hayley,
you run. You came up here
to run from cancer,
and then you used drugs to run
from everything with your mom.
And as soon as things
have gotten tough up here, too,
- you're running again.
- No, that's
- That's not what I'm doing.
- Isn't it?
You never stay, Hayley.
Thanks for this,
I can't get him to see a doctor.
I'm fine.
It's his wrist.
He doesn't think I'd notice,
but he's been holding it since he fell.
The gallery's always
face south, Mooshum.
ask you to remember
these five words, okay, Mooshum?
Okay. Car, tree, blue, hat, and dock.
Okay? Remember those for me, Mooshum.
You wanna add milk and eggs to the list?
- I think I know better
- than to push my luck.
- I bring Mooshum to Thompson
every couple of months to take
his paintings to the gallery.
He's normally sharp as a tack,
but I was unloading them from the truck
and he suddenly just fell.
Remember those five words for me?
Yeah. What about the old, uh,
the old fishing spot you used
to take me and Shane
when we were kids? Yeah?
I never told you my secret
fishing spot, you little punk!
- Alright, okay.
- So don't you think it
- Gonna get a
- Hey, okay. Hey
Mooshum, Mooshum.
He's dehydrated.
He needs an ER.
Dehydration's causing confusion,
dizziness, fainting.
Especially in older people.
Son of a bitch
- I'm alright.
- Our community has been
boil-water for years.
I was getting worried the big pot
was getting too heavy for Mooshum
to fill on his own.
He must have stopped drinking
to avoid lifting it.
This ain't right.
Supposed to be our home
and we can't even get water.
Lex, that place makes
Thompson look fancy.
I know.
But Birch Wing's a startup.
It means there's room
for me to grow there.
More than there would be for me here.
And they need a reference,
and I can't ask Wheezer, so
Look, I don't know why things
got so weird with you and him.
Or what happened to make you
give up a left seat in cargo.
I don't want you to go,
but if that's what you gotta do,
I'll tell them
you're the best pilot I know.
- Thanks, Cheek bones.
You're the best.
Hey I don't know what's going
on with you and Tristan,
but you should talk to him.
Look, everyone can see how sad you are.
He doesn't want to talk to me.
- It can't be that bad.
- If you knew,
you would hate me, too.
Or worse, you'd try to forgive me.
I don't deserve it.
Hey, Boss.
Rough night with the Thunder Bay
peeps, huh?
- Yeah
- I got a fix for that.
You get some tomato juice
and squeeze a whole lemon into it.
Yeah, well, wait until
you're out of your 20s,
a lemon won't cut it.
And I'm not hungover, alright?
- Right.
- I've been meaning to check in,
Hassan. I've been talking
to your captains,
they say that you're doing real well.
Thank you, Wheezer. I'm just
trying to do a good job.
Well, if, um, if we get this
Thunder Bay contract,
then there may be chances
for good people to move up.
- So
- Okay.
Hey, Martine,
thanks for topping up the oil.
Least I can do, Capt.
Okay so, everyone ready for a fun trip
to Samuel Falls to take Agatha home?
Dispatch 933,
we dropped off our patient
and are en route to YTH.
- Copy, 933.
Hey, what's the difference
between a pilot and God?
God doesn't think she's a pilot.
You hear that? Sounds like O2 leaking.
What's happening with your gear?
All good back here. Nothing's leaking.
- Maybe the seal somewhere?
- Whoa, Wheezer, are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine. Yeah.
No, you're not. Stef.
Hey, Wheezer, you're burning up.
No, I'm fine. I had dinner out
in Thunder Bay last night,
there was something off
with the shellfish,
but I got through
the worst of it last night.
It's just these stupid cramps.
Look, I can still hear the leaking.
Are you sure you checked everything?
Wheezer, nothing's leaking
- I have control!
Capt, why don't you go to the back
and let Stef have a look at you?
I am Captain. What I say, goes.
I can still hear O2 leaking.
- You can't hear that?
- Hey!
Lex, he didn't mean it. He's delirious.
No! You're unfit to fly. I have command.
Okay, yeah, fine. Yes.
Thompson, radio Skymed 933,
ten miles back through
3000 feet. Commencing ILS zero six.
These acetaminophen should
bring down the fever soon.
Gear down. Confirm three green.
(CONSOLE BEEPING) What the hell?
Powering back. (CONSOLE BEEPING)
What's happening? What's going on?
The right main gear
isn't showing down and locked.
Alright, I'm coming. (GROANS)
Thompson radio, Skymed 933,
I have a gear problem.
I have to break off the approach
and run a checklist.
What does that mean? A gear's stuck?
It could be down, it could be hung up.
We have no way to know.
Look, if we try to land,
it could collapse on us
and we won't have any control.
The manual pump
is on the captain's side.
I have to switch seats.
How? You can't let go of the controls.
We can't land without gear.
Let me just
Trim it a little. Okay.
Easy. Easy. Okay.
- I'm in.
- You've got it, yeah.
I'm gonna need you to fly for a minute.
But I'm not a pilot, Lex.
Don't tell anyone, but it's pretty easy.
Just keep a straight and level.
Yup, just like that. You got it.
- Small corrections, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Landing gear relay
circuit breaker. Pull.
Landing gear handle? Down.
Pump until three green.
- Now what?
- I pump,
and you keep it straight
until we get three green.
C'mon, c'mon
C'mon. C'mon!
Let me see those greens, baby!
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
(CONSOLE BEEPS) Got it! I got control.
- Okay.
- Radio Thompson, Skymed 933,
resuming the approach.
(WHEEZER): That was pretty
impressive, Martine.
(LEXI): Well, yeah, I'm a good pilot.
I never said you weren't.
We both know when you're the captain,
what you say goes on the plane.
Sometimes, even the captain
doesn't have a choice.
Sometimes, there are factors
beyond your control.
Sometimes, you have to do things
that you would never otherwise do
just to get everyone home safe.
- You were right, Lexi.
- That night that man
got on my plane,
I didn't know
if I was gonna get home safe.
I didn't know what was gonna happen.
I just knew that if
I didn't do what he wanted,
something really bad could've happened.
I was alone, Wheezer.
At night with a stranger.
Okay, he was bigger than me,
he was acting unpredictably.
So no! No!
In the moment, I did not feel
like I could just
tell him to get off the plane, and no
I wasn't too worried about the cargo
getting to Prospect River on time.
I was
I was worried about protecting myself.
Wheezer, that is why I wanted
to go back to medevacs.
Not because I'm not the pilot
that you thought I was,
but because I wanted
to feel safe doing my job.
And you might not agree with that,
but I stand by my decisions,
because I am a good pilot.
Damn. Is it wrong
that a man in a uniform
- totally does it for me?
- Hey, baby.
Can't wait to watch my man convocate.
Thanks, baby, come here.
Come here, baby!
- Oh! Wow.
Uh, I'll come back later.
No, wait, uh
Med student Crystal, right?
I was actually about to go grab a seat
before they fill up.
I could save you one?
- I'll see you after, bye.
- Yeah, see ya.
I got a new one
when I started med school,
and I just
I couldn't give this one up.
It saved my ass so many times
as a new nurse.
I thought maybe it could
take care of you, too.
I'm I'm really proud of you, Jer.
I wanna be a paramedic. I do.
I wanna help people.
I don't know if I can wear this.
I don't know if I can face
our people in our community
wearing that. You know?
When I learned our history,
our real history, I was
- so angry, you know?
- Yeah.
For me, the most important part
of my uniform
is that it says "nurse."
And when I put it on,
I know I'm putting it on
for our communities so
I can help them.
There's there's no easy answer, Jer.
We just
We just all have to make our own choice.
Cindy Hoffman.
Leo Wilson.
Katrina Wolston.
Jeremy Wood.
Woo, Jeremy!
Great. You dragged me out here
for manual labour.
No, this is part of your cadet training.
But I'm gonna need
to see your phone first.
I wasn't gonna do it.
I just wanted to know how.
I don't think you're a dumb
kid, Otis. You're hella smart.
It's just you do dumb shit
because you're bored that no one
else is as smart as you are.
Dude, I get it. I literally
blew myself up that way.
Yeah. My arm still hurts sometimes.
Yeah, so does my bad hand.
Um, what's with the rocks?
Well, every aviator needs
to be able to build an emergency flare
in case there's a crash.
Wait, you mean fireworks?
No, I mean an emergency flare
in case of emergencies.
Only under my supervision
and with the proper equipment.
Look The reason I'm teaching you this
is so you know how
to do it the smart way
instead of looking up dumb stuff
on the Internet
and getting your hand blown off, got it?
Safety first.
Hey, do you need a hand?
Look, I know you weren't expecting
- to fly with me tonight
- Do you mind? We've got a call.
Tristan. Please,
I'd do anything to fix this.
No, you wouldn't. You wouldn't trust me.
Look, it's not just that
you cheated on me, Nowak.
It's that even after I told you
you had nothing to worry about,
even after you said you would trust me,
you didn't.
It's just like
you expected me to let you down
like you never trusted me at all.
Jess and I are the only ones here.
- What happened?
- She's got epilepsy.
We shut down operations
to upgrade our electrical systems.
- What's with the lights?
- Looks like you're short.
There's been some hiccups.
Jess came down to check the panel
but then she stopped
answering her radio.
She's just up here in the control room.
She hasn't woken up.
Okay, let's have a look.
We're gonna need a stretcher.
It's upstairs in the safety station.
- I can go?
- Nowak's got it!
Give me a hand.
Watch her back.
Whoa. Okay, that is an electrical burn.
And there's the exit wound.
She didn't have a seizure,
she she was electrocuted.
Okay. Alright, yeah, no, uh
Those weren't hiccups.
There's been an electrical fire.
We gotta move fast.
We got the stretcher.
There was an electrical fire
in the panel Jess was working on.
Let's get the patient loaded up.
Hey, hey.
C-spine looks okay. HR is high.
He could have internal injuries.
We need to get him out of here.
It's balanced on the stretcher.
They're rated for 700 pounds,
it's a miracle the elevator
didn't cut it in half.
But Tristan, if this stretcher moves
Can you turn the power back on?
- We need to move the elevator
- It's not safe.
We can't know
if the electrics will work.
You can move it, right?
You're super smart,
you're an astronaut.
You can hack the panels or something.
Oh, no
we don't know what damage the fire did.
Anything I do can make things worse.
We can't risk it. We'll have
to raise this thing manually.
You must have forklifts here, right?
We can't get them down here
without the elevator.
There's gotta be something
in the machine shop.
C'mon, we'll take the stairs.
Hang on, Tristan!
Hold on, okay, Milosz?
I got you.
My brother
had a scholarship.
Yeah, I know.
Brother's the favourite son,
but don't worry about that now, okay?
He was 18.
We were partying
and he crashed the car.
He drove it off the road
and into the neighbour's house.
He was drinking, he would've
lost his scholarship
Just rest, okay?
We can talk about it later.
He told me to switch seats.
So everyone would think it was me.
I trusted him.
Our parents never forgave me.
Lukasz was my hero.
I didn't understand.
It wasn't just his future
It's okay, Milosz.
It was mine, too.
It's okay.
And he just threw it away.
I trusted him,
and he just threw me away.
It's okay. It's okay.
You don't understand.
I'm the broken one.
You are trustworthy.
You're the only person I ever trusted.
Milosz! Milosz!
Trying to see if Nowak's out of surgery,
but my texts aren't sending.
Reception is crap out here.
But the only thing around here
is the prison so
no one's complaining.
Just the prisoner with
possible appendicitis, right?
How's your kookum?
Isabelle's Isabelle's good.
- Yeah, saw her a few days ago.
- Oh, yeah?
Even with everything that's going on,
she still sent me home
with stew and fry bread.
She's the best cook in the world,
but I don't know,
I got some heartburn,
so I'm gonna have to save it
- so I can enjoy it.
- Hmm.
I'm a honky tonk man ♪
And I can't seem to stop ♪
I love to give the girls
a whirl ♪
To the music of an old jukebox ♪
But when my money's all gone ♪
I'm on the telephone ♪
Callin', hey mama ♪
Can your daddy come home? ♪♪
Officer Bird, are you okay?
- My damn heartburn.
Oh, I'm actually winded here.
Oh, God, I don't think
this is heartburn.
- Officer Bird!
- Byron, wake up!
Wake up! Wake up!
C'mon, this way.
Officer Bird? Bird.
He's arresting.
Get the gear.
I found a pocket mask.
Oh, my God. Okay, uh
The radio's broken.
Just get the gear from the trunk.
It's stuck!
Oh, my God, the key broke!
Okay, wait. All of our gear's
in there. The life pack,
the oxygen, the drugs.
The SAT phone, oh, my God.
We can't even call for help.
Wait, I lost my keys in the trunk once.
I folded the backseats down to get in.
It's a cop car, it's bolted in!
- No pulse. Switch.
- Okay.
One, two, three, four
Jeremy told me once you can
open a trunk with one of these.
Ah! Damn it!
I don't know if I'm doing it wrong
or Jeremy's just full of shit!
No pulse, switch.
Take your phone, run as far as you can
until you can get signal
or find someone.
No, there's nothing on this road.
There's no traffic
or anything for miles.
Just go. I got this.
It could be hours from now, Crystal.
You can't keep this up
and he doesn't have hours.
I can keep going, I can do it myself.
I'm not leaving you.
What are you doing?
I'm through!
Hang on, Crystal!
Pushing one milligram epi.
Okay, two minutes, pulse check.
He's got a pulse.
- C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
- Hello?
Reese, hey! Hey, we need help.
Bird's having an MI.
Just keep driving until you find us.
We need to get him to Thompson.
- On my way.
- Okay. Okay.
I'm not running, Crystal.
I'm trying to face things.
I booked a flight home
because I haven't been back
to visit my mom's grave
since the funeral.
I couldn't go, I just,
I was too ashamed.
But now I know that she
Now I know that she
wouldn't have blamed me.
And so I need to go
so that she can see it.
So that she can see
that I figured things out.
And I'm
I know I was wrong
to ask you to write me
that prescription.
And I'm I'm sorry.
I know you're going
through a lot with school.
And with Isabelle, And I, and I
I hate that I made that worse for you.
But you can't do this alone,
Crystal. Okay? No one can.
So even if you don't want me there.
Even if you think you can
do it by yourself,
I'm not going anywhere.
(VOICE ECHOING): Hey, roomie.
Great. I'm in hell.
Hey, thanks for taking
my shifts. Especially this one.
Ruptured diaphragm, broken ribs.
I'm gonna be in here
for a couple of days, but you
you're gonna be in here
for a lot longer.
Now, I don't know what you did
to Tristan that you had
to do all this to make up for it, but
he's been here all night.
He hasn't left your side.
You're awake.
Be nice to him. He hasn't slept.
Pretty shitty thing for you to do.
Throwing yourself under an elevator
to try to force me to forgive you.
It's not why I did it.
I still love you, you know?
But loving someone
doesn't mean that
you should be together.
I let someone kiss me once
and you held on to it for months.
You slept with someone,
and I'm just supposed
to let it go right away.
I'm sorry.
- It was on me.
- It was both of us.
The thing I need the most
is to be trusted.
The thing that's hardest
for you is to trust.
So where does that leave us?
I don't know, Nowak.
I just think
you need to be patient.
I think you should trust me enough
to be patient.
I'm sorry
There's really no one out here.
It's gonna be dark soon.
This place could definitely be creepy.
You brought me out here
to tell me it's creepy?
I never had to worry
about it before because
I guess there was a lot
that I didn't have
to worry about before.
Situations where I didn't
have to worry about
what would happen to me,
but other people might.
I don't wanna lose good pilots
because they don't feel safe.
And after what happened to you,
I'm implementing a code
that every Skymed pilot can use
to let dispatch know
- that they're in trouble.
- What's the code?
I was kind of hoping
that you would advise me.
Something a pilot
would feel comfortable saying
in a situation like that.
That wouldn't alert anyone on the plane,
but would let people on the ground know
that there's a problem.
What about "Marty"?
It was my dad's call sign.
Marty it is.
Thunder Bay, they're making
their decision tomorrow.
If we get this contract,
there will be places
for good people to move up.
I understand if you still wanna leave,
but I do think that you are
a hell of a good pilot.
I think there is a future
for you here at Skymed.
If you want it.
Milosz, this is Tom.
The ops manager
from Birch Wing Air.
I wanted to follow up
on our last conversation.
I already told you Lexi Martine
is one of the best pilots I know.
- You should hire her.
- That's not why I'm calling.
Look, everyone at Birch Wing
was very impressed
when we spoke with you.
We've asked around,
you're well respected
by your peers
with an impressive resume.
Birch Wing is still
looking for a chief pilot.
Are you offering me a job?
We are, Chief Pilot.
Unless you have a reason
to stay in Thompson.
When you try your best
but you don't succeed ♪
When you get what you want
but not what you need ♪
When you feel so tired ♪
Congratulations, partner.
- Thank you
When the tears come streaming
down your face ♪
I can't believe it.
I can't get him to empty the dishwasher,
and you get jumping jacks?
You must be Chopper.
- You're Otis's older sister.
- Deandra.
And you're the cool pilot.
Yeah, yeah. I am. Uh
I might have taught him
how to make fireworks.
But, hey, you know,
he knows how to keep safe.
You just have to watch
for the chemicals in the house,
the bleach, and the charcoal.
Why don't I just
give you my phone number?
And you can text me a list.
Uh, yeah, sure.
Here you go.
Could it be worse ♪
Lights will guide you home ♪
And ignite your bones ♪
- Hey, what's up?
- Oh, hey!
Uh, I found some marshmallows in a bush.
I didn't know if you guys wanna
if it's gonna fire or not?
Do you guys wanna
Jeremy is a full PCP now.
- Nice.
- You're one of us now.
- Congrats, Jer.
- Yeah, c'mon, man. Have a seat.
He has popcorn.
- Cheers.
- Hey!
And high up above
or down below ♪
When you're too in love
to let it go ♪
But if you never try
you'll never know ♪
Just what you're worth ♪
Lights will guide you home ♪
Hey, what's happening?
What's going on with Thunder Bay?
It's not good.
We're all in the shit now.
Because we got the contract!
So you guys are all gonna
have a lot more work to do!
Fix You ♪
Tears stream down your face ♪
When you lose something
you cannot replace ♪
Tears stream down your face ♪
The first time I saw them
was right after I moved up here.
I just had a feeling, like,
this is where I'm supposed to be.
Nehiyawak believe
the Northern Lights
are our ancestors dancing in the sky.
It means, "They who are dancing".
One day my kookum will be up there.
Maybe your mom's up there, too.
Maybe you don't have to go
anywhere to see her.
Maybe she's trying to tell you
that she sees you.
Someone told me that no one
gets through this alone.
Good thing we take care
of our own around here, huh?
Lights will guide you home ♪
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