Slasher (2016) s02e03 Episode Script

Saint Sebestian

1 - [ANTOINE] Gay people suck! - [RENEE LAUGHS] I know, right? [ANTOINE] No, I mean pff It's just playing games.
Like you know, I get it.
His boyfriend loses interest so he just macks on some random guy at the club and stokes a fire of jealousy, I guess.
I don't know.
What an asshole.
- Obviously, you're too good for him.
- Well, obviously.
Hey, listen, I wanna thank you for making my anti-social ass come out tonight, I I had fun.
Anytime, sweet cheeks.
You had fun tonight, too.
- See ya.
- [RENEE] See ya.
[HUFFS] [TIRES SCREECH] [DISTANT BARKING] Pretty late to be out walking alone.
You gay boy.
I don't want any trouble, man.
So you been out at the clubs, you cocksucker? Or at one of those bathhouses? Why don't I just walk back the way I came? [SOFTLY] You don't wanna do this.
[GRUNTS] Violence begets violence.
You throw hurt into the universe, it comes back at you twice as hard.
It's called karma.
You know, I've put the hurt on a lot of fags.
[GRUNTS] Come here.
So where's this "karma" that's gonna swoop down and punish me? You're looking at it.
Remember remember what a faggot did to you.
[SCREAMS] - Oh, Jesus.
- [SOBS] Oh, God.
[MARK] Don't look.
[MARK] Oh, God.
Oh, shit.
[MARK] Go back! Stay back, please! Please go back! - You don't wanna see this.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God, her eyes.
Oh, my! [GASPS] - Jesus Christ.
- [DAWN SOBBING] [DAWN] Why would they do that? [NOAH] Fuck.
[PETER] I just wanted to say thanks for opening your doors to us.
I imagine we're not your favorite people right now.
[ANTOINE LAUGHING] - You think? - Antoine.
She fired a shot at you guys.
They were warning shots, and I don't have x-ray vision.
I couldn't see through a wooden fucking door.
They could be the killers.
Antoine, we are not the ones doing this.
The three of us were locked in the cabin while Susan was being slaughtered, so how could it be us? Well, you guys did go in your rooms and then close your doors.
[BOTH] Shut up, Noah! Look, look.
Susan and Andy were our friends.
Why would we kill them? I can take a wild guess.
To cover up whatever happened to that girl.
Really, man? We already talked about this, okay? We told you the truth.
We didn't know Talvinder and we weren't her friends.
You told us lies.
- What happened to her, huh? - Just stop.
Come on, just stop.
This is pointless.
In the morning, we head to Gene's.
We use his phone to call the police.
Whatever happened that night, if anything, they'll find out.
I know I sound like a broken record, but we all need rest, desperately.
I'll get them settled.
Come over here.
[GLENN] All right.
[SIZZLING] Really? Smoked pork knuckle.
Which is actually a misnomer because it's not a cut from the pig's hand.
It's from his arm.
God bless Gene.
He brought me some amazing cuts of meat.
- I don't know how you eat that.
- Usually with fork and knife.
Maybe a little mustard if I'm feeling crazy.
[CHUCKLES] Meet me outside in five minutes.
- What? - Don't let anyone see you leave.
- Why? - Five minutes.
Thank you for letting me crash here.
Of course.
My pleasure.
Dawn [SIGHS] I need to say something.
Sometimes, when a cloud forms, the best thing is for a storm to come along and clear all the pressure so we can all start fresh.
Why don't you tell Keira that? I don't think I'm getting any do-overs from her.
You need to understand something.
We all came to We Live As One lost and broken.
And here, we all found the thing that we needed to feel whole again.
So we're protective.
So you see us as a threat.
I do.
But I am trying to keep an open mind and an open heart, and I only ask that you try to do the same.
I'm gonna go brush my teeth.
The bathroom's down the hallway, and I'll just go and get you an extra blanket and pillow from downstairs.
Thank you.
[CLICKS] What are we doing here? You'll understand when you see it.
[CLATTERS] [LID BANGS] [GASPS] - What is that? - It's Talvinder.
[ANTOINE] That girl who went missing.
No one can know she's here.
"The rare and elusive lactarius indigo sometimes found within dead trees and rocky enclosures.
" Seek and ye shall find.
Or a rocky enclosure.
[GRUNTS] [GASPS] Holy shit.
I found her in a cave last summer.
Her skull looked bashed in.
I couldn't leave her remains for someone else to find.
Why not? You were on the verge of closing the deal on the property.
So? So who the hell would buy land that someone was murdered on? This deal went through months ago.
Why is she still here? [SIGHS] Because 'cause her body might be contaminated.
- How contaminated? - With my fucking DNA! You didn't even know the girl.
You weren't even here five years ago.
You think the cops are gonna care about that? They're gonna pull my life apart.
They're gonna poke into every dark corner searching for something, anything they can find to pin it on me.
You made a terrible mistake.
You should've left the remains where you found them.
I know.
Why didn't you tell me, huh? Why didn't you tell me, your life partner? I could've helped you figure something out.
- Come up with a solution.
- Renee, please.
I got scared.
Then I shut down.
If I could do it all over again, I would tell you right away.
Is there anything else you're keeping from me? No.
I swear.
All right.
We'll face this like we face all our problems.
[ANTOINE SIGHS] [FIRE CRACKLES] Do you want a hand? Sure, yes.
Thank you.
Look - Sorry, I'm a bundle of nerves.
- That's okay.
I think we all are.
Thank you.
[SIGHS] [PETER] What time is it? Just past 3:00.
"The Devil's hour.
" Thought that was midnight.
[MARK] Midnight is the witching hour.
3 a.
belongs to the devil.
[PETER] Okay, I'll bite.
Why? Jesus died on the cross at 3:00 p.
And so the devil chose the opposite time, 3:00 a.
, to pervert his sacrifice and have a nightly celebration.
It's a time when demons and ghouls come out from under the cover of darkness, to torment and terrify us, His children.
Way to lighten the mood, bro.
[CHUCKLES] Three people are dead.
Do you think that would be appropriate? [MUTTERS] All right.
[MARK] Let's all cut the bullshit here.
[YAWNS] We all know what's going on here.
[PETER] And what's that, exactly? Well, we're all exhausted, but none of us can trust the others long enough so that we can get some sleep.
- You're right.
- [MARK] So the question becomes, can we set aside our suspicions for a few hours long enough to grab some Z's? I know I can.
I can do that.
[NOAH] I guess I can make that happen, yeah.
We're too vulnerable sleeping alone.
I think it's safer if we bunk together.
I'm not tired.
I'll stay, keep watch, long as I can stay awake.
You bunk with me, Peter.
[SIGHS] Well, it looks like it's you and me, champ.
Don't worry, I don't bite.
[CHUCKLES] Well, this is it.
Barely enough room to swing a cat.
But then, I'm a dog guy anyway.
[LAUGHS] Okay.
It's not the biggest room in the house, but we've got the bonus of an en suite crapper, which I definitely need 'cause I pee a lot at night.
I hope it doesn't bother you.
Doctor says I've got the bladder of a 12-year-old boy.
[LAUGHS] I don't know what that means.
You know, I think I should I should probably just try and get some sleep.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
You know what? Here, take these blankets and I will find another one.
- It's okay.
- No, no, go ahead.
[GROANS, WINCES] Wow, you are in a shitload of pain, huh? Yeah.
I know you guys are all, like, naturopathic and shit, but [LAUGHING] Yeah, I'd I'd give my left nut for, you know, some sweet chemical to dull the pain.
Left nut, huh? [LAUGHING] That's funny.
[GLENN] Tell you what.
All right.
Now, drugs around here are completely forbidden.
But, lucky you, I don't always follow the rules.
Huh? Fuck them hippies, right? Now, remember, this is strictly clandestine.
Now listen to me.
You treat this like it was cocaine.
Do you understand me? This is between you and me.
Yeah, brother.
Mum's the word, roomie.
Go ahead.
All right.
Well, tidy tank's gonna hit the head, if you know what I mean.
You let me know if you need anything else.
[GASPING] [RENEE] I still think we should leave the body where you found it.
[ANTOINE] For the police to discover? Fuck, no.
Hey, you! - Hey.
- Come on, come on over.
Get out of the rain.
Have some tea with me.
Someone's wound up tight.
Come on, come over.
It'll relax you.
- Your "tea" is very relaxing.
- [LAUGHS] Yes, it is.
What happened there? Oh, uh it's like a drunken, stupid, falling-into-a-door kind of accident.
Very, very early this morning.
You're acting really weird.
Talk to me.
[SIGHS] It's nothing, it's just [SIGHS] I'm just really fed up, I'm just fed up with the anger in this city.
I am fed up with the toxic environments, and I'm fucking fed up with this empty gay dating environment.
Sometimes I just wonder why it can't be like it is with you and me.
It's always so, like, genuine and authentic.
- What we have is perfect.
- Yeah.
Except for the little problem with our anatomies not liking each other.
- [LAUGHING] - I do like the vagina.
- You do.
- And the labia.
And this weed.
Hey, do you know what an intentional community is? Yeah.
It's the suburbs I grew up in.
Intentionally close-minded, intentionally cookie cutter, and intentionally fucking boring.
Yeah, well, remember I told you my parents had this summer camp up north - went belly up? - Uh-huh.
It was beautiful.
It was really beautiful.
It has these islands and these rolling hills, and lots of trees.
What if we winterized the place and made it a year-round property? Why? I don't know, we could start our own community, you know? And build something from the ground up with like-minded people who share the same line and ideas Just wanna reject everything negative in our lives.
[SIGHS] I don't I don't get it.
- You wanna move up north? - Mm.
Yeah, yeah.
You could do massage therapy, teach yoga.
I could teach meditation and hold healing circles.
And we would be non-hierarchical and inclusive, standing for integrity in everything we do.
We could nourish each other with dance and music, and healthy vegan food.
[LAUGHING] There'd be no internet, no cell phone, no cable TV, nothing to distract us.
It would be paradise.
- [MOTOR WHINES] - Come on! [MOTOR WHINING] [GROANING] Please hurry up.
We have to get back before they wonder what we're doing.
I'm going as fast as I can.
It's not gonna work.
Have to pull her body apart bury her in different places.
- Are you kidding me? - The ground is fucking frozen, Renee! I can't dig a hole deep enough to bury her fucking body! Don't you see that? Okay, you don't have to swear at me.
Oh, God.
[CRACKING] [GRUNTS] Oh, God! Oh, God! [PANTING] We can't pull this poor girl apart and bury her in some unmarked grave.
Well, what the hell are we gonna do? This is not who we are.
This is not the reason we came here.
If we stray from the values we know to be true, then everything we've created will be destroyed.
Integrity in everything we do, remember? So what do we do with the body? We give her back to her parents.
And in the meantime? If the others see this, they're gonna think I'm the killer.
We'll bring her back to the shed.
We wait until the police arrive.
But we do do the right thing here.
[SLURPS] Dude, do you have to eat like that? - Eat like what? What's your problem? - [PETER] Okay, sun's up.
- Let's get going.
- [MARK] Cool your jets.
Renee and Antoine aren't down yet.
[RENEE] Judith.
Those pancakes smell divine.
You guys are late.
Where were you? There are no bosses here.
Stop acting like one.
We were outside doing sun salutations.
I do them every morning, rain or shine.
I thought yoga was supposed to make you calm.
[ANTOINE] Let's focus on getting to Gene's.
It's 30 klicks away, which is a long walk in sub-zero temperatures.
Susan and me, we saw an old RV out in the woods last night.
Couldn't we all just climb in that and drive out? [GLENN] It's my RV.
And I'm telling you, it's not getting ten feet in this ice and snow.
Don't be a retard.
You know, we're not allowed to say that word.
- You fucking retard.
- [PETER] Guys, we'll walk.
[NOAH] No, we won't walk, man.
Exhibit A, exhibit B.
You still think that's a good idea? This time, we won't be two panicked people running through the snow.
This time, we'll be a group, with a plan, prepared.
That's not a plan.
It's suicide.
I'm sorry, you got a better idea, bud? Nope.
I'm eating breakfast.
[PETER] Here's the deal.
Two groups.
Group number one stays here.
Group number two will go on the trek with me.
And I'm taking the strongest people.
Do I have any objections? - Not from me.
It's a good plan.
- Yeah, I'm up for it.
I can't sit around here anymore.
I'm going stir crazy.
I think it's a good idea.
But do you need to take all the strongest people? We'll be like sitting ducks here.
She's right.
We can't all go.
Oh, I'm sorry, Judith, I wasn't thinking.
I'll stay.
You do what you wanna do.
Let me stay.
I've taken self-defense courses.
[LAUGHING] Self-defense courses.
I'll stay too.
[PETER] Okay, guys, guys, it's decided.
You guys stay here.
Renee, Dawn, Mark and Glenn, you guys come with me.
We leave in five.
[DAWN] I need a minute.
You all right? I'm fine.
Renee! These walkies are old, but the range isn't half bad.
Any sign of trouble, you radio immediately.
- Okay? - You do the same.
Be careful out there.
[GLENN] All right.
Get a room, you kids.
I'm freezing my ass off.
Are you sure this is a good idea? What if they're just leading us out here to kill us? Well, we don't let our guard down.
- Well, Glenn seems pretty sketch.
- Yeah.
And Mark, "Mr.
Wise Man On The Hill.
" You know he had one of his talks with Andy, right? Yeah, and Susan too, and they both wound up dead.
What if it's him? Let's not forget "American Gothic 2.
0," Renee and Antoine.
What are they? Brother/wife, sister/husband? Look, if we run into any trouble, I've got my gun back.
What? How? All that matters is that I got it back, no thanks to you.
[FAINT GROWLING] What is that? - Fuck, it's not there.
- What's not in there? [WALKIE SCREECHES] Renee, this is Antoine.
Is that you? [WALKIE SQUELCHES] - Shh.
- Seriously, what the fuck is going on? - [DAWN PANTING] - [GROWLING] What the fuck? [GROWLING] [SIGHS] [MARK] What? What? [MARK] What is it? I think it's a wolf.
Antoine, this is Renee.
We heard you.
[ANTOINE] Keep your eyes open.
[RENEE] We're okay.
We're gonna keep going.
[ANTOINE] Be safe.
[MUTTERS] Yeah, sure, let's follow the fucking wolf.
[GASPS] [PANTING] - Antoine, are you there? - [DAWN] How much farther? - I think we're almost there.
- [RENEE] Antoine.
Come in, Antoine.
Can you hear me? Are you there? - Maybe his battery's dead.
- [PETER] Or we're out of range.
Either way, the walkie is useless.
[WINCING] Note to self try not to think about how many times big Glenn abused little Glenn on this mattress.
[WINCES] It's better than the floor, yeah.
[SIGHS] Oh! [PANTING] Ibuprofen, I'm coming at ya.
Who the fuck is Benny Ironside? [PANTING] Guys! [GROUP PANTING] [BANGS] A phone.
[BEEPS] - It's dead.
- Maybe it just needs charging.
- No, the phone's plugged in.
- Then why the fuck isn't it working? - How are we supposed to know that? - Give me the keys to the SUV.
- I'm gonna start it.
- Wait.
Here's your explanation.
Looks like Gene wasn't very good at paying his bills, either.
Who gives a fuck about the phone? Our way out of here is right there with the SUV.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
Come on, come on, come on.
- [PETER] It's not turning over.
- Yeah, I got that! Thank you for the fucking update! Come on, you dirty Motherfucker, God damn it! Glenn! I really don't think that's gonna help.
[MUTTERS] Fuck you.
The light was left on.
- What fucking light? - This one above the mirror.
I will be in the SUV in the meantime.
Which one of you fucking idiots? Well, I didn't Look, I was waiting for Noah to get me a sweater, and [SIGHS] You are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you? Glenn, she didn't do it on purpose.
You know that? Do you fucking know that? She brought a gun, and now the only vehicle is disabled.
You know what, Glenn? I keep trying to remind myself to see the scared little boy inside of you that is lashing out because he's afraid.
But I really don't think that discharging your rage and your fear on others is of service to anyone.
Don't fucking talk to me unless you're gonna speak English.
Do you fucking understand me, Kimosabe? Can we just find something to make this trip back a little easier? Huh? [MARK] Renee's right.
[STRUMMING] Renee, this is Antoine.
Please respond.
She hasn't answered you in a long time, Antoine.
She's probably out of range.
I'll check the signal in the back.
This guy's gotta chill out.
Antoine's trying to control a situation that he has no actual control over.
Poor guy.
Thanks for the soup, Judith.
It was really good.
I'm freezing, so I'm gonna go grab some wood and start a fire.
Well, shouldn't someone go with you? No, it should just take a second.
You don't want a hand, Keira? [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] What about you? Could I tempt you with some of my world famous soup? No, I'm not really a caramelized onion guy.
I'll just have my grapes.
Did you get my letter? Yes, I did.
Thank you.
Sometimes I think it's easier for me to write these feelings down just to get it out, um, especially in a fish bowl like this one.
I'm glad you did.
[WALKIE SQUELCHES] Hello? [SCREAMS] [NOAH] What? Is that? Oh, fuck, man, that is.
That's a rotten fucking severed hand.
- It's Talvinder's, obviously.
- You don't know that.
[YELLS] No more games! You're gonna tell us what really happened to her.
- How many times I gotta do this shit? - Until you tell us the truth! I already told you what I know.
I didn't even know Talvinder was dead.
Yeah, you and your friends probably killed her with your own hands.
You guys are supposed to go, like, "Kumbaya" and "love thy neighbor," but all you do is hurl accusations and blame us for shit.
Yeah, because every fucking thing that's happened in the last 24 hours has been on you and your friends.
- I don't need this.
- You're not going anywhere.
Man, get the fuck out of my face.
Start talking, you piece of shit.
- [GUNSHOT ECHOES] - That was a warning shot.
Next one won't be a warning.
Just try me.
Just try me, man, see what happens.
Stay the fuck away from me or I'll shoot.
- I just wanna talk to you, man.
- [NOAH] Stay away! Look, you don't need to do that, Noah.
I took a vow of non-violence, all right? I'm not gonna hurt you.
We all did.
We're not gonna hurt you.
- We just want the truth.
- But I already told you.
[GRUNTING] [KEIRA] Antoine, you can let him go! You're choking him to death! Antoine, that's enough! [GROANS] The truth.
Now! I'll tell you the truth.
It was Owen Turnbull.
- Who's Owen Turnbull? - He went to our camp, okay? He was a really creepy guy obsessed with Talvinder.
He never left her side.
Okay, when Talvinder went missing, you didn't have to be fucking Sherlock to know who did it.
So you think this Owen guy killed her? Everyone did, including the cops.
They just couldn't find the body.
It's been five years without an answer.
We figured Owen dumped the body somewhere in the area.
We just came back to look.
Why now? Why now? It's the fucking dead of winter! What the hell is going on?! [PANTING] [GASPS] This house was supposed to be a peaceful haven.
Now it's become a war zone.
It's affecting us all, this fear and hatred and violence.
Anyone can take a life given the circumstances.
I have to get rid of her body.
The killer already found it.
If it's not in the shed I'll keep looking, and it goes in the lake.
- I should go with you.
- No, you're exhausted.
No, I'm fine.
It would be less suspicious if I go alone.
Besides, I won't be alone.
I'll have this.
- No, please let me come with you.
- No.
How do we face our problems? How do we face our problems? Could I talk to you for a minute? Oh, Judith, this isn't the best time right now.
- I'm sorry.
- It won't take long.
Earlier in the kitchen I saw you.
I don't wanna say you were spying.
I just I feel like this is a much bigger conversation.
Maybe later you, me and Renee can sit down and I don't want to involve Renee.
I wanna hear from you.
Listen, we're all feeling a lot of helplessness right now.
A lot of fear, and these are powerful, powerful emotions.
It can easily make us lose our center and cause us to do things to help us escape from the things that are happening around us.
I didn't want to embarrass you, Judith.
I'm sure it's harmless.
Thank you, Antoine.
Thank you.
Okay, you stole my gun and now they have it again.
What the hell, Noah? How else was I supposed to defend myself in my crippled state? How do you expect anyone to trust you when you pull this shit? You guys are just so against me.
I think you always have been.
You even blame me for Talvinder.
Admit it.
I knew it, I knew it.
I knew you blame me.
Noah, we're marked for death, so what you need to do is stop worrying about the past and start worrying about surviving the present.
'Cause that's what this is about right now.
[WHISPERS] What'd you tell 'em? The official story.
Crazy Owen killed her.
No body was found, and we came back here looking for answers.
- Did they believe it? - They don't believe anything we say.
They hate our guts.
This is war.
We cannot be at war with them if we're going to survive this.
- Hey, if you're going by the kitchen - No.
I just want a snack.
I'm so hungry.
No, no, no, no, no.
Hey, "Benny.
" What'd you call me? You know, my foot was killing me.
I hope you don't mind, I just went back in your drawer for some more aspirin, and I found that prescription to Benny Ironside.
And I got to thinking either you took that from some guy named Benny Hm.
Or you are Benny.
And you're here under some false pretenses.
Well, unfortunately, I don't have to explain shit to you, do I? [LAUGHING] No, you're totally right.
You don't.
Let's go see what Antoine and Renee have to say about your little contraband pharmacy.
It's warfarin.
They use it to treat blood clot disorders of the lungs.
It's a life-saving drug, but it is out of this world expensive, okay? So then you stole it.
No, a compassion clinic gave them to me.
They give expensive drugs to people who can't afford them.
But because it's slightly illegal they put random names on the prescriptions, so there's no paper trail.
Okay? You happy? [CHUCKLES] Wow.
Yeah, that was almost plausible, man.
I mean, you're pretty quick for such a big dude.
You're lucky I like you so I'm gonna let this slide.
But do not mistake my kindness for weakness.
You poke around in my shit again, - and you'll be very, very sorry.
- [SLAMS] Hey.
Do you mind if I chill in here? I just I just gotta, you know, clear my head.
I won't make any noise, I promise.
You being here is enough to bother me.
Okay, I get it.
You're you're pissed, right? At me and Noah and Dawn.
I'm a little bit more than pissed.
[PETER] We messed up.
We should've told you guys about Talvinder way before.
We were scared.
She's scared.
Not thinking straight, and not knowing who to trust.
[SIGHS] But that doesn't make it right.
And I didn't come here to make excuses.
I just want to tell you the truth.
From now on, no more lies.
Don't make promises you can't keep.
I deserve that.
Seat's over there.
But we're not talking.
I invented sin That makes the sinners grin I drown my soul Before the day begins The house of shame Is where my name's the name Look to me when you're layin' blame - Six feet ain't deep enough - For the devil - Six feet ain't deep enough - For the devil - Six feet ain't deep enough - For the devil - Six feet ain't deep enough - For the devil I invented sin That makes the sinners grin I burn my soul Before the day begins The house of shame Is where my name's the name Look to me when you're layin' blame - That smell.
- [CHUCKLES] It's pork knuckle.
Okay, come on, have a little bite.
- You might like it.
- I can tell you right now I won't.
Come on, have some of the meat.
- Have a little bite.
You might like it.
- You're hopeless.
[LAUGHS] All right, more for me.