Slasher (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

Night of Hunters

[CHUCKLES] Word of advice, buddy.
You should try to not act so fuckin' nervous, you know? [CLAPS] I'm not nervous.
[GLENN] Really? Well, then clearly, you're a fuckin' idiot.
And the bastards in here are gonna eat you alive.
Just like my first time in college.
[GLENN] Oh, is that so? Could have fooled me.
- How long you in for? - Don't know.
You don't know? - Well, that's a first.
- Oh, yeah.
Fuck, let me think.
About 302 days? - Thanks for the reminder.
- Don't get your panties in a twist.
All I'm trying to say is, you'd do well to make some friends in here.
Otherwise, 302 days are gonna suck real hard.
Yeah? I think I'm good, bro.
[DUMBBELLS CLANK] Think you're good, huh? You know what's funny? 'Cause you remind me of me when I got here.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Let me guess.
Out there in the real world, you're king of the castle, aren't ya? Yeah.
But you know what? Once you're in here, everything changes.
In here - you ain't shit.
- [GRUNTS] You didn't bring your fucking castle with you.
You know? No army.
See, in here, amigo - you're alone.
- [BANGS] Naked and defenseless.
So what do you do? I'm glad you asked.
You got to rebuild your castle.
Brick by brick.
You amass a new army.
You make some fuckin' friends.
I don't do free lunches.
What's in it for you? A bigger fuckin' army, of course.
[LAUGHS] [MARK] Renee Renee, you don't need to look at that.
[SOBS] [GASPS] [RENEE SOBS] I'll find who did this to you, I swear.
[SOBS] I'm sorry.
I'm gonna put you in your bed, okay? You're gonna have to sleep.
You need to get some sleep.
[RENEE] How can this be happening? I mean, maybe it's not happening.
Maybe I'm just dreaming it.
I'm sleeping [SLAPS] Renee, Renee, don't do that.
Don't do that.
- [SOBS] - You need to get some rest.
[JUDITH] You need to lie down and get some sleep.
He was just here this morning, and now he's gone.
I know.
It's gonna be okay.
[SOBBING] Okay, honey.
All right, all right, just give me this.
I'll put it right up here so you can see it, okay? There you go.
I have something for you.
[RENEE GULPS] What are those? I know it's against the rules, but this helps me sleep, amongst other things.
Just take two.
- It'll help you sleep.
There you go.
- Okay.
- Okay, take that.
- [SNIFFLING] Here you go.
That's it.
Lie down.
And when you wake up we're gonna find out who did this to Antoine.
- Okay? - [RENEE MOANS] [DOOR CREAKS] [DAWN] I'm so sorry about Antoine.
[SIGHS] We found this near his body.
[GASPS] I know you brought it for protection, so protect yourself.
Colozopam is basically a sedative.
Judith should have talked to me about it first.
- Renee's in shock.
- I know.
But what if she needs to run? What if we all need to run? Do you wanna carry a comatose body? I'll tell you this when it's time to run, I'm runnin'.
If somebody can't keep up, tough titties.
Yeah, you running, that's a good one.
Oh, you're real funny.
Funny Guy, huh? I bet you think cannibalism is funny too.
Is that some kinda sick Millennial thing? I bet me puking up one of the nicest people I have ever met is a laugh fucking riot to you! You know what? I bet you carved him up.
Glenn, do you have proof of that? Of course he doesn't have proof.
Why would I kill Antoine? Why would you shoot at him yesterday? That was a warning shot, obviously.
Where were you when Antoine was killed? Look, Keira, Keira come on, this is insane.
It's a simple question.
Glenn is just fucking with me, okay? And you know what? This guy isn't even who he says he is.
What are you talking about? Come with me.
I have something to show you.
Here, check this out.
It was right here.
- What was? - The pills, okay? He had a prescription with some other guy's name on it.
Benny Benny-something or other.
I don't know.
I swear to God, they were right here.
[GLENN] Funny guy strikes again, huh? What is this? Some kinda practical joke? I don't get it.
- Ha! Yes, right there.
Told you.
- [BOTTLE RATTLES] Glenn Morgan.
Glenn Morgan.
It's for acid reflux.
Yeah, doctor says I should give up gluten or some shit.
But, you know, I'm a slut for carbs.
- Never met one I wouldn't go down on.
- [NOAH] No.
Look, I was looking for painkillers in his drawer and I found a prescription with another guy's name on it.
I swear on my mother I'm not making this up.
Peter, you believe me, right? Peter, come on! Of course, of course I believe you.
- Thank you, thank you.
- Well, I don't.
And I think you should stay here until we know if it's true or not.
Keira, Keira, Noah's my friend.
He can sleep, he can read a book, - but he stays here.
- You're making a mistake.
- I didn't do anything.
- It's temporary.
- I didn't do anything.
- Noah! Just be a team player here, okay? Look, it's safer for all of us if you just do what they say.
Dude, this is some industrial-grade bullshit, man.
[SMACKS] Hey, Judith.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
What's going on in that head of yours? [SIGHS] It's just such a nightmare.
This was supposed to be a safe space.
It is a safe space.
Judith? It is.
I won't let anything happen to you.
I promise.
I promise.
[YELLS] Peter! Hey! Hey! Stop! Hey! [PETER] Hey, stop! Hey! [PETER] Stop! [GRUNTS] [YELPS] [YELLS] [STRANGER] Get off me! I said, get off me! Take your goddamn hands off me! [STRANGER PANTING, SOBBING] Who are you? [STRANGER] I told you, my name is Megan.
Megan McAllister.
I'm just passing through from the national park.
Yeah? It's winter.
No one just passes through.
They'll freeze.
- What are you doing? - See what you can find.
- Renee.
- Just do it, Keira.
I know these woods like the back of my hand.
I've been doing this trek every year for the past seven years with Gail.
Wait, wait, I thought you said you came here alone.
Gail, my best friend, she died of leukemia last summer, so I'm trekking for her this year.
Why don't you guys believe me? There might be two of them.
Where is she, huh? Is she out there waiting for us? What? No.
My friend died.
[MEGAN] Jesus, what the hell is your problem? My problem is I don't know what you're doing on We Live As One property.
- Spying on us.
- I wasn't spying on you.
What the fuck is this? Please, I'll just go, okay? I'll leave right now.
Okay, Renee, you're acting crazy.
Everyone just calm down.
When did you get here? This morning? This morning, I woke up in my tent on the Cedar Creek Trail, I Listened to the weather report.
It said a storm's on its way so I came here to find shelter.
- I swear I'm telling the truth.
- Prove it.
- Prove it how? - Prove it.
Ask the fucking reindeer! Christ! This is ridiculous! Renee, Renee, Renee.
Shut up, Judith.
What I find ridiculous is that somebody did a terrible, terrible thing to my life partner, and then, an hour later we find you.
- I didn't do anything.
- [SCREAMS] Liar! - Wait, guys.
- I'm gonna ask you one last time.
I was on the Cedar trail, I swear.
- I swear to God.
I am not lying.
- Renee, Renee, chill.
- Renee, she's telling the truth.
- Just stop it! - I am not lying.
- Would you just stop it? - Liar! - Chill! - You lying little bitch! Bitch! - Renee! [BODY THUMPS] - I think she has a concussion.
- Yeah, no shit.
It's freezing in here.
Yeah, can you get some blankets? We're gonna need to keep her warm.
- No, we should tie her up.
- [KEIRA] Tie her up? She's not a threat.
[RENEE] Don't be such a fucking child.
Take a look at this.
Look at it.
It's a park permit for the south entrance of the park for yesterday at 8:00 a.
That's over 50 kilometers away, Renee.
That means she was nowhere near Susan, and Gene, and Andy.
[RENEE] And Antoine, what about him, huh? Or this Gail person.
I mean, they could be killing us as a team.
I saw her tracks in the snow.
They came from the south.
She didn't try to cover 'em.
I think she was telling the truth.
[PETER] Found something better than blankets.
Peter, no.
We can't use that inside.
I'm down with that.
Suffocate the bitch.
Keira, she's waking up.
We should tie her up.
- Tie up her feet, her hands, just - Renee, get out.
- But - [YELLS] Get out! [MUTTERS] [PETER] Megan? [KEIRA] Megan, can you hear me? [KEIRA] We're gonna keep you lying down.
[BANGING] [DOOR CREAKING] [RATTLING] [GLENN] Noah? [TAPPING ON DOOR] [GLENN] You rubbin' one out? [LAUGHS] Just go fuck yourself.
You mad at me? Don't be mad.
You want me to come in and say I'm sorry? [DOORKNOB RATTLES] [LATCH CLICKS] [DOOR CREAKS] Hey, buddy.
Sorry, did I make you nervous? [INMATES' VOICES OVERLAPPING] Well, I guess this is it, huh, brother? Guess so.
Tamarind Bluffs.
[RG] Yeah.
I've watched you eyeballing this for the last year.
Gonna get your ass there, finally? Oh, that's actually gonna be my first stop.
You know, I was thinking I would just I would just go, I don't know, just chill for a couple of months.
Maybe head up to Bruce Peninsula.
I don't know.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
Looks real peaceful.
Hey, you know what? Hang onto this.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Give it to me next time, all right? Guess what? They found somebody spying on us.
A chick.
Yeah, Renee totally thought she was a killer and went to town on her ass.
[CHUCKLES] Honestly, I didn't think she had it in her, but wow.
So they think she's the one that's been doing this? No, no.
Turns out it wasn't her.
So that means that you are still stuck here.
Mayor of Shit Town, population one.
[LAUGHS] It's you.
I know it is.
And pretty soon they're all gonna know that, too.
Yeah? How are you gonna do that from inside here, huh? You gonna try another bullshit story, is that it? 'Cause I hate to break it to you, you kinda blew your load on the last one, you know? Get the fuck away from me, man.
This isn't the city.
Nobody's coming to help you.
This is my castle.
Got that? You know, Noah, I [PANTING] I like you.
I really do.
You're really funny.
- [GASPS] - But you're weak.
You're like a little yapping dog that won't shut up and doesn't know its place.
Well, you keep pushing the big dog, and the big dog is gonna eat you alive and throw the bones over the fence to the other side.
Do you got me? Yeah.
- [BARKS] - [GASPS] Oh, fuck.
[MUTTERS] [GASPS] - Good boy.
- [SNIFFLES] [DOOR CLOSES] Things got outta control.
And I'm sorry for that.
- We had to take some precautions.
- Those weren't precautions.
That was assault.
There's a difference.
Renee found her husband dead in a trunk this morning.
His body was chopped up into pieces.
What are you talking about? Yesterday, I I saw my ex-girlfriend bleeding out in the snow.
Um, and another one of our friends froze to death with her eyes gouged out, and then let's not forget Gene, who someone chewed up with a chainsaw.
Maybe it was a goblin who grabbed us or some bullshit like that.
We don't know we don't know who it was.
Now you said that you know these woods, right? [MEGAN] Yeah.
Do you know any shortcuts out to the main road? A 50-kilometer hike in the middle of winter is dangerous enough.
Trying to do it in a blizzard? [MEGAN] Do you really wanna take that chance? We'd have to wait till morning.
Hopefully the storm breaks before then.
I've got a compass, a map I know what trails to take and what not to take.
Wait, so you think this is doable? I think it's gonna be a fucking nightmare.
But if the storm clears by sunup, that gives us the whole day to make it halfway, at least.
Thank you, Megan.
[GRUNTS] [KNIFE SCRAPES] [KNOCKS] Howdy, stranger.
[LAUGHS] Surprise.
So I said, "I have not always been a man of the law, but I've always been a man of my word.
And I vow to solemnly swear that from this day forward, I will always respect others, be a contributing member of society, and to make my family proud of me.
" It was some real Shawshank shit, man.
- [LAUGHS] - And what did they say to that? - Who? Parole board? - Yeah.
Not a lot.
They just released you, anyway? Yeah.
What can I tell you? I guess it was my day.
Hey, cheers.
Hey, to your newfound freedom.
So, where you headed? Actually, I'm joining an intentional community.
- What the fuck is that? - It's like a commune, but not.
You live in the woods.
You live together, you cook together, that kinda thing.
It's peaceful.
Yeah, you know it sounds like a fucking cult, right? Yeah.
Okay, I know, I know.
I may live to regret it.
But you know what? I wanna try something new, start over.
I've made a lot of bad decisions in my life and I don't wanna take any of that shit with me.
I want a fresh start.
I want a new life with purpose.
With community.
Anyway, we'll we'll find out soon.
Headed out tomorrow.
Hey, I'm happy to drop you off anywhere along the route, man.
Within reason.
You know, actually, this hippie commune shit sounds pretty good.
Yeah, I think I'll go with you.
I mean, what's going alone without a friend, right, brother? Good to see you, man.
Oh, God.
Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I'm okay.
- You know, I'll just leave you be.
- No, no, no, it's fine.
Why don't you stay? I actually need help cooking.
- What's on the menu? - Well, a bean mushroom soup thingy.
It's whatever I could find in your cupboards.
I was considering using these mushrooms, but they look all kinds of suspect, so Well, Antoine's a Antoine's a freegan was a freegan.
It's "free food vegan" is "freegan," I guess.
A lot of what we eat is from these woods right around here.
Hey, let's party.
- Hmm? - [SIGHS] [NOAH] Guys, help! [GRUNTS] Guys! Help! It's it's Glenn! Help! It's Glenn! Guys! You know, I gotta say, Dawn, this is a lot better than your camp cooking.
- [DAWN CHUCKLING] - [PETER] Impressed.
What is it? I believe the chef referred to it as her "white bean Tuscan stew.
" Mm.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] [DAWN] Hey, Renee, why don't you come sit here? Thanks.
It's fine.
Just eat, guys.
Here you go.
[RENEE] Megan I'm sure you've heard what's been going on around here.
I don't know what to say.
Doesn't matter.
Let's just eat.
Where's Noah? Um, Noah's [MARK] He just said he was feeling shitty.
And Glenn too.
I'll go check on them, see if they have an appetite yet.
Hey, Glenn, dinner's ready if you want it.
Noah? [KNOCKS] Comin' in.
[KEY RATTLES] [WIND WHISTLING] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
What's going on? - I'm gonna find Noah.
- [DAWN] What? Why? He's not in his room and his window is Look, Noah and Glenn aren't in their rooms and Glenn's window is wide open.
- I'm going to find him.
- [DAWN] Wait, are you insane? Don't worry about it.
Just give me the gun.
No, no, no, no.
What are you even gonna do outside? It's freezing.
- Dawn, just give me your fuckin' gun.
- Please.
Please don't go.
Wait, wait, wait, we fucked up and now Noah's in deep shit.
Give me Give me the gun.
What if it's Noah? - What? - Maybe it's Noah.
Maybe Noah went after Glenn.
[PETER] That's bullshit.
Noah's not capable of doing anything like that.
Yes, he is.
He is, and you know it.
Hey, hey, hey! Keira! Stop! You wanna find Noah? I know where to go.
[GLENN GRUNTS, SIGHS] Hey, how many "intentionally community" people - you think are up there, anyway? - [FAINT TRICKLING] Maybe ten? I don't know.
- Think they like to get fucked up? - I don't know.
Maybe they put acid in the Kool-Aid, have orgies every other Monday.
That'd be fucking great.
Like I said, I don't know.
Hey, you remember that time we got hash from Marv on Thanksgiving? Laced with molly.
You got all fucked up.
I thought for sure you were gonna lose your shit, man.
- What's going on? - I can't do this.
- Can't do what? - This.
Start over again with you yapping about every fucking thing that happened in jail, man.
- Look, I'm over it.
It's done, okay? - Yeah.
Okay, man.
We'll talk about the fucking weather.
Look I fucked up.
I dealt drugs, and I hurt people, and I paid for that, okay? I'm clean now, and I want a fresh start.
Okay? I want a new life.
And I don't want anything that reminds me of that fucking time, of that waste of my fucking life.
- Waste, huh? - [MUTTERS] Oh, come on.
It wasn't all that fucking bad, man.
- What about? - What about? What about what? I don't know how you got out.
I don't wanna know, and I don't care.
I promise you, I will not rat you out.
But I'm gonna drop you off at the next gas station.
Look, I have some money you can have.
You just go, okay? You go and you start over clean, like I'm doing.
Okay, listen.
Listen, man.
You're fucking tired, man.
You're exhausted.
You've been driving all night, that's all.
Why don't you just get some rest, all right? Get some rest, I'll take the wheel.
We'll talk about this tomorrow, okay? That day I got out it was the best day of my life.
Because I knew that I would never have to see your fuckin' face again.
That I would never have to touch you again.
- There was never a you and me.
- Don't say that.
I scratched your back, you scratched mine.
- That arrangement is over! - No, don't say that.
- Get the fuck away from me! - Don't fucking say that! [BANGS] [YELLS] - [GRUNTS] - [CRASHES] [PANTING] [WIND HOWLING] [PANTING] - [MOANING] - [DOOR CLOSES] You remember when I said not to fuck with me? Hmm? [GRUNTS] You really shoulda listened.
Tell me, what am I gonna do with you now, Noah? Hmm? You looked through my shit.
You snitched me out to the others.
[NOAH GROANS] [GLENN] And we both know what you saw now.
Which means you will definitely snitch on me again, won't you? [WHIMPERING] [NOAH SOBS] [GRUNTING] [GLENN] You see, the problem is you haven't left me with any choice.
[GLENN] I mean I can't let you go now.
- Can I? - [NOAH MOANS] No.
No, I can't.
Why don't you get some rest, Megan? You can take one of the beds upstairs.
I think I'm just gonna lay here.
Hey, why don't you come with me upstairs and we'll get you to bed? Come on.
Look, the sky.
There are so many stars.
That's what I love about being up north.
The air is so clean and clear.
Megan, honey, what are you talking about? There's Cassiopeia.
Megan, I think we gotta get you to bed, okay? Hey.
- [SCREAMS] No! - Megan, what are? - No! - Megan.
- Stay the fuck away! - Calm down.
- Calm down.
Megan! - Stay the fuck away! [SCREAMING] You're dead! You're not real! Please, Megan.
- [RETCHING] - Megan? [GASPS] No.
[SCREAMING] You can't take me! Megan.
Megan, look at me.
- [SCREAMS] No! - Megan, look at me.
Look at me! Look at me, look at me.
Hey, you're fine.
[DAWN] You're fine.
See? See, you're okay.
You're okay.
You're fine.
It's gonna be [SCREAMS] No! - Megan! - [BANGS] Oh, my God.
[GASPS] [PANTING] [GLENN GRUNTING] You could hurt yourself, brother.
Stop it.
Okay, I'll tell you what I will consider taking the tape off, but you've gotta promise me that you're gonna chill the fuck out, all right? - Deal? - [WHIMPERS] Attaboy.
Remember, you promise not to squeal like a little bitch, right? [YELLING] No, no! Help! Fuck, help! Help me, please! - Help me! - That's fucking working! [GLENN YELLING] - "Help me! He's a psycho!" - [NOAH] Help me, please! [GLENN SCREAMING, LAUGHING] Help! Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Nobody can fucking hear you, man.
And nobody's gonna find you out here.
You're mine.
[KEIRA] This is it.
Come on.
[KEIRA] Why is the door open? - [MARK SIGHS] - No one's safe, are they, Renee? What are you trying to say? You said you wanted to strangle her.
- She was our only way out.
- [JUDITH] You're right.
And if you didn't want us to get out I'm not the one who made the goddamn dinner, okay? If anyone poisoned her, it was her.
Don't you think we'd all be dead? We all ate the same thing.
Maybe you gave Megan a little extra.
Okay, Mark, you were with me in the kitchen the entire time, right? So No, not the entire time.
When you were ladling out the stew, I was in here gathering the troops.
So you think I'm the one who poisoned her bowl? It's unreal.
"Leaves of three, let it be.
" "Berries white, run in fright.
" That's a rhyme we were all taught to keep from getting poisoned.
- I did not put those in there.
- [WREN] Bullshit.
It's one of the first things you would've learned here as a camp counselor.
I didn't put them in there.
That was not me.
[KEIRA PANTING] What is that? [KEIRA] Oh, God.
- [GRUNTS] - [PETER GASPS] It's Glenn, right? Yes, ma'am.
The one and only.
[CHUCKLES] I'm Renee.
We spoke on the phone.
Oh, right.
Please let me say that it is a pleasure to meet you in the flesh, finally.
Do you need some help with your stuff? No, ma'am.
This is all I brought.
Allow me to explain.
I'm traveling light because I'm well the man I was in the past, I ain't bringing him here.
[GLENN] I need a fresh start.
I need community.
I know you're looking at me like, "This guy ain't no granola eater," but I really think if you If you take a chance to get to know me you'll find out we've got a lot more in common than you thought.
You know, I I'm sorry.
The last thing I want is to make anybody uncomfortable.
So I thank you, anyways.
No, wait.
You're right, Glenn.
"We Live As One" is not just our name.
It's an intent to embrace diversity so that we can be a unity to one another.
And everyone is welcome.
Everyone adds a unique voice to this community.
And so I would love it if you added yours to ours.
- Welcome, my brother.
It's okay.
Just rest.
Just rest.
You're okay.
You're okay.
I got this really great idea.
Since you love to scream so much I was thinking we should play a little game.
Play a little game where we see just how loud you can scream for me.
I see.
- [NOAH GRUNTS] - Don't worry.
It's gonna be so much fun.
[GRUNTS] [GLENN] Won't that be fun? Huh? - Won't that be fun? - [GROANS] - [THUMPS] - [GRUNTS] - Huh, you son of a bitch? - No, it's not [GRUNTS] - What the fuck is wrong with you? - [NOAH SCREAMS] Help me! - Please! No, no, no.
- You gonna make me work? You're gonna make me work to get a scream now, is that it? Huh? I'll work for it, you fuckin' faggot! Fuckin' right.
- Give me a scream, you little bastard! - No! No! No! - Scream! - No! - Scream! - No! Scream!